The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1940
Page 6
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SIX Old Timers On Out Give Grounc Yonnpslers Way players nnd to ,..„_,,.., ,,,,-t, 1VI provide for development of Us own rookies In Chnttnnoogn, for instance the Ic.ijn Is owned by tlie fans, whg bought It from Joe Enjel, former Washington scout, at $5 n share Engel retainer! the )>ie5ld<>n;y <nid'i under liif, guidance the C'hulln- 11003:1 team has |jra;rje; ed. • me:, as Ej>sel ;>nd r.nrl Mum, Atlanta Cracker president lire responsible far lurwlnij the Southern Assoclalloj) In.o one of the d.issitbl of the minor clrculls after It Iind served for miiiiy ywirs as a g.'iiveyard for broken-down Science Finds Wrestler Reseiiil)Jcs Ncanderthale C --. On. (UP) — Mjjor league moguls look n tip from Ihc bumper ivory crop in the Southern Associntis.-! lust year nnrt plained heavily in the league for 1310. ap- parc-mly without running nfonl Judge K. M. Landls' rtccnt ";eii- sXHShip" on farms. According to Trammel! ,S;utt. .league prc-.siiie)it, "lhe:-e'.s liot a tnlng in Uie commissioner's riding tiwt alTerts our JiOatla.'ish.ip.; in tlie majors." Scott sairt five clubs in Die eight- team circuit a-oulil bunk on major league" help this year and nt least two—Birmingham n ii:l New OrlMns —would be mads or broken In- material supplied by Natimn'l League members. Cincinnati'botif;>il the Bit-mill*- hain Barons outright afier th<> Dixie club completed its third £traighl disastrous scnsoji in ivhiit. is regarded as one of the best baseball towns in the loop. | New Orleans cflecled working agreement ivith an RCiTON lUI'l-The closest specimen M (),(> si-lenllfic conce in 0' the tire-historic Nttindcrilnl "if." (|uU Ifarvyrd anthropolo-i^t- ever Imve found Is a wrcsiU-r' --' Maurice (The AnyeD Tillei, Jii- -.-. native of Rl.elms, l-Yance «;>d self-styled "world's'' man." I 'I'Jllcl was discovered In .Siim- i yore by former ,«:rir^,3'sSr,s£isI»CF''™'"-- : l?rt£(K\s coining into lho p!''iuii 1 j ol" n "cbimr in " ' ' ' ««•"*«£* *"i > wi^u- JJUUKIIS mjo r-Sjjs ' **' tlie accent will I*'more than ever ^ After n brief c-i'iwr (., I'.in I, ! '!* "" Jf 1 '^ ln FYl>lu-h ' '»» i''** uuti <dr<ei in Unti'.hjls confined lo iiionosyllitblu.s. • Uw. A protuberance nil the bark o! liis lU'i.i! li uboul the sl/c of a g<,ir Ijull. Kxti'iwliiig Iroin tills "binnp" ulon* the back of Ills skull is'n liony "shelf" covered by a triple layer of muscle, This iirmor-plateil head contains a "good,lar^e brain," tlie KClMili.vt.s sny. Ti[>!)lm rcparUdly have liop»;d the walcr wagon on viewing "Ihi- ] Ainjc-l." but fiowsor .says"lit- is j kindly acllng — like an f •-' IKKs.'bll.'ifos ; bulldog, ills voice booms and , -Others Have Not Bui Lxpcclod To Fa!! In Giuliani; Rookie InfleWcr Jim Pell flL"? 10 , , !s dlM «»'n«i w«n tcmis offered him; Travis. Torres, M- JJolnto aud fintcnski. The Cleveland tHdjnns have (hire i payers unsigned. Johnny Allen imcner, last, year completed n two yPiir comma at $20.000 a seawii. I Ins year it is reported lie's asm,)./ n "at salary of 115,001) and also a "onus clause depending 'on i,ie mimbcr of gnmes he wins, johnny SSSTS 'URSDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1940 for Coca Cola, 8HJI1C of Pe ieo r1 5' - h««ted Pepsicola its defeat, and «| so fragc of 224 per man. Guard mar. Henderson Hall's 22« nveva-, was high for the night. Pepslcc was led by Jimmy Sanders wh an average of 180. ; IJBgnw coming into itie picnic, i of n "ch™ ,ioi " W™ m *»* ; »«>"1°2- m, voice booms and mps! N ™ YORK, jvb. M . lwt _ Vn . «« Athloilcs have four ,,,en „„- tlie accent will to'more than ever ^ After n brief c-i'iwr (., .'