The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1959
Page 16
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.., .-.*,«(, «* fr' f> 2-Algono ([*.) Upper On WoinS* -^^---^'' -' - , Juhs 16, . i. PIGS (§ STftlt PICS O° r Schoolroom classes in the Algona pub* , • , lie seftool system for efcdrtiple, ore nbwhe>e Ghe t<8fh fieVef tell What wonderful, $def»- near 4$ pupils. They vary between 20 and 25, tific <tct£fi ¥r!lt be uhfc&^efed next in this day 6h«J or IfesS than the 25 mentioned. a9e 'ti.^^ ^ s ^.* » i. ^j ' t*1$ On the questibn of salary; it may be ihat Spdcfe settftttsts have made a remarkable S6 ^ 6 teochers are underpaid; others may be d.scavery, td illustrate what we mean* they have overdid. Like students, inaptitudes and ability nOArt nm*\*i tf\r*t& **vi»tA»>ki*>*A#*f'!»«AI I**. j-A»4«•****«.**.»* . * » i •—.•'.•'•- A '. 6f teachers vary. Good-teaehefs deserve pnd earn good salaries. In Arena's case, the recent automatic raise of $325 on the yearly pay, is, we think, quite liberal, the additional 525,000 be*n doing some experimenting in e&rtrtetTidri with the manned satellite program, they had planned to use pigs iri trial shots because they are Similar to fnen in their reacfiort to high ac- I k , i . I it rf . _ M , _** .. / , f - r ----•„•• — we imrm, qune noerai. ine aaainonai »/a,uuu ?JM^2l^^l^7 *^£? n l " hich » -" «>*< "'» ««!• "om the pockets of tists. Perhaps iorhe of us did not know ^hat a pic] had abbot fhe same reaction to high deeef- erattort 8rid deceleration as a hunian being. At least <$ <#drit *b that vya» sernethirig new. fpece scientists discovered that ! ° f!e '^2 theif b f k f* sC6mtS i° t;S* ?!?: u S6 f ° Pf9 /fr J? °" U * batfc ffttftf&rrJeei in the air - not a live one, at «bd*f.«, '-J \ • f hi/er|i £"6e$ fo shoW just how WonderfuJ is ou'r present ei*ct k ,, taxpapers in the Algona Community School District. Good teachers ere not begrudged their salaries, If proper mathematics and science have not previously been taught so that "gifted youth" can take such courses, it occurs to us that this is an administrative weakness and not something for which the general taxpaying public is responsible. Enough money is provided; the question is, how is it spent? . '• ; The NEA booklet concludes that "Securing 't *-'» 4, t.^-7 *i 6 ' ^p' P'9 S W 'N no * a major increase in financial support is today's deliberately lie on their backs, the pigs are now No. 1 public school problem." out monkeys' will take their place. There was no* comment on the high acceleration and deceleration :of the monkey clan. We trust it is good. • It is riice to know as we strive to disturb Teaching is the only business we know where it seems to be standard procedure to raise everyone's pay automatically each year. The NEA would throw a general scare into the oujer space, and upset whatever life there may be« on. other, planets, good simple facts like the above afe being uncovered by some of the great brains working on the project. *••*•* "A MATTER OF VALUES" ! : ' . ,, I We are in receipt of a booklet entitled "CJim America Afford Better School?" published byjthe National Education Association in Washington, D.Q. ; * The gist of the "book is that America must sp£nd more money on its public schools. 