The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 28, 1959 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, May 28, 1959
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* ^ Iowa City; la. AIGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1959 3 SECTIONS - 20 PAGES these salbsirifswti Jo Des Mdiftes fwho'Cget,'their through postofftfces a , LiverrnoreV.:-B6ae» and West Bend* w^dv mention that last Wfcek's ' Wfre trucked'out right into Hhe Wiiddle , of the ' near clotidbum that eftgulfed the area;- so tKat^all subscribers would Deceive-; the paber Thursday morning;, '.V$iat' wasn't so bad,'but we found a RpCk Island freight diesel loco- mStive'at Bode had*caught fire and was blocking, tfieitoad rotjt: of-Bode to QJt&erf .,V<4and after: f lting within •': tw'o ^blocks \ df , est Bendj-, discovered highway 44<to be all'fclosed off .fOP'road' work calling lor a nice*, big detour, and all in' a pouring fain,"' .Fortunately tier Bill Hood ,he Waxed the floors at his food store last Wednesday night. • Af-ter the rain began, he went back to 'the store., shortly before midnight to apply the second, coat of wax, and discovered the down-, pour was flooding the store basement, and .Was .within inches of the compressors and other equipment .'_. . had he not been waxing •floors that -night, he would have been out of 'business 'for a while , vt' least, with a basement full of vvater. • . • - '• t - > . * '. * "" * Art WeisCand. Chuck ^McVay were a • couple; T 'of" "good ' heigh- bdrs" during .'-last - Wednesday night's flood , '. v , n they teamed up and made the; ^rounds * of ' their neighborhood' in the,, east' end, removing motors' and'. destructible items out of various basements as •the water poured into them. ' * ; ''* * v -• . Tom Carmody, venerable resident of Whitt'emore, observed his 94th birthday, at St.*. Ann hospital, last week, and he and Mrs Carm- iody observed their 66th wedding anniversary also at the hospital May 17. Tom Us. a patient .there. * 'f\\ ') . ' ' « - ' * A ', <*'.» . * , - •'# ','f^,i* l • f i •'The Chicago, Tribune "recently. ..•devoted a considerable columh'.to •"the way thatf Del^Insko,' Ste-Jbe- iboy, son, of Mark Insko, handles ,-and drives his. horses at May wood Park. The' article 1'was sent to Mr "and Mrs Tim O'Brien • by their daughter Joyce , (Mrs Russell Thorpe), who lives near Chicago. The- Chicago, writer 'Says i.that Del "talks" to the horses, some- J times sweet and.spmetim'es tough, ^ut he does hot .believe in whipping them. Del, who. is 27, had 47 winners for this young jrear, mostly * trotters and- pacers ..he Jhad trained himself. He always drives with a toothpick in his i mouth, by the way. ' ..... " * * * • \Del says a horse's ear is about fiye times as sensitive as that, of a, human, and they can hear you well even in the excitement of a 'race. It's not 'what you. say, but . how you say it, remarks Del. _ Down at Bode they had a < fireman's field- day last Sunday.' The , State Fire Marshal's office put on a demonstration of how to stop elevator fires; using the old elevator for demonstration purposes. Then as a climax, . they really burned down the elevator, Algona ' had a fire truck and f our' v men present, as did most other towns m the area.' -The Hurhboldt * department had to .send .its truck back, however, to help fight- a ,fire that broke out at Hardy while the demonstration at Bode ud Over Sheridan! Hospitalized In Rocket Blast 3'/2 Inch Rainstorm Hits Area '•* \ S " ' • • 'I! ,' '.1-if /-« Algona high schpplVmarchjng band-.was assured of^a.trip to the Sheridan, Wyoming,*" Rodeo July 17 when a total of, $1,269.60 was rounded up after a very succesd- ful "Sheridan —'Here' We" Confe Band Day" promotion' by business places here Friday. ,The results were amazing, considering, the, .fact it rained practjtally all day; limiting many planned outsicfe activities. , .,» •/ •»«*,. t V** ., -r- i . ' 1;;.