Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 20, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 20, 1894
Page 2
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fffllRtrSyivlP*^ ^^\^^^^fVt^" v f>!^y' ! -}<(-^^^^''- ^ggggjSffS fart 15 of The Dream City hi la now ready for distribution and is bound to meet the fever of all, as it contains some of the Finest Selections let As the time approaches for the completion of this magnificent and unapproachable series of World's Fair Views The Journal wishes to impress upon all subscrib en the importance of procuring the complete eet. Back numbers can be secured by applying at this office, and arrangements have been made for the binding of the sets at the lowest coet. Part 16, ready next Monday, will be devoted to the following subjects: 1 Grand Plaza on Chicago Day. 2 N. W. from Roof of Government Building. 3 N. from Roof of Government Building. 4 Across Wooded Island looking N. E. 5 The White Star Building and Elk Bridge. 6 North Lagoon from Horticultural Building. 7 The Merchant Tailors' Building. S Wooded Island and Transportation Building, 9 N. E. corner of Grand Basin. 10 Life Saving Station and Battle Ship. •1 Grasd Promenade of Lake Shore. 12 The New Liberty Bell. 13 Barge of State and and German Fountain. 14 World's Congress of Beauties. 15 The Aztec Abode on the Midway. 16 Night Scene—Grand Basin. Don't fail to secure all the numbers, See Coupon on 1st page. CUT DOWN BYFEOST Grain and Garden Stuff Euined in the Northwest, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and Wisconsin Farmers Suffer— A Fatal Cyclone in Texas. WOBK OF JACK FBOST. MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., May IB.— Specials from points in northern IOWB, southern and central Minnesota and western Wisconsin say that there were heavy frosts Friday night, cutting corn and garden stuff to the ground. teen-year locusts are thick in this vicinity. Every bush swarms with them, while the harsh, buzzing noise which they emit literally drowns all other sounds. These insects, however, are harmless, except that in puncturing the tender twigs of young trees tc lay their eggs they often do serious injury to young orchards, as every twig thus punctured dies. Reports frovn many localities indicute that, the locusts cover u large area, A big oil flow has been struck in a well 1 mile from Marietta, 0. Do You Love Music? IF YOU HAVE AN EAR Andpo.wmudcalla.teyoucBuiotfta to to the ewies o< portraits and biographical s GREAT SINGERS have not been taking the proceeding numbers, You Want These Three Which cogitate in themselves Ae mo*t complete cot lotion of representatives of lyric ait. Get Part i!2 "Stage Celebrities" (the first musical number) with por traits of Melfaa, Earnes, The De Rnzkes And other famous singers, twenty in all. You can get uLm THE JOURNAL for Three Coiipons a?d One No extra charge for postage on Portfolios sent ifter you have secured this number you will not fcil to secure the remaining two numbers which com pTete the Tries as they are both devoted exclusively to the Grand Opera. PART 14 NOW READY. Dime " , 111., May 1!).— Reports from different parts of this county indicate a deatructive frost Friday niffht, the greatest damage being done in the low-lying lands and bottoms. Corn, potatoes and many garden vegetables are badly demoralized. CKDAB KAPIPS, la., May 19.— There was quite a heavy frost in this region Friday night. Considerable damage to gardens Is reported. LB MASS, la., May 19. —A hard frost has cut the corn and all tender plants to/he ground. OMAHA, Mny 10.— The frost Friuay night did immense damage to crops. Ice formed a quarter of an inch thick and vegetation on low land was out down. Sarpy county reports that all vegetables, including potatoes, tomatoes, beans, etc., were completely killed. KANSAS Cur, May 19.— Dispatches to the Star show that many Kansas points were visited by frost Friday night. The frost also extended to the Cherokee strip. Great damage was done to garden truck, but crops will not be much affected. gnow In Mlcblrnu. GBAKD EA.PIUS, ttfioh., May 10,— • Fruit m«n are considerably worried over the danger of a killing frost Friday afternoon snow fell here at intervals, while farther north there was a heavy snowlalL At Lake City and Cadillac the anow is 0 Inches deep. The temperature in tbe northern part of the lower peninsula Is now at the f reeling point Most of the orchard fruit could now resist a severe frost, but the smaller f ruiU are In great danger. Fmt»l Cyclone In TeXM. DALLAS, Tex.. May 19.