The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1959
Page 18
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y;?: 7 • Jl* f' r & iM Extra Large Cooling Capacity j * Two Powerful Models 1^2 H.P. AND 2 H.P.—Heavy duty cooling for large or open living areas and unusual heat loads. Multi-Speed Fan Operation Model R-891 has a six-position Performance Selector for cooling, dehumidification, air circulation and quietness. Model R-681 has a two-speed fan providing-maximum cooling or maximum dehumidification with .quietness. : Three Individual Rotator Air Directors '.'•''• " \ Offers yoU convenient no-draft control of air flow. Re-usable Air Filter Washable filter removes dust and most airborne pollen.. . . provides relief to allergy sufferers, keeps your home cleaner. I '.',•'. •'-..Installation Flexibility Mounts in upper or lowes sash, casement window or through- the-wall ."Swing-Away" kit also available. ALGONA PHONE CY 4-3818 The Advanced Air Cooled Condensing __— ^^..^^^^^.^^^ II* ^ i ^ «;SV^i,SHf? 1 >i~ ' „! A \\, - , >,,,t ? s , ^ »- ^ S * f *39fiflSSE . " "' Completely Waterless Operation with Economical Bonus Performance Bonus construction produces bonus performance. Using pnly pir for condeser cooling, .the advanced Luxaire Air Cooled- Condensing Unit provides maximum operating efficiency, No water supply is necessary. . The Condenser Coil is extra<-large with greater heat transfer area, Jxtrfl condenser cpolincj surface? offer |QW resUtenef to cooling air drawn over them by the quiet .Centrifugal Blower T provialng more air circulation in relation^to energy expended by the Blower Motor, ; .. t , , . , The husky Hermetic Compressor is powefed by an over* sized, lefrigeranf-tooleel motor/ As a result, the compressor labjpr? less 4nde( V i|i9trin|fl. pper^jnp ^ndjf^p -, ha> full reserve • capacity for^pejvy hwl \w4f- , ; /'.'.', This f x|ra capacity produ^s peak performance, ( bonus '- perfprmance — even ^nd^r jjeyere heat Joads -» fombjned with tew ' ' Unit with Bonus Construction 1. Top Air Discharge exhausts heated air from condenser coil, upward — away from dwellings and plant life. Heavy expanded metal' guard protects blower blades. 2. Powerful Condenser Blower is the slow- spsed centrifugal type — statically and dynamically balanced. Quietly draws abundance of cooling air over condenser. 3. Antifriction Blower Shaft Bearings are mounted in ssaled pillow blocks for precision alignment. Afford trouble-free, lifetime service. '4. Weatherproof Cabinet is rigidly constructed of heavy-gauge steel — bondarized and heavily coated on all surfaces with weather-resistant baked enamel. 5. Resilient-Mounted Blower Motor is free of vibration. 6. Serviceable Hermetic Compressor is the "V" type,, with cast iron block. Precision-bored and honed,,and fitted with precision working paris. ,Powered by h«javy-duty, refrigerant- cooled motor. 7. Compressor Discharge Valve — and Comprss- sor Intake Valve (not visible) — are front- acd-back-seating type, and equipped with gauge ports.' 8. Suction Line Connection is provided with swedged end for easy attachment of refrigerant tubing, leading to Cooling Coil. 9. Wiring Openings are located conveniently at front of unit. All access ports are protected wilh rubber grommeis. 10. Liquid Line Opening. Connection (not visible) is equipped with flare fitting for convenient connection of refrigerant tubing. 11. Liquid Shut-Off Valve, attached to liquid refrigerant line, is readily accessible. 12. Compressor Muffler deadens sound of compressor. 13. 'Cushioned Mountings absorb compressor vib- 14. Compressor Cylinder Heads are sealed leak- tight, Permit access to compressor valves for service, if ever needed. • 15, Weatherproof Electrical Box protects wiring terminals and compressor starting capacitors when unit is installed oat of doors. 15. Support Leg Moqnting Bushings are provided at the four corners of the cabinet base for easy attachment of %" pipe legs. • 17. Extra-Large _, Condenser Coil is constructed with corrosion-resistant, collared aluminum fins mounted on seamless copper lybiog, Pro- vides greater cooling surface wilh; lower air W • ^P iMi IP " P 9 Many Home Advantages In Cool Air A*e you laiitfna b~hind H to- /••av's' s^-f'ni'f' n* liviot? M<*rv homos- now coniain an automatic wat'her e.Tid dryer, f, d<shw>sher, a radio and a television set, These effect only the cloJhes we wear, the dishes from which we eat, or entertainment from >or<?dem. -More imnorta^t by far is your own comfort, your health, wsli-being and r^ficioncy th*n anv other pppl'ance because the <?ffeci is not upo^ »n inanimate obiect, but upon YOU. | Air conditioning is now within the reach of everyone. It not only proivdes cooling comfort in the oppressive heal of summer, but it has many additional advantages. Families ars healthier because they eat more nutritious foods in hot weather. Keeping the house 'rlean is "^sier. Houses stay clean longer. Dry cleaning bil's , are 'ower. Docior bills are lower. Persons with asthma, hay fever and heart conditions secure relief from their ailments. Cosls of building homes. reduced because an air-conditioned, house does not require outdoor living areas*., .