The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1959 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1959
Page 17
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rr ^>i« Explorer Scouts Plan Nice Trip t. 4 « i «. have registered w ta *A tnt ; Prairie Gold Scout Tout w Chicago August 10-1 7th. ine boys have an eight day trip at a total cost of $22 per boy. They are Donald Nelson, Way- V\ N fi?°^ Wiley Hansien and John Michael Kimmet and their driver- Clifford M. Nelson of Rmgsted. Explorer Scouts from Northwest Iowa are busy registering for this irip and to date boys from the following towns are going: Rihgsted, Estherville, SWea City, Bancroft, Algona, Spirit Lake, Aurelia, .Holstein, Siither- land, Boyden, Ruthven,' Chero- Kee, Port Dodge, Spencer, Merrill and Rockwell City. SWEA CITY NEWS •Mr and Mrs O. B. Koons visited, the Donald Koons, Thursday evening. Mr and Mrs Dean Swanson and girls, Mr and Mrs Maynard Jensen and Duane, Mrs Roy Val- vick and Mrs Roger Linde at* tended the Waldorf College commencement. Dee Ann, the Swanson's eldest daughter was a member of the class. ki-neighbor By Clair Blossom Hello everybody! Since I am starting to write a* column here each Thursday, introductions' are in order, I have serv- |.ed the people in ,this area for lover 24 years. Personal service is a "must" and we.have j b u i11 our Ir e p u t a- 1 tion on it. i Our slogan: Services and Settlements That Satisfy. Personal loans are granted from $25.00. Keep your eyes focused for \ my column, HI- NEIGHBOR. We have been serving the folks in this area satisfactorily for many years' and intend to con-, tinue doing just that. If you are planning 'on taking to the water, consider-the value of Motor Boat Insurance. We insure everything from a rowbpat to a battleship. Blossom Insurance Agency, 109 North Dodge Street, Algona. Phone CYpress 4-2735. Nancy Johnson of visited her parents the G. Johnsons the weekend of MaV 23. Mr and ivtrs Leonard Mino, Mr and Mrs Donald Mino and family, Marbelle Mino and Mr and Mrs Jim Prestftn visited Evelyn Mino at Gull Point, Sunday/ , Mr and Mrs Warren DeWald attended a family dinner at the Elvin Stroup home irt Estherville Sunday, May 31, honoring Mrs DeWald's nephew Burdette Negus whom the family had not seen for about 14 'years. Mr and Mrs Leonard Kuehl and Laren of ttafori Lake,. Minn., Mrs Lyle Paul, Mrs Emery Smith arid Miss Mildred Goreham of Odeboldt were supper guests of the Jim Prestons preceding commencement Monday, May 25. Mr and Mrs Art -Claussen had a reception following graduation for their son Alan. Mr and Mrs Harold Krantz and family and Cecil Godfredson were May 27 supper guest of the Mervin Johnsons to honor Mr Godfredson on his birthday. Mr and Mrs Ben Wibben and girls of Algona visited the Nels Godfredsons May 24. Dean Clifford E. Larson of Bethel College and Seminary was a dinner and overnight guest Monday, May 25, at the Selmar Uhr home. Mr Larson was the commencement speaker at Swea City high school. Mrs Oscar Linde, Mr and Mrs .Eddie. Kollasch and family were supper guests of Mrs Thad Johnson and girls Saturday night. Mr and Mrs Roy Link of Cedar Rapids visited at the Sam Link home over the weekend. Saturday guest at the Link home were the 76m Prestons and Larinda, Eldon Links and Dale, Ervin Links, Merle McAnnich and Mrs Lois Rickard and daughters of Rolfe. Mr and Mrs Selmar Uhr and Mr and Mrs Elmer Franks and children attended commencement at Bethal College and Seminary in St. Paul on May 31. Mrs Earl DeZeeuw and Delilah of Orin, 111. are visiting her parents, the Truman Johnsons and Terry this week. Mesdames Wm. Thompson, Oscar Linde, Roger Linde, and Oscar Peterson had dinner together at the Oaks Inn in Fairmont Sunday evening. The husbands of the four ladies and Harry Linde are on a fishing trip in Canada. . The Henry Eggerths were Sunday supper .guests of the Harlan Petersons at Ringsted. The Kenneth Elliotts have moved to Swea City into the house owned by Roger L/inde. Barbara and Shirley Stenzel are home for the summer after completing a year of college and teaching