The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on August 27, 1980 · Page 23
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 23

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 27, 1980
Page 23
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8-TVo:i]i- Jlailu ;Ni'iuo Wednesday Morning, August 27, 1980 STRAND STREET THEATRE AUG. lit thru AUG. 3Oth "SHINANDOAH" Award Winning Musical FOR RESERVATIONS CALL 763-4591 Official records — Kenneth B. Thomson Trustee to Jo M. Inc. lot 5,7,8.9, 10 Loch Lomond HomesitesNo II. Oscar Gatson and wife to Reva Price lot 15 block 7 First Addition to T.S.George subdivision. Charles R. Williams and others to Jimmie Green lot 2 block 13 Chelsea Manor. DOWNTOWN GALVESTON MARKET PHONE 763-4999 Playing WEDNISDA Y THRUSUNDAY BARRAGE OPEN THURSDAY 2 FOR 1 oil N1TE Any Drink WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY OR LADIES NITE EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT IS LADIES NIGHT 12th STREET INN 1202- 12th ST. '763-9202 "THE SWINGING DOORS" FBI.,9-1 t> SAT. 9-1 "B8ING rOVKOWNBOmt" FRESH SHRIMP! BOTD'S ONE STOP Texas City, Dike 945-4001 DROOKE. SHIELDS THE BMJE LAGOON 1:45-3:45-5:45 7:45 - 9:45 1:15-3:20-5:25 7:30 - 9:35 THE HUNTER A PARAMOUNT PICTURE [PC] 2:00 - 4:00 - 6:00 - 8:00 - 10:00 GENERAL CINEMA THEATRES OKNS7iSO .FlWO//Ve-/». STARTS8:30 BURTREYK01DS IACKIEGLEASON-JERRY REED J SALLTflEtO "THE BEST X MOVIE OF THE YEAR" Bruc* Wllll«mion, PLAYBOY INSIDE s,onv OF JENNIFER WELLES SAT.-SUN. 1:00 — 3:00 5:00 — 7:00 9:00 SOME PEOPlf JUST DON'T BELONG CHEVY CHASE RODNEY DANGERFIELD TED KNIGHT MICHAEL O'KEEFE BILL MURRAY FRI.-NVON. THRUTHURS. 6iOO-7:50 9:30 TRADEW1NDS TfUDEWINOS SHOPPING CEfilER UXAS CiTY © R Caddyshack •FRI.-MON. THRUTHURS. 6:00 7:30 9:30 2nd BIG WEEK! NEW SICILIAN TOPPER PIZZA Each Sicilian Topper is made especially for you. Choose your favorite toppings, and then we add lots of special sauce on a thicker, more flavorful crust and cover it all with lots more cheese. INTRODUCTORY OFFER! NEXT SMALLER PIZZA 99c Buy one giant, large or medium size Sicilian Topper or Original Thin Crust pizza, get next smaller Original Thin Crust, with equal number of ingredients, ONLY 99c Present this coupon with guest check. Not valid with any other offer. Expiration date: Sept. 3, 1980 >izza JLtuil jingsyQiflove, Our Galveston Restaurant is Open to Serve You! 2101 BROADWAY 763-1660 1109 BAY AREA DR. CLEAR LAKE 48M543. Augusta Strimple to Alton Gisclair and wife lot 22,23, 24 out of outlet 86 Town of Port Bolivar. Mack Sterling Trustee to Paul Boles and wife lot 30 re plat of Kingston 3200 Corp to James Pagano slip 30 Dock 16 The Wharf at Clear Lake. Charles E. Moss individually etc. to Michael A. Lopez and wife the east 10 feet of lot 2 all of lot 3 and west 2 feel of lot 4 block 4 Texas City Northside Addition. Charles E. Moss individually etc. to Hipolito Hernandez Nieto and wife the east 48 feet of lot 4 and all of lot 5 block 4 Texas City Northside Addition B. John C. Andrews to Lawrence Elbert lot 7 block 7 Mainland Park No. J. Metz Construction Co., Inc. to Joe Lynn Childs and wife lots Westchase. Ch-ster R, Gobert & Sons Inc. to C.R. Gobert and wife lot 46 