1 As a preface tlie'book asks: D.o we as Americans want (1) a new car every year or two/(2) a* View TV or Hi-Fi as the models change, (3) T-bone steaks several times a week, (4) a com- pl^Je new wardrobe each spring and fall? Or thfe: (1) Our children in classes of 25 instead of 457 (2) $7',500 teachers instead of $4,500 teachers, (3) Full-day schooling instead of half-day, (4j Opportunity for advanced high-school mdth- jsrrtatics and science for our gifted youth? «* The answer td the firsf four questions fs' th6t we all probably* do"/; but -w6rceBtainlyi4Ot no! get them. -; -•* - '•' * .»:>,-*» ,"jz>> ' K the" answer t6' the NEA's second four questions can be varied, and ;depends\much on the pajnt of view., • * Certainly, we all want good schools. This is no| new. There has been solid and continuing support for education _fpr years, as evidenced by* the continually rising amount of money ap- pr|>priated for schools. , » Taking the NEA's four points and applying 1 th§m what do we find? rs at E. Call Street— Ph. CY 4-3535— Algoha, Iowa Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at' Algona, Iowa, under Act of Congress of A/larch 3, 1879: Issued Thursday in 1959 6y THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. public, knowing that one of the major aims in all households is to provide a good education for the _ youngsters. The NEA is feeding the flames 6f inflation at a time when inflation is a major economic problem. The 'American public has expended millions of dollars for costly buildings in .which'to hold classes. Money in many cases has been thrown around in a manner that would shock any costtminded business or industry. But in the name of education we stand for just about anything. - < . We' seriously question the implicatibn by ^the National Education Association that the American public has been "short changing'' the schools. We think the public has been quite generous fdr' u new bond issues, for new buildings, for steady'salary increases, and for some boon- STftlCTLtf BUSINESS ***•&* it "Argyle's got a lot of get-tip and go—to the water cooler, coffee shop.-rest room .. ." Washinton •* * J iniij «• ** * • •**&*•*"•****** *«^ A Weekly Report from the Nation's Capital by Bay Vernon ' * t * . Camera w^afd 6il Waitealba ' jwaftf tfr iafnumr otrr *&t th% film's <»ah*r customers with hf* downfigA'^^ri^^pj&t^iraphy' irt the haunfea-Ko&Se ieQtience,j He's aided and .aibetted t>y two lap special-effecls meft brought. In by prM^etSoftjflartager Bart Carre'. Theyffe*. TOt4 „ Siroonson and Norman BreedloVe, a pair-* of old hands at haunting houses,' TJbey cause, candles to go 6u$/ and relight at will, animate a- skeleton -and make it dance,;, .fl.oat furniture in mid-ait,, manipulate , revolving ^kytures and secret wall panels, They even iurnisHdd the creepy old mansion with man-madfe c«b- wcbs. • * * * . Propman Dick Rubin and Karl Brainard manage to put a stuffed duck in flight, making it soar- around in a teener club with an ingenious maze of threads. Later; they trick a parrot into opening and closing its beak so that Lou Russoff's comedy lines can be "dubbed" into its cldse-up shots. "The Ghost of Dragstrip Hol•low" is one of those *films that offers all hands a chance to utilize their, best movie-magic, and they make the most of their moments in the spotlight. » * * Whsn you see this picture, ii you notice an old duffer who sneaked in with.jthe teeners, and is 'enjoying it more loan ithe youngsters, don't give us away. It'll >be your Hollywood errahd- . boy, viewing this one for 'the umpteenth time. We always maintained that a man can have just as much fun in his second childhood- as in his first! As usual, advertising in the per Des Moines feaM off in a big way. Ray McWrnirter, Btrrt, advertised strawberries a week ago iri this newspaper and sola out tnree days atterward as persons tame from many miles to get in on th& value. A local clottuttg Store was selling a certain brand of shirt at 35 cents off the regular price and fnoVed out