The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1959
Page 21
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if* by ., as guests from j"une 17 to 21 her son and daughter-in4aWs Mr and fc Bitsworth, John, 8, T6nf, ' Dick J^/lWIV "***». a*<? M &"*' , *" AVAJVlliKJ Statl Wflltfefstty thfe past fi,. yearS-ahd if-moving tdf Tempe, Ariz., • tb fccf, assistant insfrttct6r in erfgifielrifig al state college. He is a 1«2; graduate ai high school here. •;? \ " t ^family Hiai his tteiiid hei't.JhJISute-, to ft new location . ore, Bfefty and ; .Thomas Gearty and fattlily Whtf h*av£ Been living in Lbiiisville; Ry. Betty's sister^ pa£ty>'Ha?ig, is also here as she has made' her home with her brothfe^«in-Iaw and sister hhneigbbor -;.-' _ 'fty Clair Blossom FATHfeR'S DAY 21st, is Father's ,hfe death of her parents, Mr and Mrs Joe Hang. A brother David ives here and the visitors also and ••JIT " "" — ~" TIT*"" •^•^*-«** vj '*« KhVClbV .rVB"* $t with <fa RB.l. J and has been ttantferred t6 % Scottsville (i near Ph6enix, Ar!z. Maurice McMahon came from Minneapolis to spend a few days with the visitors. , _ with hi his wife. Mf Geafty is. ~ Thfe has finallf Come , , Day. 0btfi fdrget to show Dad ''' loved and feally a, eeded Voii know best of al how to please man n your life In addition to your ai- .teniiveness, you will want to make him happy on I his special day. Give him a gift that he will really want and enjoy i Help him to have a Happy Father's Day. Help yourself to a share of all the pleasures that these special , occasions can offer. However, don't lose sight of the fact that you /have responsibilities. Insurance is of the utmost importance. * See us today about Hail Insurance on Crops. Blossom Insurance Agency, 109 No. Dodge Street, Algona. Phone CYpress 4-2735. thrdUgh with a tune I could fe- cognize. "Shall We Gather at the River", a grim and morbid thought! * *'.*.'•• Arbs Dee ahd difsoh tayl6r have been here 1 , from Phoenix, Ariz., and were accomrjanied fey Carson's nephew,, Craig Taylor, son of Mr and.Mrs Hal Taylor of S tka, Alaska 5 . Craig, 12, flew to Phoenix from Sitka to a6con> pany them here. Carson has a sister at Nqrd Springs and she has given consent for her son to go back with the Visitors, so the Taylors have acquired two sons for the summer. Their son, Charles, was unable to come witti them. He is in employment that I Would love-dance instructor, and he too loves the .work. Several friends met at the Dr. R. C. Dewels Tuesday evening to have a little visit. As is the trouble With such hurried gatherings, the guest list did not include some who would have been welcome. The Taylors had stopped at Davenport to visit Arb's father and wife, Mr and Mrs Abner Long, and from there were at Nora Springs visiting Carson's parents and other relatives. * * * From Upland, Calif., came a letter from my cousin Melvin Henderson' who said in part, "We will leave this Thursday for Palo Alto and the big graduation services. It will be a great experience for us. As you know, this has been the second dryest season on record and only 8 inches of rain have fallen. Growers are going to have to drigate all winter long." Gayle, the graduate, will receive her AB. degree in Sociology. * * * A letter from Humbbldt had the following item Mrs Adams suggested I send in, for even tho^fh shi now lives - boldt, sh4 fs aft Algtman at it ftM(ta<>trs Olga Adams ' attended funeral servicls fof en Hamilton at Clarksville. Shi was also visited recently bjf Kelson and daughter-in-law, Mr 8nd Mrs Henry C, Helmers of Des Moines. .. .- * f * My Methodist Vim this week mentioned a skating parly held recently and comment was .made 6n several of the participants. I recall mother telling me about a fink Which stood on the present parking lot south of the Algona hotel. It was managed by the grandfather of Zada Brunson, a close friend of mine, Mother and dad loved skating, and so did jROse ^and Tony Anderson. The must have been good for >.';*! Vows At Lotts Creek On June 7 WOMEN KNOW THAT IT COSTS LESS TO PAY BILLS WHEN THEY HAVE A SERVICE CHARGE NO CERTAIN BAtANCE REQUIRE?, OPEN ACCOUNT WITH ANY AMOUNT.. KEEP ONLY ENOUGH IN BANK TO PAY CHE€KS,YOU WRITE. SAN MAJOB yq>uR p, it t. cr DEPOSITS »r •<!' Blake Funeral Homes * \ \* ! ..vs-pi.-;- --i ; ••-,•'. .;' -f- •,vtth»£-\> . i.