The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1959 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 25, 1959
Page 10
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2-A!gona (|«f.) tfjiptr B«* Moinw Thursday, June 25, 1959 PLUS" UNDER FIRE the la«? "cost-plus" method t>? buying the approximately 41 billion dollars worth of material for the Army, Navy and Air forte, is coming uftaN&f sfeme close scrutiny in Congress. It is about IS years later than it should have been. During World War 11 the various programs mtjde "cost*plus" easy to take, and did well financially for «all involved, both manufacturers and employees in defense plants. Uncle Sam simply footed the bill with "cost-plus", no matter what the cost. „ Now U seems the some method of order- in<g alid contracting is still being used. SerValof Jbhn Sperkman of Alabama and Congresswomah Martha Griffiths of Detroit are asking, questions. The Navy, it see,ms, Is now saving money by ordering small parts on a competitive basis. The Nbvy had been paying $277.44 a unit : 1 HINTS ON HOM1 SAFETY Your home may be your castle, but It mcfy not protect you from Occidents, statistics show. You ton rndke your home safer by checking for a few hazards and eliminating them, Professor Margaret fox of the State University of Iowa department of physical education for women soys. Dr. Fox teaches courses which include study of first aid and accident prevention and is also first old chairmen of the Jfchhson County chapter of the American Red Cross. Stairways need a special ^heck, Or. f"6x points out. be sure, to tack down stir carpetihg or treads that come loose, or some mernber of the family may catch a foot on the loose covering and take a nasty spill. DorVt store boxes, toys or any other item on a stairway, even temporarily. Keep stairs completely Clear, the SUI professor warns. Mairways should have a railing on one STRICTLY,BUSINESS fof a gear assembly from a large firm. When it side at least, and you'll be smart to gfet the required competitive bidding, a small firm in habit of"keeping a hand on it as you go down- " , r I *K r» «T F tr\ ._ _. ,_. ._*..«!.»_ »«. _ A t *• j >1 M •>!* * f^M*t't ft*tvir\.t f* Ir^rti"! *S/\ r*kl/ Michigan got the contract for only $27.56 per stairs, particularly. Don't carry a load so big un j t you can't see clearly where you re going when ' Carbon packing had been costing $82 per you're on stairs. „,,,,, unit Last year the Navy installed competitive Stairways should be well lighted. It you biddin and is now getting ihe same thing for would find it difficult to add extra electric bidding $15. Bearing sleeves purchased "cost-plus" from a large manufacturer had been costing the-Navy $425. Competitive bidding now gets the same bearing sleeves from a small Wisconsin firm for $189.85. Congresswoman Griffiths, who once worked for the Detroit Ordnance Bureau, estimates that at least 7 billion dollars a year could be saved by competitive bidding and having one. purchasing agency for all three services. That 7 billion, we might add, is more than the farm program costs in a single year, too, counting lots that the farmer never sees, too. •"•'- '.''.'• *• .'" ' * * LITTERBUGS WARNED Northwood Anchor — When you toss a beer can or a sack of gai-bage from the car window into the roadside' ditch you're doing more than creating an unsightly mess for other drivers to see. You're throwing away money right out of your pocket. Last year the stale highway commission esli- maled that it spent $100,000 in cleaning up after ported numerous cases of broken rnowers, slashed tires from debris. The story is repealed, of course, Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON of America disappear jadal wave of : ^* tl caps or spfout huge in hero-worship of a ^ouse 6gc a pa de. What other man could make mn- most. ^ * .