The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1959
Page 16
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"T* :- ; J. SI ->- ..... M!.,}• -V;.;;- 1 'v r>y tit- •i , f *• 't X ', -AIPMM Ha.) Upper D*» Moln* thurtddy, Juna 4, 1959 ...» .... ... ... . C.r .. ju.v^- « - ... % t.- in '/ fle$ fllomes ANONYMOUS MAIL One local resident showed us an onony- letter he received in which the inference that rife was not properly looking after his Children. He was somewhat steamed up about the matter, and wrote this reply« "In response to the anonymous clipping sent me, I would like to soy that my wife and I have been married 18 years, and both of us have worked at times, but if we are both gone at the same time, we have two children who are older than a lot of hired baby sitters. Now if this person or persons can figure out a way for me to pay the bills and support the family, without my working, I will be glad to stay home all day with the children and personally guarantee that my children will not be without me at any time." The .father has a good point. Sometimes our little darlings may not act as proper as we would like them to, but kids will be kids, get into things, and sometimes trouble. But working fathers, and working mothers on occasion, are usually working for a reason, to pay the bills and to give those kids food, clothing and education. * * * LIFE SEES, KNOWS ALL Life magazine is either one of the most 'irresponsible publications in the nation, or one of the sharpest.' Not so long ago, it was Life whjch managed tp get half of South America mad at us with an article about South America, which among other Jhings suggested that one South American nation be dismembered and divided up among fts neighbors, cannibal style. , i Now Life is trying to convince us that it has microphones planted even in the rear of butomobiles carrying prominent Democrats. A recent issue says that Former President Harry S. Truman and House Speaker Sam Rayburn fiave decided that only Iwo men should be considered as the Democratic party's presidential nominee. * This decision was reached, Life says, while Truman and Rayburn were riding back to Wash- Jngton in Rayburn's car after a dinner party. How Life would know what the two men talked about inl this private drive jsn't explained.^Both ^ ^•C'^^i^! _u r '" "-"*' ~'fri&*JL membership. By giving the impression that Truman and Rayburn are acting in a "kingmaker" role, Life hopes that supporters of other candidates will be affronted. Life says Kennedy was rejected because of hi* youthful appearance and that his Catholic faith would hurt him more than help him. Sen» ator Humphrey was said not to have the > bearing of a presidential candidate. Adlai Stevenson was reported as discarded because he had been twice defeated and a new face is needed. The magazine pulled all of these points out of thin air, hoping that by some mysterious magic it would eventually damage the Democratic candidate, whoever he might be. 'Truman and Rayburn were said to agree -that either Senator Johnson of Texas or' Senator Stuart Symington of Missouri would be the only logical candidates. Rayburn, asked about the Life mogazine story, sdid it was 'far-fetched", and that he and Truman visited as -two old\friends, but certainly "did not try to settle on these candidates nor d,ld he retail having discussed the presidential can" didates. -- When one stops to'consider that 95 pel-cent of all newspapers, and about 100 percent of all big magazines in this country are Republican- dominated, it's a really remarkable thing^ tp find a few Democrats getting elected to office, now and then. * * '* LATIN AMERICAN IMPORTANCE ;, Iowa Falls Citizen — The uproar over confirmation and resignation of Clare Booth Luce may have_ served one useful purpose: Perhaps it focus* ed attention on why it is important that We send some" truly capable diplomatic representatives to the Latin American countries. We should have learned that from Cuba, of course, and the Nixon "incident." A year before the Cuban rebellion we sent Earl E. T. Smith, a man without diplomatic experience'or'knowledge of thai country as our ambassador to Cuba. And we ended up, alone, in the Batista camp, apparently unaware of even whatjwas going on^ t The Nixon episode w t as not aimed at Nixon. It was aimed at the "U.S. — all of us. Is Latin America—and,Latin American goodwill—important to' us? • We constantly depend upon