The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 21, 1940
Page 1
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VOLUMK XXXVI-NO. 280. VILLE COURIER 3MINANT NEWKPAUFO nw Mnn«niw»\iT« »*-,, _._ Blythevllle Dnily News Ulythcvllle Courier ™ E ^ANTN E WSPA5.En OPNORTI«A8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI SSl'Wlmil Vnllrii. I n.,,1,,.. * ~~ '- 1 , , ,. Mississippi valley Lender myUitvllle Herald 11I.YTIIKVILLK, ARKANSAS. Y, KKWUURY 21, I!).|0 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS BlizzardWelcornedBy Finns, Hard Pressed By Soviet Manpower MOSCOW, Keb. 21. (Ul'» —The Soviet jirciis today displayed an official news agency dispatch declaring dial Uie Hod army had now "decided to break, the Alminer- heim line" in a drive thai presages (lie end of the Finnish war. Tjie dispatch carried by the T;\ss agency was dated Kovno and quoted objective military experts as saying that the Mannerheim hue was as strong as the German Siegfried line or the French Maginol line and that its destruction was "a most difficult task rrom the inllitniy standpoint." The most important batlle ol the war was believed imminent, in 'he Viipiiri sector of Finland. in- —A 'blinding blizzard, "| ... land's win lev ally," .s\vepl t)>c ! Jiiition flm-ing ihe i%)it ' threatened Priest G-ifas A •esident Enlighlcns Farm Btii'eati Audience On ' lo itnmo-l liilizc (ransi)orl on all fronts,! line. Such a storm had been expected at the end of the recent wave of prayed for it and last night . Reports all over the co'ni- - liy said heavy snows swept by terrific winds were prevalent, and promised to last for days if help tlieiu to ho!d oil the Russian attacks. If the Information available here indicated that the Red army expected a quick showdown at Vlipurl which for centuries has been a military gateway to the west as a result of the Russian mopping up operations against the Gulf of Finland em! of the main Finnish defense—the Mannerheim line. The Russians claimed occupation of Koivisto fortress on the Gulf of Finlan.1 coast which had been the main anchor point at that end of the Finnish line. (At Helsinki a Finnish war com- munique said Hint attacks on the central and Lake Ladoga sectors or the new Finnish defense posi- -.............,,„„ lions had been repulsed in heavy The comii lighting yesterday when 17 to 25 weather may KuEsian planes were shot d Talpale on Lake Ladoga is the eastern anchor of the Mannerheim - — „,,,,„ line and the scene of severe fight- points in Finland. --Two Red army columns have been advancing on A'ilprjri. second' - largest/Unmsa city, In operations that steadily narrowed the Russian salient. They are now reported witir.n four or five miles of the Finnish city. Correspondents with the Red army reported operations which limted lhat they were confident of success 0,1 or before the Red army anniversary Feb. 23. This appealed cue to reported success in clearing finish troopr, Irom the Koivisto University of Arkansas, nnd Dr. W. II. JJorlnchcr. dean of the --- ^ „, College of Agriculture, were the extreme^cold. Finns had hoped ti<d principal speaker.? at the l^rm """' '"' " It Bureau supper meeting held nl the Csceola Community Clubhouse last ntgiit. The meeting, largest nnd most enthusiastic of the farm bii- .... reau meetings in several