The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1959
Page 20
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f 1C fe' j, l'% In -f •J-- t 6-Algena (let.) Upper D«« Moines thuriday, June 18, 1959 '^ < ff'i(W'^''t^ < ^| l< Np^'iP^Np| r ^'<|(( NOTES OF SERVICE ¥'•-'- MEN 76 County Farmers Join Conservation Plan In '59 (AHTNC) — Army Pfc Elton L. Head, shown here, son of Mr and Mrs Elton J. Head, Lakpla, Iowa, recently completed the field radio repair course at The Southeastern Signal School, Fort Gordon. Ga. During the 25-week course Head was trained to maintain and repair many types of complex radio transmitters^ and receivers used by the Signal Corps for field communications. The 18-year-old . soldier entered the Army in September 1958 and completed basic combat training nt Fort Carson, Colo. He is a 1958 graduate of Lakota high school. mij ....rt__ rill FORT LEONARD WOOD, MO. — Army Pvt. Keith F.^Bollinger, son of Mr and Mrs Allan Boiling- Many Kossuth county farmers are taking advantage of the federal government's program to help them conserve the soil and water resources of their land, it \v«vs reported this week by Richard I. Anderson, chairman of the county ASC commit toe. Ho staled that needed soil and water conservation practices were established on b % 7 farms of the coun- fc iy in 1958 according to the recently completed summary of la.«t year's accomplishments under the Agricultural Conservation Program (ACP) which is administered by the county ASC office. Chairman Anderson added that so far in 15)59 a total of 76 requests havi-' been received from Kossuth county farmers to pnr- ticipate in the program for this year. Since funds are available to handle more requests, he urged all farmers having a soil or water conservation problem to call al the ASC office in Algona to get complete information. Under the A.CP plan, the government shares with the farmer the cost of establishing needed farm conservation practices. Practices offered in Kossulh County include tile drainage, construction of permanent open ,fnrm drainage ditches on cropland, lime, contouring, sod waterways, wells and ponds. In addition 15 other practices are offered in this county. Chairman Anderson emphasized ihat one requirement to qualify for cost-sharing is that a request to participate ... in tho program must be filed in tho county ASC office before work is started on the proposed practice. Cost-shares earned by Kossuth county farmers for carrying out ACP 'practices in 1958 totaled $28,576.44. Since? the cost-shares paid by the government:.ayeraga about 50 percent of the entire cost, the total cost of ACP practices established in the county in 17 Kossuth 4-H Boys To Ames Short Course Seventeen 4-H boys and a lead er from Kossuth will attend the 1959 Iowa Boys' 4-H Short Course, June 16-18, at Iowa Stale College, according to Robert C. Johnson, assistant county extension director. Delegates registered for the annual state meeting are: Roger Cherland, Lone Rock; Darre! Berkland, Fenton; Larry Traub West Bend; Kenneth Kloeke Ledyard; Joe Kollasch, Ban- craft; David Winter iLakota; Charles BierSledt, Wfiittfettrore; Gaylen Wdtzel, LuVemej Donald Madsen, Burt; Jack Trofvkhill, Burt; To«^ MulHnS, Richard MeGtiire, Bode CJeilerrfeld, Fentonj Curtfe «an- soh, Swea City; Tom Henfy, Alt § ma; George Curmirfgham; -Bill esch, whittcmbre and 'firvin Borchardt, JFehton, leader, Highlights of the 1958 t>rd|ram, include the annual election' of state officers, and bresentBifoft <§£ State 4-H Alumna Awards and the L. A. flager award for the outstanding for 195&. 