Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 10, 1896 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 10, 1896
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VOL. XXI. LOGANSPORT -- 1896, NO. 217. Fall Importations of Black Dress Goods. Xo worrmii'N-wnrdi-obe is complete without ii-t loast'onc crood black gown. And we f .are in shiipo to frown tbc town. We arc sole .agcntff.t'or.r^iostJj-'s Renowned Bhwik (Joods, fal ways [on varnished boards)' thi) name stamped on every yard, niul every •j-ard"J3"puar;ui- teod. TJie stock lias "hover been so complete, nud we carry tlie baaner ou Bluck Goods. We- offer choice oC one lot of•'!imported Black Goods, I'renc-li Wool Brocades, in new designs juul wcii-ves. .All fall effects tliat were imported to sell n.t 85 cents, choice for 33c We place on sale some -handsome real Priestly Fancies in Molmlrs and Wool nnd in Brocaded Wool, worth ?1.23, this week for Of)c Fall Hosiery Underwear. Untold quantities-oC fall and winter hosiery are now in our house. Enough you would say "to supply tut! State." Not that much, Quite, but all the best brands', and all the kinds nad<qualitio». Onyx Hosiery. The Best Children's School Hose, Very heavy nnd very good 25c ] Ladies' fast black 'Onyx. Fine guage, n'45 cent quality'for 2uc. Underwear. Wo o£fcr some splendid bargains in fall weight underwear at .25c Seeing is Believing a-nd ,we see. wt carry the largest and best assorted stock of. underwear for Ladles, Gents and Children in the, city. This .is .1 department we give a great deal of attention and we can supply your wants. All Prices . All: Kinds. ' NEW SILKS. Among our patrons ,there are many early buyers. Your every de-Slro has been catered'to lu this silk stock'of ours. "We have not stinted the stock on account: of' tlie times. Biggci' variety than evei 1 and''better s.tyles. Come and see.. . .-, '...,,:, We are. the first to show- the Very 1 stylish preen nnd bine cl'impwiblc taffeta -silks 'for 'wa'lsts. 'Trie 1 '?i.2o quality for ....'.......'... ',, .OSc We are offering a splendid quality of. i 21 inch brocaded ta.fTc.ta for skirts,, woi'th OS cents for ;.,.. '.73q T.ho new .and stylish, material for- •sklt-ts. Moire Antique: First • honv at :....?1.25 yd, Special sale oC satin Diiciiesse. for skirts, 21 inch wide, resiHnr value.SI- for , .... .SSc •Splendid -liuiniji silk -In all colors. 21- Inch wide for-Iluinjr capes, sleeves, etc., for . : •,.'...'. ,33V A complete .Hue of silk'velvets in all' shades and ..splendid quality..'- IS inch ., C3c: We display the greatest line oi. novelty silks ever opened by ns.. Beautiful 21 inch 1 goods' for.''..'.. ^-fi.OO So' Declares Bryan in His Forma . . Letter of: Acceptance, : Unqualifiedly Indorses the Nationi Platform and Declares Money Ques> tion'the Main Issue. Patterns We are sole agents 1'br the only roll* able patteurs—Buttericks, Delineators and Fashion sheets are now-ready for : Octobor. , . . Cloak and Suit Annex. Oiu- remodeled annex will l>'e opened- in a few days with' a most complete line of Jackets,' 1 Capes,' Furs, a'ml Misses' •Ladles' and Children's skirts. Great wear cure .lias an .d : been .'exercised , in selectlag the propei . .styles and we. know we are- right. .We> iare now prepared to supply you witli- a 'fall 'wrap. ' ,•..:-•.-..-•- WftER 409 and4ii Broadway. Lincoln, Neb., Sept. B.—AV. J. 'Bryan democratic nomjnce .for president; Wednesday made public the following formal letter of acceptance: ."Hon Stepben M.-White and 'Othe:.