^,* One of the largest single/cc-n- tributions • received by th'e bJan'cV during,the campaign was a 'check Parade 10 On Saturday was going ,pose, either. ' and not on pur- big .crowd wjt . ' nessed the fire fighting program. >••*'* * ' v "So then I said to myself. 'if the Bureau of Internal Revenue insists on my scalp' too, then by heavens let it be 'a good oner *.->*•; * ' I ^Marvin Jansen. I-akpta navy man, son of Walter -Jansen, .had V touch of that duty, recently, about which, anyone can dream,., ; he is stationed at China Lake, Qal. and he was recently assigned to drive Jayne Mansfield and a ; Navy official • on a < tour pf tjje ' bfrse- H » s enlistment Js up 'jn three weeks .. . but what a. way s to end a tour of duty, » „ j* \ * .,, Famous l»m kin* »~ It ii better $o Jf shut and be , th*n to 9pe» it all doub.t, A,. Memorial, Day program, featuring a parade at' 10:30 "a.m'. will >be held -here Saturday, May 30. i William,, Guthrie, Webster City attorney, and prominent Legionnaire, will be, the featured* speaker during the morning ceremonies. - • v > , • , , Rev. Ed'sel Isaacson, First Lutheran .pastor,' will conduct prayer services at Calvary cemetery and Eastlawn Memorial Gardens following a' firing squad salute at the bridge north of itown at 6:45 a.m. He .will also give the prayer and (benediction during, the program at /Riverview cemetery following the parade. , The, iparacie -will form at the Legion hall and will proceed east on. State street to Phillips street and north to the cemetery. Units of the parade will include the Legion ;arid V.F.W, color guards, V.F;W. firing squad, servicemen, .Algona high school -band, 'four 'cars ' r with dignitaries, Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, Gir] Scouts , and Brownies, National Guard and mobile unit and members of the Bit and Spur club. Semester Honor Roll At Academy The honor roll for the sepohd semester at St. Cecelia Academy is as 'follows: .Gold honor roll — Seniors' Joan Goecke, Marian Roth, ,Rirk Han; sen, Joan ' Flynn ; ana Janice J$n?ey; juhjors; Brenda ThSlges eophomoresi'Therese Bradley anc Sandra Sohneiderj freshmen Blondina Erpelding .and Danie Zaugg. -" Silver honor- roll ~- {Seniors D^anna Ludwig, Judy Sphumach er Betty Murphy, 'Linda 'Bode Prothman. Judv Mespher »• j.i ,' ,1 )'V V ' amount,.pf.,,the _, „ ed' to* band" director Russ Gu&te'r by-'-Jo '.WaldeVa, > UDM > bookkeeper, in the above photo'.\Guster received the contribution/Saturday,-based on a percentage of all local*'retail advertising in ( the newspaper May 21. The'.fund' total hit $3;669.6Q when" everything - .was counted Monday, \ surpassing a goal set earlier'^at >. $3,000. : Banff projects accounted for $2,13"5.24'and local firm's donated si-total of $1.534.36 to the fund v after the jdriv.e ;was$unclertaken /several months .ago.-^'JLa'st" week's ,prbmotions were aimed at put- "tihg 'tine fund over the top'— and that IS'exactly what happened. Band members happily thanked "everyone in the entire community Monday when the, announcement of the fund' total- wasi made, The band trip has not been completely-planned to date, but everal stops at' places- of inter- ist between here and Sheridan vill be made by the entourage, Nhich will ; include two large eased busses. The band'will ap- >ear in- the, Rodeo parade at Sheridan July 17. (UDM Flash- oto-Engraving) A homemade rocket ..... ,. 