The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1959
Page 20
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I A': May Shower ; Saturday etenihg a sftowef wns Held *t thte SfKSted Heart Hill honormg M*s LatfJ? friary. tFhe program •fcas ifc thftfge bf Mrs Harold Ingtet faking £arl vtert Janice Weftfwotifj; *th gradS gifts — Jane Egisdai* Nanfcy Hensog, Carol Bontfo Deawna Riehtcr, Caroline Buseh, Rosemary Kesfa AM ftsefrene Rithtet;. sttd Ann feusch. In the scrambled word game Mrs Alfred Mcnke w>n Ihe prize. - The bride was assisted in open- hir" gifts by Befthna Riehter Darlene Rfchter and Elaine Steirt- Back, Puerto Rico Lnkeia «— Morris filonte, son of Mr and Mrs Harry flleme arrived home Tuesday morning on a 30 dasrlefcvfe trom Ihe U.S. Air Force, He came from Puerto Rleo <phere he has been stationed fat th« s past year and eight months. He will return there on |he expiration of his leave. IP rt'§ Nfews. we WANT IT THIS Wfifetf'SLSdLtJMir is AN emergency measure..'! and didn't MMte^my column the night I was supposed,—_,...» now* it's Sunda'y 'and my family wahte me to go fishing w1tH*l«*& So if you'll pardon m& this week only we'll do a rerun. ,it is "on fishing. <• {" ,-..-••*'» * • * ->1, WHEN A (SiftL IS ABOUT T6 BE married there ate.fotftof well-Wishing people ready to hand her advice. Marriage, they tell her, isn't all moonlight and roses. She has to expect some rbu " spot* along with the smooth. They tell her about all sorts 6! "' possibilities like fihancial .reverses, in-law trouble, and p^ft women. But nobtidjr thinks to warn her that her most gia'nidrdias rival'may ,very well <be a fish pole! • -. * • fvfV SPRING iMAY llE.THlS TlM£ WHEN sbme men's-fancy .tuWtb love,' but a lot flidr& waseuline thoughts turn toward,fishififsfolr sipring is* the 1 time when The Seasoft opens. Husbands by the Scerie leave the, plow idle, lock the shop or office door -anti head ,f&f the nearest watering place. •„ - ^ " Plan Meetings Fk ! I High Yields...Only one of the reasons why farmers like PIONEER corn Pioneer's yield-ability is probably, the main tea- son Iowa and Minnesota'farmers plant more Pioneer than any other corn. But other reasons — easy picking, ability to withstand adverse conditions, a'daptedmaturity, strong germination-—, are impbrtarit, too. For high yields of mature, 1 easy-picking corn this year, plant Pioneer. t SEE or CALL R. I. Mawdsley !„____ Algona C. L Bailey —-, Algona Aaron Steussy -U- -; Algona Eugene Koilaseh L— .--,, -,— BodV T. O. Johnson J^JJ— Swea City Walter Vaudt l___U_u_i__ Whittemor* * L *i *i - i* " *v ' Robinson Produce _'_>__._'; i Your Local,Pioneer Salesman I'M USED TO THtS ANNUAL BXODtf S, myself, and I've learned to cope with it. In fact f I'd worry a little about the health of the head-of-iheihouse if he didh!t Want to go fishing. What's bothermj me are all those unsuspecting spring orides who-will promisV'td love and.che'rish some ffsherman without fully understanding the symptoms, effects and seriousness-of the malady. ± THE FISHING, mSE>SE IS QUITE a bit:like!diabetes. If you have it, 'it can befictttitrollea. and the patient can lead art otherwise normal life, but he never*really gets over it. / • ; ' Sometimes the fishing germ is contagious', it's passed from hSrid- to*hand and mouthTto-mouth when victims brag about their pisca-, ioriaL prowess to non-sufferers, Or the tendency to fishing 'can. be inherited from' father -to sort to grandson like the blood disease that used to plagiie the