The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio on August 14, 1992 · Page 75
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The Cincinnati Enquirer from Cincinnati, Ohio · Page 75

Cincinnati, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, August 14, 1992
Page 75
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10 EXTR ACentral the Cincinnati enquirer Friday. August 14. 1992 Births BETHESDA JULY 7 Alison Catherine Furlong, born to Cathy and Chris Furlong, Sharonville. JULY 23 Melissa Ruth Spock, born to Kim-berly and Thomas Spock, Evendale. Samantha Kristene Schlie, born to Mary Jo and Chuck Schlie, Norwood. Quante Lee Hinkston, born to Robin Wright and Princeton Hinkston, Mount Auburn. Daijah Debri Johnson, born to Danielle Cheatham and Carl Johnson, Mount Auburn. JULY 24 Lauren Taylor Sharp, born to Pam and Don Sharp, West Chester. Kala Marie Koons, born to Teresa and Steve Koons, Springfield Township. JULY 25 Tor Kefentse Hardy, born to Eton-ia Hardy and Gyasi Lattimore, Clifton. JULY 26 Killyan Eckah S. Keller, born to Caryn R. Keller and Christopher D. Stone, Mount Auburn. Brieanne Michelle Terry, born to Cherie and Patrick Terry, Fairfield. Ean Lamaar Walker, born to Shei-lia D. Smith, Avondale. Tyrice Lamar Vaughn, born to Karen Murray and Tony Vaughn, Walnut Hills. JULY 27 Zachary Taylor Wesley, born to Linda Wesley and Bruce Wiechert, Colerain Township. Jonathan Robert Hanes, born to Patty and Randy Hanes, West Chester. Amber Lynn Boeppler, born to Angie and Fred Boeppler, Fairfield. JULY 28 Amanda Dukes, born to Natalie and Charles Dukes, Wyoming. Alex Joseph Moore, born to Lisa and Michael Moore, Springfield Township. UNIVERSITY JUNE 29 Darlene Marie Burton, born to Lisa and Kenneth Burton, Clifton. JUNE 30 Jennifer Elizabeth Bradley, born to Judy and Danny Bradley, Oakley. JULY 1 Yolanda Renay Chapman II, born to Yolanda Renay Chapman, West End. Jonathan Robert Froelich, born to Virginia and Bob Froelich, Sharonville. JULY 3 William Seth Stoddard, born to Michelle and Dan Stoddard, Springfield Township. JULY 5 Cori Nichole Purvis-West, born to Denice West and Tom Purvis, Reading. JULY 6 Alexander Anthony Michale Freeman, born to Maria and William Freeman, Finneytown. JULY 10 Danae LaShanette Tolle, born to Diane K. Tolle, Colerain Township. JULY 14 Alvina Tasha Lee Green, born to Roberta Lee and Alvin Green, Mount Auburn. CHRIST JUNE 1 Charles John Gray, born to Mr. and Mrs. John Gray, Walnut Hills. JUNE 16 Andrew Miles Kissel, born to Linda and Randall Kissel, Colerain Township. Stephanie Nicole Reed, born to Tina and Larry Reed, Fairfield. Heather Michelle Shelton, born to Rosa and Scott Shelton, Fairfield. JUNE 17 Andrew Scott Neely, born to Anna and Paul Neely, Cumminsville. Lauren Louisa Neal, born to Linda and Danny Neal, Walnut Hills. Chelsea Jacinda Dietz, born to Stephanie and Thomas Dietz, Fairfield. JUNE 19 Amari Simone Bess, born to Si-mone and Theodore Bess, Walnut Hills. Aileen Avis Wood, born to Sharon Bennett and Michael Wood, Clifton. JUNE 20 Kijia Briel Willingham, born to Brenda Larkin and James Willingham, Queensgate. JUNE 22 Evan Alexander Koking, born to Karen and Mark Koking, Colerain Township. JUNE 23 Rebecca Ani Leylek, born to Kathleen and James Leylek, West Chester. Olivia Rose Schafer, born to Lori and Fred Schafer, Avondale. Bridget Elizabeth Sloan, born to Mary and Jeffrey Sloan, West Chester. Charles Bierbaum, born to Kerry and John Bierbaum, West Chester. JUNE 24 Kathleen Michelle Burket, born to Beth and Mark