The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1959
Page 17
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.V .4 J *fc»,» >»., . -..' jj - ..»,.. '','-.' Bill • > • Auxiliary At lakola Names New Officers a — The-AtneHcatt teg- s Albert Bqsrna, Jr., as hostesses. After reports were given, election TOM'S Tel eviews of offsets was held. Mrs C. C, Rippentrop was re-elected ptesi* dent, Mrs Robert Thompson, *tee« president, Mrs <3ene Garfett, secretary, Mrs , Paul' ttrilf&fch, assistant secretary, Mrs Slarfley Sleeker, treasurer with Mrs Robert Ruby as her assistant, "Mrs Raymond Krominga, chaplain, Mrs Ronald Heetland, s,er£<*ant- at-arms, Mrs Fannie Sehaumberg, as her assistant, Mrs S. P. Powers, historian and Mrs S. L. Powers jfs parliamentarian,' ____________ f _^ ' tf, Mitchell Reunion A family reunion of the Mitchell family was held Sunday at the home of Mr and Mrs Henry Mitchell. Present were Mr 'and Mrs Edward Rainy and family and Mrs Cynthia Rainy of Oakland, Cal.v Mr and Mrs Leonard Mitfchell and family of Waterloo, Mr - and Mrs Dewey Hunt and daughters of Aldert, Mr and Mrs J. C. Hunt of Minn.; Mr and Dodge Center, Mrs Ernie Mit- I'm back again with more tips on TV.and Radio. It's that time of the year again —televiewers will undoutedly run t into interference by distant stations, as sun spots and atmospheric conditions play havoc with our favorite programs. This is "Portable Radio, Month" —we have many fine models here at the shop. » We recently installed a Color TV in the lobby of the Algona Hotel, & hear it's coming in fine. Why not drop down some evening for a meal in "air-conditioned comfort at their cafe, and then join the crowd in the hotel lobby for a show in color. , "' » ABC will have a good offering for sports-mystery" fans : in the near future on "Naked City". Never-seen-in-real-life will be a fight between Jake LaMotta and Rocky Graziano. THAT'S RICH. ...... For the answer to your TV and Radio Problems, tune in (112 N. Moc&e — CY 4-3260). TO M' S RADIO & TV chell and five children of Marathon, Mr and Mrs Don Roberts and Garry and thte Junior Roberts all of Iowa Falls, Mrs Eva Mitchell of Union, Mr and Mrs Clarence Mitchell of "Esthervillei Mr and Mrs,; Alfred < Zufall and family of Wallingford and Mrs Edith Zufall of Spencer. Miss Olson Honored . 'Mrs Elmer "Paulson entertain* ed Friday afternoon in honor of. Eleanor Olson, who wili soon be married to Larry Winter of Lakota. The guests included Mrs Russell Winter,"" Mrs Jerry Heetland, Mrs Raymond Winter, Mr? I. E. Wortman, Mrs J. E. Ukena, Mrs C. A. Gutkenecht, Mrs Ver-' non Smith, Mrs Glen Mabus, Mrs Ronald Heetland,- Mrs. Fred Sclv roeder, ; all' of Lakota and Mrs Ronald 'Schroeder, Mrs Arlowe B'lome and Mrs Lewis OlscJn of Bancroft. , Ex-Resident Wed 1 A beautiful; wedding vfas solemnized May, 31 at the St. Paul's Lutheran church, in- Graettinger when Pqarl .'Reeves,'daughter of Mr and Mrs Gilbert .Reeves of Graettinger became the bride, of William D. Befemer, son of Mr and Mrs Guy Beemer, formerly of Lakota, now of Webster City. Mr and Mrs Clayton Helvick and son left Tuesday for Dundee where they will visit with Mr and Mrs Clyde Lusk and other relatives. * Mrs Fred Stecker left Friday for Willmar, Minn, where she will spend a week or more visiting relatives in that area. The Paul and Robert Kollasch families were guests at the Tom Cogley home in Bancroft after TRIP ACCIDENT INSURANCE THE ABOVE IS A COPY OF A CHECK PAID, TO MAURICE BARTHOLOMEW IN CONNECTION WITH.AN ACCIDENT WHILE FISHING. MR BARTHOLOMEW RECEIVED THE $407.70 CHECK AND PAID ONLY $2.95 FOR THE POLICY. YOU TOO CAN PROTECT YOURSELF WHILE ON A VA-, CATION OR TRIP. SEE L. S. BOHANNON E. Of Iowa State Bank Phone CY 4-4443 ALGONA, IOWA ' , • - ' tfn. the graduation MtorHses at St. John\ School. * Rev. and Mrs John ftlostorboer Of Jefferson, towa were Monday 'overnight guests at the home of Rev. and Mrs Marian Krusp. Mf and Mrs Herman Brssma were Sunday guests at the Aldon Wileox home