— A storm near •Waxahatohle Friday night destroyed the house ol a farmer named Merriman killing him and his wife and badly Injuring their three children and two young men stopping there. Cold Wave Moves Sooth. NASHVILLE, Tenn., May lO.-The mercury here dropped from 80 at noon Friday to *2 at 7 o'clock a. m. A strong and cold north wind is blowing, with a driziHng rain. ______ WON BY THEJ3EMOCRATS. Jndre Bookw»lt«r 8n.tJ.lnf *he Illinois Apportionment Act of 1893. DANVILLE, 111., May 19.— Judge Ferdinand Bookwalter has rendered his decision in the apportionment •uit in favor of the democrats. In a brief opinion he declared that his court cannot question the senatorial apportionment luw of 1893, .and therefore denies the petition of plaintiff, James P. Fletcher, republican candidate for the legislature, who sought to enjoin Walter C. Tuttle, clerk of Vermilion county, from calling an election under the disputed statute. For want of equity the court dismissed the suit and declared that the costs muit be paid by the republican petitioner. The decision was very brief, me judge did not touch on the validity of the apportionment act of 1898, nor did he discuss tho jurUdlctional questions argued at such great length by the attorneys. His de oision is based on the fact that he did not consider that s trial or circuit court should call an act of the legislature unconstitutional. That •was a question that should be determined by the supreme court alone. None of the republican attorneys were In court when the decision was read, but it is said that they will at once appeal to the supreme court. "KEEPS UP." Trade W»oir« SonndD«i§ ta »plt» "* Depressing Influence*. N«w YORK. May 81.-E. Q. Dun A Co. 'a weakly review of trade say»: •Tht obstacles to Improvement do noi lessen. Tne strikes ol coal miners ana coks workers hare no* osassO. but aaT. .caused the stoppage o£ numerous works thUf wsok and emD.rru.ment. to some railroads. Th« conference at CleveUnd exhibited much angry feeling and wider differences than had bmn expected and seems to render agwmenl more dlatant Proceedings In the senate do •not indicate that the latest form of tariff revision has made speedy flnnl action more orobuble. Yet the recuperative force ol tha country Is so treat that observers »re constantly »m»K>d at the volume of business be- W transacted, the tonnage being transported, the number of works resuming operations, and the general soundness of trade, notwlthstand Ing Influences which In any other land would Droduce dire dlswier. . "The soundness of tbo commercial world is shown In the diminished Importance of failures, the Uabilt ties reported for the second week ol May amounting to only 11,937,588. of which M,«0,98S were of trading and t«2.90« of manu- fiotS-inft concerns. The failures this week Save been SO In the United States, aga », Wl last year, and M in Canada, against 14 last THE MARKETS. Grain, ProvlHtonn, Kto. CHICAGO, Mny 19. FLOUH^Ruled dull, weak and unchnnited, Quotations ranjte: Winter—Patents. $8.80(3 8.00; straights, Sa.60@^.7S; clours, $2.SO®2.40; secondu, JI.80@1.90; low grndes, $1.6«S>1.70, Spring—Patents, $3.20®3.riO: straights. K.axS 2.80; bilkers', J1.7.VTW.IO: low umdes, tl.wa.i.BO; Rod Dog, $1.80®1.40; Eye, R.4002.50. WHBAT—Fairly active und higher. Cash, September, B8(ji683ic. Cons—Active, excited and higher. No 2 87Ho; No. B Yellow, 88X0; No. 8, 36%o; No. ! "ollow, OTKSsSSo; May, MjjQSTo; June. 37<g 87Hi). July, 87K@38o: September, Wt4®W)ia. OAis-Strongor and higher. No. 2 cash. 33« <a33!4c; May, SSMfflJISKo; June, 83W@8SWe; July 90!4@30Xo; Soptombor, 2eK@50i.io. Samples steady.