*. Members or.the Notification Committee of the Democratic National Convention—Gentlemen: 1 I accept the nomination tendered by .you on behalf of the democratic party, and In so doing 'desire 1 to assure you that I fully .appreciate the 'high- honor w.hlrh. such a nomination confers, and t!ie grave responsibilities which accompany an election 10 the presidency of the United StattSi Xo Second Term. So' deeply-' r am "I- 1 impressed with the mngnltude'of the power vested in the constitution In the chief executive of the nation, nnd with the enormous - Influence . which he can wield for the benefit or injury •/of tho people, that 1 wish to enter tho of- Jlce, If elected, free from every personal tic- inire lixcept'the desire to prove worthy .the conJUlch'ce ofmy country. ,Hiim;m J.ud*- : mentis'fallible enough when unbiased by' BelltsJi .considerations, and In order that 1 jnay'.no'tvbe; tempted to use the.pairgnagre.of ;tho omcb.'to Rdvance my personal-ambition; I hunjb'y. announce.'with all the 1 emphases, words ciiw express, my llxeJ determination mot,.under gnylclrcumatances..to be a candidate- ifpi? iie'ftloction in case- thls.campulw . re'sultsrfii'iTny election. . . . .;'.?ln<i<frBoi the,Platform. ",.'•!'; "1. havekicarel'ully considered, the plat-'form luiq'ijttfd by tiio democratic i.ational- convetulon',',u.nd unqualifiedly lndc,i'jo,< iplnnk thereof. . . vour'-inirtltutlons rest upon the proposl- 11 tlon tl'yit all men, being crtateu muni, are, entitled'.'to equal conslUera'tion u.t the: hands' 6t . the,-i<fOvernmont. . Because:,all men ure created equal, it follows that no citizen-'li'as ;a 'natural right to. Injure any. other citizen. The main purpose or government being !to 'protect nil citizens in-tlio: enjoyment, of life, liberty, and tlie .purr; suit or happiness, this purpose 'mustlead- tlie Kovermneht.'tlrst, -to avoid acts o£ aNT 'llrmatlve'lnjusticc, and, second, to restrain eacli cluien'-from trespnsslnc-upon the j-lghts'-'ot-'frny other citizen. . . i "A doniocratlc ilorm of g-ove'rnment is ,conduelve",to the highest form of clvlllza- i tlon, because It opens before each Individ- 'J uul .the afreateat. opportunities.for develop-, ment aml.jSUmulates to the highest .en- 'deavor b'lWJUsuring to .ea'ch'the mil-enjoy-' iment of all the rewards of toil e.xcept,suoh• • conti;tbutlon as is necessary to support'the 'government :-JVhich: protects , him. '• De-, moiiracy.'ls In'iifterent to oedlirree—It deals "Wlth'.'tthe 'individual rather than'with his< _„., . — .danger \pnAch arises-j lv »>/i^>. mlttlng; them to Issue,their paper.as a clr •pulitln&f;meaiunw The.'nalldnkrbanfc note being: ..redeemable ux. lawful .money., has Hover berri- better 1 than 1 the United 'States •noteif;whlch;stand; behind 'it,' and; yet-the 'banks, persistently "demand that these United -, States .-'notes, . whloh c" n'6 '. 'Interest, sh.aU- • g!vo • place to •'Interest-bearing 'bonds' in 'order that Hip'-' 1 ,'l)imks.",may - collect •-the Intcrem which- the people now save!' 'To'empower national, banks to.ls.iue circulating-notes la to grant a valuable privilege to a favored •c'law," 'surrender 'to 1 , 'private 1 corporations th*' control over the volunie of..paper money, 'arid"bu'llcl up a class'which will :,,vested' Inter6st,.'ln"the"nattori's policy. .Our United States notei> commonly .known- as greenbacks. CT redeemable,in cither gold or silver at tho .option of the government, and-npt at the optl.pn.of the holder, are safer and cheaper for. the- people than national bank notes b&scd'.upon .interest-bearins 1 bonds. y • ; /-. ' Tlie Atonrou IJoctrlnD. .'•,'A'^diffnllied but ilrm'-niaintenanco ot'the torufKn policy first set-forth by President Monroe and .reiterated by the prcsld'.-iits Who-have succceded'hlm. Instead p of urnus- liief/h'ostlllty abroad, Is the best suaruntee •jt amicable relations with other nations. It-, Is' .better for all. concerned that the 1-7nl'ted;'Stutes'should resist any extension of ( '12urdpean authority isi the western hcm- Ij'phere rather Uian Invite the continual Irrrtixtlon which- would necessarily'result from -any attempt Tto Increase tlie influence of monarchical institutions over that portion 1 , of the. Americas which has been dedicated to .rciJubln.t'.n government. . .'No nation-'can afford to be ur.just to Us defenders.. The cure of those who. have suf- 'ere'd Injury Hi the military ana no vai'serv- ce of lnt< country Is a sucred O.ucy. A na- tlpri'.which, like 'the United States, rellfis ujionVvol'Jiitary service'rather than upon a ar(f'c-s,t,-»ndlnE- army, adds to Its own ee- cu'rii>' -when It makes (jenerous provision "or those, who- have -risked, their lives in ta defense and-for those who are dependent upon tliem; 1 . .