Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras generally, are worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWENTER, THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW. Tucker & Young, THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; make them from $20 to $60. WHENYOUGAHBUl MAX tffig PUREST AND BEST, .AT LESS THAN— «• HALF== THE PRICE OF OTHER BRANDS. SOLD IN CANS ONLY. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. MAY 20. No. 15 of the World 1 * Portfolio li now ready. N«w fancy duck lor dreiies, navy, brown, and all colors, MJolden Rule. Or. Hollo way's office In the Progress block, corner 4th and Market streets. Fresh bargains on the cheap COB n- ten ot the Bee Hive for tomorrow's trade. Lost—A Knights Templar charm, Return to thli office and • receive reward. For Sale—A frame store building, to be moved from lot. Apply at 801 Linden avenue. On account of the 'bad weather yet terday the bloyole races at Camden were postponed until next Saturday. Stop chewing tobacco by using Loveless anti-tobacco. Sold only at Ben Fisher's drug, store, 311 Fourth street. The Bee Hive's handsome store Is much admired and drawing an in creased trade to that popular estab ' llsbment. Will positively cure the tobacco habit In any form; Loveless' antl-t baoco. Sold only at Ben Fliher's drug •ton, 311 Fourth street. The Journal acknowledges the re oelpt of Montgomery, Ala:, papers from Councilman Powell, The wrap pert bear Imprint of the Mayor'- 'offloe, but the papers fall to dlsolos what the Doctor was before the Mayor for. A DECIDED BOOM. FORTY SUBSCRIBERS PAID THEIR GAB SUBSCRIPTIONS VESTER DAY. Tbe Old Company Alnrmed—Metec- tlven and Agent* Bn*r Attempting to Create IMiienctoni—The Sew Plant Will be n Container* Plant, Owned and Controlled bv Them » nd It Will go in. Mr. and Mr*. Bphwt Wayne »*»•» rewMlKbt. Among the many repertolr oompan- es now touring the country and play- ng at popular prices none has been more successful or stands higher In he estimation of the theater goers lan the company headed by Mr. end lev* of a Personal Character Con. «*rnins; Lo«an*POMer* and Their Friend* Mlis Norma Hull Is visiting at 'rankfort. Mrs. J. B. Shultz has returned from ndlanapolls. Chris Jeannerette Is visiting at dadison, Ind. Dr. J. B. Shultz has returned from its western trip. W. J. Uhl yesterday joined his ife on a visit with her parents at Warsaw. DewittC. Jtstloe is visiting his aughter, Mrs. Fred Roger at Lltch- field, 111. Frank Scott, the barber and wile, ,;111 depart tomorrow for West Huron, Vis., where they will reside, Maj. MoFadlnis home from Flndlay. Ohio, where he attended a meeting of be Ohio Mexican Veterans Awocia- ion. Peter Zimmerman who has been ivlng in Texas for fourteen years, is >aok at the old home visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Zlmmer. man. Mrs. C. D. Maxwell of Indianapolis, and Mrs. Lyda Van Warmer of Chicago, are visiting in this city, tha quests of the former's brother Mr. H. 3. Tucker and wife. An BxcltlnR Bnamwar An exciting runaway occurred on Third street yesterday afternoon. A horse driven by Mrs. Chas. DeHaven became frightened and started to run away, colliding with a oart driven by Alfred Showalter, living south of the city, upsetting the cart and frightening his horse so that it ran away dragging Its driver a considerable distance. The animal was slopped on North street near Fifth. In the collision Mrs. DeHaven's horse was thrown down and broke the shafts, but was quieted before further damage was done. m World'* Columbian Exposition Will be of valui o the world by il» lustratlng the improvements in the meohanioal arts and eminent physi- os an* will tell you that the progress in medicinal agents, has been of equal Importance, and »s a strengenlng lax- tlve that Syrup of Figs Is far In ad vanoe of all others. Great in Boier*' Belt Halve* and F«rfe*. In order to reduce stock, Snider & Alber will sell until June 16, Rogers best No. 12 silver knives and forks at $3 per set of 6 knives and 6 forks., children's gingham drewes, The old gas company is seriously alarmed, All Its newspapers are hard at work trying to create dissension and it baa detectives- and agents at work. Under the monthly payment plan the old gas company made a sneak of from twenty to forty per cent, as consumers wlU eee by comparing payments this year with last, and It was pretty well satisfied. The people have just realized this and their determination to put in the new plant has alarmed the old company. The offloe of the Citizens Gas Com. pany, presented a lively appearanse yesterday. The subscribers realize that the company is now on a safe basis and are paying up promptly. Forty-four subscribers paid yesterday as follows: W. C. Bads, Thos. Welch, D. A. Mlddleton, F. E. Woodllng, D. P. Bowman, L O. Kllborn, George