The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on July 9, 1959 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1959
Page 6
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S-Algano (la.) Upper 0« Main** Thursday, July $, 1959 ll\ Funeral For Mrs Dawson Al LuVerne LuVerne — Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. July 2 in the home of John Hefti. Sr.< and John Zimmerman for Mrs Mario Dawson. 82. Rev. L. B. Mitchell. pastor of the Rtmviek < Fvanuel- ical United Brethren church, officiated. Attendants were nephews: S H. Klassie, William Hefti. Gilbert Hefti. Edwin Hefti, John Hefty and Peter Heflv. Burial look plnce in the Vernon township cemcterv west of Renwick. \vith Blnke Funeral Home in charge of arrangements. Mrs Dawsor. was b.irn Marie Hefti in Switzerland Sept. 23, 1877 and died at 4 a.m. June 30 at Creston. Following the death of her husband, William Dawson nl RemWck in 1937, she had made her home with her daughter at Creston for 22 years. Three daughters, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren nnd a brother, John Hefti Sr., survives. Miss Stripling Honored A pre-nuptial shower Sunday in the rooms of the Zion Evangelical Lutheran church honored Rebecca Stripling. Sixty guests were registered. Hostesses were Sandra Stripling, Mrs Fred Will and Mrs Clem Stripling. Assisting the bride-elect in opening her many gifts were her sister. Marsha Stripling, a classmate, Sandra Patterson and Ada Toboy. Sandra Stripling had charge of the entertainment. Miss Stripling and Dwayne Tobey will be married at 7:30 p.m. July 12, in the LuVerne Zion Evangelical Lutheran church. Circles Mel Circles of the W.S.C.S. met Tulv 1 as follows: Circle 1, at the Mrs Ralph T. Davidson home with nine members present. Mrs John Ramus was a guest. Devotions were led by Mrs Earl Manning and the lesson was presented by Mrs Davidson. , Circle 2, at the Mrs Percy Brink home. Devotitms were led by Mrs Clarence Krause and lesson presented by Mrs Chester Sill Circle 3, in the Mrs Harold Wolf home with 11 members present. Mrs Lloyd Kuehnost was guest. Devotions were led by Mrs Allen Blake and lesson study presented by Mrs Albert Geni u h Born in a Clarion hospital to Mr nnd Mrs Lor en Appenzeller of Eagle Grove an eight pound, 12 ounce daughter, Debra Lynn, July 3. They have two pons, Mark and Larry. Mrs Appen- 7.oller, the former M e r e d i t h F.ngel. is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Walter Eneel of LuVerne Henry, eight year old son of Mr and Mrs Thees Schnakenberg is convalescing at their home fi"m a recent appendectomy at St. Ann hospital. Algona. Charles Weber, son of Mr and Mrs Alvin Wober v was chosen one of eight from 300 young people of the Fort Dodge - Al- »ona Circuit of Methodist churches to serve on the student council at Camp Methoji in session at Lake Okoboji the past week. Present were their counselor Jean Janssen. also Sheryl Ann Goetseh and Sally Prior and Rev. Worthie Usher The Woman's Society of World Service of the Evangelical United Brethren church met in the church room?. July 2. The program in charge of Mrs Clyde Dudley was presented by the Boys and Girls Fellowship Summer Christmas Tree. A picnic followed the program and meeting. Esther Merkle and her friend, Alice Kruse, were