respectively. Sunday dinner guests of Eddie Bauers were the Walter Bruns- volds of Spirit Lake and the Arden Hakes of Jackson to honor the Bauer's daughter, Diane on her birthday. Parly Many Dads Have A "Home Office" - Here Are A Few Practical Gift Suggestions .... PERSONAL FILES All Metal Files For Keeping Important Papers And Letters. Includes Indexes For Easy Filing And All At Low Cost. TELEPHONE LIST FINDER SCOTCH TAPE DISPENSERS DESK ACCESSORIES ALL OF THE. ABOVE ARE UNDER $5 FIRE PROOF HOME SAFE-T VAULTS Here Is A "Must" Item For Any Home Where Valuable Documents Must Be Safeguarded, These Are Fireproof Chests, Fits Into Closets Or Shelves. FILING CABINETS - 2 or 4 Drawer , And Of Course The Finest Gift Of All TYPEWRITERS or ADDING MACHINES COLUMNS AND COLUMNS OF NEWSPAPER and magazine space have been devoted to advice for brides. There is very little advice to the bridegroom written, Presumablv, he already knows what to do on his wedding day and is perfectly resigned to letting the little tfroman make all the home adjustments. Heaven knows the bride gets plenty of advice but what is snuce for the goose should also be sauce for the gander. To remedy the situation n bit, I mean to give some advice to the bridegroom. * * » . THE FIRST THING BRIDEGROOMS nre ndviscd to romembe is that women are different from men. After you get used to the idea, you may think that this is n pretty nice arrangement. Women nre much weaker than men and they can't, lift heiivy furniture, bu they sometimes have a will of iron. Women cry easier than mei and there are times when they are hard to goi nlnng wilh. Mer on the other hand, are more even tempered—they are ornery nl of the time. * * * A VOICE OF AUTHORITY IS VERY importnnt in establishing a new home. The first months after the wedding set the whol lone of your life together, so bridegrooms, take a tip from you Auntie Grace, and right after the ceremony, assert yourself! Tel her exactly how you would have your home run. Lay down som rules. Get this mailer of Ihe budget set up immediately. Mnke i very plain just who is going to be tho boss. When you get through picking yourself off the floor where you are sure to land after these ultimatums, the boss can go relax in the living room. Be sure she has a comfortable chair and that there are no drafts. * + * WHILE I WOULD NOT ADVISE bridegrooms to start off their marriage by breaking any of the Ten Commandments, there is one of them lhat can be stretched occasionally to make things run more smoothly around home. It's this mailer of lying. Honesty is the besl policy bul husbands don't have to tell the whole truth unless they are under oalh. You can forgel lo lell her about a few details, such as thai quarter put of your allowance you put in the baseball pool and still be quite truthful. You can say with perfect ronesty that you were working late al Ihe office and neglecl to add that you stopped off elsewhere on your way home. However, it is only fair to warn bridegrooms that some wives actually do put their husbands under oath while 'trying lo extort information. Then, perjury being such a crime, you had better tell the truth, the whole trulh and nolhing bul Ihe truth. Those Lie Detectors are uncanny in their accuracy. And she won't give up until she has delecled every lillle fib. * * * THERE ARE TIMES WHEN husbands are allowed to throw absolute verocily to the winds and that is in Ihe mailer of compliments. Compliments direcled lo your wife, lhal is. A wife will know in her heart that you are lying a lillle tail when you lell her slue is Ihe prelliest girl in the room, bul the words make her feel so good she won't even call you on it. * * * CHOICE OF WORDS, HOWEVER, is very important There are a few terms which mean approximately the same Ihing excepting when you are referring them to your wife. For example, you can call her a "duck" and get by with it, just don'l call her a '"goose". If you call her an "enchantress", she'll like it, but don't slip up and call her a "witch". Nor a hen instead of a chicken. I had betler warn you also that those rounded lines