months, — ... ,....,., „ not i drew nrouiid 2CO members nml agri- we ?., • cultural leaders Irom over the All air activity had been hailed I county. Charles Colcman president already reports said. of ihe Mississippi County Pram Bu- If llns proved to be the normal [ reau, presided. winter fchzzard Finns said il should J Dr. Fullbrlght, former collesic- tie up operations, not only on Ihe ' mate of Mr. Coleman's was intro- nortii and central front but In the ducctl by him ns "former footbull istimius, bogging all transpo: I un- j star, Rhodes .scholar and farmer 11 «er heavy .snow. and prefaced lib address by say- the Finns said there should Ing that he was the only "farmer" oe the thaw which also would; on the faculty. our the blizzard continues "A relatively small part of people realize and appreciate . chnrnclor and quality and high i scholastic KlnmHntr r\f tlio iT.ili.n.. be Masted. The Finns claim it is blasted anyway, because their new lines are holding and despite Moscow announcements to the contrary they claim that both ends of the Mannerheim line are still Intact The coining of blizzard like ~ ..„.-.eather may disrupt the Russians planes were shot down, j strategy for the time being as veil „„ ,„,.„ , . ,. ' as e ,,d lhe daily raids by hundreds of Russian airplanes over m'ar.y apparent plan (o ce!e-! scholastic standing ol the Unlvcr- Reci Army Day, Feb. 23, 'may {t:ity of Arkansas." said the speaker. "" ••'- " ' Enlarging upon this statement, lie pointed out lhal Ihe university Is the only one of the south central state universities ttclonsinj lo Ihe North Central Association, and lhat it ranked tenth out of 1C 1 ) universities and colleges in this association, due to the quality and character of the faculty, library facilities, and the relation of the number on the faculty to the size of the student bcdy. In speaking of the colleges of business, engincer- >Vard Cuff i;t ui i c nt ~"-* .-»Kain .jiuueni MILWAUKEE, Wis. (UPJ-Ward Cuff, place-kicking stir of the Ne.v York football Gla,.:ts and formerly star fullCack on M:irquett-» University's 1934-30 trains, is back on the Marmiette campus studying for a degree. New York Cotton Mar. Mliy July Oct. Dec. Jan. Prev. Open High Low Close C'lo'se 110-1 1105 1071 1079 ItioS 1037 912 974 961 9(52 953 960 1101 1075 1035 911 9 BO 951 1103 1077 1030 971 960 D55 11C-I 1077 CHHIH TIC 1 Of Influenza Drop Missies From 10,000 Feet Apparently Mistaking Ilicir Objective Mis. Rfary Knott, wife of William Knott, died Into last nlnhl «t- niythovflle Hospital of inllu- | fiizn and complications. She en- I'ruck Driver Arrested Al Warren, Ark., I,, Louisiana Killing WAIJUEN, Ark.. l-Vb 21 lUl'l- Iliirold Mimon iim-Kcs. Xl.ycav-old liuck driver confcssi-il to federal nliiliorl(lt. s t<i;tay ( 0 ,.,, m ,,UeHy in (the .slaying of n 'iVxas live s'atn- .miiii who had ( .| V ,. n |,| m and Mrs T»ale ilciny n ride. Mrs. Henry, held in Mike Chiules I."