The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1959
Page 19
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"~ f ' . Tidbits by i ve/yn Readers of Harlan Miller's col umh hpve ffequehUjr read little verses by Olive Read. A person calted me some time ago aftd aSk* ed Who fche is. i replied, "She is Mrs Harvey Reid, lives a few miles in the courttty, is a busy housewife and farm woman, #§* sh$ has time to assemble words into ' charming rhymes/' . Tfti'ese little verses have paid off, lor recently she was awarded first honorable mention by the Iowa Poetry Day Association; the certificate being signed by Gladys 'Pagel, Iowa poet laureate. " A thank you note from Jergenson adds, "We had a picnic in the mountains Memorial Day but snowdrifts were so bad we had to turn around and come back. Was I ever glad! Mt. Evans has one of the highest paved hightways in the world, but when you look out of tho windows, there's a straight drop- off which doesn't look too invit* ing. Becky, who plans to visit here soon, is 'the oldest child of Mr and Mrs Harold Jergensoii and the family moved to Aurora^ a suburb of Denver, a couple of years ago. .Other children Jri the family are Janet, Kent Philip and Richard, * * » til follow up with another story on the Merrymans. Mt and Mrs J. I. Merryman were at Spirit Lake for some fishing and when they got back they were informed .by their son David that he and his wife had taken a cot* tage there and wanted them to be their guests. No one could re* fuse esuch an invitation to such a delightful place, so back went the senior Merrymans with their hosts arid a fine week was enjoyed. Mr and Mrs Jamfes Merryman were also at the Oko- bojis at the same time. * * - * A letter from my cousin Melvin Henderson, Upland, Calif., says in parV'May 5 we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary. Can you imagine that? 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Best man was the bridegroom's brother, "Oh, de&r, I kept him waiting until Mr. Bigby cooled off; but now HE'S angry about being kept waiting i" fore spending- any money. —' Weather as you knew has broken all records for heat and dryness." *, * • ' *'A card from Mrs Sarah.Smith came from Lockppr.t, 111., whero she has been visiting since early May with her daughter and family. * * * A litile story about the father of a Well known business man here, but I won't mention names. The father is in a, hospital and recently . the minister called and asked if a 'word of prayer may be said. This • old gentleman, usually sunny, must, have felt a little crotchety that day for he answered, "Well all right, if you^ think it will do any good." '• .'' • * ''*'.' * . We don't have Whistler's mother over here at Good Samaritan but we do have Whistler himself, a mild old man past 83 who whistles by< the hour, not loudly, nor tunefully to be truthful. It reminds me of the song "Johnny One Note." This is not meant unkindly. •. ' ; * * * I've never been particularly interested. -in stamp collection? but when Lucille Crose Anderzen writes to me. about hers and the activities connected therewith, I'd like to see it and others she mentioned. Even more ot interest to me was her mention of the International Pancake • House .where 30 different kinds are served. She says they are even better than she can make, but I don':t believe it. I'll take a chance bn her cookery every time..: And imagine six different kinds of syrup. Umrin-m . ••* * '* Ever see a sweet pea tree? Well I did. It is in the yard west adjoining ;the Jim Burns place on Fair street. It is beautiful. Ha'i purple blossoms, and best of all. blooms more than once in the season. I thought the magnolia trees and tulip trees at Davenport were pretty, but in a contest. I'd vote for the sweet pea tree. -•, # * « Years ago I knew a child, Eleanor Cole, niece of Mattic Thorpe. A little blonde ' with big blue- eyes. I am' aware how the yeans have fled when I am told about, her present status, a mother of a son 17 and three other children ranging down to five. She and the 17 year old sop and little girl, 5, have been visiting the Thorpes and other relatives. Mattie says Eleanor is just as attractive a matron as she was child. Well, lempus sure doer, fugit. 