4-H club member FIRST . Eighty six year old W. P. Stuart of Gfinnell, recently had his hair cut in a barbar shop for the first time in his life. His barber, Jack Clifford, age 75, has been a Mrber since 1903. MUSHROOM R. G. Fleming of near Montezuma recently found a giant size mushroom dn his farm. The mushroom was 13 and a half inches long. Supplies -........._..... Hobsrton C600- £!«*« Cc»l — Taytor Impf. C*.. Paff* —... PAYROLL FUND Dean 6, Par'rott, Court Re-. portefi —^..».......... Dean 6. ParfotJ, Court R«- joarin MeSrfcte, Aatsh Sheriff Helen A. Lafna Aislstt Relief office . ---- „--- ......... fern V. Miller, Court Reporter BurnacSenc O'Pheim, Labor — Ella D»u Pertl, Ubor _^.^». L. C. Rovn, Probafton Deputy R. K, Beck, Probaftoh Officer H. Rode, M&etmg* & Jens M. Sortrrttn, Meetings & Mileage A. M, Koliaich, Meetings & Mileage .„»....*_...... Charles Plathe, Meeting! & Mileage .. ^. Charles H, Newel, Meetings & Mileage * Clarence E. Priebe, Weed Commissioner H. M. Smith, Engineer —.__ John 0. Fraier, Assis't Engineer Hazel Anllker, Assists Engineer Robert Hardy, Rodman •'-.:.,-..John M. Kenefick, Rodman _*i Dick Baade, Labor _*_....,.....__ Raymond Baade,- Labor ^^.^.. Harold E, Blanehard, Labor __ 199 JO 160.00 99.99 120.00 88.49 111.30 246,95 70.80 92.00 95.47 93.11 447.21 443.4? 400.44 331.Od 57.72 590.20 428.99 195.85 168.85 218.99 256.64 242.99 263.09 nawiu t.t DianwiiaiUf < uauur _.. iOJ.Vr Ed Blartchard, Labor -.+..L-+ 246.64 BOARD PROCEEDINGS NINTH DAY , MAY 1, 1959 REGULAR APRIL SESSION 19S* The Board of Supervisors met pvlr- sunnt to ndjournment. Those present were A. M. Kollnscli, Chairman, and Charles Newel, Charles Plathe, Jens Sorensen, and John Rode. Absent: none Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by John Rode that 1st Quarter 195!) Report of C.H. Ostwlnkle, J. P.. be approved. Ayes; all Nays: none Motion carried. ' Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by John Rode that taxes on property of. Mnry J. Stelnman, N'/a lots 7-8 Blk. 87 O. P. to Algono, be uspendcd. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion arrled. Motion by Charles Plathe and se- ondcd by Jens Sorensen that taxes on property of Lena Stauffncher, S 2/3 of ,ot,-4 Blk. 4i to Zoelle's 1st Add to LuVerne, be suspended. Ayes: oil Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by John Rode and seconded >y Jens Sorensen ^that refund In er, Route 2, Fenton, completed -the light-vehicle driver and mechanic, course May 28 at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Bellinger entered the Army in January 1959 and completed basic combat training ,at Fort Mliley, Kan. The 19-year-old soldier was ' graduated from Sentral High School in 1958. ' ... _ ' c •—6— Li. (JG) John U. Canning. USN. the son of Mrs Margaret Erpelding, Algona, has graduated Irpm the Indonesian language department of the US Army Language School in Monterey, California. Trained under the Army's intensive program' for overcoming a critical shortage of skilled linguists,. Lieutenant Canning is now well prepared to act as an interpreter or as a translator, able to converse freely in Indonesian, as well' as to read and write the language. 