., l)ii:l confessed (o shoolln K to dciilh Joseph i>. Calloway of Houston' nml |)| ( i| ll( . |,| S i; 0{ | y umi(H . „ rice straw stuck ncni- there. She siild liurkr.1 was her accomplice but Burkes denied imi-lk-lpu- llon hi ihe JiMllns ivhwi nries!e,-| lnsl nlnlit. in. .,,,1,1 then Dint lie never had heard of MM, Henry or of Cnllowny, Today, hmvei-er, he nihnitlei) his )iiii-t in ih c crime, Uurkcs wns charge:! In coiniiliilnts sworn out m shrevcpoii with fleeing n slnle lo e.scupe prosecution on murder charges nnd (riiiu|iortini; u stolen iiulomoblle across n .stule line—a Uycr Act violation, She siild llinkes, who she cailiev hntl Identified IK; William Lloyd Adams, had "turned yellow" nnd she had to thoot tho Texas tire salesman who had given them a I'Ulo.. Uurkes iilso was known as Heirs Of 'Kingfish' Are Tossed Overboard In Bitter Election f --- - "i iioiiiiiuition ovfei 1 H younger brother Gov. Karl K. Long Th6 Ilie (.'((iimtlciit ol' election. * The llBhl nine dlcWor.shlp lhat (ruled Louisiana for 12 jears fcl- | owing nueys election ns governor ni 1928 on a promise lo "shaie our wealth", wm, n house divided in the runoff inlmary yesterday It wns a house shaken by seand.ih Jlist have rocked the .sltile s'lnca the reslsjimtioii l ns l June of Gov ! lilclmrd W. Lcche, li-iKTYvo ,,, , I ,™! lcpr " dnl rctllms frt »» 1.519 of hUiroN, Md., Feb. 21. (UI>|_']7IM precincts gave Jones 201,1"! A leu-lilt- explosion was reported vu '<. > '>; tang 240,807. tcdny at the Kiiseu fireworks com-i Uurul voters who unvc Iluev his nciii- here. ! triumph ovci the ' Blast Hits Fireworks Factory . ovei e tttinc fin.,n,t 11.0 llm. (he Uvo ta,||«iin B ,aK«hisl the h'othor who one "" | I,,. ) , . ,. > nt her home. The 23-ycnr-old mother Is survived by her htisbniid; four chll- i!icii, James u., rMI Mue, W. J,, PAJALA, Sweden. Feb. 31 (UP)— I"'"' Shirley Knoll; her mother,' (By telephone to Copenhagen) Rus- '' Mls - Bcl!n St -'° 11 of IZIdgcly, Tcnn.; sian jjlancs today dropped SO ex- " lrcc sl;itcl 's. Mrs. Beatrice Fov/- Ing, medicine and law, he mentioned Kennlt ilnyj-ood. | CnlloMity's b!oo:l slalncil auto was found ncnr a hotel In Aikiidelphia lust Thui-sdny. Mts. Henry from her juli coll In Luke Charles lold officers she nml Burkes had planned (u rob n bank nt Stuttgart but tlmt they cimirell- ed and .she left Him ( 0 VetiU'iv lo •Shrcvqiort, jeinl inllrs nround, It was not hn- '««.' « senatorial Investigating com- medlntely dolriinlncd whether ony: mltlee yet ylcuded In the aura-of of the 160 workers hiul been killed.! Hlle )''-' "lajlo name fot tho Kiib'i- Luter Elision pnilee until they rc-j "Moilil iioinlnntloit. . i« ci-tved u report Hint "sovcral were Jn »iw A. «oe, fonner governor kilted and a ]mi;e mimlwr Injured."-'""I sllll '5 i'enatoi, was the balance General llospllal at lilkton sent 0( l'»wr for Jones. Noe, otic time "tit an emerm-ncy njipejil fur doc- P*' of the Louilnnx klngflsh, broke Icvs. nurses nml nmbnlmiL-cs wlllt "IB heirs lo the Long machlite UiroiiKhnut this areii. uflcr complcllng hh tliiee-inotith Help was dlsjwlchcd from Wll- tci '"i as go\crnor following the j iHlnuton, Del., and oilier dlles, The dealh of Oov, O K. Allen In 193fl. Light Snow Today Is Fourteenth Of Winter Ihc wealthy Momoe oil man ran' thlrtl In the first primary aii'd then delivered his orgnnhatlon to ! Jones In tho mnoff. He slumped the slate In a whirlwind cninualgVi denotinchis Ihe beandal iriddeii machine and organWng a "Jackson briaade" lo watch the polls on election day. . pi- 11 , V7 nr T achieve cullural nml scientific re- I OllCe AlSO Warn Ui- Jin- suits, he pointed out that Arknn- nrnrlinrr T,'«Kf n ," DC Rils ' incom2 last year «'as $30,080,000 pending i Ighlenmg (Jt, more than the previous year nnd ^ "• ^ ' • attributed a large part of this to Ihe fundamental training of her citizens In the arts and sciences. Regarding the financial side of the school, Dr. Fullbright reminded his audience lhat while the University of Oklahoma receives $1,- Traffic Regulation Police Chief Ed Rice today ,.,.