The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on June 4, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, June 4, 1959
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tWll.dam4ndm.Mti 10 four year l«rm» in Kos, ,: suth county in 1560 will bft Terms Start In I960 the reason for Ihe election of county of- fiter*. Many think If would be wise to elect everyone, with th* exception of the fcouhiy attorney, every four If you have been wondering, as ,t»6 ' have, Jurf^Wifch fodtteall Wsyers wew 'dismissed from the , Stfctr tMVersitr of Iowa, after that ffecent "picnic" episode, Jim Van' Heel of the Madon City Globe-Gazette offers this! "-, V'!'They include a prospective Regular for next seasori, ; a senior who- has completed' eligibility, and a couple of fourth 'Stringers.", .r« That being the case, guess it's safe to order tickets for next fall. * * _ * Jim Baker had owned a new trailer house only one day when it ,was picked up»by, a twister .;at Lost Island 'and^ruirted. JJu'tf hfe had one fortunate break- -4 'Ke, had purchased , insurance only about an hour', before the storm hit. '. - •. ' •. '- ;- -.;' ' A lack of Interest th the off- year election may result from Htne to lime t|nde» the new law. Of course, there have been many elections here in the pant that saw a lack of Interest, At Sheriff RalpKLlndhorst put* It -*. "I think-SI'* a htck of a good Idea, although voter* will have to bft *ur« they make a good decision ort their candidate Of they cotild get ituck with th* wrt>ng man for four years." Rotolla Voigl, couhfy freaiutttr, said "1 hove long*been in favor of four year term* for county officers." .Other periOhs, in and out of the local eotiri- house, also f&vor fftt fou* year Urtft* ' One of the tnain rea«0n« r for lf» favor by office holdera around th« star* *eetn» to fe* the fact the eahdldttM eatrtd, reduce Iheir campaign «x* p*n»« and time sp«nt earn- paigning by about half. It will hnve advantage* fot the voter, too. He will expect a larger slnto of candidates to !tt migh ' = i*, JMIl vM&wjkr tifjtfn < f p#r«mn faai ft cm ticket* Srt 1* lo th* short iffft* ehaflgr* i* a majot * " oatttftji* r . not b« k«6w7i (that is, «*• fc good M? Jft f«at« ot more. '•*•>, V feSTABLISHEb 1863 Knliftd at, ttwa, Mftt. li matter it the fxttttfiittt -, under Act of Comtets of Mart! a, i«w.' ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, JUNE 4, 1959 3 SECTIONS - 20 PAGES VOL. 96 £*Nb; Algona To Establish A United Fund r-,- ^ H '•-%!*-..?,A;" 1 :c-- ••':"•• ,": ..•-,.-',>• • .•.-,,,. v::. •; ' ' . .. •.;/,-'•'••-„: k hav6 known for 'a tune that our , neighbor Gail Towne Was one of -the country's most ardent fishermen/ and'vthis' only goes to prove the' ponit/'La'st week he came back Friday •morning' from a successful fishing 1 ' trip to Cassr Lake, Minn. ' He happened to meet Fred Kent, and began telling him how good the fishing was up • there. ' "Would you care to ,turn around and go back?" asked Fred.' Within'' an hour, Fred, his son, Fred Jr., and Gail were on the road, Gail for the second time, And again they had very'fine luck. , . , ••* * » ,Who are the sign painters responsible for the "Class of "59" decorating the Milwaukee railroad bridge over highway 169? ',,.. and on the water tower of "oh'e, , .{Cossuth County town some local jokester climbed up and 'right ander the town name painted' the words "Peyton Place."- ' ., "..-'.