The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 11, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 11, 1959
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tnt^d MI «btf eU« m.U.r >t IftWi. Nov. 1, l«Bb Ufidt* Act 0* CJttftfr* • ij u; sy fcia* wiei * '*•„*'> •, : With the recent taJtis t'haJb&i. ,hatfe had and the resulting,Sogfyl spots around the -area,"ideal'for tndsquito breeding,', the questiBh has arisen itt, a good ma*jy'"qti&K ' terS as to, Whether or not Algona ifttends^ to cbrtdUct- another trios* qttttb apr'ay^hgn&nljmign*, Dr, ';G, GA&hierk, >„ Alg6Ha v -mayor, * said **- i - J — that the tity-doesjnteria^ S? '^j>«§r is- w«sf , wctnuci' ijnj i<ot:i,ut: «oWn -,'•' after • the, ¥ec6ht''w^et t 'seas6h^ "1,5 > Itrmay teem .10' be rushing the s> season* a 'bU buLttf&;i&Bpflicense ; ALOONA, IOWA, THUR^pAY, JUNE 11, 1959 a SECTIONS - 20 PAGES VOL NO, 23 eld Up-Loot Is • ' ^ . *. > checking aipatient's purse.*"" <s , " '.',* • * ^'' *•* ***•'''• *'•'> ; If fhe -Heart Fund, . Infantile? paralysis -Ijund^' 1 Cancer-. Society•*;and' '^RedjCrosS;' a*e" ' not going along with a tJnited 'Fund ; driye he're, it looksras though'lnstead •fpf-jone we 'would . . still hayef a 'number ,of them : 'only objection we've heard 'thus far^to a United^ Fund •concerns- a proposal to deduct frbm.payrd- -b*Ut this is a long 'way from bei an accepted proposition, and<still , .would have to hSve an OK from both employer and employee before beinjs^a method of collection* v , ' * » ' * , - / /-/ J Tha Kennedy-Ervin Labor Bill. ;befoVe Congress, has som'e ' opppsitiori^ and some 'very ei 1 ;' pedfellows ' in 'the opposition. 'The r Teamsters" .Union ai-jd \ the 'AOPL-OlO have ' -voiced ^-strong .objections, to, iti^no.^' ttfe- ' -.U.S. Chamber ro^'t^mfeerce-. also .yoked sojrne negative views ' on. th£ 'bilk,. f lt, must 'either be a rfiighty fxJW'bill, or ''else an aw' fully good one for" the 'plain, average person's. well being, who isn't tied in, with the ' pressure groups mentioned. T + i * "*m ' - We don't say this happened in '.John Rossman's Coffee Shop, but, a customer sat down and tied 3* riapkin around , his neck'. _A i waiter studied the situation a minute, then thoughtfully bent over and inquired softly: Pardon me, 'Sir. "Shave or a Haircut?" * , , * * Harold 'Burgess, U.S. Fish and ^Wildlife ' custodian of Union Slough, reports, that the Buffalo . . Creek watershed received • ,8.6 iriches of rain during May, and ''14.56 inches during 1959 which is 'almost as much as, was received during all i. of 1958. • • ' • * * , * \ The recent rains have helped Clear Lake; too. Which brings to mind the promise of one J.ames >R. Gilruth of Clear, Lake, in an Open Forum letter 'ta-this,paper s of some weeks back, to "rub your nose in waiter as it streams over • the spillway outlet in the east • end of the lake." Mr Gilruth was considerably angered by a pre. vjous editorial which commented on the^ lowering water level in Clear Lake. ; Well, last Saturday we v." quietly .drove . over to. Clear Lake and took a look' at -Mr,'Gilruth's spillway. We .did not tell him of our coming. The water level has risen nicely, but still isn'Vta the point of bringing our inose into the overflowing outlet, We trust, ' however, for the sake 0f our good frjej)dfl . at the lake, that -this 'does hap, . pen before the summer is over, ; . and when it happens we'll en' deavor to steer clear of Mr Gil-; ruth's vicinity! . That Nick Maharas story, run, last week, stating that Nick clung to 'a capsized boat for 18 hours before, being rescued? seems , to have uncovered some doubting Thomases. All we can eay is that Nick told us just exactly what was printed, but we did not swear