* lattte slone shattered large ^ -the school were mis- destroyed during the Hollywood, Celif. — We've al- And that's the fact that we saw ways felt that Walt Di&ney had anything unusual about Disney » the blood of master magicians Donald Duck makir" « -t«"ffn in his veins. There's no record science lesson easy 10 ot his ever receiving tranfusions by.doubling us up wmi from a sorcerer but we wouldn't be surprised if close scrutiny 'of the Disney'family tree revealed a Leprechaun or two in its immediate branches. * * * If anyone doubts that an infant Walt Disney used s magician's wand for a teething ring, we beg to report that Mr Disney has now achieved the impossible! He lions pay tribute to f | tan 2^ u ' Scattered showew during ihe movie-hero he created .frtm i a Da gt "eek kept Kossuth jStmnty tiny mouse? — And this m a na- past TM««. F distinct tion that sells more mou^^f £Sst £ thS en* T situation. ; ^Corn than any other country in the boost , to w g ^ usua ! grow , th world! Oftly one thins about was i lar » dufe to "DONALD IN MATHMAG1C at tms time y ther H} h LAND " should really 801826 US. has taken the subject of mathematics and made it not only fascinating but highly humorous. To a man who has dedicated a lifetime to arriving at sums bearing absolutely nd resem- „ _... the week, 89 is" "was registered two dayst as was the low of 59. Slightly more than an on'ch of rain fell during the period, with rainfall measured five of days during the week, ^ . A club was frrmed at Liveri more, and after only a.short time .'! of operation, some : of the mem:- 'I bers didn't know..if they would .. 1 continue to belong .or not, Known ' "As You Are" Club, here's AGO IN THE 7/M«M flit IfatMA * member of the, club (which was UppJW. JM IIKJWXA.; compose d of several housewives) ___ ' T. 1 ^ iyi didn't feel like, getting breakfast. as the -— . the way it worked — wnen one member of the, club (which was FROM THE FILES OF THE didn — — she merely got into her car, went sne AL6ONA UPPER DBS MO1NES fl d and picked up tnore ' "Oh, all right, I'll buy a g^o»s Jf it'll make you feel, any better 1 ." Washington b'lance to answers given in the tion /company back of arithmetic books, is batting a thousand in Black Arts league. * , « • ' Disney has produced ^cartoon . JUNE 29, 1939 •."•*'•. *- ,„ A truck driver for a construe. . at members and the entire group stopped for breakfast at the home { ^ other Unsuspebting . .Tnefti- ber Accor ding to, reports, -mem- in turn anti-litter signs now-being-erected don't do the job, maybe there should be tough enforcement with fines for litterbugs? Some states have.found this necessary. '.".'• * * * What America needs is more young men who will put the same enthusiasm in gelling ahead in their:'work as Ihey do in traffic. — Bloomfield Democrat. , ' SI E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postotfiee at Algona. .Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. _. Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor C. S. 3RLANDER, Adverlising Director DON SMITH, News Editor CLIFF LONG, Advertising Mgr. FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL AFFILIATE MEMBfcR NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave., New .York 18, N. Y. 333 N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. light, painting the edge of each stair white will help you to see clearly where you are going 1 , since white will reflect what light there is better than dark colors. Scatter rugs are hazardous on polished floors anywhere in the house, and particularly so at the head or foot of stairways. If there are oldsters in your family, better discard such rugs. Rubberized backing makes them somewhat less risky. See .that your children pick up their toys and put them away each time they are through playing with them. Toys with wheels are particularly dangerous when left where a running child or hurrying adult can step on them, Dr. Fox notes. * * * MOVING TO AUSTRALIA Grinheli Herald-Register — We are fascinated with Ihe fact thai Stanley Yankus, the Michigan fanner who is having all the trouble wilh the U.S. Government on wheat allotmenls, has finally decided lo move to Auslralia. Mr Yankus ran inlo trouble with the govern- menl by planting 35 acres of wheat, where his .allotment"" was only 15 acres. He defended his position by ""noting that he was raising the wheat to feed Ihe chickens. ( ' . , . ,, , if , '-•*• The situation came to a head with. Yankus 'being fined $5,072. He then decided he wanted no nually. more of this' unju*st U.S. life and living. It is'lniercsling to note that when he went t.o Australia on a trip, he found that Australia had as many or more controls on farming and farm products than we have here. But the Michigan farmer thinks thai freedom's future is more se- cur.e in Australia than it is in the U.S. We 'don't necessarily buy the position of Yankus that freedom in tomorrow's world will be greater in Auslralia than in the U.S., but we do buy Ihu position that us government gels