The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 20, 1940
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEW VOUJMR XXXVf—NO. 285. IMytVievllIc Daily NCSVS Blythcvillc Courier AHKANSA3 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUUI Mississippi Willey Leader 7~ ~ lilyiluvilie iH,a)d _ BLYTIIKVIU,!.;, ARKANSAS, TUIttlMY, KKHIUMKV 20, 10-10 Chamberlain Warns Norway Against Use Of Waters By Nazis SINGLK COl'IKS FIVE CRNTS rVs Officers Give Their Version Of Rriihli Aliack By JOSIil'll \\. oltKif! Ulliltil l-ri'M Stall OoireivoniUnt POK'SINCU-M. N'orway, l-'c-b. 20. i UP/--The Altmark officers' ver- |.-iio.'i of llir- iiiuick on tlieir ship by _ OIL- Brills!) di'-ilroyiT t'ovuu-k in LONDON, Feb. 20. (UP)— Prime Minister Neville No™"* 1 " 1 Caters Friday night is Chamberlain told the House of Commons io<l;iy (hut it was canirci ino'e thn!r''ioif H-III-I S '" P (iiflieult to resist the conclusion lhat Norway in (hu Alt- men as prisoners. ' ' s ' ^™~ I wailing [or llio be.-,t opportunity, we started by u ionic 1 cannot dl- yulao. il-'oiirlh CUIver Joachim j il said they sailed sonlh , incident had been "inconsistent in her duty as a lien- otffrei i "° rcsisunce 11 was uiuriucd, ami that Uic trnl" ;»u) displayed complete imlifl'orcncc sls U, th 0 u«n (lint k " ll)1!! by ""•' lililis!l Ol ••><•"•» of its 11.0 Gen™ fleet In fe, lt nmko^Norw^tan territorial r^r^W™™ , \lllU.I.X *T _ _ 'nln. (tin... 11... .. J..~... n . l: . . ' C)nimb£-ilni»'s charges were made in backing up reject ion of Norwegian protests against the British navy's invasion of Norwegian waters to drive the German .ship AU- inark aground and rescue 326 prisoners after a pitched battle. "Even if Midi indifference was due to German pre.ssiire," Cham- l.cilaln said, "it is nevci the-less in I lie view of His Majesty's government inconsistent witli active and imparllnl duly of a neutral toward ourselves as a belligerent," Chamberlain strongly denounced the attitude of the Norwegian government toward German ships operating In Norwegian waters as defined by Norwegian Foreign Minister HMvdnn Kohl, lie indicated that Britain might bo inclined to follow suggestions lhat the British navy keep closer watch over the .sea channel along the Norwegian const. He snid that Kohl's implied, view that there was no objection to a "German warship using lerritorial Norwegian waters for hundreds of miles to carry British prisoners lo n German prison camp was at v»- WIRES ii | was Ilov.n lH-ie Irom Berlin lo hear •llio slory ol Capt. llei.u-kh Dan, the AUmark's muster, and oilier ol- lic<!i'ji o/ the prison ship now aground in Jui.-s.stn8 Fjord, a !>oi(jc- like inlet on t!n> Norwegian cmist. The Allmart:. a la.iiOO-lon lankly had .sailed Irom Port Arthur. Tex.i with a cargo of oil lor Itollerdnm it'.t before (lie- war siiiru'd. (hi- cf fleers ssid. and was in I lie West Indies whe:i Ihe order cnnie lo join (he pot-kcl ballH'shin Gruf Spec, then .starting oui on a shejri-llveil riance international His Majesty's government understands it." "It would legalize abuse by Ger- Killer Of Tire Salesman Reported Gives Officers' Illllslncllc<1 ""<> eo«lce<l mariner r / < known in Aniorican ports ns former llHOl'IliatlOn ; commander of lhe Ilamburg- ! American liners Orinoco, Carlbia LAKE CHARLES, Ul., Pel). 20 n "d Dc-utschlaiid, said thai he 'UP)—Mrs. Tonic Henry, confess- spent two months wllh lhe Graf ed mm-derefs of a Houston. Tex., 'Spce before that warship was scut- lire salesman, loday identified lier "ed off Montevideo. Drug; companion in the slaving as \V11- j Hum Lloyd Adams. 24-year-old Arkansas and Texas (ruck driver. She announced his identity oili- cei-s said following a conference- with" her hiisbiuul. Claude D. Henry, who is serving n 50-ycni 1 sentence for murder In lhe Texas pcn- llentlary at, HnnUvlllc. Her . 