to it before a notary public, we'll We listened to an area TV station, the other, evening, claim ing that it costs pnly Jc to reacfc 12 TV-viewing homes, Then w« did a little figurpig , . , and found that it proportionately costs only 'Jc to reach 100 horn®* through the columns of ' this newspaper, • . *. « » Ed §Hwke«w4's Yankees may have been paying 'dead after all... right alter -we -.pia<;e4 8' ' to I bet they w«uW not,.W» t An>erican Leagwe pennant the •,ojd rascajs Judder, , iht inned When Tractor Lone Gunman's Threat - Blow You To He! I! A lone unmaaked gunmnn who threatened to "blow you both to .hell 1 -", because he did not, get ( enough money,-held up the La* kola brftnch of the Farmers Trust Si Savings Bank of Buffalo' Ceri* tcr,« shortly nflcr 9 a.m. Wcdnes- dhy. ' .-• V -.' The bank was robbed of ' ..Rbbui $700 in cash, Manager \Carl C. Gerzema 'said. He arid Mrs Mary Julfjng, cash- : .let 1 , were the only ones'in "the . bank ot the time of the holdup. Following the robbery, detailed descriptions 'of the holdup man wore broadcast, ns well as 'information on the car he ?wa? i driving. Road blocks were set up • in a network around the Lakota • area. A plane from 'the Sheriff's 'office til Mason City Was also despatched to the area to survey county roads, '"Give Me. The Money I", The bandit Walked into 'the bank a J'e'w minute^ after It open _ serious injury ''arid possibly-! IVfe miles west of Algona on',]M!c rregui.' JSHUCL 'AuaiA * at-^'Ay^citni. «a.vwA^nj.^"i $ J t ' •• ' * "• '!**-Pattbn' ; received'.mifiQr/leg injuries When' .he- was«pinned''Under the machine, which was owried ^•ni'.i, 1 "i"«-. ( w,hittemore.f,He\v^as'rushed. to St. A^ 1 - ' !i ~ 1 v " — 1 — 1 -«-••«•- *-—* -:-* J-^-i released AfJjrjJ hospital by ambulance, given first aid ,&hd uUing a load of soybeans, at the time of hoto. The machine pulled'to the left then lurched into -the ,ditch oh' the north side of the road when Patton tugged at the steering wheel. '^l T,he tractor rolled over on its back, twisting the,tongue of the wagon. Hardly,any soybeans,were spilled from ,,the\,trailer. - Passersby .''freed,,,Patton. ^,A",- , * • ' >* •, •_, ; ' 'Damage/fo, the'-tract6r> was .estimated "at^ZOO'by Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst who'investigated. (UDM vsfo to-Engraving). ,, «!.,... g '-.^ •/ '»V» ,, ; . ' c '' ' ~ Newsfoto- Valedictorian Gets 'Funeral services for Mrs Mary Zeller, 89; /were. held. Wednesday" morning at St. Joseph's church at St. ( Joe. ^Father Leo Schumacher officiated and burial was in 'the St: 'Joe cemetery. • Hamilton's Funeral 1 'Home was in charge. 'Of arrangements.. 'Mrs Zeller, ;a' long Hime resident of -the St? Jo'e -area, died Saturday Afternoon at the home of her son; George in Watertown, S. ' Trjp;To Alaska , .Rihgsted — 'Lorraine Twait, J wgnter of Mr and Mrs Bernard^ waitl will leaved from Minneap- jblfc^ai)?po^<f, phxFridSy td ¥i fiy r t'to' Alaska.-She, will spend the sum- jiner:',with'hejr brother Bob'and jtehfchiliMh his'Tourist Court IthatineVhas leased near 'Anchorage.' ' She plans'" to re turn'to enter the fall* 'term of 'Junior College at Emmetsburg, . Lorraine i was & graduate of-Ringsted High School this spring-and she also was valedictorian of her class. , She was born Sept. 23, *1869. Her husband, ' .Jacob - Zeller . preceded her % iri death. > • • ' Surviving are ' two » daughters, Mrs 'Maggie Thilges ' St. Joe and. Mrs'Ed,(Susi6) Butler, Wau'by, S. Dakota and ', two sons, George, 'Water-town, So. Dak. and Philip, Waverly, Minn. . Six jgrandsbns; • Raymond,' Alfred, Bernard,' Nonbert, Jacob and Mark Thilges served as pallbearers at 'the services. , , Ibt TwoAlgonons Arrested For Intoxication Two Algona-men, Joe Koestler and Chris ft Reefer, -were found juilty of .intoxication "following hearings in' Mayor C. C. Shierk's court this -'yjeek. Koestler was sentenced to 10,days in jail and is now seryjng the term and Reefer was fined $25 • and 'costs.