- nounced lhat Blythevllle motorisls who fail lo purchase their license tags before March 1 city will believed to have been killed. The church at Pajala was tinm- aged by a bomb and three houses Ki'k \Vifp were,destroyed Taube said Others »'"*» ., , — -- ••-••• — *- Early riser. 1 ! v/crc creeled bv ths afternoon «L Ridgcly, Tcnn. nnte of snmv today which tumcil :iannu Funeral Home Is In clmmc. into rnh, li.lcrinHlcnUy tliroii"lT- out Hie morning mid curly nftcr- . , were set afire and were burning long after the raid. Windows In other houses were shattered by the ; explosions mnvnr onfl II „ , mayor said the Hussaivs Sell, Another Man CONWAY, Ark.. Feb. 21. (UP) — Boyd Bnrhiun, 3S-yenr-old Harri- noon. Tills tnnkc.5 the nth the winter for Blytliet'lllc If today's (lakes, up until i.-jj o'clock, may be termed us such. Pos!s : $I,000 V; Bond At Osceola Pending Oul- ,eOf " To Attfind Funeral Of '" J^iss Juanita Margin Mr, nnd Mn. vv/lllam Miilln, Mr nnd Mis. Frank dicer, fvtr. and ,_.,, „„„.„ ,. „„ Jnok Ilnlhcock, ¥2, , , nl 8 ht chib near Covlnlh. Ml ss ,, who Iniin-irc " ll(! injuiics 1Mrs . Bll( j (e Hml[3 Ml . nml Mrs t°» Dl ' of n Dl »'l<s nnd piobtibly other icl- , v)11 ga ( R| /, T for the tune, a! W Mil* Mon - - ••-... >tl * ,, m .^^ ui vyfvJUIIUlllA ILttrlVCS Oi ~ Se assessed a penalty of $5. Time 500,0'JO from ihe state and Loiilsi- for buying the tags without penalty ana Stale University $2,500,080, Ai- wlll expire at the end of this kansas' university receives 'only month and the clly council will around $500.000. Yel Oklahoma's j ia.:e no further extension, Mr. university operated $5,503.000 "In ' ce '• \ the red" last year, and Arkansas He urge;! lhat all car or truck operated $1.550.000 "in Ilie black," owners who are subject lo the city hc s!>id - T' 10 speaker took no credit f nearly 10.005 ieet. iStockhoini dlspalches 30, and wounded J. Robert Gross' rtcrt and himself. license equip their vehicles . for tiie splendid condition of the the proper licenses before the dead- school but attributed it's standing to his predecessor, the late Dr. J. i City police will also tighlen up '»n''° n I« i-egclalions in ihe J"[titslness district. There will be stricter eiiforcenient of regulations New Orleans Cotton Mar. May July Oct. D3C. Jan, Open High Low 1118 1118 HIT 1088 1031 1088 1047 1049 104G . 978 878 976 962 962 950 . 958 960 958 M. Putt-all. The total enrollment at the Fayettevillc school and medical brand) in Little Rock is 2,800. which If extension students, and against parking in restricted zones £lmlmei ' school students wera added ami adjacent lo fire plugs The >vc " ld *""'"= U <0 4 ' 508 ' witl1 13 wc.-k of providing better n'nrkers !mn Missl -™ 1 PPl county. for these zones is now under way <tat $4^v^^^^ Veteran War Hero With Suez Anzacs a '»' "ad lost their way. lie ex- prcsscd belief the Russians thought Conway lining slallon. officera believed The foreign office instructed the ,. .... „ , Swedish minister to Moscow the ITfan Who Stole Car protest tha bombardment I Caruthersvilh 'Sports' V/irc Servic ocm. n , , ,. , Here Is Indicted \ip\-oTit-- T ' " Dr. Horlacher. in his address, outlined the purposes ami achieve-! 