The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1959 · Page 23
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 23

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1959
Page 23
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€ilL MODERN PHARMACY !- b- F k. Basfnueh AS our prescription set^ice ibpi our list of services 16 yOu, We "keep Up" With all that's new in ihe phartnaceutical-med world. This enables us to an ifcipaite ihe newest products your docio f&r Pot prompt/ modern^ service, bring us your next prescriptibn. THUENTE PHARMACY 4^2528 INTEGRITY • SERVICE • SAFETY Tidbits b y | ( v e leltet Irotn , Mrs Dick Strayer, Howell, ttodge City, Kan! ftavfe iwowd frotn N«osha, M«,» here. Dick is a District Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of Ahnerica and has been employed at Joplin, Mo. In March, 1959 he was requested to go fof an interview at "Santa ?Fe Trail Council*' at Garden City, fcan. ,tte will be in charge of 7 counties called "High Plains ^District" It was a wonderful advancement. We are living in a hew .addition in Dodge City &nd,have a nice home in a lovely neighborhood. We -now have tow children, Lori Ann being born January 5, '69. The others are Patty and Rex who were born in 'Algona and Wilma who is more .commonly called "Willie." We take the Upper Des Moines and I keep up on the "old home town." Enjoy your column very much, Everyone here ia getting ready to celebrate the annual "Boot Hill Fiesta" May 1. Big parade, rodeos and square dancing May 1, 2 and 3. Monday night we had a long distance call from friends in Nebsha, Mo. tell* ing us our house hachburned and was a complete loss. Thank goodness for instance and complete coverage will be paid." GIVE A MAN THE SHAVER HE'D CHOOSE FOR HIMSELF It fifci b*en t**»s'ilttH 1 ha* N«A tout! Bike but thi, family ~ ' '- ""•"- ' one tintte they lived in the house oh the Mfcrfe Hfcfctott home site on Mcwfeg6f street almost across ' folfi »6m my family.' Uttfr Uiey m«v,ed to the house just south of the t>flir£ Queeft and ffcfnfk' ttiere ihey went to Afhold'S Park. Mt* Tom Akre, Post, mother and I were their & very I was THE NEW Ic oretco &VEBDSHAVE&* The rotary blade shaver that's now the world's best-seller! !\f ** t , „ • All dalr'closeriessJ'feWrl smoother rim stands whiskers erect for longer-lasting shaves. ••Jfelf-sharpifrTiig rotary'tltide'sY under skin-guards, adjust automati* cally.ito any beard. Push-button cleaning: flip-top head Rugged brush motor never needs springs open at touch of a button oiling, runs quietly, won't heat up. to empty out "whisker dust." .Complete with handsome travel case, $24.95. See the new Norelco Speedshaver* , on the Huntley-Brinkley News —NBC-TV ftrssts -it «fte «iwe,' Crid enjoysbJe .time it was. sorry to read of Ms death. * * , * I had & phone thai with ttonveiler the other day. She mentioned that he* bfother-in law and sister Bud and Bess Laxv- soh of Wesley are back from Clearwater, Fla., where they spend the winters. They Spend six months on the farm home and SiJt mpnths 4n Florida, an ideal arrangement. Be^i was classmate of mine. * * * I .was so happy to see Mabe Livingston artd' Velma Hagg the Other afternoon but the rtewa Mabel told me sort - of dimmed the scene. Charley has bough a house In Phoenbt, Ariz., where they have been spending the win tors, and their house here on Ridgley street is for sale. They will be back from time to time, but it isn't like 1 making Algona HOME. * * * I had two little callers this morning, Saturday. They were Susan McAtee and Diane Allen, both 10 years old. Susan is the daughter of 'Mrs Imogene McAtee and Diane is a daughter of Mr and Mrs William Allen. They brought me a nice bouquet of lilac?, apple blossoms and bluebells. What interesting little girls, good conversationalists, and enthusiastic over the summer activities which will include band music lessons, swimming lessons, Bible school, choir practice, "and plenty of just plain FUN, * * * • Callers 181 and 182 were Mrs Alwin Huenhold and Mrs August Huenhold. Mr Huenhold is now at G. S. At ninty-two he is frail and bedfast. I can recall so well his beginnings as a gardnei back years ago. He had a car.' and single horse and went up and down the streets selling his vegetables and berries. We were egular customers. Gradually he expanded the business to more greenhouse products than garden and he has been very successful Assisted by the two sons, one o whom died tragically a few year ago, he has acquired a very sue cessful business. He 'retired few years ago earning a wei deserved relaxation.