-i, i i. Jj»*C ? ,*. - //•* 1 *•!,'• J "' "Understanding Service" Homes At LuVERNE WESLEY TITONKA RENWICK 24 Hour , Ambulance Service Oxygen Equipped . ' >. • t *• each Won prizes for skating. Mar- &atet and Wesley Dutlon also loved skating, and were good at it. : * .'• * * If all my wishes were granted as quickly as the one 1 made for pancakes, my life would be one aWeet song. Having made the remark that 1 Was,hungry forborne, Evalyn MoDougall phoned to set a date. It was that very hot day, last Tuesday, but if you could have s6en Velma Hagg, Mabel Htitzell, Elizabeth Post, Evalyn a'nd myself stow away hot cakes, you'd have thought it was a cold mitUwinter morning. » * * .I'd hate io be a judge and have to decide which is lovliest of that bouquet of girls in the Miss Algona contest. Hollywood has nothing on Algona, except movie studios. « * * Mr and Mrs W. A. Hardy and and family are among the earlier vacationers. They have gone to Phoenix, Ariz,, to visit their niece and husband, Mr and Mrs Harold Hester. They plan to go via Denver, Colo., and will visit Los Angeles, Calif., before returning home. * * * I have had some lovely bouquet. 1 regret they don't last forever. From Mrs G. W. Stillman were some of the lovliest"roses I've ever seen. The Raneys (Glen arid Ruth) have brought mixed b o uq u e t s and Velma Hagg brought pink peonies. Gene McAttee sent over peonies from my own. home, bless her, and the bearer were her daughter, Susan and the Ted Chrischilles daughters, Kathy and Julie. Interesting young ladies full of summer glans. The • Chrischilles sisters said their parents were in Chicago and they were,not allowed to go to .the pool till their return. A sensible plan which didn't Seem to disturb the girls in the least. Susan is full of plans to Visit relatives in Sioux City and Kansas. * ...- * * Someday I am going to take up this question with "Grace" whom I consider an .authority, on domestic aspects.; Why are there so many stories : about the woman who turns from a dove into a ilamingo to keep the husband in line and win him back from the fascinating huzzie? Why not from the angle that friend husband do a little perking up to hold the love of his worthy i'rau? . * * * Ann Clark celebrated her twentieth wedding anniversary in a rather unusual way—no husband at home, so she had Mrs Leota Halpin and Mrs Golda Guderian as dinner guests Thursday evening, June 11. Husband Homer works near St. Anthony and was home for the weekend at which time the anniversary was observed en family. Sons John and Tim contributed to the festivities by secretly purchasing chocolate cake mix and frosting and actually making it themselves and presenting it as "wedding cake." "And a good ope it was too", Ann says. . . * * * ' This is no invitation for a fire, not even for a demonstration of how the apparatus works, but the sprinkler system here is all but completed at this writing (Fri- day) " . * . * * Mrs Marie Shackelford writes from Van Nuys, Calif., that she received a Marsgram from her daughter and family, Mrs Charles Hastings (Eva) from Japan where M/Sgt. Hastings is stationed with the air force. It was picked up by a "ham" radio operator in Van Nuys and relayed to the National Guard headquarters who phoned R. E,; Errington (Elzada Shackelford). The message wished Mrs Marie Shackelfovd a very happy birthday (June 4), The message' was received June 3. The Hastings family will return to the States in mid-August after three years of duty in Japan. Too bad .fqlks" don't show as much patience all the time as they do when waiting for fish to bite.—HiUsboro (Ore.) Argus. Only Kraft gives you Macaroni'n Judy Simmons Dale Kern Thursday, Jons 18, 1959 Af&ona (la.) UpfS«sf till afl early long-timfc resident of LuVerne and a brother-iivtlrW ot Max Law, Mrs Clara Wolf and Mrs Edward Hnmus. Whittemore The altar of* Immantiel Lutheran church in Lotts Creek was adorned with white mums and pink carnations Sunday, June 7, at 8 p.m. when Jean Kuecker, daughter of Mrs Ida Kuecker of Whittemore, became the bride of Donald D. Gerdis, son of Mr and Mrs Elmer Gerdis of Titonka. Rev. Martin Peters officiated at the double ring ceremony. Mrs Kerm'it Kuecker of West Bend played the, wedding march at the processional and recessional and accompanied Mrs Wayne Dunn who sang. Escorted to the altar by her brother, the attractive bride wore a gown of white, floor length with Scoop neckline and modified torso bodice, very full skirt in Redingote style of Schiffi embroidered tulle with scallop edge over a full, ruffled tulle skirt witih underskirt of taffeta. Her fingertip veil of imported English Bridal illusion was held in place by a scallop crown of pearls. 