.in hi" " .r"'^ "' Fwiu ' hl liis EntflMi i''** '« Sets some imeaneclccl hc'» ^ncd_catchc-r Frawk Jiayw o.«on yomii ana syec-d In ihe ScutD-i ami fte -h ri ,« i» 0 (,., r l\to,il[,,r ;( i lo monosyllables. Uiz/.y .Deim may be the only i - "'«' ^-"O anU wants $15,000 and "S |0 7 ilo brin-to '"t e ' t ° ' I l^i'Irt 1 ,, !l ° i A ' 1UCl " " ls " :norc Ul; ' n CUS " Ol<lma of tht 1340 taetoll I' ltchcrs G W f 8c casta, LvZ'N"|. Kotuhi-rn fans this sniin^ will) Slate wl,w S.e Am; ,in I !''°° °" lnal ' y nlm '" washl "« <lm » MilS °"' unsc ' Jll ; S cn and E-j i, CUSCr . j, 1 ^.^ ,"', dirnle their atte.- : iion uef.veeu (he (.started T he v rf -. S -, ,, " " 1Dills wil!l " r ' ot cr '•<>«•"•• : Ot " lore "«"' ^00 plnycr.s on i °" Iy UI1C v;t '°''l probably yive Con! IH-nnnnl chase In lliolr own UMS,WC , lioslon was nejr'iitimr-iiiiiJ ""v.'.sc-r cays he cats n : Ulc .'osmrs of iho 10 major IM-IIC I me at ' k *">' Irouble.' mid the prosress of Dixie ••iiliimni." 1 luf-v n r „ ' ,.„. •>•"«>»» I'lrougn turkey with all the "lllxln's" nfn-..' <lul;K . ""ly about inn ir.,,,-,i., ,"., • progress O f Dixie "ulmnnl," duel of wiiwii Is Bill Mic:hol«on, with Die (Jhrnjio Cubs. ' NWiolson, a home run clouler otBlil S35.COO into the collm al rnoulh's Chiittimooxa lad yciir iind durhi ' the mcith lit played with ihe Cub it the end of me seusou he dem.m stratetl he could handle bl- li'inim pitching. " h Other players moviiiit lo Ihi majors from the Southern inchicii Herman Bpssa, i,, nky ,, nrt side huvl- er, from Memphis to Phlliulelphlr or. n iieplien- of (lie Icijendary Neil (Rijcker, from Allncta to the tto a close i ' or!f Olnnls; Ijfl'seman rj n bc the at, ; ""Hi's from Knoxville lo (he , I.ouis Cnrdinuls, w)io are re|)ort«l.' Giants, and second baseman A drawing away from their wide- i labeling from All.intn to the Atli l spread farm practices lesl Ihcy become involved in n ••covcr-iip" such as thai ivliich prompted Judse l-i' turn loose lialf a million dollars worth of Detroit prospects. Other Tics Looser Three other Southern loop clubs have looser understandings with major league powers — Nnshvllie With Brooklyn, Llltle Rock with the Boston Red Sox and Knoxville with the New York Oinnts. Atlanta, Chattnnooya and Memphis liava no such connections but in each city the ball club is- n going concern, nblc to offer cash for Dillman, Welck Are Winners veteran to the // — says the majority! This "DOUB!,E-HICH" whiskey is the largest Celling straight 15ourhon whiskey in the world. "rjyunmlts Joe" Dillman Greek (-nippier, returned Blythcville nrenn Insl night , m d trimmed Floyd Byrd In a two out- of three fall match. Dillman, after S (lie first via the front crotch nnd body slam, polished off the Birmingham meanic I n -straight (nils. He used Ihe body phi to Inke the second and iSrish n-liips and body pin for the third Rough Lee Meyers won the flrsl full of his nmlcli with Joe Wcldi but lost the succeeding falls nnd Hie match. Meyers scored with the Jim I/mdos toe hold in '5 mitiule.s- then Welch rctaiiatoci by taking the second in 10 minutes with double leg lock iind jack knile and finally concluded the malcl),,by tossing Meyers with a sliii; In the jn«- nnd a body pin. TJmc of th c . ,/jnai full wns I6 uii/iiite.v. lack of n colorful performer. 