Latin American votes to support our point of view in' the United Nations. There are 22 Latin American votes. There is one .of ours. ; . , 4 Of. the 77 "articles listed as critical during rnen.hav'e denied*anything of the jfind.' It might' '* v/orld 'ty/ar Tw6, 30 are produced in large quant- fce expected that they would talk some politics, jti cs inyLatin America, La^tin, America is our n jioweveri **'' '<• • ' " ' important trading and investment area. Yet r What Life is really trying to do is to drive t rea t them like the poor relation. <a wedge into the Democratic party and its They are our relation but if they are poor *•— '• • — ' they are rapidly overcoming that status—and there . '. j r 1 - , ,"" , * - ',**! . *, - u ' . . / * •" • . /*. «-&^-.';••. •*\'*•':/*&t*•<"*.**fi / ;, ">;".:•> "-, •<• ' L./ . ; l : ,- .j^L-LusJXWsv.^..^s^pfe^Ttk^^i^iiS^i'ir-" ilfidiafifft ' WMBntfe tiitfoftaM •*-— «— - - »- • • - •** m > were t •**f*ae,ftfr j i.». rf.7 JLI Jiu. Ttlfc-wiii " able irtrerielffin;Ddfo^^eal-e^. -were sift to Dofcithy ppovinfi/j^p&rs & Phi terls 'dittiti^ „»«,,.—.- — f _._-^ Bete Kappa key! ^, , . were ?*Ckm!es1H0n% *%! a^ Na2i -Whejthef Ahe, Beat's hi Wee* Spy", Starring Edward « ; Rttbih" terns, o* .Whodunnit ferime tftys- sonfsfAlnWst A- frentlemaif, A'ltat^*. A*_ It **_»«^_. ^ * a-i^i-l-t ±.t*. _1 .^.ll*. t * trtjjst ilLC!la "S^tf . 4.05 tid ek e iman, utery. — «~.-v*salary *-^--— MU* *.. 152.13 ,135.68 "She'a not too'bright — I have to look up every word • ' she types to .see if she misspelled ill" '/ J 4 washinhtdn Nat Pendletori; &nd, «*«••;* «»..-,. Siftte" '.starring t Robert '.Young, ^e" pension --*--*Billie Burke and Arthur Treach- Mid-l&wa industrial Supply, er. 'Movies 6f the heavyweight. cl f| n ^ c -Vk7^dvVrteT'cash" boxing match between (Max Baer ^'western Bfcli Telephone and L6U Nova Wer"e also slated to _ <X v sejyiee .--..:....--— be on "the la.tter program. 187.36 2.83 6.50 cbtmeiL MINUTES * ,,City Council'met May .2?, 1959, with Mayor : ShletK, in' the*' thi&lti and the following named Councilman: Mtickey, Elbert, Dreesman 8t Parsflns, Absent: Whittemore 81 Richardson. !„ \ O/VMA A *» * *WA^ * w*w _, LemM>e, salary -.*- '....... 164.6n Orortbach, salary ~- <- 140.61 Ijaas, Salary*—-u-u.i..—..--— 167.33 Bank, • 1 tax ...Lj-i". i « j mfBKCcnvN .*» *. A Weekly Reportfront the Nation's Capital by Ray Johnson, check "into the matter'.., ~ that " •ing. TIME'FOR SMILES —;Nem, Is'haw, much the Library \| year's Presidential •;' electibn ,..^S " from Soviet .Russia v still far off but the Republicans alone the Soviets sen already are beginning . to - feel .256 books, pamphlets that Lady Luck Will smile down like, on them, They feel recent eyents f , , —o- will persuade voters'to faVor Jge '/ TH EY'LL TRV AGAIN' GOP for another four years.; The ftfase of Representatives 1 was all current drop in unemployment;- get to vote themselves' enough Wa s for one thing, is depriving the money to -give^ each member an children' Democrats ;of one of their be^t < administrative' assistant '-wheiT-fbri the arguments. Then there is that the roof came^..down on their t 4 '.,t ,,.,,,, housng bill which the Democrats heads T h^' ro of-in this case.was .I T W. annual'tb'^' Rock Sundav ns st. is needed to "numn nnme" ^_ j^i i i..;__ n »„. *. ne annual i_,one nocic aunaay at 'Wnfct .Rotirl 1?r{rJbv tnnrn pistol learn coum au.enu at west'Uena *rmay morn- ' shoot at Des Molne s, Iowa. He requested 3'7 a.m. call it was agreed that the .City^Police Cullen Police Mervin H. Moines National' Bank, interest ' 94.00 3.41 31.20 30.50 10.07 3.4S 14.00 77.50 70.00 77.50 •„ hotel," Went to ."investigate and." DrT Shierk, 'salary. .'—I'.-.-'L. 150.00 ,"'>"iound -Mr. Johnson- dead. The Schuitz,/salary \ —^......,... 245.61 AIN;—Ttte county 1 coroner stated the man•,^^fo^'state B^ankV""""" "' '' ives was all died from natural causes.' He ' - withholding'tax *.L^-~:.^~ 38.70 ^eS' enough was survived by his -wife and two DriShierk, expense ^^* f ...rf-^.-- , ^|-gg natural causes.' He and two Mr <Johnson traveled i.the Atwopd'Coffee Co. i* ••'," * * .L . * rest „ nterest r FUND 'pension 20.00 pension 20.00 , „_.., ,. r _flslon -•- 75.00 PARKINtt METEft FUND Oroen, .salary '.... 160.45 Sands, salary -—, -»- so.73 lowa.State Ban^^ _^_ ^ J 1.70 Upper-Ues Moines-PubL. ; ' ' ' •, - T - ,•,,';-•"»,,-' Co.,/P<Jt>Lm»«an«._t.-.-fe-"V— 5S - 7 ? CLASP' ENtfEIjOPES, ALL ^ISS^'^.^!