11 07-year-old, whftc- "Then." he said, "we received or- to return 10 Germ.inv. After U'c-latul and entered Intrepid moved alongside the nark. The Intrepid not bntwrai Aliiinirk iitiil Hi,' shore nnd 1 to force out lo sen. The .,,„„. ., .,, Ngwotiili. ; miiser f ;ln,ml«l n,,. Minmrlclo v„ M '"* '"'^ '- n ™'l''•'"'• westward. The Allmark ig- ,,.,"'' , v. , ,1 , I"""'' 1 ""' si N»"l nnil II"' HOI-WB- iu. u^dui^ ^*"'^«i^ ™ >mt »* m nan sulil. lie wlmiuwi ihorc \\er, ! \\vu-hn! said Die Intirnhl ,,,ov.'d more than 300 nrltlsh men-limit j l"w nnd Its sailors iri.-il 10 seamen uboiird. The Ciraf Spee haditli,' Allnurk .'.link their ships. Tne - - • ststed, however, Ihu). "We saw Iheiii wearing sti'el hel- Die UrHWi ('"<•[-,- ini.l gas innsk.-i and mirylng milliners," .athwlnil.'.s, n-volvoi-s and iiund uimades than prlsoiH-M and that "they B ot' wiiiiln, „, ), oail! „,,.„ f |( . S , (W ' exactly tliL 1 s-iiue lood as ourm-w." , I'lvvluuslv II trouble t-amc Feb. 1C, when the Altmink wn.« .. .. Inside Norwegian wntcrs and was cscorlort by two Norwegian torpedo bouts, ami three iiriiisli bombing planes flew over, diving low so the iiflenioon was p.m.. he said, scnri-hllghl.s Al MTC turned on Ihe Allmark. A .. , ., -«, — — — ship, later proved to be n wai-shin pilots could .w il,e ship's name. I was- s(cami,, s Into the fjord "ihortly afterward we snw on the "Tlie Norwegians remained horiam a BrllLsh cruiser of lhe | qnteily where V-v we,* ,u,d we ilioushl it must Us anothor Norwegian warship. Tills warship sljj- Aurora dnss, will, live dcslroycVa. which coniinued lo move closer, eventually enerlng Norwegbn wa-imded us. 'Do you ' signaled. 'What ship taken to Beaumont, Tex., for conference. nry ',vas jnan warships of neutral waters Adams is known under the aliases and create a position His Majes- of Kermit., Haygoort nnd Pinnoii ty's government could in no cir- Horace Burke, Mrs. Henry told cf- cumstnnccs accept," Chamberlain fleers. war " ed - - ; . He and Mrs. Henry were chai-gcd jointly with lhe murder of Joseph P. Galloway, who picked up the . j couple near Orange, Tex., last We<l- !!>eSSlon ncsday, Mrs. Henry led officers lo you? 1 cd to- crew who wi'i'C lorpwlo boats which did iitiililng while nils;«' destroyer wlilcli we then saw ivii..; jirltlsh, ...iuniiled u.s to 'lU'iii'i 1 lo or ivi> will open lltv'." The C'oss:n-k eame alonjjsldo mill lhe British .'.warmed aboard, lie .said. They ordered the (icrinim officers. "Hands up" uml hi rded tJic-iu Into tin- luldise Imuse. "We MIW Knull.sli snllois uriiied with milomnlic pislii)'; slmoUiiu l;i- iin'inber.s of our comjileii'Iy uu- sinco (hero wen- iiusnlulcly no arin-i on bouril Ihc AHmnrk. '1'He English iippciirt-d very yuitnn and very nervous, slioolliig' wlii'iu-vci- ,hcy saw anyone movi'. , . . Our belief was litui they wi-re afraid we wonhl blow up llu. fi lu,, al uny momenl." lie Mild tin 1 oiitirc luiardlns ln:'|- •nt Itisli-d mi limn and the (,'o.s- s:ii'k moved nwfiy us .soon n.s ||n> lirlllsh prisoners wen' uboaril. The Allmark lod.iy wit.i nuartlcd by I lie Novwetslnn mine layer Olaa "' was nol pi>re. rtiUKiliKh her stem was bi'iu'hod and licr propi-Hors llu; i-rew believed slie would be- ready lo resume Ihc dush to_Clermaiiy in a few days. of lhe seven dead Irom llu> AHmnrk were burled yesterday at the vlllnisc of Ilmij,.. Wrciilh.s wure sent from Adolf inner, fiernnn Poreisjn Minister Joachim von Hlb- benirop nnd oilier Nu/1 olllrlalii. Turkey's c Un-Neutrar_ Stand Against ReichJ Boosts BalkanTensiori Tn.VKV«-,o. Her inltlwl usliore. U. S. Officials Walch; Are Also On Stccle MoiTl Takes Poison., Is Critically III Sees No Need For Legisl UTTLB ROCK. Feb. 20. (UP) — Gov. Carl E. Bailey said today tliere was no necessity for a special legislative session lo aid financially distressed school districts. 