Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 9, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1896
Page 8
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••••••••••••••••••^pfllHlpPll^ $P<tlpPf!^ The Newness That comes with each season's change of weather is yery apparent in the amount of activity displayed among the various departments in our store. All are engaged in receiving their new full assortments. Goods were never handsomer than this season. Prices were never so low for new goods. «w • . -v v ;;-.:: ,„;;;: New Dress Goods . . . Are perfectly charming, Such varieties in elegant Novelties both in black goods and colored effects have never bel- fore been shown in any store at such popular prires. - ; •Double width plaids and cheviots at ~i22Ji and 15 cents per yard. 3[ery cheap and very desirable for -•school dresses. XToKalr boucho novelties and Vigcr- «'t>ns Figures at 00 cents a yard. Beautiful color combinations 38 aud 40 Inches wide at 48 and 75 cents. New brocaded novelties, Crepons, Frcncli and English Serges, Crepe anil Vrllll novelties, heavy Sicilians, etc., worth much more. Black dress silks and colored fancy colored silks are very pretty 'in 'design and coloring, and this season'can ; be bought very cheap. • •.•.''' i Drop in and take a look for yourself and see these and many unore that are not mentioned. THE GOLDEN RULE. Tou Cioing to :Spend Any Honey a or Winter Suit. For Fall If you are.'don't fail to see oursup- erb assortment of Stylish, Nobby. and Up-to-Date Garments. Our stock includes duplicates of all the styles shown by the latest merchant tailoring fashion plates at prices ranging from $3.00 up to $1500 Rememberour stock is entirely new, no old chestnuts. All we ask is your inspection, All our goods are marked in plain figures and >*^ •.,.' strictly one price. Republican Meetings. , "In conclusion we wish to state our furnishing and hat department embraces all the lat«est novelties and styles. Come to our store -and examine our stoctoand if what we say in --print is not proven we will relinquish all future of your favor oHtrade. THE (ILOBE. • ;J > , >, «^Jt' ^Northeast Corner Fourth and Market Streets. Republican speakiugswill be"held aU the following places In Cuss county: ' Wednesday evcuiug, Sept. 9, Center school house, Noble township, Ueo. W. Walters'^ . . . ' WediieVday evening, Sept. 9, 7:30 o'clock, Palmer's school house, .Wasbr Instou township, Q. A. Myers.' . Thursday evening, Sept. 10, Onward. Q. A. Myerj»£i,. ' ' ' Tluirsday.TeVeuing, Scpr. 10,-Critten- deii; Door Creek township, W. T. Wil-. son. . ; Saturday evening. Sept 12, Wintergreen school house, Adams township, Mayor George P. McKee, George Q arable. . • "i - /.;•• . ' : ! Saturday evening. Sept. 12, Callo' way school house, Q. A. Myers. ; Monday evening Sept. 14, Mctca" Geo. W. Stcele, W. T. Wilson, J. 'G. Meek. - ' - ; ;; Tuesday evening, Sept. 10, .Young/ America, Geo. W. Steelo,..W. T. JWit. son, J. B. .Smith.. . : , Wednesday evening, Sept. '1C, [Galveston, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, E. B. McConnelL j Thursday evening, Sept. 17, Wajton,' Geo. W. Steele, D. B. McConnell, Cla'ud Bishop. . | Friday: evening, Sept. IS. Center.1 school house, Washington township, Geo. W. Steele, D, C. Justice, Geo.; Walters. Saturday evening, Sept 19, Twelve .OO Will Buy a JOHN L. GRIFFITH. IGood Winter Suit OF- W. D. CRAIG. .436 Broadway, Second Floor. Attend apron sale.—Trade Palace. Jfriday Night Before HcKinley Club—Favorite Speaker. c favorite orator, Hon. John L. Griffith, of Indianapolis, will be the speaker at the rink Friday night, September llth, before the Logansport McKlnley club. This will be one of the best sound money speeches of the campaign In Logansport. The well known ability and eloquence of the speaker should insure for him a turn-oat that will cram the rink to the walls. • •'•'•Bjrory member of the club should be sure to attend, with ladles, and all .should make it a point to tell friends ..ijnd uelghbors and urge them to be •'p'reseut to hear Mr. Griffith, one of the Dick Richardson Is confined to his x3>est campaigners of Indiana. p"' There will be good music nnd a gen- Xatural gas bills for the month of ijfera'l good time. September are now due. f'ify • . , - - -• Those 25c school pants, knee punts '''."MOUNT AXD SAYEE AT. COX- oa. big value, see Otto's ad. John Gray's famous corner on un• <:<Ienvcar now ready; big .assortment ..-and low prices the order of the day. Mile, Geo. W. Steele, Geo. Funk, Mnyon McKee. ' [ Monday evening, Sept 21, Wavf rlyr Geo. W. Steele, S. T: McConnell, Mayor McKee. • . -.