The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1959
Page 16
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2-A! 8 ono (UK) Upp*f Thursday, Mny fig, 1959 <i VACATIONS FOR EVERYONE Wllh the end of the school year, most think of the kids and their vacations. But there is another ijroup getting a vacation when School closes — tbe teachers. . , After nine months of tussling with young minds and young bodies, endeavoring to mold and develop them, to expand them, to lead them toward the light of expanding knowledge, the teachers at fast have a chance for a vacation as well as the kids. Some will take summer jobs, some Wil) attend college or university classes in anticipation of advanced degrees, and some will just plain loaf, Regardless of how the summed Is used, we hope the teachers enjoy it. They have earned a Vacation, tool * * * j THE 300,000 BLANKET CASE It was more than 10 years ago when a start was made toward unification of the armed forces. But it doesn't seem that too much progress has been made toward common sense and real cooperation. AVid we are not referring to the snafu which finds three branches of the x service going their separate ways in developing missiles and rockets. It seems that the Marine Corps has 300,000 blankets more than it needs. The blankets are worth about two million dollars. The blankets all have the Marine Corps insignia on them. The Army, Navy and Air 0 Corps are in the market' for blankets, but they do not wish to use the, Marine jCorps blankets because of the insignia. Presumably, therefore, the Marine' Corps 'blankets will ,be clumped into the market as military surplus and sold for a small fraction of their original cost. First, who is responsible for the Marine Corps •; having 300,000 more blankets than it needs? Second, what difference does it make to the other services if the Marine Corps insignia paraphernalia frfm N«tji«kJ^ STRICTLY uluct11y\Whhrl1ie r (ightsioff;,yog don t wear them" ' ', ' • J'' > i on- parade. ^ \ t . ., Generally speaking' 'the ' American public ' is willing \o- foot the bill for the best military protection that, money,, will buy. But it is hard to tolerate this kind of careless^'nandling of public,) funds, J«cmd to -put up w.ith the .petty jealousy that*stlll seprns t$ r MORE PUN PER DOLLAR The American family dollar, if seems, has done more than undergo a period of Inflation, or Ih Other words a decrease in purchasing power. . It is''also being spent in a considerably different manner than was the case some 10 years agov, Food and beverages took 30.5 percent of the dollar 1 jn 1947, but they take only 26,7 per* cent today. Clothing and shoes has dropped from 10.2 percent to 8.6 percent. But expenditures for the care and upkeep of autos, appliances, and house furnishings have increased wsm 34.9 cents to 38.3 cents. Increases are noted in spending for automobiles, vacations, gasoline, sporting eejuib ment, etc. . The general trend, in other words, seems to bje spending more money for fun and less for some of the other staples of life. No figures were given for trancjuilizeir pillsl . * * * •..-,;..• SHOULD HAVE STAYED IN BUGGY' Iowa Falls Citizen — One of the sad developments on the'farm front during the last few months has been the withdrawal by the American Farm Bureau federation fr,om the international farm 'group which has been in existence for several years now. A good many of the rank and file members of the Farm Bureau are troubled about this decision on the part of the national leadership. One reason they are troubled is because the reasons given for withdrawal were not very explicit. Perhaps the Farm Bureau did not like all of the policies which the international group had adopted ,— although that was not given as one of the reasons fpr; its withdrawal. But in any case its withdrawal can hardly be looked upon, as a step that will strengthen international feeling and good will in an are.a where it is so sorely needed. The American Farm Bureau is the largest far,m. organization in the United States—the larg- the world as a matter of fact — and for it to withdraw from international efforts cannot 1 /'It was a neckHe peddler^-a girl peddler J? -.