1'i-r- motcr raul n ora .,. / igure(1 .. (hf j,; •(-;;, Angel" could supply iho i.ecM.ssry ! a.i a!iot in the arm lo tin- sport. Bowsur, who skyrocketed D.ut- CHis .Sonnwitjeri; to fume j smipped nt the cham-e ol » wli>n- Illic eslliiuile of Tillci. lie iirranjed a meclhiv lietweo i ihc wresller and (lie nnlhropoloakls in a v vm . luisUim. Wi'lglw 270 |' U is 'I'licy weighed him and found that though he only stood r, fwl SM inches, he tipped Ihe beam nt a7U—moslly all bone ancl muscle They measured his bones Thev prodded his muscles. They peered between his cavernous jaws. And finally they X-rayed him. Prof. Earnest A. Hooton, fu m »d Harvard|xilo|>!sl, suid that the distortion of Tillefs face nnd the enlargement nf his hea'l ver<> due to a pituitary aland condition But lliouHh this condition should tend lo weaken him. m e s «i e ntl K Ls found Hint the man was ihc "riulntcsseiicc of physical power " Here me some oilier meusurcnents: chest \i inches plus neck !»',-! inches, width of face 7!' iielies, length of face 14 inches ' lillct's skull is of extraordinary hlckness. Por example, his frontal sinus Is la-iulv nn inch in daplh. with all the "fltxh's" ufK; tlu1;s - only about loo remain rn- I In his few m«l-.:hes here., i! (si'«l today and Dean is the only defeated his opponents with > one v;1 '° l'-'*s publicly piod.-ilmed he ' irclin^ movement, populailv ls " l " 1 ' 1 " 1 "' ' and i>ro;x!ily termed a "bear Ini^ To add lo his gruesome nnpi-a'r'- nnco. a half dozen of hi b 'rmm teeth arc ml-sinK. TIMcl>iii,,. : ' ""' " Ri ™ i "'" i <» 1 - r n " ™"'" i <» 1 - »^..i! nost to ""«- ^ loosened them with a kick. Ho sni-s lca B"e o«'ccs K lie Ktopprd to puil them ont iwiorc ^'''"'SlUB m new c Their: may be more to l-.eep "Ole Hi'." company bin, ihey won't become official until spring training f!|iens, which is around March i fdr most learns. The word from major that each mall is wreslllii'r -'•'•"•"-" ; "—•""" '"'"" •- "-'"••"° "" contrac 's and lhal winning *..v uu ,,^. |., M, Tillet wrestles in typical stand-! v/lll 'i> Irafnhig jitarts up European style. Wrestling os- i '''"c "drolt Tigers' already have pwts sny he has u sound kiowl-l' 1 " ° r their 3B players sianed and of all the waist, head and arm|"'f Philadelphia Phillies | mvc one ,, •. ,. , j' 10 «°-C ! »s Sulir, who always was lie Is the only son of fairly well- '»'c wili) liis contract when he oil parents, iris father wns a' "'--'' ' " engineer In Russia's Ural nioiui- , re ;,n dozen players me out of the fold IJlayexl for Pittsburgh. The New York Giants sill! have Ihc de . the scl could slip n around his bu A slender disagreed, lie stepped nobody ;e chest. Harvard up. • ».