-' • Tuesday evening, Sept 22, Clynjcrs,' Geo. W. Steele, D.'C. Justice, WJ. T. Wilson. .' ' .. . ,' . Wednesday evening, Sept. 23, West' Sand Ridge school house, Noble tqVn- r> ship, Geo. W. Steele, Col. Cromer,, Frank Swlgart., , . •. ;•.:'.- •• i : Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne, Geo. W. Steel*;, 1 Q. A,. Myer8;,y Geo.i Funk. '.•'-. . ' . ; Friday evening, Sept 25, Callowijy; school house, Jefferson township, Goo:-; W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Frimk: Swlgart. .•'-.' , .. -. „• i Saturday evening,. Sept.. 26, ,,Royal; Center, Goo.-W; Steele/Q.\j! D. B. McConnell. THE LINE OF MARCH. Citizens Along the Route Will Have a Chance to Decorate. ' ',.'Tl'iu r'uily'Wnliiesdiiy night, September ititli, will "be nn astoulshor. The 'committee-'on street parade reported •fcJSiCfHiie of march hint night. The big yyrade ..-will form on Fourth street, right resting on Market street, and will proceed east on Murltc-t to Thirteenth, north' on Thirteenth lo North, west on North to Ti.'iilh, smith on Tonlh to Broadway, west on Bronilwny to ••J ; <lilrd-,'-norlh'C>n. Tlilnl to Undrii aven- »ae,'' wc i 9Kon,,l'liHH.>ii IIVIMIIIO lo Brown, south on Brown lo MiirUd, enut on Market to Fourth, norlli on Fourth to Broiidwny, west MM HriMidwiiy to the Piw:i house, when; iJie procession will enter .and Union to lliu i.-lurtucnt Mr. Brooks. Along the llni' of march proposed by the committee on sirwi. parade, named b.v;. tihe Kiillwiiy Men's Sound Money dub, are hundreds of sympathizers with the cruise of McKlnk-y and honest dollars. Tihesi: residents should not fall to doeora.te their prcmim's ihe evening-of Wednesday, September 1C, The visit of the distinguished ,T. T. •Brooks! Second 'Vice President of. the Pennsylvania lines West of Pitlsburg, and one of the'best speakers on sound .money, must be made an occasion that he 'Will remember with pleasure, and that the people will look back to with pride. The. real sentiment of. the Logansport people must be forcibly expressed,, and this cannot better be done than in an open joining in the celebration of the growth of Che honest money 6au.se' in Cass county. The .work of the street parade committee was done ua'rly so that the committee on decorations might have full lee-way in .its work. The decoration committee is now attending to Its portion of'the work of. making the big meeting a stunner, .me un-ium-ia ut i the ciub are .determined that the rally shall be a. rouser ami nothing will be allowed'to interfere. The route selected by nie committee' For Announcement of Grand Opening. ALL NEW GOODS. Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK 'To Be Sure. on. parade is satisfactory to all'so far as can be learned. While the opera house is not expected to hold nearly all the peopie wn<? wish to attend, and who will try. to secure hearing space, it is thought by filling the stage, aud all the available space, with chairs, that there will be less trouble than was at first antici- farce, comedy stars touring in this country. This season "Murray & Mack" are touring in a bran new comedy, the second in the Finnegau series entitled "Finnegan's Courtship" from the pen of George H. Einerich, the gentleman who wrote their last great success, "Finnegau's Ball." and it is no Idle boast to promise'ltlijit;-iiis last ofl'ort will be found to greatly surpass its predecessor from a genuine comedy The members of j standpoint. The "Courtship" is as full of wholesome comedy situations as the mockingbird is of pretty'music. The company is complete and scenery for eacli act is carried. They will be seen here next Satnnray evening, Sept. 12, at the new Dolau, which since Its remodeling is one of t:ie ueatost play-houses iu the State. RAILROAD MEN'S RALLY. Big Demonstration September 16 at Opera House. The Railway Men's Sound Money club will hoia Its next public meeting at Dolan's opera house Wednesday, Sept. ICth, at 8 p. m., on -which occasion Mr. J. T. Brooks, second vice president of the Pennsylvania lines west of Pittsburg, will address the people on ttie Issue of the campaign. By order of the President A. F. HOCKENBEAMBR, Secretary. pated, It i.s unfortunate that no other hall ..could, bu secured, and this matter of seating capa'city is the only drawback to the big demonstration. -. '•'•.Citizens In-accord with the inove- 'ment are urged to show themselves by .the usual night decorations along the line of the parade. WILL BE NOBBY Uniforms of the HcKinley Marching Club. BURGLARS AT IDAVILLE. Wholesale Robberies the Sensation in That Village. SKIPPED THE TRA LA LA. President, E.'