'The education department ad- Kidnaping Charge Preliminary Awaits Otcome 01 Woman's Injuries Prelhninnry hearings of STEELE, Mo., Feb. 20.—Cooper Malhic-s, 35-year-old morchanl of Slnnie, altemplcd suicide I his iiiointng by swallowlui; poison. His condition shortly after noon wax , very critical according to Dr. J. n. Jack • McDaniel Sr., Ills pliysiclan. ^^^~^^:^ ™r^^;o;:'^'L o a r| Dv < McDnnicimw ^ ucswni - 1 miles sout :i Of here last Salur- North. 20. on charges "of liUhutptug ... . . , and assault with a deadly bhe had been arrested in Shi-eve- were continued at Osceola port tlie day before on a lip If she might know something abc... the robbery of a hardware store wc-a|xm ycster- lowed bcUveen ia and 30 grains of bichloride of mercury. Mr. Mathies nnd Clarence Fun- Nominaling Petitions Musi Be Filed 20 Days Prior To Election Voters In tlie 30 school districts o( Mississippi county will elect directors In the annual school election to be held March 10. Nominations must lie filed bo- dcrburk were cni-onte from Stcclcifore SIIIKI.IV, I-'cb 23, 1 Hint [ ii lly afternoon pending the outcome , to Dcnton. where Mr. Mnthles anotit of injuries of Mrs. Louise Hath- I sides, wheii Ihe potion was ta visesr.iv lhat there is not enough! hi Eeaumonl from which 12 guns widejpr.ead dlslress among Ui.elwere taken. - ; 'SChools^to ju-stify an exlra session,"! She has made .two confessions. Bailey said. "There are 420 school districts receiving aid from llic akcn. cock, 21, wife of one of the men, j Mr. Fundcrburk look Ihc stricken who was injured when she jumped '.man 'to his home and liu was from a moving car mimes placed on (lie Iwllot with llio petition, signed by at least 20 electors who reside In the dislrlcl. state nnd this is (JO less Ilian were helped in 1938 and 1939.'' New York Cotton Mar. May Jill. Oct. Dee. Jan. prev. open high low close close 'Authorities said she told of companion "fjoiiig yellow" and r.ear freturned to Dr. McDaniel's cllr.ic ' . . . fusing lo kill Calloway. , out bond ««v IJULHI, The/V - , W 7\ I ««• Hnthcock. who has n con- j ,/ r r n 5^p^Si:rS!?3'5»sS s iri- KEEP •Slllln ftlliCtl. f, | n| T r»l-ii»1lilln T Inn,A 1*^1 . _ . _ LOSS al Blythcville Hospital. The two men were removed lo j Osceola yesterday after having .' been fined on misdemeanor charges | •at Marion in connection v.illi the 1 alleged kidnapin pfnl , 01 . ,,, lo llllcns for Iha county Judge. Names may IJR written In on the ballot.; on election day. Only six petitions have been filed Court Case Ends Wild $110,000 Verdid CHICAGO, Feb. 20.-A jury wound up ihc longest case ii Municipal Court liUtory yc.stvrtliiy by !,»!!!"'"" a $n °' Cl)1) voi'ul'-l for William J. deary, a court reporter who sued Ihe OhU-nuo Title and Tiust Compniiy for SIDK.UOO he clnlincd w-iis due him under a t'slale escrow iisremnenl. Coiirlroom .spec-liters are a little vaguo on the leijnl Issue.* but they reincinber It was October 2, IB3D when Jnduc Edward s Shefflcr sworo In the jurors, setting well undar real war w ! as way, 111oa. It like miKlnj .woulj .witch in .the World's Series. , Tile case went on and oti'-nti;! (la- jurors becnino bosom friends, wllllo Iflnibiirdl swooned at home plale Halloween, chrlslmnr, ami New Vcar's came and wc;it nnd Russ up until today. In the Kulscr dls- '"""''eil l-'lnland. Exhibits In ihc tricl, J. w. Mail, who was filling I lluvsll 'L flimlly nuinlierc'd 1,100. The New Orleans Cotton Mar. May Jul. Oct. Dec. Jan. open high low close 1112 1118 1112 1118 1031 1090 1084 1088 ll)4'2 1043 10-12 IO-1Q 072 978 972 978 957 9GG 957 9IH 9J-I 9S8 954 958 prev. 1117 