'go into orbit Sunday afternoon 1 » and instead landed its young-inV ventor in SI", Ann • hospital~with"! a leg wound. Richard Johnson;; tllf, son of-Mf and Mrs,Oliver Johnson, and twt» other local boys'had; g6ne to.'tKe" woods folr their -Hop-secret,, test run. ' They h'ad fduM "a six ihfch piece of plu|«bijrtg,;p!pe anti'bb- tained a supply of snot gun shfcllsl They opened the shi^ls and stuf« ed the contents into the pipe, Richard -lighted < the fuse, and presided & the s'tsdunt-down." The resulting explosion hit,, Johnson boy in the leg,' causing a jagged wound and. profuse bleeding. Mike Godfreds"on and Gordon Odor, Jr.', both about 11, •were exploring- thS 'Woods-nearby and heard t)ie 'Johnson boy's "cries. Cub Scout training came (into good'use/for orie'of the boys .removedfhis T 'shirt' and made a tourniquet for the wound. They .loaded Richard on a bicycle and 'with Mike pedaling' 1 and Gordon pushing, • delivered'. him to the home of his .parents. ', "' St. An* hospital, whera RicHardAwas'immediately rushed, it-took two hours on ( the operating table 'to v remove the bits of pipe and stitch up the leg woundi Richard was resting comfortably Tuesday.. Richard's mother ( -said she thought 'the boy had, received sufficient warning about the dangers of experimenting'with gunpowder two-months ago'when he witnessed a- pal's injury in an explosion. This time Richard swears he is through ' with amateur ' experiments. • " • < , » When asked, how old. Richard, is;>Mrs v Johnson said, "He'H**be'fM2 ; ' this summer — if he lives long' enough." • , ' Hundreds of acres of land in this area were swamped following a storm lust Wednesday night (May 20). A total of 3.44 inches of rain fell at the Algona airport, bu't larger amounts were reported elsewhere. The photo above shows the farm of Carl Humphrey, just south of the Algona city limits along highway 169, The picture was snapped early Thursday morning after the storm and before the river nearby had reached its crest. The water failed to roach the Humphrey house, located between the telephone pqle and highway above, but did surround one or two of the outbuildings. .Water reached within u foot of: the top of .the road leading to the Algona Rendering Works, also located south of town, and generally flooded all lowlands in the vicinity of Algona. It was reported that some county roads were .inundated and traffic had to be re-routed around such areas for a time. Despite the heavy downpour, which ;was accompanied by some hail, dust storms moved into this area Sunday and made visibility bad at times for motorists and many traveled with their headlights on so that oncoming vehicles could be warned. (UDM Newsfoto-Engraving). AH. Bierstedt, Lotts Creek, • Killed Monday: A tragic tractor mishap, late, Monday morning, took the life of Alfred Bierstedt, 49, well known. , faimer of Lotts Creek township. Mr Bierstddt was cleaning a grove, and using a tractor to pu»rr the brush up to a fire. As ho backed away from the debris, the\ tractor backed into a tree, Mf Bierstedt was pinned between thjft\ tree and the trnctor steerin-g wheel. He died instantly, beX cause it was,only a few seconds afterward that his son, James, 21, working in a nearby field Saw his father motionless and rushed, to Ihe tractor. The elder man was dead. ' Funeral Riles Thursday Funeral services have been set for Thursday afternoon, May 28; at 2 p.m. at St .Luke's Lutheran church at Fairville, following family services at 1:15 p.m. st the McCullough Chapel in Algfli na. -Rev. A, C. Krueger of the Fairville church will officiate and burial will be in the cemetery here. Pallbearers will be Fred. Frinky Winston Kerker, Orville Wieneri Imer Greinert, Leonard Pompe Arthur Meyer Services Set Jim- Jleinen, ', Julie, Elbert,. , Kay Judith Tripp and Jun Juniors.: ' Karen 'Zaugg M,ary Ann 'Bradlgy, Mancy Gaf map, Madonna" ErpeJcJing,' ^Bett pinkl'^adonna Gisch,,Mary Mur phy,'and Bonald 'Barton; .sopho mores: CerQl' Flvnn ( Susan i , |i5n<Ja -ff ardgrove, i Bill ;,ff ig ^sry %adlev: freshmen Juiiy, Murphy,- Ver ,, Rosemary Gisch Eileen McCarthy, anc 35 At United Fund Meeting A show-down meeting on the United Fund' for Algona was slated'for "next Tuesday, June 2, n the high-' school auditorium after a decision on the idea failed to materialize- at a similar meeting Monday night, May 