21 - wlre nnd es quickly as all such zones n~« ca " h '' Pronely marked any motor- " lc " L ]. of lt ; c College of Asri:iilturc Close ict tearing a vehicle in the foroM- lj!Cl «<imff the four branch axperi I I Roy i\felvln Kell, who was charged with stealing a car from off the strecls of niylhcvlllc several montlis ago which belonged to Seay Motor Company, was indicted by and the federal grand jury In I.ltlle has Rock Monday. The 2e-ycar r old transient, re- i mi e • ,11 MR de " " C1CI willbc r " ic<t ,689 1088 e or- is said Ille::t 5tations ' controstlnj the for'"• - •. 10-16 97C 9CO 053 nrl race "bookmakers" continue:! indefinitely by » """ court__ restraining order cently released from the San DID Western Quentln, Calif., penitentiary, has been In jail at liarrisburg follow- from ... t ,^n «m M,, HJHAI. n 15 saiti. . f -.-.. a .,,.- iv.- union Cnief Rico exnlninnri ih nt ti „ mcr ' ra of C011 servat!on as "sav-K, .. - • ----. , ^w^,. ,,, j, u , , <t uurrisuurif lonow- steps are neee.X or U proec "' S »"? P™ 8 " 1 ^" «""« »« "road-! «fc™ "''"* *»«a wire »„•!« lo Ing his anest ,i stcclc. where he tion of the inib ic cs »ch v i.i "' n " d " 10 " Cr ? " efi ' l! " 0 '' of usi »» ol' Jc, ipW- Pubhslllns Comliriny '•' n »«^ to have transported the case of fires L the ,££* d £ - ^^^^ ''.S sl]ppllcs ,, po , hls "' ^ C1 111-1 I n fnnitlifi, — ,.nl- » . _ t tricl.. Stock Prices AT&T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth siecl .. 172 90 1-1 30 3-1 78 3.4 85 1-2 Expert on Typography Urges Cheaper Books CAMDEN. !*. J. (OP>_niclwrd « i-^ i w - EIIfs - "Hditon craftsman cx- 4 5-8 I pcrt tj-siograplier. deplored ihe sale !l 1-21°' ™ cks by " 1)clre Poundage" and .hem at a high state of fertility ™' 5 '° Caru hersville. Mo., Fo. inrl proaucivlty,-Norlhcast Arkan-1 ^ , y ' Llltlc Rock - Cnmdci =as is one of the last virgin cm- ^," kani1 nllcl HoL Sl"' !l >8 s - Arl . age an 333-8 '"-Bed I^hshcrs to bring litcra- Cities Service .....] Coca Cola ' General Electric . ' General Motors ..... Hit Harvester ] Montgomery Ward . N Y Central North Am Aviation . Packard Phillips Radio Republic steel „, Socony Vacuum It 1.4 led volumes for $1 25° Btudebaker 121-2* Standard Oil N J ." 44 I Texas Corp 44 5-8 U S Steel 53 am sas is one of the last virgin em-' „,. , .„ ~ — - i:ires of the United States, but I nn<l reli n c sseo points. even here I sa\v evidences of wind' erosion as I drove across the northwestern part of your section today," lie said. Following Uic invocation by the Rev. Lester M. Bicktord. pastor of j the ChriGtlnn clnirsh, several inu- | rical numbers were given by the i negro glee cli;!