1081 10-IS ECO Tonnage Sunk During Last- Beginning Of War However From Snow And Ice From Novin LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 20 (UP;—While U. S. engineers kepi, watch on eastern Arkansas streams of possible Mood danger today farmers In the western part of ilje Stock Prices AT&T 171 3-1 Am Tobacco 901-2 Anaconda Copper M 3-4 Beth Steel 79 1-4 Chrysler BS 1-4 Cities Service 45-8 Coca Cola 121 1-4 General Electric 39 General Motors 53 1-2 Int Harvester 54 1-2 Montgomery Ward ... N Y central North Am Aviation . Packard Phillips Radio Republic Steel Socony Vacuum Stiidebaker Standard Oil N J Texas Corp ... U S Steel .' 5! 1-4 17 as 3 3-8 39 3-1 5 3-4 21 3-8 11 5-8 12 1-8 44 1-2 •10 l-'J 59 1-2 Mrs. nathcod ^""h"Kte , No Immediate Danger Jackson lhal her husband nivl North had driven to the horns of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. W. Hostess, three miles soulli of Diytlieville. and force;! her Into their cnr. ,,, . _ T i Oincers said lhat she had left K heaviest h 1 n C C her Imsband Monday and come lo the Hostess home after he lull allegedly threatened to kill her. As the car was .speeding toward ! sinte'were deeply concerned oix-r Mcinpliis. Mrs. Hathcock managed | moisture dcflclcncv. to open the door and leap from UIL' I ^11 rivers in tlio"stole were rislii" car. officers said. She told officers ' j,]f Dh iiv according 'to Hie wciuhcr bul It was Improbable that White rivers would because of norlh- weat Arkansas drouth contlltion^.,neu,ra,, s bip s , MU1 tclls ,, of reckle. drlvin, and ^rryhig ^1^^°^ ^S!" ! an uucxplrcd tcnn, Is .scchlnij rt-1 J lll ' 0rs B 01 - to know nil of elccllon. ,nntl other candldales are olllcr ' s bridge and rummy wenk- E. Ii. Woodard,'J. II. Wall.-, anil ncsst ' s R. J. Girdley. j Lincoln's birthday A petition has been tilci K. fj. Johnson, who will ed lor Dr. | nml Valentine's Uny and then. be a can- ''™ n >' «' -I:*! p.m. the case e u!oi!B, LONDON. Feb. 20 (UP)—The nd- _ mlrnlty. announced today that five j British ships and 15 neutral ships ' totalling 86.017 ions, had been lost that shi- had been beateii with"-! bu in the week ending Sunday — lhe wrench before- she escaped. In,, loss In j Hathcock nnd North were appre- any week of Ihe war. bended al Vfet Memphis by offl- Brltish ships sunk totaled 3D.J7C cers v.'bo nrrested them on charge.'! II}- T. II. M.U.OV Unllc.l VHU .Stall Cunc^ainlenl NKW Oltl.KANH, I-Vb. Ill), IUI') — Loiilslana |jl»iis n novernor and setllt'B Ihc fuie uf HID |,u,. ii lle y ling's polltlc-al mtidiine lodiiy while 3.500 mitlonnl tuiiudsmen .slniul by lo .suppress -(llw/nli.r.s. H Is n Democratic run-off pi-|- m«ry In wblt-h Gov. Karl K. l,oii«, younger brother and heir of Die iissassinaled "Kinullsh," seeks n>- noiiili-.allun over Sinn Houston .Jones, a reformer whose ainblllon is lo "MIII (he ruscal.i out" of office. Urniocrnllc tioinliiitllon Is .. nfler 101 d/iys. am a Juvors ncnrly three rnoro days to (uok lhl> around $8.000. dldatc for reelection for the Sliaw- nee district (it Joiner, At Armorel, Dr. W. M. Owen's cnndldiu'y for reelection has been filed. In nil of liic dlslrlcts of 1'iis county lhe five directors serve for five years except In four districts. In the Ulytlicvllle special school dish-let, whk-h lias six member.