The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1959
Page 18
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•v> <J 4 ?„• ' y» V i r i ,. i 5 Ir?' hi i 4-Al0or«i (to.) Upfm D*» MolW thufiddy, Jun_ 4, .A,^...-.A-M--,UM-liL ,-*..«: i. ,1 vi-i i-fan>lfc2toM X\ X&F*,^**~ f -*- - i—-" i ~~..-- - -fetiiijKM.JtaoAL..i. ai_aa^.r,,,, La,,jfc TU-i-ay.h j.iTi' \, t_i*U "'•» •?' ^>;J' At Swea City S A * t.n s - „ g Has Election , - Luther League of Immamial Lutheran church elect? ed new officem lo take office in Sept. at their last meeting, May 11 ?h_ new officers, aret Date - Fartand., president; Gary Worth, ington, vice president; Cafmeh Larson, secretary; Larry Stengel, 1 treasurer; Richard Engholm, de• votional secretary. Man? Basements Flooded Many homes and business places in Swea City have had water in their basements from the heavy rains received recently. Many windows were broken by hail or bloxvn out by the strong winds. The Swea City fire department was called out at 4 a.m. to fight a fire on the property of Albert Lickteig after lightning struck "a corn crib and grainary which was filled with, corn and beans. Thursday dinner guests of the Nels Godfredsons were Mr and Mrs Peter Godfredson and Mr and Mrs Lloyd Godfredson of Armstrong and Mr and Mrs Vernon ' Godfredson and daughters of Milwaukee. Mr and Mrs Dean Swanson, Mr and Mrs Mancil Hurlbwrt and Mr and Mrs Jean Tague attended Burt Friendship night of the O.E.S., May-19, . Mr and Mrs Leroy Sanftner of Minneapolis visited the frank SaftfHtet and Cftristifie Swansorf iwes the toefekelid of'May 18. . Etattday, May 11, guests of the Cari Lien's were Mr and Mrs August will and sons Jerry of Tru* art,- Minn. -' Mr and Mrs Clayton Angle and Janice visited Mrs Ted Fuchsert May 24 at a Fort Dodge hospital, THt_ Morrfs Lien's entertained following baccalaureate in honor of theif daughter Jerilyn. Mr and Mrs Ton Preston and daughter entertained after baccalaureate in honor of Mrs Preston's brother, Fred, son of the Sam Links, Charlie Payne of Plymouth, Wise, and Dr. and Mrs Walter Payhe Of'Colby, Wise., are visiting their brother Wm. Payne at Crcstview Refrt home in x Faif- mont, and with Mrs Charlie Fischer and Ervin Heidenwiths at Swea City. Mr and Mrs Eddie Bauer and family entertained Mr and Mrs Frank Bauer and Mat of Bancroft, May 24. V Susan Johnsorti daughter of Mrs Thad Johnson had a tohsillectomy May 23. Mr and Mrs Marvin Simons- mier and sons visited the Sam Anderson home at Austin over the weekend. . , Mrs Morris Lien accompanied the students and teachers of the Grant school, on a trip to Fairmont, Minn. Thursday. Tammy Elliott, 15-monlh-old daughter of the Kenneth Elliots of Swea City, was hit by a cur at her grandparents ,home last week and Suffered a broken arm and bruises. Mrs Harold Fischer visited in Burt May 21 and attended a birthday party for Mrs Paul Moore. Mr ana Mrs Fischer attended the Lions Club convention in Mason City,, May 11, JUNE 18 TUB MCWTH 61? WEDDltf&S, Couples % the hundreds plight their troth, and every issue of the newspaper carries accounts of the weddings. I expect 4o write several Wedding stories this month — a task 1 always enjoy. Although I try to vary each story just a little they seem to have a certain similarity >— the.e&h* tractirig parties and theif parents^names, what the bride'wofe,'the reception, number 1 df guests, etc. t imagine If Weddittf stories were written by members of other professions they would sound (tufts' differently. For example if a sports writer were giving the accotmt it might sound like this? ^ * » < MARY DOE STABBED W A SIZZLING OPENER at Firs Church here Saturday,,as 250 avid fans watched. Running interference for her were bridesmaids, Sue Jones and Ann Brown and returning letterman, -Mrs Howard Anderson, who opened up thi aisle as Mary marched toward the goal. . Defending the end zone was Joe Doakes who baa strong