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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 47
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio • Page 47

Cincinnati, Ohio
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Friday, December 4, 1992 THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER TeIevisionC-15 Friday morning Dinosaurs (9 p.m., Channels 12, 2): Charlene is arrested for claiming the world is round. 2020(10 p.m. Friday, Channels 12, 2): Barbara Walters interviews Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's 1980 assassin. Making Of Sgt. Peppers (1 0 p.m., Disney): Free preview includes this disappointing look at the Beatle's Sgt.

Peppers album. But, hey, it's free. Mark David Chapman tells Barbara Walters why he killed John Lennon and how he feels about it today on ABC's 2020. Obsession behind Lennon's murder Mark Chapman tells story to '2020' On the air WHAT: 2020. WHEN: 10 p.m.

Friday. WHERE: Channels 12, 2. TV warning: Who Framed Roger Rabbit won't air Saturday, as listed in our TV WEEK. CBS continues to make last-minute schedule changes, which is why the new Charlie Brown Christmas special was listed incorrectly last week. (CBS moved it from Nov.

28 to Nov. 27 after our book went to press.) CBS will air The 'Burbs (9 p.m. Saturday, Channels 9, 7). Roger Rabbit will air the next Saturday (8 p.m., Channel 7), but not here because Channel 9 airs the Xavier-Miami game that night. Those who missed It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown may buy it for $4.95 at Shell gas stations.

Live from Kings Island: ABC's Brent Musberger and Lynn Swann will hand out the Jim Thorpe Award and other top college football awards live Sunday (3-4 p.m., Channels 12, 2) from the College Football Hall of Fame. TV tonight: Three new Christmas shows: Daniel J. Travanti plays an American in Wales in The Christmas Stallion (9 p.m., Channel 64) And NBC (Channels 5, 22) airs a pair: Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas (8 p.m.) and Noel, about a magic Christmas ornament (8:30 p.m.). VCR alert: HBO debuts The Addams Family 8 p.m. Saturday.

Around the dial: The Texaco-Metropolitan Opera opens its 53rd season at 1:30 p.m. Saturday with Kathleen Battle as Adina in 'Elisir d'Amore on WGUC-FM (90.9 MHz) Girl arrives on HBO at 8 p.m. Dec. 19. Channel 9 news: Channel 9's newest reporter is Gretchen Carlson fnm WHiC-TV, Richmond, Va.

The 1990 Stafford University graduate is a classical violinist who studied music at Julliard and 1 8th century women authors at Oxford. Whoops: Woops! final telecast is Sunday (10:30 p.m., Channels 19, 45). Fox has canceled Woops! and Great Scott, which will be replaced Dec. 13 with the new afternoon Batman cartoon and Matt Frewer's Shaky Ground sitcom. JOHN KIESEWETTER News 5 Today Today 1 YDJihue 1 1 'Vl jer Doctor I Faith Dean Daniels jj Mining News Live Regis Jeopardy! I Family Price Right 12 Good Morning America vickii Joan Rivers Geraldo" "-Widget Woody Sturrt I James fleeTi? fchi? Hogaii pamliy Little House on the Bon-nTS Wood Daw Bond Jr.