- - - . . . ,,......,'i; Tho' ; Prn(FucerB of Wealth. '.'Labor creates capital. Until wealth- Is produced by. the application of brains and lius'c'Jfi'tp th* resources of Uils country hen- Is- riothlnp; to- divide am'onfr the non- irodticlnR..class of . society. Since ;the rod'uo'urs of wealth create the nation's >rospeHty in time'of peace, ar.d-defend the lutlon's llasr Jn time of peril, their- Int-rests' -ouffht -at all 1 times to' be considered ana a postponement ox aennne auuon. upun It Involves'no sacrifice of personal opinion or political, principles, but the. crisis pre.- sented by financial conditions cannot be postponed.-. Tremendous results will-follow the action taken .by the United States on the money question, and delay Is Impossible. Thq people of.this nation, sitting us a high court, must render judgment In the cuuse which greed Is prosecuting against humanity. The decision wHl either give hope and' inspiration to those • who toll or 'shut the doors of mercy on mankind,' • In the presence of this overshadowing Issue differences upon minor questions must be laid aside in order that there may be united action among- t-hoso who are determined that proBress,-. toward a universal gold' standard'sHjall'be stayed and the gold nud'.sllver .coinage of the constitution restored. W. J. BRYAN." HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. LITTLE HEEOINE. News by Telegraph' from -Various Towns in. Indiana. Twelve-Year-Old Shoots. Down « Masked Bobber in Ohio. 306 Fourth Street OUR FALL WOOLENS ARRIVED. This Fall there- are many new departures .from the old run of patterns, and we have them all. ' \Ve will show you this season- the Largest, host Stylish Most Attractive and EXCLUSIVE line of Woolens.in the city. Early selections gives you the cream' of the stock. '•• • • /• • '-• ' .-.:.. ; • •;. '-,'• . •:••:•. Carl Tailor and Draper. Keller, 311 Market Street. See Our Prices on Granite Ware. 4 QUART SAUCE PAN .... e QUART SAUCE PAN. ... 8 QUART SAUCE PAN.. 10 QUART SAUCE PAN., 12 QUART SAUCE PAN. ... 6 QUART MILK PAN . , . ... 4 QUART COFFEE POT.. ..„ 5 PINT TEA POT,-,...-., ,-, NO. 28 "WASH PAN. „'.,'.,. • i ... NO. 30 WASH PAN........ •25c ., 35 BOc 65 '15c - 20c '25c CUSPIDORS.; : . T. J. 310 iiarket Street: Lpgansport Natural and Artifical Gas Bills due the Fir?t of each month, ten day's grace. All bills >ayable at the office of the Company, 317 jjirl;. Street.. V. '• ' , ''..;• ,', ;"•.-; ' .'''.;...::,.,' ; Sp ecial— Low rates [on heaters during the ionths 6f 'August 'arid September. . PROTECT YOUR EYES. .. ;T The .well-Known Spuelallats ' of New ' ToVlc lin^e appointed D. A. HAUK aa agent for their CBlebriited'Spectscl'es and Ere "SlMies,-eT«7 pslrguarante«d. . " • D. jV. HAUK liaa ompleta iqs^runwC.ana.lqrnea^Il -. -satuty tbenuelres; or the great superiority o! tbeie goods over ; iaor manofaotured, Bt : ta« utore' of D. A. Hitrk, Sole agent for. !.'•• ' • '•• "• •''•'.'.' No;P«dillet! Supplied. ' ' " v ; ''' : ' ""' ancestors. Democracy Ignores dlfferer.ce <ln wealth—neither riches nor poverty can-- be.lnvoked.ln behalf of or agalnstuny citizen. Bcm'ocracy knows'no creed—rec'osnlzcs the rl(Th't> of'eachvindivldual' to .worsh-lp. God jBccorfllng: to the dictates of his.own conscience; If -welcomes all > to -a. 1 common brotherhood, and.fruarantees-equul trentr nien'lj'to all, no- ina'ttor In whafchurch or ihroug-h what .form -the};,commune ; with t/ielr Creator., vHavlnp discussed portions of the plat- fovm at tne .time of its adoption, and a^aln when your letter of notification was form- oily'.delivered, It. .will not • be- necessary, at'thls time to touch upon all subjects embraced In the, party's declaration: ' i -,.. . ( .. A Dual Gnvornment.