The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 18, 1959 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1959
Page 4
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4-Alfiono (to.) Upp*r THurt«Jay, Jim« 18, 1919 •ocietv Paula Gerike To Wed Here Joly 11 Rev. and Mrs G. J. Gerike, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter^ Paula, above, to Robert Brown, " son of Mrs Florence tBrown, and the late Loren Brown." The wedding wJll take place July 11 at 2:30 p.m. in Trinity Lutheran church here, Bishop Here June 21 Rt. Rev. Gordon V. Smith, DCS Moines, Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Iowa, will make his annual visit to St. Thomas church Sunday, June 21. Mr and Mrs H. W. Miller, Mr and Mrs D. E. Dewel and Mr ana Mrs Don Hutchison entertained Dr. and Mrs M. G. Bourne and their soh-in-law and daughter, Lt. and Mrs Kirk Hayes, Mr and MrlJ Eugene Murtagh and their sqn^ in-law and daughter, Mr and Mr^ Richard Thoresen, Santa And, Calif., ahd JXidge and Mrfe G. W. Stinman and their sons-in-Ia\tr and daughtpnt Mr and Mrs John Morrill, Middietown. Conn., and Mr and Mrs Dan Jones, Motmt Vernon, at .6:30 dinner. Monday evening, Mrs Will Hoslm Mrs Fred Will entertained her Thimble club members Monday afternoon. Family Picnle"*He"id A family picnic was held Sunday, Juno 7 at the Mr and Mrs Dale Light farm home near Albert Lea, Minn. In attendance Were the following from this area: Mr and Mrs John Rich, Mr and Mfs George Rich, Mrs Nettie Rich, Mr and Mrs Dan Fischer, -Mr and Mrs William Drayton, Mr and Mrs Charles Dunn and the respective families. Ruth Ann Flshttr, ft Mrs Dan Fisher, gave a party Monday night, JUnC 8,, honoring the fifth birthday of her daughter Ruth Ann. Guests were -Mr and Mrs John MdNeill, Mr 'ahd Mrs John Rich, Mrs Elsie Lijrtdeman, r oan and Gayle Rich; Mr and Mrs Glen Sabirt and faTriilyj Mr and Mrs William Dray tohV, Mrs Nettie Rich, •ahQ^^Ropfa't Ward and children,, of ;Page, Ar'iz. > v •• : . •-. -^' ••'-'•••• • -•• Wedding For Lone flo'dfe Rock — Mr and Mrs Charles Morris of Lone Rock will observe their 50lh Anniversary Sunday Juher 21, with a family nmfter ana an informal open house .later at the Lone Rock Prefsbytefian cfftirch froth '2:30 Id 5 fc.nt. No special invftalions are being sent and everyonfe is incited lo attend the open hDuse. Mr and Mrs Donald Radig attended the 50tK anniversary of Mr and Mrs Floyd Torgercon in Bode at the Ltitherlsifi church Sunday. ' Perry Radig is'^isltfrtg in the John Schallm riofftej M, . O. Hieharff -took their daughter-in-law, Mrs Prank Rich- »r.ds of Garher, to meet her-sister and Hiothetv Mrs -Alfred Ditsworth -in Austin,-Saturday. Mrs Dohflld Ra*di£ attended a shower in Che Letts creek church for Viola Berningbaus Monday night. , '.,; , Mr and Mrs glaif Bellinger and family visited Sunday in the Kate Bollinger fcofhe jst Fenm. Mr and Mrs Herman Kramer were Suttday Duetts in the Roy Telford home at Ottosen. . Mr ,and Mrs J^awrence Dittmef went to,Rochester Friday to get their daughter Mary Ann, Mr and Mrs Emil Person's son, John, and his friend tfroyle ftan- sen were Sunday guests. Sunday guests in the Emil Per* son home were Mr and Mrs Carlos JBngelby and family of Swea C4ty and Jratty Person from Des Mb'irfes. Mrs Emil Person and Mi- and MrS Donald Nellsen