1958 was approximately $57,153.28. Local Legion Post Carnival Here June 23 A carnival, sponso'red by the Algona American Legion, will open a five day stand at the fairgrounds here Tuesday, June 23. The Sunset Amusement Co., featuring 20 rides and other midway attractions, has been signed fo,r the -carnival, according to Ken \Parrish, general chairman of the event. Special prices on rides for children will be offered the final afternoon, Saturday, June 27. A bicycle will also be given away that day. The Legion's share of proceeds from ithe carnival will be usec for several projects, according to officers of the local post. Young Hi Nine Bowsjfot Algona high .school's young baseball team was blanked without a hit. for the second lime in the summer season as Eagle "Grove pasted the, locals, 10-0, in live innings at Eagle Grove, Friday night. . ... . Despite the fact Algona ,'failec to get a hit, the contest was close until the Eagles came up with a six-run rally in the home hall of the fifth. The winners who led 4-0 until then, thus ended the game due to the 10-run rule. Five in the -Algeria lineup will be freshmen next fall, • Eagle Gi'ove picked up a pair of runs in the bottom of the first inning on two hits and- an-Algona error. A pair of bingles and an error let in one run and made it 3-0 in the second and another counter, pushed home with,only one hit, ran the count to 4-0 in the thh-d. 'Mike Wickliff and Tom' Waller worked on the hiD for Algona. They issued a total of four walks while striking out four. Eagle Grove came up with 10 hits during the fray. Thurmond hurled all the way for the Eagles. CLASP ENVELOPES, ALL SIZES at Upper Des Moinoa imount father. l of '. Jr. $44.25 be allowed William for ditch exemption that court costs ...... . i._ 83.00 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Mental Health Institute, care & keep i... 23,257.41 Mental Health Institute, care & keep Fletcher & McLennan, collection'fees , DRAINAGE FUND Shumway, Kelly, & Frlstedt, Dr. 4 Advance Pub. Co., Dr. 4 H. B. Geerdes, Dr. 7 Ada ErickBon, ,-Dr. 20 .*—*. Shumway, Kelly. & Frlstedt, Dr. 00 74,76 100.00 Upper Des Mpines Pup. Co., Dr. HO — G. D. Hart, Dr. 90 E. J. Seeney, Dr. 90 Buffalo Center Tribune, Dr. 90 G. D. Hart, Dr. 177 Onthank Construction, Dr. 46-3 Secondary Rd. Fund, Dr. \VK 35-89 was, missed.. Ayes: all Nays: none Mo ion carried. •• Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Plathe that refund in imount of $19.37 be allowed Fred E Wunyer on cattle thaj- were assesec twice. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. '-.-.•' Motion by John Rode and seconded by Charles Plathe that bond be approved and Class "B" Beer Permit'be issued to O. E. Fischer of St. Benedict. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by John Rode tlint reftmd be mode to C. H. Ostwlnkle for overpayment on fines In the amount of $5,60. Ayes: all Nays: none,Motion carried. Motion by Jens Sorensen and seconded by Charles Plathe that warrant be issued to Clarence Gillette for un- clnlmcd fees paid into the county treasurer in October 21, 1955 by the Clerk of Dlst, Court In the amount of $276.97. Ayes: all Nays: none Motion carried. , DISALLOWED BILLS ' Algona Municipal Utilities, '>• utilities : G.01 ' It xvas motioned that payment of claims allowed at'this meeting of the persons listed immediately following -be ratified, allowed, and confirmed. LIBRARY FUND V.v I. ;S. E. A. Library Service, books- Palo Alto Co. Dr. TRI 84, Dr. TRI 84 — Emmet County Dr. E.P.A.K. No. 1, Dr. TRI 84 _ Paul N. Loomis, Dr. TRI 84 __ Shumway, Kelly, & Frlstedt, Dr. TRI 84 SOLDIER'S RELIEF FUND Milo Durant, Rent 27.50 11.67 12.38 12.20 37.50 14.50 58.68 6.60 1.82 41.80 27.94 8.73 157.88 300.76 138,00 12.50 50.00 379.00 6.19 5.2S 12.71 16.00 muu uuimn, rvKiu .......... Ray's Jack Sprat, Food -uverne Pharmacy, Medicine _ Honsbruch Drug, M«)dicine .. Iowa Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. Serv. Batch's D-X Station, Fuel ... D-X Sorv. Station, Fuel 16.90 Droessler's Market, Food 83.06 Mid-West Serv. Co., Fuel 8.45 T. J. Egan, M. D., Med.-'Care - 18.00 Camp & Enggas, Medical ._ 150.00 St. Ann Hospital, Medical ... 115,30 A. J. Eason, Medical 115.00 Mrs. Wm. C. Funk, Rent ... 24.50 John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical - 18.00 J. C. Penney Co., Clothing .. 13.30 POOR FUND Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll ._ 1,156.00 Lowell Neal, Food - 32.00 John Eller, Labor • 100.00 State of Iowa, Aid to Depend. ent Children 1,560;19 State of Iowa, Aid to Blind ' > , -Fund _ . 187.84 Stare of Iowa, Emergency Relief ). W. Burnett, Labor Lyle G. Baas, Labor -~ E. M. Downs, Labor *_ Howard 0.- Esser, Labor Maurice Elschen, Labor .. . John Eller Jr., Labor -....^_. Earl Eller, Labor ; • Albert Granzow, Labor & Mileage .>...'..« . Mel B. Griffin, Labor & Mileage Arnold Hainilnger, Labor .... Dale- Helmefs, Labor :. Clifford Holmes, Labor L. A. Hackbarth, Labor & Mileage ''. ., Lloyd Sehaller, Labor i C. E. Zaugg, Labor ._ Arthur R. Winkel, Labor James Walker, Labor — Erich Willrett, Labor. -.--— Orvtlle Welland, Labor _ George Werlnga, Labor John J. Von Bank, Labor Charles Thompson; Labor .. James Willis Schultz, Labor -.. Lem Sfockwell, Xabor . John Schueter Jr., Labor Edward. Rlcke, Labor E. C. Ohm, Labor Herbert C. NeHis, Labor ' Urban Neuroth; Labor — Garry McDonald, Labor Ralph Markla, Labor Doelf Miller, Labor _^:_ Ben G. Metzger, Labor Anton Kardoes, Labor ._ A. J. Kollasch. Labor George W. Kockler, Labor Henry Zweifel, Labor •._ . Ferdinand Meyer, Labor *. W. A. Hedrlck, Labor Clarence Hentges, Labor Don Halnzlhger, Labor Alvin Ewing, Labor J Frank Deim, Labor .'..' Noble L. Crouch, Labor Fern V. Miller, Labor COUNTY FUND Post Office, Postage $ North Central Pub. Serv. Co., Gas . _. Algona Mun. Util., Utilities __ Algona Mun. Util., Utilities Payroll Fund,- County Payroll Serv, fclrnorfe fel*. Co., Concrete Products, f»arts & ' 51.12 ' Tteain* peek, .Ufe .. 4 _ «*.., «u{ht»6f-way _ .» 144.0$ Rock Island Lbr. Co., SuppJ le« 7.12 ~ " - -•••«•-• 165.79 168.00 108.00 66.00 10,87 44.48 354,00 29.70 84.00 84.00 5.00 49.00 Quick Supply Co., Supplies; „_ Katherfne Oltphant, Right-of.. Way .*...—. ._*-.,—..— Senry Wlrtjes, Rtght-of-Way Ernest 3. Gales, Hfght-of*Way West lolwa Tel, Co., Tel. S*firv; W, C. Brdwti Co., supplies ,— P. O. Dofnweilcr, Blgntioi- Way ..»„— Estherville Scrap Iron & Metal Co., Sapplles ..i...u—.— Gilbert Hargreaves, Way .j__J.i._£..-. Elsfe Lee"8oodwlnT Way ...i. ........ .*-.. Iowa Pub. Serv;, Elec. Sero. . East End Foundry Inc., Grartes Ready Mi* Concrete & Lttm OoplerttcfLtlbrtcaftis" Cd., Oil 128.93 Mobarton Coop'. Elev. Co., StlRU"^-"—-trrf-rr-"^ 61 ^ 8 amjjjtivi* , ^^fc-^..--.*^-^-—--*--^^. JukehartiHuftheB JPraetor & Supply Equip. CO.. Supplies Fort Dodge Machine & Co seed Hdwe Supplies .~~ Herman MJ Brown Co., Meter- 242.45 246.68 255.78 272.00 215,07 207.55 220.67 322.07 57.97 256.78 242.99 252.99 54.85 f 177.12 311:41 225.63 276.88 282,28 282.28 272.91 233.40 237.12 270.44 275.74 285.60 275.98 246.64 276.88 275.98 275.98 265.88 266.78 263.09 263.0"9 293.49 255.78 265.88 246.68 256.78 260.99 276.88 .246.68 242.71 256.78 77.58 200.00 57.60 159,80 13,00 6,335.79 ber, Supplies .* , <JL~_ 122.48 Auto Parts & Exchange Co., Supplies —. L—.--'...—— 23.44 Bee Line Serv,, Parts 36,30 Lone Rock Co6p. Tel. Co., Tel. Serv.' ... 1— 16.35 Donald Mitchell, Repairs 23.00 Sioux City Iron Co., Supplies . 27.74 Reading Chemical Co.,, Sfip plies ... .i—i—;._. Robert Deal, Chains Bradley Bros., Parts 13.38 46.15 2.74 Robert E. & Cecille J. Porter, Right-of-Way _~ 484.0C London G. Middleton, et al, i Right-of-Way ——_-—.—- 28d.OI Don's Serv. Co., Repairs • l.OC Kent Motor Co., Parts ^..^U- 410.38 Greenberg Auto Supply, 9up^ -•..„;, . , plies————- ....U-..' 241.37 James H. Merryrnart, LaJbor, Equip., Management , 1,994.50 Gambles, Supplies .——-1—- 3.B9 Martha Goodwin Brink, Right- of-Way ...-.JiJ-.i-.-i— 84.00 Algona Pita. & Htg. Co., .Repairs 4,50 Algona Impl. Co., Parts 4.68 Arnold Motor Supply, Supplies 12.72 Algona Machine'Shop, Repairs 17.60 Titonka Tel. Co., Tel. Ser.v. .. 5.85 Loren S. Hans, Fuel ...J 27.12 Algona Mun, Util.-, Utilities ;. • 20;63 North Central Pu'o. ServJ Co., Gas . -—-—< Kohlhaas Hdwe., Supplies Cook's Welders Supply, Oxygen & Acetylene Allen Equip. Co., Parts 139.87 25.55 276.07 87.30 172.42 11.10 1.39 48.3: 59.71 14.50 38.40 2.41 8.00 3.12 ', .64.2! 3.39 L 1.74 I. S. E. A. Library Scry., 'books ; '— Maplewood Bookbindery, library - 148.12 Follett Publishing Co, books 64.79 A. C. McClurg & Co., books „ 193.69 ROAD CLEARING FUND Payroll Fund, road clearing payroll 2,502,50 ASSESSOR FUND L. J. Immerfall, Box score — Algona: AB R H T. Waller 2 ""o 0 Klein 2 0 0 Wetzel 2 0 0 Miller 1 0 0 Ellefson 2 "" 0 0 Sires _ 1 0 0 Peer 1 0 0 Oberwetter _• 0 0 0 Richardson 1 0 0 Pratt 1 ' 0 0 Wittkopf 0 0 0 Wickliff _..! 0 0 14 0 A Terrific Printing Buy! The Basic Office Stationery Kit ONLY $7.75 POSTPAID meals & mileage ^ Payroll Fund, assessor, payroll Hatfield Duplicating Co., supplies Klipto Loose'Leaf Co., supplies Hutzell's, supplies 34.16 1,425.00 8.77 10.88 2.45 • 19.80 33.20 T. B. FOND Dr. A. J. Cotton, inspection — • Dv. Edmund J. Capesius, inspection BANG'S DISEASE FUND Dr. J. J. Cacil, inspection 13.00 Dr. R. J. Dundas, inspection 13.50 Dr. T. M. Rossing, inspection 20.50 Dr. E. J. Capesius, inspection 8.00 Dr. P. C. Geilenfeldt, inspection 17.00 Dr. A. W. R. Llohter, inspection 47.50 Dr. R. E. Weber, inspection „ 33.00 Dr. John E. Urcn, inspection 13.50 Dr. J. P. Johns, Jr., inspection 13.50 Dr. Leo N. Slil'e, inspection 15.00 Dr. D. L. Fritz, inspection 6.00 Dr. E. J. Capesius, inspection 11.00 Dr. P. C. Geilenfeldt, inspection 33.50 Dr. D. J. Shey, inspection .. 75.00 Dr. A. J. Gotten, inspection .. 