Sunday visi- ors with Esther's sister and Di-other, the Henry Marly and Fred Merkle families. M/Sgt. and Mrs Robert Bierma, sons. Steven and James of Salina, Kansas arrived Thursday to- visit her brothers, the Harold and James Trauger families. Mr and Mrs Jess Lindebak spent the holiday weekend at their home here. •Mr and Mrs Robert 'Bigings Lynn and Bradley, his parents Mr and Mrs William Bigings returned Thursday from a 10 day vacation visit in St. Louis, Mo, with their sister and daughter Mary Alice, Mr and Mrs Lee Roy Toberman. Also Mrs- Lois S. Bunch, sister of the senior Mrs Bigings. Visitors Saturday evening in the John Ruger home were their sons, Mr and Mrs Walter Ruger and Tommy of LuVerne; Mr and Mrs Carl Ruger and her .mother, Mrs Lizzie Miver of Ventura. . Mr and Mrs Walter Ruger and Tommy were Sunday visitors in West Bend with his sister, Elizabeth, the Ernest Habeger family. Mrs Charles Hinz entertained her 500 card club Tuesday. Guest players were Mrs Ernest Meyer, Mrs Henry Pergande and Mrs Clara Wolf. At play, high; Mrs Meyer, low, Mrs Frank Gronfeach and chair prize, Mrs Cecil Jolliffe. Just A Week Away ^^.^ Steox City fwp Co., Bolts ...... 48.8t Jeravofd Motor Cd., ftep»1fi .* 3.50 Machine & Saf>pfy ,, ABi Parts - 17f26 De Boer Hdwe., Supplies 21.72 Ofie* Service, Gas — 1,372.45 Fleming Hdwe., Suppiie* -.., 86.96 Harley Hansen, Parts *.-.- 58.00 West •*. Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. —_ 12.92 fa. Pub. Serv., Elce. Serv 500 Jack'* O. K. Tire Serv., Repairs 2680 Vetnon C. Meyer, Labor ._„.... 3800 Httfon's Suffer Serv., Repairs i.. 26.50 Welsbrod Impl. Co., Repairs 5.27 Rogers Tire Serv., Repairs 244.24 Central la. Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. „ 1310 Central la. Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. ._ 6.90 Interstate Power Co, Elec. Serv. . 50.00 Winnebsdo Co. Trea*., Taxes ... 69JO Norton Machine, Parts , . 28.67 Bancroft Creamery, Machine cleaned . S.OOf Gabby Motors, Parti ..... 7.58 Peterson Chev^ Co., Parts 18.38 Carpenter & Son, Parts . 6.36 Lone Rock Coop. Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. ._*.<. 25 IS Jackie Peterson. Auction 1500 Peterson Radiator Serv., Repairs 8.25 Standard Oil Co., Fuel .... 72.63 Ken's 66 Oil Co., Fuel - 16912 Botsford Lumber Co, Supplies — 49.91 Cowan & Cowan Wholesale Lum- bei-, Lumber —.2,202.80 Arnold Hainzinger," Parts -.— - 11.6" Cullen Hdwe,, Supplies ... —. 9.55 Sieg-Fort Dodge Co., Parts 255.96 Thompson Distributing Co., Parts 5.91 Town of West Bend, Elec. Serv. . .1.2! Miller Lumber Co., Supplies _•__•- 55.06 Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Parts'& Repairs 1,393.1 Kossuth Motor Co., Parts .. 13.98 Algona Mach. Shop, Parts .'—. 67.9 Cook's Welders, Supplies 94.16 Iowa Machinery & Supply, Supplies ............... 28.33 Of, cM ,S& ).« Dale Helmets. A. Hedrfck, 7 50 10.50 13.75 10800 13.75 1 50 9.80 15.00 52.08 25.00 17.50 10.00 265.46 R. K. Rfchafttem, Cdre ____ Hoip., Hosp. ........ alo Alto Memorial Ho&p., Hosp. D. Arnold D. C., Care ...... Drs. Coddlngfort & Northrup, Medical , _____ :.... ........ -- ohn M. Schutter, M. D., Medical _____ .....»_ .......... Van NdrmarfiDruoTCo., Medicine North 'Cehfrat Pub. Serv., Ga» .. Aloona Mun. UMI, Utilltiet „..Curtis & Barnes Funeral, Arrtbu- lanee ...... ...... ,<......"