suppor from best man, Jim Jones and groomsman, Bob Smith, Rev, Charts Yates called the signals; Doakes made a slick tackle and it "Was Second half activity was mostly in, the reception line where several passes were attempted. Only^ completion was DoaKes,:to Doe who by this time were playing.on^ the sairie team. ,Waterb;oy/ Mrs Harrison Donald, aunt of the bride was at the punch table find scorekeeper, Mrs San Stead kept tally in the guest book. As the game closed, Doe pitched a long one tO''Sue- Jon'es, in the outfield, thus putting the finger on Jones ior the op^neir tietft season. Doakes and Doe made a home run.' „ '• "> According to Coach John Doe, father,,,of the bride, no return games are scheduled for this 'season,' althou'gli he had 'a 1 tioupld ot sophomores, sisters of the bride, who 1 , look' like pfdrnhiing material for future seasons," ENDS THURSDAY: "BLOOD OH THE VAMPIRE" - Plus - "MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS" FRIDAY AND SATURDAY DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD! 7 P!?\--*_ 11- ' .'• ./ // ACTION FEATtJUES JOELMcCR Wort* DELUXE SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY! From f fie passion-dipped pen of ROBERT W/(OEft, auffior of "WrWfen on ffie W/nd"! <m^ mat *M> ^ *»** ««st'' «**-i t^l . J •> )-'»• '4 ' ! «« » '• ,, .«, * 9 Tm just as much a woman •» SPSS mum Mrs Ralph Webster City, A On June 'i—. JLi^s^ J^id^a.^ were initiated at the meeting of the Comtfttinltf Club fof ftft>fnot» ing a Dairy Day for Lakota.June , - . ^ Aggressive Lad* Meet ,* come IF A LAWYER WERE WRITING A WEDDING story, it might e out like this; t " ' t ,'' -' : ' ^ . ' '.,*•*, C UUv IA.TVC viiiat ) "A T. • f Mary Doe, hereinafter known as Iher party of the first part, entered into contract with- 1 Joe Doakes/ hereinafter known as'the party of the second part, this ^seventh day of June, 1959, in First Church, SWVfe of lot 62, Call's addition to'Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. Two hundred and fifty (250) witnesses, named in the appendage to the contract on file in the guept book at the home of the mother of the party of the first part, put their seal of approval on the . . ' part agreed to terms of contract namely?and agreement. Party of the to-wit: (1) Love the party of the second part, (2) Honor the party of the second part. C3) Cherish the party ofvthe second part. Termination of the contract shall be only by (1") Decease of the party of the first part. (2) Decease of the party of the second part. Party of the second part endowed party, of the first part with the following worldly goods: (1) 1 hot rod, souped-up, -1949 Chevrolet.' (2) Eighteen (18), names and addresses in his little black boolt. (3) 1 Red Cross Junior Life Saving Badge. (4) $42.69 on deposit at the State Bank, Algona, K'pssuth County, Iowa."-_ . Contract was duly signed, sealed -with a kiss, 'and placed" on file at the office of the Clerk of the District Court, Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa. . , , ' , •> ' ,, . THE WEDDING STORY LOOKS STILL DIFFERENT to an accountant r-- especially • if he also happens to be the father of the oride. He might see it this way: Debits 1 bridal gown -„ $125.00 Something blue __..,! _ 10.00 Bride's trousseau J__•_ 500.00 Invitations - r _ 180.00 Bridesmaids dresses ,____ , , 90.00 Flowers _ •___• 50.00 Wedding Cake _ _ _ 35.00 Photographs __ 100.00 Reception Hall — _________ ___,_ ___________ 25.00 Sandwiches; punch, etc. _, 100.00 Organist; iSOlO'ist,* etc, _1 U_«_L_-_'_.I 1- -—* - -35..00 Cash for young couple -., • '500.00 Tranquilizers for mother of bride 33.22 Dutch Courage for.father of bride __ , .50 Miscellaneous and allowance foi'~ things costing much more than planned 275.00 iry , 27. One 6f the features tyffl be the selection of a LakOta Dairy (Jueett through registrations at the various,business houses, participating. Girls between