The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1940
Page 3
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY'20, WIO Pay Thai Much In Tliis County, [nciu-:ling $475.75 To Biylhevillc' Of the 1'IM liixf-s amountiti!> to •248.749.7i! now Ijt-im- p;,ij by the 1'risco Railroad lo Arkansas, Mississippi County will receive W2.029.94 which liiclmle-s <,19,4<WW1 school tax. $2,520.01) county IO..K and bridge tax inul &47!i.7r> luxi's ui the cily of Dlylheville. Fallowing the policy Riloptc-il sov- i-Ml ywir.s ato, ihc Irusues fur ',)ui rrisco railroad wiil pay ilie taxi's in casli inslc-iid of luiquiiiun coustly (van-nuts at n discount, resulting in real money bt'lnj ylncwl ui llic tli'.- posal of Hie counties, many o!" v.-hlch are frequently hard, prsssed lo meet obligations. The payments ivhlcli are now Ucina mude mid will be approximately ,,lxty ciays in advance of ttie dale due, will enable mnny counties lo cany on uctlvltli-s and projects that might otherwise ciirtallnl because of flntincla! .craidHloii.s. Frisco property In AiKr.nsas has .an assessed valitaiion of $B.408.0VO on which a tolal of $248,740.73 tuxes will be paid, including the 'State tax of $12.829.42. Slate taxes for Ihe year amount lo (24.es3.2S. general county taxes M8.7a4.27, county rand and bridge luxes $l»,J2-!.22" aiuT school taxes $141,180.89. City tfixes amount to $e/!71.2fi while other .special taxes of $!,!,305.80 bring the total to ' approximately a quarter-million dollars. If is Interesting to note that of the- lotnl t.l'i'/t or 519,22-1.22 of Ihe $2-18.7-19.72 is paid for the Trv One of Our Delicious PIG SANDWICHKS Ole Hickory Inn Across From High School BT,YTITKVTLI,EARK. COURIER upkeep of comity roads and '.vhlcli form the backbone for truck an;] private cur competition willi Frisco (wight and' passenger service. School (axes of SMI.180.89 represent 53.7V, of the total. AIIIUIIL; llic Mississippi county '.owns, in addition to lilyllieville. (icceivini; I'rl.sco taxes and the i iiinoum are: noil. Sf>.-!7: Joiner. ;;••«.is; Kelsev, $9.(;:i: l.wifiiville, ; $27.53; Mixoru, S<i4.;«; Manila, S1CV- ; 'H and G:eco!ti, $103.G'J. Kciscr News Ciitrrlalnlnc Ihldge Cluli Mrs. J. T. I'olfc cntertnlncil 12 guests at n bridge party at h->r home Friday night. Mrs. U M. Gates rrcplvfd high score |u;-/e among tin' womrn and W, M, Taylor, iiinoiiK Die men. Demonstration Club News Notes .Miss Mary Cecilia Cohen I Ihe week en-J in Jonesboro ,' tier pun-ills, Dr. iitul Mrs. j CotlO'Jl. ' i Mi.s. Bob Crews Jr.. anil M j !•', 11,111 is spent I-Yldiiy in I phis. i .Miss F'laiiws Null visited a ! ;il the 13.1 pi 1st. lior.piiiil in j pills Sunday. j Mlis Moliip Sue Slanics. j Ktt'jle Lee Joiic.i mid Miss' | (Jbwiui six-ill. KaliiKhiv in spent with O. T. rs. V!. Mi'ii 1 - friend Mi'-s Hoblc PAGE THREE IICjj-.iuoi! c. Ink I'illh Aiuiivmury The fidh anniversary of iliii Uouwood llcme UemoiKiration c-|ub Wii:, cslc-ljriitecl Wtdiiesdpy with ni) oUl fashioned Valentine ijox at the at the club house v/liicli was ulU-ndcd by 22 members. Group singing was le-J by Mrs. J. A. l\iyne. ai'im- which tht- sonjj of ihi! mouth wns discussed :uid sunn. A rviidinii was Bivcii by Mrs. J. W. Wallace and a poem read by Mrs. Vaslui Cubic, n was iin- IICLIIICNI tllHl MlS. W. 1(. Oypss |i;ul ecntributcd S5.00 to Ihe club. The Hardening chairman gave hints-on getting grounds ready lor the spring gardens and told what seeds to planl. Miss Corn l,ee Cole- mtin, comity