- ; i '.'Honest dlftct : encW of. opinion have .ever existed'arid ever wlll'e'xlst- a-s"-to tbe-most effective,means of securing domestic-tran- quillity, but'no'citizen falls'to renognize'nt nil times and under all/clroumstances the absolute necessity for the prompt.and vie-' crous-enforccment oflawind the prcs'erva- tlon of .tho.,pu.bllc:p(iace.,In a government like "curs'law 1 Is but the crystallization of 'the.iwin -ot the people; without It tho. citizen is neither- ascuro In the .enjoyment of life acd liberty nor protected- in (he pursuit of happiness. .Without.obedience to law government Is impossible. The democratic p.arty 1s'pledged.to'defend thtf con- stitution'and enforce the laws of the United States, and It'^ls also'pledged'to respect and preserver the dual- scheme, of .government instituted by the founders"of the rc- tibllc.--r The - name, K Unite<l-..-States,'; was: iiapp'Uy'.chosen; It combines .tho Idea of national strength 1 with the'-Idea ; bf'local eelf-governmeut- ,and. suggests ;an ln<isr soluble 'union-'of IndestructiblVy states'.' Our- revolutionary" .fafhers,- fearing',. the : teridericles toward, centralization, as well as'ithe'-da'n'gers Of "disintegration, 1 'guarded against^ both,,.arid..national, safety,.as well, as-domestic security, Is to'be'foun'd in'the Careful-observance of the limitations/which; i they Impose. It will be noticed that, whilo tho' United' States guarantees -to"every Btitc.u ,rcpubl)ca.n .form of. government:' and "Is empowered 'to protect- each state aKnlnst 1 Inya'slon, ilt:ils not,-authorized to 1 , ^uerfero ' In 'the domestic affairs, of r any .application.of the lojrla-j y,,j,hpsu who stand .in, olllclal positions. The'.'democratlc party lias ever found Its otin'evstrenglh among.those wjio are prou<i o, be known ns the common people,.ami t'.pledges ltsol£ to-proposi? and-enact such p'BI'sliLtlon- as -is' necessary to protect the iiisses'-in the free exercise of every po- tical'right, and In the enjoyment of thoir ust.share o!' the rewards of their .labor T ••••'\-';' ' ' ' Arbitral ion. •' ' •.•:j.desire to .'give special'emphasis to Hie jJ'ank-'Wlilch recommend.^ such legislation "as :in" necessary- to secure tln> arbliraoion of U(fferencas. between employers, engaged - lr> Interstate 1 commerce uncf their employes.' ,A)-b.Unvtli>li ta : not a ne,w idea—it Is simply 'in-Vexftnslon.of the court of Justice.' The ;ldborlng''mon'0f, the'...couiiwy' have *x« rritluoacls cannot- r-easdifably 'o'bj*bf to : the decisions ii-endorvd by -an.• iropiirtlnl; .trlbu- •'na-1. Society-:'lias 'an "'interest eve'n than, ; itho.>'". interest; of ...the..em- ilature.of the state or,upon .the application • '-of "tho -eke'cirrtve -when the; legislature 'can-' not.bo,convened.- •'-. • • : ••' ;. '.'..- .'.'• . i "Tlils proylslon • rests upon the sound. ; theory Ithatirho.people of'the'stato/acting through , their., legally chpscn.ropresqnta-. itlVe9i"are,' bebatise of'theirmore'iritinJate .pioyer or employe,,and..tio-s .-\ right to.pr.o- 'tect-Itself by .-courts'of-arblt ration'against •the-growlncr;lnconvL'nicnce;and.embarrass-, Iment o'c'CBslono'd l)y dispute's between tho<>e .who-own.the"great- artei-jes of'COmmercB Ion-.the ono hand, and the laborers yv.no, qp- ;p'r«te.'thcnV : bn"-the 1 other.-'-•'• '••• '•••> •" • •••> ' "While the • democratic party welcomes, to the'country those who conie' with love ifor our Institutions, and ,with the -d.e.ter- !mlnat|on and ability to' contribute to i the (Strength afid^Kre'a'tness of-our nation, 1 It !is opposed, to..the dumping, of ^criminal Iclassca 1 iipon:our-shbre!r, and'to th'e-lmpor- •ta;tion.,af r either,pauper :or-contract'labor.- ;to'compete-TVllth. American labor. r . 1 ' ••••'•"."! V'( Injunctions. ••• '••'•' • i "The.Jre,0€fhit;a;bl]ses.' which', nave.grown ! out of. In junction pcooeedingB fiave. b.pen so Icmp'ha'tlca'Hy'Cp.hUemrfea'by'puhllc opinion' ;that,:the..s<;natfWSia,providInK for.trial,-by -jury'Mh" certain''contempt cases \yill meet jWlth general.approval; r '!.. '.' "• .'.'•' : '• '' Arroitf Will Follow. liushville, Ind., Sept. 0. — Informij- tion lias -been laid before the prosecu!.- iug- attorjicy which will likely load j.o the ;irrest ;uiG conviction,ol the parties connected with the'burning of the sa- loon-'nt Carthiiife; last .Mo'uluy night-, ward- Gnslio,'-'propriolor--of the burned building-,-'in.-which. Philip.Jus- tus, of 11 oriristow'n.;. 