Burket, Springdale. Braden James Foley, born to Wendy and Stephen Foley, Colerain Township. Joshua Sutherland Levine, born to Linda and James Levine, Reading. Ashley Joyce Ciera Trice, born to Marquita and Kevin Trice, College Hill. About births Enquirer EXTRA prints birth-announcement information provided by some area hospitals. Relatives should wait at least three weeks before contacting The Enquirer; announcements take about that long to reach EXTRA following release by hospitals. Announcements received are not In chronological order and some overlap o' dates occurs. Questions? Call Jay Lidington at 576-1409 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. JUNE 25 Stacha Marie Hof, born to Pamela and Gerard Hof, Norwood. Steven Morgan Simpkins, born to Cynthia and Haskell Simpkins, West Chester. Timothy Alexander Ovia, born to Carla and Alexander Ovia, Mount Healthy. JUNE 26 Emily Marie Caldwell, born to Jennifer and David Caldwell, College Hill. Nathan Tyler Stormer, born to Deborah and Patrick Stormer, Colerain Township. Zachary Tyler Swearingen, born to Sharon and Troy Swearingen, Forest Park. JUNE 27 Deja Monique McClendon, born to Suzanne and Roger McClendon, Forest Park. Ryan patrick O'Connor, born to Cynthia and Patrick O'Connor, Springfield Township. Austin Jeffery Koenig, born to Heidi and Edward Koenig, Walnut Hills. JUNE 28 Cullen Charles Abernathy, born to Regan and Steve Abernathy, Colerain Township. Cullen Charles Abernathy, born to Regan and Steve Abernathy, Colerain Township. Adam Michael Janes, born to Janice and Thomas Janes, Clifton. Abbey Lynn Vaughn, born to Carla and Jeffrey Vaughn, Springfield Township. Steven Andrew Profitt, born to Sherri and Nathan Profitt, Springfield Township. Diane Carolyn Zybko, born to Martha and David Zybko, Clifton. Cydney Marie McGuire, born to Mary and Harold McGuire, Mount Healthy. JUNE 30 Charles Alexander Brandhorst, born to Elaine and Steven Brandhorst, Colerain Township. Maria Margarita Munoz, born to Maria Jimenez and Pedro Munoz, West Chester. Lauren Keturah Riffle, born to Amy Hunt and Scott Riffle, Cumminsville. Chelsea Jane Rothschild, born to Kathleen and Garth Rothschild, Springfield Township. Lila Suzann Michaels, born to Karen and Charles Michaels, Springfield Township. JULY 1 Kayla Adrienne Jackson, born to Sandra and Larry Jackson, Spring-dale. Erin Elizabeth Lawler, born to Su-sanne and Thomas Lawler, Wyoming. Evylyn Ainsley McWilliams, born to Janna and Francis McWilliams, Walnut Hills. Kelly Lauren Masters, born to Kari and Mark Masters, West Chester. JULY 2 Sarah Ashley Meyer, born to Jennifer and Eric Meyer, Wyoming. Zachary Thomas Sealock, born to Susan and Barry Sealock, Fairfield. Rebecca Nicole Smith, born to Eileen and Gary Smith, Fairfax. Markalo Jordan White, born to Meyaka and Antonio White, Evans-ton. Anthony Mitchell Johnson, born to Alyssa and Kevin Johnson, Spring-dale. Carla Marie Newton, born to Mary Jo and Timothy Newton, Colerain Township. JULY 4 Matthew Robert Goldschmidt, born to Rosemarie and Robert Goldschmidt, Wyoming. Elizabeth Ashley Osterling, born to Christina and Gary Osterling, Colerain Township. Ryan Patrick Brogan, born to Theresa and James Brogan, Corryville. Wittley Danielle Williams, born to Vernita and Willie Williams, Finneytown. JULY 6 Nikole Renee Picklesimer, born to Kelly and Kevin Picklesimer, Fairfield. Joseph Anthony Rydel, bom to Odette and Timothy Rydel, Fairfield. GOOD SAMARITAN MAY 11 Elizabeth Anne Pohana, born to Victoria and Richard Pohana, Fair-view Heights. UNIVERSITY