— Marvel Immerfall, Mileage .... 6, R. Cookf Rent ............ H. C. Johartnsoft, Rent .- ...... W. A, Hedrtck, Rent .......... State of Iowa, Aid to Blind ---State of Iowa, Aid to Depend- fht Children ............. .. 1,641.45 State of Iowa, Emergency Relief 15.12 :ulliga'n -Soft Water, Soft Water . 20.00 Erntc Williams; Parts ____ ...... 8.83 Cullen Hdwe,, Supplies ........ 35.13 Algona Lockers, Butchering .... 101.00 Pareway Stores, Food ---------Council Oak Store, Food -----Robinson Produce, Feed ------ . M. & J. R. Hakes, Food ....... Whlttcmore Creamery, Dairy Pro- duets _________ .. ____ ,1 ____ Finn's Battery, Food . ---------J. C. Penney Co., Clothing . — Graham's, Clothing ...... . ____ Shllts Shoe Store, Shoes ...... Cities Serv., Gas ----------- .. Koss. Co. Coop, Dairy Improvements, Inspection __________ .. Walter Vaudt, Corn .... ....... fnold Hatnfcinser, labor Clarence Hentges, labor A. Hackbarth. labor »* 307.88 Anton knrdoes. labor .......... 258.78 George. W. Koekfer. labor -— 231.47 A 37 Kollaseh, ^ labor —---— 272.67 'enSinand Meyer, labof -ul loeif MtUer, labor, •*—-«.-«•--'-* 69.26 54.23 267.4 S 138.12 112.20 138.1. 6.58 47.11 17.90 84.78 11.25 160.30 ... E. J. Kollasch, Corn ____ ....... 148.20 Ralph Mafkla, InBof ^....-^.^ Herbert C. Nellis, labor ..a*-* jrban KetJttJth, labor ..«-.^:~ c. ohfn, labof • -j.. —•.».—'— - ... , Edward Rick6.; labor _.^-.- i .-. 275.08 1 Sdhaller. .laBOf .-i.-'-,- .6.11 Stockwell. 1abo/'L—».—**. 280.81 James W. Schtilt*. labor'.s,.^- 272.86 John Schueier. Jr., labot-.....-- '274.60 Anton Serenscn, Jaborfc irtllcagef 104.08 Charles Thftmpson, labor --..-.^ 232:81 John Von Bank, labor _. Arthur R. Winkel. labor James E. Walker, labor Erich Willrett. labor L.. Orville Weiland, labor George Wertnga, labor C, fe. Zaifgg, labor — Henry ZWeif ^i._ 285.94 -.. 282.28 ___„>. 208.80 .^jj. 328.63 „„-, 240.54 Vernon C. Meyer, Dr. 2 Vcrnon C. Meyer. Dr. 4 14.50 23.50 .» 1.50 _..-. ^1,585.00 ...... 18.00 8.40 19.00 Algona's big, annual Ridiculous Day celebration 'is jusi around the corner-.. .. ( and what an ffair it promises to be! Downtown merchan|s, as in past y(?5»-^|will be dressed in ^KiuiKAijUb utfits as they tend sidewalk stands. In addition, the,Chamber 6f<Commerce will'haye clowns on hand o tickle the ribs pf kids and oldsters alike. Dress-up day will be a week from Friday, July 17, but Ridiculous Day bargains will still be offered'the following day. (UDM Engraving). y Jens Sorcnscn that the following efunds be approved for Benjamin Bccnken for money in the Bid. & Loan Assn. that was erroneously assessed. Ayes All. Nays: None. Motion larrled. 1054 - $ 77,00 1955 ; ;.; !)3.00 1056 _- — 121.45 1957 , 132.00 BOARD PROCEEDINGS : Regalar April -Session 1359 ELEVENTH DAY JUNE 1, 1959 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, and John Rode, Charles Newel, Charles Plathe, and Jens Sorensen. Absent: None. '• Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Newel that the cash in the Treasurer's office be approved in the amount of $1936.68. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. , Motion by John Rode and seconded by Charles Plathe that contract and bond of Everds Bros, be approved. Ayes: AH. Nays: None. Motion carried. 