Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1894
Page 3
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MYSTERIES! The Nervous System the Seat of Life and Mind. Recent Wonderful Discoveries. No mystery ba* evor compared with that of fcumanllfu. It has been the leading subtact of professional research and stuu;'lii nil niyis. But notwithstanding UilM (act It fa not fvuor- ally know u that tho s.ual of life IM loai- irdln tlio un. per part ofiho 1 spinal coKl. Incur tho ' live Is t li I s P° rtlon 0| IU ° nervous sy.-s- the prick of a need to will cause Instant — -- , . , death. Accent discoveries have demonstrated lint nil thoorsutM of too body uro uador HID vi>::- trol of the nerve conters. located In or i:cj :!• the huso of the brain, and that When tho;i; ips <lorang'od tho orpins which they supply v.-l'.'.i nerve Hulcl mo also clornnfjed. When. It MJV- raorabered that u serious injury to tlio spiitf I cord wlUCiiuse paralysis of the bo-ly lji;D« tho Injured point, because tho nervo forco Js itfevented by tho Injury from reaching thn pnralyzedportlon.lt will bo undonlooa It?;'; tho aerunKoment of thonorvo ceuter.i wjH .canw the derangement of thr various organs which they sup_ply with uorvo force. Two-thirds of chronic discuses aro cuio to the Imperfect action of tho norve centers at the base of the bruin, not from a uui-uigo- ment primarily originating In tho orean Ji- .seif. The great mistake of physlduna-in treating these diseases Is thut they trout, tho organ rather than tho nervo centers wlucu aro the caiwe of the trouble. Dn. FBANKLIN MILES, the celebrated rpc- •clatlst,liti9 profoundly studied this aubjcci i»r over 20 years, and has mauo.mniylniporm.iM; discoveries in connection wlih It, chief BITIQJW them being the facts contained In tho aWw> statement, and that tho ordinary methods or treatment aro wrong. All headache, tltei- ness, dullness, confusion, pressure, miic~, mania, melancholy. Insanity, op lopsy, Sj,. Vltus danco. etc.. ore nervous discuses 7KJ ull druggists on a positive guarantee, or t enl direct by DB. MILKS MEofoAL Jo, Eikbgct lud.. on receipt, of price, »1 per bottlo, \ bottles for *& oxpnwa prepaid. It oom neither oplatennor dangerous uru^s. ato* THE VEIIIIIE 320 BROADWAY. Bill oJ Fare lor Sunday May 20th. DINNER •Celerf Toang Onions Badlshes soul 1 . Crttaiu of Fowl run. Baked White Fish, Egg Suuce, Potato Sauce noiun>. OalTs Heart Glaze ROAST. Chicago Bibs of Beef, with Brown rotatoes Bouat Chicken, Sage Dressing Prime Boast ot Beef, Mushroom Sauce KHTKII9. Wee Croquettes VKOITABLEJ Massed and Boiled Potatoes German Slaw Strawberry Meringue French Peas B1WEHT. Boston Cream Pie Sliced Hpple Pie Snow Cake Vanilla Ice Cream Coffee Tea Milk Buttermilk Notice of Application for Liquor License. Nottee lnhs-Kbigiven that I. David Lottq. of tof»n»poH, »;a>»conotr, Indiana, will appU to tee Board <rf ComraHslonn. of Caw County, Indiana, at tb« June nenslonto convene on th* flWtMOTdnj of j"no In the r«af 1894, tor n license loieUwait.vinous,spirituous and other Intox- JmtlngiiQiiora In »less quantltrthan a quart at a time and >ader the same io to drank on the "rhepreclae location of «axd premise! In at fol- lowi town: it Johnston House bar room No 3 0 •Canal tfiwt, Logausport, Ina Application tor License. Notice 1» herebr Klvan that the Logansport Botel Companr will raaHe application at the r+K- >3a? iiiiterri i 1891 ot the Bourd of .Counw Com- mlMHHieni of Cau county. Indiana, for a license ttSn Ipmtuous. tlnop^ ^'and malt UqaOK U, le» •qnaDlltlwt than a quart at n time with the prtvl- lefe Tol permuting tho name to be drank upon the iwemiawwhereon sold The nrenil«e» whereoi «ld llemoti are to be sold anJdrankare sltnatecl . Lojnnnport. Eel town- BT K. V. XILLIK, Sec. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING. MAY 20 Rend tbeBee Hive's ao>ertl»ement. Get your carpets <vt the Trade Palace 4hl§ week. Taffeta moire, new wash goods, at the Golden Rule. Tbe latest In macintoshes, at the New Fashion otore. Quaker heartaohfc capsuli give re lief In ten minutex. Da not mian a stogie number of the Memorial War Book. Ben Fisher, the Druggist, will §ave you money on polnta. All carpet* sold regardlen of coot at the New Fashion store. Buttermilk soap only 25 cent* a box of 8 oakei, at i>en FlBhar'i drug »tore. Home for Sale Very Cheap—No, 60S Sycamore street. Inquire of A. DeLong, No. 402 Market street. Acute and ohronio catarrh; dlieaies of the throat nn4 ear treated by Dr. J. H. Shultz, 412 Fourth »treet. Telephone Id7. If you are affloted In »ny wi§e and «»'t get cured, call on Dr. Walter, the ipeolalUt Office rooms 8 and Island View Hotel, opposite Fan Han 41* depot. For Sale—A. E Tuylor'i brick resl- 4mo», llwy barn and blaaksmli •hop, Eel River avenue. Inquire o L»»l Brown. *» Georf* Hwrlsoa's •ton. 4S4 Brondway. THE CABBOLl .CASES. Tbe *MM tUurd ofCI»»rl«U» I»re«ll- !•«• and Bxon«rMt« lh« Central 1 Hotpltal, The Journal a week airo on what seemed to be reliable authority pub Uhed a statement concerning the treatment of patients at the central hotpltal at Indianapolis. The infor- matlon was contained in a letter purporting to be signed by a leading and reliable citizen of the county. Investigation showed that while such rumors existed they were unfounded and the letter itself was a forfjary. The Journal promptly exploded the rumors and sent to tbo Superintendent all the information It oould obtain on the subject. In repJy the following letter was received: CENTIUf. IN3ANK IlOSI'ITAL FOR TttK.lN8Aira, ) OEO. If. EDENIUKTKR, M. D., supt. \ INDUNATOMS, Maj.18. ISM. ) W. S. Wright, Managing Kdltor, Logansport Journal: UEAH SIK:—5fourlotter received this . m. Permit mo to thank you for the manly way In which you have replied. The Board of Stute Charities are fully investigating the matter, and I lave submitted your letter as part of the evidence. I trust that hereafter if your paper aas any occasion to question the man« a^ement of this hospital that you will tlndlyglveua an ouportunlty to fur. nUh you with the foots and place at your disposal every facility for making a thorough and searching Investigation. 1 regard this Institution as public property, and therefore concede to any ind every one the right at any and all times to make such inquiries and investigations as they may deem neces. sary for the public good. I would respectfully ask you to pub- ish the report of the Board of State Charities In this case, not Only for the >urpose of exonerating the management, but for the greater reason of allaying the worry and fear of the many families who have unfortunates n our care that has been aroused by he publication in question. Trusting that you will accede to this request and extending to you a most cordial invitation to visit our Instltu- ion at your earliest convenience and observe its working and condition. I am youri, Very Respectfully, GEO. F. EDENHARTEB, Superintendent. THE REPOKT. The Hon. Clande Matthews, Governor of Indiana: Dear Sir;—Under the date of May .6, 1894, the Board ol State Charities received a communication from Dr. George F. Edenharter, special super- ntendent of the Central Hospital for the Insane, of which the following U a copy: Ernest P. Blcknell, Secretary Board ol State Charities; Dear Sir:—I desire to call your attention to sundry reports concerning ,wo patients from Carroll county who died at thlo institution, one Emma Stan«ol was admitted January 81, 1898 *nd died January 27, 1894. The other Mary Wasson was admitted on May 4 1894, and died May 7, 1894. I have no official statement, written or otherwise to ehow the least com- >lalnt concerning the treatment of ibeee patients. I do not know what ohargeBhave been made, but Infer rom the gtatements In the Inilanapo- is papers that abusive treatment is illeged For the interest of the Institution and in justice to myself and employes, [ earnestly request that the proper committee of your board Institute a thorough investigation of these statements at your earliest convenience. Every assistance will he given you. Yours