-^ * * * Nellie Van AUen has earned a rest period tpo. After thirty- one years with the Christensen store,' she retired May 1. That doesn't mean she sits idly twirling her thumbs, she is too ambitious for that, but it does mean her time is her own. If all the garments she has sewn and remodeled were laid end to end, they'd probably reach farther than even she can imagine. * * * Another person who has earned a respite is Mrs Ella Briggs. Besides managing a home and raising a family of five, she has ttt and MM B6b JrehnUeti tiirtt been visited by Helen** nephtw, Harold PfldRet of Tatomm Wft»h. Her mother, Kmma Padgel was here on si visit lost summer. Hi* father died many year* ago. Marold 5s in service and will soon be leaving for two years in Chinfc. His grandmother, Mrs Krauae of Livermore is with his mother, is sick and confined t« bed. Another daughter Kntherinc Reed lives in Livermore, * * - * Lucky a*6 you who had *nbih- ers living to remember Sunday Thuriday, May 14, t959 Algorm (la.) Uppef Dei mlftg, bdfttteg. fisMnfc, eutdoor cookery, belt mftking wood carving, Algerian's Car Stolen & Pound An auto owned by Loren son, Altfunn, was taken for a joy ride sometime during the night Tuesday, May 5, by an unknown person or pot-sons. The cat, a 185? Fttftf, was token City parking toi near 1 BroS, and returned near thfe ftftftt?? spot after a 90 mile ride. V ,>v Nelson reported he accid*tttal*f J , ly left his key In the attto aftd ' someone took advantage of ins. . fact. The auto was hot datttag&I by the thieves. v • Mrs Mslry' Steffen of Peiersdn recently celebrated her birthday. i"What'll t dot Enid's on tfie phone and all the gossip I know U about HER!" FORD SAVINGS BOOK mi HOIHJ rrsr MODEl CHOO$E Ml Plant i« '?'!!•« FOT FREE HUFFIER CHECK - $102 'ovpr Ford's nearest competitor* on a Fairlane 5pO-any model— with heajer, radio and" automatic transmission; with air conditioning you can save 5219.85 Save up to $62 on other accessor!?*, v Save up to $55 i year on regular gas and ott ^Saveonalumlntzed mufflers that normally last twice as long ' WORLD'S MOST BFAUTIFUUT PROPORTIONED CARS' for a good many-years mad& aj home for'older and semi-invalid eople. She told a friend of mine ecently .she had cared for 72 persons over the years — not ounting her family., If that isn't i life of service, I don'.t know what I am talking 'about. This earned rest is to be'spent in an apartment on Thorington street, 'our rooms and bath. i ' , *• * * What used to be known as the Women's Missionary Society and the 'Ladirs Aid in the Methodist church was changed many years ago, combined and known as Women's Society of, Christian Service. Mrs Harvey Johnson and Mrs Ted Hoover Jr. were awarded pins and life member certificates at a meeting in the Doan church recently. I believe it is 25 years ago the new'order came into being, and I think could name several charter members in the Algona church. Adrian Casler did some work for me lately and we got to talking 'about Florida. He has spen a few winters there 1 and loves it particularly ,the fishing. • ' He didn't go this winter and regrets it, so he will probably be going south with the birds next ^al Since'the death ol his mother h and his brother Vernon have been "batching" in the old home. sister, Mrs 'August Schmidt live nearby and Iceeps a guarding ey on them. : ,.'-•• .•• ••'*.-' * .'••*.. •'•-.-. : ., '-The Howard Stephensori telephone': number reminds me erf an' old record, a tune arid words about' a stuck needle, 43434. Algona is losing a resident who has lived here many/many years, Mrs Tilla McCall, 88. Years ago she and her husband ran the Northwestern hotel, the building now converted into apartments by Frank Vera. Mr McCall died quite a number of years a£»p and Mrs McCall bought the William K. Ferguson house on east State street. She hqs had apartments there as well as .her. own dwelling. Of late she has been in feeble condition and much against her wishes, sold her home and Saturday the contents were sold, She left Monday with her niece, Mrs Charles Miller for Seattle Wash. ;' : • * * *,.,• • • . Mrs Max Mesing had a Mother's Day 'phone call from Catalina Calif., from all her family ;'ou 'there, Max, the daughters, Betty and Mary and their families. Mr and' Mrs Mesing and Wallace rmidp a trip to California a fen months ago and Max, who is troubled with asthma, decided to stay as the climate agreed with him so well. He is coming home in June when his son-in-law and daughter, Mr and Mrs Jay Soppeland come back on vacation, * .. ..