in her figure are referred to as "curves" not "bulges" and when you get ready to go out, never say, "I alvyays have liked you in lhat dress". If you don't want to get stuck 'for a whole new cfitfit, merely whislle appreciatively and say, "You look lovely". * * * SHARING IS VERY IMPORTANT in marriage. Bridegrooms are advised to learn this early. Housework is a . very demanding job and it is only fair that you should share some of it with her. he can help you with the dishes once in a while. She, in turn, hould be perfectly willing to share some of your paycheck with you. You should get at least fifty 'cents a week to spend any old way fou please. * * * THERE ARE TIMES WHEN EVEN THE most loving of couples nas a little spat. These serve a purpose for they sometimes bring hings out in the open thai have been oolhering for a long lime. They clear the air of tension. There are other advantages to a good marital quarrel. If your bride is the "not speaking" type, he rest and quiet you get for a couple of days is absolutely refresh- ng. And if she threatens to "go home to mother", let her. It's setter than having your mother-in-law come lo visil you. Al Ihe end of Ihe quarrel, afler she convinces you it was all your fault, apologize abjectly. Wear sack-cloth and ashes for a while & Ihen kiss and make up. That's Ihe very nicest part of all. * * * BRIDEGROOMS WOULD BE MUCH BETTER OFF if they had started using their heads a long time ago instead of wailing unlil another woman—Mother Nature—got her licks in. She sends out a lot of signals, making some woman who, after all is merely, "a rag () a bone and a hunk of hair" look so attractive lo you thai you'll mortgage your past, your present and your future to lake her as your bride. How many of you 1959 bridegrooms, for example, can honeslly claim to being absolutely sensible, cool and calculating about that altar trip? Did you find out how many of her teelh needed filling before she opened her mouth to say, "Yes"? It'll cost you denial bills laler. Were you sure she knew her way around Ihe kitchen lo more lhan make a nice balch of fudge before you proposed housekeeping? Are you sure she had already had her appendix oul and that you won't have to finance it out of your hospilal insurance plan? I thought not. But you went ahead and got married anyway, so you really have only yourself to blame * * '* „ WE , LL< YOUR AUNTIE GRACE wishes you 1959 bridegrooms all the luck in the world. And the very best to your lovely brides, also. In, spite of all the advrce I've given, and it just might possibly sound a little cynical, marriage is the best possible stale for a man and a' woman. And Father, a bridegroom of the pasl, agrees with me. At least he had betler. * * * BRIDE'S BISCUITS HAVE LONG been the. subjecl of jokes. Traditionally they are heavy, sedden and cause ptomaine poisoning. I here is no reason why the bridegroom can't lake over in the biscuit department, and retire those worn out jokes This week's recipe as for Bridegroom's Biscuits: 2 cups commercial biscuit mix % cups milk. Combine the mix and the milk.'Stir with fork jusl unlil dough follows fork around bowl, to make a soft dough. For rolled biscuits, knead dough gently Va minute on lightly floured board, Roll to y 2 inch thickness. Cut into rounds with floured culler or knife Bake on ungreased sheet in 450 degree oven 10 to 12 minutes, sides touching for soft biscuits, separated for crusty. Makes aboul 12 <£or drop biscuits, drop dough from spoon on greased sheet and hake as for rolled biscuits. —GRACE. Farewell Honors Folks Moving East Lakoia — Last Sunday fhp T A, Estle family held n 'fnrcnvoll party at the Lincoln Park in Fnirmonl for Bruce Hnrtshnrn and Jim Geilonfeldt of Sr-neca who qro leaving soon for Spencer. Minss,. In join Bruce's fnlhrr, Cnlcb Hartshorn. The lattrr'a Wife- vvi.ll join thorn all later. Present wore Mr and Mrs T. R Esllp, Mr nnd Mrs Henry Mit- chrll. Mr and Mrs Gottlieb Heiffer nnd daughters and Pearl Smith of Lnkntn, In. Mrs Caleb Hartshorn nnd family, Mr and Mrs Henry Wilberg and family of Seneca, the Hurley Logernnns