home demons! rnl'.on asent, discussed planling seeds aud the acreage program. Mrs. B, A. llugg gave a demonstration, in lamp making after •vhich a crot-liL'lcd IUB was displayed. Mis. Payne read Ihe ttul'«s rf Uie county judge and Ihe riglus of women and discussed personalities of women and their impoitnroe lo women's lives. The minnles of Ihc firsl meeting of tlie group held five years nso was icad 1>y Mrs. Craig.'The ohiu collect followed. Refreshments were served b,- (lie •'loslexscs. Mrs. Harry I.ctcs" and Mis. Ins Gingham. The next riming «-il) lie Feb. '.'8 at Uie clr.u itmse. ' : 90 PROOF "SLOW MASH' no. ouunr Mt\dl mm STRftlGHT BOUBBOM WHISKY // 's Bound to Taste Richer ... Takes More Time and Grain to Make BROWKTORhUK DISTIUERV C0..1HCOflPOBAItD LOUISVILLE, KENIUCRY vliss l^ Merer; 1 . Mrs. ICsU'lle Stewart of Detroit is ;hi- tjiicst of hi'j- .sisier, Mrs. I,. M. Uroi-k. uml Iniiiily. Shu plans to Inhere tvr several weeks. Mr. nnd Mrs, C. It, reiguson and daughter, Ni>l!, visltej Sunday with .Mr. an-J Mr.s. M. o. l,ar.sen nt Marlon. Miss Ada Mae Urn-ton, ,\jhs- Kalherine Lofliss, Miss Hull) u r ,-,d- tt:rd. Miss Mary Alice Simile and Miss Mildred Swan spent Sunday in .Memphis. Tomato News Son Born A son was born lo Mr. and Mrs. fJecrewood Crosselt Wednesday. Tlie baby weighed sis pounds. Has Vuleiiline Parly Mis. M. A. Middldon was hostess to a laige group of school children and their mothers at a Valentine parly Wednesday afternoon at tlie school. Games were played and candled hearts were given to the winners. W. E. Cannon and Mary Cri- dci were named king and queen or hearts after having received the most Valentines of any boy and girl in school. They closed Ihc program with a vocal selection. . O.iugliler Born A daughter was horn to Mr. nnd Mrs. Aaron Dunham Sunday, Feb. 11 at the family home. •> * » Mrs. Claytie Tilltnan dislocated her right shoulder W c dues d .1 y inornliuj. Driver Grove News Tom Mayberry spent the week end with his daughter, Mrs. Edna Hoy, and Mr. Roy of Monetle. Mr, and Mrs. Lee Powell have moved from this vicinity to Maiie. Tlie condition oi Mrs. Ola Crump, who has been ill for the past week, is unchanged. Mrs. E. L. Mosley is ill this week. \ It's to be THRIFTY Most people think that saving means scrimping—that laying aside for the future means giving up good things now. It isn't true. Believe it or not, it's FUN to be thrifty! It's fun to buy a new dress or a new car. It's even GREATER fun to wear that dress, to drive that car and realize that you can do it while you're putting aside twenty-five cents, fifty cents, a dollar a clay-at interest--for those oilier future luxuries you will want later. We invite you to open a savings account with us now and learn for yourself the FUN of saving. Two Per Cent Interest Paid On Savings Interest is credited to your savings account twice a year, on January 1st and July 1st. All savings deposited before the 5th of the month draw interest from the first. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK IN BLYTHEVILLE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Rile Price Store Also To Undergo Kxlensive Remodeling caied al in Main SI reel, mi- iiounced today Hint his place Is he- iny remodeled and redecorated. The Improvements already completed Include a (jeneral rcaiiaiigc- nunt ol Ihe stoic lo facilitate shop- pine convenience, enlnrnement t.V Ihc meat market in the rear ol lliu store to double Us runner capacily, and the inslallallon of a private olllce for Mr. Van llibbcr on a balcony overlooking the main lloor. Work yet lo he done will Incli'do painting and redccoratim; of Ihe store boih inside and on the from in a modernistic (lesion using black and white as the color scheme. The owner said that when these improvements Imve been completed the store will be one of (he most ntlnictlve grocery and market concerns In.this section. .HIM, IOC1TI Two Primary Elcmcnls' In' Consicleralion Of FHA Applications In considering whether an (ippll- callon for mortgage Insurance Is to be accepted, Die l--edi'ral Housing Administration tite Into consideration two primary rleinelitu: loca- 'ion of (he properly mid nblllly of the borrower to cimy the iiny 1 . mcnts. Much more lhan merely the sround upon which the mortgage will be laken Is considered by Ihe F"HA. TO determine Ihe future stability of a locallon It Ls necessary to study llic economic background of the area. Tills involves nn mi-' -ilysis of the divcrsily and snillcl- cncy of Ihe indii.strinl, commercial, nnd economic activity of llic |»r- Ucnlar urea lo determine \vhcUier it will retain the same economic eliaiaclcrislics. , After ihc general area is inveiti- sated Ihc particular neighborhood In which Ihe property is located Is nmlyzcd. This involves ratlnj; the neighborhood under consideration from the .standpoint of the trend of city growth toward or away from this neighborhood and the social «id economic appeal of Uie neighborhood to. typical families who might be prospective purchasers. . The location is checked and examined, in relation lo schools, shopping centers, ulllities,. adequacy of transportation facilities, and any other clemenls which may afreet :hc value of the property." In addi- .'ion to this. Ihe FHA analyzes all adverse Influences which may af- fect'the value of the house In years lo come. Having determined the 'desirability of the locatldiV it 'b'ecbmes necessary to take into .'consideration the ability of the borrower io carry the burden of smymenls. The ! [ Two-Story Home Loans I'cnnil Storefront Modenii/alioris Up To $2500 Alllmuiili jirlrnlr homo roiislnic- licm lends thi' c-.nrent Lm!lcllii|> uji- Iui'ii, iminy liwllili'm H'coi'iibi.' Dim ntotlcrnli'nUoii ol u'.H-ol-dntc coui- nii-n-lal ilnu'liiu's will n'|)ii's-nt « lini'i' |r,i:lion ol i-uiislnii-lluii in l.ouklnj! lw:l: on l!);in, durlui' j whic-ti new dwelling mill.; no.v Ji-Mliiiiuccl n(. iiljiiiit in.wo tvcro con- sli'iieti'd, biiiiih-rs lirclin-r i hut .'itoi-cfrunt iiuidi'i'iilxiilliui, t<)|i< ihrr wlih nxicrlur ri'inoilclliif D| Imw hnlldlnu:;, fiiii'ii'iialnl nboiu J200- t'litl.HOO. AviillnbU' HKIUVS show Uml. chnlu I i.lon-s esliiblh;lie<l un iill-llmc re,'Hid for niuilemliaiUun with an ex- IK-iKlilun' of $l'.!ft,0ll(l,(ll)0. Tills In- eluded icmodelliii: of old bnlldlncs lor occupancy by chain stores ami I ho iTcc'.lmi of new slorefroiils on ulnuuly occupied premises. Wlorcfnmt iiiodeini/nllon can he ucrompllslied Ihrouiili niA-insuKd loans, v.