block 3 replat of Campeche Cove Unit 2. Emily Myer and others to Exxon Pipeline Co. 2 tracts of land in l&GNRR survey. William Day to John Ben Taub and wife lot 34 replat of Lazy Bend. Herbert Gann and wife to Dennis Janner and Martha Wright lot 4,5,6 block 38 Clifton by the Sea. B.J. Covington to Clayton Threatt and wife lot 19 Briarmeadow. Carl Cottle to Stephen Derrick and wife lot 92 and north '<. of lot 91 Ramada Beach. Glenn Chancy and wife to Robert Dueitt Sr. and wife lot 408 Sea Isle 1st extension. Gilbert Rogers and wife to John Knecht and wife the south 40 feet 1 inch of lot 1 and south 40 feet 1 inch of east >,-i of lot 9 northeast outlot 34 Galveston. Henry McBride to V.J, Harper and wife lot 39 Noisy Waves. Larry Wygant and wife to Alan Tipton and Sharon Benton the south 66 feet of lot 14 in northwest block of outlot 46 Galveston. Ralph Rand and wife to Carl J. Chamberlain and wife lot 12 Blcok C Jamaica Beach section II Catheryn C. Roberts to Jimmy Roberts a tract of land in W.T. Smith survey. Vicki P. Tucker to Ronald Tucker lot 9 and 10 block 4 Garden Acres. D.C.Pope to .D. Pope and others the east 15 feet of lot 2 and all of lots 3 and 4 block 2 Houghs subdivision 1. Dorothy D. Taylor etc. to Dorothy D. Taylor etc lot 27,28,29,32,33 block 188 San Leon. Stewart Title Guaranty Co. to Allan Bailey and Allan Bailey III a tract of land in S.F. Austin Ieague4. Edward Kangeter III to Sam Castellani lot 182 Lindale Park. Jeffrey Bormaster individually etc. to Paul Helfenstein and wife the south 42 feet 7 inches of north 86 feet l inch of east 11 feet 4 inches of lot 6 and south 42 feet 7 inches of north 86 feet 1 inch of lot 7 southeast outlot 111 Galveston. Betty Kellum Dotson to Rozella Farrell lot 7,8,9 block 80 Clifton by the Sea. Geraldine Eicher to Betty Kellum Dotson lot 7,8,9 block 80 Clifton by the Sea. Timberline Building Co., Inc. to Soears Enterprises Inc. lot 36 block 2 Coward Creek subdivision section 5. Richard Marks and wife to Albert C. Meredith and wife lot 42 Havre Lafitte Lake Front. Jack P. Stockman and others to Catherine Stockman lot 14 block 9 Chelsea Manor. Catherine Stockman to Paul Yates and wife lot 14 block 9 Chelsea Manor. Joseph Sedgewick and wife to Richard P. Edkert and wife the east Vz of lot 4 and west ',2 of lot 5 block 250 Galveston. Christine Lind Duvall to Mary Ann Birkner lot 26 block F Jamaica Beach section 1. A.A. Autry and F.H, Huntington to Antonio Perez Jr. and wife part of outlot 353 AltaLoma. Wayne D. Harbin to Billy D. Cass and wife lot 77 Jamaica Beach Harry St. Lawrence and wife to Jack Aistrup and wife lot 720 New Bayou Vista addition 5. W.A. Chuoke to Wallace Cary and wife the surface of lots 33, 34, 35,36 block 55 San Leon townsite. Harry Wilson Holloway III and wife to William Young and wife the west 155 feet of north '.i- of lot H Subdivision 1 block 88 Angell Runge addition. J. Roger Cratin Jr. to Jimmie G Taylor and wife the east 80 feet of lot 9 block 50 Mainland Park Section L. Emil J. Cordray and wife to James D. Yarbrough and wife lot lOand the west 21 feet 6 inches of lot Gin the southeast outlot 34 Galveston. Angelo Nusca to James H. Bennett III the north 70 feet of lots 11 