25. Lack of a large -enough, crowd was responsible for 'the lack of a vote on the*matter .at the most recent meeting/There'were about 35 .persons present, Monday, and it was decided the assemblage was not large enough to be representative of the population's feelings on the fund : idea. So, barring all complications and presuming a large enough crowd is-present next Tuesday, a final -decision on the fund may result. Under the United setup, one drive is made each year in a given community and the funds are then, divided',-between the many" organization's which normally conduct'individual drives Some organizations have indicated they would not be content with such a drive, but it is possible all such problems, could be ironed out eventually, / Actually, the United Fund plan was almost dropped at Monday's meeting, but after" 'a slight discussion, members of the group present thought it advisable to hold another meeting.. Carson Simpson Rites Tuesday At Wesley ,; : ;. •Wesley — Funeral 1 services were " held . in the Evangelical Free Church Tuesday, May 26 for ZJarsOn Simpson,'69, who died at his home Saturday morning following a lingering illness. Rev. Percy Carlsso'n officiated, at the services. ' Mr Simpson was born Nov. 2, 1889 to Eldorado and Jennie Simpson at Milton. He was united in marriage to Chloia, Davis August 3, 1910. The family moved to • town' from a farm north of Wesley in X954, after farming near here since 1928. Mr Simpson is survived by his wife, two sons: Louis and Stanley of Wesley; five daughters: Mrs (Adah) Arthur Larson of Buffalo,Center; Mrs (Luella) Anton ^Pearson, Wesley; Mrs (Violet) Lloyd Gerber, Algona; Mrs (Molly) Kenneth Donovan of Spirit Lake; Mrs (Gloria) Robert Lewerke, Garner, and 22 grandchildren, many nieces and nephews, He 1 was preceded in death by, his father and a sister. Pallbearers were Duane Larson, Gary Pearson, Larry , Pearson, Richard Simpson,' Danny Donovan and Irwin Martin. : Burial was in Evergreen cemetery. K'JFuneral services for Arthur Albert, Meyer, 57, will^be'held Thursday morning at 10:30 in Trinity Lutheran church here. Rev. G. J. C. Gerike will officiate and burial will be in the Lott.i Creek cemetery. McCullough'n Funeral Chapel is in charge of arrangements. Six nephews will be pallbearers, • Mr Meyer died Monday at St. Ann hospital, where he had been a patient since JMay 9. He succumbed to a heart ailment. He waS born 1 May 29, 1901 in Lotts Creek township, the son of August Meyer and Martha Kressin Meyer. He farmed in the Lotts Creek area until 1952 when he retired and moved to Algona. He was not married. Survivors include three brothers, Martin of Burl: Ferdin'and Cedar Falls; and W. H. Meyer Algona; and six sisters, Mrs Merle (Edna) )Culbertson, Ringsted; Mrs W. H. (Mathilda) Eimcrs. Fenton; Mrs Emil (Adella) Eimers Burt, Mrs Tom (Lydia) Frankl, Algona, Mrs Wayne (Selma) Godden, Roseberry, Ore.; and Mrs Roland (Alma) Rehmer, Chester, 111. His parents preceded him in de'ath, his mother, in 1945 and his father, in 1952. $370 Damage As Cars Collide 1 * "^ t «Two Algona drivers, Otto A. I<aabs, r 76,'andf Elbert F. Fox, 30, were issued trajfjc summons following a two-car- mishap at the intersection pf Phillips arid McGregor streets,at 11:42. a.m. Sun-, day. L/aabs was given a ticket fpp passing, at an' intersection and Fox was ticked for having no valid-driver's license. , The autos collided as Fox began a left turn,, pff Phillips* Pamage to the toaks machine was estimated at, $79/w^Ue d.aro» age 4o the other-> vehicle was estimated at ,$300. Policeman Ernie -Hutchison investigated. Lightning Starts Club 169 Fire Lightning struck' a transformer at the Club 169 south of Algona at 12:30 a.m. Thursday and the resulting fire caused minor damage to the roof, attic and ceiling of the structure. The . fire was discovered by. Aaron Steussy, owner of the cafe, According to Fire Chief Kohl, the heavy rain which was falling at the time aided in controlling the blaze through .saturation of Shingles and siding. Practically all of the damage was located on the east side of the building near the transformer. It is expected the building will be repaired Grinder Gashes Thigh .