very respectfully, GEO. P. EDENHABTEH, Superintendent In accordance with the request contained in the above the Committee on hospitals for the Insane of the Board of State Charities, on Thurtiay, May 17, made a careful inquiry Into all the faois and circumstances available connected with the treatment care and death of the patients, Mary A • Wasson and EmmaStansel. The records of the hospital were examined aad tho sworn testimony of all the officers and em» ployea of tbo institution, with certain exceptions hereafter noted, who had anything whatever to do with the care of either of these persons, was taken. The exceptions referred to were in the canes of two or three employes who have left the Institution since tie occurrence of the deaths of the patients under consideration. The evidence of both reoordtand witnesses was full and satisfactory and a com plete stenographic report of the same it on file In the office of the Board of State Charltloa. In the case of the death of the patient, Mary A, Waeaon, who died suddenly while alone In her room at night, It wan shown that the coroner of Marlon county had been promptly called and had Investigated the cause of death This committee therefore, added to the evidence of thu hospital records and employes, a •worn statement by the coroner con. cernlng his inquiry. The following li a true copy of the verdict of the coroner In the case aad it In every particular accords with his statement to State of Indiana, Marion bounty ti I, William 9 Beck, coroner of said county, having examined the body of Marv A. Walton, and heard th» tM(l. mony It hereto attached, do hereby flnd that the tald deoetted came to her death the 7th day of May, 1894, M the 0»ntr»llnt»ne Hetpltal. Indluap. polii, Indiana, from heart failure produced by general exhaustion " A careful summing up of all the evidence leads the committee to the conclusion that both Emma Stansel and Mary A. Wasson received proper care during their residence In the hospital. Nothing whatever was adduced to indicate that In any in. stance either had been subjected to rough or cruel treatment. The committee desires to commend the treat- mantof the hospital for the spirit manifested In requesting an investigation of the charges which had been made and for the assistance extended in making the inquiry complete In every detail. The carefully and minutely kept records of the institution were ot the greatest help in the committee's work and tho value of such records were fully demonstrated. Under date of May 37, 1894, a letter of which the following U a copy, was received by Dr. Geo. F. Ed jnhartor, from Mr W- S. Weight, editor of tho Loiranspurt Jourual tbo periodical in which the charges concerning the treatment of EmmaStansel and Mary A. Waspon first sppaired. LOGANSI'ORT. Ind.. May 17, 94. (Dictated by W. S. W.) Geo. f, Edenliarter, Indianapolis, Indiana.: Dear Sir:— I oueloaB copy of the paper containing charges and also correction tho uext day. The oricrl- nal article was furnished UB over tbo signature of one of the leading men of that locality who would not probably oe mislead Into furnishing a news. paper anything- that was not absolutely true. The matter came in Satur day eveniniratG o'clock by mall snd was used nn the strength of the reliability of tbo correspondent. I sent a man early Monday morning to loves;lf?ate more fully and discovered to start with thiU tho letter was a for- rery. It was turned, however, that he report a* glvoa was generally cur. rent in that locality and that it was generally believed. It was traced down and completely refuted ID all its details and the correction wfis made as per copy ot Journal mailed you. You can use tbU letter in correction and our reporter will give you more in detail the result of his trip, if you denire t. We are exfemely cautious about such matters and regret that we were misled by a forgery committed by some one who probably wanted to give us a sensation but who feared to vouch [or the leliablltty of it. As the rumors were