The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1940
Page 6
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•'PAGE SIX Old Master Of Basketball World COURIER NEWS Developed Short Game To Offset Small Gyms By HARRY OKAYSON NEA Seti'lce Sj.-grts Edl-m , NEW YORK, Feb. 19.—Nat Hot man lias often been called the 6r«U?£l and most colorful (igim Liuketbill has known. Uoono hns devoted more time to fcasfcctbsll' and goiten more out of , K tfiod Kolman, College of the City of New York's li'cad and (insist an l .professor of 'and Physical Education. llclmim brought first class tm- kelbal! to iho.biB cilies liy orlBt- nalinsf a type of game, that could be played best on the small court of congested areas. For 25 years he Has been the model and idol of a ijoort share of the basket-shooting youngsters ot Manhattan and elsewhere. Nnt'HOIinati was a sklnuy-Icjgcd ):!ri with oiilj 1 a mediocre physique as he grew up on New York's teeming lower east side. He stood only 5 feet 10 and weighed no more than 160 when he starred In world Championship scries with the O:is- innl Celtics. SMALL FLOORS FOSTERED SHOUT PASSING TACTICS Holman played basketball nil day as a boy. His mother had to go out and round him up at meal lime. With Henry street settlement, Public School C5 near Sewarri Park and High School of Commerce, Kolinnn jilnyccl oil courts so small that If a youngster dtdn'l get rltl of the ball he was hit. and Ghetto kids were loo smart to yet smacked. Later ivllh Hie professionals, Holmtm performed In cr«ni|x><l (lance halls. One filled into Ihe other, and the result was the Hohuan system patterned after that of the Original Celtics with the premise on po.ssesslon through shoii passing. Holman early learned that the close work required lo ollset the advantages of higher players demanded skillful ball handling. He is a stickler tor details and Ills system Is so complicated that his teams Imbltunlly come a-roi:r- Today's Sport Parade By HECT.T HeLEMOU He's Next For Joe Louis JfO_NDAY, FEBRUARY 10, l'9-i( ARCADIA, Gal., I-'eb. 19 (Ut>>— The wildest charge or men and •sts since General I'lckett ci'.etl , "Come on boys!" is likely to take J place here on Tluirstay when the ! jhtiirlc-r rings the bell for the sixth j 11 mining ol the $50,000 Santa Anita • diT'jy. | Tin-re were 123 three year c,!d : originally named for ihfs mile aiul |ont> i-ujhlh scramble. Up mull today j not a single owner (or a married ;unc, for Unit iimlttrj has scratched in single horse tor n munled one for tlmt mailer). Of course. 121 • uu.'i't go iji:t Ihe chances are Uial | 1 upwards of 40 will. And this Kill i ;sei some sort, ol n record for i , ; ^al:c o! this importance. I'robubly 1 j (he only thing that, will kwp the i<i;her 93 clljtibles in ihc bain i, ; l hi 1 ..scarcity of jockeys. I j There is no Siiic-h cliinij us an I j c.iiUilaudiiiK hivorite for tills race. '' in fact there is no .sue]) thing as "Ml foe April 3 In j a favorite. A man might just, as himself i will liy to pick his favorite wave in ! ihc ocean as to attempt, lo <ll.s- ' between one or iinother of Johnny Puyt , IMk> 1>ts Mohm hf ^,^ M ^ ^. ^ ^ ^ itfiKtem Square Garden, wastes no time in PcUlng ready to . the engagement in a New York W m. Think thost ICPl ivill sii|)|)ort him? e r anoer o f-aMl is ti net ly undistinguished more ueojite will he routed onto Ihe , slart orouDbi'e . Iruek . llllck <hnn Into Die grandstand nttcr )e -m" ilC ll ""' fl " ab °" L . If 011)) ' lwo clt » la 's ls «el on Manila 22 al Hie half Lux 01:1 u. Wes Fcirel] Is Best Of Golfing Major i,e;j<n){M> v ,' O TAMPA, Flu., Feb. 19. lUP) The National