1 proposed opening » saloon under a .{roverninciit . license, fmployert.a private, detective,' who has secretly [allowed ttie cnso for n week. A. few oi! the most rntlicnl of the nn'.i- snloon people, becomingembolrlened by their.apparent w>o'urity| wont sofnro? to openly.boast o'f tbeir connection'with the buniing-of th.pj.shop. Among- these :he detective jning'.led. and numorousur- ri's'ts wilj 'jollo\v. uVo.a.cticn - will be nken''before tlip sitting 1 of the Ocfobor ETnnd'j'nry. •' '•'••:" ' ' • . i . .Tho Nlcholxou X<nw p ludianapol'is 1 , Ind.',. Sept. 9.—The ex- 'rctifiv'e ooihmittee of 'rtij Si'at.c' Liquor leag'iie met here to a'rritrige for the j'cn- |enil -raeetinjf September'-17. Secrctnry rCHlle.li s^id his;.repoi;tVould.show tliat '7fl(J saloons hove been 1 .driven out.bj'-the • Nicholson law, and in .consequence the [eclioo'l rpvV hue's have, full en off, so that .is riia.ny"cotiritip's the school terms liuve : been -shnrtohe'd frbin 1/4 'to 30 da'ys. On' the "other hn'nd.'ii Inrper amount; of beer has.been-bi-fwed nnd more whisky lins i.been <s<j!d, ;sho\ving. lie says,'that as : a; ires-ti-icrivc mea'srire ith.e.liiw-.js a failure H'r also j -paye..noticetbat'-thc league,hai Adopted a"new' metJiod,,with,.rbfereno' to' 'p'olitical"; action. ' 'Hereafter .tin Icapuv' wonlilSupport only such'mcn fo: Hie ' it'g'isli'itiire' ias plpdjfotl themselve* Was Left All Alone at Home—Brroly Defends Her Father's Big Roll of Money. Hicksville, O., Sept. 9.—The home of M. Tracht, four miles north of here, w*» viEltcd by two tramps Tuesday afternoon who .were bent on robbery. ;Mr.' Tracht was in Hicksville in the. morn- ing.and drew from the bank $1,000. The money was in the house, while Mr. and Mrs. Tracht were at the home of a neighbor not fur distant. Two'masked men approached the house, and one entered, while !the other kept guard^On the outside. Minnie, the 12-year-old daughter, was upstairs. She picked up a loaded shotgun that was standing 1 in the room, and- seeing the thief through n transom, fired two. shots, riddling his body. The other man, hearing the report, fled. The wounded man, who is a tramp, may die. DEATH OF HENRY. B. PAYNE.,' 1* Duo to a Stroke of Paralj-ilri Received I*ast Saturday.. Cleveland, 0., Sept. 9.—HOD. Henrjf B. Payne, ex-United States senator, died at nine o'clock Wednesday morning at his home, 595 Euclid avenue. His death was directly due to a stroke of paralysis, which-he was attacked with last Saturday,.morning. His son. Col. -Who, framed our constitution wisely determined to make as broad an application " ent .wo 'Bltibn taicpn. by..them irtthout expressing:' a distrust 1 of'-tneipc'o'ple themselves;"" " • i"Slnce srovernmonts exist.for the;protet> -itlon 'of'Hho rlffhts of the people, and not. for-, tbclr ; 'flpoUfl.tlon, i.no expenditure -.of' public money, can be Justified unless that expenditure' Is necessary (or Hie honest/ economical.-and efllclent administration.of 'the'EOvornment.' "In determlnln's what ftp-' proprlftUon>'are -necessary, the interest of • those woo-7>ay tlie taxes should be.consult- ed,- ;r4WMf;,thati -the 'wishes"'of- those who> recelyotp^-clisb^rse,-public moneys. ,,, the-bondcd-'clebt'of 'the United Statfti but"' -- it'this time.la entir.ely wlt.^, ne'lssuo of Interest-Dearlng 4iA^.ln«'^ >n».-^.nn«» V- -'--•• deem. UnltediJiJaites notes and 1 .treasury notes, but^KJs'Befcosslty has been'lmaglh- ary rathQritJxan-real, Instead-of exercising tho IpraliTlKhts vested In the United States to'.- T refl'eem Its notes In either pold or'. a!T»«r, ,the oxecutivo. branch ,of tho frovorirtriont''has followed a precedent establltfyod '-by a • former administration) surixsrtdered tho'option to tho'htildercf. _.,_ obllK v atlonB. r.Thls admlnlitratlvo policy leav.es the governrnont at .the reercy-of ;hoHe-»vho ilnd a'pecunlari-'proflt Inbond- Issuesfc .'THe-faqt,that the dealers In moni;}; and' sflcurlflqs,''havo been"able to'deplote or p'ro1.o'ct^Hjef.tcea5ury,,,.uccordlng .to their- changing; mums,, shows'how daneerpus.it s to' pewnli.them.to exerclse'a controlling mluenc*.' dv^r .the. treasury - -department. The goverhtnfcnt.of'the-Unlted States; when fiamlnlBt'eriSi; 'In -.the,; ."in.teresfc of:.