and spent Sunday evening with the Albert Bosma Srs. Thursday evening callers at the Herman Bosma homo were Mr and Mrs Carl Joh'nson Jr. of Ambay, Mirtn." \ Mrs H,. H. Murray spent Thiirsday and Friday at the home of her son, the Dennis Murrays irl Northfield, Minn. Mr and Mrs Harvey Reid and sons of Algona were Friday afternoon and evening guests at the home-of Mr and Mrs Fred Sclv' roeder. N Carolyn Ley, daughter of Mr and Mrs W. D. Ley, won 2 firsts at the Mornirtgside Saddle Club Horse Show held at the stock yards in Sioux City Sunday. Sunday afternoon callers at the parental Lee Olson homo were Mi- and Mrs Merrill Thompson and family .of Blue Earth, Mr and Mrs Norman Stevens and sons of Armstrong and Mr and Mrs Robert " SMUington and family of Algona. „ Saturday guests at the W. E Ley home were Mr, and Mrs Robert Ley nnd daughter, Patty oi Cedar Falls and HeU>n Ley 01 Santa Monica, Cal. Friday Mm W. E. Ley had a morning cof- •fee honoring Mrs Don Wortman of ROckville, Md., who, with her husband and soris are visiting in the parental I. E. Wortman and William. Schrocder homes. Mr and Mrs Mike Christ Sr. and Mr and Mrs John Griese returned home Friday evening from 'a week of fishing at Squaw Lake, Minn. Mr and Mrs Melvin Berhow and family arrived Saturday at the home of her aunt, Mr and Mrs John Griese for a week's visit. Mr and Mrs Harold Koppen and children, accompanied by Mr and Mrs Thomas Thompson, left Wednesday for Lake Kor- qnis, Minn. Carol Winter, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ray Winter, Mankato, Minn., spent the weekend with her family. John Gerzema of Buffalo Center spent Sunday with his son and family, the Carl, Gerzemas., Mr and Mrs C. F. Ennenberg and Rochelle spent Sunday at the home of her parents, Mr and Mrs Owen Peters at Emmons. Minn. Tuesday evening mothers, of the boys and girls in the mixed ensemble entertained in honor of Mary Jean Leonard at the hoi lunch room at the school house Hostesses were Mrs 'Max Clayton, Mrs Irwin Koppen. Mrs Wilson Brack, Mrs Eichorn, Mri Anna Heidecker, Sophie Ellsworth, Mrs J. W. Cook, Mrs Ear Thompson. Mrs Maynard Hertzke, Mrs Hugh Lewis, Mrs Jakie Peterson, Mrs Alfred Christ, Mrs Thomas Thompson, Mrs Arlowe- Erdahl, Mrs Robert Addy and Mrs W. D. Ley. Lena Gutknecht went to Clear Lake Monday evening where she attended a picnic dinner of the Mason City Retired Teachers Association. Vern Dornsbach and daughters, Veronica and Linda were Sunday dinner guests at the Raymond Krominga home. • Mr and Mrs William Schroeder had all of their children home for the first time in jfour years Sunday. Present were Mr and Mrs Portland Girl Is Wed June 7 At litonka , Juftt 18, 1959 Algofm (fa.) UftMtf DM • •• • Over a hundred friends gathered "JUVENILE INTEGRITY STARTS IN the Home". That's the slogan n national committee hit upon for its 1859 theme. Because almost everything, both good and bad, does begin in the home, it's a sure-fire slogan. It would be very appropriate for an organization fighting juvenile delinquency. But do you. know who is using this motto? The Nalionill Committee to Observe Father's PaV! » .* * V WE HAVEN'T BEEN CELEfiRATlNG Father's Day nearly so long as we have Mother's Day, but this is the 49th official observance. The first Father's Day was June 19, 11)10 and it was set up by the Ministerial Association of Spokane, Wash. Father was not only., Uiter than mother in getting a day all to himself, they have also come to use his day not so much to honor and pay tribute to him, as to remind him of his responsibilities and see if they can't get the poor guy to do just a little better. * '-.