royal houses of Europe.' i - ., ' ' • . + * *.' AND THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE who consider fishing a Vice. Although I'm not sure they are right, I do know that there are cases where a fisherman has been as attached to his fish pole as an-alcoholic is to'his bottle! ... >s , • But it' re'aliy doesn't matter too much how your guy .caught the urge to fish-"or evert how to cure him: The trick is 'to*learn>'tb recognize^ it edrly and to figure out ways to'cope with 1 it; I ". THE VERY FIRST RULE Ton rfisher'mari's'wife\always make ,him clean his own-catch. If,, ort your honeymoon,,he,catches one measly,.little bullhead, don't give,in and .clean it-,for, him/ju^t because you still have Stardust in your 'eyes. 1 If Vou'know f how fto scale'a walleye'or steak a northern, keep it a, deep,: dark s'ecret. If you'do it once, you'll always have the messy .job, Of fish cleaning on your hands. It he-says he's tired,-remember tired is, the 1 .only, w,ay they ever come Home from fishing "-"' ' ' " " • ' " v - '' ' s do .a nice job of cleaning fish. Don' wwity *• Westey will nwet May-10 \wlift Mrs JofiftSon with Mrs Arvfn * assisting. Roll call wtfl bfe aMwered by naming "An lowli Ffirhf.FVe visited." A home pros- Ject will fee demonstrated by Mi% MSrfln Acltersbn and Mrs Ednts Wubben,. Tht :TUesday Club will meef the; same day in'the Don Kraus homd with Mrs Jule Matz assisting. Lesson plans for next year will be discussed .and several reports dW-l&ffrl.nVSlfe'r.s -will be given. VSva, Lfeiid will the surprise ntinlbfef.^ _.„ Pufaffcfced t ' Banns of mSrffa'fe' Were published lot the" first time in St. Joseph's 'Gatholid ehirtch for Joan Ricfce, daughter, df/Mr. arid Mrs George licke'^ttd MlKe Vitsthum youngest seriVtof-, Mr'and Mrs George Vitztmmt, The young folks Will b^ fhatSfletr May 27 in St, Joseph's 1 CathOlfe dhurch. ' DON'T TRV T p^KETORM a cdnfirmed can't be done. Learn to enjoy fishing yourself •*>•*) *• Wi*.*V*-i4.* PuF *»•.». WJIA %«\rf AO) bll^v * \JHltJ X V *r*J' g. He'll ^ Jlajtter.'yoti"th'at you n't listen>o^|^p'i •• ; |n-r —-i—j*;^.^^.^. j jj*j-ti **.-&*" • «» t '_.''* Jjit«_ because *tis it not,- Members 6f. '.inH ,-Holy Name Society served, & Mothers. Day breakfast Stuiclaf> in' St. Joseoh's parish" hall; -O'ri' the' committee Were • Clair Winfcert Edward _____ ______ Johnson, Vincent Kteihoeter, Her^ m,an Bode> Rifch Re^iline, J. P Studer, dayle Stiidef, . Ed Gar- m'an, '. Jack \ VftSthu'm, Luke, Df; L.-L. Pfeffer and Jim Walker. \ • \ Mothers Day, guests in the Edward Johnson, hbme were Father' Gerald/ Wlrtgeft and his housekeeper. Mon'ica; Rombalsld of'Rolfe an'd, Mf ; - and ''Mrs Law"- rerin'e WingftfL ' ! , , , ' T Mrs Grace Martin of Miles City. Montana Beanie las"t week for several Peek's -visit in the CarSort Simpsori -home. / Alf Studertr,fetuT'ned 4 home, Sat'* ' ' urday front the' home of tidy's vi'sit in .Brother Henry ,i,« K •>. Investment Securities and Mutual Funds WE OFFER AS AN EXAMPLE: Affiliated Fund Broad Street Investing Corp. Chemical ; Fund Electronics Investment Corp. -Fidelity. Fund , , Fundamental Investors Incorporated Investors Massachusetis Inv. Trust Minnesota Fund, Inc. National Investors Keystone .Custodian Funds Wellington Fund' ' * ' •' .., 100 MUTUAL FUNDS HANDLING All Offerings ,By 4 Prospectus LESLIE C LARSON Ringsted PHONE - Volunteer 6-0648 , • REPRESENTING (.Minneapolis Associates. Inc , 607 Marquelte Ave, Minneapolis 2, Minn. TO MEi WOULD LIKE TO ABOIJT INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES Piles Surgery Fain go along anyway'for the fresh air and the outing." If 'your particular* nobby is knitting/lake along your yarn and needles; if it's reading,; pack a pile'of books. ' ' 'fi"* '< ""*"' i ' t t s - " "* - " . NO MATTER HOW GOOD-A sport a, wife-is" husband!