all but sis; of theif stock; eroft; and K. -T taisi — rf.VA. taaMIR 1 Aftstta; ant j Benriie Wibben,, Algofla. the Algeria drill team was honored when it was invited to appeal at the district convention at Armstrong Friday; The -local Unit- was to' . , ., Be ff a ' P 1f"^^^fl '^\ Plymouth -fL^jtetflfc /Fridef e^ -Algona; FreU •WiUbef, : ' Buffalo Center; F. W. Bnisie, Algona; and Eugene Petefsott, Atrhstfdhg. . Iftterit&Hondl — Iowa Poultry Market, Burl; ^ . , O p ei «. t»r» T. J. Egan, Ban- crt >it; *" ' For.ihe most part* movies Eei to show were on Al- here during»the.week the, fanny'side. "Calling exception. All' had Tony Martin, Gloria Stuart, Henry Armetta and Slim Summerville in the cast; "Naughty But Nice", featured .tHck Pow- e'zl and Ann Sheridan; and '.'The Return of the Cisco Kid" starred' Warner Baxter, Lynn Bari, Ceskr Romero and Henry S22 surely taking a long w»e - passing. What tne Amer- Canadian manufacturers thoit&r&abjUBt a backfire has ttuited -'tffifMtbe quite a definite Impact;^ yffindsor (Ont.) Scat-. .....^^__.*.. A.T ,fiyLTA£ . ._,. _./...__ .,. .. ,. 1 ' RESULTS WHO WILL WIN? — Somebody laid out billions more for tlie will have to eat crow when this Nike-Hercules. K a decision had congress winds up its business, been made, in thfe 'beginning id Ihe republicans .are saying that develop the one showing the the democratic-controlled con- " promise .the " taxpayer gress is; a congress of "big spend- would have come out way on ers." The democrats . deny this top. and emphasize that they not only — o— will stay within a 'balanced bud- • THE YEARS AHEAD — Gov- get but will spend eveji less than eminent economists "believe that the amount requested by Presl- enough -jobs for 13 million new dent Eisenhower. This is a -bi-g -workers will" have to .be creat- issue that will .have an important ed by 1970. But it will cost mon- bearing in the 1.960 presidential ey —.more than $150 billion or electrons. Needless to say, the about $15 billion a year. Much of voters will be swayed by .Shy- it w ill have to be contributed by arguments which convince thetn ; ifivestment of private funds but that one party or the other spent a lot will have to ' come from more of. their hard-earned tax public sources. This means, of ir c arininlv HMn^tWt" IA *• money than actually necessary, Bourse, state and local "taxes-will • buUd^^dsfaSd 'Jf L%£ ' t M ~ Saturday afternoon a group of i , ... .- lun ps men'and boys interested in the to be spent for park- band there erected a platform il C" 111* I** »i »V '*ir*/H r» *» nl i-it-x . A i_ .- .,__•_.» * '. i i . i. Trucks Sold lit Past 2 Weeks ['New cars and trucks continued to move out of dealers' showrooms in Kossuth county at a good pace during the past two' Weeks. A total of 40 new vehicles were licensed during the period at the county treasurer's office. Owner's are: . i „'!''• ,',-•,.. , &.,FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES JUNE 22, 1939 • ••'•*' * - «r" ' ' .'•"•'• ' Same ' SO SOON FORGOTTEN—It's main . ' ~ ~; ' ' —••— • — • •»»»••••» »^<-v/ii- ? w , ' , . .1;?v -"-mei- ^v;iU |) lclv v; iu uu syciiu iur iparK.- hanrl thprp prprtPri n nlntfr\»- doggling enterprises in the name of education. lca! ^ kn .°w that'we still have an i ng) sc hools, urban redevelop- the vaS lot between the . .. Yes, by all means, let us have good public - satellite circling the world., -rrient. .-hichwavs. flood Control n ffi,, 0 ^^ it, 0 *«,« *^,.~ -M^ schools. But common sense also enters, the pic- Everett Householder,. Lone Rock; R. P., Palmer, Algona; ^."M. Sloniker, Algona; G. J. Ollorri, Algona; M. J; tfahl- hauser, Whittemorej Super) Sweet Feeds, .Algona; J.