and family were Sunday callers in the Ralph Hammefstrom home. The Ralph. Bierstedt family at tended the Bible School at Burt Sunday. • Mr and Mrs Ralph ..._. attended the wedding of I Wegcner to Jerry Wait&at ville Friday evening. ~ Mr and Mfs WftynetMtye Sunday Callers in tht * Hovey home. ' '" Lavonne Thomsen, daughter of Mr and Mrs Ralph Thofnsen left Wednesday for 4-H Convention-/ Mr and Mrs Leo Ramus and Linda were Sunday guests in thfe Dave Weber home. Mr and Mrs Wayne Decker oiE LuVerne and Johnny saUsbuff of Fenton were Sunday callere iti th'e Darryl Householder home. Mr and Mrs Leslie Baxter o»nd Alvin were visitors Sunday Ih thte Dale ,eft,. fof girl*; ffll sttmmer. Nancy. ">isc State ttt t&U : Mr and Mrs IBM fafritly 1 ; Iowa City with the Phil Garrys. """ Mr and -Mrs J;tinior Hulburt aftd Bandy were Sunday caller* iti the Alfred SchadeMorf home. Mrs Junior Hulburt. aftd Rahdy visited Thursday in the Kenneth Fischer hdmejh Bancroft. ' ' Raymond GTteH from Cascade, Sdlof ado, visited Monday With Mrs Mary Oe^trich. ^ , Mrs Ida Lieb, Mr ahdMrs ftein* ard Lieb of Algcfha, aftd Mr 'ana tol^i^nd _ jesea N. Y» s ate ± vBitittg"with M« Maty Genrich. t M? aid Mts Howard^ Blaftehard iffid Sally* MrS Ruth Kfuegeir, Mr and Mrs Ed Blanthard aSd Mrs, HanserL.And Jamil^ ..^fete fsday gusSs itt &e Marf;cen-, hofft%. , Haftte_ _„ , aftd Marifeta ahd. callets ift the Mar- home ift, JUftgSted -Sunday. ,. IT'S A FAMILY TREAT! Guild To Meet St. Thomas 'Gjuild will meet Thursday aflemon, June 18, in the social rooms of the church. Hostesses will tie ,Mrs Abbie Tjaden and Mrs W. Laage. Mrs Wheeler, 90 At Fort Dodge Sunday the nintieth birthday of Mrs J. N. Wheeler (Opal) of St. Petersburg, Fla., was celebrated at the home of her daughter, Mrs Doris Smith, who was assisted by Mrs Lucille Ley, Lakota. A family dinner was held at noon at which Dr. and Mi's M. G. Bourne were guests. Mrs BOurne is a niece of the hon- o-ce. Open- house was held in the sHernoon at which Mrs. W. W. Annis and daughter Beth Were in attendance. Now you Know! The answer io "everyday insurance problenis* ~ By L. S. Bohannon THE LOW PRICES t i bAYINTHEWEEk AT FAtfEWAY BUTTERNUT COFFEE CHARMIN DINNER Kniiters Meet ^ . . Members of the "Knitting Club" met Tuesday fo"r a pM-luck picnic dinner at ; Mrs Hugh- Raney's. Mrs Redfield Guest The R.S.B.C. met Tuesday with Mrs 1 Betty Galbraith. Mrs , Meda Redfield of Des Moines 'was out of town guest. NAPKINS DUNCAN MINES ANGEL POOD CAR WlLbERNfeSS APHfe AND DRENCH APPLE PIE MIX 2 EM!RALD : -f .-.•''-''' ,*•*'•'x '' 'j . '' : W A LIM U T S 3OZ.PKG. NO. 2 CANS QUESTION: Does it pay the ordinary home owner io have his whole insurance program checked over the way I under-stand business firms do occasionally? ANSWER: Certainly.' These iays many coverages can be combined' with substantial pavings. Also a survey by a really good agent/ can determine the correctness of your coverage • and probably save you 'money. Joey Bernardo Is 3 Mrs Vincent Bernardo entertained-'at a jparty Wednesday afternoon honoring the third birth- Hay of her son Joey. Guests were Mrs Ted McDonald and Bobbi, of Green Hills, Ohio, Mrp Richard Sallier, Sinda , and 'Diane, Mrs Charles Benson,,Debbie and Bret, Mrs Alton Hbchleau ancl Kristie,, Mrs Howard Stephenson and Jeff, Mrs Eugene Schattschnelder Salley and- Kyle, the h'onbr'ee's Brother Billy and Shelly 'and the grandmother and aunt Mrs' M. H. Fab and'Sheila. The women Sbent the time socially and the cnild'- rcn played games. . Ex-Resident Weds Mrs O. E. Butterworth.