'Motion by Charlcfe Plathe and seconded by Jens Sorensen that contract and bond of James H. Merryman be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that contract anc bond of John T. McGuire Co. be approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. 'Motion carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Jens Sorensen that bond and con tract oC M. T. McGuire & Co. be ap proved. Ayes: All. Nays: None, Mo tion carried. Motion by John Rode and secondec $423.45 by Charles Platlle and seconded by Charles Newel that contract ind bond of G. J. Van De Riet & Sons Inc., Fairmont, Minn., be • approved. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. ' i , ,,„ ,.;, Motion by Charles Plathe and seconded by Charles Newel' that $75 be paid Arine, Sanderson for work at county home. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded by Charles Newel that cash allowance be allowed Mrs. and Mr. Wm. Miller of Buffalo Center for the month of June in the amount of $75. Ayes: All. Naysj None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and seconded by John Rode that cash allowance of $20 per month be allowed -Lawrence Bommel of Humboldt. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Charles Newel and sec onded by John Rode that refiind ol $30.68 be allowed Ralph E.' Bristow for overpayment of taxes due to homestead exemption that was missed Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Plathe that the lien against the property of Mary Vaud Estate (Lot 12 Blk 16 O.P. to Whitte- MOTHS don't take vacations MOTHS are hard at work day and night destroying thousands of dollars worth of valuable furs and winter garments in your closets. all garments cleaned by us are FREE See Us For Expert Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service Even Wash 'N' Wear Needs Professional Care FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY iore) be released. Ayes: All. Nays: one. Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and sec- udod by Charles Newel that sus- ended taxes on the NE'/ 4 SE'i Section 0-100 30 be abated in the amount of 20.26. Ayes: All: Nays: None. Motion arried. .• •'• • .-. '• , , '••',';,•; Motion by Charles Newel .and. Bec- ndcd by Charles Plathe that supple- icnt No. 1 of Farm-to-Market Road ie approved. Ayes: All: Nays: None; ,lotlon carried. Motion by Charles Newel and "seq- mded by Jens Sorensen that the Bounty sell by Q. C. Deed the SMrb'f ot B & 9 ,-Morehoujse 2nd, Add., Sub ply.;pt;O. L. 3 to the Boy Scouts -vl Americn-for $75. Ayes: All. Nays: Noh'e\' Motion carried. ->l, Motioned and seconded .that \rans- 'ers No. 620 to 630 inclusive'by the request ot Examiner's Items. Aye?: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. Motioned and seconded that the Board of Supervisors approve the cancellation of all old., warrants up to January 1, 1950 with the exception of drainage warrants. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. - > Motioned and seconded that refund be allowed Esther M. Peterson in the amount of $60.24 for duplicate secondary road assessment. Ayes: All. Nays: 'None. Motion carried. Motioned and seconded that refund be awarded Leonard G. Maasden for overpayment of tax in the amount of $4.70. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion carried. It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meeting of th£ persons listed immediately following be ratified, allowed, and confirmed.. SOLDIER'S RELIEF FUND ; Mrs. Harold Roth, Rent $ 35.00 Droessler's Market, Food 7.00 DX Station, Fuel ...•— — 16.SO Emblem-Flag Co., Supplies ... 88.55 R. M. Harrison Co., Burial ... 52.50 John M. Schutter, M.D,, Medical Care — 21.00 Mrs. Win. C. Funk. Rent 24.50 T. J, Egan, M.D., Medical Care 35.00 Thue'nte Pharmacy, Medicine . 94.42 Meeken & Meany, M.D., Medical Care ., 206.25 Ray's Jack Sprat, Food 190.00 Iowa Pub. Serv, Co., Elec. Serv. - 13.00 LuVerne Pharmacy, Medicine . 6.19 Hancock Memorial Hospital, Medical Care - 91.20 R. K. Richardson, Care 90.00 Good Samaritan Home, Care & Keep — 115.10 Rusk Drug. Medicine 10.00 Butch's DX Station, Fuel 8.00 COUNTY FUND North Central Pub. Serv., Gas 39.14 Algona Mun. Util., Utilities .. 23.59 Algona Mun. Util., Utilities ... 181.8 Payroll Fund, County Payroll 0551.15 County Treasurer, Bounty & Freight 330.05 Payroll Fund, County Payroll 2559.40 Webster Co, Detention Home, Care & Keep 8.0C Ralph W. Lindhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners 33.9f Ralph W. Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage. Assistance t 75.0< Donald M. Wood, Mileage ,_.. 12.60 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Mileage . 3.50 Cullen Hdwe., Supplies 7.58 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies _ 19.30 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Meals, Mileage 91.76 Joyce Hayden, Mileage 46.06 United Variety Stores, Supplies 18.00 Norton Machine Shop, Repairs 5.50 Culligan Soft Water, Soft Water 6.00 Botsford Lumber Co., Supplies 32.43 Claude White, Labor .- 54.50 Addressograph, Inspection 30.00 Tracy Office Equip., Supplies - 4.50 Gordon Winkel, Service Ren- dci-ed .... -i i— 150.00 Jane S. Loomis. Typing _-...'__ 36.00 P, R. Irons, Pressure Tank at . Co. Farm 668.25 Advance Pub. Co., Notices 26.90 KLGA, Announcements 6.00 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Notices - - 15.00 Advance Pub. Co., Proceedings 98,60 Bancroft Register, Proceedings _ 98.60 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Proceedings _ ';. 84.25 Gordon L. Winkel, Expense 160.ol i • • COURT FUND Payroll Fund, Court Payroll 1,115.36 County Treasurer, Juror Certifi- • cate 1 9-38 L. W. Nitchals, Court Appointment 20.00 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co., Supplies _-• _.-•_-_ 11.25 Dr. Shierk, Mayor's Fees 47.00 •Albert Boekelman, Police Fees __ 6.23 C. H. Ostwinkle, J. P. -Fees ... 14.00 Donald Wood, Mileage 6.66 Dr. Shierk, Mayor's Fees 14.00 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Warrne C. Fletcher 8, J. K. McLennan, Commission on Collections ' 654.00 W. C-. Brown Supply, Supplies i. 268.19 N. W. Bell Tel, Tel. Serv. 44.55 Algona Impl. Co, Parts 5.76, Heavy Duty Co., Parts 43936 Snap Ort Tools, Supplies 7.65 Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel .. 973.12 Paper Calmenson & Co., Blades . 310.40 Asphalt Products, Co., » Supplies 85.36 Gpplerud Lubricants Co., Oil '— 99.74 Dens-Oil Lubricant Co., Oil ... 44.53 Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equip. Co., Parts 333.53 Arnold Motor Supply, Parts 146.21 Mid West Serv. Co., Fuel . 