^eM' to ! require some fishing, trips that-are purely stag. When'one of these, r spells^ comes oh;<learn'to let-him go gracefully'a'nd you'stay home; to ke'ep the fires'burning and catch" up'on your cleaning., Eventually,! he'll tire ,pf strictly masculine company ''and *Ke v 'ir return,j Although ou;can riever be quite sure which he's the most happy f to) gifeeft— is'sweet little Witt or her'nome-c'obKed"fri|aUs;'li3nermfn are 4 usually lad ; to f jbe home, x , | j} ,, ; 0 ,; v 1 ' -. "• - »';•"-« , f ADMIRE" THE FISHERMAN'S CATCHf; It may iookhike-a-'slimey Id creature to you, but it,represents lots of trying and outsmarting o your husband. If you Can manage to get some intelligent -infor-J mation about bait, hpoks and stuff,' (which XI haven't acquired) ask u'm about these. Eishermen like'to give play-by-play accounts of the Big One even if it got away, Listen oreathiessly to his,tales n that department and it will flatter him lots more than compliment-' ng him on his big blue eyes or the <way his hair waves. • " ! , -. * „ * * i ' . i LEARN TO APPROACH THE SUBJECT of your husband's fish-i ng obsession philosophically. There are things that are lots worse for lim to have as a hobby, Bank robbing,-for instance, or smoking hashish. ' i Fishing.can get pretty expensive,»but at has nothing-pn a weekly session of dollar limit poker,• They ^doift get as .much, exercise as they,.do while, playing golf, but at least'fishe'rmeh/catch something to .eat by practicing their hobby. ^>!> . / - * . • . ,, '< * . '>*. ' V * ' 5' FISHERMEN TAKE SOME RISKS^but it's? not'nearly so dangerous as deer hunting for a fisherman is seldom killed-- by being mistaken for a fish. A>out the worst they can do is to fall'into the lake And, in spite of all the.jqkes about Indian girls up in the north woods, husbands are pretty safe from other, wbrrien while they're fisnm. How do I know? I've,seen those Chippewa'maidens! * *> <<• »- , IN SPITE OF OCCASIONAL SARCASM on the subject of fisti-' ing, I am convinced that it is one of the finest, most relaxing sports a man can have. Age is no detriment for they can practice it from the time they^an toddle to the day when they totter down to the river with a fish pole -just before they take to their beds with their last illness. * * * - AFTER THAT, THE HEAVEN FISHERMEN aspire to doesn't have marbles palaces and gold pavedj streets'.'It's got rivers and lakes and nonds nnri nr-onv,,- a ii fnio^i w ith fjgft ^^ ^ £ w f ce as j ong ag Studer at- A^eXahdeVkS&uthVDa- kota. iffs'slSter 'ahd'«er husband. Mr and .Mrs'-Lou Schleusner of Garner-, accompanied him., ' • Students: who .participated in the high* soliool - recital at, St Cecelia's • Academy;'in' .Algona Friday,' evening „, included Ruth Ami and Je'anne /Nelson, Steve Studer and Helen. Lick'teig, .„ _ /MfbablW; AtiHtfy k*bf at th¥ "hospital imtSf. ,' V " ' 'Mr'afid Mfs'Geofj were'Moihers',Day ift m hbme bf thelt Vitethum.and family. .