T. Cookburn, C. F. Beam, C. A. Eberllne, R. H. Barous, Stephen Whltmore, J. T. Cockburn. Caroline Taylor, Isaac Sberrard, Fred Bebrens. D. E. Moore, Joe Whlnery. Lyflla Eldrldge, E. Snethen, N. R Donaldson, L. H. Dll« lev, George H. Houghton, J. C. Beatty, Edward Felting. Charles Fettlng, W. H. Downs, Mary J. Grey, W. H. Smith, Mrs. E. A. Banta, Frank M. Groh, Hugh Boyle, G. W. Jones, Jos. Klnney, Uhrls. Berg, Sr,, M. E. Janess. H. C. Gapen, J. Mart Elliott, John W. Jenks, M.. H. Bevan, C. E. Harrell, F. E. Gros, W. H. Zelgler, S. F, Johnson, C. W. Travers. The offloe will be open day aid evening this week as usual and sub Boribers are urged to pay up. There Is no question about success if subscribers will pay promptly. HO>¥ THEY TALK. The Journal representative heard the remarks of one signer and realized that if all the people were as earnest as he there would be no doubt about success. Mr. Thomas Welch who signed for $100 stock, paid his Installment, and said, "I want this to go through. 1 am only working three days a week but I am going to pay my Installments." This suggests that one of the best features about the new company is that It is A PEOPLE'S COMPANY. A look at the books yesterday showed that there were 1,600 signers. Of this number only 468 signed lor one fire only, and most of these will take another fire. 577 signed for two fires and 93 signed for three fires. Thus 1128 of the 1,600 signers are private consumers who have signed for their homes and these 1,228 will regulate and control the whole company and it will thus truly be a private consumers company. But some enemy of the new com pany says that the stock votes. Ol course it does. The law says that it must. Every share of stock is one vote but that doesn't make any differ, ence. These domeBtlo hres control the affairs just tbe same. It is the poor man who has the controlling votes. Take the figures: 458 single fire signers at $50 per fire have $22,900 of stock; 577 two fire signers have $67,7*0 and 93 three five signers have $14,950. These signers thus have $94,550. The total signed is $180,000 so that they have a good deal more than half and can vote a they please. . A LITTLE ADTICE. But It Is all nonsense to sugges that there will be any unfairness This is a citizen's movement. Ou wealthier citizens have paid all ex pauses thus far, three or four thou sand dollars, and are working for thi general.good. Very few, not ove twenty, have more stock than they will need for their homes and stores and these have taken more to help the company along. They are the bes friends the new company has had al along. • Don't let the hired agents of th old gas company mislead you. Stick by your new company. The Journa has always warned you when dange threatened and you can rely on it now Don't listen to those who would oreat dissension but call at the office an pay your first installmert. Decoration Day In Bethlehem. Dewratlon Day will be celebrate at the M. E. church In Bethlehem township. An .interesting program is being prepared for the day, th chief feature of which will be an ad dress by Mr. George W. Walters, o this city. The exercises will begin a 2:30 o'clock and afterwards the grave of the soldiers in the cemetery adjoin lulUO Qniiuren.il gAUgum** •«*, •*•(••»•, w* •••*•«—— ready made, at the New Fashion store. Ing will be decorated. Ire. Robert Wayne, which opens a reek's engagement at Doian's opera onse tomorrow n'lght. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne are both new to the theater atrone of Logansport but judging rom the flattering press notices they ave received where they have played hey will soon win the good graces o' 11. The company is under the man- .gement of the popular young manag- r, Howard Wall, with John A. Him- meleln as his associate manager, and bey have spared no expense In sur- oundlng the stars with one of the trongest companies obtainable, a leasing repertoir of bright, spark- Ing comedies and comedy dramas will le presented during the engagement, n fact there will be a change of bill aoh night and Saturday matinee. ?he great romantic four act comedy Irama entitled "Forgiven" will be presented, a^ an opening bill tomorrow night. The usual custom of admit, ing ladies with lady's oompllmentar- es will be carried out opening night. Sach lady however must be accompanied by one paid 30 cent ticket, lee that you secure your seats early it Patterson's if you have not already done so. Remember the prices are only 10, 20 and SO cents, President Robert'* Speech. At the dedication of the R. R. Y, M. A. building in Philadelphia. Pres- dent Roberts of the Pennsylvania company, spoke as follows: "It seems only a few weeks ago that we met to lay the corner stone of this building. What we air then hoped 'or has been more than realized, And the r,est Is In your hands. You can