11015 POOR FUND v Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll ._._- 1,116.92 Orene Anderson, Labor _..-. '_ 75.00 Minerva Curtis, Care & Keep ... • .51.00 I St. Anthonyis Home, Care & Keep 71 29 Delta H. Falvey, Care & Keep ... 170.37 Algona Good Samaritan Home, Care & Keep 14.00 Luth. Home Findings Society, Care & Keep ; 65.00 Mary E. Stainbrook,.Care & Keep 45.00 St. Anthony's Home, Care & •Keep 65.00 Home of the Good Shepherd, • Care & Keep , , 65.00 St. Monica's Home, Care & Keep 65.00 Root Hdwe., Fuel .. 9.20 Anderson Hdwe., Fuel 15.30 Blake Funeral Home, Funeral 150.0Q Zumach Grocery, Food . 120.00 Council Oak, Food . 52.0C Hoods Super Valu, Food _.i 74.00 Council Oak, Food 20.00 Fa'reway Stores, Food . 20.00 Cowling Food Mart, Food : 40.OC Prjebe's Groc., Food •_ 23.58 German Valley Store, Food u 20.00 Fareway Stores, Supplies 1.6 J. G. Clapsaddle, M. D., Medical 3.00 J. P. Clark, M. D., Medical 18.00 St. Jos. Mercy Hosp., Hosp. , .20.71 John Enggas, M. D., Medical _ 42.60 E. K. Vaubel, M. D., Medical ._ 10.00 Park Hosp., Hosp. _ 11 .OC St. Jos. Mercy Hosp,, Hosp., . 83.9i Holy Family Hosp., Hosp. 439.81 M. G. Bourne,'M. D., Medical _ 131.2 T. J. Egan, M. D., Medical 37.0 Rusk Drug, Medicine ' 134.6 Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medi- Drs. Shey & Gotten, Vet. Fee .. 98.90 Whittemore Hatchery, Chicks _. • 270.00 Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel ._.. 196.97 Spencer Grocer Co., Food 46.25 United Variety, Supplies 7.83 Jaco Variety Store, Supplies 32.73 N. W. Bell Tel., Tel. Serv. 26.85 r. Schutter. Medical 2.25 eady Mix Concrete, Supplies 20.30 'onsbrueh Drug, Medicine 297.85 •PAVROLL POND :alph Brown, Co. .home ..' 120.03 Zelba'Brown, Co. homo . 127.03 irvln E. Harwoodj Co. home .. 94.90" da May'Harwood, Co. home .^ 105.00 Ili/abeth Galbrdtth, registrar ._ 32.66 Zelba Brown, -Co, home . , 63.70 Ralph Browne Co.'home i._—___. 6J..60 oann McBride, assists sheriff 88.49 Ilia Dau Pert), labor ._ 92.00 Helen Laing, assist relief office 114.26 3rvin Harwood, Co. home ...... 105.38 da M. Harwood, Co. home _j— 115.48 Burnadene O'PheinV labor _._. 80.00 C. Rovn, probation deputy 101.66 K. Beck, probation officer .. 115.50 Charles Plathe. meeting & mileage 413.74 (\. M.'JCollasch. medting & mileage 4G1.CO Tens M. Sorensen, meeting & 7nilengc 340.14 Charles H. Newel, meeting & mileage ; 422.64 John H. Rode, meeting & mileage — 480.27 Clarence E. Priebe, weed .commissioner : 189.00 H. M. Smith, engineer 590.2C John Fraser, assistant engineer 429.3! Hazel Anliker, clerk • 195.85 Robert Hardy, rodmnn 218.9f John Kenefick, rodman 218.9!! Harold E., Blanchard, labor 258.7E Ed Blanchard. labor 242.3, J. W. Burnett, labor 248.3E Raymond Bnaclc, labor . 243.8' Dick Baadc, labor 252.3 Lyle G. Baas, labor 243.4 Noble L. Crouch, labor 256.7 E. M. Downs, labor _: 255,7 Frank Deim, labor 238.4 Maurice Eischen, labor 6.1 Earl Eller, labor — 6.5 Howard O. Esser, labor 269.8 Alvin Ewing, labor _- 242.3 Al Granzow, labor & mileage 461.5 Mel B. Griffin, labor & mileage 344.: Advance Pub. Co., Dr. 4 Leonard Harmon, Dr. 4 Vernorf C, Meyer, Dr. 39 S. T. Robinson, Dr. 09 -.—I— Vornrtn C, Mevcr, Dr. 69 -+, Shumway, Kelly, & Frisl«dt, Dr. no G. D; Mart, Dr. 00 --»-E. J. Seeney,' Dr. !)0 ' humway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. 