The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1959 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1959
Page 22
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~*l J — ft, i " >' '-4 I; WPP* 1 " fttsJ Thursday, May Si, five New Lakota teadhers Signed * Lakota — Five teachers ;have Signed contracts to teach itv the Lakota school* for 1&59-60. 20. arc Mrs Floyd Ksevriet of Burfffilo Center. Commercial; Mis A Dc- Jjfihl Golmghorst of L.ikc t'ark. Iowa will return for the 8th j? rade teaching position: Miss Tom-nee of Oraettinpor has tsian- en for third grade position- ruin Mrs John Orvick of Lcdyard has signed for the first grade position. On Saturday Mfs* Cteo Welditt of Indianola signed la teach High School English. EVERGREEN An unusual evergreen In the yard of Mrs Ben Mullarkey of Harpers Ferry seems to be doubling its efforts to be a tree. On ono of the lateral branches of the trro n small and perfect replica of a big evergreen is growing upright, like a little tree on the bigger tree's branch. I AMEHICA'S'BBJST SEULXNC* | • — ' »•>«•*• ir »•<*» i i Here Is effective" control for even your toughest weeds! And ESTERON 99 actually costs less per acre than the tractor gasoline you use in spraying it. Fotf small grains, corn, pastunes, get Esteron 99-most farmers dol ESTERON 99 •j»10t«"l«0f THtMl enl«1C»t COHFAHty Hammer Gas & Grocery St. Joseph, Iowa (20-21) I I I I I 1 I I ••i«»^^HBBMW«i^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""~~ •" ' " " -—••"""——- ' • i Gems From Diamond's Lead, Zinc, and Titaniam WHITE EXTERIOR PAINT 3 99 .Gallon Reg. $5.50 Value 5 GALLON FAIL ONLY $18.88 Leader All-Purpose WHITE PAINT 39 Gallon Perfect for fences, <out buildings, or primer coat. 5 GALLON LOTS $11.25 SYMPHONY IN COLOR HARMONY RUBBER LATEX WALL PAINT s , ,, ' Dries in minutes. Truly a beautiful paint to work with and see. Compare at $6.00. >' . \,nWEST -RE!> • '' ':, • i Sli.aS'.psr. ' 3 * 99- Gallon SUPER BRIGHT RED OUTSIDE BARN PAINT 1 99 . Gallon GALLON NEW 1959, STEREOPHONIC HIGH FIDELITY record playing Instrument ZENITH QUALITY FEATURES PLAYS ALL YOUR PRESENT RECORDS Pt«* THE HEW STEREOPHONIC RECORDS The Wogn.r, Modri SRJ*. This model becomet fvll stereophonic by odditlon of Zenith Stereophonic Bcoiot* Speaker System shown b«» low. Dimensions. Model SF1 19: 29" high, 26" wkk. 16>/4" deep. AC onlr. l« grained Wolnot, MahogoM, Blond Oak colors. $199.95 (Walnut color) A'J" COBRA-MATIC 1 4-5p«ed Record Chpngcr ••ptayi twelve 10", fenj?",fowrteen7' f recordi i-> ootomat. Zenith featherllgh) Cobra® Tone Arm, 20-WATT undUtortod power AMPLIFIER '-with 40-watt peak power output, 2 SPEAKERS with Croti-Ov*r Network — one 12" woofer, on* S" cone-typ« tweeter with croi*. over network *• channel frequencn* to proper speakfrs. t;"'\ Add this Zenith Stereophonic Remote Speaker System—'Now or. Later for : Thrilliny Stereophonic Sound. Thlf Zenith unit hat it* own sepa- rfft« omplifier, *pecjker system, eon, ffWf- 20-wott yndUtorted power amplifier m-wUfc 40-wptt peak power output. 1 ' ' ' % $»»»iter« with Cr»**Over NeN |W>|*«r!Ol»t iy Woofe/, pn« 5" cone-typt »r, Cr9»s-over network channels fret $125,00 ALfttO«<3H Wfi HAVE HOt FOtWB a replacement itt thefet department at our house for the late, lamented ddg. Weliiie, we do have a big black torn cat named Blackle. We had hlM.betdre he dog died, but the cat didn't hold a place of much Importance until the tragedy. He now occupies a Jslace In the kida* affection, where they esteem him a little less than they do their father, e 'itlle more than they do their mother, and upon occasion, a whole ot more than they do each other. However, the