The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 21, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1959
Page 18
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rf i^ i,s fer, Cancer Drive Nets SI Zlln 5ir * • 1 ^PofAinc! *•* The Cancer drive Was completed with Mrs Frank %Becftepr toa§ 'chairman of 'the Her workers were; Mes- iteger Scott,, Paul -Arpnd. Pttelp^ Howard Sparks, fcingsdorf and Roland Cha- t OTtCi: OF STICLES MENT fd »C6hdiiioii ftnptbVes $ Mr and Mrs Victor Fitch, Ko- *rene and Judy visited Stanley Huse at the Britt hospital Thursday .evening. Stanley is gelling along belter than was expected and 1t is hoped that he may come home some time next week. The Four Corner Social Club met May 5 at the .home of Mrs ElWood Nelson. Plans were made for a family picnic to .be. held June 2 at the Portland co'mmunity hall at 6:30 p.m. There will be no July or August meetings. Lunch was served by the hostess. . , ' •, , Mrs Hazel Carroll attended MotTiet's Day activities at'Cedar Falls Saturday an«J Sunday. She was a guest i'6f ' her daughter, Sharon. , , Korene Fitch spent-Tuesday at the Dwifht RUse home. Mrs Herbert Nelson, Mrs Tracy Stone and. little son Ricky, Mrs D&nald Ringsdorf 'aftd!'Mrs*-Victor Fitch called at the,Dwight Ruse home Tuesday afternoon. * M> and Mrs Wyatt Stott o Lebanon, Mo. spent;.Mom atjthe Torn Trenary home. • Tuesday Hit Statts'and Trenarys went to San born, Minn, where they visil'ct the,Ed: Wolfs. Thursday .anji,Friday guests,a the ! "Rdy ..Ringsdbrf *homfi We're Mr andv Mrs -Wyatt Stott,, Leban on, i Mo.* Mr -and Mrs Ralph Dugan anc family and Mr and 1 Mrs Harok •Becker iwere Sunday -guests the Torti Trenary home. Mr and .Mrs Wendell Christen -sen andtrMaS £ntf Mrs} Merle 'Tqe ter of A^tQna l ^ehtlo Iqvvd 5" Mr Friday 'Rusc'hL,. r - MothoS^s! Tieman^j Rex W( , Henry Mrs Fi'; Trre Portland t'rogress meet May 21 at the home df Mrs Ray Fltth with Mrs Ftaftk BeLker ..and Mrs Victorr.Fitch assistant hostesses, , Mrs Lulu liingsdoii of Butt was e MoWtefs Uay guest of, MY aftd Mr and Mrs Herbert Nelson famfiy ,were guests ,of M* Mfs Trafcy "Stone home Uwol" Day. Mr and Mrs Paul Arend were Mother's * Day guests at Mrs AVend's brother homo, the Al* b6ft Junkermeiers at Lakota. r Mrs Ray Pitch had a call from her daughter, Helen, (Mrs Shif* ley Steinberg) of Pamonn, Calif. Mother's Day. •Mr &nd Mrs Dwight Ruse and Mrs Stanley Ruse-viaiied- Stanley Ruse 'at the' Brift hdsplt'al, Sunday afternoon and also called at the George Hix- home. Mrs Lewis Larsen, Mrs Bernard Phelps and Mrs Charles Phelps ttended the Mdlher's Day Tea at h e Doan Methodist Church Thursday afternoon. Mr and Mrs 'Martin Zirrtmer- nan and Ge'ric Allen called at he Victor Filch home late Sunday afternoon. Mrs Tony Jandl, Mrs Mennet [runkhillf Mrs; John. Miller,,Mrs Slizabtfth Kennedy^ drid Mrs 5 Ray Fitch were the Portland Ladies o attend a V.F.W. Auxiliary icwing meeting at the home of VIrs Earl'-Miller in'Algona. Mrs Slla Sig&bee, .also went .with them. ' ' Mr and Mrs- James Harms of Fort Dodge spent Motherls Day at the Jesse Harms home, Mr