- — 1 Bernard Becker, Algona, waa Fl nflfl .. 'CIA *•* r*V»iJ nnrvln • nnvtnlnnn fined''$1Q 'and costs, careless di'iying; 'and'Lannie L. Miller, 1 , West Bend,, and Robert W. Rock-, wood,' Wesley,' each paid $5 and costs for 'Speeding in other cases heard by the'mayor. City Man $100 Fine At Fairmont • A Sw^if City 1 man, Ralph L. Mortensen, 24, , was fined $100 in r justice of the peace, court, Monday. Morten§en's car was involved in a crash early Sunday morning, in Fair« mont.- -, •-... ,-': •,His ojr i»tW4ok« a Fairmont power Algona Girl Fractures Leg In Bike Mishap , • f ? . * • - , <* ' j •*, A' -bicycle; mishap near the swimming pool Tuesday • afternoon resulted in a compound fracture of the thigh for Kathleen Finley, 8-year old daughter of Mr and Mrs Harvey Finley of Algona. The little girl, who will be in fourth' grade' at Bryant school this fall, was rushed • to Si. Ann, hospital by ambulance, and according to her -mother, will be in traction there for the next six or eight weel^s. .Kathleen and a girl friend, Karla Laing, daughter of Mr' and Mrs Firman Laing, were ; on their .way to the pool at the ' time of : the mishap. Kathleen normally rides to the top of the hill north of the pool, then walks her bike the rest of the' way, Her decision' to ride all the way led to the crash. She * started down, w^B traveling , ; \ at a pretty good rate of speed when she saw an. auto and ' swerved' to avoid it. She turned a couple of .somersaults in the air, then slam* med Into a -steel post with a thud. The Incycje fr oUed on and was; not .damaged,'. . ,, .It was ^he ,,||r?t.vfierious bicycle mishap ;.wporte<i $n the city within pie of years, ' New Girls 4-H Officers Named At Rally Day; Record Attendance » « 1 - i * * .- J ,. « S ! T , . / ed, f While several early customers were waited on, v he engaged VIr Gerzema in conversation, saying he liked Lakola ana $3,000 Of Summer Summer moved in a few days earlier than Jutfe 21 >this"year with temperatures' i sufficieMy warm to convince most J^ossuth residents that it is "nqw" safe to take off overcoats. It was tn-e, |ir§ week in a long time in ^wh < i?h, i n.Q rain fell, There, was, a trace yes|; erday, Wednesday morning, J June 4 5 8 1 '8 .9 10 V , 82 -SSV-. . 90 58 *8» Funeral For Berkland Today At DePew , Fenton — Mrs (Alice) Rueben Berkland of rural Cylinder died about 5 a.m. Tuesday after four weeks in the Emmetsburg hospital. She was 42 years old, the mother of five. Funeral services will be Thursday (today) at 1:15 at the home and, at 2 p.m. at St. John's Lutheran church. Rev. Oliver Johnson, will officiate. Death was due to a'heart condition for which Mrs Berkland was hospitalized four weeks ago Further complications were caus- ed'by a stroke _ suffered about two and one-half weeks ago. The stroke partially paralyzed her. Alice Jacobsen was born June 17, 1916, at Cylinder, the daughter of Mr and Mrs John Jacobsen of that community. _She attended 'Cylinder schools arid Waldorf College, and was married o, Rueben Berkland Feb. 19, 939. "She-lived her entire .life n the Cylinder - Depew area. 