-!, two directors arc elected each for a three-year lerm nnd In Ihc dls- lrlcts of Tomato, Recce, Nodena nnd Pecan point there are o:ily three board members who servo for ll'rce years each became of Ilir! dlslricts being very smnll. Wrn,-,, H I ) nil nrr in cases of fl| Hlw ,me.xpir«l t Wcai .V '^fenders Mold Off ViRorous Tlmisls Of In- etinlvnlcnl la election In Loulsliina. The l/mjj innclilne, cripplt'tl by federal exposlna fraud In public works conlrncls. (jrafl In stale dcpaiimenls, corni|illon lu sliilc Inslltutions. nnd by reverses In last month's primary, faced n crucial lest, with prospects fur 1111 extremely elosL- vote despite the fuel thai llio I,oii|! [action controlled Ihc election machinery, Ihe national guard, and the Mew Orleans iii»l slnle police. I» adilltlon to the imdminl guard, wlilch Ix>ng ordered In readiness to "combnl any efforts to create disorders til Iht! polls," Hie-police force of New Orleans, dominated by Ml'yor Robert S. M-iestrt, stalwan or (lie LOIIB madilni! pui 1,500 special tinned i men on poll duly. Theyc piec-aullon;; wero ,designed lo offset the mobilizing of a ".laak- son brlaade," composed mostly of World War veterans, by former Governor James A. Noe. who Is 5ii|ijiorllng Jones. It was announced that (lie "Jackson brlKiidf" men would be untied only wilh camera.';, lo pholojjmph election crooks In action as evi- emled j riunco for any nubsu'iticnt conical lly lliiitnl I'l-oss - oil' the lied urmy oll'cu.sive .today, In jiiinnl licr Hoittrality and the new wur il«i)|f(>i- H in the Ne.-n- Kast. 'Ilirini2iici!t Europe and in OK; Mediterranean almost every move Ijy bli! and little powers was poinl- i'd (ownrd ihu possibility of fuil- ous wnr/nru on some .still undi-s- Illiiiilcd front Ibis spiJnjj cr i 0 '. ward ])rc(-niifloiis to prevent llio .'•pi-end of war lo new fronts. In 'l"urkey (he non-beliujcic-nt. but un-ni'iitral tovernmsnt em- pliasl/cd. esprcliilly to Ihc Na/,fs. j llml II wu;; iircparliij; for any (m.-i 1 - jlteiity, 'I iii- .su|jrciue nrmy couh- | ell nu'l. lhe cnbliii'l Invoked llw iinistic natlonnl defi-nse Inw, cs.-il- cd curifney control and restricted travel. Nctt-spnpm lock Ihe ntlllude Hint the outlook was pc/slmislic ns M rtsiill of Clenimn "Ijlull" and |no|)i>t;anda deslfned lo force Till'- key to remain .strictly ncutrnl. ' 'flie full Intentions of tin; Turks; iiowever. were illmcult lo discover.- They have no desire lo light Bo : viol IJusslu. The Ocnnans are'"'. no signs of tiny plan to move toward this Nenr Kiwi or even -, llio Balkans, Tlie allies have n,V military -pool" of ncuncwhcr.: one million men In Iho Mcdltrrrnncnn and the So-' viol pro." litis chai-fcd thai, (hey. me plinuilng lo move against, the Hovli-fs Hnkii oil Holds and ngnlnst permany by way of lhe Balkans. Turkey has given no IndicaUon. dial .she would racnlliite. any new military venturu although she now, If rc-Biirdcd ns on the allied side If war breaks In (lie Near East. 'I here was action, loo, In lire Balkans but of n passive charnc- Icr. Rumania made a determined and apparently successful cirort to overcome 13dllsli anacr over oil shipments to Clennniiy. Dispatches from London snlri n new note from Bucharest regarding oil distribution was considered entirely satisfactory in connection wllh the allied demands that oil i!.\|iorls to the Reich should not or Invcsliijatioii of the vntlng. The - of vl'illantai and use of - ------ -..-j.. .-, V Jl "' 01 ' " r " c " slr » r 'S.'-'"-"i wnwds long IIBVB been ft total of $5.880. Court i a part uf ihu Loiiblmw polJllciil salil other expenses tolalcd j crises, lliough only or.e elvlllin up- rlsitiK, that of the Square Deal or- vaders 1 0 Star! Drive Next ina during the nsw few weeks. ; Week On Tag'.css Cars^ 1 """*^ 1 Slate patrolmen and revenue dc- [Mrs. Btrtha E, Ward, Navy men attributed the increar.e in shipping loses to nnrestticU-d submarine wnrfare. Germany liad announced Saturday in coti::cctiou with the announcement Unit all British mcr- partrncnt men will begin a drive ciiant would be armed lhat war- ! in Mississippi county next week to fjre would in Ihc future be unre- ! round up all automobiles and s ' riclc<1 - Irucks being operated without the In listing ship losses for last 19-10 license, it. was announced 13- week the admiralty said that in day by K. B. Stout district siipcr- Ihe preceding week tlirce British visor. ships and three iiDutral ships hart j Mr . Stout said the drive in bee.