^^'^. '27.30,; SIZE'S;, at-Upper Des Moihea Coneress- ' gs the economy. New construction smen ith re i at } ves orll the pay- |° t g?° figures show thai private nous- rolh Now that this smelly wind btate was - held - at\ Call Aigona: It was a potluck affair with each family to passi a housing bUl be paid up to $14(000 aye ar v C6st- last year. ? ' Another r , GOP ment is that the Democrats made* enemies ,-with the tactics used to oppose some of President Sisenhower's appointees to top jffices — especially Clare Bootee ,uce as ambassador to Brazil arm .cwis, L. i Strauss as secretary^ f commerce. ^ ' . , /t • to the taxpayer: about $6 million. are-a-lot' of. them. ( . Latin America is growing at a phenomenal rate in,all respects. But here is the real shocker. E. Call Street—Ph. ,CY 4-3535—Aigona., Ipwa At the present time U.S. population is about 175 ^ riuiTioh. The 20 Latin American countries total about 185'million. But .by the / year 2000 it is estimated that the Latin American countries will have" a" population of 593 million while our population may be no more than half v of that figure. : Not since Cordcll Hull have we had a Secretary" of Slate who paid much attention to Latin America. It js about time we gave them-a seconc look. I Entered as' second class matter at the 'postottiee « ,at .Aigona, Iowa, under Act • of Congress ot * March 3, 1879. » Issued" Thursday in 1959 By J THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. v . ,* ' - • .' R.' B. WALLER, Editor. P C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising Director * • DON SMITH, News Editor CLIFF LONG, Advertising Mgr, FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL AFFILIATE .MEMBER MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATIONS NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly JSfe,wspaper Representatives, Inc. 404 Fifth Ave.. New York 18, N. Y. "333 N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. WITH BUDDY MASON LADIES; WITH GOODTIGUR- 2S -—Science and mathematics used to be considered strictly a man's field. But the ladies are noying in and in a big way. And ? ififi is/a'profitable 'decision.' Newf -Hollywood, Calif. — Figure's put out by the Labor Rothstein> one-time king of the Dept, show women college grad- nation's gamblers, and master- Behind The » ' ^Movie Sets uates-fare out better , mind of the underworld, will, be ntering these fields. Last 1 year*, the^ subject of a-film-to be made lady graduates in all fields start- by Allied Artists late this fall. a - ger -r .,•>-, •»*. "V* * H - A Humboldt county resident entered a plea .of guilty to a charge of forgery in district court here. Tuesday and was sentenced to 10 years in the state reformatory .' at'/Anarrrosa by Judge G. "W. Stillman. The man had been writing checks without authority on. signatures of others and also fldated-"a'few 'worthless ones of his" own.' ',-The ^combination of activities ' paid off with a'16 year sentence. ^ * * * A..yWJsek of, .very hot weather **fo an end Tuesday night cool air moved into Kosto high within s however, so no • You Can't STOP A Hailstorm • BUT ... You CAN Safeguard i , Against Loss With , i HAH. INSURANCE iPAXSON INSURANCE •,•''," ' HOVa'No. Dodge [ f .••••••••••••BBBHIBHH'Bia'aaBB'BBBB ' ed out with an annual salary of .Steve Broidy, president of Al$3-,739., That's about $300 more-lied; has announced purchase of - -;, _ ,._ lf than the starling salary in 1957 picture rights to "The Big Bank- and some $600 more than in 195(J. roll," Leo Katcher's best-seller ; —o— ^ on the life of 'Rothstein. Story THE BIG CRACKDOWN' —' will be produced by Sam Bis- Increased penalties and manda- choff and David lory jail sentences for drunken this company, drivers are being considered in * * 17 states. Laws have already In been enacted in Arizona, Kansas,- Allied- a were held by e cool day The high' mark dur- the . week was '91 degrees, the low was ,51.,' ' , • •t ', * * *. , t Richard Brink of LuV.erne took second in the state ( "Brain Derby" held at Iowa City last weekend. It was the second straight year ' e ^ i,o n ,T iV H n9 *^ a ?'u u o' the LuVerne youth grabbed the .cquired the Katcher runner , UD soo l He was second Diamond for been enacted in Arzona, Kansas,- e- acqure e acer runner » UD spot He Maine and Nevada. A variety of book which has been sought byVj ,Latin II fourth bills dealing with this problem many studios, and signed the fift jL , v E ' lish n SUBSCRIPTION RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. One Year, Jn advance _„„_„-,, -------- i Both Aigona papers, in combination, per year — ,-$5.00 Single Copies '„: ---- - ------------------------ - "* SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH One Ye'ar, to advance _ — - ------- - ------ ,_-,.