The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on February 24, 1988 · Page 46
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 46

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1988
Page 46
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E-10PllZZles, features THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER Wednesday, February 24, 1988 At 24, postal mascot has lost his ZIP BY JEFF KUNERTH Orlando Sentinel His face once adorned post offices across the county. He lives in obscurity now, but at one time his visage appeared in newspapers and on television. In his prime, he palled around with Ethel Merman. But that was long ago. Today, his name evokes only vague recollections from a public that so quickly forgets. Mr. ZIP, the goofy-grinning mascot of the U.S. Postal Service, is retired at the age of 24. The guy who helped millions of Americans convert to the ZIP code address system outlived his usefulness. "Mr. ZIP played a vital role in the promotion of ZIP codes," Postal Service spokesman Ralph Stewart said. "But now with 98 of the mail carrying ZIP codes, his semi-retirement is well deserved." Mr. ZIP was conceived in 1963 during a casual conversation between Postmaster General J. Ed ward Day and Frederick Kappel, chairman of AT&T. Kappel, in discussing problems AT&T had in promoting its new system of telephone area codes, suggested that the Postal Service devise a mascot of some kind. A short time later, he was born of the brow of New York artist Harold Wilson. A man of many changes Originally christened Mr. P.O. Zone, Mr. ZIP had his name changed when the Postal Service settled on "Zone Improvement Program" as the official name for its new five-digit address system. He made his first public appearance on the Sam Houston stamp in January, 1964. In April, 1964, he was seen in a standing position on the World's Fair stamp. But three months later, Mr. ZIP's entire body was amputated when he was reduced to just a head on the Nevada Statehood stamp. Later surgery reunited his head with his stick-figure body. t Beginning your career, looking for a change, or a fresh approach to nursing? You're invited to a St. Francis-St. George Hospital Nursing Open House Wednesday, March 2, 1988, 7 to 9 p.m. or Sunday, March 6, 1988, 2 to 5 p.m. R.N.i and student nurses are welcomed in the Auditorium, Level Six. Refreshments served and door prize awarded. Reservations not required. Call 513389-5053 for information. A FRANCISCAN HEALTH SYSTEM OF CINCINNATI, INC. St. Francis-St. George Hospiul 3131 Queen City Avenue Cincinnati. Ohio 4S238 An equal opportunity employer. 1 Member - Frandacan Slum o( the Poor Health Syatam, Inc. At the peak of his public service, Mr. ZIP was the subject of a "ZIP-a-di-doo-da" radio jingle sung by Ethel Merman. Many regard it as his finest hour. The introduction of computers and high-tech mail-moving equipment in the 1970s convinced postal authorities that Mr. ZIP no longer fit the Postal Service's image. Like many long-time employees, he seemed a little too old-fashioned for his bosses. "He just didn't go along with the technological image we were trying to portray," postal spokesman Steve Corker said. "Our industry is so highly computerized that a comic figure just didn't fit." A shadow of his former self When nine-digit ZIP codes were introduced in 1983, the Postal Service felt Mr. ZIP wasn't up to the challenge. They relegated him to a small corner on sheets of stamps a token position of little importance except to keep Mr. ZIP's registered trademark status alive. "Mr. ZIP is still breathing," Corker said. "His activity schedule is not as much as it was, but he's still on call. He's there if and when we want him." The implication is that Mr. ZIP could, at some point, come out of retirement to become the Sugar Ray Leonard of trademarks. As far as anyone knows, Mr. ZIP never married, although he has long been linked to Miss Place Stamp Here. Associates and strangers alike always refer to him as Mr. ZIP. Only his closest friends call him Zippy. When not hanging out on the corner of a sheet of stamps, Mr. ZIP lives in a retirement community somewhere in Florida. Once a week he plays cards with the Frito Bandito, Bucky Beaver and Speedy Alka Seltzer. To supplement his meager federal pension, Mr. ZIP addresses envelopes at home. He remains actively involved in the national philatelic movement. Content to live a quiet life out of the limelight, Mr. ZIP declined all requests for an interview. Choral Society observes Lent The Cincinnati Choral Society will commemorate the season of Lent with a concert or works for chorus and organ at 3 p.m. March 6 in Northminster Presbyterian Church, Finneytown. Music