-, lost, in addition to those al- Northeasi ' ready reported it Arkansas Is already un- n,,rin<7 A,,rii inn , i dcrway iii other counties and next During April IQ17, when unre- wce k officers under Ser-cint Bert nrtrd snhmnrfiin wnrf^,-^ ~* _ - .... . &*-[ 0 t. f ii}i l>tll Chicago Wheat open high low close May 102 1 : 8 107 101 3-4 104 July 1031-2 104 1-4 1001-8 1021-2 strictcd submarine j ly .sinkings avcraje, 1 neutral ships. was at the task of surk since the 1.C53.7G5 tons. lOo allied and . ccimty. The officers will also check to determine whether motorists their driver's license and •hcllicr commercial drivers are to properly licensed. Last week's sinkings brought the | UV e II lotal of allied and neutral shipping : Vv -), c ther war started Chicago Corn May July open high 555-8 571-4 57 571-2 low 551-2 533-4 , The lime tor purchasing 1046 li- I censes without paying a penally i expired January 30. U was pointed (out. however. Uuu owners of un•' licensed vehicles or unlicensed drivers may avoid (he possibilil," MONTREAL (UP)— The Quebec l of amsl b V purchasing the proper ' Lieutenant to Be Cited For Train Rescue Work 5? , 2 1 Safety League hrvs arranged for n at the local revenue office Livestock medal and diploma to b2 present-1 ln " lc ci 'i' 1>a " al once. The pcn- cd Lieut. A. E. T. Paquet" of Quc-" la1l >' L ' SS at thls "me. bcc. attichcd lo lhe Princess Pals at Winnipeg, for his work in the Mother Of Nins, Dies Mrs. Bcrlha E. Ward, mother of nine llviuj children, died at fi:15 o'clock last nijht at Walts ifespital where she underwent an (iperiition a week ago. She was 45. The wnt of.V. B, Ward of <\r- morcl, Mrs. Ward had lived in that community for n number of years. Kuneral arrangements are incomplete pending arrival o( rcla- Uv-s item onl of the city. She Is also survived by live sons. Jessie V., Edward, Edmund, Hilton, of Annorel, and f>;lninr of i^iinmons, Ark.: four daubers, Klra and Doris Ward of Armorol. Mrs. Bertha Bnggctt of Evanu'llle. 111., and Mrs. Lillic P^ller.son of Hickman, Ky.; one sir.ler, Mrs. Ada Hunlcr of Madisonville, Ky.. and tiirce brothers, Clay. Stroml of Evansvillc. Intl., Robert Struml of Mnrllsonvillc, Ky., and Edmund Siroud of Russcjlvllle, Ky. Cobb Funeral Home Is I.: charge. HELSINKI, Feb. in. iUI')~Kus- t mi iitlacks on tlie Lake Muolii Iii Coal Industry Law iTe" ,{„? Sf b°ee ! by lhc Fillns who n:so Ibreiv buck', , . WASII1NOTON, Feb. 20. (Ul 1 )- !tai """>' nllnckcrs noilh of Lake' CW ""IHiint KHiH?.iuion during n storm over fUic-y Long's dictatorial laws, ever assumed armed proportions In the slate's lectnt history. Tjien, clli- •/.en.i mobllUed wllh «iins al Hie Ualon Uouce airport, tn defhuicc llircnlunliig Imiilu lormnlloti. 'Hie citizens gave way. after more than nn hour of Ilirculciilng gestures, bcfori: nntlonal yuaiel mochl.^c tuns. Iii the first primary. ,lun Ifi, Lou j polled about -10 pi;r cent of Ihe voles. The rest were divided among fuur opposition candidates, Ihc- It-ndcr of wliom was Jones. He Ijol the lislit lo cnti-r n run-off since LOI-.K had falteil to poil n ~ i majority of tin- votes east. Noe . i ' 8 ral ' 1 ' cl:lll; nn:1 h - EAST ST. LOUIS,-111. (UP)— month. Hogs: 11,500-10.500 on sale. Top 5.60 170-230 His., 5.5C-5.60 Bulk sows, -l.Oa-4.7J Cattle 2500 Steers 7.75-10.00 Slau|hler sleers, 8.50-11.50 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 1.50-300 Slaughters heifers, fj.50-10.25 IJcef cows. 5.25-6.25 Cutlers and low cutters, 3.75-5,00 train wreck nt Mal.ichi. "out'.' h',t i Tax