«*•, * ACCORDING TO THE COMMITTEE, "Father's role as a head of the family is being pointed up in this years's Father's Day observance. The National Father's Day Committee hopes that every American father \yill understand and act .on this philosophy and implant juvenile integrity as a living fact in our daily life"! -The exclamation point is mine. If 1 were u .father, I would revolt. Why can't they go ahead and honor father unreservedly on his day as they do mother oh her's. They don't give her any slaps on the wrist when .hey hand her the bouquets. , • IF FATHER'S DAY WERE CELEBRATED exactly,as recommended by the national committee it might go like this: Father would sit down to the breakfast of his choice. He is the head-of-the- liouse, and as such he can have any old menu he darn pleases. But before, breakfast, if he has a paper-boy son, he has been out on the route since da\Vn, teaching the kid that integrity is a valuable part of'business life. Then he sees that his daughters wash the dishes in the most sanitary method, for if the girls are going to have integrity they need it in homemaking most of all. Then father will get all shaved and shined up. He's setting an example of integrity and he can't look like a slob. * * * SOMEWHERE ALONG THE LINE Father will open up a gift package containing a shirt, some underwear and maybe a conservative tie, purchased with money handed out with the greatest integrity by father. He'll go to church with his family and hear a preacher, who himself is a father, expound on the subject of fathers getting a little more integrity. * * * .,. • FILIAL DEVOTION IS A PART of integrity so at noon, Father will probably have to go to a family reunion—of his wife's people. In .his role as head of the family,' he'll probably have to hand money all around so the kids-can go roller skating or to the movies. Al Scott and Cedar Rapids. four children of Mr and Mrs F. G. Schmidt and three children of St. Ansgar and Mrs Don Wortman,, her husband and their three sons of Rockville, Md. Jim Antoine has returned for the summer from Iowa State College at Ames. His sister, Rita, a (.student nurse at Mercy hospital in Des Moines, was home from curve clinging Sunday afternoon, pop can't relax and watch the baseball game. If he 'wants to'instill integrity in his children, he'll have to tune in an educational TV program, Or inspire them to U love of literature by reading poetry aloud. , IF FATHER REALLY WANTS TO GO along with this integrity business, he'll fit in a little lecture about the birds and the bees to his son, a session of explanation about charge accounts to his wife, and a chat with his daughters about how men really feel about girls who use loo much make-up". Evening will come and father will be allowed to flop into bed. Here it is, a whole Father's Day shot to heck and what did we accomplish? Integrity! * * * IF I WERE ON THE NATIONAL Committee to Observe Father's Day I would have a slogan, too. It would be "Fathers are People, Too, Just Like Mothers." and I would insist that fathers be recognized simply because we love them. * * * I WOULD NOT DO ONE BIT OF POINTING out to Father that he is the head-of-the-family. He is, b\tt the way things are nowadays he might enjoy not being reminded, of the weight of it for at least one day. And as far as this integrity business goes, it's a very subtle quality. You can't sit down and all of a sudden decide to instill it Most fathers have a great deal of it in one way or another, and if they do,' the kids are sure to sense it without spelling it out. J ' * * * THERE ARE ALMOST AS MANY kinds of fathers as there are mothers—good, bad, indifferent, excellent and part-time. But we women have the best of it. The physical fact of, having given birth makes all of us saints, if we are to believe the Mather's Day propaganda. But pop-r-he has to do some reforming if he is going to properly celebrate Father's Day. IN SPITE OF ALL THIS, I am a bit envious of the father- child relationship. A' son tells his pop things that he would ^never confide in his mother because she tends, to get all emotional over things. Fathers and sons can talk about motors and box scores, and batting averages and fish bait with a tacit understanding and not waste time explaining how the thingama-jigs work as you have to do when a son talks to mother. Little girls get