bigger and bigger, the individual freedoms get smaller and smaller. The weird part of the whole situation is the facl thai the average person cares not about the creeping encroachments on their individual freedoms. They cry out occasionally, but soon sink back into their normal lethargic state, and even assist in'hei'ping government get bigger and bigger, and individual freedoms get smaller. s At least Mr ^Yankus has the courage of his convictions and is moving to Australia to call attention to the \faet that individual freedoms are being lost here. What we need are a few more spotlights shining on the losses of freedom, so that we hiay become .more aware of' these losses, lest they soon all be .gone and we know/it not. * * * BRITISH UPROAR Grinnc-11 Heral<J*Register ~- We arc somewhat amused al the current uproar in England over whether or not Price Phillip was responsible for dousing a couple of photographers at a flower show. Actually, the evidence seems to indicate lhal the playful Price was in reality the culprit The British press is viewing the incident with mixed emotions, as to whether or nol Ihey should be criticizing the actions of the royal family. * * * * A Weekly Report from the Motion's Capital by Ray Vernon YOU'RE PAYING FOR IT —' servation." Next time you have 'trouble Swea City this escaped injury in a freak acci- berg of the club were prettying the dent there Monday afternoon. . up ear ii er m the day , /because His truck hit a jackrabbit, which h ^ y didn ' t want 4o get .caught through the *" Fourth o| vehicle. The driver must have a rabbit's foot in his pocket. Hesparus. . s Legion' base* 9-3 THE CHANGING PICTURE— The revolution of progress is nowhere belter shown than-what has happened to the American coal industry. Two markets that in the old House Office Building, each required about 100 million But are they using it? Not very much. It seems they don't like to walk up and down the stairs to get to it. Construction costs parking the family car think of what's happening in Washington. Your Congressman and mine have just spent $1,222,000. for a' new, three-floor parking garage perfect with hearty laughter mathematical fact to terms every moviegoer will understand. Using an amusing serio-comic adventure of Donald illustrate, Walt Disney the true "nature of mathematical abstraction and the application of its principles to almost everything the average m-iPrntPs nr >^gona, W esify, tiuu uoi»i.iy.« operates 01 invo j ved; wouna up i n ties, each » after two round - robin .tournaments, with' teams from- Algona, Wesley and Bancroft One of tin Celebrations lated here. 'A full program varied events 1 was on tap 10:30 a.m.' to 9 p.m. COME TO , MINNEAPOLIS AND THE NEWj , J'l m daily winni-ng one and losing one. all but vanished. This was to heait homes and run locomotives. Now the same amount of '.counselor, Dr. ber, Disney actually science on a ; theatre . . -,.,, , being what they are it took about coal is being used by ibwo other •entertainment. What $4,200 for each individual park- markets — the steel industry and ing space. On the basis of the ' few cars using the garage this cost is now figured A to about $45,000 per car. Unless more Congressmen start using the garage they will probably, try to avoid embarrassment iby letting their secretaries occupy unused parking facilities. —o— ; FOR THE DINNER TABLE — Americans don't eat much fish and there are signs that we are s-tarting to eat even less. This concerns. Uncle Sam and the fishing industry, both of whom spend a lot 6f money trying ;,to " "lo eat, more fish. Fish lion ' is riow pounds p'ei' person'- People in power ••companies. "/u.':•*•'— b— .'. •- "-'"• 1 THEY NEED EACH OTHER — All tod"often there is a tendency in this country to'put the farmer on one side and his city neighbor on the other. This overlooks the fax-t, of course, that one depends so much on the other that it< is really impossible to' separate one from the other. Consider, for example, that the farmers ' use more finished steel lhan goes into • the production of millions of automobiles. And the farmers us"e more electrical power lhan Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore and Houston combined. This means there and laugh yourself smart watching the antics of an animated duck. If ithat_ isn't a goose-pimple into - a knowledge we'll saute oldest -fedora without quib- 1*13 ~ — • • 1" - —"^ _/ t •' 1 £ as Algona, allowing just'seven hits. more, you rinnnlrl 1J nai the ematics. class attendance would cease to be a problem. Donald all the « e riouslv "* g «ht what happens to industry > - Ms a direct impact on agricul ure.