- No. 8, 8*a3S«c; No. 3 White, 85M @3SWo; No. 2, 84O84«o; No, 8 White, S6y,<3 KTB—Dull; demand very light. No. 2 cash, 45o; sample lots, 48o; May delivery, 45c; July, 6Vc. BJIBLBT— Quiet at former prices. Choice by sample, M@68o; fair to good, 61®Mo; common, 4«MOo, with Screenings, J17.oaaiB.00 per ton. MXMB POBK— Trading light and prices lower. Quotations ranged at |11.82K<atl.92K for cash regular; $11.80®11.92* (or May, and (11.60® ll.HH for July. LAUD— Very quiet and lower. Quotations ranged at S7.17Ka7.KK for oaiih; W.MW&SSH lor May; I&8E96.90 for July, and |«.87Mi@«.oo for September. £rv* POVLTBT— Per pound: Chickens »3 «Mo; Turkeys, fi®7o; Ducks, 7H®8oi Oeese, tt,OO3fi.OO per dot. Burma-Creamery, l2K®16o; Dairy, 10®!*=: Packing Stock, T@»o. Liqtjons— Distilled spirits steady on the basis of 11.16 per gal. for finished goods. OILS— Wisconsin .Prime White. 7«o; Water White, Ttfo; Michigan Prime White, BWo; W»ter While, «o; Indiana Prime White, 8X0; TKTaWr White, 8*0; Headlight, 176 test, 8*0; Gasoline, 87 deg's, UHoj 74de»'s,9c; Naphtha, «3 deg's, 6Ho. _ Touoco, O., May 19. o WHIAT— Hither, active. No. 9 cash and May, Uoi July, MHo; August, WHo; September, . GOSH*:** tad,, May W.-At an early hour fire destroyed the nve-atory brick factory of Statz & Walker, carriage manufacturers of this city. The estimated loss on buildings and content* is between 880.000 and 885.000. DOWN ON CIGARETTES. N«w fork Schoolboys Form » Leagwi tn Fight tho "Klllmoquiclts." As a result of the efforts of Commissioner Uubbell, of the New York school board, an anti-cigarette league has been formed in grammar school 09, and M8 members have already enrolled. This membership leaves only twenty-two of the boys in the school uncontrolled, and their omission, so Dr. Matthew 3. Elffas, the principal, says, is due to the fact that their parents object to their boys signing PK« g *3 Saved Her Life Surgical Operations and Best Medical Treatment Failed An Almost Miraculous Cur* 6> Hood's Sarsaparllla. . COBH— Firmer, quiet. No. t cash and May, t\tO OAts— Steady. No. * mixed, 38o; No. S white. . RTB— Quiet. Cash, BOO. CMivimsiKD— Firm. Prime cash, 16.50; Oo- Ur» Stock. CHICAQO, May IB. Hoos— Market aotlv* and feeling flnn. Prices fully 6c higher. Salos ranged »t|}-« ®4.80for Plga; H*8*M for.Ught; H««a4.TJ for rough packing; KTN94.90 for mixed, and HBOO».00 for beavy.paoklng and sMpplag lots. OAWL»-M»rke» rather active. Prtftes steady and unchanged. Quotations ranged at H» At.40 for choice to extra shipping. Steers; I».M O4.10 for good to choice do.'; $8.86®«'76 for fair to good; |8,i«a».45 for common to.medlumdo.; M.Wai,86 for butcher's Steerg; B-TOffll.* for Stookers; 18.20*186 for Fecae™;M.80®M5 for Ooirs; $J.90®8.W for Heifers; «100ia».« for Bulls; |2.70®S.(K> for Texas Steers, and «2.00» 176 for Vool Calvos. CUT THIS OUT. •AT SO. 1894. MEMORIAL WAR BOOK COUPON. OTJT TaUl OUT. Prostmted by VXUXBA.ISO, Ind., May 10.— Bain and wind did considerable damage Thursday night and Friday. Trees were blown down and roofs blown off. Two young women were prostrated by lightning Thursday night, but they will recover, _ l>»niR«ert by Wind. GBIBNSBOKO, Ind., May 19.— A wind and rainstorm swept over this section Thursday night, doing extensive damage to fruit and shade trees, buildings and fences. Several narrow escapes are reported by persons caught in the storm. _ . De*tn oTUrTEIijiH Elder. IHDIASAPOLIS, Ind., May 19.— Dr. Elijah 8. Elder, one of the most prominent physicians of the state, is dead of peritonitis. He was president of the Indian* Medical society, and was 68 years of age. _ _ Mot • Senatorial Candidate. WACO, Tex., M»y 19.— Ex-Go v. L. S. &OM has written a letter declining to become a candidate for tha United States agnate. inayao,i8»4. STAGE CELEBRITIES, Marie Bnrrongh'i Art Portfolio of Stage Celebrities. THE JOURNAIi. CUV THM OUT _ __ • Given a Brief Benplte. WASHINGTON, May 19. — Coxey, Browne and Jones, the convicted com- monwealers, appeared in tho police court this morning for sentence, but they were given a respite until Monday. At 10 o'clock Judge Miller had not received formal notice that the writ of certerari brought by the defendants had been dismissed by Judge Bradley, and in view of this and because the district attorney did noi move that sentence be passed, Judge Miller decided .that he would not impose sentence until' Monday morning at 10 o'clock. . ___ • ' gwarmlnf with Locusts BOMB* TERM. Mo.. May l».