'Survivors include her husband, parents, and .five children. They are William,'Lois, Arlet, Lyndon and -Eldori, A brother, Percy Jacobsen, Cy- inder; 'and three sisters, Mamie Mrs Ted) Nelson, Cylinder; Cora 'Mrs Russell) Johnson, Cylinder; and Ella'Mae (Mrs Julian) Cher- a'nd, Bur,t.V Mrs Berkland was a life-long, active, rnember of St. John's Lutheran church at' Depew. Ed Youngwirth Is REG Director A crowd of more than 1500 people attended the,annual meeting of members of the Pocahontas County Rural Electric Cooperative at the Pocahontas Commun-' ity School auditorium on Wednesday evening, June; 3. The official registration shpwed approximately 535 registered members present. The reports of the: officers and manager showed that the Cooperative had a most supcegsful year. . ; , . ' During the business meeting, R. R. Cejka, Laurens; Oley Gun-r derson, Rodman; Carl Jensen, Ruthven; and Ed Youngwirth, Whittemore; were re-elected dir? ectors for 3 year terms. United Fund Names Officers • HUBS' Buchanan and Barbara ^laggard were elected temporary oh,S}rman and secretary, respect^ Jvfly, of the 21 member board for the XJnited, Fund here, in a meet- 'jnig IVtonday evening at the Drugr 'CMJBT«' "K/T»i4-n«l hO31 r d *"'"* rvrvi night consider buying a houso .here. After the early customers had left, he turned to Mrs Jutting, who was sorting checks, and asked "are you very busy?" She answered "real busy." With that he pulled a short, stub- nosed, nickle-plated revolver from his shirt and pointed it at Gerzema. "Give me the money" he demanded. The bank manager,, who now has. been through five holdups of this nature, complied. The money was in the bank cage While the bank vault had been. d.v'theisafe ', tirrie lock and riot „ bandit pointed toward the vault and said "get me the rest." Gerzema tried to explain that the safe under time lock had not yet opened. This seemed to anger the holdup man, who then made his threat to kill them both. Gerzema and Mrs Jutting went into the vault and • closed the inner steel door, strong enough to °top a bullet. The'heavy outer vai;!t door would not close,, so the bandit's effort to shut them completely in the vault failed. Car Description Given • When Gerzema heard the front door slam, he peeked out of the vault, saw the bandit was gone, arfd emerged to give the alann; The bandit had not disconnected the "phone wires In'the bank. Mrs Don Boyd was just entering the bank as the bandit left. The bandit rushed down the side street to his car, started it, whirled into the alley behind the bank and went north to the next • street. Where he went from there is what authorities would like to know. k 'He was driving a 1949 Ford, dark blue, with Minnesota license jilates, Nobody in Lakota seemed to have the exact license number. Bricklayers, working on the. new Lakota school addition, had 'talked to the .man earlier in the morning. They saw him jump in the car arid leave, but had no idea anything was wrong. They were working across the •street from where his car was parked. « The bandit was about 60 years of age, 5 foot 11 inches, weight 185 Ibs. He was wearing a red checkered shirt and brown cap Spent 2 Days In Town • The Lakota community first observed the stranger on Monday. He casually sauntered around town, even engaging in rummy games at Vincent, Miller's pool hall, Tuesday, playing with Lou Nitz, Mike Christ, Pete Bruer, Ernest Christ, Nick Behrends Hank Greenfield, among pthers. Mayor Andy Anderson of Lakota watched part a game. The stranger said lie,was expecting to sell a fire alarm system in the area, one • where each farm has" a specific number. He was comparatively close - mouthed, however, about where he came Rally Day for 444 Kossuth county 4-H girls at Swea City Saturday was climaxed by the election of new officers for the coming year. The four girl s, who won posts after much campaigning earlier in the day, are shown in the above photo. « ' , \ ,«j| Grace McKim, president, is shown at the left. She is a member of the Union Alethean club. Other officers -;>a;nd; clubs,-represented, are .left to.right, Marilyn Hinckley, vice president, Burt Blue Bird seniors; Carol Hanisch, secretary-treasurer, Seneca Stars; and Ann Smith, historian, Cresco Chums; The photo, snapped by « member, of the extension staff, was taken immediately following the election. (UDM Engraving). • vu- ;ft":.' : ,« Campaign slogans, cowboys, miniature bands, yells arid much excitement started off Rally Day activities as 4-H'ers, parents and For Carl Gerzema, the bank manager, it was just, "more, of the same." -He has been held up five limes,, twice at Kiester, Minn, and three times at Lakoto.. April 26, 1953, a bandit robbed the bank of about $6,000. At thaj •time Gerzema and Mrs Jilting were' also pn duty. Tifa'b holdup man wfls^lateV 'tipprehend&d-'in 1 Texas. , , '," ' f '^ *>', In the holdup man's- stay: 'in Lakota, he met quite a few people, but revealed Hbtle'. of ••'hint- self or his background, He did no drinking. . Lakotuns report that he was a comparatively poor rummy player. He lost about two rfbllars. Deputy Sheriff 'Don Wood, State highway patrolmqn, officers " from adjacent counties, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, all responded the alarm. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst was out of the county at the time. The bank's loss is fully covered by insurance, 'Mr Gerzema said.' consisting of DOJI Jr. was appoint, sst' up by-laws -for the oi> from. . ,H_eld Up Five Times 'He did ask questions. Monday he first visited the bank/ saying a| the time that he had ''stopped in to cool off." Tuesday he played rummy, dropped in at run by Mrs Charles Stroebel, whose husband is the Lakota town marshal, and inquired about her husband. Later he rnet J>im and passed <$ie time o| 4ay. Where he stayed M?n4iy; §n4 Tuesday night was. mli a jnyS' tery, Wednesday noon after the robbery. . Pioneer Algona Ma n,L Stacy, Died Tuesday •Mr and Mrs August Slagle received word Wednesday of the death of Lute Stacy, former Al- Algona High Class of'52 Sets Reunion The seventh annual reunion '•of yAlgona,'High Sohool class\'o£ '52 will be* held Saturday, June ,1,3,,at; th'e Johl^pn Hquse begin,: ning , at 6:30' -Anyone-' who has'not conlaoted the'commltteq as y*et is asked to do so by Thursday, Commititee me?nbers are Mrs friends gathered Saturday. at Swea City Vince Bernardo, Mrs Dick Lallier, Mrs Howie Stephenson and Mrs Gene' Schattschneider. gona resident, eighties, died Jn California. Mr Stacy, in his Tuesday evening He was the son of Harriet Taylor Stacy, publisher of the first newspaper in Kossuth county, and a grandson of Father Taylor, one of the best known settlers of early Algona. At press time, the Slagles were waiting for word as to whether or not Mr Stacy's body would be brought here for burial, , The family lot is in Riverview cemetery. Licenses To Wed Issued To 8 Couples June continued to be a big month in the wedding license department at Clerk of Court Alma Pearson's office this week. A total of eight licenses were issued. They went to the following couples: June 5 — Roger G. Hanson and Sharon K. Sabin, Algona; and Donald G. Gerdis, Titonka, and Joan M. Kuecker, Whittemore, June 6 Earl 'Hammond, Mason City, and Lula J. Hammond, Hanlontown, June 8 — Robert 'Ernst and Sandra Richman, Algona; Oria J. Peterson, • Jr., Burt, and Irena Opheim, Whittemore; Puane Jensen and Dee Ann Swanson, Swea City; and Donald F. Hansen, Irvington, and Vioja Bern» inghaus, Lone Rock. Adult Swimming Adult night, • featured (or ' the past few swimming at Algona ' pool Witt .. will ' be«in " nigW, June ; J7, reserved, , . 