flying thick and fast. icwever, it may be well that they 3Bve been fully exploded. You may use this letter as you see n t. W. 8. WRIGHT, This communication of Mr. Wright did not reach Dr. Edenharter until the morning of Friday. May 18, and was handed to this committee immediately afterward. Tbe letter is self- explanatory and Is' hereby submitted in connection with the report of the committee's inquiry. We desire to direct your attention to the statement In this letter that the damaging pub lications which have been made were the result of a forgery.. It is suggested that if this be true, a crime has been committed and that it may DP advisable to direct the attention of the proper legal authorities to the matter with a view to bringing the eulity person to account. Respectfully submitted J. R. ELDEK Chairman of Committee on Hospital for the Insane. ERNEST P. BIKCNELL, Secretary. Indianapolis, Ind.. May 18, 1894. MMonle Funeral Netlce. To the members of Tlpton lodge No. 38,' F. &. M. you are hereby requested to meet at Tlpton lodge hall today (Sunday) at 2 p. m. for the purpose of attending the funeral of our late brother Anthony F. Smith. Members of Orient Lodge and all members In good standing are fraternally invited, THOS. L. REED, M. M. Eu GBEENSFBLDEK, Sec. Notice. The first payment on subscriptions of stock to the Citizens' Natural Gas Company of Logansport, Ind., Is now dus and should be paid at the company's office, corner of Market and Fourth streets. Shares of stock are twenty -five dollars ($25.00) ouch (two shares to a fire) to be paid as follows: April 20, 1894 ................................................ * ] J5 May 2 1, lf)» .................................... ............ } $ June 20, 1894 ................................................ i S9 July 20, IBM ................ - ............................ i S AuiustM. 1894 ................................ - ........... JS SertombBr 20. 1894 ............... - ..................... » ™ October2'l, 18M .......................................... - S SS Nofcmber 20, 1894 ..................................... 8 . $ D-wmoerao. J»W January 20, 1895 uu 12600 ' JOHN GRAY, President. C. W. GRAVES. Secretary. Home 8eeUe»' Excursion Nortliwe»l. Weat. Monthwett. and S»utli May 29ib, special excursion tickets to points in Northwest, West, Southwest and South, will be sold at principal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania lines. Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details please apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van.Dusen, Chief Assistant General Passenger , Agent. Plttsburg, P»- ^ Tbe makers of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vltallzer offer all nervous sufferers advice, and consultation of. the doctor, freo of ohwge. Write to the J. W. Brant A Co . Alton, Michigan.— Ben Fisher. • • ','.'.'/ Ladies' outing sulu, ready made, ft* the New Fuhion store. BOLES OF HEALTH. StrcuBth. HappUeH. and a LOOK ft V*tfalmtt». 1— Sleep la a ventilated room. Retire early, and, when sleepless, take a dose of Pe ru-na at bed time. 2— Keep the body clean by frequent bathing. S— Eat regularly, but sparingly. Pe-ru-na before each meal insures a good appetite. 4— Nervous people should never be without Pe-ru-na co strengthen and quiet the nerves. , 5— Women, during the trying periods, Hhould take Pe-ru-na regularly. .6— Duriner tho hot months Pe-ru-nii should be kept as a prompt relief for cramps, colioo, cholora morbm aad summer complaints. 7— Every spring tho system should bo cleansed with Pa-ru-na. 8— Every ooe should bavo a copy of the "His of Life." Sens free by tho Pe-ru-na Drug Company of Columbus, Ohio. ____ THE CI!i;tt€HEH A M E Cia-itcn-Cirner of Cicott and ttee »;!, W fftrtllft, P*«tor. Service* lit 1031) n. in. n "d 7:30 p» in. oundiiy school at .1 pin C. 8. .lolifs Supr. FIRST PKKsuvTEiiiAN OnuHcn-Bev. D. P. Put- imm instor su-rvloea nt th« usual lionrn todiiy hjrlno pastor. Sunday School at'J:80 A cordial welcomu for all. BAITJIT Cntincii-Rev. w. n. H, Marsh I'nstor B Svl«»to,",." «t 10.