their first flirting experience with their daddies and they can get by with murder. This exasperates mother, but she sometimes gets a clue or two on just what technique was most effective when she herself caught her husband. * * * NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT A father if they can possibly help it. Fathers are essential to our daily bread and roof, to our moral guidance and to the upkeep of our home. They are handy to have around on every occasion from walking the floor while waiting for us to make our initial entrance into the world to the day they escort a daughter down the wedding aisle or write the last check for junior before he makes his own way in the world. Besides, fathers are a great deal of fun. Let's applaud them unreservedly on their day. * »• # IF FATHER HAS A FANCY for barbecue cooking as so many men do nowadays, you might make up this sauce for him to use on chicken or spareribs. I found it in the Wesley Community Cook Book and it was contributed by Mrs Rich Reiling: ¥2 cup catsup J /4 cup chile sauce Va cup vinegar 1 tsp. salt 2 tabsp. lemon juice Vi tsp. tabasco 2 tsp. Worchestershire 2 tsp. brown sugar. ' Combine ingredients and simmer gently. Use for basting. —GRACE. Portland — relatives nnd Sunday afternoon, June 7, ul 3:30 nt the Methodist, church in Ti- tonkn for the wedding of Corin* no Zwicfel, daughter of Mr nnd Mrs Earl Zwlefel to Wilford F Johnson, son of Mr nnd Mrs Jon A. Johnson of Albert Lea. .Charles Pholps celebrated his flOth birthday Friday. Mr and Mrs Leroy Phelps and boys, Le- vnnt Mooro nnd girls mid Leonn llnnso gathered nt the Phrlps home Friday evening in honor of the occasion, Loomi linage bringing, n birthday cake. A baby girl wns born to Mr nnd Mrs John Ruedy, DOS Moines, washing 7 pounds nnd (1 ounces She has been nnm'ed Melnny. Mrs Rncdy is the former Barbara Ann Fairbanks, daughter of Mr nntl Mrs Luther Fairbanks Sr. Ml nnd Mrs ' Ffiirbanks nnd Linda went to DCS Moines Sunday nforning to see the now baby. Mr and Mrs Albert Shannon. Ilnywnrd, Col. ?pont Tuesday nt the Hoy Ringsdorf homo nnd Wednesday at tin; Donald Ringsdorf home, Mrs Shannon is n sjslor of Roy nnd Donald nnd n daughter of'Mrs Lulu Ringsdorf of Burl. Mr nnd Mrs Chnrlcs Phelps and Mr nnd Mrs Bernard Phelps and oilier relatives here received n wedding announcement from the Willis Phelps of llnxton, Colo, Their .son, James, was married Saturday evening to Luelln Sue Smith, also of Haxton. Grandma nnd Grandpa Young spent a few days last week at the C. L. Young home. They returned to their home in Clear Lake Saturday afternoon. Mr nnd Mrs Lawrence Govern and Vincent Govern attended the wedding of Dolores Govern who became Hie bride of Vernon Miller at Marshallto'wn June 1C. Mr and Mrs Leroy Koppen nnd John and Mr and Mrs Donald Graham and Cheryl were recent callers nl Die Lewis Larson home. Mrs Hedwi'g" Larson i: spending a few days ul the Lewi: Larson home. Mr and Mrs Roy Fitch attended an Old Neighbor and Friend? picnic at the John Bockes home at LuVerne Sunday. They also called on Ed Fitch at Sexton. Relatives, friends and former neighbors of Mr and Mrs Fern Drone attended their twenty fifth wedding anniversary Jun< 7 at St. Michael's school in Whittemorc. A birthday picnic was held at the Roy Ringsdorf farm. Those attending were Mrs Albert Slfan- non, Hayiward, Cal., Mr and Mrs Dean Gamble and Linda of Des VToines, Mr nnd Mrs Wendell lingsdorf and family, Mrs Lulu Ringsdorf of Burl, Mr and Mrs Brink Shiplor, Swca City, Mr and Mrs Donald Ringsdorf and Bar- 3ara and Mr and Mrs Roy Rings- iorf. The picnic was in honor of Mr. and Mrs Donald Ringsdorf, Barbara Ringsdorf, Mrs Lulu Ringsdorf and Mrs Roy Ringsdorf, whose birthdays are all in May. Mr and Mrs Harold Becker re- Burned home Wednesday from [ndinmipolis where they attend?d the race. Tho Frnnk BfckerM, Harold tk'ckers, George Beckers, Martin Beckers nnd Roscoe Mawdsleyy attended a Becker family reunion nt Ltikota Sunday. Mr nnd Mrs A. L. Rasrnusflen