The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1959 · Page 21
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 21

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1959
Page 21
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£ Q«||*p ' QUACK GRASS WITS! I>OWPOK* Leo P. Kramer grass - fifotri . intd ydttf Best lattd, Simply you?' ttoekest grass Watch it withef away. Kills toots tool A.VA1LAS1B cdvims aas BQ. HAMMER'S GAS & GROCERY , ' St. JOSEPH, IOWA * — funeral servid were rheld Monday lor Leo iKram^ «4, Ufe^Rng, Bancri resident* \ ,• ' , Mf:>Kf«mel' died ^earty 1 tsUrMay.aftSMtoft in the VI lr*aft§ Ifa&iUl if! Bes Moines. 1 had been suffering With a def v live condition of the .main a'rtefy to the hedrt, tig had been In poor health ihe jtest ;two yeats and littabte to work. He entered the .hospital about two weeks a|6 Me was born Mareh 11, 1895 soft of Mr sftd Mfs Jds&ph Kti mer in Ledyflrd. tti ttWef tnto tied. A vetertn of World War 1 he Was employed at Welp's natch ery. Surviving Kt& three btdthet Right Now Afmost Vo Morft DeKalb Seed Corn has been Ordered this Season than' was Planted to DeKalb in 1958. 1 *i •? THE BIG SWING IS DEFINITELY; TO DEKALB Gef your De/Ca/b Corn Now From . • • , J * " • i' Eugene Hood — Algona Earl' Elbert - Whmemore nHT NEVER AGAIN RUINED ROAST! 'Husband late? Don't worry about that roast in the oven. You can serve It hours later, still hot, rare, juicy I NEW WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC RANGE KEEPS MEAT HOT, JUICY, DONE TO YOUR TASTEI even if dinner's delayed for hours! HEW COOKIHG MIRACLE! fS^vCxc/H5/«r» /' '^ „ /Joasf . ,,' Quart!. <^ .... never again a ruined roast because dinner was delayed. Amazing Serv-Temp Roast Guard cooks meat exactly as you want it, then keeps it that way until you're ready to serve iu «o<J«IAM-» COSIEST CLEANING All surface units and oven hwtew are Wfistinghouse Plug-Out design , . . can be completely removed fof^Ssiest.-^!;* est cleaning ever, Nq range |s moaem without Plug-Out Units , , , and pnly Westinghouse ha? thenu MWHMOVSE * Built-in Rotisserie , Miracle Seajed Oven 1001 Surface $ mimmt: * Automatic Timer t Super Coros Um't it Automatic Surface Unit it Full-width Stor«$e Drawejr TOW CM 99 'SU«g...>p rr| (17-19) Beecher Lane Appliance As Advertised iu Today's- Farm and Honie Section Blinded By Soft; Truck Crashes i Charles of §lue Earth, John o Btasori City and Peter of Ban feroft, and d rtephew Francis Of Bancrofts ' . , . ' McKifttion -Post of the Am|r^ lean Legion .eofiduttfid militdry „ The Mineral Ma&J wag said by the Rev, Msgr. 'Josep'h ScHultes at £t, fohri's Catholic church here. 1 Btirial was in St John's cenfetery. «^_ , .„ .^ ^-.^ 3 Minor Fires Here In Week Algona's firemen were kept hopping during a recent Weekend as they answered three calls. An automatic furnace control failed to operate properly and a small explosion resulted in the Bjustrom building 1 which houses Ray'S Market and 'Husk drug on State street at 10 a.m. Friday. Fortunately, damage was slight despite the fact several persons in the immediate area felt the blast. , I North Central Public Service Co. employees investigated the cause of the blast and "reported t was Caused by an accumulation of gas inside' the boiler of the furnace. There was'tio estimate of possible damage ,to the fur- iace.' At 2:25 p.m'. the same day, the engine of a staliori 'wagon owned and driven by 'Martin Huber, Al- 'fire on East Mc- Extensive damage An A^ltfonfl Jfidtt)..«—~.- --• oO f f&divild ffitrfe* krte«?.*«d fijtirtis *tt«n this irtftk \~ driVirtf wutrtf tots 8 IhrwMtft 8 ; teftat and iftto « r -.j- mile east and one-half .mile ™«.*h <sl LoM RtS:fc jPfiLf J 5 "*?'!* toB toad *l'T5H* 8.m. Tmirsdfa*. April 30. Ml r*&<ri9&l tteUtartsrtt at 5t Ahft hdsjskal pm fttttKJ lh6 foflflwir Norton,, drfvlftg ft U-UCK by the ^id-West Setvffcf MankKte, w*S blindta " " .arm, w»m«Sf to th<* truck was estltfatsa^irt $7BO, while $25 damage Mfttted to the fence. Sheriff Raijbft Lindhorst investigated the crash, Three other minor a6did|ntj were investigated here during the weekend. ^ The latest occurred Monday ai Mannaio, was onnuea uyi as Me dreve bvcf a sfcftf ...... r thl fdtttJ, ftkrfftttd iffto It* rfottH ditch atid through a fencl on " Ralph Bierstedt fantt *""* to See Members of the junior class of Algona high schobl will attend Veishfca at Iowa Stale College, Amos, tomorrow (Fridfty, May 8). 