^ v .—Ci^ 1^ jealousy ' , , 1, circles: <,$ * DEFINING STOCK MARKET '; ''Emmetsburg Reporter: — The market simply reflects^ human", hopes, 'human experiences — and -humar) wisdom and error. 1 '*.'•* * There is one bad lime to be\ middle-of-the- reader; that's 'when' you're 'behind the wheel. whdre Americans need So desperately to'be taking the leadership and moving ahead. Not all of us in the United States "by any means like or approve all of the things that get done-in-the..(United Nations. (We probably don't eve.n Jike all ;of those that go on in our own lp ; dges 'and'-duil own'churches—and perhaps even all of them in our ;pwn families) but we'are not about to "walk ou$''', because they aren't "playing the game pur way, I .'^k 1 '- \ Washington " '» * 'f > *'5if** ¥i» •' * * high, fights mti O • i O • ; A Weekly Report froM. the Nation** 'Capital by Ray RETIRED WARRIORS u- At first glance the $5,040,000,000 voted by the House for veterans Plans beVld M A wojr _ •^JffiuS^^a^Wtt ' r __ tti&ny,fammes <««*«A*f» •<• 4,4.. would" attend a»<J hold picnic! eh ^cftwi&M end thfe grounds dorittg .the day, also 1 . aftcr^xpioiidn.S? The The markets dutin« the waefe WhaVs^trtOfe/tKSy'U failed td produce anything in'the streets sHeK Witft way of a £aity M Best light but- &«dwv« YOU name ? the cher ho& topped at $8.30; M The^l MAKE ttt •' "'steers arid .yearlings i and -Veal So, when mob* warfare erw calves -topped at $8; eofn, 44% .otFa Chicago stfeet, fcff'-**" *"' cents; oats, 26 cents; barley,'31 furnish a stiff wind right cents; eggs, 16 cents; cream, 22 Mij^g&n^of,surround n the^. cents; hens, 11 cents; dUcks, six cents; -ahd , geese 'weren't even listed. * . * * The Algona Brd^htajs, profess. ional baseball club',.;g6t off to a "fine slart in early- gatnes. They Won two o^LJ&eir first *hthree starts ahd ^hit, •"£. to$&L\o;f ithree home runs m'ih£ omy, l(5ss ajt the hands of Auf%l!a/''W Cecelia's • Academy, w$h. x a 4eam composed of eight sophotfi&rejs a$d a'junior, wound up a«:|fine' season!'with a . 7-6 win over^t: f6e." Si Cece- lla's^Jifljshed, witlj ,-a. 9f.3 won-lpst record" land>"W;ere led at the, plete by' Eis'chen ,wi;th,, a .525.,batting average,. ''Leading hurler, was Kajewski .witti "a 6-2 mark. Bah- •croft-woiijjijif Season opener fronv Burt^6-5, and ""led*- the.JCossuth Baseball League after the first Sunday's action. There were eighiiteams in the-loop.^Algona's' Junior Legion nine "lost: a • heart- f or 'Jflood- $AUdd* n or "slusli- . . OHpties a idoters or,-a mob wjth leid. Both gartg films use 'id y6li 'earlier, ii itl-'a blank car* don't sell! it's a . , # t aftd'^sGebiige, Baker oi Ocheyedkn ! r«B6fltty celebrated thfei / 62nd weddiftg anniversary "There's too much brains around "breaking 1-0 Bancroft in here for me.", It was -President -the season opfener, as Schneider Eisenhower talking. The oc- of Bancroft aUowed only -one hit VUtCU Ijy H1C aiuuac 'J.Ul VCVClctlia .l_lJOt,JHHJWV.l va*iviii&. * .»». w%. TJiTj'..** t A 1 rtnn n tmv affairs would seem to be ah un- casion: presentation of awards to a»a neamg^ oj, Aigona iour, < usually huge 'figure. . It is but four outstanding college students £ «• * ..Sr^S .,'•. there are an awful lot of veterans - all of ;theftx<blind. -Two were ^J^^&.^^^ffi; in this country — 23,000,000 *exact. These veterahs ahd families make up 4,0 percent' oJ has just . _ . ,, the entire population. Obviously, in higher mathematics from Mas- they carry a .lot of weight in any —«—-•""- 't^-^~ ™ T*^legislation "affecting'veterans. sachusetts 'jTris^tute Of Technology where,, his record was and la" ;*. "The with,-, A n # a Louise,' Patsy ' arid 'the Ritz Brothers; and "Only Angels Haye Wings", star- Thomas-Mitchgll-and Jlila Hay- wortte. , .., . Some 3,800,000 veterans are now straight A's in] all subjects, and . Kell y a nd the _ Rltz B r_9 ther . s ; and receiving compensation', or-dis- the fourth an f !honor roll student . . ., ability pensions totaling about for four yearsr-and, president of ring j^ary ,^anx, J,ean $3,300,000,000. Of this - number the student body.' '"The President 2,400,000 were disabled in ser- -was visibly touched by' their vice. There are 172 veter'ans 'achievements. \Aj .; hospitals with 123,800 beds. It • ,' - —p^- -.