becanii' (grandparents fol- the first time when n baby girl was bofn June 3 to Mr and Mrs Rkhftrd L Tlasmussen of Indianola, weigh ing 5 pounds, 1.1 \'\ ounces. Shf hfis been named Knyla Rae. An office sign noted re- rcntly. "Are you trying to find the solution or are you part of the problem?" "BETTER "pHiMTiNG"~for i«*f — Upper Dos Moines Pub. Co. ALGONA AMERICAN LEGION Proudly Presents SUNSET AMUSEMENT CO. 30th ANNUAL-TOUR 20 RIDING DEVICES - 8 SHOWS Location: Kossuth County Fairgrounds JUNE 23rd-27th KIDDIE MATINEE - 1:00 P.M. JUNE 27th BICYCLE MATINEE SEE THE BICYCLE AT GAMBLE'S STORE A BICYCLE TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE - FREE - FREE lOc RIDES lOc RIDES lOc * * * *• Largest Motor-Rides, Carnival In The Midwest, Come Out And Take A Trip To The Moon! Also Ride On The "Merry-Mixer". The Only One Of Its Kind In The State Of Iowa! 5-NIGHTS OF FUN-5 Wheels are five inches /farther apart, This widens the stance,. not the car, gives you 'road-hugging stability, Jess lean and sway, Only Pontiae has Wide-Track Wheels! SEE U)GAL AUTBOBIZBP PONTIAO iRNIi WILLIAMS PONTIAC^CADJllAC 109 W. Stole St. Iowa Thursday through Monday. Mr and Mrs D .C. Knedler and family have moved to Lone Rock to be closer to his work. A number of persons from here attended the funeral • services for Mrs Herman Goetz Wednesday afternoon at the E, and R. Church in Ledyard. Mrs Goetz was the mother of Albert Goetz and grandmother of Yernon Richardson of Lakota. Mrs A. C. Schissel and -Mrs H. D. Mussman entertained 30 ladies at a one o'clock luncheon Tuesday honoring Mary Jean. Leonard, After the luncheon 'the 'ladies hemmed and embroidered tea towels for the honoree. Miss Leoqard received many beautiful gifts. Mr and Mrs Al Dudding of Buffalo- Center are the parents of a daughter born Tuesday. The maternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs Rufus Ol.thoff of Lakota Mr and Mrs H. Frerichs of Madison, So, Dak. called at the C. C. Gerzepna home Monday. Cubmaster • William " Hanken announces that .there will be a picnic Monday night, June 8, at Union Slough for Cub Scouts and their families. The pot luck sup' per will be at 6 p.m. The Lutheran Ladies Aid met June 3 in the parish hall with Mrs Robert Addy, Mrs Junior _ an4 Mr5 jakje p e t e r s on IF its as hostesses. Mr and Mrs Robert Sheldahl and daughter, Robin have returned from Ames where Robert has been a freshman this past year. Mrs Arlene Bunting" and her father, Milton Pringle, are home after spending the scliool year in Tama. Mr and Mrs Richard Smith and family arrived Thursday night at the Pearl Smith home. Sunday guests at the'Dr. P. C. Geilenfeldl home were Mr and Mrs Clarence Swenson and Mr and Mrs R, L. Morrison of Albert Lea, Mr and Mrs Leo Jolmson and Peggy of Curlew and Mrs Amelia Koppen. Mr and Mrs R. E. Harms and family of Gas City, Indiana spent last week visiting at the William K;ienitz home. 'Mr and Mrs Frank Lewis Jr. of Minneapolis spent the weekend at the parental Hugh Lewis home, Thursday afternoon the Birthday CJub met at the home of Mrs Lena Schwarz in honor of her birthday. Present were Mesdames Henry Slome, L. A- Richard ^ielske, Harry Roseneau, Fred Christ, Otto Englebarts, H J. Boettcher, Signs Nelson, Anna Qgren, Mary Telkamp a n c Adolph Poppe, S?- WANT IT **We Iowa workers can testify, first-hand, to the steady boost In pay* rolls given by our brewing industry. Over 23,000 people are now regularly employed by the industry in Iowa, That's real local prosperity, : for tens of thousands of families, spreading added wealth to literally every section of the state. "And that's only a starter! The brewing industry has now invested over $62,500,000.00 in stores, buildings, warehouses throughout the state, And our farmers gain substantially from the $240,000,000,00 worth of grains and farm products used each year in making beer. Yes, fo is, prosperity, buying power, we can truly say,.»

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