««> Browns have 22 (tracts out . - imllmbsrod u pair of lcles:oplc arms and ap- Plied Ihe full nelson in approved wre-sllliii; .style. "Well," snld Bowser, "mavue you're not Ions out of a tree yo'ur- riort a growing lotnl daily. J( ,ry nave nine to go Gordon, Rolfe, Di- They Henrlch, Dickey, RiifVlng, and rookies Chariak and It Florida Snowman Rides Rails to Tragic End ST. PETERSBURG; Pla. (UP)— Tills Is the trajjic story of Seaboard, South Florida's first and probably the last snoiv mini. Seaboard had two strikes on him from the start. He wus sculpted by railroad workers from snoiv scrapEd off the munli;? gear "of the Orange lllossom Special, which had ccme through the Soutli's, worst blizzard since 1899. Tims Seaboard hail n grimy ami be-sootcd comneimnce and lopped by n hobo's hal, he was n sorry spectacle indeed. And after two hours of Florida sun, there wasn't any more Seaboard. KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS KARY CHICKS L. K. Ashcraft Co. 1'1,'RINA FEEDS J'honc 151 Today's • Sport Parade DENT.T ANAHEIM. Cnl., Feb. 20. IUP)~. Odd sort of fellow, Benny McCoy For a baseball player, tlm! is No red neck, no open polo .shirt no chew of lobncco, no eyes for llic hotel cigar counter eiri no over-developed muscles from yanking Ihc handles of a slot machine &v tllpping ihe plunger nf :i nln tall Rume. '• Jusl a o.iilet sort of boy, with a mop of blond hair, n shy smile and llic sort of clothes and Marx build for live trnde. lie wns walking (| le streets llonal League bidders ,,,.^ ciniwtl and Pittsburgh. They 01- fered him $W,000 and $ 10,000. The price he put ii|xm himself of- Pilse if the Yanks ami .some of $30,OtD and StO.COO—"nnd Dial wns was Rfmid i had mnde"uic Ui'cTtco nigh," he said. "But, I figured I tmild come down easier thai! I could go up." He's a litlle sore at Elll Terry because of the crack the Gifuits' malinger was supposed to have made. Bill, someone told him criticized him for refusing to sigii with any team that wouldn't Biiar- nnlee him u job n s regular second iMsenian. ' : "I never demanded llia't,"- 'McCoy said, "i just wanted to go wllh a club where I could have a cliaiiCc to piny nil the tune. I won't, lie lo of Anaheim when I found him. Stopping here lo peer in u win- acw, pausing here to tnhe n look at. the assorted articles in a hnrd- ware store display, "Yo>.. Benny McCoy?" I asked. ; 'uh-huh, r m BL-nny. Why?" "I'd like lo Inlk lo you. Let's go back to the hotel." "Okay; What yon vvnnla know?" I wanted to know the same imiijjs a thousand sporls re- porltrs must have wanted to know nbout Benny since Judge Landls declared him n free tigonl i\nd he got a $-15.000 bonus and n two- year contract tor S10.0CO a season from the Philadelphia Athletics. He answered Ihein nil. He thinks he's lucky; one baseball player in n million who got the big break. Ten clubs bid foi him, five from each league. The phone started ringing i e n minutes after Lnndls cnst him free. The offer was from Washington --$30.000 bonus for signing and ild.OOO n year. The biggest Na- n~ , ,,'Tr,' yOHl ' J ' l1st ou ' nlt sec the sense t nit Hart S. in signing up with a team that the couservn- s already had a second baseman who was established, who I'd liave r lo fight for the job. I'm no star. Get that straight. I kiiow I'm not, I'n just 23 mid learning. • This is niy first start as a regular on a major league leiim. Mr. M nck undci- stands the way r feel. Ke knows J'm cti n spot from the publicity I got ivlion Judge Landls set me loose. Mr. Muck (old me coining out here on the