league will have least one world's c'hainpioii-ll champion golfer among ba.wbi j players is Wesley Ferreil, who r lirul Uic annual trophy after \vli iiiiiK it three limes. Ftrrell, lirooklyn-bauid aft many ye.iis of campaigning in t) Amrilran League, edged jack mi sell, former bij league pitclier. and 1, yesterday in Ihe finals Ihe annual tournament. The final's were played in downpour on a flooded ' coins Hiii.v.ll was one up on the mnn in-{ loijiid alter Ferrcll. gave exhibition cf the Uimpcramci that, made him famous: He lossi his mashle lino the woods aft. thres futile attempts- to Bel h tall : out' of'a' fooUde'ep dlicli the fifth hole. ..••'.' 'Russell won four • r.iralglit 1st. on the final round to go two i at 1 the turn but Ferrell llien hi l-nn shooting par nnd sub-par go lo take the next, four holes ar close oi;l liis opponent on (he 17t The hl s h snlmol' air... 'learn also siscli a low caliber lhat anylhing Churchill Downs on Kentucky Ihiit arrives on (iie track on time Derby day of 1929 For myself I'm and with n saddle nnd n jockey, hoping that all 123 eligible;;' also any Jockey, hns more than a fight- J become starters, n would be some hie chance. thing to tell your _. ( a *« »*.« ,t utii £[ MIIULffUttlClJ , Hie closest approach to a fcvoiile about when they came out to visit i is the loam of'three entry of the you—in Ihe liltle house jusl ever I Mtfky Way farm. Mrs. Ethel V. | the hill. [Alars was not content, to place her chances on a single hide and en- THE PAYOFP HY JKIIUY nitONDFiGi.D NBA Service Sports Writer NEW YORK, Fell. 19.—A Ues Moines heavyweight, name of Johnny I'ayehek, Is listed as the lest antagonist on Joe Louis' listic ro|>ram April 3, causing fight fol- ouers to scurry through record books lo see who Johnny I'avchck night be, who he hns licked, nnd ,'hy doesn't Joe Louis null Inking 'ug'cj» course"al;,lhe.^uvB8e,'School of Physical Education. JIcjsuis'; athletic Tdlri^tiir": of .the' Some nlrcndy liave iioinlcd out lhat the corn-bell belter Is a somc- wlmt balrtlsh Individual and It doesn't iiulle figure for a bald- hcpded mnn to be a great heavy- Weight. To forestall argument. Bob Pltzslirunoiis was, of course, the exception. Truth ol 'Ihc mailer is Unit i'ay- hi' in the second half of n cnm-l° n bums and third-raters. paign. A year ago, his C. O. N. Y. " "' ' ' ""'" club spotleil Oregon an average of six inches in height, and .repelled the. N. C. A. A. champions at Madison Square Garden. DIRECTED ATHLETICS AT NAVAL TRAINING BASE While"Holman always is identified with basketball, he was an all- scholastic goalie In soccer nnd once was offered n baseball contract by the Cincinnati Reds. He was n corking inBelder and pitched well, but lie wasn't interested in professional diamond activities, He was getting 514,000 a season from the Cellics, coaching, 'cily College,. running a boys' camp' in Ihe, slimmer and..writing "S-len- tind Basketball," :'-.''• . : . Holman,' «,' became coach of City;College;in I9ia after tak Encourascd by Arluro Gocloy's i stand he ml^ht ninke a brawl of il. Be (hat as (I may. Mike Jacobs once agnin proves lie doesn't have lo lake a back sent to the Hollywood masterminds who realize Ihe viihie of building a new star lor public consumption. Johnny Pay- chek has been maneuvered very "Icely in that direction. to n. The score at the half was Manila 13 and Luxora 9. Both teams played a very hard game the last half wilh each side scorin» under some close guarding. • Tuesday nigia :: , 0 L i 0 , 15 meel the Jonesboro team, birite champions, at the gymnasium here i • Lineup for Friday n:»hfs games: ! _ Roiul C:ui ' ie1 ' Ne ws want ads. i. Boys " Chicks To Play Zebras At Pine Bluff Oct. 1 PINK BLUFF. Ark.. Feb. 19.