and Mrs Jesse Harms spent Sunday afternoon with tJrandm^ .Harms in Titonka. v j Mr and Mrs Donald Webeit and family, Mrs Weber's*mother^ Mrs Virgil Wolf, Bancroft, .and" Mi' and Mrs Dave Weber and family of Bancroft were Mother's Daj> guests 5 at |t|ie Joe Millep- home near Algona. - ', "The average woman "soon . <• discovers that her ideal man • isn't real and her real man, , TION OF FARM SERVICE SWJBA «if *, 16WA Notice is hereby given that at a regular annual meeting of the stockholders t>f the Farm Service Cotwpahy, Swea City t Iowa, held at the office of the corporation, Swea City, Iowa, on the 21st day of March, 1959, pursuant to notice, that the stockholders by .a unanimous vote adopted the following amendment to the Articles of Incorporation which said amendment has been duly executed and filed in the office of the'Secretary of State of the State of Iowa: The authorized capital stock of this corporation was increased from $141,250.00 to $225,000.00, divided into 66,250 shares of which amount 18,000 Shares of the par value of 25c per share amounting to $4,500.00 is Class A Membership Stock; 18,000 shares of the par value til $1.00 per share, amounting to $18,000,00 is 4% non- cumulative 0 r g a n i z a tion Stock: 250 shares of the par value of $10.00 per share, amounting to $2,500.00 is Common Slock; 20,000 shares of the • par value of $5.00 per share, amounting to ,$100,000.00 , is 3% non-cu'rrtulfltive Class B v Membership Stock; and 10,000 shares of the par value Of $10.00 per share, amounting to $100.000,00 is 5% cumulative Preferred Stock. Dated this 21st day of March, 1959. FARM SERVICE COMPANY Swea City, Iowa By Ernest Hcidecker, President Attest: Earl 'Kvamsdale, Secretary ' (18-19-20-21) Stipt. and trJf kohl, ^The tnlmit** of the 11, 1HM, vWe fesd M«iton by Bay, that ihe vdwriers •tsV ji'-> „ ', % f'f-" IIK1V 11 IK w*iv l»V t It iJ*x^^r**\, ••£*** T»»J and authorized tHro a* Mttted. i i •* SFi Sieg-fort iJs&eJS»., £• *• .* i.jMxj Si/^r *_ ..** .(-a*,* ir **** A pay Roll, fray foil ---- -wA-^J Mlflon Bflyfcu, teUor ...-*-j. Mcrvln Meilt^es. JflWof —^_-** Hatves' Pctflow, lataof- £»»..& Wilbtir E. Bniwr, limot »^ JUmeK DroHMS, 1abOT .^..4.-.. 7owo State Bank, Municipal Utilities w wunnoiamK tax .-„_.„-.--„ Soe, See. Fund, soa. KCC, rax „.. North Cen. Pub, Sfcrv,, gas ,.*„ 4.S63.84 Diesel Service, supp. „,*..*..„ ' ~~ C. M, SU P. & P. R. R. Co,,. freight -.—,-* *. ..L.j..^... Socohy ^tobll OH Co.. oil. .ii* ,s-«™» Kuiton Iron Works, supp, ..—„ 3,W»ti Midway. Motor Co., repairs - — > Northland Elec., supp, ...**... \V. D. Allen Mfg. do,. »lHip. ,. . WestlngtirtUBB Elec., «upp. .4...' Rhenco Sales CO., *«pp, '! Torry-DUrin Co., supp. ir A meeting o£ thfc Bohrd of Trustees o the Algona Municipal Utilities , wns Held Hi the City Hall, City of Algona, 'Town, April' -30, l'J59, at 7:30 o'clock .P.M. , -. . *, -•Present weret'Allen Buchanan, O. B, Harmes, MelVin Bay, T. James Palmer, *»»^--# »f * 1 *****'/5 fc t**l™lfc »'*^fc" fentbn, M,r c^ncf Mrs __\& *F#itorr, 'Mr. 'arid' *t>iers'!bf Lone' ^ 'siste^ Mrs jGordoji' Hahgeiv atvTft- tonka.