- A. .Elbert,' Algona; V. ,L. Higgins, Algona; K. J. Thilges, Algona; and G.' T. Berg, Elm ore '. t Butck — W>. H. Jentz, Fenton; Donald Christensen, --Algona; J. R. Vipond, Algona; and Rev. , J. H 1 . Schultes, Bancroft. ; Ford — Keller Bros., Bancroft; L. C. Lewis, Lakota; C. J. McEvoy, AlgoriS; Elmer Dole Co., Irvington (2); Tri-County Drying Assn., Whittemor'e, truck; Mrs Dorothy Higgins, Algona: E. 'M. Petersen, Fenton; and G. P. Haweott, Burt. ,OF DAMAGES - ' , CREEK MARSH . T,ii^i»ii,r»t., ^iiie Sfate Conservation Cotninisfeion v -is ' contemplating certain ' Jinp/oVetnents in Soctions lo und 21 of TOWnship 1 ^/N, 1 Range 20W, KoSsulh CouAty, .Idwa, and, - WttBlJfiAS, &uch improvements in- .•VolVes.-tne Conkil-uction of certain dikes ' .and-^outlet control structures designed ' forithe purpose 'of impounding waters t6 . clvatioti 1125.0, Conservation Cdm- mission datum, and, WHEREAS, in the opinion of ihe said State Conservation it is ncbessary and in the public Interest that the nfore- nmnuonea improvement work be done, aiid. ', -o k " j 'WHEREAS, a survey, engineers report, anu gcnaml plan have been! made jor said umpiovement. ^ NOW. THaREFORfi, 6fe if RE- SOt»VE0, thai this Resolution of I^e- LCSiity be, and is,, hereby adopted •under provisions of Chapter 112 of the iUud Coeie oi Iowa, and that the plan and report above referred to be hereby considered approved as> a tentative plan, and that with the approval of the" Jo\\*S Natural Resources Council, a hearing to be held on June 25; 1959 at U.UU o'clock, A.M. at the off ides 'of the said Conservation Commission, Slate OUico and Laboratory, Building, Easl Sovenih and Couri Avenue, Des Momes, Iov/a,, and at which' agreed time, Or at any time prior thereto, any claim for damages which may be caused by the construction shall be filed.with the said State Conservation Commission. ; • Tne Stale Conservation Commission i Bruce<F. Stiles, Director,, ,10, (Published June 11 arfd June 18, 1953 r , in The Algona (Iowa) Ulpper Des' Moines). ture. There is no reason why education should be given ( an open, check book on the public purse, as the NEA seems to suggest. - •••--• • • .* * * WHERE IS ENEMY? '' Grinnell Herald-Register -^- When one reacts news stories of the inter-service fight over" missiles, one is moved to wonder whether the enemy we're planning to meet is from another country or from within ou> >; -own. More often than not, the bitterness of the Qyer-growing population. Editor C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Director , DON SMITH, News Editor CLIFF LONG, Advertising .Mgr. FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Fdreman NATIONAI ED IT O f* I A L AFFILIATE MEMBER NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave,., New York 18, N. Y. 333 N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH eo, O'h'e Year, In advance '..—^.. _„ $3.00 - Both Algona papers, in combination, per year $5.00 Single Copies -;~ , , , lOc SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH On£ Year, in advance _„ , '• $i|.po Both Algona papers in combination, one year ..I $6.00 No subscription less than 6 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER Display Advertising, per inch , 63c ADVERTISING RATES inter-service lights would tend to indicate that the enemy is located within the armed forces, only in. anotfier" branch'of the service. We fail to understand why the services do not modernize to the extent of getting the missiles , and missile "development into a branch all its own. Certainly such a step would tend to speed up our program. As it now stands, the