-liich penult Indlvldmil lonns HP lo $3.50(1 ior this purpose. In iminj 1 eltk-s modelnlfcilIon has bcc-u uiulciiuki'ii as a comiimnliy pm- Jfcl, scvcriil uwncis Jcitnlui; in rc- .r.ud»ilnK mi s'liliie block iiluni; har- i.ionions lines. diori'lroiil modeinhdtlon ijalunl InpeliiH In Ihc past few years (he development of .several new construction malcrluls. These iieliidc new structinal glosses uno HMlilwolKhl nictnis, which maka |io.sslij| ( . (ho use of brilliant co io;, for cuinmerclnl InilWings. Unseen Window Sash Balances Available Home owners who disllXc visible wli-bnlmi;e niechnnlsm in (heir windows may Install fi ,, r | nt , sa ^ h biilances which me jjivislWe in tlipi lie enllre unit tils Into -, grooved side i.llli! iisul moves with tin; sash rim only exposed pan ol ID- Kiii'liiK-bjliinec device Is approximately one Inrh ol the br,ns.s benr- JiiK nun wlien Hie window Is (.teed Mechanism «f bal.u:ce i.s un oil- U'rnpeied sprlni; coinjslolely en- closeil in a splialed lube ouerating »'llh a buiM, bearing ami on the wurin u«ir principle. This devl-e miy he In.stalleil unilcr tlie Mod- Hiiixallun Crc'illi I'bn (if this 1'Vd- eiui lloaslni; Admlt'lsiiftUon. Nuisance Of Door Slicking' Repaired Il.-uniJ weather Ijj-ljijs with It tlie nulsniife of .silcklne door.,. Mo ( s . lure absorption retails In tlie swell- Inx of Die framework of tlie door and oflen cuuse;: Iho piiltil or varnish to soften ami become sticky. It may be necessary to plain; eliher the hl-.)|io or lock edgs. As » rule. It is bpsl lo plane the hinge edi;e, as the hinges are more easily lemovable and rcinorllscd than the lock edge. Cm-c should be l.ihen not lo piano olf loo much wood. Tliis hvn-slory liome otfei-M ^hij;lt ^1-uluo al mmlcralc co:ft. 'I'lie lirsl Ihmr Is jjiven over to liviiii; rtiiini, dinintt rniini, uiul kilrht'ii, n-liili' Iwn licdrouaiH and ,-t liiilh oiTii|iy llic lop floor. This iiroiifi'ly was liiiiinrc'i! under llic l'Vd<>nil lloiisiiif,- AiliiiiiiiHlriilimi |il.-iu, willi u ?(>,OI)0 illsiircil ninrt- fiage to he rc)i:iid liver u 'licriml of 20 years. Monllily 'puyinentii, wliii'li inclinlc inlcr- csl, principal, nail hisiiriuiei! Iirriniiiin mil nut IUXCH or lui/.- ' r ii insurance, aaiouut lo ap- tur Questions and Answers C). Whni is meant by a lloor? A. Ill llonllng-nonr M>»slnicllo;>. the llnisli (Uior is insulnliiil Iroiu Ihe slructural members of Ihc Horn- cpnslnicllon. Wood .sleepers urc Inltl over InsulalinK ooiml or fell pad- I dlny, an<l the linisli lloor Is nnllr-;! i to Ihc sleepers. This method of j construction prcventii direct contact between the llnish floor anil llic' lloor joists nnd reduces Ihc trans- ! ter of sound from the finish lloor to rooms below. ( The. tendency for efflorescence lo reoccur will decrease as the suits evaporate. <^. Should n buthioom to bo slinrwl by two bedrooms luive doors Hiving fllrccl acx-css Into each hcd- roojn? A. One. dnor opening Into n small hnlhvuy willed served boUi (red- rooms Is belter nlmmlfiij. 'I'wo doors an: hicojivi-nlL'tit nnd waste vulli- nble .SIMICO In Hie biitliracim Q. Woi'ld you nilvlso storm sash? pur windows are to Ijq wealherXSi-ipjie'd, '•''.' '"' •' ' A. About one-third of the., iient escaping from n 'house jii-. Winter Is lost through thc.elas;. arpir'pf.. ^ (Jews and doors and by lilr leal use of i ——.—~ . , stripping should greatly reduce air leakage. Storm sash, by providin FIX-UP SPRING YOUR AR. J» " 11 ^ N * 0^ ^ ^»*\C • IHllfllHHHl I'ul your home in (unc for Hie fresh now st'HKOii . . . Kivo it ;i new roof for « .SI>I'!HK honnci, ;i cillorful new eon I ol paint In |(c<'i> il comimny, (mil'dress il up insiilc. willi sniiirl, lute-styled wall- ji!i|»cr. If you hiivcn'l (lie raidy «IH|I, , (liin'l Icl Uml slop yon. \Ve will ^!;id- l.v lii'lp you nhliiin i-nnvcnictil linin Remodel, Keimir or RulId With FHA Low-Interest Loans. THIARKMO LUMBER CO. Phone 40 n . Placement Of