The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1959
Page 18
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. ff- IM- fc Do* Maine* Thursday, May 14, 1959 COURT RECORDS Ml PUBLIC ju*tke« of the peace, and ofitr public t»f fk?tt!s em fotly aware* of the f act NEW PLAN FOR AGRICULTURE There, is at least one, new approach -to "a new plan for agriculture" before Ctfngrsss* It ui "«/'-'! tljat nfearly tiift court record* are open to public was introduced by our own congressman, Mer inspection, including insfwttton by newspapers, win Coad. Regetrdless of th* final outcome of L ' After 20 years of fathering, according to his proposal*,, he at least has been _dotng .sprne , ptciintlff'S petition, <a $t>!t was finally filed oj Mortoft by a newspaper against a justice of tne peac£ who had been holding out on his records, ttr otherwise refusing to let them be inspected. * A district court judge ruled In his decree ttiat the docket* ond records in the justice court («lnd any oilier court) <ire public records ond ttyus open to Inspection, „ / * That the newspaper endured 20 years of withholding of retords Is a tribute to somebody's FJatience, we must say. V It might be said, In passing, that city, municipal and county officials in Algona and Kossuth county have very seldom been anything t»ut willing to abide by'the law in having their records open for poblie inspection, by newspapers or any other citizens. * * * * SUNNING AWAY NO SOLUTION * The father, mother and five small children who disappeared from a Minnesota town have iieen found, safe, In the west. Their reason for a^ mysterious/ sudden disappearance is laid to the fact that-they had so many debts they felt tlf>e only wdly but was to disappear. £ They are rnOre fortunate ..than the Oregon family who alsb'disappeared, and y/ho ev/dehily met }hejr degth, ih an automobile plunge into c) riv^ .canyon.> ThfirMin,n,eiOta family Is alive, cjnd still ab(e fo solve \\s difficulties/ It is unfortunate that everyone cannot arrange and jorder their everyday lives so that there are no problems, of. 'debt or otherwise. $oy/ever, running'} away seldom' If ever solved Anything. ; * . 1{ Life is also strange in many ways. There '^ne many men who are endowed with immense ability in given lines, yet are>unqble to govern their own finances or save enough money to properly feed and ^clothe their families. Other men, some: who can..hardly write their own- , , - - , , , , ,. . • „ rjames, -can ! b«6me.millionaires. There seems to ducers of Wheat, Corp, oats, barley,' rye, flax, SOP- ii— » —..--.u ' '."„«.«:« ^..t,ivu ,„*, «.,:^'<. «Uo'r« a t ghum, soybeans,,and rice<» » , 9. Tobacco, peanuts, wool,^ sugar, 'beets, and; cotton are not included in this program and / acreage o'fxihefce'^ornrnodities is not includei thinking - and taken action — on the question In brief, here are his proposals, as presented to the House last month:. 1. Under the provisions of this plan the farmer wil place 10 percent of his tillable acres in a conservation base on which he would receiye no government pay at alt He would idle thesi acres *s his contribution to cut clown production, He would even seed down these acres without cost to the government. 2, Each producer will place 25 percent of the remaining tillable acres in the conservation base for which he would* receive a "payrrfeiiHn kind" of surplu's crops.