cat is an oppor* lunist, and likes best whichever family member he can get the most out of at the moment. * * * WE'VE HAD SOME BAD LUCK with cats. Blackie Is our !hird since last fall. Bill Geering gave the kids such a cute Angora type one and just as the kids were becoming attached to it, she went outside one evening and disappeared without a trace. Her successor was another female, black with a white face and lopsided whiskers. She, too, went A. W. O. L. The Kent Seeleys. ,who seem lo have a surplus of cats on their farm, gave us BJackie, her brother, as a replacement. He is black as the ace of spades,'slithery as a snake, and I suspect him of having the heart of a Lucifer, tic is also quite a Don Juan. * * * BLACKIE IS MARY ANN'S CAT — at least he belongs to "her as much as any cat belongs to any person, She lavishes affection on the animal. One morning Mary Ann came home from spendini the night with a girl friend; I heard her say, "Am I ever glad to get back to you, honey". I thought she must really be glad to see me — until I looked up and .found she was speaking to the cat. However, Blackie's main affection is for his own black-hearted, self. Lakofa Junior Senii Goes Hawaiian t Lakota — The annual Junior » Sfenior Banquet was held May 8 at the Lakota School. The gym Was beautifully decorated in the Hawaiian theme, Supt. 3. W. Cook gave a short, speech, as did Principal Helvick. Sandra Apka Wrote and read the "Senior Take Off", David Ley read the Class Prophecy and Cynthia Thompson read the Class Will. Mark Eielv* orn sang "The Hawaiian Wedding Song", Roger Brack sang "Hawaiian Sunset" and little Monica Beemer enchanted everyone with. her rendition Hu!a. of the Hawaiian .. Jerry and with feat Senenfeld BLACKIE'S BEST HOURS are between J2 midnight and 4 a.m., when he seems to have all sorts of adventures, both amorous and pugilistic. When we retire for the night he is curled up in a chair, purring like a motor-boat. We no sooner get the lights out than Blackie decides to see what's cooking socially. He meows at the door for a while. Both Father v and I pretend to be asleep. The loser in the game gets up and lets the cat out, meanwhile muttering softly under his breath. i * * * IT WOULDN'T BE SO BAD if Blackie would'stay out all night long, because I am sure he can take care of himself, but he keeps returning at intervals to the comforts of home. First he tries the front door, unsuccessfully. Then he climbs up and tries to get in the kitchen window. That's usually closed so he jumps the three foot distance to our bedroom window. He squeezes through the space ibetween the storm sash and the open window, lands with a thud on our bed and proceeds Upstairs to check up" on what the daughters are doing. When we get the screens on at our house, there is going to be one really surprised cat around here! **!,*> v DURING ONE OF HIS'NOCTURNAL adventures, Blackie got into Bill's room and destroyed all his insects-which Bill had.collected! with blood, sweat and tears for his science project. Until the-insects' -were all replaced and''turned in at school, it was practically the death penalty for anyone to go into Bill's room and leave the door open. Meanwhile Blackie discovered a new route in getting in and out of the housa He bats at the latch on the back door until he gets it open. * * * ONE RAINY MORNING BLACKIE came home dripping wet. He scratched three times on the front door and then made a futile leap to our bedroom window. It was closed tight against the storm so he went back 'to the front door and scratched three more times. I let him'in, but with Blackie was the most discreptuable