Director Richard Hynson will conduct the concert, which features organist Robert Mollard, and vocal soloists Jan Rogers and James G. Weaver. Works on the program include Maurice Durufle's Requiem, Krzsyztof Penderecki's Agnus Dei, Jean Langlais' Mors et Resurrexio, Johannes Brahms' Lass dich nur nichts nicht dauren, Jehan Alain's Litanies and Randall Thompson's Alleluia, For more information, call 281-3710. Orchestra plans free concert The Cincinnati Community Orchestra will present a free concert of music by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Elgar at 7:30 p.m. March 6. Music director Gerald Doan will conduct the concert at the Scottish Rite Auditorium, 317 E. Fifth St. Cellist Dan Culnan, a member of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, will perform Tchaikovsky's Variations on a Rococco Theme with the community orchestra. Also on the program are Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 and Elgar's Enigma Variations. Dirty CONTINUED FROM PAGE E-l the street the film's climax is his touching duet with dance partner and unrequited love Karen Lynn Gorney. COME JOIN US If you are retired, or planning to retire , (and if the winters are getting you down) here's... FREE SEMINAR' FILMS SLIDES' 'QUESTION Aiun ARICIAICD rfTji TAMPA BAY AREASESSI0N aS5S5 499 onn I FLY ROUND TRIP FOR $149.00 & BE OUR GUEST FOR 3 DAYS & 2 NIGHTS SEE MOBILE HOME LIVING AT ITS BEST TUESDAY FEBRUARY 23 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM HOLIDAY INN - NORTH I-75 NORTH, EXIT 15 CINICNNATI, OHIO WEDNSEDAY FEBRUARY 24 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM HYATT REGENCY 151 WEST FIFTH STREET CINCINNATI, OHIO Hampton Inn hotels arc sure to be just your stvle tor all your leisure travel. Kvery Hampton Inn hotel is new, with crisp, c lean and contemporary rooms. What's more, when you stay with us. children 18 and under stay free. Plus you'll enjoy special features like our complimentary continental breakfast, free in-room movies, free local telephone calls and your choice of rooms for smokers or non-smokers. Relax and enjoy the kind of extras sure to make your stay extra special. All for 20-4) less than at traditional hotels. If a comfortable room at a sensible price is your style, be sure you make the smart choice. Hampton Inn hotels. AND STYLE WORTH TRAVELING FOR:' 1 IBIEttlr. ' j ' - j ATT ft N i .i ter-pfi Smart style. Smart price. Smart choice;"' For reservations or free directory call: 1-800-HA.MITON or your travel agent. call: 1-800-4S1-IITDD To the strains of The Bee Gees' "More Than a Woman (to Me)," Travolta and Gorney lock hands at arms' length and begin to spin together on the dance floor. They turn faster and faster, until the background of on-lookers becomes a blur and they lose themselves in each other's eyes. The duets in Dirty Dancing are steamier and more muscular, capitalizing on Swayze's hulking physique and trained athleticism (he once studied with the Joffrey Ballet). But the movie arrives at a similar high point. After days of bungled practice dances, Swayze and his nervous young protege Jennifer Grey finally get it right. In triumph, he lifts and twirls her high above his head. Flashdance and Footloose explore a different romantic fantasy. They tap into dance as a liberating force rather than a solely sexual one. Flashdance builds to Jennifer Beals' solo tryout as she (or rather her double, Marine Jahan) gyrates across the floor in a series of dizzying maneuvers. To the theme song "What a Feeling," Beals abandons herself to her real love the demonic power of dance. In Footloose, kicking up your heels becomes a symbol of freedom, and a rite of passage, for teen-agers in a town where dancing is a no-no. The movie ends on Prom Night, when the kids courageously and joyously defy the authorities. As far back as Fred and Ginger, dance films gloried in their preposterous plots. Top Hat, of course, is one of those silly "boy meets girl but girl mistakenly thinks boy is married" stories. But who cares? The important thing is the dance that magic blend of music and motion and romance that continues to hold sway over motion picture audiences. Plan now to attend Firestone's Car-Care Clinic. . AhowwhoT todo ft m amarpancr abator) MMn If onrtaOMfcBaieuMn you unrn m aid mam 19 Mi Mai to of! Ma S tt .JQ (i r cnsaahaftBV llwi ti.lfrfuwiftJ.aajncai.aai.farou Hurry. Boglttrahon b Umtfad KENWOOD MALL FOREST PARK 7800 Montgomery Rd. 661 Northland Blvd 793-4550 825-3661 EASTGATE COVINGTON 4625 Eastgate Blvd. 6th & Washington 753-7171 291-212! NEWPORT EVENDALE 61 Carothers Rd. Northland Center 491-1400 733-3414 NORWOOD WYOMING 4120 Montgomery Rd 1630 Springfield Pk 731-1300 771-7048 