•',*• * *, "'' , . > . Our mailbag included a letter with subscription reriewal, from EJcJ . Chambers, ' . former , AJgbna man 'now' living' in Los' Angeles. v, "Lam, thankful ,to ,the.j>eoplfe of Kbsstfttf CouHt'y %r~NOT 'electing. me county treasurer when I 1 ran for office, or; I might 'never have moVted out hefi.",Mrs Chambers, who suffered from .asthma here, finds the climate there excellent. That is the reason, ' the couple moved west. * * * Tom Kelley of Emmeisburg carried an interesting account, in his paper of his experiences with a 'road detour, especially- so since it involved detouring in Kossuth county. Seems Tom started for Minneapolis to bring back \ his niece, Sheila Sullivan, daughter of the Wade Sullivans of Algona'. Tom ran into the detour up north of Algona, a^d picked his" way west and then north. Then he decided to move back over to 169, and ran into another Road Closed sign. "That was all", said Tom. "No detour directions, no 1 help." Coming back, the party ran into heavy rain, and again had detour trouble. * • . , * * • For those who have experienced this- same 'trouble, and wish to avoid it, here is the simplest means of getting from Algona to Lakota where you can again pick up 169 . safely. Drive to Burt, turn east through Burt on blacktop, Take first gravel crossroad north and drive to edge of Bancroft. Take county asphalt trunk road east until you reach another asphalt road which goes north, Turn north. This will take you right into Lakota. Now — do you read me? v. * * * Reb (Wayne) Johnson, recent graduate of Algona high, who won the state tygh school class A 100 and 220 yard dashes at Ames • ,this spring, was an, invited participant in the "All Comers" track meet Memorial Pay in the University of Minnesota Stadium. He ran against .high school track- men from Minnesota, South Dakota and Wisconsin, all from class AiA schools, Wayne was 3rd in the 100-yard dash, and 4th in the 220. The South Dakota champion, from Sioux Falls, won both events, on a track dampened by intermittent rain. * * , * Saye your money ^ someday it may become valuable again! When you start looking at the names of all these 1959 graduates from the various colleges and universities *-? who seem only yesterday to have been going to grade school — you begin to realize just how fast time is flying. , , v * * * Research Dept,; • , This department reports' that a survey shows thajthe spot where most marriages arjt prgposed in the United States fs, m \n automobile, • • •-. , • ..v ™ H* , . * ™ -you Boat Overturns, Maharis '., ••* iSH-v-fc ft, ,,, I* A'"-, 'A p ' >v ' For 18 Hours An Algona-man, Nick Maharis, 75, rode and hung on to an overturned boat in Loon, Lake, Jackson County. Mhin. for 18 ( hours over -the weekend,'before he was,rescued by another;fishernian. . , v *( t \\>'' < " "'-' MaHaris wa¥ Wishing- in -the' lakaf$t$l" north of Spirit Lake over the Minnesota line, when the'storm in that area struck fet about 8:15 p.m. His boat, m'oior attached,'was overturned. Maharis 'managed to cling to the boat, then crawled up'v . " '<•' ' ''From that point; all through'the night; arid until 2:20 p.m., he fought to keep his hold'on the t boat. About that lime- a man from Carroll. Iowa,;spotted.him from the' shore and came.out io,help, The-Maharis boat 'was' pushed ashore by the second boat. ; . None the worse* for his exposure, the Algona man said he lost all of his'fishing equipment,^ with" iheiexcepiion of the motor; Falling Rock 1 »-*^-«»*- j» > « "' Biirt '• iboy, " four, yeair Charles -Gifford.'-^ 5 at" St; : Ann hospital; here after, ajri raccideritf JV[onda.y{..about..'!3:30»-— •-" " ohka; Charles had parents,-': 'Mr r ahd .^ Gifford, ,. on 'th'e'iGounty "" Beef Producer's tour Monday; While the adults watched an automatic feeder demonstration, several youngsters played-«on-a rock pile. A' large -rock, t estimated > as weighirig several; ' h t u h d rje d, pounds,!:- became" dislodged and struck'.the -Gifford'bpy, .knocking him down and .pushing . his head against a smaller jagged, rock. He was taken to the 6ffice of Dr. Egah in, Bancroft -for (first aid, and, then -brought to the .hospital here. According to the ttby's physician, Dr. Joseph Rodney, the child was in semi-conscious condition when brought in butjhere was no evidence of skulkffacture. He Kurt Couple On . ] > (.