The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1959
Page 20
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DM Mc-tn«t Thurtddy, May fles ulotee$ THOSE NEW "CLOVERLEAFS" We have noted pktufes of the new "modem cloverleaf IntetthonQes" on Interstate Highways 35 and SO, just southwest of Des Moines, As we hove mentally endeavored to transfer from one highway to another* via this pictured Interchange, we find it seetns to be a - somewhat complex situation. Perhaps it isn't as bad when you drive on it, aided by plenty of directional signs. A few years back most of our highway intersections had wide curves connecting intersecting highways. Now the engineering calls for elimination of all the curves, and bringing everything up to a straight "T" crossing. A few years back, highway 18 swung north from Wesley, - then east , then south to Hutchins, with two railroad crossing enroute, Later, the new stretch of highway 18 was buih between Wesley and Hutchins, the best in this area. Now, the new STATE FINANCIAL TROUBLES We have become quite used to the fact that the Federal government is operating by deficit Spending, that is spending more than is taken in. But not until recently has it become quite so evident that a number of states are doing the same thing. Fortunately, Iowa's financial situation isn't that bad. We seem to be at least break' ing even, or winding up with a little surplus. In the Federal government only Congress can appropriate. In state governments, only the state legislature can appropriate. If states are finding themselves in financial trouble it is simply because there has been more money appro priated than there is revenue to back up the expenditures — deficit spending in other words. Part of the fault lies at the dooy of the state legislatures responsible. But doesn't more of it lie with, the people themselves, who follow the I j i •*&• **v .,*J jiJ^isJii,, highway 18 is going to come through north of leadership of a few in seeking more mortey'for Wesley again, and again traveling over a portion of the "old" No. 18. It seems as though with every new set of highway engineers we get a new set of ideas, and consequent changes. It is of course only incidental that every one Of these changes is pretty costly. So, wliile the new super-highway interchanges may, seem to be confusing today, they may not be there long. The next set of engineers will revamp the whole thing. * * * X • $$ VERSUS $75 Former Iowa Governor Leo Hoegh, now director, of the Office of Civil and Defense Mob; ilization,] is in hot water.' He is said "to favor a radiation detector that costs $75 to manufacture. But an Inventor of high repute, scientific member of the Atomic Energy Commission, says one has been developed that can be attached ,to any radio and cost only $5, thus putting it in the financial reach of almost anyone who is interested in -hearing a warning sound when radioactive fallout reaches a dangerous point, i The' general idea seems to be why spend only $5 when you can get another just about as good fof $75? i' . * ( ,, * *, LOOKING AT-OUR OWN SHORTCOMING Decorah Journal: — Any one of us could,eliminate many,,of our shortcomings if we would just give them as much attention as we give the shortcomings of others'. ' 1 -,' , > *,' \ * * Today's successful politician seems to be one who can get in. the public eye without irritating it. ' ''••.' . - - ' ^ • "I have tome company trashiest to gel out, MU* Fogg,, when you finish running off the Church Bulletin for Argyle, the Boy; Scout program for South, the PTA rimute. for Cartwnght . . ." i i'/'' r''' fe; i&sjv this, for that, here and there. All public expen diUirefe are paid for by the people, in the long run. If the public purse is empty, only money from citizens themselves can replenish it. It is all well and good to refer to a state as being "miserly" or "shortsighted" or "too conservative" in making appropriations, but after they ore made only the people will pay the bill. It "might be well to remember that the next time someone wants you to make a phone call, or send a telegram, or otherwise, bring pressure to bear in behalf of legislation to, 1 spend more money. * r * * DEADLY GUESSWORK St. Louis Post-Dttpaich: — The doubling of the official estimate of how much strontium-QO accumulation in the human body is "tolerable" goes to show how meaningless such estimates really are. With commendable