> under the direction id he belies the aver- com- 24 3-4 I pact, but well-printed volumes lo 3 1-2 large, bulky books. H c also de- 39 1-4 (ciicti the present high prices for 5 5-8 I books and said the public should 21 jhavc the cliance t-o get well prinl- Livestock 'Chicago Wheat open hl^h low close May 1C41-2 1033-3 1011-', 1C5 1-2 July 10'il-2 103 1027-3 103 3-4 Chicctffo Corn July 571-4 571-2 high 573-4 531-8 low close 671-8 673-8 571-2 575-8 EAST ST. LOUtS, HI Feb 21 (UPS-Hogs: 5500-8500 on sale Top 5.55 170-230 Ibs. 5.45-5.55 HO-100 Ibs. 3.50-4.10 Hulk sows 3.90-450 Cattle 3350-2200 on sal- Steers 8.50-9.35 Slaughter steers G.50-11 50 Mixed yearlings, heifers 775-900 Slaughter helters 6.25-1060 Beef cows 5.25-K.25 Cullers & low cullers 3.75-5.03 J. O. Rankli. _. MWVW ,_ county agent for PcmSscoVcounlj- '.v?.s ii visilor. Drive Proceeds Go lo Red Cross Fund ANTI.EH, Sask. IUP1 — Many have been the ways devised by Canadians to raise money for the Canadian Ecd Cross, but the rctt- dctus of Antler made an animal pest pay dividends. More than 151 rabbits were clias- into a specially-butit C orr,i! ty of Burdettc. treasure I men and women who covered an P. Tompl:ins|ln their search for tile bunnies. Ilie . and chair-;. sale of which netted S20 man of ths county Asricultttral ' rtionty will be added to lli Coinmittio; Ha Crawford, nlytlte- Cross money clreau'y oilhci villc. secretary, A. c. O ;ve;s, Lo^t ' Antler residents S.mci Cane, eseiutlvc secretary; J. Joulsj _ -—_—___ Cherry of Blythevillo, chairman of the County Agricultural Committee for the north end of th- conn- 1 ty; W. F. Wilson of Wilson, and ;.. H. Burns of Osceola The Rid c-l l>v r.i 'J of 725 Miles Made To Enlist in Air Cirps MONTGOMERY. Ala. <UP>—Tile No Cushions in Court 'infartry lost a good man v.licn , V y°,, ?," T T R ,' XI<ISS ' (U1 '>-E1- Maxell Field officers sienod up !>rrt ^.M. orwkett, chairman of the J*n CLiyton for the air corps. roim.y 'laylon. 33, from Miami Fla., commissle.nei.s. vetoed a milou that hard benches In iv/-lk«l tho 72.5 mllns to Moiv.gom- ."r,,o C ,?n^ r °« l rj h0 V, ld he padded - 'P' lo c!lllst in thc alr con" t«- cushion, might allow the Jury- t*:ai cchool after being rejected in men to go to sleep," he argued. ' l the Pennys Save Pennies For Penny Newcomer BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP)—The C. T. Pennys of Birmingham fliil have, their penny bank—but It's empty. All last year the Pennys put the pennies left over from (;rocc;ics, basohnc, street car tare and cigarettes In a penny bank. This was all In anticipation of the third Penny whlcli arrived the other day. Her name is Cornelia Ann nnd they paid for the third Penny with the many, mnny pi-n- Hfcs they'd saved dining Ihe past !2 months. Fatal Burning Blamed To Flashlight Light SANTA MARIA, Cnl. (UP) — An ordinary flashlight caused Theodore Moslcllcr, 25. Santa Barbara, lo bt 'wined lo death. Moslcller, driver of a huge lank truck, peered Into Ihe bnk as il I wns IjEin uwlhnhmr ' " ° ' B c fn v | of S.1, tc (i C[ ,lh ' hlch will not jusllce. lays pending ---, received by Mrs. Louise Ilalhcock, 21, estranged wife of one of the men, who was sciloudy Injured when she jumped from a moving cur Saturday near Mrs. Hathcock. who lias a concussion of (hc brain. Interim! Inju- ,lies and severe scalp lacerations, | Is slowly Improving at Illythcvlllc- I Hospital. Stl "* c " »' of- influenza,' 'leveJo,;ed which: led' ' to caui-o lier She told officers that her Ims- band, whom she had left several ! | days nijo. force:! her to accompany : ' ' him In the cir after beating her with n wrench nnd tlml she opened the door and leaped from the rains It sped loivnrd Memphis. Tnc tivo men were npprehendeil nl West Memphis by officers who aircsted them on charges of reckless ririvlng nml concealed