> fW* • •* •* ' vTriptTp^Sy/eden, Mr and Mrs fixel Carlson of Bur r t lefkWednesdayj June 3, for a-visit .4n / Sweden with' his 'brother and ; ^ siste.r ( and other relatives. Mr Carlson ' came" 'to this country from Sweden 45 years ago when he was twenty* years & old'. , They Will be .gone about 1 three "'months and will crosV the'-ocfear^by boat. ^ Dies, Swea City * ^''•''t**** Funeral- services for Mrs Herman Goetz Sr,', v> 74 ) of Swea City were- held' 1 -' at 2;15 p.m. Wednesday at the Ledyard Evangelical & Reformed church. The Rev. Victor Vrieseri officiated. >« Mrs Goetz -;died in her home shortly before' 10 "p.m." Sunday after a long illness. She Jn was born Mary Schaumberger< in August, 1884, at Lippen, Germany. "She- came 'to 'this country a t t the age of 6. In 1902 she . marcied Herman Goetz who Filed In Court . , •• . . •*. t. » Two damage suits, an--,action for divorce, and a civil action, highlighted Kossuth district- Court activity during the past/we'ek, A plea of guilty ,was' also)heard on a charge, of operatihg'a' m'otor vehicle while intoxicated! by Judge- Stillman., JrveU 1 . Eischen was fined $300 and costs on tile charge, in a hearing, Jurie J 1. ' Paul D. Abka, Lakota, is 'plaintiff,, naming Beverly%li,'Apka or Beverly Herzog, as defendant, in ft divbrce actidn. The k plaintiff's 'petition* states that-the couple airsl married Oct. 7, 1941, at Red Wing, Minn., and that they 'Were divorced in 1947. '*'*"'' /" -;'\ >' After,Apka had mo-Ved to Lakota, the petition- states^ the de- fendant'and'he were reunited 1 in common law marriage'. ;Wow, the plaintiff- says, the defendant pur- oorts to effect a, marriage with another man. The plaintiff asks an.absolute divorce. Coutt records show /that on Feb. 41^ 1959, a marria'ge-'t'license was .'issued to Raymond-Herzog of Ledyard and Joe, is asking Donald couple- 1 married Feb. Frank J. Hilbert, Sf. plaintiff in an action $10,465.85 ' and ' naming ''• • • -• ' ' • '• • '"'« 8th Traffic f atality In Co'unfy Near Whittemore <*, preceded her" in death last November. '". •« , . " :'.-•'• They farmed in the Ledyard ^community until .retirement 15 Rahe and Rinerd Johnson, both of Bancroft, as ' defendants. This case arose as result of an accident, Jan. 11", 1958',.. on highway 169 at St. .Joe, where the L'u Verne road intersects. Hilbert claims negligence on the part of the defendants when his car was struck '.from the rear .He claims permanent injuries, hospital bills, and disability., . ... ' : P. Kliegl is plaintiff and Central Standard Life Insurance Co. of Chicago is defendant in>a case at law. The plaintiff is asking judgment for $158.10 in connection with 4 .'.hospital insurance policy. years ago. They lived for awhile .,,...,. in Estherville' and for the past suffered facial', bruises, scalp ,fj ve years m § wea city.' ' tooth ,, ,_,„., .... TT. 1 .^ "Mrs ,Goetz is survived by a lacerations and' abrasions and had a tooth 1 knocked out. He was fully conscious Tuesday and was listed as in'fairly good condition. • - When tils fwd instead getting old, Charge Carnation With Weak Milk A warrant,. charging delivery of milk which ctyd not^ meet standards set' by . trie co'de of Iowa, was filed ' against Lyle Murl, Mason"'City, an agent for the Carnation--Hermanson Co.; this week. The charge,.was filed in Justice C. H: Ostwinkle's office Friday, May- 29, but couldn't be served on Murl until he' de- livered'milk to a Lakota market Tuesday. Sheriff Ralph Lindhorst served the warrant. An appearance bond of $100 was set by Ostwinkle and furnished by the milk company, , The information, 'was signed by Gerald F. v Kennedy, Humboldt, a dairy 'food inspector for the state of Iowa. • Hearing • of the matter has not been set, but may be held later this week. A guilty plea by the defendant or a guilty decision by the court following the proposed hearing could result in a maximum fine of $100 and costs,- .