— Michael Ellsworth Mart P. Weaver, Lifelong Resident, Succumbs At 86 Funeral services were held Monday afternoon for Mart P, Weaver, 86, well-known, lifelong Algona resident. Rev. Jamea Boyd of the First Congregational church officiated in McCullougtys Fun£r,aV Ghapel rind,burial was in Riverview '' Certvetcry. * Masonic services were held Sunday ' evening. ' >••'•'"• ;'.,.; Mr Weaver died Frida^ after a lengthy illness. He was an abstractor here for over 50 years but had been retired for the past several years. Mart P. 'Weaver was born Oct. 8, 1872, in Algona, the son of early pioneers, Elias N. Weaver and Polly Ann Benschoter Weaver. He was graduated from Algona high school and attended the old Northwest Iowa Normal School here for two years. He was married to Alta Powers, April 2, 1896, at Algona. Mrs Weaver preceded him in death Nov. 1, 1953. Mr Weaver was Algona Postmaster about 1912 and previous to that time seryed four years as Kossuth county Auditor. He was an Honorary Life Member of the Algona Rotary Club and a Mason. Pallbearers were Allen Buchanan, Marc Moore, Perry Low- Rock yeas the' victim of a painful but hot serious injury on Frjday af- tampan when an electric grinding maphine he was using slipped ana cut a gash in his left thigh. It r§<ju}re4 five ' to <?10se the , wound. ' Outside of a little, limp he is doing very nicely, Dave Lynch Has Champ Stallion Dave Lynch of Lone showed the grand champion stallion at the Seneca Saddle Club's annual Horse Show Sunday. The show l was held on the club's grounds adjoining the airport here and drew a large crowd of horse lovers. Lynch was the only first prize winner from this immediate area. Other class and performance winners were Ira Ward, Mapleton, grand champion mare: Susie Miller, South Dakota, ladies western pleasure; Bobby Burgess, Kanawha, Oklahoma, registered and open roping; Shirley Grotchen, LeMars, open and registered barrel racing; John Ed Rogers, Sonora, New Mexico, open cutting; and Darrell Peterson, South Dakota, novice cutting. and Delong Bolte. Surviving- Mr Bierstedt is his widow who is a daughter of the Wm. Hanovers of Whittemore, his son James, two daughters, Elaine, Mrs Andy Hammerson of Ruth 1 von and Virgean, a freshman ait Sentral high; his father, Fred Bierstedt of Whittemore, his stepmother, and two sisters, Mrs Art Gade of Algona and Mrs Donald Erickson of Algona. •' Prominent Resident - ', The Bierstedts farm is six mile$ north and one-fourth _mile west of WhitternOre. Mr Bierstedt was prominent in the community, and his son James has been one of the county's outstanding young farmers and livestock raisers. Mr Bierstedt was born Aug." 14, 1909, on the farm, and had lived all his life in the Fenton-Whittemore-Lotts J3reek area. Mart P. Weaver man, Dick Palmer, Wade Sullivan and Murray Mowers. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs Eugene (Beth) Sohemel, Algona, and Mrs .Ralph (Vesta) Menzel, Houghlon, Mich. There are two grandsons and one great- granddaughter. A son, Kenneth died in infancy. Fire Guts Implement Co. At Titonka; $50,000 Loss 62 To Graduate Here Thursday Commencement exercises Thursday evening mark the end pf high school days for 62 Algona high seniors. The event will be held in the high school auditorium, beginning at 8 o'clock* i 'Featured speaker will be a 'former Algonan, Tyrell Inger- ,S9lJ, -who graduated from the, .16-. caleohool in 1921 and is now a well-known member of a Cedar Rapwls law firm. Ingersoll .will aTso/sweak at a joint, meeting of ittW' ; Ato?.pa Rotary, ftiwanis and -clubs, §t noon at the