cat I!ve over seen. It was a soiled white, one ear hung loosely in a bloody .mess and part of its tail Was gone. I opened the door just enough to let Blackie in. The other cat scratched at the door as it had 'seen' Blackie do. No luck. Then he went around to the bedroom window and made a couple of half-heated leaps. Then, almost perceptibly, it shrugged and went away. It's hard-hearted of me I know, but I have\ a v hard enough time .putting up withk Blackie, let -.alone playing hostess to his low.rl.ife- frieffds. •g^J, f i T. •-• "- - -," <~y •-"-' W £ ' ' *• ]|t ^ iv , , WE DON'T HAVE CHAMPAGNE orgies at oUr house, but We do have quite a gay night life. After Blackie settles down to .ten or twelve hours' slumber in Mary Ann's dresser drawer, we have" our friend the woodpecker who pecks merrily on our television antennae at fpur o'clock in the morning. "Woodpeckers, I've read recently, do not peck on wood to find bugs as I've always though. They peck on anything handy to advertise for a mate! Well, this being the case, I feel 'that our woodpecker is choosing the wrong medium. He should advertise in the newspaper. Besides being more effective than television.' it is also much more silent! + * * BUZZ COWAN, SON OF KEN AND ARLA COWAN, is a fifth grader who recently niade the supreme sacrifice — he parted with several hundred -of, his treasured comic books! When Don Sherman was a patient at the Veteran's Hospital in Des Moines recently, he returned home to say that the patients there really enjoy comic book and that if anybody had any extra ones, they would be most welcome. Buzz heard about this, 'pondered it carefully and then spent an entire day sorting out the comics he could bear to part with. He ended up with 6 for himself. He packed them up with the help of his mother, took them to the post office, and parted with four weeks of his personal allowance to pay the postage fee! It was all Buzz's own idea and a truly commendable act. * * * IN THE MAIL RECENTLY WAS a letter from Mrs Kay Setchell, former Algonan now of Bonita Springs, Florida. She asked for reprints of the column on Mrs Emily Spencer and agreed with me that Emily was a truly remarkable woman. On the same subject Elaine Bishop wrote from Pittsburg, Penn., saying she also will never forget Emily. Elaine and her husband, John and Little Ellen plans to be in Iowa in June and hope to get over to Algona. TILLIE AND MARY JEAN HOOD, who have since returned from their European trip, sent me a copy of the newspaper published aboard the S. S. United States together with a picture postcard. And there was a request for a reprint of the Mother's Day column which Jack Shelley read over WHO, from Mrs Leslie Thomas of Alden. * * * THIS WEEK'S RECIPE IS FOR Coconut Chiffon Pie. 1 envelope plain gelatin J A cup sugar Ys teasp. salt 3 egg yolks 1% cups milk 1 teasp. vanilla 3 /4 cup chopped, shredded coconut 3 egg whites J /4 cup sugar 1, 9 inch baked pie shell or crumb crust. Mix together the gelatine, V 4 cup sugar and salt in the top of a double boiler. Beat the egg yolks with the milk and add to ntt a iV nCT t lQ 7i 1Xt " re ;K Cook u, oveJr . b ? iUl } g water - stirring constantly until gelatine is thoroughly dissolved and mixture thickens, about 10 minutes Remove from heat. Add vanilla and chill until mixture is slightly thicker than unbeaten egg white consistency. Stir in % h^t C ?n° P Ph e f =, h £ edde £ {^nut. Beat the. egg whites until stiff and beat m the sugar Fold m gelatine mixture. Turn into the pie firm - Serye with whipped —GRACE, Sunday afternoon, Mr and Mrs Herbert Julius and family, Mr and Mrs Henry Olthoff, Mr and Mrs