- The payment' in kind would 'be at a rate of 2/3 of the regular per acre yield of the farm on which the acres are placed in the conservation base. You see here we will be making the surplus pay itself'out of ,'lts own problem.' 3.\On the remaining acres, (wh'ich are in fact 67%. percent .of the original'total) the farmer can plant, anything.he .wants to plant jus|, he doesn't plant any, one crop on metre* "than 5t) percent!trf the total cultivated acres. This'gives the farmer'the freedom to plan^What, where and'when he wants to, plant. On thesfc; crops -,'thei producer qualifies for 90 percent price' supports. • ' ^ * J 4. There is, under this" plan, a $10,000 limit for any one producer for price support loans, , , , 5. Producers With farrnis of 30" acres or less' can enter or remain put of- the "program at th£ir; option, • • '6« iTJ_ .. s , t ... v the program will be subject.,to a "penalty :of ,'.$10 per acre for each of the first five acres and -$50 per acre for each acre in violation oven five. 7. The Commodity Credit Corporation, when selling surplus commodities forlsjny. reason, will be required to purchase equal' amounts oh the market to place back in storage, in order \to stab; Victorian r C3*fflf . what feAfefea it Wfffn% nXVSffO JW eent level^ Iowa and Hi . jli'Hfcif j^ST ,„.... m j^MM^iBcL....... iddiftt. zgi&te&_ jjfflttf 0aeif t 'I ? «ifc TOitteiofifimifti ffv'M-ri ..._f1iand,lt< j sit bafefc <teo* tf.tfth«*,««fe i tfr$i you, sir, but w**rt not rilowed to ttnok*. on dutyl" We begin id have Hi feecutnulatfed iiirplus ofr ground water .iff this . 'ijjgMfrtit ^, . r4a v jA*duii i^K& /4t£& ^Mlijdb^^UVi^^ll^t '• ll area wlBie^aa'vl. tne .accUjnulaieiCl .^| deficiency such as %e have at present, we'll have high watef again ift%tr fake. You are invit* ' ed to cbmo to Clear Lake at that 'feme sdffthat one of uSJi^ay hltf!.- lhl» pleasure of rubtlifg, #$&'* $o$e inStiie flowing Walw-W^ff" 1 ,%lte6fft^pver the;*the t | : " outlet in the east,end of our teltl, Yours truly * , James R. Gllruth, . 200 First Ave No, •%.-,. t , Clear Lake, Iowa ;• • fidii&t's Note — The above writer* ; and the Upper Des Mcdnes editorial in question agree on one '-,'•» thf. JfWK 3 * btjt;6nte i ffblBftRL «-l*|riheti5 hoping fbt -a;good,heavy, to sfen out the grwwuj» oc «v>tT full, mfSt According to soil eXpem, tee Was plenty ofm&isluife '"iri the soil Weep'd^n/that is%> but very "** ,*I*bMC "f *****"". * i * "=vvTrv. J-H*.— i .a «j L -surfaces ift the>.a^eA. -The lore cast %as fof cloudy ^weather fol- lo^ed by rain. High temperature iMflt '.IVaS 82 < degrees. May 16, wMe l ihe low was 36 degrees tft»P£R -MAY 18, 19J9 are a few sfocery prices gleaned from an ad in the UE>M — Ham, 'to roast or broil, 19," 23 and 35 cents; wide bacon, 19 ^ents;'' sirloin and i short cut steaks, 25 cents; cents; standing rib -roast, 17 cents; sandwich -''*.:' t -Jl? "..j^-' ,- cookifes, 2 'Ibs., 25 cents; golden ' E. 1,-Wideh. Who lived, m: the C qt;n, 2 cans, '15 cents; golden irvieW,,' community ',4o"st' hid syrup,- 5 Ib. paid,. 25 cents; flour, : . •: T . 'i'aie washing tort ,, thing, Clear' Lake needs 'more- watch six yeafc? agejahd had no 49 ib. bag, 94 dents; -soap, 5- water. "We hope the lake, gets dt, luck when he v searched - f Of, it. giant' bars, 19 tents j r - lemons, or at least enough so -that 'Mr Last week, Robert Mastersori was dozen, 25 cents; radishes and Gilruth-can try to rub sbnieone's discing in a field 'and Uncovered onions, 1 cent pel' bunch; and nose in "the stream 'at', the spill- a shiny object' Closed inspection cucumbers, two for 5 cents. . way. '',.?" .".''