-F. Kearney will speak '<io Hie Sound Money Railway Men's • -»cliib at Richmond, Monday night, September 14th, Wabsh Tribune: A.car load of horses •--arrived in the city today from Logans.- sport. They are a flue lot of horses and -are the property of Harmon Wolf, . CIS remnants of fancy and high 2-pricetl dress goods at the price to close ',-ot the lowest grades.—Trade Palace. t-Open today, Nice for school dresses. vDoc't miss ft. i'How are Your Kidneys? J have . vfried Dr. Hobbs Sparngus Kidney IPlHs rind find them an excellent thiiig ":;jm"ki'dne'y disease. Received the boxi •-.nearly a month ago, and they are u'ti- -i3outrteUly.'O. K. S. C. Helsmlck, ,M. -D./CormneTcJal Point. Ohio. F.or salft; •;fn TiogJinsport by Ben Fisher and John;. . VERSE. Hon. James A. Mount, Republican candidate for Governor, addressed n'Bout 3,000 people at Converse Saturday afternoon. In t!Te evening Hon. Warren G. Sayre, of Wabash addressed a large crowd and its usual made a hit, his speech" being .a.Enppy combination of fact and Burner jvhlch always commands tllo close attention of an audience-and mark'3 Mr,.Sayre as one of the best .speakers In .the country. The day's proceedings wore a very flattering success nnn enjoyed by all who' atten'ded. The persons who broke into the German Lutheran school building and damaged the building, are known to the German Lutheran School Board, and will be prosecuted u'uless : they immediately settle for the damage, or make some arrangements for making! the loss .good. Tho-Board will take t'he matter in hand, and conduct the prosecution.. Between Two Days, Leaving the Home Hotel to Hold the Bag. Kokomo News: About five we'eks ; ago two men, giving their names as Joci and John Godfrey and claiming J)e-~ trolt as their home, arrived In the city accompanied by a little girl ten years of age, reputed to be.,the daughter of one of the men, and claimed to be tnav-i ellng in the Interest of the North Car-; nahan.Co., of Chicago. They worked, principally among the G. A. 'ft. men and 'old veterans, representing them-: selves as being interested'in 1 the'erec-v tlon of a monument to the soldiers of- Indiana and Ohio. It transpires.that; they 'arc frauds of the first water, las," early Sunday, they tore away a screen- from an upstairs wlndow^and got-their baggage out of the • hotel.'andi took. French leave for parts unknpwn,.;le^y-. ing the hotel people about $50, the: worse of the deal. It Is presumed tn< left for Pern, but up to'the p'refeeatino; trace of them can bo found. •• •;'••••••"' J INDIANA STATE! FATE EXOTJR- Via. Pennsylvania. Lines, Sej>t. 14th;to 19th,— Low rotind trip- trckets.,to'IiidK r anapolis will 1>e sold .via Ponnsylvftita Lines for 'Indiana :State FalrT' return- coupons valid Sept. 20th, Inclusive. ' i .,-.;. Idnvffle, Ind;, Sept. S.—Special.-One day last week Bert Worden's grocery store was broken Into. This morning liboiit 3'o'clock, A. Schop's meat mar- .ket, W.. F.. Baker's saloon, and J. M. ;TpwBsl<»y's drug store, In which was also the Adams express office, were brokein into. The party or parties ef- fec.ted entrance by breaking a window j^.-*- • • . light and raising a window. At Towns-, ley's they were hearfl and scared away lieforo getting anything.' There was no money taken, but goods of considerable-value were carried off. • Today bloodhounds were sent for, and . arrived from Lafayette at 4:30 this afternoon. They were put on the 'trail "and, followed It first to the hand•car house,- leaving the impression that the'thlov.ea had ; attempted to get a haiad-car. Tliey then started toward Logansport, but after going lialf a ^mlle became contused and lost the trail. ; .W.ni. McCorkle of Idaville purchased two bloodhounds which will be '•nsea-'promptly hereafter. The thieves took three gallons of gin among other things, and ..this may lead to their detection; - .••:'.•'-. - The McKiuley Marching club met last night at the rink and adopted a uniform for the campaign, . It consists of a'mackintosh, a nobby hat and a flambeau cane, a combination which wJH look extremely swell and will be serviceable as well. The boys have an eye out for the future, and will have a campaign outfit that will be'service- able as It Is nobby. Ed R. Peurose was added to the "skirmishing" committee, which is to raise funds with which to equip the club. The club members are requested to meet at the rink Friday uJght early, before the spenklng begins, and every member who expects to be "in it" when the uniforms are purchased is expected to be on hand, as the matter will be decided at this meeting. The meeting of the Logansport McKinley club on next Friday night will be one of the most interesting the club has held: The Hon, John L'. Griffiths, who will address the members, Is noted as being one of the best stump speakers in the State, and there, should be a good crowd.out to hear him. will entertain you. He ENTERTAINMENT. The local lodges of the Continental Fraternal Union have issued invitations to a musical and dramatic entertainment and festival to be held at the Progress hall tonight. Following Is the. program: Music...... .'