-Thursday.*'* "£V " ••" i f 'Mr and* ,Mrs^,<Rqger' .Schmidt' end family, .were* Sunday I guests <atrthe home of'Mrs Harry Ch'ris*. tensen-. ^$* •,; < \, , A 'program'- and luncheon will be helditat the Portland Community Kail 'May 17 .at;7:'30 for the Portland 4-H boys and girls and their parents" by. the Portland Pennies s "4-4i 'girls, < ' < Mr" and Mrs Leroy-Phelps and, boys ~yisited 'at-'the Bernard- and ^Charles,- Phelps home- Sundqy ^Venhig, Mrs,Paul Krominga, ol '!Hockfprd, 111; called home Suh- i! a y- ', , ' ''.", *' i 1 ' 5 " "Mr and M rs .Q: L. Young call- nd -on Mrs Mary Kain Mother's ^Oay, and spent the remainder ot 'the' Day at'Clear Lake, with -Grandma and Grandpa Young. ', \-Mrs Bernard Phelps called on ^Mrs'*Merviri iBrist^»w at,the Lti- ".ttieran hospital in Fort 'Dodge. Friday, > t*t| i' "S >' ! ) PHONE < ; U •UJBMlKWVi 1 .* 'X*t * UW' 44^ 1 )(i I -if ^ ,1 ., New fe/ep/ione /efs you , 'hear normal conversation v! ^No'wi..ypii '..can' * i hear, "every .word plainly oriSthe'tdephtine! just turn'-: a knob on the new Volume Control *' Phone to raise or lower volume'to suit yourself. We'll be. glad to demonstrate the Volume .Control Phone for you in your own Tiome. No cost or obliga- , tion. Just call the telephone business .office. , , * .,• 4 I !•• ^ T , * » T , .k* I IT ' 1 ' NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY ' ! * <, :>,«!•'«. ,' •} ^« j~ ' T j VvL* > t tu nxt''' m- ,«\- t w ii/ : M ~j'o ^*t"» t * t jf^fr ~\ " ' jW-.''>i 'f v P]?i , , *, i' *-«f'R . . r* • : : .' : :as^ : *' sSS: Mm-:. . : Jii ere ym ifom%/ifcttift * BfWtCrufHS Machln'e Kostutn JWofdt -na&°, j WJ5d flft ii 128.05 PerewSl MOtBUKi repyir* -*f<«», <w-»2 vt&raktM Am *«#*«; <w |-S HaF-Sttsfiofn HdwWjneSiH* .4-3, J~ ColJeft HafdwafiS.'.fipatf* Uw.'. t42 S0emS*r .Grocer Co- •#$$< .4. "• 78 National cash R*f. Advance Pub. C»,, , l&gal* Ac Slipp. -4^.— . TJ-aw Offtfie B^pt. C6,, , norafngton Hand; fcttpp. ..'i-*- ' N, W, B6I1 Tele. Co., serV. WllHattW Petty Gaah. mtso, n ,»«,.'.s towa Elec. lAgtii & Pwfj Co., 36.® -' .; .. S40.0& J%y Roll ( pay roll ** , -_ Walter Peterson, labor — ***** 198.69 Milton Brtyfeti, labor .„ — 43.70 - Mervih Mentges, Jabot — i.**_ 18.00 TtarveJ' Pefelow. idbor -.»«.*. 14.38 Jahies Drone, lawn* .*.._^ai« 88.85 itauwiteii* Wt.WfcSbkjUj'- *£_?* iErs£«"-,« , •— r*"^~ — *iiS ,A L SBul-a.^CiS X'IU.42 ' S,^mS« .jLSM&Jije/'i ifflf " "'•'?*» S'jSalff ,,f^S,Vtl 'ii-i-i-ii.' J|>W gas iite«. - ifi.86 tndse. 10.22 •**r'*••-•; :*^W5*w^ - s*., " L * «'. •*;; <•%£,. a ,B3*-' i v<*\* a,r *> 15 " jt.*.iw Mrs •?, sorenswn, et aii reruna .sp.yu • 'A proposal submitted by-the Travel* et* itstutSficf f C6 n ,tot breakdown in" rpowet .plant,';WfisJ'ap cdtrl yejr I &nrt ftctepted; t < \' ^ ..„ 'operating »%tement8 lorcthe SI- rlc and' WSW Daparthiefttt ffir We yejr 1958 and the flra't quarter of 1959 In <£8e ftftet ease, wtdle.feen . irelleV!fkiPf tfatn, actual *eductiofl . (8hrifttee|)itdokilace. ^ J^* •o 'thet J 6u4il that iufterers fesekrch IhStUtitd, is rtoW avallfibl* At * i A NEW-Service from your (M friend, $$M$^^ 1 * "^ ' jj^Sf^V- .