- Thc Pine Bluff Zebras 1940 foot ball Ecliedule, released tooay, vealed lhat the ?,ebras will me( the Blytheville Chicknsaws here o Oct. 11. Chicks To Play Three Gnnies At Homo This Week A busy week faces Conch Joe ; Blythevillc Chicks who have three basketball games' on the schedule with the possibility of a fourth in they survive the first round of Ihe Mississippi county : school tournament.. very likely arc at least' „ ""^ ™~ y * wi " trcl oul ml Ule four hcas-vwelnhts abmn. "oor at tlwir new gymnasium here click Is no bum and must be ranx ed a little higher than a Ihird- rater. three or four heavyweights about f 001 ' nl Ul who could lake him over the jumps lomorio « L ^ji^ —most notably Uob Pastor r.nd oln , -; ln »«= Oscc- iiKht Tony Galenlo-but In view of the l " fc , Ci ', lck -' i . Wl " "^erlain IM poiv- fact that Seuor Oodoy, the C ' l " Jo»«'oro Hnrneune «l the Chilean adagio dancer, did jo well, Byl11 """ ™ msA <" » 1 « llL "ill ubv there Is reason lo believe lhat Piiy- dlrecjo'r; '^bf ; .the '. Deuaftmejilj 'of Ph'ysfcal Eautatibii! or 'NCW V York's' 92nd Slteef Young Men's Hebrew -Delation _. the largest of ills kind, Jn.the 'nation rr- for: j years. For 2p yegrs he has'been director of Camp/Scatico /for iliays and'Girls at Ellzaville, j N', -Y.: :''•' Holman. wrote "Whining Basket-' ball" and is now finishing a third book on the game which Is as yet untitled. Two motion pictures have been made .on the Hoiiiini. .type of play. i • Hol.han played prolessltfnaily until 1933, touring with tlie Original Cellics for eijht years C. C. If. V. CAGERS itAVi: TO UK SCICOLARS, TOO Tlie Celtics did much mfeionarv work. Youngsters saw and mimicked Ihem. The Celtics had much lo show tlie peagreens. . . Dutch Uehnerl, originator of th- pivot Johnny Beektiran, Pete Barrv and Joe Lapchick. f | IUKIIM. i*vin v. t vi , SIIMUIU LUf iMllJJllH The name then wns Pacek and i team triumph over the CI Icks the "i tt ? S "!, " nt " J 1 ! 38 H" 11 hc chnng " f" 1 ?' 8« mc will be played between " '"" ' Manila and l.eachvllte nl Manila Friday right. cd to the spelling he now uses. Then he was picked up by Harold Steinnmn, his present manager, \vlio took him to DCS Moines nnd started eshibiliin! him around the mid- west. His trlcked-up name made good hnllyhoo nnd It wasn't long before Pnycliek was doing all righl by liimstlf and siirewd dcorgc . Holman perhaps gets less for teaching basketball than anv- other maior coach. And there is no prosrlytlsm • or subsidizing at. City College, where students have to hive an average of 60 and where . a star forward gets no breaks from the professors Yet Holman's c. C. N. Y. teams click at least has license lo step into the same ring with Louia. NKW NAME WAS GUKAT FOli UAIXVHOO It should be Iiuthcr stated that Joe and his nexl roe already have met in the ring but tlmt was n [ nY Thursday night the chicks will good many years ago when Louis | go., to Lenchrillc Friday iii»hl (o was Just-• starling on his way up hake on the Leachvllle aggregation In the first round of the county meet . .Sharing the spotlight here Timrs- <lny iil(;lit, will be the Manila ami Leachvllle girls' teams who will meet to decide the coitrty ulrls chaniinonship for "A" class schools. . II Blythevillc should defeat Man- and Paychek was still teur. an lima-j which drew n bye in the first round. However, should the Manila Stctnman. He 33 bouts in a row nnd Steiunian says he averaged close lo $2000 a fight. "And just (luce years-ago," Pay- click reminisces,/"! was