-.'«0 «. in. Sjunnny Scluwl fit 1. MflfllllK n f t"0 B - Y - P - U - m tne lecture room at (! 33.. vANOBLirM CHURCH— W«v. S, J. Znleinl. pas- toT e&tSdsyut 100) B m >md 7301, m nrwichlns by MID n ^^ T - Stibhath scfcool nt 8-9) am. Y. P. S, C. E- aiGiTOpm rnritrii OF CIIHTIT (^dentist)— Services will be held In ^heSrooniK In tr-a Ma** Wock TOrne? of Sixth nnrt Broad««f. Bible > C |i<» jit iiKtu tiinrtny mornlnn. All nro conlimiy Invited to Rttend. ™ PnndW School at » 3U. a m Mrx 'ihorles Clurk, Su, t. Y. P. a. C. h. «>». menim* fit «."v. THIIHTY EPIICOIML Onuiicu—Kev. DOIIKMS I. "lobes Rector 9:30 a in, Sundiwr School: "la ni. mornlnnpniver. HolvCommunion mm sermon on the Holt Trinity 7::Wp. m evening prarer and sermon. A welcome lor nil. ENGLISH LCTIWIUS Cm-ncn-SerylcM at 11 a m and 7:.'tO p m by Rev. J. C. hnuffman of Wads- WJrtb. Ohio. Sunday School »t »^u ft •". .lunlor Endeavor at 2. V P. 8 c - E - atCoS. Everybody Invited to these services, members especially. BUOADWAY M. B. CnuncH-Rev H. J. Norrls Pastor. Service* at 11 u m and 7:30 p m pnwch- Ingby the pastor. Sunday School at 9:45 n. m Bnworth League lit 6 M conduetwi by Lena Ttoiler. MoFnlnK theme "The Uocmi- ac^nsIiiHueute-OtClil.dhood." A. welcome for all. UNIVXFSALIST CHURCH—Rev. T. S. Gutlirle pX torlees today at tills church at.lla.iii. and 7-30 p, m. by the pastor. Sunday gchool at 10 a in., Ward Canls, Supt. Morning subjact. ••Divine Benevolent*." In the eveulftg "The parliament ot Religions and some of Its lessons." AH are cordially invited to these services.' CHHICTIAN CHuncD-CorniT Ninth and Snear streets B«»v T, S. Freeman, Piwtor. Services atu o'clock am find 7:30 p.m. hrthe pastor. dlally Invited to these services. To indlanapolU. Special excursion tickets to Indl. anapolia will be sold from ticket sta. tlons on the Pennsylvania lines ID Indiana at reduced round trip rates, as follows: May 21 and 22 account Grand Lodge F. & A. M., of Indiana; pood to return until May 24, inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People's Party Convention; (food to return until May 25, Inclusive. For particular!) and time of trains, apply to nearest Pennsylvania line ticket agent. _ A Pointer for Traveler*. While Mr. T. J. Klohey, of Altona, Mo., was traveling in Kansas he waa taken violently 111 with cholera mor. bus. He called at a drug store to get gome medicine and the druggist recommended Chamb«rlaln'8 Colic, Cholera and Dlarrhosi Ramedy so highly he concluded to try it. The re»»lt wa« Immediate relief, and a few doses cured him oompletely. It is made for bowel complaint and nothing else. It never 'alls. For'tald by B. F. Kees. ling Druggist. Houae-CleanliiK. The time Is now at hand, it's commendable and necessary—but how about the house within you. It has need of cleansing, to Insure health and the best remedy to use is Elne hart's Pills. They aro better than sarsaparillas, etc. More potent and permanent in results. For sale by B. F. Kaesllng and Keystone drugstore. A MIRACLE. What Pbelps* "Four C" Kernedy IMd f<ot Miss Jennie Basset. Last Friday, Dec. I9tft. m/ attending physician itatedunleMlwat better by morning he could do nothing for my relief. That night I commenced taking Phelp'n "Four C" remedy; Mopped all other medicines. The first do»e rtopped mrcough; slept »nd rested well; a few more do«e» removed all soreness from mrlungi! the aeoond day I wu up; the third day I wai out on the porch and today wai up town purchasing holiday good! MISS JSNNIB BASSKT. Waiblngton A»«, and Summit St. Croup Cured. onedou ol "PhWpi 1 Coogh, Cold and Croup with the croup. W. B. MOOBI, erf Hoow Bros.' Grocery, Arkansas City, Kan. I cnarantM FhaIpt""Vrar C" tor 14 SBIPPB, irthn* BwnohlUt, Ooofiu, Ooldi, ate. BEN FISHER. THE MARIE BURROUGHS ART PORTFOLIO OF STAGE CELEBRITIES Is now complete in FOURTEEN PARTS, the entire series making the most ELEGANT WORK of this character EVER PUBLISHED. A great many Journal readers have availed themselves of the opportunity to secure