„• cost $778,000,000 to "-handle hos- FEAST AND NO-FAMINE — pitalized veterans and $83 mil- When anybody talks' about crop " surpluses most of us,.haye only a icture -Of 'wha^jthat-means. Here's" what ,w^ have'fctoday in MONEY RAISING- IDE$r- Igovernment surplus ^.arehouses: Congress might' -give the?tax- 'cotton, : 8 imllion-bales; wheat. ptaze veerans an m- lion for those who ivisi* (hospital clinics.' ' t~ i - ?' ' f ,:r w * ',-3^^ *' — o — f '-" " ! |v.i' . Wlglgl. WtJU JlU.ti,'U.U Jg* » W V**** v vvt-*. 1 nnn. 'It t 1 **' r ! -ll-rtrt payers a break if djt adopts an 1,300 million bushels; porn, 1,500 fdea proposed by one of its mem- million ib.ushfls; -tobacco £24 iml- bers. It seems that Uncte'-'Sam 1 '"" """" *" " VQ1 " " nf "^ m 9n( spends about ^GBroVi fl fffl Tnsii vate industry. "* The" trouble''^' hundredwQi'ght; spybeans ( 12 mil- g ijpLLXWPC^)^ PAL'lF^Hol- s that Uncle'''Sani Jwn poundjs; gram sorghum, 200 $5 billion ifoftre- "million Hundred-weight; barley, $4 billion iby&pri- 69 million-bushes; rice, 6 'million Movie Sets , , ..WITS BUDDY MASON The Wojsdch'atm J,ine 'offers'new teauty'ahd Durability -jn kitchen c>bihets/» Y0U can. • choose,fjrom four charming-wood fin- f ishe's* J including: " Fruitw.pod, Honcy- wo,pdy v] ^"ujumn Bi^ch pr'SaniJal- wopd. '>,"{ .Stop 1 in spo^ni ;'and se^r this" ,11 ew^itch- en 'line on 'display. ai. E; Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa Entered as second clas^ matter at\the posloMlce i at Algona, Jowa. under Act of ' Congress of . March 3, 1879," " , , • Issued Thursday in 1959 By * THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. R. B. WALLER, Editor- C. S. ERDANDER, Advertising Director , DON SMITH, News Editor, ' CLIFF'LONG, Advertising Mgr. FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman NATIONAL EDITORIAL MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF . ~ CIRCULATIONS > NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. -'404 Fiftti'Ave,. New-York 18, N. Y, ' 333 N."Michigan, Chicago 1..I11. are cpncerneti.— "ch,is.eli»g." RATES IN KOSSUTH CO. papers, i» qojnWnation, per year -—? 5 -0 0 RATiei"QUTSIDE KOSSUTH •r ' in Advance ».-.,-,--..---_,.»-----—--i---»--F-$4.QO *' ^-- "in combination, one year S6.00 .i than '•§ jnontns. AND COUNTY ^EWSpAPfiR CHISELEHS IN PUBLIC OFFICE Lyon County Reporter —> Our system of government could fail, because of the abuses of it, which-have been perpetrated by those who have been chosen to carry put its functions. We've-all ben disgusted by the evidence of nepotism'-which exists in Washington—with members pi' congress having their relatives on the payroll. Some of them have had the gall to say thai It is none of the public's business if they want to employ their relatives. That attitude will undoubtedly be changed after the next election. Elected, officials are answerable to the. voters- arid eventually the public catches up with the chiselers—although it sometimes takes a fev. years. • -But. don't: think that all of the off-color doings are down in Washington. Over to the east of us— in Iowa—it has been disclosed that one of the court house deputies had been on "sick-leave" for three months or longer. During that time, she was able to drive a considerable distance frequently to visit relatives and friends but she couldn't work. Interesting is the fact that 'her daddy is, the county officer for whom she • works, • In that same county it was disclosed that the man pulling down $250 a month as veteran' service officer, was also on a full time railroad job. Again it was interesting to note that the officer's father is chairman of t soldier's relief commission. It all comes un^ler one hea4ing as far .as we The Ir he better ideas turned up .by esearch wibh outside Industry', - oats, dried milk, million t^?v-e»iv^J.i. vv uvi^. wv»uuxv*.x. **n^.