- all. .the! )oople, Is able. to: establish and enforce, ts Ulimn'clal vpolicy, .'.not only..wlthout aid of syndicates,,but In .spite,of ,any .oppo- Bi.llon-.w'hiiih'-syndicates'may •present.-- -To' 1 nasert, 'that;jhe-.g 1 overnmont fi ls 1 , dctiehdelffT upon 'the fibou," will or assistance of any 'ortlon;-. ot .tlie"j>eople 'other.dliah a const)-' 1 utlonaii majority is to assert that, wo hay/j aieovwnment lri ; form'. : but : wlth'ou't Vital- 1 oroe.,v\l,v ;.u '• '. • ( : iijl<"»tlonttl /Bank Currency. "Th'e: 1 .positlon-'taktn -by the ''platforW' Bpralnat the. laaue -io£, .paper - mqnqy, ,by, •, -na-t., lonnr-.Ciink's Is. supported by • the - highest',' democratic 'authority, as, 1 well: as:demand-!! >d by the interests of the people. T;he pren- . nt attempt of-the national banks to force- lie retirement .of;.United States notes and- rcasury notes'.-In order to-secure a basis' ; .,- ;; ;..,w,... .-.-.,;. ^^TrUttlfc... ,, ,\j ,. ''-V'ThC'-'dcmocratic party is opposed- to trusts. ''It will be recreant to its duty to the'peoplc of the 1 country if it recognizes .either, the moral or the legal right of these ; rreat aggrogatlons of wealth to stifle C'im- petltlo.n. bankrupt' rivals, a'nd'then prey .up'onis'oifcty;" Corporations are the- creatures of law and'they must not be permit- tea 1 to .pass from under the'control of the po*er. which .created them.: they are per- raltted to' exist) upon the theory that they advance'!'!ho public weal and they,must. not 1 be .-allowed.to use their powers for the public injury, - ' . ' '' , ••"_/, , : -BaUrottdi. r'lThe 1 right of'the United States eovern- hientUd-'regulate interstate commerce'can not.be questiqned.-and the necessity for .the vlfforoua exercise of that right is becoming more'and more imperative. The Interests of the whole people require such an en- larB4mcnt of the powers of'the iriterstaf COinniercfe c.onimlaslon as-will-enable.It .t prevent discrimination 'between person and,'Places, and-protect patrons from un reaEona,bltt charges. 1 ;l : .-.(;',)., Pacific Railroad*. '','•. '"Fhe'-'governrnent cannot'afford to dis •'crurtlriate between Its debtors, and mus therefor*-', prosecute its legal claims agalns i the ''-Pa'cmc railroads. Such a policy. 1 necessary for tho protection of the rlffht of the patrons-as well as for the interest r of. the. government. 1 . . ,., ., ,.j . , •' '"'"'' ',' ','''' .Cuba. 1 "The'ceoplo 'of-the'United States, h'aup, In-th^'OtiJoyroent oX.the blessings .of ire Kove'rnftent. feel a generous sympathy to ward? ally who-' are endeavoring, to -secur llko" i; blwslnKS for. themselves. Thl ' syrtipttthy,' -while 'respecting 'all treaty ob HiWtlbns; la- oapecia-lly active and. oarnes whiin' excited by the struggles of n'el^h ; boring 'peoples, who; like the Cubans, are near enough to observe.tho workings of-a governrhnnrwHICh' derives a!ll -Its author! ty : frorii;tlie;consent',of the governed,. C'i'JvJj-.'.'- .The ClVll Seryloe, • ^ ' '''.That vtho Am'e'rican people are "not In Javqrrot.lifc-tenure In the civil service In evident from the v fact that.they, as a rule mftke".frequent' changes when tholr offlcla rep.r'e^bTitativen ,aro chosen .by .ballot/ A berrhancht office-holding class is not in (! - 1 '—-' with, our Institutions. . A fixed -. . ',.. . ,. . -.., , •-. •, . • .To-Ke'pviil RpeclaL'-Vonliot Law. Indiaiuipolis, Indi. Sept. n.—The Bo association- met' h'e'fe and appointed o committee'-to drn'ft "h :bi)I'Tepealing-.th" special /verdict l:i\v;iwhich-,has beenrin operationin th, ; s,stnte^for sovernh;yeai-s T-he r law. it is assertedii.has-beeB a.booi to the .corporations jir|lanV)£e. .a ud.qtliui' Etiit^in (-he state' qotij'ts!' It p'rovidf-.s tlrat 'IJOTJh -pjointiffe ; 'and'':• defen'dalit's may siib'mit to : a jriryavlisf-of iriter'rogii- toi'Ics..'VThe- : result^'l_s"Vthat "the-cdsc-'ia ''spun o.ut'.Iong'er: {hn.u;js.3ei'mcd.'fcy the J3ar association,to-bey. nece .., depend Jipon -ithe jury '' '' r,:number of'citizens without 1m- efficiency. . ' 'i - • Tlie Torrltorlei. Tfte'-iterrltorial. (orm. 1 of-gov.ernnient -la jtrrijb'orXry 'in its-nature, -and should' »iv» waif h'S : »oon.as the territory l8:sufflclemtly aVlvtfnbSfl to 'take 'its place" among ' the sta*dfi! i;; >rew. Mexico, Oklahoma,and "Arl- zoir'a : "ar«' entitled to statehood, nnd their ''" -Wrf '(tdmlsslonrls-rtemantled-by tlielr ma- an9 political Interest*., The demand l^latfbrnv that- otflclals'appointed: to syernmont.idf territories, umbia'and Aluskashould aeiite-bt-.tho-territory or :,"• is, entirely: In, keeping w,ith the witcl .'theory of h'oiBe'.rulo."I nm jtVblly In sympathy wlth.the 'declara- in tK'a'rall public lands.ahould.be reserved for'-thoi'-establlshment'iof free homes for American..citizens. - .-, '. rA ,, - - . '.-.•', ",. ! ... ,...._.',-'' '•'. ,\VriterwaT».'. ...'.-...' "''f'Tne'Vollcy''Of''improving''the-prtatw'a- 'tprwaj^s .of the -country: ,is;..1ustlfied by. the 'imtlonaijbaracter of. those -waterways and "itae eriormouJ'^pn,naige borne upon them,' Sicperlencelias demonHtrated that continuing appropriations are,'in-'the end,'more, .econornloal llian-.Blngle!approprlatlons-sepf - L -*• J ijj long intervals. . i'"iii Js jriiotf ;n s cc'o'«iuiry .-to-jilscusa the .tartrt ju'tjrtlon yit' r tli^-tlme.;.'Wha,teycr may bo. ne^hdlMfdHVivl 'Vlc'w.g-af citizens as to the- ralatlvir?-,...'vits..o.ii:p.rot.eption,and ! tariff re-, fdrrii;'nir;-•ihift-rcoognlze'that until tho 'the .•lmer'ii:-uni)eo':?le,-wlll,not cpnsent to.the canslflorat'lbn-,- of.:^any' •• other 'importnnt quc-Kiions. . Taia.ijlori.--:pre3entsl.a problem; .tions in'Ji cpii'n'Tct'in l g-'ma ( .n 1 : l ,or,'in wTi'i'ch event'afl'excellent- oppWtiiiiity" : is. 'of- Jfered for'-a. reyersal'-'of-th'e cnse in-'-the (higher court. '••'.<:'•& .'•:. , ' '' Trolley Ito^^' iuo j Fdrt'TVh'yne,' Tnd^JSepg'p? — The'Cb'n- solidatedi ; Electric-'"•HWS.v'riy "comptui'y, o£\ :thfs ('city,- has -rpaised''-'^^' i-tho hands,j.-ofi a.Teqeii'er.'i/ii 1 } John;H.j Bass pud,-, M,- S,, ,-IJob^spjo. ; y wer ? ;.ai>; ppjri.ted ( by the..court) .pi), -motion of attorneys for Erii^iii^do-irase.'Eo.bisoii', of Cleveln'riil.' The rece^-erw'astippofnt'- cd'to protect the cpmphnyfixjin'btiitside Indebtedness,-' i Tt.::ig!."rillowfd 1 Ulfet !i thc' appointmen.t,(0f ja.'rereelver <j+asv,;made' necessqry.iby th«,,i 1 ac^.:t^'at.-:a-; for.me.r president,. 9f., the-, comp«ny.,gdiye;-t.fd; Si.JiOjb.pOO', of.,bbnds^\YJiip^pWcre,,to .be. iised'as collateral sccuri'fy for! th'a.t JIJT- pose. ' The'com'jirtny.'is •cspitniizcd' at ss.nnii'nfini '-•"' " ' lj ' >••'''•' ~i-.< •• • ->•• '*'•••'• for Options, • ia Porte, Ind., Sept. 9.' — lieprcsenta- tivcs of the Standard Oil company nra reported to be negotiriting for options on-an immense tract: of Jand ;in tb southern .portion of.-this .county: , Tit finding of gas at Wanatnh hiis strength ened the belief that^iither.oil^rgascin be found ip'paying quantities. A mini bcr of exj'peritnentil^eUs will be pu dcrtvn. The well nftWaiifeih is stil spouting gas with a constantly incrcns Ing flow of thc'fluid.j :"":•• • : ' . . " Klllcrt Ilimiioir. 1 Eichnioml, Ind., Sept. D.—H. E. Ster ling, a traveling man representing the finger Sewing Machine" company; ant whose home :is -in ChicagC, cominitte: suicide here-, as, the result.of. .domcsti troubles... HU wife wae Jfiss Cora Cutch- ibw, of this city, nndisome time ago sh ikif iiini and came to.lifer-parents here. When hj nrriTe'd here lie"visited !ie,r arid attempted' to -effect av reconciliation. Failing.in<this he-knied'h'ijrnself. .j •"'•- ''I ^ ;"bl«d ; i4fPi«raly»lfc; ' "' ' j Hammond, -Iti'd;, Sept, pi—Paraiysia cpiised. th'e -death-.here of'Prbf. Henry Jqrman, C2 years of age..- He w'as : atoii«s ime' ; leader.-.of Barnum's circus . band a!ncl ; 'clarinej soloist iu Gilmpre's organ- zajtion.pn its tour pf._t.he.world.. He or- gah izfeS numeroii s .bra ss ban ds.through- luf the country,' and'ivns'well Known in " circles. : ', HON. .HENRY.. B. PATNE.;. . :..-.. '•Oliver H. Payne, of TTew 5rork;-andlii»' 'daughter. -.