-'former- y -of Algona, and -M. L. McCormick were "rnarl'ied Monday, Juric 1, in St. Elizabeth church at Oil- woi'th, nearfe .Mporehead, Minn. MRan^Mrs\fMcCqrrnick arrived Ih'rogona several 'day^'ago & will remain for an indefinite, "period, then re'tiirri "to ' thefr -Minnesota home. ; V , • * if you'll address your own insurance questions to this office, we'll fry to give you the correct answers and there will be no charge or obligation of any kind.. GOLD MEDAL 5 LB. BAG 10 LB. BAG HEINZ KETCHUP 5 ' < -<. - . '•r l.OO STOKELY or DEL 'MONTE SUGAR PEAS 3 • • -' • MP : , DOLE CfRUSHED or TIDBIT PINEAPPLE 211 CANS GEDNEY'S SWEET /• » PICKLES y QUART . JAR WAXTEX WAX PAPER 120 FT. ROLL HILAND PACK HI - C HEARING OF DAMAGES BUFFALO CREEK 'MARSH Due to the fact tlie date of the hearing has been changed as advertised in this newspaper 'June 11 &, 18, this correction is 'HbW being published. . Notice of the new .date for this Public Hearing will be -published, at a 'later date.' ' ' ..-•."'• The ' State Conservation '.Commission. Bruce F. Stiles, Directors. ' ' --, ; (Published June 18. 195fl.-in The Algona (Iowa') Upper 'Des Mdlnes). NOTICE OF HEARING ON APPLICATION FOR EXCEPTION OR VARIANCE FROM THE 'ZONING ORD. •• : -v ^'"' -\v:.: •.!'•-: "!-•' :.•'•..'.',•" I Public notice . is hereby given that the application of Mrs Fred -Wegner, whose address is 221 S. Ridgley, for a variance from the Zonii>g Ordinance to permit a porch to be constructed which would bring the house closer 'to the IpJ. line than the Zoning <Ord. allows "has been sche'duled ^for- heaclne before trie Board of Adjustment of the City of Algona. Iowa, .on.^the 2Sth day of June, 1959, at S o'clock A.M., 'at 'the City'-Hall in Algona, Iowa.. The: applicant and any other interested;: parties are requested to be present at that BOARD OF ADJUSTMENT By; James H, Whittemorc • •Secretary, -, * (Published June 18. 1059 in The Al- goaa (Iowa) Upper Des Moinds). _ IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT DELICIOUS FROZEN FOODS 46JOZ. CANS BONELESS ROLLED DELICIOUS EXTRA IEAN CHIPS FULL POUND PKG. PET EVAPORATED MILK LGE. CANS GARDEN FRESH ICE CREAM * , FASTCO HORMEI/S 1ST GRADE THICK-THIN or REG.' Ib. GAL. FRIDGIDETTES FROZEN or 10 OZ. PKG, L S. BOHANNON 6 N. Dodge CY 4-4443 Gems From Di Lead, Zinc, and Titaniam WHITE EXTERIOR PAINT $5.50 Value 5 GALLON PAIL ONLY $18^88 3 99 Gallon Leader AH-Purpose WHITE PAINT Perfect for fences, out buUdings, or primw 5 GALLON LOTS SYMPHONY IN. COLOR HARMONY RUBBER LATEX WALL PAINT i t' Dries in minutes, ^ int ^L }o work with, ami see. *j) Gallon RIP OUTSIDE 53C , CALIFORNIA VINE - RIPENED FRYER i CHICKEN PIECES BACKS NECKS LB. WINGS LEGS tHIGHS DECKERS READY TO EAT BACON ALL MEAT .SLICED STILLWELL FROZEN LARGE BOLOGNA Ib. 39* KNIGHTS CREAMY COTTAGE FOIL POUND FRESH, - JUICY BOONE RIVER SK1NL«S CRISP - TENDER W;' 10 ©Z. PKO. LAMB-CAPONS - TURKEYS-FRYERS PRICES ARE EFFECTIVE WNf 1§ TO JUNE 25 E.C O NO M ICA.B ;•. F O O O HIS T-Ri B t)"^ I f> N THE RI;©HT TO LIMIT QUANTITI1S

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