of Fairmont. Leon M'rCoys of Rwea City find the LaVerne Thompson of Elmore. A surpriso fiiiest was LoHoy Estle of WappiiiRers Falls, New York. He is a son of Mr and Mrs T. R. Estle and had flown here to buy some Iowa hogs for a New York farm. at the Upper Des Moines Publishing Co. ACROSS FROM NEW PARKING IPT IN AIQQNA Returns To Hospital F. W. Baum, who had surgery sometime ago at Iowa City and who returned to his home hero Sunday, May 17, was taken to St. Ann hospital in Algonu on the 22nd. On Monday he became seriously ill with pneumonia and was taken by ambulance back to Iowa City where critical list all he was on tho week. At this throo sons from i D. C. arrived Tuesday for a two weeks visit at the parental I. E. Worlman nnd William Schrader homes. Wednesday afternoon Mn John Hoelfsema entertained the Birthday Chili with twelve members and three visitors being pir-sent, Traveling Bingo was plny.-cl and a delicious lunrh was served by the hostess. Saturday Mr nnd Mrs H. D. Mussmen accompanied Mr and Mrs D. C. Kiester nnd Rn/iinne of Elmore to Ames where they attended the wedding of Jonn Duress. Mrs A. E. Anderson and Mrs Robert Hamilton went In the Hamilton Cabin on the Mississippi Tuesday. They also visited their mothers, Mrs Til'ne Swenson at Postville and Mrs Rlhcl Hnllnrcl at West Union. John Wickhmn and daughter, Laura of Kelliher, Minn, arrived here Friday night to jt''t Mrs Wickham who teaches here They nil nttemled the funeral of his brother in Kansas on Saturday nnd returned hero on Sun- clay. On Monday they moved the trailer house Mrs Wichham hi*s occupied hack In Kelhlii-r. Wednesday. Mrs Hay Becker took her son, Albert and her mofher, Mrs Henry Ollhoff to Rochester for check ups. We are happy to report that Albert was given a clean bill of hniHIi nn his spine following his lasl surgery. He can now do .-mythinc; and is working this summer with his uncle, Martin Becker, injt Mrs J. W. Cook presented hrr piano pupils in a recital Monday night with their mothers as guests. Those participating were Thursday, June t1, 1959 Algono (t«,j Upp*t Arlys Wirtjes, Roger Miller. Judy Br-rg, Joan Miller, Linda Wirtjcs nnd Judy Jutting. Mrs Jerry Ileetland, chairman of the poppy sftlw reports that $51.5") was rollfflod from the salc-H on Snfurrlay. Monrlnv night Gottlieb Rieffer triok the following Boy Scouts out In Orville Andersons where they held nn overnight, crimp out. Ch;irolr| n.-irrr-lt. Jim Rose. Darrell Cl;ivb(iuj<h, Mifhael Ciimp- hHl, Ai (It'll M.-ia*: and Uiiry Andri son Mr and Mrs John Vod>asfe5r rt'- Spencer were Sunday fcVSftiftg supper guests at the parental Lauren Thompson home. They took their son, Anthony, wlio had bwn visiting his grandparents the past week home with them. HONORED Miss Eva Curry was honored at an open house recently upon, her retirement as a school teacher. She has taught the past 30 years in the Leon Schools. SPORT SHIRTS POR DAD All Sizos AT DIAMOND'S Choose From 1200 writing he is reported to be improving greatly. Get Danforth Awards Donna Hcrtzke and Dennis Christ received the Danforlh Foundation Award for the 19581959 school year. This award would have been given at commencement but the award was late in being verified. Start Band Concerts The Lakota High School Band presented its first band concert of a series of eight for the summer on Wednesday night, June 3. Place Your Health Needs In Our Hands . . . Investment Securities and Mutual Funds WE OFFER AS AN EXAMPLE: Affiliated Fund Brond Street Investing Corp. Chemical Fund Electronics Investment Corp. Fidelity Fund Fundamenlal Investors Incorporated Investors Massachusetts Inv. Trust Minnesota Fund, Inc. National Investors Keystone Custodian Funds Wellington Fund HANDLING 100 MUTUAL FUNDS Jerry J. McMullen, high school teacher, Lakota Consuli- da^ted School, has been .selected to attend the second annual Scbwol Health Educational Workshop al Drake University, DCH Moin(Cs, June 15-26. Lakota Luckies 4-H Club met at the- home of Richard Friets on May 18. The Daily Vacation Bible School opened at St. Paul's Lutheran church on Tuesday, May 