right here In New York, trying lo get some work. Coffee and a couple ot dougli- nuts was quite a feast. Tilings looked so bad 1 decided to jjo hack to Chicago. Money was a problem so f hocktxl my overcoat." P.UVXE1> OVERCOAT FOR KAIL FAKE BACK HOME He also pawned a Georgia Coach And Godwin Visit Here Bill Hartman. backficlrt coach of the University of Georgia, Athens, nnd Bill Godwin, Blyllicville foot- tell star enrolled In that school at midterm, were in lilythc- ville yesterday. They are visiting several towns In Arkansas ami other southern states Clrickasaw A.C. Meels Tonight At Hotel Noble Marcus Evrarti. president of Ihe Chlcknsaw Athletic Club, urged till members of the group lo attend a special meeting at Hotel Noble lo- niglit. Mr. Evrard called the met't- 1«S for the purpose of holding (be annual election of officers and to discuss and outline plans for the club's activities this year. The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30 o'clock and will be held In the Rose Room of the holel. The meeting; is open not only lo actual members but all others interested In the club's program of promoting various nnvntcur athletic nc- llvilies here. This enlry lakes care of anv emergency Between them they can run on a fasl track, a heavy track (or a .street car track. I ether, favorites with the local (chumps are: I Neil McCarthy's Aiismv, a very ,sharp nily indeed. j Foxcalcher Farm's Fairy Chant, a half-sister— and no more—to Fairy Hill, who won this thing in 1037. C. S. Howard's Miok'.ud. whose Sire. Mio D'Arczzo. was chased out, of Germany because of illegal parking by another lire plug on the back stretch. The Kozinsky brothers' UHie Suit, strictly a fire sale hand me down. Louis 13. Mayer's Sir Jetfery, rated as strictly a class B production. Over Luxora Cagers MANILA. Ark., Feb. 19. — The Manila Lions downed ihc Luxora five here Friday night by the one- sided score of 41 to n. Fowler led ihc locals with is points while Morris of Luxora chalked up only six points. The visiting team wns completely outclassed from the That Loosen Manila (.11) Fowler 16 Ashabrani Denton 13 Love 4 Hut ton 3 Manila (19) - Watklns 9 Threlkcld 7 Fleeinan 3 Myers G'resop Griffith J'os. P F C Ci G Girls Pos. F F F G Ci G Luxorn (17) George 4 Morris ;i 3. Morris G Clark 3 Ellison 1 Luxora (17) Leigh 13 Elimaii 4 Ellis 1 Gee Burton Brown firesforie* STANDARD TIRES The Valdina Farms litter of five „.„, ciiciblcs - Valdina Mink. Valdina ™5* Gold. Vnldina Star, Vnldin- "-- • W FALSE TEETH Need Not Embarrass Many wearers of false teeth have Midem! real embarrassment because their plate dropped, slippe.i or wabbled at just the wrong tlm?. Do not live in fear of this happening . lo . FASTEF/TH, the Hoiland Teams Win Two From Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark.. Feb. 1C.— The two teams from Holland, Mo., 'invaded the Osceola gymnasium • and tool: botii g.',mcs from the Seml- rmles Friday night, the boys 40' lo 3) nnd Uie girls' 22 to 8. Both quintets played hard, fast games, the score being tied most of the time throughout the first half. Holland edged ahead in Ihe third ported nnd built, up a si(b- slnntirtl lead In the final quarter. Grillii!. the captain of the Holland team, was high scorer for the game, totaling 13 points. Bonn of Ostcola was a close second with ten. The ulrls game was one-sided from the start, us the Osceola sextet was badly out-classed by the invader. 