juice munks Family Ties Prairie Off the Air A.M Home- Barney Sesame Street Start Here Instructional Programming I Sesame 48 Weather stretch Friends Street Off the Air Sesame Street Shining I Mister Seniors Spc-ak Out I Rat Pack I Old Music I Innovation Sew Station Rogers Connecfn DuckTalesjDuckTales Adv. of T- CaTSp" FiinT I Casper- AutS TBA People's AmOT 64 masters Crossing Rex Candy stones Friends Shopper Court l2 Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Home News This Morning Live Regis Geraldo Price Is Right Kathie Lee Business A Sesame Street I Barney I Mister Instructional Programming Reading I Carmen 16 RePrt Weather Friends Rogers Rainbow Sdiego Today 'Faith I Doctor I Joan Rivers Vicki! 22 News Bunny Daniels Dean Behind Benny Meadow- I Steve Rick I James Joy Corner- Rod I Marilyn Kenneth I Mike 3 Scenes lar L. Brock Godwin Robison stone Parsley Hickey Copeland Barber unt lame Tale sP'n Chip 'n' In the Heat of the Family Love People's The Judge 45 Turtles jDawgs Bond Jr. juice Dale Night Feud Connect. Court Beanstalk 'GV Storybook Babar Pinocchio The Right Stuff IPG, '83) Sam Shepard, Scott Glenn HBO (75) i Musicals fllc Story: Th Juvenile Court A Thousand Clowns I'iS) Jason I House Party (R, '91) TMC Freoway Killings C87) ('38) RdsT-ai-bar Harris Christopher Raid Swing Shift (PG, 4) Goidi I Jess James (PG, '39) Tyrone I Defending Your Life (PG, '91) MAX Hewn, Kurt Russell Power, Henry Fonda Albert Brooks, Meryl Streep (SK)S) Three I OWL-TV I Ugly Crystalstone (PG, '88) 1 Gingham The Mortal Storm ('40) James SHO Warriors Duckling Kamlesh Gupta Dog Stewart, Robert Young Mouser- Music Box Gummi Wonder- Fraggle iPooh I Umbrella Dumbo's Mouse ICare i Gummi I Lunch PIS cise I Bears land Rock Corner Tree Circus Tracks Bears Bears Box Really Big Toon Bugs Bunny Pals Popeye Pink Panther Parade CHiPs CHiPs TNT Show Today- Kenneth Robert Tilton Flint- iBozo I Bewitched Perry Mason Joan Rivers WGN Marilyn Copeland stones I Love Tom 8.

Jerry's Funhouse I Dream Bewitched I Little House on the The Gathering (77) Edward TBS Lucy of Jeannie Prairie Asner, Maureen Stapleton Bodies in Getting Fitl Sports- I Sports- Sports- Sports- Basic Body- Sports- I Sports- I Body by I Getting Fit ESN Motion center center center center Training shaping center center Jake premium First Cartoon Express Murder, She Wrote Divorce Divorce USA Dollar Business Court Court Flight From Glory Chatterbox C34) Lucille I You're Telling Me C34) Days of Heaven (78) Flight-AMC C37) Ball, Ann Shirley W.C Fields, Joan Marsh Brook Adams, Richard Gw Glory Mr. Danger- Lassie I Yogi Bear I Looney Heathcliff IMuppet I Maya the David- I Little I Eureeka's Castle NIK Wizard mouse Tunes Babies Bee Gnome Koala Paid Paid Paid It Figures Baby and Baby Thirtysomething A Chang of Seasons C80) Shirley LIF Program Program Program Child Knows MacLaine, Anthony Hopkins Today- James Vern-lt's Flintstone Inspector Popeye Wallons 700 Club I Heart to I Paid FAM Marilyn Robison Ernest Kids Gadget Heart Program I Little Classroom Wilder- In Search Savage Season (70) Ron Harper, Fugitive Drummer Preview ness Dian McBain Friday afternoon mmmm ivmpsm mmmn mmr mnmnmm News It's a Santa Barbara Another World Days of Our Lives Sally Jessy Raphael Cosby News 5 Living Show News Young and the I Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey News News i 9 Restless Beautiful News Loving I All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Maury Povich News ,12 Happy Barney In the Heat of the Mr. Inspector Dennis Merrie Tom and Tiny Toon Batman Charles in '19 Days Miller Night Belvedere Gadget Menace Melodies Jerry Kids Adv. Charge Sesame Instructional Programming Lamb Shining Barney Friends Mister Carmen 48 Street Chop Station Rogers Sdiogo Lamb Shining 1 Hometime I Gourmet I de' Medici I Drawing Reading Barney Sesame Street Mister Carmen 54 Chop Statjon Cooking Kitchen Fun Rainbow Friends Rogers Sdiego HurrtSF- Andy Sanford Andy Heathcliff Chip Tale Spin Darkwing Goof Saved by Wonder 64 Griffith and Son Griffith Dale Duck Troop the Belt Years News I Loving All My Children One Life to Live Afterschool Special Oprah Winfrey Inside News 2 Edition News Young and the I Bold, As the World Turns Guiding Light Cosby I Growing Hard News 7 Restless Beautiful Show Pains Copy GED on Square ITBA Club New Futures Shining Mister Sesame Street Carmen Square 16 TV One TV Connect Explorers Station Rogers Sdiego One TV Santa Barbara Days of Our Lives Another World Woody Dennis Full House I Wonder Roseanne Roseanne 22 Wood. Menace Years Dr.