06 —-—peer Des Moines Pub. Co., Dr. Ill -„ humway, Kelly, & Fristedt, Dr. Ill —t- . D Hurt, Dr. Ill /ernon C. Meyer, Dr. 133 'ernon C. Meyer. Oh 159 humway, Kelly & Fristedt, Dr. 177 —— — !. J Seeney-. Dr. 177 i. D. Hatt, Dr. 177 ------— Vernon C Meyer, Dr. EK 2 -Advance Pub. Co., Dr. HK 3-4G Wm. -Henschen, Dr. HK 3-46 „ Earl Quintus, Dr. HK 3-46 Secondary Hoad Fund, Dr. HK 3-40 -r~ — Lais Jorgonsen, Dr. HK 3-46 „ Vi-rriori C. Meyer, Dr. PAK 1 — Shumwny, Kelly, & Fristt-dl, Dr. Tri 84 On motion arllournment was mtil June 5, 1959. Ware Mooro, Kossulh County Auditor A. M. Kollnseh, Chairman Board of Supervisors BOAHD PROCEEDINGS TWELVTH DAY JUNE 5, 1959 SPECIAL APHIL SESSION 1959 The board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were- A. M. Kollnseh, Chairman, Charles Newel, John Rode, Charles Plathe nnd Jens' Sorensen. ABSENT: None , , . Motion by John Rode and seconded by Charles Newel that July 1, 195J at 2:00 p.m. be set lor a date of th» stabalized base letting. Ayes all Nays: none Motion carried. • Motion by Charles Nbwel and seconded by John Rode that Ralph Brown bo requested to meet with'the'Board of Supervisors before he removes the, hog house at the county farm. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. On 'motion adjournment- was taken until July 1, 1959. ATTEST: Marc Moore. County Auditor A. M. Kollasch, Chairman, Board of Supervisors 7.50 77.71 23.80 5.00 „„_„.„...". 13.50 20.00 6.12 56.00 10.00 • 5.00 11.20 79.60 30.50 7.40 29.05 12.35 38.25 13.75 - C.35 5.00 taken Algona Launderers & Jyst East of the CY 4-3265 Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Fareway Stores, Supplies 1.18 Iowa State Industries, Supplies 6.86 Iowa State Industries, Supplies 4.40 Vincent Cruise, Clerk 4.00 J, W. Goetz, Trustee 4.00 Ralph Tjaden, Trustee _ 4.00 George Yanser, Trustee 4.00 Martin Dahl, Clerk 32.00 Harry Sabjn, Trustee 4.00 Jerome Elsenbarth, Trustee ... 4.00 A. L. Smith, Trustee —.„ 4.00 John P. Simon, Clerk 4.00 28.00 4.00 32,00 4.00 4.00 4.00 5.50 3.87 Willard Appelt, Trustee 28.00 Richard M. Anderson, Trustee E. P. Hanson, Clerk Selmer E, Uhr, Trustee Clarence Schutjer, Trustee Ted De Boer, Jr., Trustee L. G. Huber, Trustee Merrill Office Machines, Supplies Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Supplies -.- r .,. Koch Bros., Supplies 46.48 North Central Pub. Serv; Co.. Gas , . 70.98 Norton Machine, Repairs 7.50 Don Bocken Supply Co., Supplies 41.66 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. 288.62 Koch Bros., Supplies 75.38 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., Sup plies , , - Klipto Loose Leaf Co., Sup plies - Boonc plies Upper Blank. Book Co., Sup-,, 48.75 Des 'Moines Pub. Cp., Supplies '.-, J5.00 Miller Bryant Pierce, Supplies 13,95 Fidlar & Chambers Co., Sup plies .