„...,— Mrs Tom vitzthttfn ahd tenilfdl Lauterts. Mr and ,*Mrs /. I&fc&j Youngwirth and family and -Mrs Helen Yotirigwlrth /of Wesley W'ere also'guests. *. *' 'V A Mbthers Day , dinnfer/ yjfta held Siinday'at the Stafitte,y.SihH^^ : son, home' honoring MrS' GsrsoA; Simpson;' Her huibartd ^is 'fir and was unable to attend. Those 'prV sent ,at the. family 'gathering, were Mr .and' Mrs DOhald Davis and'son and "Scott-Davis 1 , 'of 'Ot- tumwaj the Art Larsons, Buffalo Center; Tony Pearsons, Wesley} Lloyd Gerbers,"Algona;. Louis Simpsons, Wesley;-.Kenneth "DO'n- ovans, Spirit" 'Lake! Robert Le- Werkes, Garner; Fr^d JoKnsOfl," Wesley; Mrs Grace Martin,'Miles, City, Monta'na 'and Pdul Me- Nerts, Algona. ' • v ". . - t i Cynthia Carlson, young-daughter of Mr and Mrs Clifford Carl-, son, had an appendectomy at 'St. Ann hospital, Algona, Saturday night. ' - ../• . - .•"' ' Mr i and Mrs Donald - Davis', of Ottumwa'" brought his "father- Scott Davis to the Carson-Simpson, home where,.he 'will- visit several weeks. , ;• - ;.'^ § ,/ ' Sunday guests,of Mrs Christine, Engen were Mr and Mrs AT Cronin, Terry'Sue, and his moth-*' er of Des Moines; .Mr and Mr's •Clarence Donovan, , Lois '•' and Paul-.of i Park Rapids, Mirth;-; Mr, •and Mrs,' Wallace.Donovan. ,0f Spirit ,v Lake and ,Carri^'arid^ •Nad[ine Erigen. '- • ' ;'''}''; Mr arid Mrs John Paulson, Janice and Joyce ''attended , the • May 10 wedding of Jarie.',Tegt- 'm'eyer to James • Hilton at 'the Britt' Lutheran, church. ^Janice was bridesmaid., , ",""'•." , .Burrell. Lease -of New York O BEE STINGS HURT To most >16 A|They're ing to 66e.,. and so ia^teor P.EVOLVIN6 RACK Ever see a tie rack "in bust- ness" far the kitchen? A Mend attached one to a wall near bet casraflce. On it she hung fre- quently-uscd kitchen utensils. The revolving rack is so attrao five and keeps utensils right at ypitt " -oi cold.water; Soak a cloth in the solution and apply to the affected areia, Itf most c'ases, this brings instant relief! f ANTI-BREAKFAST CURES cup sugar till, smooth and fluffy. Blend in 1 tsp. vanilla. [Add 2 egg yolks, one at a time, beating .thoroughly' after each. Add 2 squares unsweetened chocolate,•melted. To creamed mixture, add % .cup sifted flour\ arid ; mix well. Mix 2 egg wtiites with £ tsp. salt. Beat till stiff. old in .chocolate mixture. * - ' ANNUAL SPANISH-AMERICAN BANQUET AND DANCE AT THE ALGONA V^.F.W. HALL SATURDAY, MAY 16 '6:30 P.M. MUSIC BY THE RHYTHM CLUB ALL FOR $1.30 ^ Tickets now available from .any V.F.W. or Auxiliary Member. '• For fussy breakfast-eaters, try these eye-openers: Cover cereal; Mlth ininiahtfe niairsh- iriailoits; brown. under the' Pour into unbaked pie shell. broiler in gas range.; Flavor Bake in 385rdegree overi for tall glasses of milk with Vanilla extract, strawberry jam' or instant coffee. Top cereal; with big scoop of ice cream. Make waffles and pancakes appealing: Sprinkle,them with diced fruit cocktail, drizzle 30 minutest !\Vhen the fudge pie's cool, garnish with-fluffs of whipped cream, top with chopped pecans. Watch it start conversations! with'' maple syrup. 'Add chopped onions to scrambled eggs., Any cures here for your' breakfast-balkers? •* • ; LIGHT-UP SUCCESS T.he .most. perfectly ^planned patio party, may be, ruined if your lighting is pVor!, Don't you make that mistake this Summer. Whether- you set up a table Hon the,,porch,, in ,the patio or, in the .back ! yard,-..c6rrect h'ghtingiadds'the final touch to make your ''eat-outs'\ successful,", arid so 'much m'bre'.'fun! Folks at your local',gas 'Company or;gos appliance dealer can tell yc-Ti . .' ©Northern Natural Gas.Company,Omaha, Nebraska PROSPERITY AND PROGRESS Everyday you carrsee your community growing! New homes are,being built... new industries are