. l.'Ellte Mandolin Club Becitatlon MIsiCore Toby Piano Sola -..Miss Marre Monahan Baritone Solo—'.'The Church Acoross the Way" ,.,:;.'..Hri xTaiwu MurphT Music ; :.....Bllte Mandolin Club Specialty Chan, Elperi and Thos Began •RMiUtlon : Miss Schmidt Banjo Solo :. Urn. Jobn Hotcnlnnon Recitation., Miss Hargaret Irwln Solo,... Mr Joseph Rembnscti Specially.. MessrA Doyle and Bur,h Address -...B. Mlchmer Graves Supreme Chancellor. AX EXPENSIVE POST. It was recently reported that the post .-of military attache-to the American embassy to London was vacant, and had been offered to three offlcersj all of whom have declined it on the ground that their salaries could not support the dignity of the job. It Is a very pretty place, and one that has not been used to go begging. It calls for an officer of the rank of major,- and gives him little to do except to look, handsome and to adorn London society with his presence. He Is entitled to wear the most decorative clothes of any one connected with the embassy. When he rides out with the ambassador he goes on the front scat inside, and not on the bos-seat rrlth the coachman, as ill-informed persons have erroneously supposed 1 .- Opportunities to meet folks that really are folks come to him daily. He dines out nearly every night, and seldom is Rt ross for a hearty" meal of nourishing food. His chief expenses are for lodgings and cab hire, but the hesitation of worthy officers to accept the place indicates that even those expenses may be too considerable. The real trouble must be that the majors in Uncle Sam's army are middle-aged men with families, and a salary that nilght maintain the attache himself well enough iu London will not also maintain' his family, either at home in his absence or with him abroad. If lieutenants had rank enough for the place It would probably be easy to keep It filled with young unmarried officers of the requisite stature and comeliness.—Harper's Weekly. CANT BE BEAT. 'Dress gopds in endless variety andiat; 50 per cent lower than erer shown be-, for,—Trade Palace. . '.•:•"•:.;'.' :MURRAY &• MACK'AT THE DC-LAN. . In farce comedy history, none are : better known nor, more popular than ''Murray •'&'Mack" the well-known de- illqators'-o'f Irish comedy, among ' the first;tb introduce the style of Irishman nb.w soipopular In this country. They have "from the flrst been rated "top \ Botchers" as, .comedy stars, and from : a financial standpoint of view- are beyond any. question the most successful THEY WE'RE .SCARED. Two young men-invaded, the Southside last night. They wero\ accompanied by two women,', and'preceded to ;the'home of the latter..It iiad.been dark and empty when' the . residents left early Iii : the evening, but they found" It lighted upon the return. In a short .time the two young men. might .have [been seen making CoTerJcJgc- speed towards this side,of the Wabash. Two warlike strangers, , intrenched In the house they had Invaded, emptied their revolvers In the direction of the young men, hence their fllglit. • Wheu Quality and. Perfect Shaped Shoes Are Considered. -Underwear, hose Trade Palace. for everybody.— First—Our new dark brown genuine vici kid, yatent calf, trimmed, lace, hand welt, ' ? 4 -<W Second—Our new No. 13 Savoy toe, heavy sole, kid, lace and button, school Shoos, equnl to many $3.50 shoes, for .$2.50 Third—Our new coin toe, calf vamp, kid top, button or lace, a. nice dressy shoe for school, only $3.00 Fourth—Our new style welt shoes, excellent value, warranted, only.$2.23 Fifth—Our'genuine vici-kid button, new style, patent, calf, trimmed, only ;.."..'.'.'.........-."-. i".".'.'~" .51-50 Sixth—Our women's rubber sandals, which', we. wil^scll for ........ '.. .19c Seventh—Our women's slorm rubbers we will sell at .....','.......' -23c Eighth—Men's rubbers we will sell at '..,"•• :. : ... ..,.:..v.20c .Filling's shoe .house, 412 Broadway, Lognnsport, Ind.

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