* * ..-.•, Dick Post was here at G. S. on an errand for me the other day. HO certainly is streamlined nd look's wonderful. Says he as lost 40 pounds and feels much Jetter. Lay Plans For June 4-H Camp The 1089 district 441 camp wll be held'June 3-8 at the Methodis Cnmp in Clear Lake. Kbssut 4-H'crs planning on attending wi1 want to send their reservation to the County Extension Offico in Algona by May 19 in order to be included in the three days of fun filled camping. Over 000 4-ll'ers and lenders from cloven north Iowa counties will nllond the camp. Last year 100 Kossuth 4-H'ors and Icadcra made up the largest county delegation. The program this year will feature training in recreation, crafts, plus outstanding speakers and entertainers from Iowa. Recreation and craft activities available to campers include swim- The power idea Shred-All cuts green-chop costs 225 SQ. FT. OF QUACK GRASS CONTROL WITH IDOWPOIiSr' Cultivating" Is'pnly transplant- Ing your grass problems—make this free test at 'our expense., Simply 1 mix DQWPON with> water and sprinkle or spray ... watch your grass problem •wither away I »I»*DEM»«K OF THE DON CHtUICAL. COMPANt GET YOUR FREE;SAMPLE 'Hero's the saving way to chop and load standing and windrowcd groon forage ... the Gehl power idea ... five feet of haymaker that beats high coat out of the toughest forage and clean-up jobs. Shred-All does it with a battery ot swinging knives... shortcuts the crop and shoots it to the wagon, rifle-sure. More savings, cutting tips reverse for double life., If you need it — a complete offset drawbar. Built-m baffle on the hood quickly converts machine... lets you shred and spread green manure or trash. We have all o/ the details .... CUan-Cvt Jhreddtr m<*H •hofl work of tfaih/poiluf*/ brv>h» GEHL OKHL PUTS ALL PRICK FACTORS IN YOUR FAVOB BURT HARDWARE BURT, IOWA G.R'ASS, lAND BllXJS.U KILLEHH TriERE NEVER WAS A BETTER TIME TO HERE'S PROOF! In 1949 you v would have worked T78'/2 hours to pay for a $250 appliance. Today you get a better appliance for the same money — yet work only 113 hours! ;A|ERAG£'HOURLY WA&ES •§;• :;Sjn man : ufacturing:/ ; r; Now you Know! The answer to everyday insurance problems* By L. S. Bohannon inj Cash in I On DIVIDEND t Th« TJiuiMforfclnMnsplred Fo$ Gafcxle p>4| Dividend Car VOUH Kent Motor CO., Algona, Iowa ' \ Sll YOUR FORD DEAUR FOR "WORTH MORI" A-l USED CARS AND TRUCKS *Source;-U.S. Gov. Bureau ot Labor Statistics te QUESTION: Can you tell me the circumstances in which in surence will pay for smoke nsge caused by a stove 01 yrnace? ANSWER; Most forms of ex- ended coverage insurance state that the damage must come from "sudden, faulty and unusual" operation of the nesting or cooking device. FULLY SIZED AND FULLY AUTOMATIC..... NEVER BEFORE SUCH VALUE! if you'll address your'own insurance gu«$tj(?ns Jo this office, we'll try to give you the correct answers and there will be no charge or obligation of any kind. L.S.BOHANNON 6 N. Dodge <3Y 4-4443 '59 WESTINGHOUSE SPEED ELECTRIC RANGE Automatic Timer controls oven cooking and appliance- grill outlet. Cooks while you are away. 1001 Heats for precise surface cooking, in addition $o fiy* marked heats, ' • Perfect Baking with exclusive Westinghouse Spread-Even Heaters. Divided Top provides ample work space. No-drip edge prevents spillovers .., makes cleaning easier. NEVER BEFORE SUCH CUANINQ EASE! Westinghpuse oven heater* are completely removable,, ,.. they Plug Out for easi« est cleaning ever* NEW CQQKM 9HMCUI Ask afeouithe exclusive Westfnghouse Sprv? , Temp Ro&t Guard that kee|» JT»e»t not., dons 0 taste «ven U dinnef'0 delaye4 ' or ours, •"r ^Hi *1 f>l >fn r BEECHER APPLIA LAMB mm m sp <-P,, ^.7^ '.^:^( ,'''''^ C ^fe ' mm"" '^^',^lr:i«M

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