• •Murl, a route man for Carnation*Hermanson, delivered milk containing only a/iQ.butterfa't to Brack's Super Mark>t at Lakota, according to the warrant, 'Milk should contain. 3.25 butterfat ac? cprding'to pjjre food laws, flesjgn' ed to protect consume^. The defendant regularly de« livers milk, to the Lakota store from Mason City., < . V P«p§r pickup Saturday Pack 70 of fhe'-Cwb gcouts Js reminding 4iS°^ a "residents that the newspapers, and 'mjigasines being saved, for jthe paper 4riv«i will be picked. w> ~ ' ' a an4 ,Goetz is survived grandson she raised, seven children and a sister. Her grandson is Gary Worthmgton, . a junior in Swea City high school. < Children are Herman Jr. of Ledyard, Albert of Lakota, Mrs Paul Selberg of Estherville, Mrs L^C. Richardson in Grant township, Mrs Reuben Balvance of Buffalo Center, 'Mrs Raymond Johnson of Bancroft and Mrs Fred Dupaw of Chicago, 111. Cong. Coad To NATO Conclave • Congressman, Merwin Coad of the 8th Iowa district has been selected as an., official U»S. delegate to the NATO conference to be held in London, June 3-9. He was appointed as a representative by Speaker. Sam Rayburn. Nine Congressmen were selected Congressman Coad will serye on the Atlantic Economic Committee and the Resources and Underdeveloped Areas in Atlantic Countries. - Algona, Dies; Rifes Tuesday Funeral services for Walter P. Weisbrod,, -71, Algona, lifelong resident of this area, were held Tuesday at 2 -p.m. in the Good Hope Meth'odist church with Rev. Evan . ,Routh officiating. McCullough's Funeral Chapel was in charge of arrangements. Pallbearers . were Ed Hack- fa ar'th, Fred Plumb, William McKim, Lewis Broesder, Arie Ditl- -mer and Harley Troutman and The Walter Weisbrod Car ., . . ,;,, Fred Harr : filed an appeal, nam- burialwas af the Fonton ceme . !«-.«• 1 4-V.rt. Cr\v\lrf±tr ConH Xr • fir»*3\/f»l ' , • - • r . . ing )the Sankey Sand & Gravel Co. of Britt, and the Ipwa Employment Security Commission as defendants, in a matter over a disallowed unemployment '•/ compensation claim. Report Damage To Soldiers Graves ' Local authorities, including officers of the V.F.W. and American Legion posts, are attempting to find a culprit or cplprits who caused considerable damage near soldier's- graves in Riverview cemetery Monday night. Most of the damage was found in the east portion of the cemetery. Six flags were torn down, several flag poles were broken, eight markers were damaged and several markers were strewn around the cemetery. Lightning Hits Barn Wesley «-r lightning struck the barn 'on the Ed Garman farm during an electrical storm Thurs day evening. A small hole was burned in the roof by the ensuing fire, which was controlled pretty well by heavy rain. • 8 To Compete Here For Miss Iowa Contest Entry i 'an<J w4U pn the eupb. abovrt A Miss AJgona entry in the state Miss Iowa Contest will be selected Saturday evening of next we^k, 'June 13, at t)he Algona Thfatre^here,, •Radio" Station KLOA is sponsoring the event in conjunction with the Algona Theatre. The contest-will'take place at 9 p.m. on June l?, G,onte3Jtur»ts will be as follows: is, BUM 19, The contestants will appear in formals, swim suits, and a per,- sonality contest. The winner here,will represen Algona in the Miss Iowa contes at Arnolds Park, June 28, accord* ing to Jim Watt, KLGA manager Miss Algona will also receive many cash and merchandise prizes. A panel of three judges wil select Miss Algona on the basis of character, poise, personality charm, and beauty of face aric figure. The Iowa, winner from'the Arnolds Bark; contest will be, sent, aU expenses paid,, to Lonj Beach, Gal to compete July K in the Miss Universe contest. The Dick Ristau Car (Nels Isaacson Fbtos) ery. *Mr Weisbrod became the county's eighth auto victim of 1959, equalling the total killed during the entire year of 1958 in Kossuth. He met death instantly in a two-car crash at the intersection of highways 18 and 44, a mile north of Whittemore at ,6 p.m. Friday. The