these parts as they came in from week to week bat ther* are a number of subscribers who have expressed s desire to secure the complete set without the coupons. To give all au opportunity to uecure tbto Tne Journal has decided to distribute the complete set of H parts on. th« following terms:' CUT THIS OUT. When Your Watch or Piano NEEDS REPAIRS Do you let a blacksmith or carpenter tinker •.vith it ? No. Better let it alone than do that! How about your nerves—your very life prop? this delicate mechanism gets out of order, and who shall repair it ? There are fine mechanict who cannot repair watches; there are good physicians who cannot tix up the nerves. Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vital- izer is u safe and positive cure for every form of noi ve debility and nerve exhaustion if used faithfully according to directions. May Be It's Just What You Need It is, if you suffer from Chronic Headacb*. Sleeplessness, Debility or Prostration ! These are warnings—if neglected m.i- co Paralysis, Epilepsy, Apoplexy, or I- Our Vitalizer does not stupify—it • builds up—cures! We orrer $500 %S?$%$£% otherwise, n particle of morphine, opiuta, cocaine, or any harmful drug in HUB J.'W. Brant Co. i ^- .v.-.iro-.-y, Albion, Mich. Free sample for convincing trial of any drag* gist, or direct from us on receipt of 5 cent* (stamps) lor return postage. The doctor will give free advice to any whfl ask it. AH are welcome. One dollar .1 bottle: at druggists. Whe/i n?f- found write us For Sale by Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth St. Upon presentation of tbis Coupon at tlie DAILY JOURNAL ART PORTFOLIO DEPARTMENT to? B etlierwith«l.75 the entire series [Complete in fourteen parts] ot tue MARIE BURROUGHS flRT PORTFOLIO Of STAGE CELEBRITIES Will be delivered to you. No extra charge for sets sent by in all. CUT THIS OUT. This offer does not interfere in the least with the existing oftVr of ewu part for 3 coupons and 10 cents, as the coupons will be published for a sufficient timexyet to all who have started on the ieries to complete their sets, but is intended for those who for various reasons have neglected to »v» their coupons. , ,„ Don't fail to secure the set at onee as this offer will only hold good until Saturday, May 26,1894 Women WHO W«»r Tronten. In Canada perhaps ten thousand women wear trousers during 1 the winter—of course with-the skirt lathis oountry the popularity of the masculine garment is growing with remarkable rapidity. The trousers are now and have been for years in use for horseback riding. The fencing costumes, also trousers, are worn without the skirts and in gynasiums of the fashionable boarding schools for young ladies trousers are worn exclusively, and with excellent effect and comfort In Europe for tho last two years Turkish trousers are worn by fashionable women for climbing tho mountains. Tho same are worn in the Scotch Highlands by English women. The bathing dress shows marked signs of following the general movement At the French resorts the most fashionable ladies appear with the close-fitting bathing 'stiits, with knee trousers, leaving the skirt off entirely.—Boston globe. —Charles Dickens once received an invitation to a "Walter Scott" party, each guest being expected to appear in the character of one or the other of Scott's heroes. On the eventful night, however, Dickens appeared in simple evening- dress. The host asked him which of Scott's characters he repre- •eated. "Why. sir," replied Dickens, "I mm » character you will find in every one of Scott's novels. I am the • 'gentle reader.'" 1100 B»w«rd, f 100. TThe reader of tnii pspw will (earn that there U tt tout one < the foundation of tie tt«ntitrenfth 67 boll<-~.—-~--v.---=^._ -i....*.*. •MlittntnatunTin d«5« «• •»* _2» WOPJJJ ton Cm 10 moth Itltfi In l"..??™™^"*!* 5OO DOZEN Of these Beautiful Waists In Blue. Pink, Lavender, Navy and Black ground. Sizes 22 to 42. Only 50C ents AT THE BUSY BEE HIVE, 00-411 Bromdwaj

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