. i , proved it -was .Mr Widen's watch »• * ' - > * ' ' ' xwn' WP «ar» PTTM AND -WE HAD FUN and it lime after it> A .VfeMy Report frbmjhe tfa\&h\t Capital by Ray began,,, keeping- good Movies set ioshoW here dur- ^ Masterson wound" i n g the coming week included • «L ud ky Night"- With Myrna Loy „ « .,', . * , * , „ and Robert Taylor; "The Flying Four chll ^ en / *r om ,,°»e'a*ea, Irishman", with Dduglas "Wrong- .ranging in age from four, . Wa y» Corriganr Paul Kelly, and SPEAKING J FOR f Bryant School , » • iMay 10, 1955 r,Des Molnes;Pub; Co. to 1<f y^ -^ ^^^ gent We are-sorry to be,so tardy in to the State School for'^ildven Qf . <i< n.."i j_.^> j!'j...'_.>>.-- _..^ at Toledo by judge viJ, w.. otui pRACY-— Many, people are 'for,- jMes. .</ With Mexico' the U.S ,ahd the Great telling you that wejdidf enjoy our trip to your printing plant. Each man of us learned: something, and getting that this Nation was help-,Tttks."-no, trouble getting along on — — - . . .TV. ed more ^ than--it was hurt over',n'6w,the,^aters of the Rio Grande some of us learned several things.' the'h4aa|llne screaming dispute'river?'should'be [shared for the, M ""° "* " e hart eoon - hlff " rpqtl ...U1«U ' i-i^.l^nj i'_ r<1nv.n t>nn4-V> i JH4 vin n t n !Un^ ri* \4-'nt \\-j\t-W >im t »t t t«l r>o hool 1 0 ea mure 4Uian." it waa jiui i, uvci ,jiuw wie yvaicio ui me xviu vjicuiuc --...- — — ^ —-- •»- cpndinS them 1 to Toledo It W33 the'h4aa|llne screaming dispute'river?'should'be Uhared for the, None of us had seen a big press ^Sufe ™ home S conditions whichT'resulted ih Clare Booth Ultimate benefifof both' fcountrles. in ( ,operation We do Miiinkjyou' SgJJtfc-prove toilet each child Luce's •resignation, as ambassador^ . , -o- • „ ' 1^3±,SL/.?^Ml^ I main Te^''' ^ Sfshe , producers violating' the " the market unless the price on the commod- sold m the first place is, 90 percent of parity or over. , ,8. This program-will be voted by'all the prdl -".!._ . * * i • *?• * m ' •?• be a "seventh^, sense" >vhich can guide them the right'time*, ih the. right'direction, to financial gpod fortune. '\\<: \<- > *': (;' v » , *', ' * ' Regardleis^f 4riajVlyual ,abllitites;Jib pr^o- "J> I " If f f»flm^ S*/H**^ H ^ J ^ -^5: ^jj; YJ^Aj]^ .fif , \ ,•$ to Brazil. s 4t J P.o ints up' ill xtop clearly)-ihat»'W;4; believe in', free ; 'spee'eh',110 (matter what h **-' "i- * ui ;lv* * j* *«' *±.i __i. Imagine 1 "'so$ae Russian gett: and. lambasting „ from lare at given as reasons for them to Toledo.' It conditions child she Armstrong; and "Streets York") with Cooper and Martin Spellman. J.P*. Court Fines , \ ' ' / : ^ iEugene?<!t. Shappell, Missoula, Montana, was fined in J,ustice C. H. Ostwinkle's couri. Wednesday for unlawfully bringing into the state more .than 20 gallons of fuel in a truck -vWthout, paying .taxes, to the state in advance for picked By a Russian.c 'an* important' J! -'— Real democracy _-_.„ _... , . __ ,when',-'all »the people ha've4he, fice'stdfl at \vork doing nothing right "to criticiae freely -an^d Open-; but ^ classifying Federal jobs. ly,> v ,• H t W ' • , ' j ( Uncle Sam 'has- policeman, avia- ' tion safety officers, child guid- ' " ... a few of many, many, ye /ems are esota family has' : founcT6ut "i. * • - * * away> e4iS|we.have added abouf-3, "' 'residents eacKi- aU of them hae ' ,000^ Behind The • v;r j; >',- '. >' Movie • 'WITH BUDDY MASON • -The markets .here showed that .best light butcher hogs, topped a$ '$6.60 during the we.ek. iFat steers- were, bringing.' $9; corn") 44;'centsj' oats, 23%, 'cents; barley, 28>cent's; eggs,;'-15 cents; cream,* 21% cents-; '., hens,. 