^^ i i * v , T *fr Jh ''V», *^ * 4 { * * * jf 1 y, ; «-i1 vr - - U".'1i gr^RJp- --v». ,.:.'^j ,, ~ « , / ?,' >, ' .'' .' 3 - *," *.~>' T '- "' >' ' 'i»' '" , s New VTotal Electric Living" Rates for Residences; .jipw .make Electric * ? , . *• ' • '.• ' . .'',*> * , , • Heating Costs, comparable to other types.of heating with.the Additional Features : of Safety/Cleanliness, Health, Space-Saving and Comfort Conditioning IT'S A HOMEOWNER'S ORE AM- TRUE!- Electric home-heating is here — a new concept in comfort—a new way to "Live Better Electrically", and at residential rates that will fit your budget. , homeowners have wished for a method of heating their homes that would do away with disadvantages such as live /flame, pilot Jights, furnace, boiler, ducts and pipes, chimneys,, complicated controls, v and always — dust and dirt! Then, t&o, there was the additional nuisance of expensive maintenance a|id,Tepair, The homeowner wondered "Why not have a Jieatlng system that would work'as easily as turning on a light? •Why ndt a Tvtal Electric Hom'e?" ' Congratulations! It's Yours to Enjoy! Today, this "homeowner's dream" of the perfect, easy, modem way of'JJioitseheatlng is a reality! Today, '-builders ; aud homeowners %e using'electric'home heating to provide a wonderful world o^modern qbmfort and convenience —:,a.t rates comparable to old-£a£|iioned Home heating methods. . And fto'tice! Electric healing can be used when and where you want it^^— from attic*to'basement — as a complete sburce of heat for : tjie entire home. 'Yes — you have "" controlIwith^electric heating and individual thermostats provide, ai^d automatic temperature regulation,* Now Live Better Electrically all the Way! Now^te.possible,to h^ve ,Re$Jdy -Kilowatt do everything .for you — to enjoy a Total Electric Home 1 — r of modern 'convenience, comfort, and cleanliness, with electric lighting, cooking, water heating, laundering, refrigerating, air conditioning and NOW house heating — in a home that is completely flameless — at residential rates comparable to other methods. 5 ) , Facts about Electric Heating! •• viVf *: ' , - / '." SPACE-SAVING; Wall or ceiling-installations of electric heating units add valuable living space. And there are no fuel tanks or chimneys., ,, .. -- .. . ** * , 1 6 CLEAN. As your electric light - no soot, smoke or smudge '" anywhere — no flairle or products of combustion. That helps cleaning and decorating* costs! , , ' / ' FAST; Electric heat means speedy^/nsfanr warmth - no wolf- • ing on pipes, radiators or furnace to warm up, HEALTHFUL. Electric heating does not overheat T dry out s the air .-.provides steady, even heat, eliminating "hotspots," ' ' 'drafts and cold areas. r ' • > . MORE COMFORTABLE. (Electric heating can be controlled to the exact heat you want in every room. It's noiseless - it's draft-free. , t SAFE, As the electric ligjht you read by —'no fuel leaks or .pllot'flames to go out. Thermostatic controls «re trouble-free, 5PICIAI UiPORT ON &r THI HEATING JN THE i,j0HT QF -SI-TT&R „

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