Weisbrod auto, which was leaded north on 44 at the time, was hit broadside by a vehicle driven by Dick Rjstau, 20, of Algona. The Ristau auto was travcl- ng east on 18.' Both aulos were totally demolished. The Weis- srod vehicle remained upright on the highway and the Ristau auio ricocheted into the ditch northeast of the intersection. The Ristau car's engine began burning after the crash, but help arrived from a nearby gas station and Ristau and Karen Green, 17, Spencer, a passenger in the Ristau vehicle, were helped from the wreckage which smouldered for about 10 minutes. Mr Weisbrod died of a crushed chest. Ristau suffered a fractured wrist and chest lacerations and Miss Green a concussion. They , were taken to St. Ann hospital for treatment. Miss Green was released Saturday and Ristau was a patient . there until Monday, Mr Weisbrod apparently was on his way from Algona to Fenton. He purchased flowers in Algona earlier in the afternoon, probably traveled McGregor Street road from Algona to Whit- •temore, then turned north on 44 at Whittemore. He was going ,|Q visit the cemetery at Fen ton and place flowers on his wife's grave at the time of the mishap. Jt is likely,he failed to see the Rjstau machine approaching frorn the west. None of the occupants •of the two cars were thrown out pf'the vehicles. , Sheriff Ralph Ltodhorst, fat- rojman Bird, Pedersen and Lewis 'and Pr. James Devine, county coroner, investigated the mishap., Walter Phillip Weisbrod,. son o| Phillip and Mary Boevers Weisbrod, was born June 4, 1 (387 at Fenton. He operated''a'general store at Fenton prior to his marriage to Alice in 1910, He attended old Morningsido College at Charles City and farmed for many years"in Union township. Mr Wuistarod had lived on his present farm since 1944, was a member of the Good Hope church and sang in the choir. His wife died in 1954. He is survived by four daughters, Helena (Mrs James Dodd), Algona; Rachacl (Mrs Robert Krause), Fenton; Verona (Mrs Joseph Govern), Riccville; and Ruth (Mrs Don.. Oh}), Long Beach, Cal.; a son, David, Denver, Colo.; and 25 grandchildren. Two sisters, Amanda Kern, Fenton; and Esther (Mrs Jay Woods), Tempe, Ariz, also survive. He was preceded in death by his father in 1943, his mother in 1953 and a daughter, Lois, also a victim of an auto accident about 20 1 years ago. Board Of 21 To Administer Local Program A United Fund plan for charitable, contributions was given t$e* green light at a public meeting- Tuesday night in the Algona higfjt school auditorium. Vote was by written ballot, with 114, favorirlg tht? establishing df the plan and 6 against. The group had decid-1 ed previously, that the plan' would not carry unless 80%,of. those present voted Yes. *>*? The meeting climaxed several' months of intensive work by^£' temporary committee selected • tof acquaint "Algona residents with, both the pros and cons of United Plans. Russ Buchanan was chair?, man of the temporary group with, members, John Claude, Perry Collins and Mrs Fred Geigel., A meeting had • been called lastf" week, but too few attended to- justify a vote. ' "I , In the discussion that preceed- ed the vote, Buchanan read let-, tcrs from the Heart Fund As'so-'; ciation, the "National JFoundatior^' For Infantile Paralysis and ! tfie'f American Cancer Society. 'All, expressed, pretty much the same A Idea""— : " although they wished ,th'6 s United'Fund here every success, >: they would not go alorig with -the , plan if established and wo'utd, continue .to conduct their own separate drives for fun'ds. -\'< • It - was brought out that ,'a United Fund is an organization of the givers, not of the receiv- > ,ers, arid that it is designed to raise the most net funds possible,; in the most ecbnomical mannen/ and to see that the funds, raised; are used for the best purposes! Low cost of collecting and' administrating funds was also cited, with one Iowa town