Living ' ll( ' liingcd to pel mil opening during mo<tmUc wemiuT. Rooms Vary In Plans Q. How rUoiiUl a nagstone walk jbe Iu Id? In the small-house plans sub- A . Flagstone walks may he laid milted to the Federal Housing Ad- °" il sn '"'d "ed or in concrete. When ministration, together with nppli-1 mltl '" ™»d. a •1-Inch gravel or cations for FHA mortgage insiir-1 cruslied-stone (111 and n 2-lnch ance. FHA officials note a growin» i snncl bc( J should be provided Use tendency of placing the livl-ig > stcnos l ' : - lo 2 inches thick and room m the rear of Uie house ralher i '">' wl 'h points from »l to 2 inches than in the front. ' . jwlUe. Flagstone paving set, in cou- Tliis new step in small-home j crc ' e should hove a 0-Inch snivel, planning pei-mius the association of ! cll!d01 '' °r cruslied-slonc nil. a -Illie living room wilh the yard ori 1nch Bravel-concrcle slab, and a l- garde.i by means of a terrace or a i lnch mortar bed. Stones may be porch, in this way the. family's • 'htnner lhan when laid in sand relaxation space is increased ' aiid b " 1 should be at least !» lo 1 inch at the same lime the living room is llll ' cfc - " the walks are cxcepllon- rcmovcd from tlie dust, noise and " Iiy wlclc or the llagsloncs are lo lie confiuslon of the street. ' • i llsc <l us pitying for a terrace, the concrete course should be reinforced with wire mesh and the thickness Increased. 1HAKKS 'KM SE Over'Joe Isaacs' Store . Regardless of where the room Is locateil. FHA officials say that It should be comfortable ami chci-rful and have plcnly of sunlight ([uriiij the day. Q. I have noticed lliat sometimes I ortck walls develop grayish-while D ... I spots. What is the reason lor this? rauerned Woods ' A - Tllc white discoloration of A'J Dl n 11 ; brickwork yon have observed Ls Aid MOOr rroblem probably due to efflorescence. Va; ''ions mineri.l sails oflcn contained Wliclher one is building a new ,!" tllc brick and the materials used home or modernizing an old or.c, '" " lc mortar are dissolved by the selection of floors and lloor rov-1 moll >ture absorbed by (lie brick- erings is perplexing. Various pro-' w ' ork ' A S the. moi.sluie evaporates cesses have been developed to com- i llle K>it -'> are deposited on llic sur- blne design, durability, and econ-, fncc of Hie wall. 'Hie areas af- omy. ; fected can be cleaned iwrlorttcally Popular among these is patterned b V scrubbing with a 5 la 10 per cent hardwood, which permits Individu- 'O'Mlon of muriatic acid nnd walcr. allty in floor design ond at tlie same time gives a durable surface. Available Iu a variety of woods. Ihc patterned hardwood floors are scientifically finished, waxed, and pol- Lshed at the factory. They arc eligible for Insinuation under the Modernization credit plan of the Fed eral HousijiR Administration. TERMINIX TERMINATES ' TERMITES; BRUCE-MEMPHIS sure ijour home is WELL- Time-Tested Cerlainteed MiUcrizcd Composition Shingles make the beat roof for the old home 01 the new. A rccif must he sturdy and snug lo shield your house from the elements. If the roof fails, wall paper, fiirnidire and dispositions will be ruined and the budget thrown out of killer. The I-'HA plan of paymenfs nukes Hit- UKST roof cost only a few more pennies a month. TAKK ADVANTACJK OK OUR rea- swialile prices and expert workmanship. Be Sure Your Home Is Well Roofed E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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