7:45 a.m. on East McGregor street, An auto driven by Leonard — rington, Algona, backed ffbffi . driveway ah< hit a highway P atrol cay Being driven by atrolman Charles Simmons. T6* tal damage was estimated at $350 to the vehicles by Police Chief Al Boekelman who investigated: An auto driven by Vyda M. Johnson, Algbrta, hit the rear df a vehicle driven by Eugene 'Huber, Algona, on State street at 4:40 p.m. Sunday when Mls8 Johnsbn'S foot slipped off v th$ clutch pedal of thfe vehicle. Darn,* age was estimated at $200 to, tho Johnson car and $75 to th£ Huber machine , by Boekelman who investigated. A car driven by John A. Oakland, 'Algona, hit one driven by Jack L. Lowe, Rodman, frbtn tho rear on State street at 9:40 p.m Friday. Damage' was estimavec at $100 by Policeman Jim Voig who investigated. •*", There were no charges filed fpl lowing any of the mishaps. Honor Couple Wed 40 Years ' Mr and MrS Walter SteVe celebrated their ;40th weddin „_..,„„ 6P AMfitmMBgf f 0 A.ftTlOljCS OF iNOORPORA* f 10H OF rAttfif SfiftVtCE COMPANY^ ;• 9WEJA (31TY, 1€>WA Notice rs hereby given that at a regular annual ttvetjlln'tf of the stockholdfcrs of the Farm Service Company, Swoa City, lo\v», held ni the office of the eiitporaUon, Swca City, Iowa, on the 21st day of March, 1959. puratiHnt to notice, thai the stockholders by a unanimous vote addttted thi following amendment to fhl Articles of Incorporation which said amendment has bedn duly 6xecUtcd nhd filed in the offijse 6f the Secretary of Stale of the SMte of Iowa: The authorized capital stock of .this corporation was increased from $141,250.00 to $225,000.00, divided into 66,250 shares of Which amount 18,000 shares of the par value of 25c per share amounting to $4,500.00 is Class A Membership Stock;. 18,000 shares of the pnr value of $1.00 per share, amounting to $18,000.00 is 4% non- cumulative O r g a n i z a tion Stock: 250 shares of the pat- value of $10.00 per share, amounting to $2,500.00 is Common Stock; 20,000 shares of the par value of $5.00 per share, amounting to $100,000.00 is 3% non-cumulative Class B Membership Stock; and 10,000 shares of the par value of $10.00 per share, amounting to $100,000.00 is 5% cumulative Preferred Stock. Paled this 21st day of March, 19 ° 9 FARM SERVICE COMPANY Swea City, Iowa , By Ernest Hcidecker, President Attest: Earl Kvamfcdale, gna, caught Gregor street BORON to power future space ships? THOUSANDS CHOOSE for quality/ reputation, price and financing Ttit »lgn 'of products you trutt, i»rvlet you romombor resulted when the car stalled and then burst into flames when Huber attempted -to start it-again. Damage was confined to the engine and hood of th.e machine. At 5:57 p.m?. ThuWay' smoke- was discovered pouringiJW}^^ garage owned by Frank Koppen on North Phillips street. _ Red hot sparks from (burning papers were blamed ' for the blazfe which burned a hole in the roof of 'the three-car garage and slightly damaged three autos before they firemen. were moved out by Hip Ailment Strikes Girl, 11 Maxine • Vaske, 11 - year - old daughter of Mr and Mrs Edmund Vaske of rural Bancroft, was taken to Iowa Ctty hospital for examination of an ailing hip. She has been complaining of soreness for about two weeks and last Thursday was taken to Estherville b^ her parents who feared £ dislocation. X-ray examinations disclosed what appeared to be a bone disease with the'ball'and socket separating. They advised treatment by specialists in Iowa City. The girl is a fifth grade student at St. John's parochial school. School Board Meets The Algona Community Schobl District board of education will hold a regular meeting at the high school Friday night, May 8. Among items to be di&cussed are: salaries for bus drivers and custodians and a report on teacher resignations and contracts submitted for ratification. anniversary Sunday, May 3, wit Open House front 2 to 5 p.m; Mr and Mrs Steven were mar-, ried by Rev. -English and bega'h' their we'dded life on a ^ arm near Algona 1 . Children ,born to .them^ are Mrs .Merle'Cooper (Dorothy) of Des Moines, Mrs Wm. Cook' (June), Downey, Cal., and Mrs; Ivah« Hiries4(Fern) of Waterloo.) Of ijthe.. three, only Mrs Coopeir and" •'family were able to atterfd although t ne Stevens received a call Jfrom tMrs {Cook. ; ' In 