opening. Did you know, that natural gas plays 'an'important role in this rapid growth and "progress? Northern Natural Qas,.Gonipany helps to pipe prosperity, to your community, by bringing low-cost fuel for modern homes and industries! Your local gas company provides your home with this economical fuel. Jt brightens t a your leisure. C.lighten|;y our work ... means better living for your family and your community. '* Ihe ones that, got away here on earth; If a wife manages things right A heJC u n Mi havp - a , placc 1>ight bes «Jas her "fisherman in that dream'. And hell even let her cut the bait that brings in,the big ones' , REEK'S RECIPE 'IS for Wafer, Mint' Dessert. It's the one Nelda Finn gave me that I nvsplaced, I -had thrown it in the astebasket down at the church by mistake and Luella Maleuc -escued it for, me before it could get any further along the trash ¥i Ib. filled chocolate wafers 1 cup cream 16 marshmallows, cut up or 1 1/3 cup nut meats, chopped' fine 1 cup after-dinner mints, crushed little pillow shape'd soft ones) - " , Roll wafers intp crumbs, put half of them reased 7 x 11 pan. Whip cream, add other ,., Bt «*.„,„„, spread over crumbs. Put rest of crumbs on lop. Chill 10 hours —GRACE cup small ones fine (use green ones, the in bottom of a ingredients and Anxious Hours lost' Girl Found A little lost .girl, who really wasn't lost at all, Lynn Durant, 10, daughter of Mr und Mrs Milo Durant, Algona, was the object of a widespread search in this area Wednesday night, April 29. Lynn was found at 10:30 p.m.' the same,night staying with a granddaughter of Mr and Mrs Fred Plumb-at the Pluinh farm home seven miles northwest of Algona. Among officials callef into the search were. .Sheriff Ralph Lind* horst, pity fcolicemen Rich Green, Bill Schwarzenbadh and Jitn Voigt, Mrs'Ballard, a teacher at Bryant school, W. A. McBride, Bryant principal, Otto B. Laing, ni&h school su'pt., Patrolman Duane Uowan, H,umbpldt, and Scoutmasters Warren Brokaw-and Bob Hardy. According to Lindhorst, a check of records at the school and phone calls by'Mrs Ballard wcro re'^fftjfisfble for loipatih'g tfte gh-1. wa» nutifitd o| the ili^- appearance of the girl at 8 p.m, ( -It seems Lynn told her par* ents she was going to "Miller's" (there are many families by that name in this area) after school Wednesday. When she didn't arrive home in time for supper, Mrs Durant became alarmed and later notified authorities. All" known Miller fanirlies were contacted, then the discovery was that the granddaughter of the Plumb's was named Diann Miller — the clue that broke the case. ,A. pall to Plumbs provided the information that the little Durant girl was there, and Mr and Mrs DUrant's anxiety waa eased. Falls From Truck Carl McNurlin, who works for Kelley Lumber Co. at Algona and,- Ottosen, fell off truck Thursday evening at A gona, crushing his left elbow. Jle had an, operation to set the bad break Friday afternoon at Park hospital at Mason City where he was hospitalized. WANT APS BRING RESULTS NEW SPRNG COLORS! '. .•» ,m *'• '• ., •' - • • •' ' > ,J " •'-, -V '•" "•• ; ' .Choose jCa^otisel Red-^torrid ~£ts~*tKe noonday sun; ,Or ; Tropic Turquoise-cool as fin ocean breeze. Or linger; pver.the 18 other„ colors in ;Cnrysier ? s- Spring rainbow*^ All are Lustre-Bond ~ the ^hardest known: automotive ifinj^h^thatneeds^no pdiishiiig for x up\td 3 yearsl 1 : t i -p. -jaf t f^r f ^"™ Jl V *"" i J. & L MOTORS Hall St, Algona, la,

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