11 cents;, and ducks, -six/ cents. " ' eacm-yea: { An Iowa banker is recommending that a standard size be set for checks in order to make them easier to handle in the banks. We have Noticed this variation'in stee* of cnecks ourselves. They always' seem" jt'o be much smaller coming |n than going out. — Sheldon Mail. ••_-, Tipper. CS Jai-E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa j, .. ' -»',.. '/' ''• Entered' as second class matter at the postoffice \ at Algona. Iowa, under Act ol. Congress of | March 3j .^878., - . | ' 7 Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DEB MOINES PUBLISHING CO. ; the tillable^acr^qgj/.of this program. . , . ^ j^J t. So, in,'bnpff-,;£he program.-does jthisi- c *.'', "' '* •1. It cuts''production Vith 4 '.ilie"farmer contri^ buting 10 percent of'his total tillable acreage. The - surplus" will pay for more acres planted in the .conservation base. ; > , • ' 2. Surplus" will be'held off the taarket'unless the price is, fight.^, ' " / "• , ;»-_< -.•' ;l . 3. The farmer will have freedom 1 to plant tlie' , .crops he wants to plant. 4.iThis.>.plan will help those who need the help—our .family farmers..,. ,. , , *,,»,„„ » 5. The price will be raised,more by the cutting down-of production but also b~y price suppor-ts. That.the present;1959 setup is going to be ibrt term duration'seems quite''evident. Does 4 Congressman ,Coad,'in his above'presentation.,' . .., , . , . , - . A little' West, Bend, boy, -"Conrad Satern, received bad bruises, and narrowly • escaped,' possible qyer^, death, when he fell .under, the 3BHf& °N..Vs ™u=°*i» '^veSf G is^w TooSl ^ifPft^^EiltelVS §5SttleS !J S" «'°*"" •atervACpnversion plants. 'These < HpUywood, palif.,—'^.^ «,»v.. r , aeatn , wn eu ne ieu .unaei-. uws ••* lants will ^urrpsalt and brack- age woman is too demanding. She rear,wheel of a wagon Thursday.' v,^,*^,,,^,^able water for ^gts' '6ri " attention's that-"«Went His father, Thorstqn Saterri,,K\ish r '. t/-"*""*!,- i" Xef^ l_ * ~ V * '<-"«-*«• -*»M»-I vrtt PHI inn" 1 f i 94m.4ii"it*S HTln f fimmil- X.**4 u *i*ifl>« | t 4-KK 4 f i»»n_.r»ovi t- *^i rrQ^ an**!' — j i_ 1. .x_ ^ j j.^__ i s'ii.i—V * * :feeiy added' to tSe' _. population^ /This,^. »"»- uage pr bbieni lire; now pouring into- ;simmons ba'cked her. conviction; , , Government offices. One-man that today's woman "would'find Koss'u ! ih' ( couniy:,.Vupervisorn man easier by were preparing-, plans 11 for, "con- ; ; • J *" 1 * ; "~ 1 "-" struction of a new. county home to replace one destroyed by- fire brought on a rate of short term growth for some time to come: " \ * * hook on to- icebergs in ,?"gi v ing,more,-and taking less." A«%^>n n v* J V^ rtm^l +1^ r*w\ T-rt t ^» ' " * ' • i _ - ..'__ * A _ 1 c" area and "haul them to warmer • Climates where »-they i melt.' Uncle' Sam, 'it ;can '"• I J--J-.. Q----T-' C t ^. ' I L.i , —, \ •••. 1 •*•» « V»«* *T «-fiiH- *" '•*' "| ,' *(, i ( ? /,•" iwpuld'i melt. Uncle Sam, it;can paVs!" ''Now; • ., HAP'PY/BlHTHDAYj —' The fbeV sure, iXvill, pass this one up, ,f ean we c an ', t „ , .