7 to 9 p.m- an4 swimming lessons will be available William Baum, Lakota, Dies, Rites Today Lakota — This community was saddened to learn of the passing of one of its oldest residents, F. William Baum, who died at 7:10 p.m. Sunday at> University Hospitals in Iowa City. Mr Baum was,85 and lived all his married life in this area. He moved into Lakota :in 1944 and served as a county supervisor from 1935-37 as well as serving on the Lakota school board and acting as- city marshall and mayor. 'Funeral services will'be held at 2 p.m. at St/ Paul's Lutheran church Thursday with Rev. L. Meinecke conducting the services. His wife died in 1936 and he is survived by seven children. Climax of the day came whenr. tho election' '-Results were ?a$-,H' nounced.' Grace McKiml'daugn-' ter of Mr and Mrs WmV McKim was, named 'president; - .Marilyn, Hinckloy, daughter ' of Mr and Mrs' AHe'h ;C.' Hinckley, • vjce.-pre^. > sident; Carol 'HanMfh;,"" daug-Hter of Mr and Mrs 'Elhter Hanisch, secretary-treasurer; and • Ann Smith, daughter of Mr and Mrs Wayne Smith, historian, Largest Crowd A total of 444 4-H girls were present, while leaders, parents and guests set a new mark of 550 registered at Rally Day. The Blue ' & White club handled, registration and the Fenton Forwards acted as hostesses of the clu'bs. The eight candidates, running for a county offke, passed by the audience as they presented cleveV campaigns in an effort to enf courage votes in their behalf. Candidates, included Gwen Judges To Name Miss Algona Saturday Night Judges have been selected to choose the Miss Algona entry in the Miss Iowa (Universe) contest sponsored by KLGA radio station and eight local merchants. Judges will be Winton Medlar, Spencer, well-known north Iowa photographer and member of the board of directors of the Professional Photographers of America; Chuck Bradley, advertising 'executive of television station KQTV» Fort Dodge, and Joe Coleman, Miss Algona -.'will be chosen from eight entrants.. They will pear at 9 p,m. Saturday night on the stage of the Algana - theater. They will wear formals, bathing suits and take part >|n a person-v aljty contest. Entrants are Jeanne H^ll, Judy Pickett, Judy Dahlh'auser, Arleen Ludwig, Karen , Hutcnins, a,n4 Mary Kay Knoll, all of..Al| JeaneUe Biustrom, B,u;rt;, Baker, Sylvia Eden, Carol Hanisch, Marilyn Hinckley, Doris Ann Kohlhaas, Grace McKim, Ann Smith and Ruth Wise. 7, Following the parade, the meeting was called to order by Judy O'Brien," president. .This was followed by the secretary- treasurer and historian reports} reviewed by Madonna' Gisefi, county historian. New business included campaign speeches arid response. Jeanette Bjust&tn; county vice-president, conducted the election with the help'of the Ledyard Lassies. ; ,- , \j- • •* Marilyn Plathe, 4-H'er from the Prairie Pals reviewed art'pfctures that were included" in the picture study contest. County officers thanked the leaders and presented them with ivy plants that lined the stage. Special feature of the afternoon was the initiation of an honorary member. This 'is a neremony which honors a, friend of 4-H for their service to club work. Edith Welter, county Extension Office Assistant, was recognized by the Bancroft , Homemakers,; Busy Bees and Greenwood Girls, Have Song'^est , • • . The clubs had'^ their -evening meal at the Swea Cit^park witn each club acting as, hostjo guest, From there,' joined together for a song sun down. »* -*,•'' \ ' \ The 'evening program <\ colorful and entertaining, Home In " ' "* ' "" Joan Baas, Whittempfe Moose Initiotipn all _ . . , held;, shewed how ,,, . ._. tional * Mn'der&ahdingv \ $< Bjustroro was n^rr""^ w^'t •. .i'.;v«*,««"fl , 'Wuama^ % bftgfttvt4pf""' UonMsfHP^l •flom- $»Wwft •cQn$est,i-Vifere r-' -%Mum»M

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