Army, Navy and Air Force individually pursue their development programs and jealously guard their major breakthrough from each' other, even move so than from other nation's'. Were the missle programs concentrated and the combined minds set to work using the knowledge that each individually has to expend,' certainly we would bp further ahead. Inter-service 1 jealousies- and rivalries have slow dpwh development in the past, are doing the same thing now and will do the' same in the future. The alternative solution still seems to be to make A new branch of the service,'dedicated to tomorrow's world. II seems inconceivable to us that Russian scientists engage' in the same jealousy and bitter quarrels that we are in-. The quarrels only make us forget the ultimate goals and ultimate .objects of the program, and result in our playing second fiddle at a time when first fiddle is all important. ..,.•,*.«*' * i- v Organizp bond lor ih> prorhp^Ton of/'ifte 1 . welfare of. the'small!, town' ard more impof'taht; than ever. When an organization does nothhig, or'when .its member^ are disgfuiitled-.and for various reason do not take an active'.part in them, the or- :gariizat'iori-and the town •s'pb'rtf'start to go,-downhill. We^ can't just ride along and Hope for "business as ; usQ%l," It'is a constant fight to keep Up with our neighbor.— NevO-'ell Mirrod., . ,.. * * •*."'...-." Do you Realize" there's a whole generation of kids growing up who've never seen a.butter churn, a washboard, an ice cream freezer, a button hook, a • Cinecomb, a bootjack, a doffee 'grinder,-,.a snuff box, a lap i-ob'e, a kerosene"'lamp;* a willow fish pole, an organ grinder or even a automobile crank. •*- Remsen ; Bell-Enterprise. a year now <— 1958 to be ax act—Vanguard I silently and unseen ,has been going round and round; 76 orbits every week that passes. Since launching, this satellite has actually jjpntpjeted morelttbanJi';- 000,yey!0*}u,Uaris around <-thg '/ear.Ui.-j i •< This little satellite gets as <;lose ' "\ to the earth as 402 miles but at the farthest point is nearly 2,500 miles from our globe. One of the miracles of science is that we have photographed this tiny six-inch- sphere not once but three times. And not at its closest point but when it is 2,500 miles out in outer space. That'.s Hollywood, Calif. WITH BUDDY MASON the same'as, taking a -picVuVc- df are about to 'have their day in a golf ball 600 miles away. co.urt.'-The court of public, opin- -o ,, iqn; thali is! Writer-producer Lou PREDICTIONS — .Look fqr Russol has thoroughly research? young Robert Kennedy to resign cd the teener problem lor his as chief counsel of the gcna'Cfe ; A',firericyn - International film control office and the drug store. that, but. a concert was presented with the by the band that' night —arid, according to all reports, the music could be heard well in all directions, ,* • * * . The county's Junior Legion .baseball, tournament ..made area fans' ' herads swim., Three teams, Algona, Bancroft and Wesley were entered and the tourney was designed as a round-robin affair. Algona downed Wesley, 4-3, then Bancroft edged Algona, .2-1. Wesley provided a perfect final by turning in a 1-0 win ovef Bancroft, giving,all three;'teams id- Toehaaeri cntical ^ marks. The entire leenagera meet was re - sc heduled the fol- It Just Co'slts Less, that's All ! " 40 MILES PER GALLON? YES! * ' g . • 'j • »*f > , Renault Dauphine Daliyered in t ^ Mason City B.U I C , MASON CITY, IA. 316 No. Fed. Since 1928 GA 3-4415 RENAULT P EU GPOT 23-24 Hogs went' up a trifle on the i; W$6.35.