-.., — $4.00 BoU» Aigona papers in combination, one year ---- J6.00 rto «Utj§cr»piion less than 9 months. OFFICIAL CITY AND BOUNTY NEWSPAPER 'Display Advertising, per inch .,. ----- - ........... - 83c f-. APVERTISING RATES MISUSED FREEDOM Hampton Times: — Known criminals can si in -public hearing and refuse' even to admit then own names or where they live. This is freedom" but misused freedom. . *• <. * * * - '* " ' "Beardsley Ruml is the man who changed the nation's taxpaying habits with his payroll with holding plan. Now he has another icjea, to im prove the quality and education and", reduce the cost of same. He-suggests that the,, total, numbdi of courses be cut, that .terms change, from4 wo 1( week semesters to three 11 week semesters, and that the student-teacher ratio be" raised frotn 9-1 to 20-1. Now there's u mun who,isn'j;' afraid o£ anything! ' ' ' ' ' . . * * * • iX. Scouts tfll us that in some ppstoffices they are putting in record players so that soft mus|5 will float around as' mail is bein£ sacked and sorted. This serenity'and charm, <hpwever, stil^l does not solve the problem of the postoffice pens,; . .. . * "••'* * , - •*.. Salesmen are an important cog in our ecoh- omy, A well trained salesman is a-research expert, a teachpj;, 0n advjsor tmd your .friend. The good salesman will not oversell, .because above all he wants your "friendship and repeat business. : ; bills dealing with this problem many studios, and signed the has been introduced in Califor- author 'to do the screenplay, nia, Connecticut, Iowa, Massach- Katcher will start work on the title usetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New script immediately. York,.North Carolina, Ohio, South Rothstein, who was believed by ' Carolina, South Dakota, Texas 'millions to have been "the man and Wyoming, In New Mexico who fixed the 1919 World Ser- the ' legislation passed but was ies," wJelded tremendous in- vetoed by the governor., fluence in the world of politics,. —o— ' '' gambling, crime and racketeering TRY YOUR LUCK? — It looks during a career that made count- like Congress or the Securities less headlines. _ • and Exchange Commission may Although never convicted , of soon start taking a long and harjjl breaking a law, he was various- look at mutual investment com- ly mentioned in connection • with panies. These are firms which t stock manipulation, bribing pub"pick up dollars here and there lie officials, and fixing prize from the amateur investor who .^fights and horse races, doesn't know much about play- ' Living a double life, Rolhstein ing the stock market but would' moved within New York's social- like ^ ri isilrn a nh^nnp. T'hn it,* mr in physics, 'English and- eighth in > competition for the There were 885 students from around the state 'entered. , * * * A shipment of 419 Texas cattle (10 car loads) arrived at Titonka • Sunday afternoon and a large ENGINEER 1975?? .-,<g s %%&#&^^ (SETTING MARRIED? to take a chance. Th'a ite Circles in the free arid easy mutual companies, in turn, invent era when he was called "The Big these dollars in a variety of 'Bankroll" of the underworld. His b'tocks where they .feel a sure rd« life was ended by a killer's bu> tuvn is in ,the offing. But they let in a New York hotel, a mur- are getting bigger eyevy day and der which ha§ never been>solved. that's worrying some people. La§t> To produce the Rothstein story year, 144 mutual companies be- and place it in its proper setting , longed t'o 6ne'of the larger asso- -will actually require ANOTHER piations. 'Their assets totaled "Big Bankrqll!" • over $9 billion. Today ,this samo • - * * * association*' has 15^ member* Wiih the new flurry of interest companies- with assets amounting in gangsterism on the screen and to almost $15 billion. , |' TV, Warner Bros has a head start — o — '-. |.i on them all and the biggest col- DEFENDING DIGNITY — Npr lectipn of them all in "The FBI thing *rankles a member of the Story," A picture which spot* House of Representatives than to lights the hoodlumism of John say he is a member of the "lowqj? - DUUnger, Pretty Boy Floyd and " ' ' House." The people who say§ Baby Face Nelson, among others;' INSURANCE ALGONA .INSURANCE AGENCY •• .J. B. (Jim) KOLP, Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance , . ' 206 East' State St. Phone CY 4-3176 . BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY , All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHA'NNON INSURANCE SERVICE ., «J N. Dodge St. v> Ph,CY 4-4443. Home - Automobile ',- Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Autoi Liability, Life, General Phone -CY 4-4512. KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 /Ayorth of in* -Durance in force, .