-Sev* n . KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used? The many, who live better than others and enjoy life more, with {^expenditure by more prompUy adaptinz the world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest fce value to Lalta of the pure liquid laxative principles embraced m the in the form most acceptable ant to the taste, the refreshing and truly beneficial properties of a perfect lax- all ative; effectualy cleansing dispelling colds, headaches and fevers anFpermanently curing constipation It haS given satisfaction to »*toj"J met wfthfthe approval of the medical profession; because it fts on fte KW- nevs Liver and ,Bowels without weakening tibZ sM it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. BvruD of Fies is for sale by all drug- Co. only, accept toy substitute rf THE Aim-CIQABBTTS BADSB. pledges. They have no fear of their using cigarettes, but prefer they would abstain from their own free will. Besides the rank and file of the league, thirteen officers have been elected and were publicly installed in office the other day at an entertainment given in the school. All the members of the league except the president were provided with a small silver badge, the abbreviations of which mean: "Anti-Cigarette League. The Cigarette Must Go. Public School Boys Say So." The president received Instead a gold badge otherwise tbe same. The duties of the president, like those of the vice president and secretary, are the ones usual in such organizations, but upon the council of ten will devolve responsibilities that will include tho detecting and reporting of all breaches of the pledges taken by members. Under the pledge boys agree to abstain from smoking cigarettes in any form until the age of twenty-five. The idea is, of course, that if they have not acquired the habit at that age they will have sense enough to let cigarettes alone altogether. The members further agree to use all their influence to induce all public school boys and other boys of their acquaintance to abstain until they reach the same age. Guarding- tn« Bunk. The Bank of England is watched nightly by a guard of about fifty men from the Household troops, under the command of an officer, who usually march from Wellington or St. George's barracks. They patrol the spacious quadrangles of the bank and do sentry duty over allotted spaces till the morning, when they are relieved on the arrival of some members of the bank a staff The officer in command is allowed dinner for himself and a friend including the provision of a bottle of the bank's special old port. The men O re alBO supplied with the needful refection. Besides this military guard, two clerks remain on duty all night at the bank, as well as all day on Sunday, and these "watch clerks", must not go to sleep. Their, duty Is to move about from building to building inspecting the various rooms, to see that all goes well. Several of the higher officials also sleep on the premises, ready to be summoned at a moment's notice,— Chambers' journal: —these things are comely and pleasant and worthy of honor from the beholder: A young saint, an old martyr, a religious soldi** • conscientious statesman, a great man courteous, a learned man humble, a child «*t understands the eye of its parent*, a cheerful companion without vanity, a friend not changed with honors, a sick man happy, a soul departing with comfort and assurance. —Bishop Hall. —"Thev say the wolf is continually at their door." "Well, I don't know what he is there for. They anything In the house. —N. The W»teb«« of tbe NlBht When ol the repeated kind «petlenced by per. sons troubled with Insomnia, soon brim about an alarming condition of tne nervous system. The shaking hands, confusion of the brain, lapses ot memory and loss of s « leUI V nd !'f^; with terrible precision, the ravages produced by loss of sleep, which If nnremedled must dertrw mental equilibrium altogether. No bet «r and thorough nervine exists than ' ach Bitten, Common senso point to Its early and steady use ^ ™-~"~~~- LSS.T^^ srssssa^s- Is most prejudicial. Under ttolnfluen- "fthls benign InvlRorant, appetite, digestion rn and bodily comfort and health .JSSf