**v«* j * ,_ . » i fit 1 »o Over \in England idea-sharing is pounds. (Anybody toy lunch? big thing and it's profitable to * ' '*« - '~ — .he ' government. >h ^The •» ' Viscount \ & airplane, used J^pth here and in England, is an 'example. The plane was developed b£ ithe govr- ernment and passed on to private aviation. Already. _ the govern- nent has been paid off and there is profit left over for industry. WHITE HOUSE LUXURY —, Dt costs a lot of money to'run* tne j home of Presidents. White 'House* costs have risen-800 percent since' 1938. This year the bill .runs, to $5,401,000. Assigned to the 'White House are two cabin cruisers which cost $195,000 apiece to recondition. Last year they were operated for'only .nine days and 10 houv.s,,.. The cost,: $61,223. Also FROM THE,FILES' OF THE 'up machine guns. If you own any stock ima black cartridge • outfit-— don't sell! '« Gangster pictures are -in cycle once more. Allied Artist's film, "Al Capone" is channeling an avalanche of coins into the nation's box-offices and trends in" story, -material follow in the wake of big money-making themes. * * * Lindsley Parsons has announc- 'ed he'll pro'duce "The Purple Gang" for Allied Artists, some •time in July. That's the'D.etroit' mob which was reportedly involved in the St. Valentine's Day Professional INSURANCE -ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES %S>™&$>^* ^ar- for the starririg role. ,' " ALGONA INSURANCE < AGENCY J. HHJEim) KOLP Surety .Bonds •— All Lines t - • ,of 'Insurance 206 TEast -State St. 4-3176 private airplane, the Columbine,' a new $14 million 7,07,^1, .twp helicopters, two small airplanes, 20 Cadillacs. Presidents, peed- less to say, have to travel in style. . , , '. GIANT OF THE FUTURE-— One of l,ho dramatic stories of our tim.c.s is how scion lists have JUNE 1, 1939 * . * # Everyone, up ai Burl had a real good time at the annual " a.t the, school a concert at noon while was being served and - .. an .d tuned up in anticipation of AGENCY All Lines' ^of) Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan market for their serv- ?. N t Dpdge-- JPfaone CY 4-2735 ices. Stuntmen who specialize in car stunts look'forward-to an ac- -tive season, Old models of rental ed. BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE" other contests follow- Police cars'have suddenly" ceased '1 N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 One gir.lj Patricia Higgins, ,to be regarded as liabilities by Pome - Automobile - Farm was awarded a prize for standing on her head the longest. Two ball games' were also featured. The Manure Spreaders downed the All Stars, 8-3, and the high school pasted 'the alumni,'5-1. their owners, and wardrobe men are digging out cpsfcumes that- were "up-to-the-minu£e" in the "Roaring Twenties" era.' . I * * * * Scowling heavies who are not exactly chummy with horses are • Polio Insurance CHARLESD. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone, CY. 4-4512 of these folks who are living off the public and not giving value received, ere ,iu»t looking for an easy ride. They haVe np ijitei&UQn of giving, value received —and they'll 1 give just as little as they can and get away with ,it, , " • We-rieed a tjjprou&h scrutiny of all public offices. at all levels, W« should hj&Sst that aJl office holders recognise that public office is a pub- lib trust— and jf tihey do 'not discharge that trust in a_creditabje .maiww, -thew they should be re- Iked at the next election. , * , * * . One way to whip the dandelions j n youjr back • yard — pl-ant concrete! .,, ,,. It REALLY got hot in this area - amibnfi, (pffsceeen) for -a. change, harnessed the atom to help man- during the week as the mercury Tnc popularity of TV Westerns no kind. Even 1 the wildest of dream-'- hit. 99 degrees two'days in a row. ! on sei\ POSCS a threat to their t 24 anol 25 were the hot days, livelihoods. Until the new box- ttw \vhilea96degrecreadmg' May- 30 office mother4ode plays out, a £ brought a'little steam, out. of the *8^?