The New Deal BY MIKE OECHSLER Enquirer Contributor East-West vulnerable. North deals. North A K 5 V K62 AK 10 87 4 4 A West East 4 84 4 J 10 9 A9 f 87 5 3 QJ965 32 Void 4J7 4KQ643 2 South 4Q7632 QJ104 Void 4 109 8 5 The bidding: North East South West 14 Pass 14 Pass 2 V Pass 4V Pass 64 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead: Four of 4 In "My Little Town," Paul Simon sings about feeling like a finger twitching on the trigger of a gun. A common failing of bridge players is having itchy fingers to cash their winners when there is no real hurry to do so. That can be costly on occasion. The auction on this deal was not quite so demented as it appears. If North's diamonds were exchanged with either of his major suit hold ings, the hand would be worth a strong two-bid. However opening an artificial two clubs (playing weak two-bids) and then rebidding three diamonds would consume a lot of bidding room. The two-heart rebid, a forcing "reverse," was a reasonable temporizing bid on the way to raising spades. After South supported hearts, North knew he had at least five spades because responder should always bid one heart with 4-4 in the majors. Perhaps South could have slowed things down a bit by rebidding only three hearts. Declarer justified the bidding in the play, though. After winning the first trick with the king of trumps, he cashed the ace of clubs and then led a heart to the queen and West's ace. Dummy's ace won the trump return, and declarer led a heart to the jack in order to ruff a club. When declarer led a low diamond from dummy, East discarded a club, and declarer ruffed low. After drawing East's last trump, declarer returned to the king of hearts to discard two clubs on the high diamonds. At the end declarer still had a trump to return to hand and cash the 10 of hearts, making six. Note that if declarer had tried to cash a high diamond for club discard earlier in the play, he would have been rudely surprised when East ruffed and killed the discard. Puzzles TM Boggle Challenge How many words can you make? In 3 minutes, find as many hidden words as you can and write Ihem down lo make a word, use letters. In sequence, that adioin of any side or corner Each letter in the grid may be used only once m a word Any word found in a standard English dictionary Is acceptable PUY AGAINST TNI "OOOU MAM": Find his list below See If you can beat him 0 PLAY AGAINST A FRIEND. Compare lists and cross off words in common men score J-4 letters: 1 point t letters 2 points letters: 1 points 7 letters S points t or more: 11 points IAI R a H a N 3UOA '3H01 uvai 'aov HOLS MHOS '83UOS W390S '3J.OHS 10H8 S30H8 UV3M8 UV38 H3NV8 U30VS 'H38VS '310d 'ASOU S30YU 'H318AO enon isoH auon isoh uboh eiHV3H HV3H 83808 UY38 'H3SY8 63UV8 3NY8 'UOHQV '8138V NIYU8 310008 CRYPTOQUIP The Cryptoquip is a simple substitution cipher in which each letter used stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words, and words using an apostrophe can give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is accomplished by trial and error. Today's Cryptoquip clue: Z equals O HRS AVCIWQSVH ZGVSN Z B K Z C F BZIVHFAV W Z L S C S N K H Z Q A L S B F A N G Z N T K R F T S Yesterday's Cryptoquip: PEOPLE WHO WALK TOGETHER IN POISON IVY ARE MAKING A VERY RASH MISTAKE. ACROSS 1 Editor's place 5 Embrace 8 Eban 12 Flair 13 Zsa Zsa's sister 14 Scheme 15 Iris 17 Mom's sister 18 Former German coin 19 Withdraw formally 21 Carefree 39 One type of trip? 41 Canadian prov. 43 Discount 46 Agave fiber 50 American inventor 51 Policeman 54 Touch 55 Squeal on 56 Cartoonist Peter 57 House wings adventure 58 Pindar's 24 Skin growth 25 Spheres 28 He raced tortoise 30 Choose 33 Diamond gal 34 Persian fairies 35 Boy's name? 36 Flightless bird 37 Buddhist priest 38 Take an apartment forte 59 Thin DOWN 1 Invoice amount 2 Singer 3 Author Bellow 4 Genuflects 5 Daughter of Loki 6 Grape 7 Jokes 8 Swiftly 9 Puritanical person 10 Musical group 11 Poker stake Solution time: EE 25 mins. Elf? I CLJco VI CLAM V MdS AUCER MjjyORnwOLFr API TOG I RARFES L. ERHMO t- ESpRUE i eopA f? psdwre njnflFf i ii I ELEPHANT S O BftEL. 3 sIoItUrwpit 1 4 Em Yesterday's answer 2-24 16 Friar's title 20 Female sheep 22 Actress Perlman 23 Destiny 25 Corrida cheer 26 Border 27 Diving duck 29 Coin of Morocco 31 Play on words 32 Asian festival 34 Scheme 38 Rogue 40 Pants 42 Father's day gift, often 43 Strong cord 44 And others: abbr. 45 River in Spain 47 Ripped 48 Miss Turner 49 Harrow's rival 52 Young boy 53 Shoshone 12 is 18 25 33 36 43 50 54 57 26 44 27 39 21 40 16 34 37 6 22 28 51 56 58 23 52 19 29 53 20 24" 42 46 8 14 17 30 35 56 59 47 10 Til 31 48 32 49

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