• .'.. .• .. • ' ' . .: : We have learned' to take the necessary • measures' •' to guard against cold, but we have not yet learned that it is just ks necessary to guard against heat. More people die from the heat in this country than from the cold. Heat kills you in slow stages by putting greater strain on your hear*. The answer to relief from this problem is air condilioning. These are just a few of the reasons why homes with year around air condilioning offer a "new dimension in living". Complete year 3round : air conditioning is one' of the mosl important advances in modern living. For the renter of the older house, it may be most economical +o install room air conditioners, str-rt with one in the bedroom or living room and add additional units as the family budget permits. Get in touch with a reliable air conditioning contractor.- He will be glad to give you a free estimate of what it will cost to give you the davaniages of air cohdi-' tioning. Selecting the proper air cotitTitionlrtg equipment is a relatively simple, but an important addition to your home. To assist you in making your selection, air conditioning experts offer the folllow. ing advice: '' , . ' . , ''"I :,. ''^ \ •?---' '/''^ Make sure that the unit has the right amou'nt of cooling capacity fer your ?oo1fl>f6$ hiuch air conditioning can result In v needless expense, both In .initial ebst and operation. *T6o. little will make you think you have"spent your money for nothing;. \ ^-'- • ^^i There are several factor* that will influence the tooling ^capacity your home retjuiriJsV Shade trees, awnings and Venetian blinds provide pro'<»cti™ from the sun and make the «•' conditioning job easier and less expensive. Good wall'and ceiling insulation is another plus for the air cctidisioned house or room. ,. v ' \ REQUIREMENTS VARY / , ; f V A >• When you buy equipment to air condHion .your kitchen, do not ( add more, 1 cooling capacity 1o.counteract heat - making appliances such as the range -emd clothes Jryer. If you entsitain a lot, remsmbsr/the more people in tha-house the greater the cooling requirement. ^ L©c«ti Terns A matter of interest to the purchaser of any piece of equipment or article designed for summer comfort is that ample rred*i is available to place it in the home. • Refrigerated air conditioning, either central plant or window jinits ,can be installed under the FHA home improvement loan whereby the purchaser pays at his own convenience in small monthly installments. In case the FHA loan plan does not meet your requirements, a3'< dealers have liberal credit plans uiat amount to .practically the same thing. So don't let lack of immediate cash deter you from being com- iuriabie at home this summer. You can be comtortame and pay ;or it as you use it and finally own it free of debt. / f 'MMJM/M/WMS/y7J777?/ss/ss//sst'/ss'/''s/s/////////si's///sss//////. \ P Of Cooling Unit Is Cost Saver : Knowing how to operate your roam air-conditioner can save you money and increase your comfort. F«r maximum results, keep the cooling portion of the room air- conditioner running continuously or start its operation early in the morning on hot days. ' Sun takes time to travel Jhrpugh {he walls and ceiling. Al- iiieugh 4 p.m. jis normally the hottest period out-of-doors, 8 p.m. j§ normally the wajfihesi peripd jndoprs. The room air-conditioner jnust run long after sunset to get rid of the sun heat from the room. To safeguard drapes and vslu- furnishings and to keep the air-cpndi$ioning a. ufdrecft sun With Wesfinghouse Super MOBlLAiRE Conditioner Easy-To-Use 2-Position Control i . . . Operate • Circulate — Keeps Air Moving Without Cooling. ' ' "* < 9 Auto-Thermo Cooling —'Maximum cooling automatically controlled by built-in thermostat to prevent freeze-ups of the evaporator coil. ' '' Nspds pnly 7'/2 amps/(less current than a toaster). Plugs into all adequately wired 115 V. hcuss circuits. ,' 0ehum:dify! W!t3i q New Westinghowse /Electric Dehumidifier plug in! , Custom Model — Controls moisture in an enclosed -'area, of up to 13,000 ^u. ft, Removes as much as 31, pts, a day. Beautiful modern design, Only fc Quick-Action Humidistat automatically starts the Dehumidifier when humidity risas — stops it 'after reducing moisture to a safe leye), , , Model HD-4 ONLY Rppfthpi* 1 HUP Wvvlf llvl InililG

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