XT invaluable .m cblUS and fe»er, liver complaint, oonsHpatlon, rheumatism and kidney trouble. ror OV«T WUtw Ve»r» Mrs Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup has been used lor over fifty t y e »J? J>J millions of mothers for their ohlldren while teething. >lth perfect success. It soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wind oollo, ano ii the belt remedy lor die.rrhoea.It will relieve the poor little loffenr immediately. Sold by druggtrts l» every part of the world. Twen^-nv« cents a bbttie. Be sure and swkfor {'Mr.. Window'! Soothing Syrup" »n« 'take no.othtr kind. . "C, I. Hood & Co., Lowell, MIM. i " Beginning In February, '92, I w»s rery SK« for two ;months. Slowly I got better but *at confined to my bed. A physician said I had a Pelvic Abaces* in My Sid*. After an operation I did not Improve, tb* ab- iceii continuing to discharge even more tutlf than before. In two months time three operation! were performed andtubeslniertedtowiry oB tte ImportttBi, but all in rain. Fln*Ur tt WM decided that my lile depended upon»noUj»r op»r»aon and that I must b* removed to tb» hospital. About three week* previous to this I hid noticed sa »dvertisem«nt In the Dillj M.W. of a cu« where Hood's Sansptrllla wa ?n»l a boy lomewhat similarly affllctwTto We^on, rH., and I decided to gTve It a trial When the time decided upon for me to go to tb» hbiplua arrived I had b f en taking Hood'a 8W> tapkrllU about two weeks. I Was Getting Mtter and the abscess bad already began to dischin* less freely. I felt stronger and had a terrible arMtJte. preTioustothlsIhadglventtptodls. Whin I had taken tbe second bottl* I was (Matt Mt np and accordingly I WM not taken to ta* hospital and the final optration was deferred. bottles sad tb« absesst havstaen sx arelrbealSd. I up well and w . «j«£ VMy Wend« think it Is a miracle to hare restored to them again so healthy and «vs» youii«e t Ut look* thaiibef ore my slckneM. I F««l Better Than Kvar I dU In my ilki and weigh over l» pounds;ttSk t»»vlesttomTllf». Idoablgdsy'i work and gaining In strength every day. KT motbsr I Know It *av*d My Llf«. ismraar. old. anda stta»ter to Mki stlt* CorroboratM th» Ab »». How le Cmre • Cold. Simply take Otto's Cure. We know of Its astonishing cures and that it will stop a cough quicker than known remedy. -\ If |you have asthma, brorichy consumption or any disease of throat and lungs, a few doses of great K uaranteed remedy will surprlA + you. .: • T If you wish to try call at our store. Ben Fisher's, and we will be please* to furnish you a bottle free of cost, and that will prove our assertion. BBN FIBHBK, SUFpurth street. weak •** sieW«»U«*««"' If you have a qhlld weak and nervous the best remedy to give U a tow doses of JUnehart's Worm Loienges. These lozenges remove all kinds of worms and the worm nest, thereby making a permanent cure. Children llko them. They are safe and tn» most reliable worm remedy. For SB!* by B. F. Keesllng and the Keystone drugstore. _ CkwMrlaU'i lj« art 8kl» OtatMCt . • . Is a certain cure for Chronic Sor» Byes, Granulated Eye Ud», Sore Nip- plel, Piles, Eczoma, Tetter, Salt Bbeum and Scald Head, 25 rants p« box. For sale by B. F. Keesltng, TO BOBSB OW51»«i For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try Dr. Cady'i Condition, Powders. They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure loss of appetite relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, -givtof new. life to an old overworked hone, 25 cents per package. Forialebf B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Wortb KBOwInsT. , Many thousand people have found sv friend In Bacon's Celery King, If you have never used this great specific for the prevailing maladies of the age, dyspepsia, liver oompUtot rheumatism, costlvenest. nervous exhaustion, nervous prostration, -sleeplessness and all diseases arising from, derangement of the stomach, lirer and kidneys, we would be pleated to- give you a package of this great nerve tonic free of charge. Bur FISHXR, 3U Fourth street. If you lack energy and are drowser takeRlnehart's Liver PlUs, 1 adow. For sale by B. F. Keoslioff and K«y- itone drug store.

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