Harold Olthoff and family and Mr and Mrs Ray Becker and .sons were at the Arnold Becker home to celebrate Mothers Day, Mr and Mrs Arnold Becker's birthdays and also their wedding anniversary. " v ' Lakota ladies attending the ;-Mother and Daughter tea at Grant Consolidated School House Wore Mrs T. R. Estle and daugh- iters, Mrs Henry Mitchell, Mrs Pearl Smith and Mrs Gottlieb Hieffer, all of Lakota. Other daughters present were Mrs LaVerne Thompson of Elmore, Mrs Caleb Hartshorn of Fenton and Mrs Leon McCoy of Swea City. Mr and Mrs,Raymond Winters were at the Caleb Hartshorn home near Seneca at a farewell party held for the Hartshorns who ate leaving for l^ew York State where he will be employed. The family will, join him a little later, Mr and Mrs Afred Christ and family, Mr and Mrs Ernest Christ, Mr and Mrs 'Henry Steenhard and theflurVt folly plans fo£ the fuluffe ,-..-„ erly operated tHe 5 TCafe and «af* ine age ,out 6h th£ Wghway. Mr and Mri «ayiw6ft4 K^enl- Stirga. and family we're Sunday dinner gtieste - With' hlfc' Mother, Mrs Reinder Kjeofniifsgtt al Ti* tonka and Sunday supper guests of her patents,, Mr and Mrs Fred Korte' S*> at Crystal Lake, Mrs JoHtt Wirtjes find family of Buffalo Center^ the Herfnah We** inga family and the George and Albert Weftnga famines spent Sunday afternboft with their mother, Mrs Barbara Wertnga. t Mr and'Mfs Robert Ogren be« came the parents of their second daughter Thursday afternoon. May 7, &t the Blue Earth hos* pital. The young lady has been named Kimberly. Mr and Mrs 'Raymond Pichi arid family of Armstrong, Mr and Mrs A. C. Wilcox and family and ' Mr and Mrs Herman Bosma spent Sunday afternoon, with , their parents, Mr and Mrs -Albert Bosma, £>r. The Miriam Circle of the Presbyterian Church met ..Thursday afternoon at- the-home of Mrs- Esther Schroeder >with Mrs Lena Smith as co-hostess,, Esther Circle'met ^Wednesday afternoon with..Mrs f W. E. Leyi Devotions were given by Leona Heetland and the lesson, toy Ann Hamilton. ' • , , .The Mary-'Circle-met.with Mrs Herman-Justing Thursday night,- Mr and Mrs Lee Olson and Mr fifeki eprf gfmr tfttt tntf Hhs^ed. ?Wi XStelftaWa'. of duty there. It ... -,._.. .„ ; dsys.Sailing tirnfe. th Uoy* ate m the VJ, Mat-- , sat,, * May 23 Al Noyce & Orch. '•'^"" » -J- * J. ..»i.-..A»i.. -^4 -»"* Sat., • May 30 Jutes Herman. And His Orchestra WANTED STOCK RACK EVER* BOMBAY MOOT AM o HOLIDAYS AT — , WRIGHT COUNTY RACEWAYS ' Junction Highways 3 arid 69 Beiweett Belmohd and Clarion. 201fn family and Mrs Signe Nelson, attended the Bethlehem. Lutheran Church at Buffalo Center and heard the Waldorf College Chapel Choir. Miss Beryl Tjaden, daughter of Mr and Mrs Steve Tjaden is a member of that choir. -' Mr and Mrs Kenneth Aukes and son Terry spent Sunday afternoon at the Harvey Heyer home in Titonka. Mr and Mrs Richard Countryman and family attended the wedding.of Marjorie Countryman and Larry Fox at Fenton. Mrs -Idah Rippentrop and daughters and Mr and Mrs Alvin Rippentrop and family were Sunday dinner and afternoon guests at the home of Mrs Mary Telkamp -ll^^f^ ^P / W ( ™ ™ W ^^W ^WFW (p ^!PF *• •< t.