linin tlmt the other clubs have 100 per cent attendance now and nre releasing the announcements piecemeal for publicity purposes. Ycstcrdav for example, the Yanks reported" iliree new ones—Dahlgren, Murphy awl Donald. Many clubs slaved off holdout trouble by anticipating player demands and giving o,,t raises, notable increases going to Charlie Keller pMhc Yankees; Dob Feller and In- liie Manila Selects Warrington, Ramey; Sbavvnee Invites Two Manila Girls The Shawnec girls of joiner will take two Manila players when they go to the district Northeast Arkansas Amateur Baskclball League tournament nt Ti-umann, Peb °2« .1 was announced today. ' " ' I Each county winning team is allowed to select two extra players from another team and She Joiner team chose Preida McDonald and Pauline Nunally for their cohorts Jomei won the right, lo partiei-' tmtc by defcntin.; ihc unbeaten Vaibro girls. The Manila boys, who won llu rielit to enter the district tilt b\ defeating Osceola. will take Ramei °' Osceola and Dan WarringUm a Hiibbaixt Hardware of Blythevllle for extra players. The boys" touma- Head Cairler News ivnnt nds. ^!l Kr.on- I, scril.,',1 InnJi „'„ )', l.M Ot DUAJNAOK T\X NOTICE nalir'T'i'!'''i ""•""•""' "-' "".*' °' tli1 ' '"llnwin* <1 held at. Joncsuoro ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City LOANS LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS -LONG TERMS FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Investment Securities Osceola, Ark. i STANDARD TIRES a* •OTHER SIZES fROPORTIONATELY IOW LOW PRICES! AT TODAY'S As Cftc Per Week Low As On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. . - - -•• ~..v- 1 1 u m ufl il didn't expect me lo be the best in the business. He' (old me • not to worry auout anything. But just to play ihe best I knew hoiv nnd thai he would string along with me. no mailer what happened." McCoy was high In his praise for Charley Oehrlnger. the grcal Detroit second haseman whom he spelled in 55 games last year "He langhi me a lol," Benny snid. "He never iciuntcered any Information but whatever I asked him about aou he patiently explained to me." McCoy hns a tremendous admiration he?" he get balls B ood for for Jce Gordon, Ihe Yankee second baseman, too. "He's a marvel, isn't said. "I have -wen him (mil you'd swear were hits." But the real low-down on McCoy came from the other Athletic players and the nciv.spnpomnn who came on the tram th «t brought the squad into swing training quarters late tost i'iMit The team Is for him to n man' There Isn't one of them, even to llic oldesl, mast distinguished rcg- nlnr, who isn't pulling tor n, c kid to come through. There is ]!0 one who is jealous of him. or one begrudges him ihe public has been his for Uic p weeks. He wns the center ol attention on ihe irip W CM. Whenever (he Iniln slopped hundreds of persons gathered and railed for McCoy. Even the old •-•ui,.., uws L • tiii;i Mel Harder of the Cleveland dians, mid several players Cincinnati Kcds. The Reds, licked four straight, in the world scries by the Yanks still have four players unsigned-Myers Lombard!, Berger and Riggs-but oencral Manager Warren Giles said "none cnn be classed as holdouts. '• Myers and Lombard! arc im- (lerstood to wanl more inotiev wliile Riggs and " —• contracts them, an