make what seems good to you of the opportunities offered to you, and in utlTfcing and making them, of value you'will have, I will assure you, the learty co-operation of the officers and dlreotoi a of the company. Whenever men are needed for positions of responsibility, the eyes of the officers are turned toward Institutions suoh> as this, and not to men who spend their evenings in saloons or other places that unfit them for their work. No methods for the moral or .ntelleotual Improvement of the em ployes of the. company have been more productive of good results than the institutions of this kind, which have been established along the line of the railroad. The gentlemanly, faithful, efficient service of the employes is the best evidence of this, and particularly so along the line of the Pennsylvania railroad. It is only those who have a tiigh sente of moral responsibility, such as an earnest member of an aiso. elation as this must have, who can be trusted when off duty as well as when on duty. _ ' The King* Daughter*. On Thursday evening next at the residence of Dr. Coleman the Kings Daughters will give one of the pleasant little entertainments for which this society Is noted. The little drama "American Fascination" by the well known writer Grace Furnls will he presented, also a short musl cal program. The Kings Daughters hav proved a most efficient aid In the charitable work of Logansport, and 1 Is hoped that the friends of the aocle ty may bestow their patronage on thi occasion. Admission 25 cents. The Daily Divorce. Yesterday in the circuit court b; his attorneys McConnell & Jenklnes Wm. J. Reams of Jefferson township brought a suit for divorce from Rosetta Reams, alleging cruelty, and naming other unpleasant charges. Hr also sues for the custody of their child They were married at Burnettsvllle September 5, 1890. Base Ball Item. Any time Mr. Closson, Manager o the Otto base ball team, thinks tha t,ha Fergusons are not In condition t play ball and need a little practice they might as well practice on them as any other club in the city. A FERGUSON. . An Addro* to Men. This afternoon at 3 o'clock in th R. ;R. t. M. C. A. rooms by the Rev Sol C. Dickey of Indianapolis. Mr Dickey is a very good speaker and al who hear him will be interested an entertained and all men invited. 8T1TE CONVENTION T. F. A. An Enthnitaitlo and L*rc«lr Attended Convention of the KnlBht* of the Crip al Lafayette. Yesterday was the day for the State onventlon of the Travelers Protective Association at Lafayette and a great rowd of "drummers" gathered at the tar city. The special train which onveyed the Fort Wayne and Logans- ort poets left here at 7:50 yesterday well filled. There were early a hundred Knights of he Grip and their ladies who went rom here representing Post F. The arty arrived home this morning Bhort- y after midnight reporting an enthu- lastlc convention and a pleasant time given them by the hospitable people f Lafayette. It was the largest State Jonventlon which has yet been held, and the contest for the offices was ulte spirited, but Lafayette carried IT the honors, securing the office of 'resident In the person of Ben T. luffman, and Sooretary.Treasuror in S. C. Logan. Will C. Plttman was looted Post Vice President of Post F: Gov. Cluude Msthews was present and addressed the convention. Na- lonal President Lee and National ieoretary Le Bauin were also present to say a good word for the great work one by the Indiana Division In the >ast year under the able and untiring efforts of President C. M. Taylor and Secy Treas. E. F. Keller, both of this olty, who received the enthusiastic hanks of the Division. more Bnrglarle*. Yesterday morning when tbe family of J. J. Beroth, on Spear street arose, hey found that their house had been burglarized some time during the night. Investigation showed that the hlef or thieves bad broken the grat- cg of the cellar window and crawling nto the cellar had come up into the louse by forcing the hasp of the Inside cellar door. The pockets of Mr. Jeroth and his son George had been •I fled. From the former a gold watch and $18 were taken, and George lost bis gold watch and 86 cents. The thle' In making his exit through the cellar window dropped Mr. Beroth's watch which was found lying on the cellar floor. There was no clue. During tbe same night thieves effected an entrance through a rear window in John Leonard's West Side •grocery and took away the contents of ;he til, some $6, and merchandise of about the same value. There was no clue left at this place. . Petty burglary is becoming all too common In Logansport. Th* Eloper* Retnrn. Martin Bllgb and his eloping bride Miss Katie Elserlo, returned yesterday morning from Cincinnati where they were married on Thursday without the knowledge or consent of the bride's