Al- Club. , . -A)(BJ9uncement pf spversl sch- 8l$n$hjf» and awards ^ will be niade at the exercises. Titonka — Fire of undetermined origin gutted and destroyed the contents of the Titonka Implement Co., Inter* ational Harvester dealers in Titonka, shortly after midnight, early last Thursday morning. The fire call was turned in about 12:15 a.m., when a passing motorist noticed the blaze inside the building as he was going through town. He found the town marshal and reported the fire and the alarm was sounded. Depart* ments from Lakola and Burt were also called. Walker McDonald, owner of ]the firm, had been in the building earlier, but noticed nothing wrong. The storm that struck Titonka late Wednesday. . night also brought plenty of lightning. That lightning struck the building and started the-fire is a possibility. The heavy rain falling at the time is believed to have saved other, adjacent build' ings. Some tractors were saved from the Titov.i>» Trn- plement, but loss was siill in the vicinity of $50,000. The building is owned by the K. & Jf,<Q« Co.. which also has a station next door, The contents of the oil firm were removed during the fire to another }oc«U9n. f 9? a time thft flames threatened bwUdjngs, but between rain mi the vcrls of the £«oper«ir»f ftr* depart; ments, the fire was confined to the implement firm. Mr McDonald for the pre-' sent is operating out of a quonset building which he • had on his home property in Titonka. Power Mower Is A $75 Culprit Ted Vera, Algona grocer, found that the old saying, "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones", might well be changed to "People who have glass picture windows, shouldn't use power mowers," Ted was cutting the grass at his .home on East Kennedy street here Friday. A stone got into the rotary blade of the power mower and was hurled into the middle of the picture window— a distance of fifty feet, There was approximately .$7R,worth of broken glass. Swimming Pool Opens June 5 Algona's swimming pool will open for business next Friday, June 5, at 2 p.m., according to Manager Howie Stephensori. Hours daily will be from 2 to 9 p.m. An advance ticket sale will be held June'3-4 from 2 to 8 .p.m.; an.d anyone purchasing tickets Qri those days will get a 50 cent dis-< count from these prices: ' , Ages 6-11 ___$3.95 Ages 12-16 — -4.95 Ages 17-up ,-_ 5.95 Single admissions will be 25 and 50 cents and children under five will be admitted free if ac-« companied by an adult. , Life guards will include Bob Hobbie, Ben Herbst, Carolyn Bickert and Mary Kay Knoll. Red Cross swimming instructions will begin July 6. New Chief Opr. Here, N,W. Bell Miss Monica Storr, chief opeiv ator for Northwestern ©ell Telephone Co., in 'Rock 'Rapids, has accepted a position in chief operator with the same company, Miss *3tarr will report to her'rtew position June 1- ' • Miss, §torr has be,en in -RoeH Rapjols. f or. about , *}*' years, Sfte is president of ^e Business , campaign, Corwith - Wesley State Champions Corwith-Wesley let Davenport get a six run head start in tli9 first two -innings, then' came through with a four run' rally in the bottom of the sixth inning to gra'b the state, high school spring baseball championship *at Mason City, Tuesday night. "„'..,* The title was the second in a row for the winners who wpji the fall title in 1958, The victory was the thirtieth in a row over • the two seasons and gave Corwith-Wesley the crown ftftld by St. John's of Bancroft a ago. • ' . - ,, The tying and winning crossed the plate when port's shortstop made an J a grounder off the bat of Qhwefe Heinen. Ron Stroup, , Copw| ca Wesley's fins, junior on and hurled thAfi nings to get the win. Stroup whiffed 17 as. Corwith-Wesley past Th 3-1, in the ' first 1 round the 'champs at Mason day night. A r pafr Tom MuUin the winner's, in the '

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