46.00 Randall S. Clark, Indemnity 25.00 Don, Koppen, indemnity 50.00 F. F. Mueller & Son, Everett, indemnity , 12.50 FAIRGROUND FUND Kossuth Co. Agr. Assn., ' partial apportionment 4,000.00 CONTAINS: 250 - 8 Y2 x 11 - 20 Lb, Bond Letterheads, 250 Heavy weight No, 10 (Large) Envelopes including printed copy up to 4 lines on both letterheads and envelopes, QUALITY PRINTING FOR LESS Upper Des Moines COURT FUND Payroll Fund, court payroll — Alphonse Berte, jury fees — M. R. Duffy, jury fees Leota Goigel, jury fees Ray Hertzke. jury fees Harold Jones, jury fees Helen Mulllns, jury fees Grace Phillips, Jury fees Joseph Krieps, jury fees Howard Seely. jury fees A. A. Schipull, jury fees C. L Young, jury fees Pearl Asa, jury fees Wm. H. Boettcher. jury fees .. Wary E. Cole, jury fees Ann Bormann, jury fees Noina Buchanan, jury fees ,_ Vilfrcd Becker, jury fees ^loyd Claybough, jury fees -Jon Clark, jury fees lita Derner, jury fees "ohn Ecklund, jury fees <ucy Ferstl, jury fees ;imer Glawe, jury fees yOis Groen, jury fees rtargery Goetz, Jury fees j. E. Hovey, jury fees Jmma Hutchinson, jury fees Jordon Hilbert, jury fees — Wm. Huisman, jury fees 3ennis Hellman. jury fees Uvin Hardcopf, jury fees _„ rlarry Hargreaves. jury fees — Raymond Hirner, jury fees - Sllis Jongberg, jury fees Lucille Montgomery, jury fees Willard Menz, jury fees Zelda McGuire, jury fees E. J. O'Dell, jury fees Mary Elizabeth Powers, jury fees Gus Potthof, jury fees Elmer Krause, jury fees Merle Kauffman, jury fees — Alvin Klein, jury fees Wm. Runchey, jury fees Eunice Ricke, jury fees George Rippentrop, Jury fees Elmer Swanson, jury fees _. G. B. Sonnenberg.'jury fees ., Fern Smith, jury Uees —„„ Dolores Schflakenpferg, jury fees ...,.. rr ...,. r ,,,.,,, Esther Smith.. j\jry fees T .,, Louis Wehrspan, Jury f«s ,. 045.83 8.40 17.36 14.56 22.68 21.B4 1630 .16.52 Caroline Weydert, jury '&& .* Chester Wllley, jury lees ,.., Valeria WUUoijns, Jury fees „ Chrome C^fe, mestls „Hotel meals _. Clerk oJE |>islripj, Court, 10.08 9.10 5.10 19.80 15.30 52.00 10.20 6.40 49.80 6.00 46.40 39.00 17.70 6.50 15.30 25.80 15.30 53.60 26.00 21.30 13.00 7.10 5.20 6.40 16.80 25.50 13.40 10.20 6.60 24.60 49.80 39.00 15.60 34.80 15.3< 57.60 29.20 23.40 37 .Si 36.5C 8S.5C 8.2 39.6 23.6 20.4 . 20.4 57.9 R. W. McCullough, Ambulance Service .- — Marvel Immerfall, Mileage __ ' Algona Municipal Util., Utilities * H. C. Johannsen, Rent R. F. Donovan, Rent .Charles R. Miller, Rent Wm. A. Hedrick, Rent Henry Kuecker (Mrs.), Rent G. R. Cook,- Rent —- Dr. Richard.F. Snyder, Medical John J. Lesiak, M. D., Medical Drs. Llndholm, M. D.'s, Medical Drs. Rodawl'g & Scott, Medical J. G. Clapsaddle, M. D., Medical — E. J. • Tlerney,> M. D., Medical Drs. Coddington &' Northrop, Medical __. Dr. F. G. Graff, Medical R. J. Coble, M. D., Medical ... Harold W. Erickson, 'O. D., Medical _.