26. There are 120 enrolled. The teachers are Helen Meyer, Daryl Christ, Shveryl Hertzke, J. Blome, Linda Spear, Donna Hertzke, Paula Nitz, Beverly Cushman and Rev. Meinecke. The helpers are: Rita > W c ri«ga, Connie Erdahl, Roberta Addy, Kathleen Peterson, Carolyn Paulson, Linda Nitz and Caroline Groff. Mr and Mrs Don Worlman and Your Doctor's Prescription is a "Recipe" for Health When your doctor writes a prescription and we prepare it for you, you can be assured that you are getting the full benefit of medicine's many marvels. Modern drugs and antibiotics are giant-sized "bargains" for regaining or maintaining good health. Call on us "next cription time". THUENTE PHARMACY CY 4-2528 INTEGRITY • SERVICE • SAFETY pres- All Offerings By Prospectus LESLIE C. LARSON Ringsled, Iowa PHONE - VOlunieer 6-0648 REPRESENTING Minneapolis Associates, Inc. 607 Marquetie Ave. Minneapolis 2, Minn. WITHOUT OBLIGATION TO ME I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES NAME ADDRESS Mail To Leslie Larson, Ringsted, Iowa (or Call Collect) No rest for this Chevy... round the clock the engine never stops! J. Irvington Marguerite M. Hayes ' Mr and Mrs Lee Colwell and Mrs B. O. Davis and daughter, Janet drove to Iowa City Saturday to visit over Sunday with the Lee VanderWaal family, Jeff and Terri VanderWaal. They plan to return 'with them for a visit with their grandparenls, .the Lee Col- wells and at Algona. the VanderWaal Srs. Mr and Mrs Ted Ringsdorf of Laton, Calif, visited Marie Frankl and her sisters, Marguerite Hayes Thursday and Friday. They are spending a couple weeks with their daughter, Mr and Mrs Frank Storck and family at Bancroft and other relatives there. The Ringsdorfs formerly farmed near Burt but for past several years are in a retail business at Laton, Calif. Mrs JJImer Dole spent last weekend with their son, Lt. John Dole in Tulsa, Okla, where he is stationed at preserit. Homer Bristow entered Vel- erans hospital at Des Moinen Thusrday for medical care and possible surgery. Miss Viola Berninghaus was honored at a bridal shower by friends' on Tuesday evening at the Irvington church parlor. Miss Berninghaus and Donald Hansen will be married June 14. Henry Hahle is spending the summer with his 'son George here. He makes his home with the son Wm. Hahle, an attorney at Sumner, Iowa. Mrs H. Clark and granddaughters from Oregon visited the past week at the home of Mr and Mrs Charles Reaper. Mrs Clark is a sister-in-law of Mrs Reaper. Mr and Mrs Gerald Frank! and family spent Sunday at Clear Lake with friends and for fishing. Mr and Mrs Carl Seip are spending a few days visiting relatives in Minnesota. Mrs V. Klein and children are at tho Seip home during their absence. CLASP ENVELOPES, ALL SIZES at Upper Des Moines r Al Washington's 'bustling National Airport, Allied Aviation Fueling counts on its rorfto- tequipped Chevy to get crews and tank trucks to the right planes at just the right time. ' 'Aside from occasional time out for the usual service, its Thrift- master 6-cylinder engine has been running 24 hours a day for. the past 9 monthsJ Once you've got that kind of endurance working you don't worry much about lost job time. Breakdowns go out of style the day your Chevy goes into action. The fact is, Chevrolet trucks fere dead set on dropping the word "downtime" right out of the English language. And they just might, if precision engineering and top-quality materials have anything to say about it Chevy trucks are put together to stay together—incorporating the most advanced chassis developments, the most efficient 6- cylinder and V8 engine designs. They're built to last, built to keep Chevrolet's hard-earned reputation for reliability flying high. Going into fKe real heart of Chevrolet advantages is where your dealer comes in. He'll show; you, in feature after feature, that you can't buy more truck dependability— in any, eiaaa-at any price. / No job's too totigh for a Chevrolet truck J P—-. «5feg ffottr local authorized Chevrolet KOSSUTH MOTOR CO. 106 5. Algona, Iowa Phono CY 4-3554

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