candor, the National Committee on Radiation Protection and Mea-, surements does not even pretend that its estimated amount is safe, but says it should result in little if any damage. , .At- 1 the same time an equally official source is explaining that this "little-'df. any damage" will consist- ^of"< premature deaths, stillbirths; leukemia, bone cancer "and genetic aberrations for the'next, 70 years, from'radioactive poisons al-' ''ready unloosed into the atmosphere, 'Official proclamations that .such'and such amounts of strontium-90 or of radiation may be considered "safe," or "tolerable," are dangerously misleading. The only scientists whose specialty ^qualifies them to speak with authority, the geneticists, say any at all is dangerous. Estimates of some sort must_ be set by the Government for workers with radioactive materials, since they are exposed by. the nature of their work, But when these estimates are applied .'to the genera] population the effect is to delude mahy'"'people into accepting a rank guess, based on insufficient knowledge, as a scientific fact,' It E. Call Street-jPh. CY 4-3535-Algona, Iowa . g no belfer than pseudo . sc i encei or plain charla- tanry. -•" v 1 :•'•'"'. When'these vague guesses can be doubled, as in the case of strontium-90 now, or halved as in the recent case of the estimates of fallout rate, -it should be clear- enough to everyone that they cannot safely be taken seriously. * * '• * DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME Grinnell Herald-Register — With April comes the annual daylight savings time mix-up. Most of Iowa remains on standard time. The mix-up within the state is relatively minor. But travelers run into great sport as they pass from daylight savings time to standard to daylight to standard zones with confusing regularity. Television also take's a big share of the confusion load as the Eastern programs jbriginate, on a daylight time basis and are 1 taped and held for later release in most of the standard zones. We are always amused 'at, the time confusion that results when announcers attempt to tell the nation when the program might be viewed ,— making sure that they* tell the viewers that in any circumstance, he should consult his TV directory for the actual showing. v ' • ,- , Personally, prior to coming to Iowa, we always lived in daylight savings time zones. We found the extra hour of leisure most welcome. However, sentiment in Iowa as well ss, many other states seems opposed to- daylight savings time and we assume that for many .years to come the time mix-up will be a regular occurance. * *, *' *•' A good teacher is someone who can understand those not good at explaining and explain to those not very good at understanding. washin^tgn r ' A JPWMy Report from^he^Nation't Capital by Ray Vernon .__ TAXPAYER — SUPER SALESMEN AT WORK ibusinessme I n;y; in — When a new government takes over in Central or South Amer- FOR THE Fawners and rural communities would do. Well roft* „ ames' fathfeffode this at 2uMi61 Club ai&t baiter's Tft. President,^ Am Miflo called the fntfefcng-tt order. J6 " Atift Selected fir debate, to health talk .*« glvfert .by Chefyl a guest. tftef svtsry 'nW' tMr-''' the m the .trfigfte ibfcbjr fof - » '- '->• - . . Hotshklgs and Prests ance of tub'as shd, Ffeftch jhfcth*. '"musicians" . could" get' "byj.With these l ihstruments l , They ' cbulji "ummpaa" in a large band, undetected. . , * * » *, • Large companies of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" boasted good marching bands. The inevitable packs of bloodhounds ' with sensitive ears would - join in at freauent intervals .With howls 6f protest. If the dogs were quiet, you knew the trainer carrie'd a pocketful of cdtton/ " • I- But, the circus bands ..Were top- public-favorites. If YOU enjoy good ; circus music, here's a tfme* ly tip: — -Last year, -Danny Kaye, made Y a'« Capitol t album called, "The Merry Afldrew,",' 'To fill the 'flip side, Cap waxed some of the finest,circus band numbei-s eVet recorded. In our house, this, is the Number One, Side I Danny comes in second, this' time! ." . to study a recent ruling of^tho ,ka a hord of U.S. promoters Internal Revenue ServiceV'-^lt move .in trying to make a fast could save them money in .