H. I Jeff Behind I Casey James I Benny 700 Club Corner- Marilyn Praise the Lord 43 Pensantl Fenholt Scenes Treat Robison Hinn stone Hickey Hunter Tio Brady Swans DuckTales Merrie I Darkwing Goof Tom and Tiny Toon Batman 45 Excuses Bunch Crossing Melodies Duck Troop Jerry Kids Adv. Collision Coirs (PG, tJ) "Jay Dutch (PG-13, '91) Ed O'Neill, Lifcslorie- Oliver! (G, '48) Ron HBO Lono, Pat Morita Ethan RandaH s-Fam Moody, Oliver Reed Malbtil -83) William Athrtn, Susan Dey I Big Business (PG, '88) Bette Bound for TMC Midler, Lily Tomlin Glory Ladies of Leisure C30) I The Song of Bemadette ('43) Jennifer Jones, Charles I Fast Getaway (PG-13, '91) MAX Barbara Stanwyck Bickford Corey Haim Repossessed (PG-13, "90) Patterns C56) Ed I Beulah Land I Miracle SHO Linda Blair, Leslie Nielsen Begley, Everett Sloan Worker Walt Disney The Horse in th Gray Flannel Suit 'G' Fraggle I Wonder- I Rattle and I Quack I Kids Mickey CIS Presents C48) Dean Jones, Dian Baker Rock land Roll Attack Incorp. Mouse Bless th Beasts and Children (71) I Prisoner of War C54) Ronald Back to Bataan C45) John TNT Billy Mumy, Barry Robins Reagan, Dewey Martin Wayn, Anthony Quinn Geraldo I News Andy I Honey- I Designing I Saved by Three I C.O.P.S. I Flint- Game-WGN Griffith mooners Women the Bell Stooges stones masters Th Dirty Dozen C47) Le Marvin, Ernest Borgnin Torn! Flint- Jetsons Brady Saved by Happy TBS Jerry stones Bunch the Bell Days Bodies in I Body- I Motoworldl PGA Golf: JCPenney Classic Tennis: Davis Cup Switzerland vs.

U.S.A. ESN Motion shaping The Judge The Judge Superior Superior I Sale- I Win, Lose I Hollywood Scrabble I $25,000 I Press I Car loon Express 7 USA Court Court Century or Draw Squares Pyramid Your L.uck (11:45) Flight From Chatterbox C34) Lucill Sweet and Lowdown ('44) This Is Home In Oklahoma ('44) AMC Glory C37) Ball, Ann Shirly Linda Darnell, Lynn Barl Your Life Roy Rogers, Dal Evans Elephant I Man of Noozles iLittKBits iMuppet Dennis- I Flipper I Looney Underdog Yogi Bear I Arcade I Hey Dude NIK Show Iron Babies Menace Tunes Frugal Shop 'Til Supermar- Born China Beach Thirtysomething Daughters of Privilege ('91) Dick LIF Gourmet You Drop ket Lucky Van Dyk, Daphn Ashbrook Paid Paid Bonanza: The Lost Amateur Hour Incredible Animal Prostars IWishkid I Popeye I Inspector FAM Program Program Episodes Hour I Gadget City of Angels Rockford Files Along Cam a Spider C49) Fugitive Delvecchio Susanna Pleshette, Ed Nelson BY MIKE HUGHES Gannett News Service There was a moment when Mark Chapman could have called it off. He might have dropped his plan to murder John Lennon. Instead, he could have taken his autograph and returned to the sunshine. "(I) wanted to get the hell back to Hawaii," Chapman told Barbara Walters, "and go back to (my) wife and say: 'Look.

Look what I've And then forget the whole thing." Instead, he fired five shots into Lennon's back. A stunned doorman took away the gun and told Chapman to just leave. "I looked at him and I said, 'But where would I That recollection appears tonight on ABC's 2020 (10 p.m. Channels 12, 2) when Chapman quietly recounts the murder. Mark Chapman says he understands why he's hated.