1 ;. The Osceola high school bntul played between games and also between halves. Wert Optometrist "HK MAKES 'KM SHE'.' Over Joe Isanrs' Slnre Vhonc 5-10 late Thursday afternoon, but with "vr.h a ponderous field il may not ..t off until 'sometime Friday morning. There are only is stalls in the electric gate at Snnla Anita ind nlrcacly the horses are draw- ng straws for room mutes. 11 has been suggested thai the track officials install uuper l:erlhs in Ihc S«le. H has nlso been suyae.sted, by! :hc same far seeing pioneers who Ihougiit up the berth control, so to speak, that, trutTic officers be sm- '.loued nt'Ihc turns with additional step and go signals at the half mile pole. This race will probably mark the first occasion on which Just sprinkle a 'liltle Ik.ilinL- (noti- r plates. Holds •mly, so Ihcy I - - Jle. Does uol| sour. Checks "plale odor" (denture i •"""-"i). Get FASTEETH at any' store. Adv. 2. more KEYSTONE ALFALFA SEEDS ALL KINDS FIELD SEEDS BABY CHICKS L. K. Ashcr&ft Co. J'UHINA , EMione 154 othe trinkets thai he hasn't taken out of hock. He could redeem them easily but he keeps ihom in hock for good lucl:. Sr.?,^' i ' r 5 - 1 "--'-^=,2! From Ifi.-ii f ft in-jj °, ™."^. _ . Ir ° m relurniug to Ihc triickdrlvcr's job ha once held in From 1931 to 193J they u ,,^e« 43 of 46. After running up' a rccor "i of being undefeated on the home court for 43 consecutive games, the Beavers lost to Westminster Col^•I 8 - 2 . 4 -:^-^"^^ on to Cily. Ihe Pnvchefc has met none of the top-rankers to dale but more than 30 of his .% professional victories have been by the knockout routo. cop 22 straight' In the own bacV- 'yard before being storon h-' <« t ~ '" """ "'"'" Francis last scalon 26-4 ! L , C °"f' to traiu Jolml1 !'- f w '»• In m v ' ' g chance and the liglil- n.)i!innM ,. toil!l!Mt <*>'"-i Kc| Slil nilcr who has seen Pav- won MO "° !malls lea "« have lighi, a couple of times s\vev« *eri 230 games against 61 detenu, he'll beat Louis lor a grand average of .191. — • ' • Basketball is the mosl profitable Cily College sport. The proceeds from It In recent years have enabled ,lhe college lo maintain a complete athlelic program. Nat Holman's hobby Is sculpturing Someone ousht to do a sbtuc ol nlrr, for what he has done for city , College end basketball in general. Mosl of the fighlliiB in the Battle of Blinker Hill was (tone on Breed's Slelninan has retained That appointment probably was mennt to help build a gate e\en though Benny at the same time should do the lowan a lot of good Paychek isn't a murderous hitter but he punches hard and sharp Try One of Our Delicious PIG SANDWICHES 0!e Hickory Inn Actow From l» ? h School ARKANSAS & MISSOURI Farm & City LOW INTEREST RATES EASY PAYMENTS - LONG TERMS Fnstcsl dosing service of any mortgage ln;in company doing business in this state. FLORIDA BROS. & CO. Life Insurance Fire Insurance Investment Securities Osceola, Ark, American Lcjfion Arena Monday S p. m. LOW PRICES! AT TODAY'S As Low As Per Weet On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Each day this Arkansas tele- And one result is that despite the phone man Rips key sand watches increasing complexity of tele- sensitive mdicatorsashesearchea phone equipment, telephone cus- for a clue to possible trouble on tomcrs report trouble., on their Arkansas telephones. telephones only half as often as He appreciates the wisdom of they did 10 vears a 8°a stitcli in time in finding and A stitch in time saves nine fixing troubles— or weak spots These words in action contribute lhat m. E ht result in trouble, That their full share to the a-curacy is one way we safeguard your dependability, and low cost of telephone service in Arkansas, your telephone service. SOUTHWESTERN BEU TELEPHONE COMPANY

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