%^£™S*^ ground, also. A good ram Fri- ""=»' d t lull \ Ui piwapeuvy. aay, May .28, ,'fu/nished needed Arl directors are thumbing era may UHderestimate how much we will rely on this little fejlo.w .in the ycafs ahead, ,'By most 25 percent -of all oui; ppw^r may come^,fi;om ;tihe atom. .It-is interesting to note thut.a hun.di'ecl years ago in this country (J5 percent of all work was done 'with the muscle . power, of ijian' and animal, 22 percent was handled KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION $74iOPQ,Qi)0 worth 'of in- nance. in,fQr,ce. A home compa,py, Saf,e, secure. . Ph'oAe CY 4-3756 . Sec'y moisture, at least tor the moment, photo-files "for prints of notbrtouS to crops Warm weather with gan gland cafes and nightclubs, possibility of thunder shpwers Location managers are scouting was predicted for the weekend. . j. 0 cales bearing a resemblance, to ,, , * „«« it j certain sections ,of Eastern cities. More- ihan 700 persons ajttena- From set,construction,to rplling f Hi AlOONA UPW* DES MOINIS Read Weekly By Over 5,?00 • - by wind and water power-^and the .remaining 13 percent. »««&«• ed the delation r of the new St. stockV" prod'u^ion "jfacjiTtifiV" ol comphshed ^y -the burning -o£ John . R Catholic .school ,at Ban- 1 studios, scheduled' to make gang iuels such as-woodj.cOal and the cro f t May ?25.' Many-distinguish- stories will,be geared to the cur- hmited.,4njflunis.;.4JjC~OJl and gas e d dignitaries, officials and rent cycle.-Ahd will as quickly then available, Today.,-le^ tlian —. -2—J- , r—--• ~*i —..........!.. * 1 percent is done through muscle power, only;7~percent by wind and water and ' 92 percen,t by use of fuel PQ\YC$.;,J •'Jft ,th$, uhead coaC«o>J /a^ ^a,? will ually take aMhafik.' power, T-rsOTir LEARNt6K5 THE, HARD — There fbijy-rbeYtrggic ^ssohs to be learned |ro0j-^e way top goverjjujjeflt, .Vo'ff it-iuls felled or 4isa;big!d by disease alni^ g| ih,e same time," Two by cancer ,a_n4 «ne by hjp^rt. But rcseajLjCh.' ;js stXH AafiglAjS while the toll "corvtumcs, TUs Fedpral government is spending $34.2 million on heart disease this year. But the Air Force alone ia spending a whopping $7,20 million oh weapons a-^earoh. $yemr' recent inc^aee in 'Federal medical research funds has been made over the Administration's opposition. . The Hpube recently approved $344 million for this work — well pver last year's figure.; JJui (pofls^der this — th-at's only a little more than you and I S&SS&. m jBJ'e^Sittg cards year. QUOTA B L F. QUOTED 1 I I 1 1 I I pvein your toughest weeds! ESTERON 09 actu- - costs less per;acre than the tractor gasoline you use in pprayissg, jli, -^W JS^ftU grains, corn, pastures, g«t Bsteron 99«m,9St farmers dol ESTfcKON ' 99 Burt Hardware ^ 4 > J I I J I i i i i i i i "HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household fyx>ds,. and -Many Other Forms 'Bhone ,CY, 4-3733 _ Ted S. Herbst _ ANDY CRAWFORD " General~Agent Ipwa Farm Mutual Ins, Co. . Affiliated with'. Farm Bureau Auto .(with $10 Deductible) Life - ;HaiT»- Tractor , -* Phone '-CY 4-3351 HAROLD <S, BUNDET Representing State Farm Ins. Co. , . ?<$ So? 'Phillips St. UjSpna* Phone CY 4^2341 . :APTQLIFE^FIRE— HAIL DOCTORS MELVIN ,G. BOURNET M., D Physician & Surgeon. • '"118 N. Moore St. Office phone,CY 4-2343 Resident, phone CY ,4-2277 jTN.' KENEFICK. M. D. Physician, & Surgeon . 218 W.-State Street Office phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. .ROONEY Physician & Surgeon 114 N. Moore Office phone CY '4-2224 Resident phone CY, 4-2232 JOHN M. SCHUTTER M.D Physician & Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY 4-2333 Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Pennqy's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night PR 11 MULLIGAN Street 4-2708 OH. KAEL IL HOFFMAN Office in Home Federal Bldg,' Office phone CY 4-4341 New Location On Corner At 622 E, Stale Phono CY Dr. R. J. Thissen Chiropractor .- » E. State St., Algona PhQne CY 4-3621 OPTOMETRISTS / SAWYER Eyes Examined Contact Lenses , . Hearing Aid Glasses ' 9 East,State Street - , Algona, Iowa ' Phone CYpress 4-2196. Hpuj^; 9:00 a.m. 'to.5:QO'p.r Closed' Saturday Afternoor PR, C. M, O'CONNOR 1 Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual .Trail • 108 South Harlan St, (Home Federal Bldg.) >, PrjpNE CY 4-3743 Farm Manaqeme Ph- D( 4- §ervino Honcock, Palo Alto $ Kossuth Countl ,417'/« E, McGregor Algpna, Iowa JOHN C, Ph<?n S eij/jpwaN n . ."

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