"I liked John Lennon at one point myself," he told Walters. "Before this thought of murder came I would be very angry at anybody who did anything to him." Then why did he do it? The short answer is that he became obsessed with Lennon and with Holden Caulfield, the Catcher in the Rye youth who hated phoni-ness. He decided Lennon was a phony, shot him and pulled out the book. "I opened it, I guess trying to read." The longer answer? Coming from a troubled home in Georgia, Chapman prospered as a staffer at a camp for Vietnamese refugees. When the camp closed, he tried college.

"I had a major depression, where it didn't lift for like three weeks. (I had been) in charge of a staff of 15 people; when I got to school, I felt like a nobody." So he bought a one-way ticket to Hawaii, where he tried to commit suicide. He was stopped and eventually found work and romance. Mark and Gloria Chapman have been married 13 years; "she is my gemstone," he told Walters. Still, he hit her and he plunged into obsession.

On Dec. 8, 1980, he waited to get Lennon's autograph. "This is the toughest part to deal with," he said. "He was very cordial to me. He wasn't a phony." That's when Chapman could have changed his mind, returning to Gloria and Hawaii.

Instead, he fired the shots and destroyed lives. TV highlights (7) Carol Sing: From the Fraze Pavilion, select coral groups from around the area sing traditional Christmas Carols. (Live) 8:30 (5) Noel: Animated. A Christmas ornament comes to life and spreads happiness throughout the world. (9) Major Dad: Holowachuk clashes with apartment building owner Gen.

Craig when he leads tenants in a rent strike. 9:00 (5) (22) Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal Framing '92. Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale. Mason unveils a forgery scheme when he comes to the defense of a photographer accused of murdering a famous artist. Evening 8:00 (5) Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas: Animated.

When Santa Claus is kidnapped, Inspector Gadget is called in to save Christmas. (9) Golden Palace: Blanche cannot understand Roland's adverse reaction when she hangs a Confederate flag in the hotel. (12) (2) Family Matters: Steve and Carl appear in a television grudge match to settle a disagreement. Repeat. (19) (45) America's Most Wanted: A Michigan teen who allegedly used a gun to settle a lunchroom argument; a SWAT team dedicated to fighting child abuse.

(9) (7) Designing Women: While Anthony wonders whether he made a mistake by marrying Etienne, the ladies throw them a wedding shower. 9:30 (9) (7) Bob: Bob is caught in the middle when Harlan resumes his stormy relationship with Shavla. (12) (2) Camp Wilder: Brody asks Beth and Danielle for help on a book report so he won't have to read the book. 10:00 (9) (7) Picket Fences: Sheriff Brock suspects foul play after investigating the apparent suicide of a young woman; Max loses her objectivity when she sympathizes with a suspect. Friday overnight (5:30) I NBC I Inside You Bet Inspector Noel Perry Mason: The Ca of the Fatal News Tonight Tonight Rush Late Night With Friday Night Videos News Hard NBC News Nightside Ronco 5 News News Edition Your Life Gadget Framing CM) Raymond Burr Show 5 Show Llmbaugh David Letterman Copy Hairspray (5:30) CBS Wheel of Jeopardy! Golden Major Dad Designing Bob I Picket Fences News Arsenio Arsenio Nighttalk I Whoopi Kids in the Hall News Off the Air 9 News News Fortune Palace Women Hall 9 Hall Goldberg News ABC Current Ent.