-MrK, Charles 'W. Biug-h«mi' ; the only surviving 1 members of his fam-, ily, were at his bedside when he pawed '' .Harrison Woo W. Not.Accept., ; IndiaBapoIis) tniJ.V^JSepti '9.—At a njeeting of the board-bf trustees of .the ew University , : bf-' : .lidiaii'np6lis held lotida'y af tenroon i.t was disclosed that na.'preside.u.cy.; of ,the:-.uniVersity"had: een.offered.-to es-P.re*id«;pt.B!8rr.ison,: ' l refused,to be?prevailed upon to . r . [Mr. Payne wa's born at Hamilton, 'Ma'd- !lson'cpunty,',N. Y.. Ko\-ember 30, 1810. * Hte ifather',, Ellsha Payne, a native of Copnecr j,tlciit, moved from Lebanon' In that stft-te. :to Hamilton, in 1S95. 'He was founder of the ' ^Hamilton Theological seminary. The Payne mllly is of English origin, but the mother .of: Henry B. Payne came from the noted ;Douglas stock.- In politics. he was a con- ;3eryn.tlve democrat. . 'He was a presidential [elector 1 : o'n' the- Cass ticket m -1S48.' Three-. 'years later he was' elected ( to the stata ;sena{e and became" a tandldatc for UnlRtl States senator. In 1S57 he'was nominated 'for governor,; and; eamie 'within a few hun- idred votes of defeating. Gov. Chape for al ^ccond 'term. ' In 18S2 he united with the ^prominent men- of- both .the. democratic And * republican parties in an address encouraging 'enlistment. " With' a' largo number 'ot other wealthy cft|jzens he Blgned a guana'- • tei and x Indemnity lo the ^county -treMurej),. for advancing money to^cquip r"cglm*nu for the flcld. ^Mr, .Payne-was ohalrmkn of " Ihe Ohio delegation to. the, convention. Xvhich''nbmlnatoa Oreeley at' Baltimore tn 1872. - Two yc&is later lie wae nominated by the democrats for .congress f rotnjtho Clev«r j lanCdlstri'ct.'ind'waa'elected by 2,532 m»- '.'Tho' Jl'na'riclal 'bill 1 hnbwn as the) compromise'.' wna/hts greatest, work in congress," His name was presented us n fcanildkte'f or the prtsldencj' before' 1 the na-tlonal-.dcmocratic convention i;held In: Cincinnati .In 3SSO.. In iSSS-Mr. Payna was 1 : elected'' to 1 the -United States ' sen,- Ote. itr. Eayne Beaded the list o£m«mMrB'..i «cle-ctod- from the house of representative* o'cohs'tltute"part of the celebrates elect- ' jrali.'commisslon" of JS76; . Hls.'j)ortralt I* > me of. the most conspicuous Jlgures In tbo ?alntlrig of that hlstoWcal'evcnt; purchiWea: " >y the nation and displayed at the eapltoV- n \Vashlngton,] , _ . ,. , Schwelnlurth Married. . .'. Minneapolis, M5im,, Sept. 9. —Jacob-. Scliweiafurth, ,the. self T declared Christ^' .who has mainlaned ,a. 'heiiven" neat Rockford, 111., 'fbr ECT- eral years : past and who has large mua- .- bers'.'of misguided people -among 1 'his followers, was married in this city; Wednesday af ternooa to Mary Ann.Tut- tle, one of his most prominent "angels," . ns .the women, are termed who have espoused the cause of. Sehweinfurth. : • Drew HU Kevolver on Him. . i Chicago, Sept. 9. — President Cusack drew a revolver on. Manager Peter$ at an. organization meeting of the Chicago Amateur Baseball league, at the Great Northern hotel Tuesday "liight. During a' "heated discussion of rules,' Peters • jumped to bis' feet and made a motion: as" •' if to draw a revolver. Cusack imme- di'ately "covered" him 'and the meeting •: broke up without the usual formalities. •Serloux Outcomcot • Political Quarrel. • ; Charleston, S. C., Sept, 9.— A diffi- qulty:between J..P. Welch Hiid Constable P. Me'igher, which grew out of a dispute over "the election Tuesday ni^ht, resulted in. the exchange of blows by the men, when'Meiglier drew a pistol and flred four shots at his opponent, thres • of. which took effect. He is.iii'a-critical condition and will probably .die. . I\IDOC in. JWontreaL- ' ..... >. ; .v-. .Jfontrea), Can., Sept. !).— >L.Eibot,.at , one time prime minister of France,. Jws.- : ' ,'• irrived in this city. During .his «tay in r ' Canada he will "visit Ottawa and other eadinp- cities. ' '. . •'•' " Suc'cesiifiilly'TI'Bttnched. .'Providence; 1?/L, Sept. 9. —Torpedo ' ioat Xo. C was 'successfully launched rom the Herreshoff; shops; at.T?ri«t4>l>j t lp:OG..Weduefida,y' moraine... :. •. i .' : ! ." S"

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