'She carried a bouquet of pink roses Her jewelry was a pair of pear' earrings a gift from the bridegroom. Mrs Dick Kuecker of Algona sister-in-law was the matron of honor. Mrs Harold Bjuslrom, a friend of the bride of Whitlemore, was bridesmaid. Kent Hoane of Titonka served as best man, and Dick Gerdit was the groomsman. Ushers were Arnold Gcrdis of Algona and Dick Kuecker of Algona. A reception was held in the church parlors for 150 guests. The bride's table was adorned with a three tiered wedding cake trimmed in the bride's chosen colors of pink and white. Tables waitresses were Gene and Dora Patton, Delores Eisenbarlh and Marvel Danson. Mrs Harlan Balgeman of Lyle Minn, and Mrs J. B. Fair of Escondido, Calif, poured. Mrs Paul Gerdis, Woden, and Mrs Anna Gerdis, Algona, cut the cake. Mrs Larry Johnson of Algona presided at the punch bowl. The bride attended the Immanuel Lutheran school in Lotts Crook and graduated with the class of 1957 from Algona hiqh school and is employed by the Druggists' Mutual Insurance Co. in Algona. The bridegroom graduated from Titonka' high school in 1954 and is employed in Titonka. Nordseth Home Sold A.S announced recently, Mr and Mrs Joe Nordseth sold their new home in Whittemore to Mrs Leroy Farrell. Mrs Farrell has lived in the Co-Op "Elevator louse. Her husband who had jcen employed with the firm for .he past 16 years, died last month and she had rented an apartment n the Frank Piekarski apart- ftfcnls. Mr and Mrs Nordseth Came here four years ago from South Dakota and purchased the Whiltemore Champion which Mr Nordseth operated until last year when he sold out to Leo Nurre of Bancroft. Shortly after they arrived here they built this new home, which is just north of Wed Recently Judy Alice Simmons, Cedar Falls, became the bride of Dnl<* Duane Kern, Algonn. In ft ceremony June 13, 'Rev. Myron If.. Brower ofTicinted in First PreS- -bytcrinn church here. The bride is a daughter of 'Mr and .Mrs Lester Simmons, former residents now of Cedar Falls, while the oridegroom is a sun of Mr and Mrs 'ivielvin Kern of Algona. u.'u Hose Erlckson, Ankony, was maid of honor. Bridesmaids were Loin Simmons, Cedar Falls, and Carole SchalTer, DCS 'Monies. Flower girls were CoUwn King and Khns Kern. Steve Kern was ring bearer. Dtihner Kern, Algona, tierved his brother as best man. Marl in Kern was groomsman and ushers were Alvin Lundli and 'Hobort £homp.xon, both of Ames. The bride wore a floor length gown of Chanlilly lace and lulu The boiilTanl skirt of tulle ovei &atin was richly applitjued will' medallions of lace, hie pointct fitted bodice of delicate' Chan, tilly lace had a scalloped Sabrlnn ! neckline outlined with medal- Lions trimmed with irridescen sequins and the pointed sleeves, were lon^. Her fingertip Illusion veil was attached to a crown .of pearls and brilliants. She wore pearl earrings and currk'^l n white on-hid arranged on H white Bible. Immediately fpllowin;' Ihr ceremony, a reception lor 200 Teacher Dies Word- has birtfn received of the d£nth of Martin 'Lindorfer of Rock Island, 111. Mr Undorfrr was a former teacher at the parochial school of the %'ion Kv. Lutheran •church here many years ngo and •will be rernembe-t ed here by older residents of the community. He is survived by ; his wife, the former Dora Rnmni. daughter of the Inlc Mr and Mrs Dave Ramm, early pioneer rfc;«- dents of LiiVerm\ nlso Severn! children. .Mr and Mrs Wilder Kockwoin ificl as guest Saturday, Mra Thomas Noll of Ft. Laiiderdale, Fla. Mrs Nfttt. the former D«r Conaway was the daughter Kerry BJerma, Mr Traugef of Sslina, K&«t, "left Sunday for theif annual ^ca- tion. They wJlf ga to Ifegina, S&sk., Canada to vistt Harold'* aunts, Mrs 'Myrtle Norton and her daughter, -Mr and Mrs Don Caldcr. They theft will enjoy a complete eamphtg excursion as they visit Banff, Lake Louise, Jaspar Park. one of her daughter's, Mrs E Elbert. Mr and Mrs Nordseth will move to Emery, South Dakota, where Mr Nordseth bought a home and print shop, the same shop he formerly . owned and of Mrs Pearl Conaway. Mr mid 'Mrs Harold Trnugcr David, Dean and Darvl and their Give tHE NEW oreico SPEBDSHAVEP with rotary' blades guests was held parlors. Alice m the chuirh Palton, Des Monies, registered the guests and Judy Severson and Mrs Alberto Buckingham, both of Des 'Momcfi cut the cake. Susie Uitssurl, Cedar Falls, poured and Janet. SeutJham and Opal Kern wcro in charge of the gifts. The bride is a graduate of Algona high school and has been employed in Des Moines. The bridegroom is a graduate of Algona high school and served four years in the U. S. Air Force, lie was graduated from Iowa Stale college earlier this month with a degree un engineering. The couple will live at Po- etii\J\j j it; L\JI iiii:LjY<uwiit-.ll UllU s~ii'f> t it operated. They expect to leave mona ' c . ! ! lf ;- ' whm - , thc % .*' , ' rtt t f\t'\vv\ ii» 111 ./•] r» tt/ic<rir«*»riU »it Whit'temore the latter part of this month. groom will do research work for Convair. iMr and Mrs Edmund O'Brien arid family, Mr'and Mrs Earl Elbert and daughter, Barbara, Mr and Mrs R. J. Vaughn, Mr and Mrs Leo Walters, Mr , and 1 Mrs • J.'l3.""Geelan,.Mr and Mrs GeOrgte J. Elbert, Mr and Mrs Herman Zumach, Mrs Kathleen Duffy, Miss Theresa Duffy, Mrs Annn Buscherfield, Mrs Martin Duffy, Marcella and Loretta Fandel, Mra Cap Carper, Mrs Marie Hogan and daughter, Mary Rae and Mrs George, Schuller attended the Slagle - Crovvhfy wedding in Emmet&burg last week Saturday morning and reception at the Country Club. A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs William Struccker in Sk Ann at Algona, Thursday morning. They now have a family of four girls and a boy. Former LuVerne Man Suffers Fractured Hip LuVerne — Word has been received thai Charles Hamlow, 159 Fort Dodge, recently fell in a lursing home and was taken by mibulance to Iowa City foi .reatment of a broken hip. He in Cheese Fedorcrt l?epo?ifr Instance Corporation Algona, Iowa Notre Dame Grad Noire Dame, Ind. — Donald H. Cunning, R. R. No. 1, Algona, Iowa, received a Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Notre Dame's 114th annual commencement exercises in the stadium hero June 7th. Chairman John A. McCone of IhQ U. S. Atomic Energy Commission delivered the principal fddress at the ceremonies. Rev. Theodore M. Hcsburgh, C.S.C., Notre Dame president, conferred graduate, professional and undergraduate degrees on approximately 1,300 students. P®rf!csnd News Mr and Mrs Fred Jennings of Titonka called al the Bernard and Charles Phelps home Sunday evening. Strokes off whiskers smooth as silk can't nick, pinch, puHl Here's the y/pnderfu! Norelco difference: Beneath rigid skin-guards; 12 razor*! keen rotary blades whirr round in one continuous sweep of power. Norelco needs no setting, automata cally adjusts to any beard. Introduce Dad to the future of shaving. Give him the new Norelco Speedshaver, AC/DC. With travel case. $24.95, To clean, push a button: exclusive flip-top head springs open to empty out "whisker- dust." See the new Norelco Speedshaver on the Huntley-Brlnkley News - NBC -TV. America's biggest little delivery truck! INTERNATIONAL METRO-MITE® is only 13 ft overall, yet carries 200 cu. ft. or 1,000 Ib. loads... gives you more loadspace for the money than anything on wheels I Walk^n, walk-through design speeds load handling, makes every inch of load area accessible. Even further economies: high gasoline mileage, low oil consumption from a power-packed 4-cylinder engine, next-to-no body maintenance, high resale value! fYou'Il Enjoy Your StayMuch More in Minneapolis at the NEW >f pn Kraft pinner foj tender tnaparoni that's crca'AV with goWW tfieew goodness. Hay? &.<qi h$»i (or speedy fenool lunches and lmrry-yp m sating any timel ,A SERVING Modern at tomorrow— New Hotel Maryland offers everything for your comfort. Minutes from shops, theaters, auditorium and point* «f interest. .. ... Enjoy dining in Maryland's Orleans Room ano Cyprow Boom. , Come to the New H&d Maryland •*~uhere Southern hotpitality mooed\norw, Writ9,y>in or phone far rwwwfcon. V«ry Popular Rate*. AIR • FREE TELEVISION CONDITIONED MARKING FOR GUESTS 3Q9 SFAIUUJNG Till &ATW Low price tag I 1,000 Ib. loads! Easy handling, parking! Hlgh-ecpnomy J power! ! UwupKeepl ALGONA Phone CY £3501 - AU3QNA<I

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