* 1 * * .. _ * Phone CY 4-465 Depend On Your Doctor — We Do Yes, Your Own Doctor Does Know Best The law says a pharmacist may not refill a prescription containing certain drugs without consent of the physician issuing it originally. That's why we will call your physician for you when you feel that such a prescription agree should be refilled. You'll that doctor knows best. THUENTE PHARMACY CY 4-2528 INTEGRITY • SERVICE • SAFETY WESLEY NEWS Mr and Mrs Marion Hall and Mr and Mrs Lowell Hall and son of Hamlontown were Sunday guests in the L. L, Lease home. Ruth Wise and other 4-H leaders attended Veishea at Ames Saturday. Her sister, Gloria of State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, was home for the weekend. Mr and Mrs Clarence Lilleskov and Tom of Zumbrota, Minn, spent the weekend at the home of her brother Lester Blain and family. •Mr and Mrs Clarence Donovan, Paul and Lois of Park 'Jtepids, Mmn. were Mothers Day gyests of her mother, Mr? Christin§ Engen. ' Mrs OJive Erdwian spent the •weekend in Pecorah with her son The C. D. A. May breakfast was held in St. Joseph's parish hall, May 9. Justine Becker's name was drawn for the door prize. Hazel Studer and Josie Lickteig received guess prize. the lucky SWEA CITY NEWS •Mrs Glee Bullock, Roger and Charles of Burt, Mrs I. Bullock of Winterset, Mr and Mrs Frank •Ryerson, Selina Clifton and Lula •Hawcott, all of Burt, visited Sunday at the Bob Harvey home. Sunday guests of the Charles Eggexths included Mr and Mrs Harlan Peterson and daughter of 'ftjngsted and Mr and Mrs. Henry Eggerth, and girls of City. Lowell JSrdman and family, IF WE WANT Noiy you Know! The answer io everyday insurance problems* By L. S. Bohannon QXTESTION: Will auio theft insurance pay for theft of small items like sun glasses, or a flashlight from the glove compartment of a car? ANSWER: Usually the auto theft coverage excludes such personal property items. However that protection can be obtained in several other ways. {See a competent insurance agent. * Jf you'U address your own Insurance questions to this of. fice, we'll try to give you the correct answers and there will no charg* or obligatipn of I, S, BOHANNON I If. Dodge CY 4-4443 PLANTATION BALLROOM WHITTEMORE, IOWA SUNDAY, MAY 17 Henry Charles SUNDAY, MAY 24 Ray Lewis FRIDAY, MAY 29 Hard Times Dance Come as you are Orlie Workman SUNDAY, MAY 31 Clem Brau SUNDAY, JUNE 7 -*-»'-uv «'/*i- >Lfc rte *f • • v . ; j " t "* B "Don Hoy No Advance Booth Reservations Doors Open at 8:30 UNLOADS WITH THE TOUCH handles every cropjandjorage feeding need It's the dehl tower'Idea'; V imtiih'Versatility 1 for every . , . completely automatici, < forage handling need •TS^-L^l* _ _ _' A.il4 1 :_ u Jf is-.**_-.iL. " '/"* >tt*1 JPf*+*nJ#J\ l"ir\V«e ' Empties a full load in'min- utes without forking or rak-, ing. Hear or side unloading, 3 fofward • apron speeds"; 4 chain conveyor assume max-, Gfehl forage boxes, follow $he harvest'; \, » handle ' every "crop from forage to shelldd corn; Ideal for grefcn'. and dry-lot feeding and fof filling trench/silos, Get the full labor-saving facts next time you're in town. » Perfect "pow,er idea" partner for the Gehl forage box it the Gehl Hi-Throw Blower —3 <t. GEHL Choose the Forage Box combination that lulls your needs, best: one beater, 2 ft. sides) tWp beater, 4 ft. sides; three beater, 6 ft. side's. Buy it complete or build it with metal parts kit to any length up to 16 ft. 100 TEARS OF SERVICE GEHL. PUTS ALL PRICE FACTORS IN YOUR FAVOR ,. ALGONA, IOWA, have built-in gas-savers to'give BONUS MILES STANDARD NOW... Standard>Gasolines Jjuilt-in gas-savers give Bonus Miles from every fill of Standard Gasolines. High octane stops gas* wasting knock. A corrosion , inhibitor helps'keep carburetors at high-mileage efficiency. Cleaner combustion keeps engines freer df carbon. GOLD GROWN rejuvenates most fouled spark plugs, saves fuel. Change to Standard GOLD CBOWN Super-Premium or RED CROWN, the higher-octane King-Size Regular; Stondvrd andjfov M &t STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS HOPKINS SUPER SERVICE Phont CY 44372 State &

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