parent's, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elserlo. Mrs, Elserlo is nearly prostrated at her daughter's act and Mr. Elserlo denies that he had given his coasent to the marriage and that the same was performed with his consent as reported. He says that Katie slipped out of the house Wednesday night and her absence was not discovered until the next morning when a note was delivered at the bouse at an early hour stating briefly that she and Mr. Bllgh had gone away to be married. Mr. and Mrs. Bllgh will reside temporarily in apartments over his saloon on Market atieet. fflr*. Calkin* Leetnre. This evening at 7:30 Mrs. Calkins of South Bend, the State'* first vice president of the Womans Christian Temperance Union will lecture in the Baptist church. Mrs. Calkins has been in our city before and will be remembered as a very attractive speaker. Her reputation extends beyond Indiana, she having but just returned from New York. Wherever she speaks large audiences greet her. Tbe collection taken will be given to our Home of the Friendless. Rlnehart's Worm Lozenges are the only kind that remove the worm nest with the worms. For sale by B. F. Keesling and Keystone drug store. ADDITIONAL MtCAMi The Be« Hive report* awery bos?/ day yesterday. Come to our wrapper sale- Mocday,. at the (Void en Rule. For rugs, mattlnga and liocloumsw see tbe Trade Palace. Ben Fisher's double extract oft Vanilla Is strong- and gweet. Go to Lee Wah 'Sing for aid* find laundry work. Also fine tea for sale- New carpets, new curtains. Battings and linoleums this week, at the Trade Palace. The case of tbe State against Georflt* Huffman, the confidence man, will be called la the circuit court tws&orrow.. There will be a {fame of ball at then Driving park this afternoon between the '-Ottos" and the Indianapolis •Mets". The circuit court will convene tomorrow morning after a week's adjournment during- Judge McConBoll'a absence in the South. J. D. Taylor, the jeweler, is preparing to move his store from its preeeBfc location to the room across th* •treet formerly occupied by H. 8. Murtiockv The unlocked for and wither die- . agreeable change in tbe weather ha* again broughtout tbe overcoats whtebi were laid away for tbe summer a lew days ago. * The new gas company will be *> we-- oe«i. The subscriptions are coming* in and the directors feel very much encouraged. Every subscriber should pay at once. Gas will be praetievJly free to the subscribers and very much cheaper to the non subscriber if tbe new plant goes in. On the evening of drew day Wat* Green and Walter Planck war* riding about town, and on East Bwsa*wa» became abusive to their hors*. jMaesi Talbott protested at their treatment of the animal and they made a cowardly assault on tbe boy. Cbarle* KldA interfered In this all too- oae-sM*4 affair, and was struck on the head with a stone thrown by Green, receiving an ugly scalp wound. In the Mayor's court Friday evening, Planck was fined $10 fur assaulting Jnae* Talbott. Green took a change* from the city court, and on Friday ./ill be given a hearing fat Jut- tlce Fender's court for assaulting Talbott, and on Wednesday will be tried in Justice Walter's court for assault on Mr. Kidd. ^ 8tat« Convention C.. T. A. 17. The twenty-second annual convention of the Indiana State union of th» C. T. A. U. of America will be held at St Vincent's hall in this cltj, commencing Tuesday. June 12, 1894, afc 8 o'clock, and continuing until the* business of the convention ia eon* pleted. Each society is expected to send a full quota of delegate*. M business of much Interest will ke> transacted. It is also expected thafc tbe spiritual director of each society will attend this convention. Tbe Logansport societies will arrange for the entertainment of the delegate* and visitors, and all who attend will have n. pleasant time. The Murdook hotel will be headquarters for the delegate*. Application has been made (or re*» duced rates on all railroad* forettwho» will attend this convention. A meeting of the board ot government will o*> held Monday evening June 11 in> the- parlors ot the Murdock hote) aV 7-.3Q o'clock. ColUuaa* Oe»r*«- Miss Evelyne Colin, a ha*d*oma young lady of South Bend, tod., and Mr. John C. Capron ot Plymouth, Ind. a young law student of Stanford University, were united in marriage lea* evening at 6 o'clock in the Broadway. M. E. church, H. J. NorrU officiating. They returned to South Bend last night to receive the congratulation* of their friend*. N*tleeto CentaiandejT. Every member of St. John Con»''t maodery No. 24, K. T. 1* requested t» , be at the asylum tomorrow evening- the 2Ut at 7:30 sharp for the purpo** of drill and other business of great importance to tbe Commandery. J. L. LINVII.LB, E. C. OftLL. ON T CARL I KELLER . - - FOR Fine Tailoring. 311 MftRKBT 8TRBBT.

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