„ , 73.66 IBM, Supplies „ „ 8.32 Ed Hoffa, Repairs 269.00 H. Wise, Exam. Phy. 7.60 F. Loughlin, Attorney 7.60 Carl Schleef, Officer's Fees _._ 4.00 R. Miller, Attorney Fees __._ 7.50 oseph M. Rooney, Exam. Phy. _ 7.50 Leo J. Cassoll, Attorney 7.50 oe E. Lynch, Jr., Attorney 10.00 Donald M. Wood, Meals, Mileage, Assistance u- 29.00 oseph M. Rooney, Exam. Phy. _- 7.50 Leo J. Cassel, Attorney _' 7.50 H. W. Miller, Attorney 10.00 Donald M. Wood, Served Warrant 4.80 Ralph W. Lindhorst, Mileage 18.00 ASSESSOR FUND W. W. Sullivan, P. M., Postage - 12.00 ayroll Fund, Assessor Payroll 13,561.78 'ayroll Fund, Assessor Payroll .1,433.48 .. J. Immerfall, Mileage 38.84 <lipto Loose Leaf Co., Supplies _ 9.00 \lorth Iowa Directory Serv., Supplies 19.50 LIBRARY FUND Humboldt Co. Pub. Schools, Apportionment 3.63 Winnebag'p Co. Pub. Schools, Apportionment 27.00 Hancock Co. Pub. Schools, , Apportionment 65.76 Palo Alto Co. Pub. Schools, Apportionment 33.57 Emmet Co. Pub. Schools, Apportionment • 18.17 'T. B.-FUND Wm. C. Meyer, Jr., Indemnity _ 47.69 Dr. Ralph E.'Weber; Inspection _ 213.40 BANG'S DISEASE FUND J. Cecil, -Inspection 2.5C J. Dundas, Inspection 20.50 H. Hesse, Inspection 11.00 J, Capesius, Inspection __ 22.0C C. Geilenfeldt, Inspection 20.00 K. Hill, Inspection 15.50 W.-R. Lichter, Inspection 5.50 A. J. Colten, .Inspection 13.00 E, J. Capesius, Inspection .. 3.50 Dr. A. W. R. Lichter, Inspection _. 52.00 Dr. J. A. Sanftner, Inspection ._ 18.00 Dr. J. R. Waite, Inspection 20.00 Dr. R. E. Weber, Inspection • 45.50 Dr. A. J. Gotten, Inspection 18.00 Gregory A. Augustine, Indemnity 175.00 Wayne Bellinger, Indemnity 12.50 Evert H. Broesder, Indemnity — 12.50 Arnold E. Deitering, Indemnity ._ 12.50 Clarence J. Menz, Indemnity 12.50 Joseph H. Besch, Indemnity — 12.50 Kenneth Bellinger, Indemnity — 12.50 Oscar M. Hagen, Indemnity 87.50 Wayne Jones, Indemnity 12.50 Harold E. Nielson, Jr., Indemnity 37.50 Otto W. Pingel, Indemnity 12.50 Claude L.»Pugsloy, Indemnity — 112.50 Jack G. Tieman, Indemnity __,_ 12,50 , REFUNDS Ralph E. Bristow, Erroneous Assessment j— 30.68 Benjamin Beenken, Erroneous Assessment 423.45 Esther M. Peterson, Erroneous Assessment 60.24 Leonard G. Maasden, Erroneous Assessment -.1 : 4,70 ROAD CLEARING FUND Swanoy Oil & Equipment Co., Brush Killer 1,217.70 Herbert H. Glasse, Brush Killer 1,823.25 SECONDARY ROAD FUND North Central Pub. Serv., Gas __ 73.92 Algpna Mun. Util., Utilities 27.92 Chicago, R. I. & Pac. Ry. Co., Freight Bill — - 1,0)3.85 County Treasurer, Freight 37.32 Payroll Fund, Sec, Road Payroll 15,820.17 Johnson lumber Supply Co., • Lumber .- 1,661.50 Chris Fedderson, Right of Way _. 146.00 R, B. Girton, Right of Way 182.00 Rpady Mix Concrete, Supplies -. 556,93 Mason City Blue Print Serv., Supplies ._ 219.54 Gordon T. Rqsholt, Right of Way - 70.00 Advance Pubi Co., Supplies 41.68 Armco Drainage & Metal Products Inc., Steel Pipes 1,168.70 78 68 Concrete Products Corp., Con- ' 0 crete Pipe.. 5,255.76 James H. Merryman, Labor, Equip., Management 25,00 Kent Motor Co., Parts 142.34 Williams Hdw. Co., Supplies —__ 23.03 Greenberg Auto Supply, Supplies 197.44 Uotsforc) Lumber Co., Supplies .. 89.40 Iowa Elec. Light & Pwr. Co., Elee. Serv , „„, J.QO ftmto* -W>* whHe we service your phi.; B(jy flQVIf PAY ^'-A >-."' 483,38 4 FOR 44 44 jrecappableJireD BLACK WALLS SIZEf ANYiTYPE NEW TREADS • applied on sound tire bodies or on your own tires An outstanding value! You get the same tread width, depth, design and rubber as used in. new Firestone tires. Buy t your car today. """ WHITEWALLS ALSO AVAILABLE'AT Hutchins Champlin - Algona Chrome Service - Algona Bancroft Oil Co. - Bancroft

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