-r Norway eat four or five times more/ than that. What is happening is this: competiling products such as beef, pork, poultry and cheese are showing astronomical increases. And some o? these products are going down in price so the problem is that much more acute. Shrimp, however, is having no trouble, ports from some T Im- impact directly concerns irfduTy"""™ general and unique amusement. Only Walt Disney would welcome a task of this magnitude and only Disney's magical powers of animation could transform a tough textbook topic into humorous" theatrical entertainment. Can THANK YOU you blame us for suspecting the We wish to thank you on be- gentleman of dabbling in occult " "" '" However, your Hollywood D. L. Driver, 69, of Algcna was injured Thursday afternoon when a ladder Ml on him. He suffered a fractured collar bone and was on the' mend at his home here. He h^d just removed a &warm of bees from a tree at the John 'Loss residence when the ladder'fell, striking him On the shoulders. : * * * , • • Over at St.. Benedict, Lyle Huff, son of 'Mr and Mrs John Huff, had the .misfortune to fracture both arms while at play at a neighboring • farm. Several children were at play in a hayloft when Lyle fell out of tho «Mpnrp rareers side door. He was . taken to a science caieers local hospital ar f d was expected to remain Ihere for "some time". "' The district 4 school house, trvingtoh, was broken into for the second time since the close of school recently.' -Considerable damage was reported each time. such an approach motivate bright • For Business • ....Vacation i or Just £ Week-end Minutes from everything » Downtown Minneapolis— shops, theaters, Auditorium and points of interest. You'll enjoy the New Hotel Maryland — where Southern Hosptto- lity moved North. Write, wire or phone for reserve, tion. Very Popular rates. ••-, FREE TELEVISION, ' AIR CONDITIONED J" PARKING FOR GUESTS HOTEL MARYLAND 200 Rooms • 200 tile Baths IASAUE.AT GRANT • MINNEAPOLIS rose from 41 million pounds .in 1951 to 86 million pounds in 1958. ' Q"*"- 1 * BOOK LOVERS — All it takes to make a book popular is lo ban, it. For years D. H. Lawrence's "Lady Chattel-ley's Lover" has been gathering dust at HIP Library of Congress. Then Postmaster General Arthur Summerfield ruled that the book is filthy and obscene. Result: all 10 copies at our lawmaker's library vere grabbed up like hot cakes, if a Congressman wants to ead it he must make a request n writing 'and specify that it's or his own use. In this way, anv 'hat is out will be called back immediately. g c . a N<) 283 art? 50 countries C * D . O f A.'S [or your cooperation, errand boy should know better n advertising our projects throughout the past year. Sincerely, than to elevate a lowbrow eyebrow in astonishment at any minor miracle of the Maestro of Mrs Arthur Glaser, G.R. movie merriment. Mrs Irene Griffin Publicity Chm We've watched the iowhsads SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, in advance ---- •—-—- ......... ---- Both Algona papers, in combination, per year ---- S5. Single Copies — „„„_—,-,.- ------ ---_.-.. ..... ----- 10c SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Year, In advance -„,---. — ., ------ r . ---- --*— |i(>0 Both Algona papers jn combination, one year ___.?6.0Q No subscription lees than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER blsplay Advertising, per inch ----------- ; ---------- 63c ADVERTISING RATES Musi of the papers are simply writing- off the incident and forgelling it, but. one or two have spoken out rather strongly against the aclions and activities of Phillip. Frankly, we think lhal the little inciclen helps to show up Ihe human frailties — even ii royal blood. And "Phil" is a mite different than must of us 'cause he can gel away with it. * * * There are three phases to an important event Anticipation, realization and memories. — Colum bus Gazette. • , BEST ADVERTISING "A stranger picking up a newspaper should be able to tell what business is represented in a town hy looking at the paper, This is Ihe best possible town advertising. The man who does not ad' yerlise his business does an injustice to himself and the town. The man who insists on sharing ihe business'that