material. St. Louis' Cardinals have 13 plny- ers still unsigned but the only two _ ... txiKcled to cause trouble arc Jce ! Denver Colo lUcJn-ick and Don Padgelt Med-' K-ek bus conferred with Cardinal Berger, who received but haven't, returned : regarded as possible trade menl. will Feb. 26-27. Eighteen counties will be represented in the two lom-nameiiLs reams from Polnsett, Craighead Ulltemlen, Mississippi. Cross Lawrence. Independence, Randolph and Greene comities will ploy at Tru- maim with the first game being played lit S o'clock in the morniii" and piny continuing until night Winner of the district contest will go to Little Rock where the stale tournament Is to be held March H- 10. The state winner will go to SI Joseph, Mo., for the national finals. Tennis from Independence Clav Poimell, Lawrence, Lonoke.' Ran-' oolph, Jackson, Fulton, Mississippi Greene, Sharp, Crlltcnden. C railhead. Cross, Cleburne, Stone and Izard counties will enter the Soys' - e oys meet which will consume two day.; The district winning boys teams will go to Conway March 4- 5, o for the state meet, which will be followed by the district winner;; pnr- ticlpaline in (lie national meet at ; and linsn't signed—but t.e Hasn't, snirt he's n holdout, either year he was supposed to have been cut $2.500 lo $17.500 and is understood to be asking that the cut- be restored. Padgett rctrncd Ms contract unsigned ami ii's not known whin ] le was olferwl or vvhiil. he ivnnts. No other curds arc expected to cause trouble. The Brooklyn situation is a mystery. Pitcher.-; nnd catchers nlrciidv arc in c:imp but most prominent absentee pitcher is Luke HanHin a 20-pini5 winner. The new Brooklyn policy is not lo announce slgni'.igs. I Sinclair, Company M Win Bowling Matches Marching roughshod over a luckless Coca Coin sextet, the powerful Sinclair oilerr, added another game lo their victory column Friday night at the Plainer Alleys. Sinclair's IJert Looney lopplctl 899 p| ns , or an average of 225 per gome. C. A Tftut scored a 292. highest single game of mulch play t a j^e la- gronc Whittle's 17C average was holdouts bin Pirates Imve no kno-v.i four players still are v ^*in j tJ o ,-jLlll HI ( unslgiied-Vniigbn, Handley. Klin- gcr nnd Uauers. Vaughan and Klinger ma.v be riimcult. The Boston DMS still have to sicn Poscdel. I'icehotn, Clemeiw Warst- Icr. Schuster, nnd Miller but all are expected lo come lo terms soon Biggest trouble in the National League appears to be shaping r.p for the Chicago Cub.,. Thev still have to .sign uenn, Hack, Leil/cr (a perennial holdout when he was wnh the Oinntsl and Gahm Dean, who received $20 000 for Binning six and losing four last year, was offered S10.000 "Diz" sj'-s ic won't pitch tor less Ihan 515 Olio °" K I,,, ^L C ^ y Br - Vilnl - wll ° ™'c)v- who ^^- m >" st »™r and had finlrtincr i^iii .- .-,,. t.. _. ni at few , . - - "'VI .lulMct, Connie Mack, was forced u> take second place. "He wns perfect every |j w j, c was called on to say n tew H0 rds or show his face; a new^,,,.,;,,,,,,, told me. "He didn't Mvafv- «"l he didn't overdo the modesu-'biisi-' nca. He's just a swell kill ; u ,. u . s Legislation in Malaya Encourages Civilization SINGAPORE. (UP)—-!