-_._:.._'. Dr. R. C. Dewel, Medical J. S. Devlne, M. D., Medical _ Joseph M. Rooney, M. D., Medical M. G. Bourne, M. D,, Medical Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical John M. Schutter, M. D., Medical Rusk Drug, Medicine Welp Drug .Store, Medicine _ Morton Drug Co., Medicine __ Thuente Pharmacy, Medicine . St. Ann Hosp., Medical Kersten Clinic, Medical Marcus Snyder Memorial Hosp., Medical Home of the Good Shepherd, Care & Keep Lutheran Home Finding Society, Care & -Keep St; Monica's Home, Care & Keep „ Delta H. Falvey, Care & Keep Marilyn Rentz, Care & Keep _ R. E. Hertzke, Food Council Oak, Food German Valley Store, Food __ Walker's Grocery, Food Cowing Food Mart, Food Grundy Food Marker, Food _. Council Oak Store, Food Kuch's Groc., Food Cowing Food Mart, Food Hancock Co. Auditor, Food Ray's Jack Sprat, Food Kraus Dept. Store, Clothing _ J_. C. Penney Co., Clothing __ hermogas Co., Fuel tandard Oil Co., Fuel armor's Coop Society, Fuel _ tandard Oil Co., Fuel tandard Oil Co., Fuel "resco Light i Power Co., Elec. Serv lulligan Soft Water, Soft Water 'hermogas Co., Fuel ,— jraco Lee Products, Supplies . :ieen-Mor lnc.7 Supplies Cullen Hdwe., Supplies ... W. Bell Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. -lonsbruch Drug, Medicine „Dr. Schutter, M. D., Medical 'huente Pharmacy, Medicine . :o. Treasurer, Freight Jradley Bros., Parts Hegarty's Plumbing, Repairs _ Algona Machine Shop, Repairs lurge Co., Supplies Mads Christiansen, Subscription Javid Gouge, Haircuts Const. Coop. Creameries, Dairy Products , M. & J. R. Hakes, Food J. C. Penney Co., Clothing . Cities Serv., Gas Algona Flour & Feed Co., 143.29 97.50 49.14 8.OS 17.50 35.00 20.00 10.00 30.00 25.00 77.00 20.50 176.00 128.50 59.75 18.00 30.25 21.00 20.00^ 1.00 9.00" 85.80 72.00 81.00 62.93 106.37 135.17 7.20 4.80 79.-21 Payroll Fund, County Payroll' 2,232.35 Clarence Gillette, Unclaimed Fees . _._. , __• Ralph W. Uindhorst, Board & Lodge of Prisoners Ralph W. Llndhorst, Meals & Mileage : Donald M. Wood, Mileage Long's Studio, Supplies Klipto Loose Leaf Co., Supplies . Joyce Hayden, Mileage Lenna's Printing,, Supplies ._ United Variety Stores, Supplies Rusk Drug, Spuplies Culligan Soft Water Serv., Services ._ Cullen Hdwe., Supplies Reliable Decorators, Labor & Materials . . James Devine. M.D., Coroner's Fees- .: ; Glenn Larsen, Trustee? Donald Ringsdorf, Trustee W. J. Stewart, Trustee Lloyd H. Bartlett, Clerk Ted DeBoer, Jr., Meeting „__ Q. A. Bjustrom, Trustee Floyd Gardner, Trustee Kenneth Strayer, Clerk Fred W. Plumb, Trustee Henry Stecker, Jr., Trustee .. Jerry Boekelman, Trustee Henry Mayland, Jr., Trustee . Clarence Schutjer, Trustee 'E. P. Hansen, Trustee _>_ L. G. Huber, Trustee Jerry Heetland, Clerk _.i. John R. Sleper, Clerk .. Edward Looft, Trustee S. P. Powers, Trustee .G. V. Kelling, Trustee E. J. Kollasch, Trustee John Origer, Trustee George Wagner, Trustee ;_ Anton Becker, Clerk Earle R. Chambers, Trustee Ed Hof, Trustee Elmer Kubly, Trustee Alfred Melz, Trustee Louis Wihgert, Trustee Lewis Bosma, Trustee Elmer Schaefer, Trustee Elmer Willmert, Trustee Ray Eichhorn, Trustee Lawrence O. Miller, Clerk Stephen R. Tjaden, Clerk Wm. Oldenburg, Clerk Advance Pub. Co., Supplies „ Koch Bros., Supplies 35.45 762.95 10.46 180.68 .9: Cossuth Co. Treasurer, Firelght :ancock Co. Treasurer, Taxes ancock Co. Treasurer, Taxes wsney Oil & Equip. Co., Supplies ^—— -i— 20.97 iradley Bros., Parts —_ 51.1)9 ayroll Fund, Sec. Road Payroll —__-•- - 13,785.5< I. W. Bell Tel., Tel. Serv. 42.56 leg-Fort Dodge Co., Parts __ 113,2' \.gnes Peterson, Right-of-Way 130.00 Ugona Welding Works, Repairs —— — 34.40 rtason City Blue Print Serv., Supplies ,yman Auto Supply Co., Parts 'own of West Bend, Elec. Serv. —— Hill & Baile'y Jack Serv., Re pairs ._, -—— ;— Everds Bros., Repairs to Co. Roads Armco Drainage & Metal Pro- 113.50 • 98.50 ' 1.25 22.2E 5,491. Inc.. SWtel Pipes * ---- 4 m 11B.?tt u Coop. Elevaton Tile iAll-Strahorn Hdwe,, Supplies lawkey* Machinery Co., Parts rmogas. Gas -_-..... ------- , Co., Sup- 12.85 8.40 33.28 8.95 7.04 12.43 27.81 ,„»«« ^..