1 . * * . * Abner Long had written friend? he and his son Jack of Cedar Rapids would be up.for Memorial Day. Then a message followed that his son-in-law, and daughter, Carson and Arba Dee Taylor would be in Davenport Juno 1 from Phoenix, Ariz., where Jhcy moved a few years ago. Both will be well remembered here as they made 'their tyome here a few year?, and of course Arba Dee is an "old settler" having been born and -raised hei-e. They have written to Wes and Mary Bartlett and Bob and Helen Dewel that they wjll be in Algona June 9 and 10.. .* . * ' jr - Just now — A crash, a woman's scream. Breathe easy. No one was hurt. Jt was one of the wqrtonen. Putting up the water pipes for the sprinkling system, for fire prevention, The latter skidded but no damage reported to pipes, men or! Nellie Van Allen retired May I after -thirty years with the, Chrjstensen store and is now going on a vacation. She is going to BuroanH June 7"for a Visit of two months with her son-in-law and daughter, Llpyd and Evelyn Keith and family. Of course she will see her nephew Jack Allen, too. He lias been, leaching at Sherman Oaks. It seerr>s to ,me- inore peopki carrie back io the ol4*;home town for Memorial Pay than any other hplidgy. . For 'on«! ,; thing th« weawer is nicer, driving conditions fine, and sentiment plays a good portion of the urge to see friends and relatives. Among the many who came for the holi» day were these whorn I know well: Mr and Mrs FranH Thorpe Ames, Mr and Mrs Russell Lar* son, Decorah; Mrs Mildred Schenck * Harringron, Minneapolis Mr and Mrs Louis, "" and son Tom, Mnnkalo, Minn,, Mr and Mrs Don Allen, Des Moines, Myrtle. Beane, Duluth, Minn., Lottie Brace, Waterloo, Mr and Mrs James Griffith, Sioux City, Mr and Mrs Gene Osier, LaUrens and Mr and Mrs W. D. Campbell, of Minneapolis, Donnid Nelson. ttehors WM-<? Richard Johnson and Kennt'ih Nelson, brothers of thi» bridal couple. ImnK'iTihtrly following t h o ceremony, a roception was hHd at lht> home of lho. : bride's mother, Mrs Raymond Woslling. Mr,« Romild Ortnvnn imd Mrs William Larson wore hostesses. Mrs Jim t'crkipult!, Fort Dodge, kr*pt this "guest book, Mrs Ed Frcderickson, Hurt, cut the cake and Mrs Mikr Bncr poured. Mrs Dcnn Heed and Mrs Don Goodwin, Mankato were in charge of Rifts, The bride is a graduate of tho Burl high school and has boon employed at Fort Dodge. The bridegroom is a graduate of tho Wost Bond high school and is also employed nt Fort. Dodge. After a short wedding trip tho couple'is nt homo in Fort Dodgo IF IT'S NEWS WE WANT IT A Terrific Printing Buyi l 26 Herds Get May Tests In D.H.IA Group Twonly six herds 'were tested with 535 cows in milk and 40 cows dry during May, according to Forrest Hofbauer, Swea City, supervisor for the unit of the Kossuth- D.H.I.A. Hofbauer reports the following dairymen had completed lactations of over 400 Ib. of butterfat. • Lcander Menke (6), Sidney Payne, John Ruger (3). He reports herds were tested'On the owner-sampler plan with 465 cows on test. Eleven herds averaged over 40 Ib. of butterfat per cow for the- month. Their owners and size of herd tested were: Ralph Walker, Jr. (2R), Milton Madison (22), Hilbert Bierstedt, (18), Laurence Loeschen (llV Glen Rasmussen Farm (33), Dalr Schroedrr (13), Sidney Payne (32). Dale Long (18), Ralph Angle and EnRstrom (16). Erwjn Grcm- mt'ls (31) and John Ruger (38). HOSPITALS May 26 — Mrs 'Merle Thompson. Alconn, girl, 8-3 1 />. May 27 — Leonora Hilbort, LuVcrno: surgery; Douglas Walker, Alcnn.-i, medical. May 28 — Mrs William Kuhn, Algona, boy, 9-15; Beverly Larson, Burt, surgery; Norbert Zumach, Whit.tcmoru, surm.'ry; Phil Diamond. Algona, medical. May 29 — }<.arc-n Green, Spencer, accident; Richard Ri^lau, Algona, accident; Baby Eric Wiltgen, Alcona, medical. May 30 — Mrs Eldon Moore. Algona, medical; Cyril Deitering, Roc-kford, 111., medical; Mrs Walter Mescher, Algona. medical. May 31 — Mrs William Madsen, Jr., Burt, maternity; Mrs Charles. Schafer, Algona, medical. June ,5 — Mrs Melvin Laurk. Whittemoro, boy, 8-8 %\ Mrs Richard Schmidt. Whittetnnro, girl, S-SVa; Chris Anderson, Bancroft, medical; Mrs Joseph Will- £er, Algona,' medical; Charles Gil'ford', Burt, accident; Mrs Jerry Lewis, Algona, • medical: Mrs Larry Leaneagh, Algona. girl; John Groen, Algona, medical. 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