^w » . * i ••_! i* TiliT TFTUT^ 1 " ^*^\OTO KJf^^W J . . t , For years we've been ' told, "It's the woman ' who pays' and after listening to seem to recall a TALKING "qOSTS MONEY Professional Directory 'mortgage papers. FHA has been" 1 pendix of the Congressional Rec- boyS) M i ss Simmons listed ten responsible for $35 billion worth ord. They use, this opportunity "Flagrant vialations of the female of«private residences and ^ome,,$6i v .?tqjplug 1 .things back,. home. Each prerogative." billion, w'orfh of apartments. It ^Congressman!' is- allowed two "Both wiv "" " " ' a for this' urose and « 1 C. S. SRLANDER, Advertising Director # ,'~ ^ -&QN SMITH, News Edltoi?. I' ...CLIFF LONG, Advertising Mgr., - FgRMAN; CHRISTOFFERSr Plant Foreman OUTSIPE KpSSUTH 4.00 COUNTY,NEWSPAPER -^t— ------- 63 ° have a better, more workable solution? * * * DANGEROUS STEPS BY BROWN ... ^ , " 'Eagle Grove Eagle — Patrol' Chief Russell I. Brown has taken two steps that are dangerous, tq our concept of democracy. They both smack of dictatorships and until made law by the legislature should be resisted by .everyone. The "point system" of punishment for traffic violations has not, been written into law as yet by the Iowa legislature although a bill; to' do so has been on both calendars since early in the session. Until the point-'system is .written into law'by the only body who can make state Jaw it is not law of the land and it is illegal to take away a persons drivers license. It has been so declared by several judges. It is also now known that Brown is trying out •un unmarked patrol car on ioWs highways just as an experiment. Experiment or not it smacks of the Gestapo and is repugnant to all law abiding citizens. Both the point system and the unmarked patrol car should be done away with - immediately until they are legalized. * • i * INTERESTING PHENOMENON Memphis Commercial Appeal: — Interesting • American phenomenon is the spectacle of a formeix farm boy scornfully refusing to p}ay baseball one season for less than $75,000. * * * In Towns' without parking problems, there is usually no reason to park! —* 6§mer , . wives and sweethearts," has "helped" change" this Nation "pages 'a day for this' purpose and she said) « wou ld do well to avoid ' them if, they would haye'Vpmpan"- rather, than servility." The from a land of renters .to a land that costs 'the "public roughly of owners. When FHA was born $160. Anything beyond two pages in,1.934, 70 percent qf all Amer-,.. they .have to pay. In a recent fi agran t ten included insisting on icans "lived* in'rented quarters.? session of-Congress one member the man standing r by"to"'open and Today. ' exactly ~ the opposite is, inserted 200 items. But 40 others close cai% doo rSj jumping to light ta-Ge —'' 7d percent' of the""people^aidn't "insert 1 'a" 1 single line. •"•** /; -^ g i r i» s ''cigarette,..gtariding every nuMi their homes and only 30 • • • •• —o-—• .. time she enters or leaves a room". ?^ l ,C and declaring his lov^^daily. v . — '-- , H, 1 " " Miss" Simmons claims'-that the would Have taken away c j rcum stances under which she own they? homes and only 30 ,. Jv ';djpnt ^Eisfe'nhower ~ vetoed • a iv *-i«*iVU»i'VU urniilrl Vf otrO fair An percent are 'classed as "renters. LESSONS OF HISTORY ,•• , i. i i V .m«wji.u»»«-v.o v*».x»^» .....v... -.— American diplomats are working *lEfom the Secretary of Agriculture took ] ie r unprecendented stand quietly behind the scenes trying and given to the head of the aga i nst .the sisterhood had nothing to end -the bitterness that exists Rural Electrification Admmistra- to do with her opinions. She between''India and its small-'East- 1 .