JULY 1 Yolanda Renay Chapman II, born to Yolanda Renay Chapman, West End. Jonathan Robert Froelich, born to Virginia and Ben Froelich, Sharonville. JULY 6 Alexander Anthony Freeman, born to Maria and William Freeman, Finneytown. JULY 10 Peek Gaddis, born to Yanessa Gaddis and Eugene Peek, West End. UNIVERSITY JUNE 3 Sienna Kali Watson, born to Cathy Tilford and Kevin Watson, Corryville. Rinesa Janae Hardman, born to Tasha Sebastian and Damon Hard-man, Mount Healthy. JUNE 4 Jeanette Diana Marie Mauntel, born to Rose and Donald Mauntel, Elmwood Place. Juwan Cortez Goodman, born to Tashia and Paul Goodman, Bond Hill. JUNE 5 Qua-Sean LaMont Marshall, born to Sheekeeba Marshall, Over-the-Rhine. JUNE 13 Anastasia Julia Melton, born to Lynda Kinebrew, Winton Hills. JUNE 17 Ryan Kenneth Craven, born to Kim Carnahan and Ken Craven, Colerain Township. JUNE 22 Alexander James Momsen, born to Donna and James Momsen, Fairfield. JUNE 26 Brandin Brent Terrell Kiser, born to Melvina Reeves and Brandin Kiser, Mount Auburn. JULY 3 Lyndsey Kay Frank, born to Michael and Jamie Frank, Reading. Kevin Anthony Roundtree, born to Joanne and Kenneth Roundtree, Lockland. JULY 9 Pequisha Nicole Mercer, born to Roshana and Joseph Mercer, Mount Auburn. Brandon Micheal Wayne Cook , born to Kelly and Anthony Cook, Hartwell. JULY 10 Ashley Nicole Webb, born to Melissa Murphy and James Webb, Mount Healthy. JULY 5 Corie Nichole Purvis-West, born to Denice West and Tim Purvis, Reading. JULY 10 Danae LaShanette Tolle, born to Diane K. Tolle, Colerain Township. JULY 14 Alvina Lee Green, born to Roberta Lee and Alvin Green, Mount Auburn. JULY 16 Gabrieal Alexander McNay, born to Tracy McNay, Walnut Hills. JULY 27 Olivia Ann Reed, born to Martha Dittmeier-Reed and Mark Reed, Pleasant Ridge. JULY 29 Troy David Irwin, born to Pam Walls and Troy Irwin, East End. JULY 16 Gabrieal Alexander McNay, born to Tracy McNay, Walnut Hills. JULY 19 Jamie Rae Tobergta, born to Alice and Ray Tobergta, Norwood. GOOD SAMARITAN JUNE 1 Michael Jacob Tassos, born to Karin and Chris Tassos, West Chester. Joshua Charles Johnson, born to Ann and Jeffrey Johnson, Colerain Township. Samantha Renee Burress, born to Melissa and Jeffery Lee Burress, Colerain Township. JUNE 2 Elizabeth Ann Chambliss, born to Sally and Mike Chambliss, West Chester. DeLancey Marilyn Boggs, born to Donna L. Bryant, Mount Healthy. Parker Wesley Brown, born to Cynthia L. and Lance R. Brown, Finneytown. Kevin Joseph Muenks, born to Theresa and Joseph Muenks, Sharonville. JUNE 3 Christopher Michael Pittman II, born to Niki Marie and Chris M. Pitt-man, Northside. Robert Victor Hanes, born to Jeanne Lynn and Victor Todd Hanes, Colerain Township. Carissa Elizabeth Vonier, born to Cari and Craig Vonier, Sharonville. Tyler William Downey, born to Amy Elizabeth and Todd William Downey, Sharonville. Shane Lawrence Wade, born to Rhonda and Benny Wade, Northside. Benjamin Matthew Truax, born to Rebekah and Harold Truax, St. Bernard. JUNE 4 Kiefer Michael Schulz, born to Deborah Fay and Michael Roger Schulz, Fairfield. Justin Patrick Bell, born to Rox-anne Marie and Daniel Patrick Bell, Sharonville. JUNE 5 Madeline Ann Herbert, born to Julie A. and John T. Herbert, Mount Airy. Joseph Robert Herold, born to Katherine and Russell Herold, Colerain Township. Jalyn Ashley Branscum, born to Kristy and Wendell Branscum, Sharonville. JUNE 6 Kaitlyn Elizabeth Braunig, born to Kim and Bill Braunig, Fairfield. William Merion Strachan II, born to Laura Jean and William Merion Strachan, Colerain