BooitS NflW In took charge of rescue- Hand-S Of Collector operations atlcr an^ express "and ' freljht train collldc-d, ' He was! hai'ed by other pjisengors of th: train as n hero. roal "late m ,d personal Does Your Birthday Corns On February 23 ? Is llieic anyone in B!yl!;<ville or imincclinlc vicinity whosa birtli- day falls on Feb. an? Tno Courier , klnd or llo «'<?r has a . < bc ° li , s ,° { , tho Chickasawba dis- JKews would like to know How many .trlct of Mississippi County arc mi\v pciEons lu Hits r.ertlon only hrvvo open lor payment of 1939 taxes, it the pleasure of celebrating Miotr ,. . , -• »,un dlsiinclive flavor as well as per- lhe ce of ShcrifJ nnd Coi- - Wrthday every four years. - fumc, Ihc teslo of honey depends lector Hale Jackson. „ ,„, „ „ ..... „„ C1IU11I1J .,.. ... ..... on the flower from which the nee- Taxes may be paid until April 15 to this newspaper or telephoned tar was fiathercd. 'without, penally. ... IM Names of any one having Feb. 29 for a blrlhday shoul.1 b» clor Harold A. inous coal divisi thai "teeth" had been put conl law by n decision o! n tlircc- Judge .statutory court at Little Hock. Ark., which ruled thai a 19'; per cent tax levied on producers nol complying with division re-gulitlons Is constitutional. Gray disclosed thai the ilivhlon f/lRiincd incthoels of dealing wllli producers who run afoul of minimum prirrs and marketing rules which will be established tills spring. He said punishment inctcd out to violators would include Hie Ili'j per cent lax. . . Gray of the '-"^^a and t,, the Talpale sector 1 ^ J "" < ' S ' ,'" "' c J " n ' lli l >rlmill '>'' ision said loday of tllc '-farcllan Isthmus, it, W1(s J<"'« n»'l h<"-' logelher polled n een put into the )c »™cd lodny. , l majority, if im-lr followers all County Has 74 New Flu Cases In Week «l|>pl j ortcd ! Influenza is yd on the tn B.ytlievllle and Mlsslssli County with 74 new cases reiwi lo the state department ol health through the Mississippi Counly Health Unit for Hie week ending last Saturday. For several weeks, dozens of pc-r Tlio Finn. , who U c i ,, . . ! °° "' killed by Finnish ecaslabalicrlcs Helsinki meantime spent milch' 10 , I backed Jones today, and Loujr was chl, earlier vole, machine wil, have 12 - ycar " ral)b u> lhe "K CO '' C l ° Ulc cml (lf 1 1TTLE ROCK, Ark., Feb. 20.— The Arkansas supreme court yesterday upheld n Mississippi county (Cnccoln district) circuit court- jiidgmcnl in a contest between iclrs to the $100,000 cstncs of tllc !nle Mrs. Mary E. Driver. The court, affirmed tllc lower court's luilisment Ihnt an cxcculor had aulliortty lo employ lawyers lo defend the will under which he was appointed. ' ,-• Abner Driver was named execu- j tcr of his mother's estate, a large ' portion of which consisted ol Mississippi county farm land. Ida May Quinn and olhc-r heirs contested Ihe will on the ground of undue influence and unsoundness of mind of Mrs. Driver. Abner Driver lifld n cciirt order authorizing employ- Vlipnri, FiHliTid's"s'ecoiid"Tnr2Cst miulc l >' U.S. Attorney mtnt of counsel lo defend the will, city not far behind th™ Finnish GC11C ™1 O. John llogje. ! to which other heirs objected oil lighting lines, was bcinbed heavily i Rojgc. the object of a ridlo at-' tllc groum! lllat one s=t of bu unduly. 1 . Tliu note ulso f cmphnslzcd that King 'C(«;ol of , Rumntlia. y.'us not, vrlrlna toward a pro-German : pol- Musi "Ecoiionil^c" mi Troops COPENHAGEN, Feb. SO. (UP) — A Ucrllngskc Tidendc Stockholm dlsjiatch reported loday -lhat the Uusslan 164th division was In ft difficult position, will) Its commu- iilcntlons cut, ns the result of Finland's claimed annihilation of the Iflth division. The diapalch, qviolins Helsinki sources, said the Finnish ccmmami- Ing (jcncral on Iho Lake Ladoga front, afler announcing the o'e- stiu«tl«n of the letli division, said Uio Finns In Hint nreii were still confronted dlfllculllts and iroblems and that the l!s;ht would not become easier. "Cur task Is to rcononto troops, and It will bu necessary for us lo innke inlrnclcs," lie was quoted os yliiB. 