-:Fat steers brought $8.50; start devoting: lull time to., the:, -.who suffer from the misdeeds of presidential efforts of 'his older a' '.'srnaVl .minority. : " Kossuth 'county residents were brother, Sen. John 'IvennMy. Thik in nfa" way" detracts«from ' P? e ?s?d dunrig the .week when ad- Dem.-Mass. Bob' Kennedy ha.'j ; the- last i paced action of hfs ex- c '*^ ona l shnwpr<5 tntaiiinu n n+. . . totalling a lit- 1 Jl 1 \V 1 CC K S . work ahead to push ..the cancli- timing courses dacy of older brother John. FREE FOR THE ASKING — Just write your congress man and he will send ypu a., highly-informative booklet, titled "New 5 Uses for Farm Products." Bulletin and ^hey'^orf- s9 e 8»-ees "June 16, while crs an eyor- ln , , tribute scattered hot-rod parts to . f., ° w I v f .". d eerees two days a littered landscape in s^ectacu- A *» ! nch ^ was «8' ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St. Prtone CY 4-317tt BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY j un „ r * - 'H al Stewart (he had a pretty \Far from being a message pic- good little dance band)'had been ture, "The Ghost of Dragstrip lured to play for the Thursday Hollow" contains just about ev- night dance at Algona Country publish? cry thing that coaxes teeners in- Club. Dancing was to begin at c - . ,.. ~. ,. ,, ai ' "Gseracn tp movie houses. Somehow, Lou 10 p.m. bervice. It tells ail-about the R US sof has managed to plausibly * * * ' ' ori h hn ed by the many new ways and prolitable j nc i ude good teenage clubs, hot Dickie Dahl, 2, son of Mr and markets for oroducts. disppsing of , arm teener bands, ro-ck 'n roll music, Mrs Martin Dahl of Swea City, a horror monster, hot-rod en- decided to find out Monday morn- What They OF THEM REAP TH? Ai©©NA UPPER PIS . Weekly By Over 5,300 "Sneering, a wise-cracking par- m S just, exactly how a washing rot, a flute-playing old maid machine wringer worked. It near- aunt, a girls' pi'jama party, love }y ruined one .of his arms. First, chell, predicting 67,000,000 em- interest, dirty-work-at-the-cross- ' 1 - e learned how to turn on the QUOTABLE QUpTES — Secretary of Labor James P. Mil- aunt, a girls' pi'jama party, love ( -.11 Lines of Insurance Automobile -' D'urmture Loan 7 W. -Dodge Phone C* 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE •; SERVICE, 1 N..Dodge bt. - Jen. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile •>- Farm Polio Insurance •CHARLES .D. PAXSQN Dwelling, Auto, Liaoitity, Lite, 'General Phone CY 4-4512 • S-». -,,,-,--,-.— ...... i 44 v<'>»vvt v»*«k tp i-»¥u**^-tn,L'**v-V*.VJiJi3 *J.1 11 1 i • ployed by October with 3,000,000 roads, a haunted house — com- switcn > tnen when his mother s or le:-s unemployed, goes out on plete -with a dancing skeleton— ba< ? k wasjurned , tm-neji on the the limb and predicts, "I may moving fireplace and restless oil- "'"""""" "" "'"" J ~ say to my friend, George Mcany, paintings, a if this isn't so I will eat that hat masquerade, you said I was talking through." ,b , p ° His' arm was drawn in the shoulder. Xrrays failed teener ghost-party some notable jitter- dancing, pretty gals and .s, just to mention nortlo^do'wirhTv^asran^ 1 machine miuvpstmiT ifoi^c • . ° e,ver, Dickie did receive painful giant AFL-CIO labor organixa- : » few 'TiigJ^iy interesting items, wringer" lion. When 'Mitchell made that He's even sandwiched in one of ~ prediction recently unemploy- the teeners' favorite 'singei-s — ment stood at 5,000,000. It almost Jinimy Madden ~ who intro- looked as though he really, was ducts a catchy comedy number, hungry for a hat. Now it looks , *- * * frnnn l nnn 8t " "' P"**** William Hole display-, W,000,000 -now 6m- -^remarkable, knowledge of our d - Vn ?