Township. Kathryn Paige Whitt, born to Ka-thie Coffey and Michael Whitt, Winton Place. Ashley Marie Grosser, born to Loretta and David Grosser, Forest Park. Michael Lee Sturgill, born to Ta-mara and Thomas Sturgill, Golf Manor. Kennen Isaiah Stewart Johnson, born to Jesslina Marie Johnson, Ev- anston. JUNE 7 Patrick Timothy Ebel, born to Cara and James Ebel, Colerain Township. Korrine Alise Gick, born to Patricia and Kevin Gick, Mount Airy. Jordan Michael Mack, born to Heidi and Michael Mack, Mount Airy. Jonas Lee Batte, born to Jennifer and Jeffrey Batte, Hartwell. JUNE 9 Kelly Anne Glover, born to Sherry and Sam Glover, Springdale. Kayla Marie White, born to Cynthia Joan and Gregory Alan White, West Chester. Sarah Elizabeth Klein, born to Susan and Michael Thomas Klein, Wyoming. JUNE 10 Amber Nicole Thomas, born to Tracy L. and George A. Thomas, Fairfield. Cody Alexander Little, born to Alyson A. Kennett and Bernell P. Little, Clifton. Krista Rae Cebulskie, born to Lisa Pangallo and Alan Cebulskie, Colerain Township. JUNE 11 Christopher Steven Hoffmann, born to Lisa A. and Steven E. Hoffmann, Forest Park. Adam Paul Ruther, born to Donna J. and Joe R. Ruther, Colerain Township. Josh Michael Weber, born to Sherry and Joe Weber, St. Bernard. Christon Janay Smith, born to Stephanie Shockley, West End. JUNE 12 Jonathan Andrew Zinn, born to Lucy and Jon Zinn, West Chester. Danielle Monique Blakely McMul-len, born to Ellen J. Blakely and Otis McMullen Jr., Roselawn. Shawn Michael Kerrigan, born to Sallie and Pat Kerrigan, St. Bernard. Ashlyn Shanice Porter, born to Monica M. and Kevin B. Porter, Mount Airy. Anyssa Marie Selkirk, born to Annette and Louis Selkirk, Fairfield. JUNE 13 Ariel Ellesse Mahone, born to La-wanda Brown and Leon Mahone, Avondale. JUNE 14 Joseph Howard Mascari, born to Johnnie Mascari, Colerain Township. Bryana Danielle Treadwell, born to Gina and Derrek Treadwell, Springdale. Paris LeMar Jarman, born to Carole D. and Maurice Anthony Jarman, Mount Airy. JUNE 15 Lashu Dhamija, born to Poonam R. and Pradeep K. Dhamija, Arlington Heights. Kelsey Paige Shore, born to Tina and Michael Shore, Fairfield. Jade Noel Parker, born to Karen Kay and Johnny Ray Parker, Bond Hill. Jennifer Rose Marck, born to Sharon R. and Matthew R. Marck, Wyoming. Hannah Louise Vanarsdall, born to Fran and Joe Vanarsdall, Mount Airy. Daniel Jerome Weber, born to In-grid and Jerome Weber, Fineytown. JUNE 16 Diora Shawntel Geroski, born to Tamara Colbert Dioro Geroski, Avon-dale. Courtney Marie Johnson, born to Karen A. and Spencer J. Johnson, Colerain Township. Katelyn Elizabeth Fox, born to Christina and Robert Fox, Forest Park. Terrance Love'll Williams II, born to Mary Virgie and Terrance L. Williams, Mount Airy. JUNE 17 Jeffrey Catucci Kessler, born to Patti and Bob Kessler, Mount Airy. Jessica Rose Carmen, born to Dionne Toole and John Carmen, Northside. JUNE 18 Kiara Nicole Service, born to Ronnie Perkins and Charlene Service, Clifton. Christopher Derrick Stroh, born to Diana and Carl Stroh, West Chester. JUNE 19 Brian Patrick Traynor Jr., born to Brian Patrick Traynor and Paige Griffith, Colerain Township. Joshua Charles Miller, born to M. Elaine and Charles John Miller, Finneytown. Brandon Mykol Darne Wilson, born to Kelli Thomas and Larry Wilson, Fairfield. Nicole Marie Carlson, born to Patrick and Cynthia Carlson, Walnut Hills. Logan Alexander Schneider, born to Marybeth and Mike Schneider, West Chester. JUNE 20 Briahna Gabriella Moore, born to Shonda and Harold T. Moore Jr., Lockland. Carl