-],,, of Indian and Chtncse hbou-rs Malaya sre to be rnca m ,i- M |' 10 [orm trnde unions as a ir'nit O f Icelslntlon Introduced n, n ,» Straits Settlcmeiits. Tlie new legislation, \vhs--n i»o- vides for Indiistrinl Albil , a , courts, as well as the recotmton of workers and cmptoytrs- \rnri Nations, Is the result of U,o l-ibor policy adopted by th c C'l'-i-iini Ofnco. . ,. •' ." ... nuu I]]IQ u-Jf.'ll holding out agnhisi p. reported 50 per cent cut this year, walked into Owner Phil K. Wrtglcy.s omcc yc-s- icrdny and signed his contract, lerms of thc contract were not disclosed. Leiber. Hack and Gakm linvc not said how much thcv think hcyre worth, but add that whf.t they ve been offered isn't enough. Over in ti, c American League, Ihe Chicago White Sox also arc kcep- go. including Pitcher Thornton Lee. The Boston Red Sox have Hve imomctal holdouts—Wilson, Ostci- mueller. Flcviug, Cramer nnd Fin- ne.v. The Washington Senators have seven-Pitcher Dutch Leonard (asking $15.000 against $7.000 Inst year); HERE'S JIFFV ROLLING— TASTV SMOKING! I'- .1. Min-ii,; 's-i-.. •'" ' ln I-. S. .MJ'tlipll—.\\vi- "vt-i! J'- S. Miu-li,]]—SKii -y^i""" " H <;iirl Orn-n—N"^ yg,,. ' ^ ,-- -- ™ Florida Itr'as'—SH-K' -] n Ino K i" a i"~l:: i' 1 ^"^^rvKir:: i? l."Wu' Bnar^v' * I*\U KK I'™ '' " '.' I.pvri. Jlnnnl—ll.,l. KV,~K\\ ( 'i' Sr 1.,'V..,. nnanl-Prl. N -i,." K „, , ;J >'. H. Iltiliinsoii—Nffv. ff- J. ». (tin,-, i-M_ s .,.-NVr/ ;' ,i. T. ,),,i,, lw ,,-i. 0 , 2- X n,\;' - i" Blok Twp 11 n U U I-I I I If, I') Rfje Acres MOI 11 'Jil.:i(i II 2o If, 11 n> 11 10 11 4il Tot 11 I 1 U I1 Lil WITNESS Illy hniul - •'- T. f'oMoii. Attorney. f,,,- o., (I,,-, ,i n y. (-vi 1UKVKV MOIIHIS. IllfSCSlSlsi;fH''S Klli-n ltrv»,,— XE Klk-n Hrj-Hii— SK w . ••:. n™,!',,r.i KII. flarron— tt'ij X |. : Nw li. (;.-irr,-:(. — \VV" St 1 VU' !-. S. MiirtHI-^XK SK " .-. S. MllrLrll— .NW XK _ ).. S. .Mi.rlM-ll— SK XK J.. S. .MiK-hrll— SH' NK Aliii-rlMn Onirsl l.iff t,,.; o V V1 K. [.: HK SNV <"•. 0. lli.M,or,l — fv Unkntrti-n— r>|. SK sw lt'il,,-rcrt I'.ilu-rsiui — .Sf-: SL- I' Hro*. — SK H\V V'urHa Urns.- s\V K\V " !!,""•"; w '"'' — s :i;l " A.-. r'',r:.l^ HNI.-. — vv vif n,,ri,lB Itrns.— SW NW _" •'. T. .. Bfoj. ..... snv N -%v ....... .i.1 iit,, : .— XK s-\v " f'kirldn )Ws.— ,VW NW » X '<"1'1» Bru,. ..... .SK MV ...... ' KloriJn Ilni,.— «\V , s c«ri Ur...-o— \i.-. X .."r I!. II«ktr—E L'-i r. .'«' II. »»krr-K 2.1 A'.-. S • i-vru ll,,,,n.--\V ,,| 1,. -\1tfirnoy. Head Ccvirlcr News NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 ft>r Prompt Laundry Cleaning Service No other tobacco like P. A. for fast, neat, tasty smokes! iJLLa paper with Prince Albert "crimp cut" tobacco. See how even it lays - feel how smooth it Is in. Don't even bother twisting the ends up. Prince Albert is smooth on your tongue, too. "No- bite" treated to give you rich, full taste with mildness. Get onto P.A. today! 70 GOOD DEMAND FOR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON Phone or Write Us New Gco. H. McFaddcn & Bro's Agency E. C. PATTON, Agent I'-O. «ox 218 Grand Leader Bldg. Phone 2-1S SERTRY COAL , tcr5 CVfRV ROO.M THE SAMl UNIfOR*. TEMPCRATURE lln« roll- your-own cltarenoi In evary handy tin of Prince Albert THE NATIONAL JOY SMOKE r <Wrt!.I8RR..r. H, r .v,Mi™>if« Cooper $7 GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. (ft? I-. !•>">«'« Y'

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