the ages of i£ and 21 may register. ,, Vot«ss will be left at the stores between Jufie 14 and 27. The cfbWnfed Queen will receive a $28 Savings Bond. The runner up will also receive a handsome gift and each of ! the fim»]*JLO will receive prizes. ** •, A secdnd contest will b s e hfeld for dairy-posters drawn by grade children with prizes of $5, $3 and $2., ^ Graduation & Award Nighl ' • ' . • 4 , « -A large crtfwd .was present Tuesday night at graduation ex-. ercises. Richard Boettcher'with'a 95.6 average was Valedictoria'n and Donna Hertzke was Saluta* torian. Donna Hertzke was also given • the award as the "Most Representative Girl" and Dennis Christ- the-,award as "The Most Representative Boy". • Award-night was held-Wednes- day'evening at'J'the Sthoolhouse. Opening remarks, SUpt.-J. W. Cook; presentation of' music awards and trophies,\Vi A. Barrett, assisted by-tlharlene Thonv Sen, Donna Hertzke, Dennis Christ-and David Ley; Presentation of athletic awards by Jerry McMullen; vocal selection, triple trio; announcements of scholar* ships, Principal Clayton Helvick; citizenship award given to Dennis Christ; presentation ^pf athletic trophies, Charlene Thomsen and Marlyn Sachs; acceptance of trophies by Supt. J, w. Cook; vocal |t May roll. 4*H Lads fe t»f Mtfrvin HiidecKer SI%ier - Roger'Decker and Tejfy __dll asch gave a demonstration. Ih.a Mrs JdKh W; cMulleh, Mrs L. E. wort'- maflj.Mr and,Mrs,, Vi A. .Barrett and 7. ft^ Sffiilh; r \ • , Friday mifh* the Seotfts ahd ..thfifvguests,, heW & r^ t J7 _&_. -•-* «>-*- it***. *.. .*r. .V. ' v &t,j& JC^K *tf J 3< , test on naming tools, Augiist Baumah wort first, Arnold Satchs .second, .and Dean Christ thiM* ^ Club* tour will tfe June 17 tod Will start at Hertzkes. Mrs Held eoker served lunch. < * •Two birthdays were celebrated at the Kenneth Beck home Sjm .day when the'following gathered to-honor Kenneth Seek and Her man Bosnia: Mr and Mrs Rtfy mond Pidht ar/d family of Aim strong,' Mr & Mrs Albert Bostna, Sr. and Heyo and'Mr, and Mrs 'Herman Bosma. *\ ' - , Mr and Mrs Rc&ert JCollasch and -family were Sunday callers at the Paul Kollasch home. * Kimberly Marie' Ogren, irifant daughter-of Mr and Mrs Robert Ogren^ Was ,' baptized -Sunday morning after-the second masS'at Sacred Heart church, ih' LedVa'rd with the -Rev. Father Bernard Montag- Officiating.' f * v - Saturday guests at the Andtew Jansen home were his sister; Mrs Bertha Rippentrop of Algona.and her daughter, Mrs Don Aukes of Lonoke, Arkansas. Sunday guests Were' Mr ' and Mrs Lamont Jansen and family of Bancroft, - Mr and Mrs Fred Ballou ahd Mr and Mrs Arnold Karels ~ of- ( Frost, Minn. Mrs Aukes and Mrs Rippentrop left Sunday evening for 'Arkansas where Mrs Rippentrop will spend the summer. Mr''and, Mrs- James Lichliter and family of Eagle Grove were Sunday visitors at the John V. ( i_ (i bert;» tjtamMdff • TfoMfcr Iffg 1 pfactlce Ihefe af** ^ ith ^, i_ ."_:..... s.jtiK.j Jia- f .'i>, fry, V tthi* &MffiW$y * ' 'tUrff *3«? ...V.-fcWStt Ty ,VJ^*A*I •**f>;' WSNNER "ACADEMY AWARD ^BESjiV;i ACTfiESS! selection, double octet; closing Dornbush home and also visited DRIVE-IN Credits iced-tea spoons & salad forks __ identical coffee makers 7_ identical bedspreads ift from rich Aunt 'Sophrdnia Sterling .silver place- settings $1,948.72 Playjng Thru Saturday; (This Feature Starts at 9:50) THE TOWN... -THE PEOPLE... EVERYONE'S TALKING ABOUT Co-Hit: "FRAULEIN" with Dana Wynter HAZARD ^ HER AWARD WINNING ROLE •?', ^PLIIS,-- Tw.o THE SEARING AND SHOCKING, TRUE STORY 'OF BARBARA GRAHAM -WHOSE MURDER TRIAL ROCKED THE WORLD! < "FROM HELL TO TEXAS" With Don Murray ^ 100.00 1. ISO.0'0 70.00 ' 22 „. . . _ IIIZIIIIIII iso.'po 3 identical^ electric-fry-pans 1_, 90.00 - - - - 15,00 220.00 [roning boards and .waste baskets,, 1— Miscellaneous shower loot _i_, Total Debits . Total Credits $775,22 .$1,948.72 .