Anthony Donisi, born to Cynthia and Carl Donisi, Springfield Township. JUNE 21 Preston James O'Brien, born to Christine and Tom O'Brien, Spring-dale. Alexander Thomas King, born to Nancy and Tom King, Colerain Township. Ethan Lewis Feller, born to Natalie and Mark Feller, West Chester. JUNE 22 Emily Clarice Carter, born to Kim-berly and Bruce Carter, West Chester. JULY 1 Christian Anthony Walker, born to Erika Evers and Todd Walker, Finneytown. Samantha Jordan Prewitt, born to Sherry Kimberli and Joseph Prewitt, Hartwell. Rachel Charlene Saffell, born to Kelly Ann and Reid Saffell, Fairfield. Gabriel Nicole Morrissey, born to Christine and Mark Morrissey, Reading. JULY 3 Conor Francis Kelly, born to Barb and Tim Kelly, West Chester. Jordan Thomas Shouse, born to Jeanine and Ronald Shouse, Fairfield. JULY 4 Hannah Rose Crosby, born to Dannah and Leslie Crosby, Mount Healthy. Ja-Len Anthony Steele, born to Shannon Steele, College Hill. JULY 5 William Nicholas Wilson, born to Carol and Keith Wilson, Norwood. Tyler Joseph Barge, born to Linda and Tim Barge, Colerain Township. JULY 6 Shakendra Leigh Reynolds, born to Patricia and Jeffery Reynolds Sr., Cincinnati. Amanda Renee Saylor, born to Connie Saylor, Fairfield. Kayla Elizabeth Reckner, born to Mary Jo and William Reckner, Fairfield. Mariah Kaylin Kinney-McNair, born to Cindy Lynn Kinney and Willie McNair, Clifton. Therese Gabrielle Stevens, born to Teresa and Douglas M. Stevens, North College Hill. Jessica Lee Durham, born to Annette and Michael Durham, West Chester. JULY 7 Laurel Lois Zigerelli, born to Nancy E. and Larry J. Zigerellli, Clifton. Asser Ibrahim Khattab, born to Nivin Faek and Ibrahim Khattab, Clifton. JEWISH JUNE 1 Marshall Todd White, born to Christine Marie and Jon Christopher White, Over-the-Rhine. JUNE 2 Robert Russell Horney II, born to Melissa Leslie and Robert Russell Homey, Reading. JUNE 3 Jay Shavonne Brown, born to Renita Lynn Brown, Walnut Hills. Edward Dale Miller, born to Nancy Elizabeth and Steven Edward Miller, Finneytown. JUNE 4 Lisa Renee Lackey, born to Julie and Stephen Lackey, Northside. Dontae Terrell Thomas, born to Zanisha Thomas and Andre Williams, Cincinnati. JUNE 9 Brittany Nicole Schwab, born to Nancy and Tomme Schwab, East Walnut Hills. JUNE 16 David Michael Bruns, born to Theresa and Jay Bruns, Greenhills. Joshua David Hamester, born to Michele and David Hamester, Springfield Township. JUNE 17 Carlos Marcellius Chapman, born to Carlos M. Tuggle and Vicki L. Chapman, College Hill. Tyler Benjamin Stargle, born to Sherry and Jeff Stargle, Norwood. JUNE 22 Olivia Joan Hennessy, born to Paula and Tim Hennessy, Wyoming. Matthew Douglas Appel, born to Juneann and Douglas Appel, Spring-dale. JUNE 26 Jacob Douglas Senger, born to Tracy and Richard Senger, Green-hills. JUNE 27 Emily Lynn Schelhorn, bom to Stephanie and Jerry Schelhorn, Springdale. Ryan Nelson Ebstein, born to Sara and Lewis Ebstein, North Avon-dale. JUNE 28 William Reis, born to JoAnn and Matthew Reis, Colerain Township. JULY 2 Krista J. Rose Marcum, born to Aundrea and R. Scott Marcum, Colerain Township. JULY 4 Zachary Stephen Huffman, born to Christina Hinderer and Stephen Huffman, Colerain Township. JULY 7 Michael William Ashford, born to Michelle and Jimmie Ashford, Mount Healthy. Horn tor Sal Ohio COLLEGE MILL OfMft Sutl Vf Custom Fischer Bros, split tev-eL 2000 sq.ft. 3 bdrm 2t, rmwbfp, din rm, tarn rm, in kit. New windows-ac-ft-rvsce Hd flrs. S 139.900. SMI TbornMH. 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