comes to town but refuses to advertise his own, is not a valuable addition to any tpwn. The life of the town depends on the live, wide-awake and liberal advertising busi man." AMERICA THE ALGONA UPPER DES Read Wetkly Sy Over §,i«0 GRAND OLD BUILDING — Interesting facts about the U S. apitol Bidg.: The cornerstone was laid I ft, 1793 by Geor«p Washington. Ho wore an apron embroidered by the wife (if CJeii. Lafayette, Work on the doino continued uninterrupted clyin^ the Civil War. President. Lin- coin believed the Capilol was ;m important symbol of the Union and would not let the .work stop. One clack in the Capitol bus been running s>iuce 1802.. Dnniel Webster's old desk is still used in the Senate chamber. A plaque shows where Samuel Morse sent the world's first formal telegraph message, "What hath God wrought." A few feet away is a circular staircase. British troop* marched tin it in 1814 and set fire to the Capitol. ,.-.---i-irt_i.:_-.m THIS LAND OF OURS —•Tlv-. Russians can brag about Sputnik and other achievements but the;c are still things! they'd rather nut talk about. These figures show why. To, buy a -pound of potatoes the typical New Yorker works 2 minutes. In Moscow a man lias to work G minutes to buy -the same item. To buy a dozen eggs the New Yorker works 21 minutes; the Russian. .144 minutes. A New Yorker can buy ft su 't .with the wayeb nf three days work. The Russian must work for 39 days. To buy a pair of women's leather shoes the JSfew Yorker works five hours; the Russian, 57 hours. QUOTABLE QUOTES — By Sen. Hubert Humphrey, Dem. Minn.: ''J would say'ltyut the his- ;t(Sry,-pf nat'icfhs can possibly be Written' by observation, of the manner in which they care for their soil. One can observe thtj rise or fall of empires based ai- most upon the adequacy of con- atnvalum or the lack oi cu;i- INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surely Bonds — All Lines of insurance 206 East State St. Phone CY 4-3176 • BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 PayAs'You'Check PAY. BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 1 N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, j Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of, insurance in force. A home company. Safe, secure. Phone CY 4-3756 Lola Scuffham. Sec'y HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, I-Jouse, Household rx>ds,- and Many Other Forms, Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbst MELV1N G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 N. 'Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 ~JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.o Physician & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office phont CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2333 Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor 'Over Penney's , Office Phone '— CY 4-3373 Hours: 9;00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night r NO SERVICE CHARGE. NO CERTAIN BALANCE REQUIRED. OPEN ACCOUNT WITH ANY AMOUNT, KEEP ONLY ENOUGH IN BANK TO PAY CHECKS YOU WRITE. »f Q.U CAN MAKE YOUR P. A. Y. C. PEPOSITS BY MAIt, ANDY CRAWFORD General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual Ins, Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail - Tractor Phone CY ^3351 HAROLD,C, SUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co. 706 So. Phillips St. Ugona Phone CY 4-2341 A UTQ—LIFE—FfRE—H AIL Dr, H. J. Thissen Chiropractor 17 Ms E. Slate St., Algona Phone CY 4-3621 OPTQ/WETRISTS DENTISTS PB. PATRICK J, MULLIGAN DENTIST 116 North Moore Street Phone CYpress 4-2708 DR, KARL R. HOFFMAN Office in Home Federal Bldg. . Office phone CY 4-4341 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Algona, Iowa DR. j, P. HARRIS, JR. Dentist New Loqation On 0<?rney At 622 B. SiaJe Phone CY 4-2334 Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSON Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 0 East State Street Algona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2190 • HoUrs: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. •'» Closed Saturday Afternoons DR. C. M. O'CONNOR ' Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Training 108 South Harlan St. ' (Home Federal Bldg.) ' PHONE CY 4*3743 ; Farm Management Carlson Farm Management Company 12 Ms N, Dodg« Ph. CY 4-2891 Serving Hancock, Humboltjt Palo Alto & Kossuth Counties

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