Family Step by Dinosaurs Camp 20-20 News Cheers Nightline Montel Williams Infatuation That's Lifestyles of the Rich Current Affair Extra Home Shopping Paid 12 News Affair Tonight Matters Step Wilder 12 Amore and Famous Spree Program Night Roseanne Murphy America's Most Sightings Likely Star Trek: The Next MASH Magnum, Magnum, Simon Simon Twilight Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles CM) I Barnaby Jones I Love Boat 19 Court With Brown Wanted Suspects Generation P.I. 19 P.I. Zone Judith Hoag, Elias Koteai MacNeil-Lehrer Business McLaugh- Washing- Wall St. Roger Whittaker in Steve Eydie: Our Love Is Being Off the Air I 48 Newshour Report lin Group ton Week Week Concert Here to Stay Served 48 Square I Club MacNeil-Lehrer Comment McLaugh- Washing- Wall St. Legislative! Sneak News Off the Air Off the Air I 54 One TV Connect Newshour Ky.

lin Group ton Week Week Weekly Previews 54 Full House Golden Designing I Studs Bay watch The Christmas Stallion W) Daniel J. Designing Studs Love I Mama's I Turfway I Uptown Comedy I Amen I Amen Klnr 'j (74) JeH Bridges, Jessica Lang I 64 Girls Women Travanti, Sian McLean Women 64 Connect. Family Report Club News ABC Designing Cheers Family I Step by Dinosaurs ICamp 1 20-20 News Golden Who's the Nightline Jerry Springer Rush In Concert News Off the Air 2 News Women Matters Step Wilder Girls 2 Boss? Llmbaugh News CBS wheel of EnT Carol Sing Designing Bob Picket Fences News Dark Justice Kids in the Hall Star Whoopi Blood Feud (79) Sophia Loren, Marcello Sports 7 News Fortune Tonight Women With 7 Search Goldberg Mastreiannl Legends 1 MacNeil-Lehrer Business McLaugh- Washing- I Wall St. Almanac Great Performances MacNeil- MacNell- I Off the Air I '16 Newshour Report lin Group ton Week Week Lehrer 16 Lehrer News I NBC Current You Bet Billy Graham Perry Mason: The Case of the Fatal News Tonight Tonight Late Night With Studs Friday Night Videos NBC News Nightside Miami Valley Used Car 22 News Affair Your Life Crusade Framing CM) Raymond Burr Show 22 Show David Letterman Classified (5:00) Praise the Lord Behind I L. E.

Frederick K. Price I Praise the Lord 10:00) Praise the I Larry Lea Benny Josh phii Real Videos iDave Jef? I L. E. I JulieAr- 43 Scenes Tripp 43 Lord Hinn McDowell Agullar Roever Fenholt Tripp guinzoni Little House on the I Star Trek: The Next America's Most Sightings I Likely Sweating Bullets I Arsenio Hall I Infatuation Street Justice The Blue Iguana CM) Dylan The Thief Baghdad (78) Roddy 45 Prairie Generation Wanted Suspects 45 Excuses McOermatt, Jessica Harper McDowell, Peter Ustinov (4:30) Ollverl 'G' Inside the NFL Risky Business (R, "S3) Tom Major League (R, Tom Comedy Edge of Honor (R, Inside the NFL Harlem Nights (R, '9) Eddie I Shirley Valentin 'R' HBO CM) Cruis, Rebecca DeMomay Berenger, Charlie Sheen HBO Jam Corey Feldman Murphy, Richard Pryar (') Bound for Glory (PG, 7a) Career Opportunities 'PG-13' I House Party 2 (R, '91) I Big Business 'PG' (11:05) Big I Watchers II (R, 90) Marc Singer, Career Opportunities VG-U' I The Organization (PG, 71) TMC David Carradln, Ronny Cox ('91) Frank Whatoy Christopher Raid C8) TMC Business Tracy Scoggins C91) Frank Whaley Sidney Poitir The Ballad of th Sad Cat 'PG-U' Naked Lunch (R, '91) Peter I Body Waves (R, '92) Bill I Three for (11:30) Three for French- I Last Call (R, '90) Breaking Point (R, 7) The Final Alliance (R, '90) MAX C91) Vanessa Redgrav Weller, Judy Davis Calvert, Leah Lail One MAX On (R, l) Trio William Katt, Shannon Tweed Bo Svenson, Robert Culp David Hasselhoff (5:30) Th Miracle Worker I Repossessed (PG-13, '90) i Liar's Edge Boxing I Delta Force 3: Th Delta I Midnight Strangers (R, '91) Anna I Th Rapture (R, '91) I Th Train C45) Burt Lancaster, SHO C2) Ann Bancroft Linda Blair, Leslie Nielsen Nicholas Shields Report Killing Gam SHO Fore 3 on sou, Andrea Barkeulis Miml Rogers, David Duchovny Paul Scofield The Hobbit (77) Voices Wonder- I The Goonies (PG, '85) Sean I Making of Sgt. The Mattes Falcon (11:00) Th I Romancing th Stone 'PG Off the AirjTh Goonies (PG, '85) Sean I Making of Sgt.

