The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas on August 17, 1961 · Page 12
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The Emporia Gazette from Emporia, Kansas · Page 12

Emporia, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 17, 1961
Page 12
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Morrell Brand Smoked Sausage. 11 Buy now - low price. Empom, Ktnuis, Thuriiky, August 17, 1981 Fair Results 4-H Division Electric ' Lighting: Red-Kenneth DeDon- der, Duck Creek. • Intermediate Phase Lighting: Blue—Larry ' DeDonder, Duck Creek; Steven Traw, Bethel Boosters, Don Pederson, Badger Creek. ; Intermediate Phase Wiring: Red •-Steven Traw, Bethel Boosters; Henry Pine, Logan Avenue. • Advanced Wiring: Blue—Henry Pine, Logan Avenue. Red—Roy Gatewood, Bethel Boosters. Sheep Fat Market Lambs: Blue- Vaughn Holton, Sunflower (champion); Lawrence Rust, Flint Hills (reserve champion); Paul Wingert. Sunflower. Red—Teria Wingert, Model Boosters; Paul Wingert, Sunflower. Hampshire ewe lambs: Blue — Lou Ann Henning, Rinkcr (champion). Red — Randy Swanson, Whittier. Hampshire yearling ewes: Burton Daharsh, Sunflower (champion); Susanne Daharsh, Sunflower (reserve champion). Red — James True, Frost; Rodney Jones, Rinker; Mary M. Jones, Rinker; Terry Jones, Rinker. Crop* Yellow Corn: Blue — John Marshall, Neosho Valley (champion); Tom Dicker, Model Boosters. Red- Thomas Blaufuss, Fleming Friends; Duane Dreasher, Reading. Hybrid Grain Sorghums: Blue- Dean Day, Flint Hills (champion); Donald Berrie, Model Boosters; Dan Richard, Chamness; James Richard, Charnness. Red — Jack Beyer. Model Boosters; Larry Beyer. Model Boosters; Pat Lyon, Badger Creek; Neil Mounkes, Reading; Norman Triemer, Flint HUls; Glenn Spillman, Model Boosters; Duane Dreasher, Reading; Jim Warnken, Sunnyside; Johnny Hollé, Flint Hills; D*on Witherspoon, Sunny•lope. White — Billie Seefeldt, Duck Creek; Harold Sweet, Admire. Forage Sorghum: Red — Neil Mounkes, Reading. Hybrid Forage Sorghum: Red- Harold Sweet, Admire. One Peck Wheat: Blue — Jack Beyer, Model Boosters (champion) ; Larry Beyer, Model Boosters; Donald Berrie, Model Boosters; Melvin Hartig, Model Boosters; Clayton Windier, Sunnyside; Glen Windier, Sunnyside. Red — LeRoy Boline, Admire; Harry Fowler, Logan Avenue. White— Donald Jones, Rinker; Terry Jones, Rinker; David Baker, Frost; Steven Traw, Bethel Boosters; Neil Mounkes, Reading; Jim Warnken, Sunnyside; John Price, Frost; Don Witherspoon, Sunnyside; Larry Windier, Sunnyside. One Peck Oats: Blue — James Richard, Charnness; Dan Richard, Chamness. Six Stalks Soybeans: Blue — Thomas Blaufuss, Fleming Friends (champion); Melvin Hartig, Model Boosters. Red — Donald Berrie, Model Boosters; Clayton Windier, Sunnyside; Bobbie Barnhart, Logan Avenue; Billie Seefeldt, Duck Creek. White — Neil Mounkes, Reading; Bill Clawson, Fleming Friends. One Bale Alfalfa: Blue — Norman Triemer, Flint Hills; John Marshall, Neosho Valley. Red — Kenneth DeDonder, Duck Creek; Terry Jones, Rinker; Rodney Jones, Rinkcr. White—Dan Richard, Chamness; Donald Jones, Rinker. Potatoes Irish Cobbler: Red — David Thomas Model Boosters. White—Leon Millcrskow. Bethel Boosters; Kenneth Thomas, Model Boosters; Steven Mcllvain. Olpe; David Richardson, Rinker. Other Varieties: Blue — Rodney Whitakcr, Sunflower. Entomology Basic Entomology: Red—Vaughn Ilolton, Sunflower; Andrea Leonhart, Model Boosters. White — Karen Willard, Neosho Valley; Frank and Carl Hedrick, Badger Creek. Intermediate Entomology: Blue —Dennis and Steven Graw, Bethel Boosters. Woodworking Woodwork articles for farm or shop use: Blue—Jim True, Frost. Red—Gerald Evans, Frost; Kenny Newton, Reading. Lawn furniture: Red —Richard Hodges, Neosho Valley. Household furniture: Blue—Bill Cowan, Reading. Red — David Thomas, Model Boosters; Coburn Jacob and Carl Scharenburg, Neosho Valley; William Douglas, Rinker; Gerald Evans, Frost. White — Gene Krause, Fleming Friends; Charles Schlobohm, Reading. Other woodwork articles: Blue —David Thomas, Model Boosters. Red—Loris Gilbert, Neosho Valley. White—Jim True and Gene Krause, Frost. # ft BUSHONG — Mr. and Mrs. Allen Barnes and children of Grandview, Mo., spent the weekend with Mrs. Barnes' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Avcry Miller. Mrs. Owen Eaton, Clinton, Mo., who had spent several days with relatives in Bushong arid Dunlap. went to Kansas City with the Barnes family Sunday. THE "GAZETTE FOOT TROUBLE! fnf ,'oarth «f all your feme* «re hi <hc feel. N« wetidir Iherr I* «rMaf. swtlllnf, ptriplrlnc. mler. Bathe f«* t«tce iltlly With T-4-t> »»tott»fi for r*ntf of O»* U k««i**. tt J«Hit«. j»t«« Iffumftin. Ctrrlvt llMMe'n f»M, t<w Itrtu «r jmr Ht b»<-k If tr<* |>tr*!f<1 f* ONE HOT;». TODAT ti nOKKIS DftUO CO.—«if. Cut-Up • V If ^ i / ri When chicken's tM* good, don't rtand oñ formality! Whether it's pan-fried, barbecued or broiled, meaty chicken from Safeway calls~fbr hearty, relaxed eating. The crispy, golden cnut says: pick me up, bite in—right now I, , f Manor House-Finest Available These Manor House Fresh Frozen Fryers are especially selected for lop-quality and meaty goodness. .They're all absolutely pan- ready . . . plucked clean as a whistle! Take full advantage of our special cook-out promotion low low price . . . buy plenty!! Ib. Sausage 39 CltritMrt Sml - Sz - Excellent Jlirimp for Fishing! 1 Beef Sausage *£T Fish Sticks lcelandic Sea Liver Sausage 3 8pk °¿ 1.00 ,„ 29c Star Label—Frozen Safeway's Own Fine Quality!! FRYERS PARTS U.S.D.A. Gov't. Inspected-'A' BREASTS Ib. 49c THIGHS Ib. 59c DRUMSTICKS Ib. 49c WINGS Ib. 19c BACKS & NECKS Ib. 15c 39c Cook-Up A Cook-Out With These Fine Foods! 45° Smoked Hams Sliced Ham Rodeo Brand Shank Portion. Cut from 14-16 Ib. Hams. Soft Drinks Charcoal Aluminum Foil Margarine Safeway's Own Cragmont Label. Patio Chef Charcoal Briquets . . . Also O'Cedar Instant Lighter - 15-oz. can 49c. Safeway's Own Prem. Quality Kitchen Craft. Coldbrook Brand. Refrigerated Cool! Buy now - low price! All perfect Center Slices . . . Also Rodeo Smoked Butt Portion, Ib. 49c. Manor House Fresh Frozen ib. 39° ib 79 C Ib. Safeway's Fine Foods for Outdoor Eating ! 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