•iridome dollar. When Cuba's 'Fidel Cas- laxes. Internal Revenue .now tro visited Washington the prob- says that payment of wages : yito lem wasn't curious onlookers, ad- children of a^ taxpayer may be mirers or even. pickets. It was deducted as a-regular .business idea men who had a, thousand expense,even .though,,the money and one< propositions to-offer, may be used as partial supp9rt They ranged from the fantastic for the child. Also, the payment to the phony. This made even of these wages does n6t in itself more difficult the job of U.S. stop the taxpayer from still tak- agents who worked overtime try- .< FROM THE FILES OF THE Wheri^ Emergencies Arise! Wlieh the burdening bills of emergencies beat 'down on yqu, you won't be' wiping your brow with worry. No, .you'll be calm, cool and collected; because you built an emergency fund here that's ing a $600 exemption for. the ing to'save the rebel leader from ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES, earned extra dollars, in dividends child. One word of caultion, how- embarrassment during his visit - 4 - ,. - — j n—*'- _i —j.. ever. The taxpayer-'must prove to the'United States, that paying more than half of the .child's > support, 1 -V^VtKS? W ?ro^^sie m v-K ;_i •£.-£•» «*«?«!! MAY 25,, 1939 GREAT WHITE FATHER— *** killing bees -(similar.4o Whether we are to blame or not 2 ulltin g bees ' 'but with men and the American Indian is still one boys taking part instead of wom- be argued either way — we are - - OU1 . aca's intercontinental ballistic _ -,,.„. missiles can'now'be revealed — or we . are not fulfilling the outer wall of the Aitlas is obligations to the Indians, actually .thinner than a silver dime. As a matteV of fact the missile skin is so thin the missilo body has to be kept under pres fact remains, though,' that much remains to be done to improve the Indians' health standards. Consider, for example, that the wayha Ufe an o the aragen after it was found this area was becoming over-abundantly supplied with that variety) of rodent. Demonstration rat kills were being featured at farms in wide-spread pants of the county and attendance by men then -Entered as second class matter at the postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under Act of Congress of March 3, 1B79. f 1" Issued. Thursday- in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. Atlas' skimis so" tough it is able to Twenty-three percent of all Ind- hold tens of thousands of pounds lan deaths occur among children of petroleum and liquid oxygen un der one year of age compared propellents. Helium -is forced with,only seven percent in the into the inissile under pressure |o general population. Indian pat- keep the balloon-like Atlas skin ients stl11 mus ,t travel , lon S ? 1S .drum-tight,, .throughout all t£e tances on foot; by cart or dogsled, pounding-'it'must take duriiig bv automobile' or even by air- launching and in actual flight.!., plane. V • but the statement R'; B.'WALLER, Editor, C. S. ERLANDER, Advertising' Director x - DON SMITH,'News'Editor CLIFF LONG, Advertising Mgr, FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman THE FOLLY' OF THRIFT — The 'House of Representatives cut $76 million" from the budget of the -Federal Aviation Agency. As a result, -FFA will not be able 'to install, -a lot oft .air navigation equipment it feels is necessary, to bring .about.-greater safety in flying. Two days later two airplanes crashed. Ironically, -; a' disastrous plane crash occurred last year shortly after Congress made similar cuts in these funds. The',question of human life seems Behind The Movie Sets WITH BUDDY MASON Hollywood, Calif. thull to the music NATIONAL EDITORIAL to have different meanings in the band, this is YOUR year! a\fc»c r\f f~*r\r\ a f*ncc QVir\»»i 1-\r V\ofrvv»*i T-I-.I. /• •»• -r • If of a circus eyes of Congress. Shortly reducing the FAA appropriation Congress gave the Health, Educa- First' of all, Irving Allen's production, "The Big Circus," has a circus band - worthy of, "the not disclosed, made that "the county wasn't rid of all rats, but the total has been materially reduced." * * * The new $100,000 St. John's Catholic school at Bancroft was set to be' officially dedicated today (May 25, 1939). Bishop Ed- ,mund Heelan of Sioux City was ito deliver the dedicatory address at 9:30 a.m. A Dedication Day Dinner was served at noon, followed by 'a musical program." • * - * * Mrs Helen Trauger, LuVerne, left Monday for a visit with some friends " in Pennsylvania. The real reason for her trip, however, • was to travel