'Ihc dispatch added that a well- known Uusslan officer, a lieio"tn the Soviet Union, had been mtido prisoner In recent ngutlni; on the Lake Ladoga front. AfHrms JuJgmcnl In Driver Will Case of the elay in nlr raid Jheltcrs. Six nir iHltl a!«nns were sounded during the day once after (fork but. no planes were seen and no bombs were dropped. Kojrgi: Answers Critics HEW ORLEANS, Peb: 20. (UP) — requesl tint cillxcii!; promptly report any irregularities In today's The Russians suirorcd heavy Utl " ocrallc Pf 1 " 1111 '* 1 nm-olf elec- losses when repulsed by lhc Finns' 1 lhnt mlslu «"> s litulc a vioh- In the Tnlpalc scclor il was said ""' of fc<lcnl1 la " s " " today. , tack last night by a stale machine The Finnish air force, however. ! speaker who accused him of trying j was active and reported that it ltl bring back carpi-Hug rule In i shot down .six Russian planes. | Louisiana, said that the Says Fort t.'ut Off I should be lluis favored over trm coutestluB heirs. COPENHAGEN. Feb. 20, (UPJ—' lho The newspaper Bcrllngskc Aftc-, racy - •govern| incut Is firm in Us convictions that | honest eleclioiK ;:rn Ihe basis of I the effective working of nalss reported from Stockholm lo-1 " ln °ur opinion the government day that one of Finlands most im- ' ltls Jurisdiction over any case where Bone Fractures Recur Six in Family WHITEHALL, N. Y. <UP) — Splints are handy amonj the bone- brcakiu; Bartholomews. Six psr- portaiit, coasUil forts In the Koi- "ie Unllcd Slolcs mails sre uscdj soll s in State Ass;mb!yma:i Heh- visto nrca had l»en cut off by I" furtherance of n scheme to de- ll)CTt A - Bartholomew's family have of relief. I'sycholosist Champions Kiss the emoluments and salary con- j meted therewith." Rtxjs'e slid. "It' is our further opinion that the government has Jurisdiction under n fracture of llu skull. SOMS liave'been Iii'of s»vere cold ! I V lssl ?, n , UcC|)s Imi " "" l ltt ''- <ilijlii 'y r f nll<l a lllai1 of public office nnrf j suffered 10 bo.:e fraofjrc?. rnnjir.g with n'mtiy of these also h.iving In- llURn->a, loral phy.sicljins iiave reported. Bccaur.e It 'K not compulsory to report influenza cases, 11 Is believed there are more than reported. New cases In the entire state totaled 1555 for the week ending Saturday, according to Dr. A. M. jand attributed \fr>Qr.niir >. — government has jurisdiction under MOSCOW. Ida. (UP - Klsstntr the civil rrgliU section of the fed- .vQi MS hurt anyone, J. W, era! criminal co.1e to punish sny n, university of Idaho nsvehnl- ! nMi^r, i,.. .,.,.*^— -„.!.._ >_^ "WEATHER" Arkansas—Fair to partly cloudy punish sny! tonight end Wednesday, slightly to Washburn, dlreclor of the Division ' of Comniunlcable Dlsenjcs. l«i, IT I I. r » "«..» Vl>!,l>14ill lu UU1IL^>1I rtll* : H;JI1^*I«, Bllll *VCWIlc^ua», fliL^IIVIV n?M ,w C 77 0t . M , aho psychol ' locUon <>y ptrsons acting under' colder .tonight with temperatures ogist said today. "I k-.ew a man color of official authority where 23 to 32. : , '- ' -':, and "nflrflnM^n 8 ' ? 100 ,, J ' cars lhat ^tlon Itvolves tuo infrln?e. M.mphls and vlflinlly-Cloudj- to 9 °" scvlt y to monl of rihts secured b ths con-! artl cld tonih ith we loivsevity to menl of rights secured by tha co'n-! partly cloudy tonight with lowest , II y $ n whenever pos- stltution nnd tlie laws of the temperature tonight, 33 to 31; arto " ialfl - ' United State," ' Wednesday partly "cloudy.

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