- 775.22 Westinghouse Super . t ^ > v ^w ^^> \ttf v - - ' ' ' H ,- r n Net loss on the transaction, plus 1 daughter $1,173(50 * * * ;, THE FAMILY DOCTOR MIGHT SEE THE WEDDING story this way: Obstetrical Case: April 7, 1939, Mr and Mrs John Doe, 6'pound,; 7 ounce female, Mary Elizabeth. ~ , Tetanus,'Whooping Cough, Diphtheria innoculations: June 7, 1939. Small Pox Vaccination: July 1, 1939. Discomforts from teething: February 1, 1940. Measles: March, 1942. ' Polio Shots: March 1951. Severe Case of Acne:~Septcmber 1952. Pre-marital Blood Tests: June 1, 1959. Obstetrical Case; October 3, 1937; Mr-and Mrs Wilferd Doakes, 9 oound 2 ounce male, Joseph Frederick, , ' , Tetanus, Whooping Cough, .Diphtheria innoculations: December 3, 1937. ' > Mumps: April 2, 1939. Lacerations from sandpile wound: July _;, 1939, 7, stitches. Broken left forearm?-October 3, 1949*. * Polio shots: March 1952. ' • ' *. Broken left great toe: November, 1955, Pre-marital Blood Tests: June .1, 1959. Prescription: (to be taken by'both patients) Generous portions of love and'understanding, mixed-with 3 parts hard work to 1 part )lay. Blend faithfully, 'take, daily'for the next 50 years. 3 rognosis: Several new obstetrical cases. ^ ' •'. • •-. * » * THERE'WAS' -f LETTER THIS .WEEK from Mrs Vinnie Laymon, Sexton, who said her little granddaughter, Joyce Gabrielgon, visited her over night, Mrs Laymen says, ''She really, labored, with no help to write this poem, first asking me if I thought you would like to print it in your column or else on the front page." While not on the front page, here is Joyce's poem: "I love a little lamb like you, • > ><-i So please come to my house and live with me, • « I love you so mush. » Please come to my house and stay with me." ' ' by Jo^ce Gaynell^Gabrislson, Second • Grande,. I AM A LITTLE SHORT ON recipes this week and the column is already long enough, so we will close for this time, , « —GRACE Cbhditioher Most Economical To Buy . . . To Install . . . To Operate! , r ,_.-"« l , • T ^ i ' /',' Easy-To-Use .2-Position Control e CIRCULATE - Keeps Air Moving Without, Cooling. • AUTO-THERMO COOLING -, Maximum eoolipg, automatically controlled by built-in thermostat to prevent freeze-ups of the evaporator coll. 'V Needs only 7'/2 amps, (less current Jjian a toaster). Plugs into all adequately wired 115 circuits. Marriage Banns For 3 Couples At Bancroft Bancroft *— Ba'nns of marriage were published the first time Sunday in St. John's Catholic church for David Wilhelmi, son of Mr and Mrs Roman Wilhelmi, and Jessie M. Beers, living in California. •For t'he second time between Robert Froehle, son of Mr and, Mrs Frank Froehle, and Janet Mele'wski. Gerald Jrmiter and Helene Rolling, daughter of Mr find Mi's Peter 'Rolling, daughter of-Mr and Mrs Peter Rolling, Bancroft, They 4Wll ke,4named June g in, John's Catholic' church. Donna Bergman, daughter of Mr and Mrs Laurence Bergman, student nurse at St. Joseph's School of Nursing, Sioux City, leceiyed a scholarship av?ard' for, maintaining ft 3.22 average for herlunior year. She received a second sward for outstanding work in the clinical area at the •hospital. T.he awards were pre. sented at award day May 19. INJURED Leroy Short of Tama recently suffered severe lacerations on hfs arms and chest when he crashed into a plate glass window on a .run-away, motorcycle. The *aq cident happened when the motor cycle fell on its side and he ac twu a*? lie tried to upright it, Protected by Westinghouse 5-Year Guarantee Plan STOP Dampness Damage With A -New-Wejtinghousf Electric DEHUMIDIHER Custom Model - Controls moisture in an enclosed arep of up to 13,000 cu, ft, Removes as much, as 31 pts. a day, Beautiful rnodernjrcjfsign. Only 22W high. QuUMftion Humidistat autprnfltically starts the De,humidlfier, when humility rises — stops it after reducing moisture to a safe level.] Mode) HD-4 - Only BEECHER APPLIANCE 'f

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