DIS of Orson Bean, Otto Prominger land Astin, Josh Brolin Pepper C41) PIS Maltese Falcon C84) Michael Douglas Astln, Josh Brolln Pepper Bugs 8, I Captain I Jetsons Bugs NBA Basketball: Portland Trail Blazers at Chicago I Inside the Message From (10:50) Message Th Wild, Wild Planet ('47) Tony They Cam From Beyond Space ('47) Favorite I Favorite TNT Pals Planet Pals Bulls NBA Space (78) TNT From Space Russel, Lisa Gastonl Robert Hutton, Jennifer Jayn Martn Martn Saved by Star Designing Jeffersons Homeboy C88) Mickey Rourke, I News Night I Comedy Comedy I The Sands of Tim C92) Deborah I Firm Flex Kojak I Defiance (79) Jan-Michael WGN the Bell Search Women Christopher Walken Court Club WGN Club Raff In, Michael Nourl Vincent, Theresa Saldana Three's Andy Beverly Sanford Th Man With the Golden Gun (74) Roger Moor, The Spy Who Loved- (10:50) Th Spy Who Lovd 1 7 Howling C81) be Wallace, 1 Squirm (74) Don Scardino, I All In the TBS Company Griffith Hillbillies and Son Christopher Le Me (77) TBS (77) Roger Moor Patrick Macnee Patricia Ptarcy Family Tennis: Up Close Sports- Speed- NASCAR: Tribute to I NASCAR Awards Banquet NASCAR I Sports- College Basketball; Texas-El Paso at I Glory I Sports- I Up Close Speed- I Tennis: Davis Cup Switzerland vs. ESN Davis Cup center week Richard Petty Year center ESN New Mexico State Days center week U.S.A. MacGyver Quantum Leap Murder, She Wrote Stone Cold Dead (79) Richard The Toxic Avenger The Toxic I The Toxic Avenger Part II C89) Th Toxic Avenger Part III: The Last I Alfred Hitchcock USA Crenna, Linda Sorenson C85) USA Avenger C85) Ron Fazio, John Altamura Temptation of Toxi C89) Ron Fazio Hour Roy Rogers: King of It Started With Eve ('41) I This Is The Chalk Garden ('44) Deborah The Alligator People Alligator I Roy Rogers: King of It Started With Ev ('41) This Is Th Chalk Garden C4) Deborah Salute- AMC the Cowboys Deanna Durbin Your Life Kerr, Hayley Mills C59) AMC Popl the Cowboys Dann Purbln Your Life Krr, Haytey Mills Texas What You I Wild- Looney I Bullwinkle I Get Smart Superman M.T. I Dick Van I Dragnet I A. Lucy 1 F-Troop Mister Ed Dobie I Patty Donna America M.T.

Dick Van Get Smart I Dragnet I A. Mister Ed Dobie NIK Do Crazy Kid Tunes Moore Dyke Hitchcock Show NIK Gillis Duke Reed 2Night Moore Dyke Hitchcock Gillis Supermar- Shop 'Til Unsolved Mysteries L.A. Law Sham C92) Amanda Donohoe, Dean Thirtysomething China Beach Unsolved Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid LIF ket You Drop Stockwell LIF Mysteries Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Prince That's My Big Bro. I Maniac A Hobo's Christmas CB7) Barnard 1 700 Club Scarecrow and Mrs. Audiovision Paid Paid 700 Club Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid FAM Valiant Dog Jake Mansion Hughes, Gerald McRaney King FAM Christmas Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Program Rockford Files Wilder- In Search Time Machine Investigative Reports Caroline's Oumedy Evening at the Time Machine Investigative Reports Caroline's Coneedy Evening at the Along Came a Spidfcr C49) ness Hour Improv Hour Improv Susanna Plashette, Ed Nelson.

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