reporting that 6% of the' funds collected covered both'adminis- tration; and the pledges that were not paid. f ' A board of 21 members was i ' unanimously elected^ Listed : alphabetically,they are Jeanne Bangs, W. H. Bartlett, Joe " Bradley, Dr. Dan Bray, R. G. Buchanan. Mrs Ann Clark; John Claude, Perry Collins,. John Dreesman, Leota Geigel, Barbara Haggard, Don Hemmingsen, Mrs John Hop-• kins. Gene Hutchins, Oscar Metcalf, Pat Montag, Mrs Pearl Moore, Gene Murtagh, -^, Mary Corrine Smith, L. A.: Winkel and Brail Wright. ' The duties of the board are-to be divided into three parts. The Twins Collide In Party Mishap Janet an'd Janice Vaske, ten year old daughters of Mr and Mrs Clarence Vaske, Bancroft, are not identical twins, but they began to look more alike last Friday. They are now wearing identical bandages over each right eye.. Last Friday the girls were F , excited over the plans for their ; | Budget committee will receive; June Wedding Licenses Zoom . June, proverbial month of weddings, got away to a fast start in the marriage license department of the Kossuth clerk of court's office, here. Licenses went to the following in .the past week: May 28 — Patrick C. Meekin, West Bend, Mary Rita Duffy, Whittemore; Laurence D. Rodgers, DCS Moines, Carole J. Henrickson, Cylinder; Gerald Irmiter, Armstrong, Helena Rolling, Bancroft; Wilford F. Johnson and Corinne Zwiefel, Austin, Minn. May 29 — Gary A. Bernau, West Bend, and Patricia Gilbert, Algona, , ; June 1 —• Robt. D. Kinseth, Algona, and Dolores Stroebel, Burt; James Johnson, Ledyard, and Judith Johnson, Swea'City; Rayr mond Metzen Jr., Algona, .and Bonita Ludwig, Whittemore. June 3 — Mei'tqn Smith, Algona, and Sandra Marlqw, 8ancrp|jj Reising, Shartene Downs, ' brother,^Tommy's surprise partyj It was the boy's eighth birthday and he hadn't dreamed the girls had invited 35 guests to help him celebrate. * • As the guests started to arrive, the girls made a dash for the kitchen door to see how Tommy was taking it. They collided at the door. Janet told Janice, "You're bleeding." Janice said to Janet, "You're bleeding." Their father decided they were both bleeding so he bundled the twins into the car to take them to the doctor's office. Although located -in the same place on, the girls' noggins, the gashes were riot identical. Janet's cut-toqk seven stitches to, close and Janice's required three. The "doctor said it was an un* usual situation. When two people collide, only one staffers a gash, usually. But Janet and Janice being twins have to stick together. What one gets, so does the other. llfoisj, f/uoMv;, «?.• «*"§*»»} I'MW temore, and Roxie I*., Schaefier, Algona. - Burt Council To Sell Old Lumber The Burt town council will advertise' for bids for the wood construction part of the old town hall, The rest of the structure is brick. , * The lumber will be sold, to the highest 1 bidder when" 'the 'hall' is lorn,* ' ' dawn/' -Tj arid - - A ,i*W f.wfU one of,- the buildings. dtej applications from organizations seeking funds from the United: Plan. It will review applications of previous years and call ,'fgfc an • accounting of the funds dispersed. The entire board .mus^ pass on the organization, before' it can be listed' as a recipient',;- j The Public 'Relations tee of the "bpard ^_will kx citizens informed throughout,) year. The Campaign; commutes will thoroughly organize , t|'e workers for' the once-a-ye|s drive. ')ff- : It is hoped-that the first drive can,be h^ld this fall, sibly in October. Some of possible recipients of the after application and .accegtap by the board, -are Boy an<~ Scouts, Salvation Army, Cross, Algona Charities, Cause, Polio Cause, Cause,' In case any qf association refuse *» po«$ the money can "be ' *" to the-'cause, sych, ai pn the diseases*at Scats'- ^ According- committee, $25,OOQ for Algona each years, goal for a

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