weapons 1 and lhc.?e cases were tiled before Ihcy were turned over to Mississippi County officers. Mrs. Hathcock told Sheriff Hale Jackson that she was visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hostess, three miles south of Ulylheville, when her lius- b.Mid (arced her to nccaniijany him. Cnm f^niivr of (he New Zealand A tiny spark shot from the flashlight S'Alich as ho turned il on lo illuminate Ihe inside of the tAiik. An instant later Hie highly combustible fumes ignilcd and the r.x- anrl New Zealand irnnps who recently made an unprecedented £~a voyjifie to Suez, is Mai (Jen ,,, £ , l> ', r <yb.crR. nbnve. In Ihe world Wa', he won the Virloria Cross and other decorations for plosion killed the truck driver Ir.-'i heroism and is colled "the most stanily. — -• • « i-uucu IMV inosi wounded survivor" ol the war. Can You Pay Your Way? That's First Question urrr.E ROCK, i'cb. 21. Gov. Carl E. Bailey today expected the Democratic sluts central committee to name » sub-committee at the March 15 meeting to revise tiie inelhcd of picking delegates lo alien:! the nnlioiwl convention In Chicago in July. Bailey sjid the ability lo pay one's own expenses to and from the conference was one of the prerequisites to becoming n d:ls-gate. Fined For Violation Of Game Statistics MEMPHIS, Tcnn., Feb. 21.—Two prominent Memphis business men ( went lo Wr „„„ Monday and will nccompany the remains to Rlplcy where the family lived for inany years. She Was the daughter of the late" Mr. and Mrs. Ell Martin of that city. 0:; She Is also survived by another slslcr, Mrs. Al Chealham of Shreve- porl, La. Mrs. Ulythe, who Is ;ln San Dlei;o, Calif., for an exlendeU stay, v.'lll not return at this time. Senath Doctor's Stolen :. Car Is Found Wrecked The automobile belonging lo Dr. Dctnpscy of Senath, Mo., which vns stolen (here last night, wa's •ound wrecked early today at Pop- tor Corner on Highway NS between Manila nml Lcachvlile, qounty ottl- .'e-rs announced. Stolen from Its parking placa while the physician wns at a bas- ':ctbiill gnme, the car \vns badly ilnmngcd when found. I have recently jir.ld $25 fines In Mississippi en game law violation charges. It, \vo.s learned today. itiey are teslta Slratlon nnd ' xtii'elh W. Orotll. Stmtton was charged with using . o- • «••••,-, xiiu iiLii.Miiiuui i hcrroived hunting license. Mr. yesterday wsa 40, Lvxora Infant Dies At Noon Tuesda^y The Infant son of Mr. and -Mrs. • Menlell Ashford died noon nt his hoin? near luvorn'o short time nfter birth. The Rev. J. L. Wcolinail, pastor of First Church of the Nazai-ene, conducted rites this morning at Cobb Funeral Home and . burial was made in Sandy Ridge ceriie- Ury. Tho baby was an only child. WEATHER Arkansas — Partly cloud)*, preceded by rnln or snow In northeast portion tonight; Thursday generally fnlr. continued cold. Meniphli nnd vicinity — Partly cloudy and slightly cold?r toilght, 1 ijt temperature 30 to 34; Tiiuri- falr. The - h'era' ~ ~;- ••- « "v....,v iisnuiuiiy was -VJ, nlllllmum t 34, -=... pad his fine nt KctnandO| cloudy. with a trace of suo.v which on n guilty plea to a chargo of continued ialllnsto^y, according f.v! S ? "; csl<lent Citing license to sarauet F. Nonls, oflicialweaker although he wns a non-resldcnt. : , observer.

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