* f ^ ...-. 13,88160 On Aoltan adjotirrtrhent was taker! until May 20, leSS., . . __ r A. M; KOL-LASCH, Chairman . Board of . Supervisors. ATTEST: MARC MOORE, Auditor. BOARD PROCEEDINGS Special April Session 1959 - ENTtt DAY , MAY 20. 1959 The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present A. *». Charles ftewel, *£« , tt Math*, J6tts and J6hn .Rode, Absent: by JohA Ro£e andhKCotided by Jens So&snseft that the Workman's CompertsatRm Insurance for the year 1959*0 be awarded to A. Stfitc Auto All. Navs:, Noft6. . canfled. . , . Motion by Charles Newel and sec* Rode that policy for for the year 1959-60 be by J awarded to .the General Casualty Co. o* wteconsli», v A. C. Accurso. Agent. Avea: All, Nkys: Nonc.^Motldn car' «ea. ; . Moli&n.b; Chart ROde and seconded Newel .that contract on by Cnaries wewei .mat contract on black top fesurfatfttg be awarded to Evef-as -fires. ofAWona, Iowa, irt the amount of $298,999.90, Ayes: AH. Nays: None, Motion carried. On rno.tton adjoUrnrnent was taken until Jurte !*• 1959.- . ^ A. M. KOLtASCH, CHalhnatl Board of: Supervisors. ATTEST: MARC MOORE,, . 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Serv. 65.00 77.95 65.00 196.17 10.00 40.00 20.00 20.00 » 9.94 40.00 30.00 102.00 30.00 40.00 131.00 32.00 9.12 15.96 8.95 7.40 5.00 37.-2S 283,29 184.82 24.30 78.00 54.47 24.00 1.48 37.41 430.48 107.50 91.08 3.00 23.40 55.00 2.00 .7.15, 4.95 20.80 149.50 190.87 77.81 55.06 . B.Oi 8.0i 8.01 8.01 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.0 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 8.00 16.00 4.00 16.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 \29.60 18.80 193.07 .29 273.75 121.19 33.72 1.50 Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies Koch Bros., Supplies Hutzell's Supplies Jenklns-Fergemann Co., Supplies aus.64 Burroughs, Supplies 3,95 Fidlar & Chambers Co., Supplies 152.74 Upper Des Moines Pub. Co,, Supplies 65.00 IBM, Maint. Agreement 49.98 Pratt Elec. Co., Repairs 17.13 P. R. Irons, Repairs 22,90 Advance Pub. Co., Board Proceedings _ 84.55 Bancroft Register, Board Proceedings ._ 84.55 Advance Pub, Co., Notices „_ 22.60 Buffalo Center Tribune, Notices 11.55 Whittemore Champion, Notices 2.94 Gordon L, Winkel, Commission on Fines .57.97 Gordon L. Winkel, Expenses - 186.71 Kossuth Co. Treasurer, Boun, ties SECONDARY ROAD FUND Standard Oil Co., Diesel Fuel _ Mid-West Serv. Co., Fuel Ken's 66 Oil Co., Fuel Standard Oil Co., Fuel Standard Oil Co., Fuel . Cities Serv. Oil Co., Gas Jack's O.K. Tire Serv., Tires . & Repairs , Farmers Coop. Society, Coal Town of Titonka, Utilities Iowa Elec, Light & Power Co., Elec. Serv West Bend Impl., Parts Clement Crahan, Labor Standard Oil Co.; Fuel Hazelhoff Motors, Parts Frank's D-X, Repairs Northern Lumber Co., Supplies Bancroft Jmpl. Co., Parts — Lyinan Auto Supply, Parts ... Percival Motors, Parts & Re- IN THE LONG RUN! Beneath the glamor and, gleam of the '59 Olds is hidden value that explains why Olds easts less in die long run! 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