-A home ^ company-. Safe, secure, ,, Phone .CY 4-3756 , Lola Scuffham. Sec'y HERBST INS. AGENCY .For Auto, House/.'r Household f K)ds, and Many Other Forms Phone ^CY 4-3733 Ted S. We Invito You To S<?e Our i-ovely Somples Of Ihvitations and Announcements |h True PRINTED Beauty, At Nominal Cost. .,NAPK1N§ .,.f TjbiAMK Y9U CARP,$ • of §i?e, §tyle, Type/ PLACE CARDS caji be ijtfurpj^ud parent of these things alsovefer to Senators News has reached us telling of 8 p^ppjisjng 'ypung:0ng«\eer,*law- as members of the "upp<$ a new assignment tor The Bon*, yer, j^wmaUsVPwM".** X? w - n 9 s *? r House." Actually, this is an un* honime Richard and The Serapis. °t yours^'wUFneecl a -college ed. fair label. The House really hap They're the two man-o-warsmen uoation and . that costs money, If more powers, than the Senate, sailipg ships which fight the Only the House can impeach Technirama naval battle in "John ANDY CRAWFORD General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual. Ins. Co. Affiliated with- Fj*rm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail /. \T.ragtar Phone CY 4-3351 ~ DOCTORS MELVTN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 ~ J. N; KENEFICK. .M. D. Physician & Surgeon , 218 W. State Street • * Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician '& Surgeon 114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 M, fSCHUTTER. M.D Physician &, Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Aigona Office phorie CY 4-4490 Resident .phone CY 4-2339. Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night Algpna, Iowa ^•uWSMtfwS^&Ct&CwX^ a public official. All tax bills Paul Jones." Seems they're now and spending bills originate in • wprking as' sailing ships in an the House. And it' is the House Italian sea film, which has the job of electing the Could this be type casting? President in event the electoral * * * vote is not decisive. It should Incidentally, , Jh$ 31SUH birth- be pointed out, too, that nowhere day of John Paul Jones, father does the Constitution refer to of our own American Navy, Will either an "upper or "lower" goirjcide With the national'relea;Sf chamber, ' « <;p,f the pipture of his adventures, . —o— _.<«John iRsul Jones." , - • FOR BpOK LOVERS — Few V . ' * * * - libraries in the world can conW : '^ Some lime spo, W9 -wrpte gfeguj pare with our own Library of "m" young' lady whcr was making Congress. It has,, for example, -Jw 1 JU'St screen appearance anq probably the most complete col-, 'doing, an excellent joy in hei lection of writings., on science andj initial role, technology anywhere, It has Dorothy Provine was playipg over 17,000 exchange agreements "Bonnie Parker" in the Amer-with foreign governments, prj- icantlnternational film of that v&te research esntei's, univer, '&«m&f;Aitto«ugh net pv«rlv feori shies, etc. A little known fact of fkeami&, the young actress . child is eigM . „ . save $32 a month/ when,he's 17, j'll have saved $3,456 . Afjd-ye'W add generous earnings, of course. * j v'- •• , • - C, SUNDET Representing State' Farm In.s. Co. 706 .go. Ph,illips St. a,. , -. Phone -CY 4-2341 TQ^-LIFE—FIRE—HAII< DiNTISTS 416 SAVINGS & LOAN • ^H'^-f Sine? 1917 AIQ0NA, IOWA Jreot ,708 ^~?w£ OB, jr,8.HARHjg,jrii,., DenlUt New Location On Corner tM one Dr. R. J, Thissen „ , Chiropractor 17% E, State St., Aigona Phone CY 4-3621 OPTOMETRISTS Drsr SAWYER and ERICKSON Eyes Examined Contapt "Lenses Hearing iAid Glasses 9 East State Street" ' Aigona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2196 « Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 pirn. Closed Saturday Afternoons DR. C. M. O'CONNOR Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Training ' 108 South Harlan St, (Home Federal Bldg.) PHONE CY "4-3743 Form Management <" Carlson V" Farm Management r, ompany, N,

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