<»»««« set ^ coaxing splendid i nfin u/-^« „ „» .• ^wMiiftv.* oct •vj' vuuAiug apieiiaiu WOO, Home construction ,^ P formances from his cast, Jody pg up, production and re- g a}r „ comparative new-comer ?1 Ff. c l lmb!n f anc P er - Uwfscssing' everything from DU ploy to ; is tail salps are sonal incomes -are on The rise, .-' —o— THE DEMOCRATIC WAY — Sixty cents out of every dollar you pay : in "taxes goes for de- ft follows then HAMBURGERS BUNS MUTUAL , INSURANCE ASSOCIATION : Over , $74,00,0,000 worth ot hn- torce.'.A'home • ' c'v'mpariy. Sa^ secure. ^, , fhone C* 4-375B', Lola "bcuft ham. Sec'y -HERBST INS. AGENCY For A U W, Hguse,» Household "--ocjs, , and Ma*iy Other : ' Phone' C* 4-3733 ' Ted $,'HerbEt DOCTORS MEi,V!N G. BOURNE; M.- D.- fhyt,ician & Surge'bh lib IM. Moore bt. . Office phone CY 4-2345 Hetiident phone CY 4-2^77 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D, Physician 6i Surgeou ^ib W. State Street, , pfiic,e. phone CY 4-2353 Kfcaident phone CY 4^-2614 " JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & Surgeon. 114 N. Moore Office phone C^' 4-22.24 Resident phone CY 4-2232 JOHN M. SCHUTTEH7 to>7 Physician & Surgeon- 22Cl No .Dodge ,;Algona Ojtfice phone CY .4'44^0 Resident L phone' CY -4-2333 Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold * Chiropractor" • .' Ov^r Penney'si .;•,, Office, Phone -i- QY 4.3373 Hours: 9:00"— 5:00 Open Friday Night . Dr, R> J. Thissen,, Chiropraqtor. . • 17 ^ E. S'tate !5t.;.A}gopa Phone CY 4-302,1 ( riossessing' everything from pyl- chyitude to >pleasant personality, gj'vtes a standout performance,. Th'e cast of teener players includes a very promising m a 1 o lead named Murtin Braddock, i Q ^ *\ - folltws then, that you, R H »S-Bonder playing a reporter should be concemc-d hmv (his instead of a police officer, young money is spent Waste is-one o^ c'orftfecli^ns, Henry -McCann com- the big problems involved in try- pefmg wi'th Leon Tyler and com. mg to keep this country safe ediennes Dorothy Neurhan and from attack. But much of it is Sanita Pelkey necessary. Three services, for ex- • ' • - » ample, have individual programs Leading ihe beauty-bTigade trying to develop the same mis- are Elaine Dupont, Jean Tatum sile. In hussia only one group Beverly Scott and , Judy Howard' would; work-in unison tp produce Memorable 'characterizations are ihe same weapon. So our way contributed by Tommy Igo—not- posts 'three times as much. The ed "teenage hot-rod engineer current light over a weapon to RU'by Smith, Jack Ging, Nancy intercept and knock down Sov- Anderson, Bill St. John and Jet amerconUnenlaJ,boAib.ers is a. Sipjli'wuyd's MPftSter-inan Paul case in point. The Air Force * Btaisdoll. Oh," Yes! We 'almost spent billions to develop ' the forgot Hollywood stuntman and n: inio-sile and tht ; i!U i_ thrill chow dai't.t MIRACLE WHIP AJNPY, ., , 9^nerV' Agent Iqwa, ^arni iviutUta ins. Co. Atfiiialted with fc'arrn Bureau A-uto' (with $ld Deductible) ' ail; - Tractor- , CY 4r3351 C, JSUJJOET .Heprei'enting State Ftirm 1 Ins. Co. none , 4 4-2341 : :0^tiSTS .J, U 6 'NqSfjMopre PHbile CVpUss 1 DR. KARL R. HOfFMAN Office in Home Federal Bide, Qffjge phone. CY 4-4341 New Location On Corner At 622 £. State CY «-2334 Drs. SAWYER arid ERICKSON' Eyes Examined Contact; Lgngep • Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State SJr.'eet' > ._., Algona, I6wa- ' • Phone CYpress 4-2196Hours: 9:00 aim. ;tcr.5:QO p.m. _• Closed Saturday^ ftfternoQtis DR,' C. M, O'CONNOR ' - " Qptomdtrist; ' T.f y» m — i (Home 1 PHONE Fqrm Management Serving Honcoek, Polo Alto & Kossuih Counties,

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