and 12 block 164 Denver Resurvey Galveston. Patsy Bently Fergerson to Matt 0. Bentley lot 7 block 413 Texas City 5th division replat. Matt Olen Benlley to Benny Wilcox Sr. and wife lot 7 block 413 replat of Texas City 5th division. Earl Hanson and wife to Frances Elizabeth Bunvell unit A 8 Casa Rio Condominium. George Rice and wife to John T. Fisher and wife lots 10, 11, 12, 13,14,15,16 block 30 San Leon. F.V. Derrick Trustee to Bill R.Jones the east "•> of a tract in Hall and Jones survey. Jackie L. Ploss to Chemical Process & Production Inc. lot 32 AlgoaOrchards and a tract of land in Gulf Coast Development Co. First South subdivision. Dan Cozart to A. J. Novell! and C.A. Novelli lot 7 block 370 Galveston. Joseph Lebow'to Weingarten Realty Inc. a tract of land in Kohfeldt 2nd addition. Ellis Williams Jr. to L.W. Keliey and wife lot 97,98,99, 100 Crystal Beach. J.J. Mansfield and wife to Robert Gonzales and wife lots 4,5,6, block I NcNulty subdivision. Jerry W. Gunn substitute trustee to Continental Savings Assoc. lot 1 block l replat of Fox Meadows section 1 and lots 3,4,9 adn20 block 5 Heritage Estates section 1 and lots 13 block 1 and lots 1 and 2 block 5 Heritage Estates section 1 and lot 6 and 7 block 3 Heritage Estates section 3. AERIAL VIEW OF GALVESTON ISLAND Panoramic vi«« of lh« Itlond from 20th Hoof. American Nalionol orchivei contain pictorial Wilory ol company and Galveiton Op«n daily 2 p.m. Cloie 4 p.m. Free. AMERICAN NATIONAL TOWER DOWNTOWN GALVESTON * * * * * * X* * * .* * ALL YOU CAN EAT Chicken Fried Steak (And It's Real Steak) French Fries & Salad ONLY FROM 5 PM TO 9 PM WEDNESDAY ONLY CATTLEMEN'S BAR-B-Q 2104-61st. ST. 744-3663 * * * * * * * * X * * * * * * * * I* BACK TO SCHOOL KARATE SPECIAL! 4 WEEK INTRODUCTORY COURSE CHILDREN 4-12 $ 29°° ADULTS $ 35°° FIRST 20 GET A FREE KARATE UNIFORM (AT '25 VALUE) ROBLES KARATE ACADEMY 2401-45th PH. 763-1987 DNESDAY SPECIALS! CORELLA'S CORRAL "FAMOUS MEXICAN FOOD" 2528 61st Strut PHONI 744-9138 or 744-4355 WEDNESDAY ONLY! WEDNESDAY SPECIAL MONTEREY DINNER FIESTA DINNER ENCHILADA DINNER 6316 Stewart Road 744-3344 —Wednesday Television— 4:00 QBONAVENTURE TRAVEL (D CBS NEWS ffl ® CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS ffiCDSTARTREK CD CENTENNIAL ®ANDY GRIFFITH ©« ALL IN THE FAMILY ®VEGA$ ALIVE @ WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF NEXT? ©SEND FORTH YOUR SPIRIT 4:30 O FACE THE MUSIC 0MACNEIL-LEHRER REPORT (D P.M. MAGAZINE <B $100,000 NAME THAT TUNE SD© ALL IN THE FAMILY ®SPORTS CENTER CD PM. MAGAZINE CD DICK VAN DYKE @CB BASEBALL @ REX HUMBARD ©VIDEO COMICS (D AT HOME WITH THE BIBLE O SKY SPORTS SPECTACULAR 4:55 g) CD WALL STREET JOURNAL BUSINESS REPORT 7:00 QREALPEOPLE O &REAT PARKS OF THE WORLD 0)CD FUNNY BUSINESS f£ EIGHT IS ENOUGH ©©JOKER'S WILD ©CDKOJAK ® SOCCER ® MOVIE "The Naked Runner" (1967) Frank Sinatra, Peter Vaughan. @HOCUS FOCUS §2) SIGHTS AND SOUNDS OF LIFE O MOVIE "Airport" (1970) Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin 7:30 OSOUNDSOF PAN Q3 (To; BASEBALL Houston Astros vs. St. Louis Cardinals @ FATHER MANN ING ©JOHN WESLEY WHITE 1:00 QDIFF'RENT STROKES Q THE SHAKESPEARE PLAYS "Tr* Twelfth NlflM" {& CHARLIE'S ANGELS © (T) MOVIE "Fame Is The Name Of The Game" U964) Tony Franciosa, JackKlugman. CD MOVIE "Almost Summer" (1978) Didl Conn, Tim Matheson. ©PTLCLUB ©FIRST ROW FEATURES ©700CLUB 1:30 OSANFORD 9:00 QQUINCY (D CDCBS REPORTS (E) VEGAS C5 PKA KARATE ® @ffl NEWS © AMERICA GOES BANANAZ O RACE FOR THE PENNANT 9:30 @ MAX MORRIS • THE CANDIDCAND1D CAMERA 10:00 _ JSTARSKY AND HUTCH B) CD DAVE ALLEN AT LARGE CD MOVIE "Lord Ot The Rings" (1978) Animated. Directed by Ralph Bakshl. (D DICK VAN DYKE ©0» NIGHT GALLERY © RICHARD HOGUE @ JEWISH VOICE BROADCAST B MOVIE "Hair" (1979) Treat Williams, John Savage. 10:30 O TONIGHT O EVENING AT POPS CD U.S. OPEN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIPS CB ABC NEWS &CDGUNSMOKE (TJSPORTSCENTER ®MAS.H (D PRISONER: CELL BLOCK H ©<B MOVIE "The Amorous Adventures Ot Moll Flanders" (1945) Kim Novak, Richard Johnson. ©PTLCLUB ©ROSSBAGLEY 10:50 fflBONANZA 11:00 CD THE SAINT ffi© MAN ANA SERA OTRO DIA (T) SOCCER CDJIMROCKFORD CD MOVIE "Five Branded Women" (I960) Sllvana Mangano, Van Heflin. 11:30 DESERT'S BROKEN KARLOFF'S O THE SILENCE © ® BORIS THRILLER 11:50 (B LOVE BOAT 12:00 ®® PTLCLUB ®NEWS @ GOOD NEWS 12:10 CD CBS LATE MOVIE "Sidewinder One" (1977) Michael Parks, Mar|o« Gortner. 12:30 ©(D NEWS CD MOVIE "The All-American Boy" (1973) Jon Volght, E.J.Peaker. ©LOVE SONG ©REX HUMBARD VOO (B BARETTA S3© DAVID SUSSKIND ffi® FOR TIMES LIKE THESE ®PKA KARATE ®NEWS ©(B BASEBALL Atlanta Braves vs Pittsburgh Pirates ©PTLCLUB 1:30 ® MOVIE "Somebody Loves Me" (1952) Betty Mutton, Ralph Meeker. @ ROSS BAGLEY 2:05 (D NEWS PORT HOLIDAY LOUNGE 400 STRAND GALVESTON PHONE 763-9846 EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT 9P.M. A COUNTRY PUT ON FINALS 2 STEP & COTTON EYE JOE DANCE CONTESTS TONIGHT BEST LOOKING HAT CONTEST GUEST STAR PEE WEE KERSHAW HIGH TYMES, WITH JIMMIE JONES IfONfOtSl IMMAM V ILL*• I ••LMM MWMJ POtT HOLIDAY MALL llth & IIAWALL . »TMMMIF» « »m*t KITTU KHTAMAMT HWY1744 «M STRAND *••«.••• «irr MMW suzun PAMM.T ••nuuc M*H lllttllAWALL 71t HOLIDAY •*••!•'• HAM •ALLMY ICMMMT LM«M wuNivftirrr iru-irihtT. C«WieT CWtMHt MAM CMMM K-MART SHOPPING CINT1* ilhASIAWALL MMI«'»n.Y1M*P«XZA CLAMY't •HTAMAMT 621 If AW ALL X. VD. IJOt TIICHMAN RD. WE DISCOUNT EVERYTHING BUT QUALITY! Sale good Wed. thru Sot. AQUAWORLD Ill's 0 THIRD "We have the lowest prices & friendliest service in Galveston! If you don't buy from us we both lose money!! • 10 Gal, Aquarium Set up $ 1 5" Includes: Tank, Filter, Pump, Charcoal, Ffosi, Tubing chlorine, remover, booklet & food • Tetra Conditioning Food 2 OZ. (reg. »4.19) $ 2" 7/8 OZ. (reg.*2.09) $ 1 S9 75* $ 49" • Color Lux 25 Watt Bulbs All colon Rag. M.14 • Diatom Power filter (rsg. '«.«) • 20 Gal Wood Tone Set Up on. o n i y i i n <iud«i Tank, Bio Grad* Undcrgravcl filter, Gravtl Rocks, Wh1ip«r Pump. Muit *•• to appreciate Fish: Mixed Feeders 13/'l Pearl Danloi 3/'l Gold fish 10/'1 Socoloffif ( r.,..i.H) M J * Mixed Moors 3/M Male Bettai |r .,WI" Red Wag Lg. Tiger »29» Swords 3/*l Oscars ir^.<M.H) OPIN 7 DAYS A WIIK •MS AVI. » . 7A5.S4S1 N.-SAT. laiOO-fttM - SIMMY 13iM.*i«« WE RESEKVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT! IJ i

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