4'cHa' 1 " of * s'erving were Mesdames Robert Steven, Jay Steyeh, Leo 'Steven and Sigrid Lundh. .Mrs J. B, Steven poured and waitresses were Ann Steven and Joyce Opheim. Jean Steven, Burt; had charge of the guesi book, Mrs Gene Huhling, gifts. and Mrs Cooper was reception- ist - , , v Mr Sleven was a school bus driver for 12 years and for Ihe pasl two years has been manager of buses. They received many .ovely gifts. Th» Morning s'iarT4'x48' • wllh 6'x24' L I Th* Callforili with 22'x22' double garag* MICES $ 3489 ' PBEIOHT PAlb Cuilom-Bolll on your lot and ' foundation by our union cafopntoft— FRBOHTPAlb *ny*h«.T Any size olid style hoirto you.want, Most liberal home finance plans In Amarlca..Low,monlhly payments at slmpis Interest. Financing can include plumbing, hoatlng and Kitchen cabinets. HAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 100'* OF PLANS OR USE YOURS FINANCING FOR EVERYON6I Vfrt* or coll (or ynur loco) MpriiMfotW CAPP-HOMES, 4721 E. 14lh St., D»pf. Dei Molnei 13, Iowa Your representative i* J. Sweet 1728'2nd Ave. So., 5bdge, Phone 4-1273. Ft Soon I he X-L5, developed by the t/S4F * and National Aeronautics and Space Ad* ministration, wilfmake its initial powered fl\Khl. Future space ships, bated on X-1& research, will use powerful, high-perform* '•, ance {ucls like boron. what BORON will do In your car..* Now DX Sunray harnesses the power of boron for your car. DX Boron gasoline — one of th6 century's greatest fuel discoveries — brings you a new world of smoothness, power, und increased mileage. It keeps your spark plugs and carburetor clean. It gives you upper-cylinder lubrication free. It will not knock. Guaranteed to be better fonn any other gasoline or your money bacKT" So watch for the red Boron rocket. It points to the start of a powerful friendship with DX Boron and your DX Dealer. / A rnilliori motorists can't be wrong t / Change to DX Boron!. . . •• -poi&ers t/our ; OX-SUNRAY OIL COMPANY • Subsidiary of Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company • Tulsa, Oklahoma ©195$ D-X Products are distribu ted in this territory by: Roelfsema Barn Lost In Flames Lakota — Wednesday, April 29. the local fire department wajs called to the farm home of John Roelfsema where the big barn was ablaze. It was impossible to save the building which burned to the ground. Several . other buildings were endangered but saved. Cause of the fire is un known. , Mrs Roelfsema was working upstairs and was unaware of the fire until neighbors arrived at the door and turned in the alarm. MX Roelfsema was not at home at the time. The barn contained no livestock, but had a considerable amount of baled hay and straw and numerous tools that were lost. •• ; Canada thistle, Whitetop' Sow tfristte, Milkweed other problem weeds roots and all, once and for all! Chevy pickup pulls through"bottomleSs* pastures to keep stock fed! :wiih AMINO TRIAZOLE • « J # • mil, »ylj*?« ind other crops an N planted to t»i» .' tpr jyed (iroj 3 w«e^ afte^ t.satmtnt § owy to wit. wy fo'^n out of your tpriyw FlgNTON Murray, Elevator Coop Elevator Company (Soop 'At the Hall Bros, Dairy Farm, Montgomery, Ala., they say this 4-wheel drive Chevy will go anywhere to keep'stock fed-even through hiib'deep muck that makes it a fight all the way. And yet after a full year of it-no mechanical trouble of any kind! .••••- • • f That Chevy pickup may not win any beauty awards (till it's cleaned up). But it's sure walking of? with the top prize for dependability. And that's standard Chevrolet procedure. Put ai Chevy truck to work and it keeps on working until you say quit. Not before.' • ^ We aren't claiming that every Chevrolet truck is turning out to be a m'iracle-tforker and averaging 100,000 miles before a valve job. (Even though some,are going IBO.QOOj) You're sure to find; however, that you can't buy more truck- dependability at any price, • And that's borne; out by the fact tBat niore truck owners pui-jfheir faith, and their $ay» loads, in Cheyrbleis than in any other make, Take your load, and schedule figure^ to y<Si|l? Chevrolet dealer. He'll specify the best way to handle both andfsave irithe bargain, ' No job's too tougH for a Chevrolet touok! Nan?s the time-see your local authorized Q f*V**" w *'* v vviivv v.»- p _ ,'.,.,. fr ^^±,.,,,.,, n .,.,.

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