to Annapolis, Md. where she planned to attend you graduation exercises at the U.S. Naval Academy. Her son, Robert Trauger, was a member of the class slated to graduate. and that's always ready. f . ' i i NOW.PAYING 314%' HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASS'N 'Since 1917 v ALGONA, IOWA with an automatic GAS water heater Never, because a gas water heater with a glass liner is . always ready to deliver aH the hot water you need. Guaranteed for 10 years. As low as $1.75 per week. ONLY O I I /I.95 Installed Vl I 1 * NO DOWN PAYMENT Gas heats fastest automatically NORTH CENTRAL Public Service Co. Phone CY 4:2484' ALGONA. IOWA IF IT'S NEWS, WE WANT I 1 Professional Directory A new high temperature reading for 1939 — 93 degrees — was tion and Welfare Dent. $152 nul- greatest, show on earth." In ... 0 „_„ _ hon more than it asked for. This • every way ^llen has been top- registered in Algona Wednesday, was to save more lives from the AFFIIIATE. MEMBER MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU '&• . , CIRCULATIONS OF NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE . A , Weekly Newspaper Representatives, Inc. • , ,- .404 Kifth'Ave.; New York 18, N. Y. V *AVvJ»3..'N. Michigan, Chicago 1, 111. >;;> ' f > j-/-g-''^-v''? ravages of cancer, heart disorders and other diseases. 5 - : ' Both , RATES IN KOSSUTH CO, in advance ' '. ---- „ --------- f — , ------- ,|3.00 na papers, in combination, per year .—$5.00 SUBSCRIPTION RATES OUTSIDE KOSSUTH '— A- Ywri tt» advance J,^-_u— '.„„*. „„„ *4.00 ., AJgona p^peifB in combination, one year —.$8.00 girt>9crjption lees ttxan <5 months. ' , OFFICIAL CITY AND COUNTY NEWSPAPER Advertising^ per inqfr „,..;,.,„„ .... 63o , .ADVERTISING, RATES |!s^^ MARRIED? "»«"*,, Wejnvite You Tp See Our lively Samples Of Weddjng 'Invitations and Announcements In True PRINTED Beauty, At Nominal Cost,, I , f; THANK YPU CARPS „ » PLACg CARPS, -Choice of Si?e, Style, Type, Color M&ines Pub. Co. •^' A1 l"*!?tH ^.Uii^ijt*J:*as4ii-i_4.S pmg the biggest circuses of all May 24. The new high followed time, even to the size of the big- five days of better-than 80-degree top. It's no surprise that his marks — and to make' it worse, band also shape's up super-size, needed rain and failed to mater... , ' * * • * ' ialize despite the fact it had been Civil War is far,, from over, even. Oh a less pretentious scale bul sultry as all get out for a couple "n the Halls- of Congress, -A 1 every'bit as nostalgic to middle- of weeks. Low mark " for the, Congressional committee recent-- agers, Walt Disne*y will" bring period was 50 degrees May 17.' y took up the matter of provid-- back the one ring circus of ,50 * * * BATTLE RAGES ON — The INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety,-Bonds —All Lines i ,> of 'Insurance 206 East State St. Phone CY 4-3176 BLOSSOM INSURANCE , AGENCY All Lines 'of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan 7 N. Dodge Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE •J N, Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm : ; Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability, Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 ,ng money to increase the size .of years ago for his "Toby Tyler", Lefty Joe Haiien, Bancroft, the' Antietam 'battlefield. Who picture- starring Kevin Corcoran, who set the Kossuth County won the battle, someone wanted The type of aggregation that roll- Baseball League on fire for sev- to, know. It was.never settled, ed into;town on its own wheels, eral- years' with his strikeout The South had 41,000 men under • a typical American wagon' show, pitching, set a new mark for Gen. .Robert E,,Lee.' The North) - There's "a green and gold band- .strikeouts in a game — 21 — in had 87,000 men under Gen. G<?p, wagon which, like all the other 'the Northern League last week. B. McClellan, The North IqisJ rolling stock, is- a real relic; of a It was assumed that Lefty's feat 12,410 men and thei South 10,7t)0." nearly forgotten day. Brought would make a lot of the area hit- Based on whoviog^ the most men out of retirement,- and, sc'pured• ters who were sent down on the South .would have won. Bljit clean of gathering dust collected strikes during seasons past feel if you consider the percentage of over the years, it has been re- much better about the whole men lost the North won — the gilded and repainted to once more game of baseball, Joe-went on Federals lost <•, only 1 15 percent whesl into parade line with a to hurl for several seasons with while the Confederates lost 26 circus band aboard its top decks Brooklyn arvd the Chicago Cubs, percent, And, to make the deq}» In its'glorious past, many fine The ,1958 season found him with sion tougher, eight generals were bands filled the air with stirring Vancouver in the Pacific-Coast lost — four on each side, . "qircus marches as listeners fell loop. „ ', „ —o—• ,, • into step and followed-along to *••*+; WITH THE KITCHEN BRI- thq show lot. The markets during the week GADS — Maybe we can win the * * * failed to show any gain and in cottt waj? with a hot meal. A$ Catk'ght in a swirl of rnajchinn some instances dropped very the American National Exhibit- people, a town's populace would slightly. Best-light butcher hogs ion in Moscow: this summer the find itself being led to the show- topped at $6.40; fat steers brought U.fa. will take advantage of an grounds in rythmic stride, The $8.50; corn, 45 cents; oats, 2,6 old saying: — the way to a man's" Pied Piper could have been taken cents; barley, 30 cents; eggs, 16 heart is through his stomach. Us- lessons from this venerable vet- c.ents; cream, 21 cents; hens, 12 mg the most up-to-date American eran of a thousand-and-one par- cents; and ducks, eight cents. The kitchen equipment our exhibition' ades, Compared to this sturdy bottom must have dropped out'of w - u.u ct thousan dsof Russians, old'bandwagon, the Pied Piper the goose market, for the price with the aroma of fried chicken played a day-and-date "bloomer 1 ! wasn't even listed. - °. ' and fresnly-baked pies. Some* m • ..Han^iin. : -town, ,We don't * * * seven tons of food will be pass|4.HnoF ? about rats, but kids will A jubilee minstrel show was out One U.S, company is c«n>. &&QW; a halfwit who is playlnf slated to be presented in the Fen- U'lbutmg-IftOOQ pounds of •frozen a harrnoruca,' , ton school gym Friday, r May 86, foods — bee£ pies, fish, turkey Pisney; releases mention, About 25 persons were in'the and chiqken dinners, 32 diffe> ,«syjnphQnions" and Flugelhor/ns cast, "including Wilfred SiQebpr, ent fruit and vegetable products, of pre-^ock 'n Roll vintage. My- 'interlocutor, J. A- Schwartz, W, Another is putting up 4,500 pack* sterious names to modern hep- V, Yager, C: If. Theesfield, Ray ages oimixes for cakes, frosting'!, «ats flnd Calypso addicts. No! Priebe and'Paul Eigler,. 'A" V J5,? cookies, cereals.' Russians wfco Junior,". Th^'s not double-talk! voice chorus, accompanied-iby La. don t get a chancel o sample these Flugelhorns are bugles with ke^s* Vonne^ Newel-at the piano* yras w ty ™ e v television. $ KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of insurance in force. A-home, company, Safe, secure'. , Phone CY 4-3756 * Lola Scuffhanv Sec'y , HERBST INS. AGENCY For Aut°i ; House, Household floods, and Many - Other Forms Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S. Herbst DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D, Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2345 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 218 W. State Street Office, phone CY 4-2353, Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician' & Surgeon 114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 Resident phone CY 4-2232 "JOHN M? SCHUTT~ERTM.D" Physician & Surgeon 220 No. dodge, Algona Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident- phone. CY 4-2335 Chiropractor Dr. D.,D. Arnold' • , , • Chiropractor Over Penney's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 , Hours: 9:00 — 5:00 ; Open Friday Night ANDY; CRAWFORD , - General Agent ,, Iowa Farm 'Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated with Farm Bureau Auto Cwith'$10 Deductible) r Life r. Hail r': Tractor . phone GY HAROUJ -C, S.VNPET 'Stale Farm Ins, Co J , 706 So, [Phillips St. PR. Street KABJ.II, HOFFMAN in Horn§ Federal •mm «* ;.;-.* •ffli. Dr. R, J. Thissen Chiropractor E. State, St., Algona Phone CY 4-3, C21 OPTOMETRISTS Dwi SAWYER and- ERICKSC Eyes Examined Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street Algona, low'a ' Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.n Closed Saturday Af ternpot DR, C, M, O'CONNOR Optometrist Visual Analyst «? Visual Train 108. South, .Harlan, St. (Home Federal Bldg.) f qrm •Manageme

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