-'tioh the power to approve or turn vvas - being rudely handled by era., neighbor,. Pakistan. -A^sore; down,REA loans for country tel^-. Rock n u( j son j n their co-starrer . , point with both countries is fail-<, phones-and electricity. • The £en--- foj , Universal-International and ' N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 ure' to agree on how to divide ate * overrode the veto but the xr!«to«« •t>:- n ^ t<r ,t; nnc "TViio .s-.n^th Home -, Automobile - Farm faifly the waters which flow House failed to follow sujt. 'A down their common border, and V thousand explanations have been intck the Arabian Sea. ,- The^ given for the House vote, but (a 14U1U „ United States has long ago • prov- - there was really one reason — , his women . , , ^.,1 ..... !_i._._i r..:£T_Jl... _„!!*! TH,« ,.„(•« (r>11o tUactrvvw IUa W *'»» 1 V*|. INSURANCE ALGONA INSURANCE , V AGENCY. .J. R. (Jim) 4 KOLP Surety Bonds -— All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St. Phone CY 4-3176 BLOSSOM INSURANCE AGENCY All Lines of Insurance Automobile - Furniture Loan N. Dodge , Phone CY 4-2735 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE, v mtage Productions, "This -Earth Is ,M} n0t » This dramatic story - f a v i neya rd empire deals with fami i y rebel who is rough on ed how Ht can maintain friendly politics. relations with its neighbors -and All the The vote tells the story, ^ Democrats except four Jean quick , to ex pi a i n , still share the waters which voted against the bilj. All . tne_ ^owcver, that her stand .'was not separate them. With Canada it -Republicans except six voted j n £i ue n ce( i' by her film fate at the * • .-.,„..,,, ^ „,..,._- -------- Home -. Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance CHARLES D. PAXSON Dwelling, Auto, Liability,* Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 . has agreement on the use of the * with the President. Irate Clear Laker Takes Exception To Editorial COULP YOU CALL, AT 5,2CQ HOMES FOR SOc? A classified ad in this newspaper will do just that. A display ad will do evep space is ihe > successful of any fpyro'of ' ' - THI Ai,60NA UPPER BIS *,30Q Editor' ' 5 Algona Upper Des Momes f, Algona, Iowa t Dear Sir; . |t is yeiy disappointing to find' the editor of ap apparently' reliable newspaper publishing an' editorial that distorts the factsi' hands of Rock. Nor djd she mean to infer that the "pamper me" attitude is peculiar to American women " while Europeans know how to~handle their,men. '"On the (contrary," she said, "I am an American citizen and intensely proud of it,;. My opinion has been the same since I came qf age and I 'believe that women everywhere ',ave spoiled, too "ilemanding;" , ; ;'!**'* In aiditipn to the four tabulated tabus transcribed above, Je^n listed alfew.wTfely demands.npt, -calculated ( to keep tjie boqds of matrimony from, becoming un* gluqd. -They' are little matters . like irisisting\on hutyby bringing " breakfas|'in bed, phoning r £very. KOSSUTH MUTUAL ' INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over-$74,000,000 worth-of insurance in force. A home company, Safe; secure. .Phone CY 4-3756 ^ Lola Scuffhanv Sec'y HERBST, INS. AGENCY For Auto,'House, Household /iuqds, and Many Other Forms ; " Phone CY 4-3733 Ted S, Herbs* DOCTORS MELVIN G. BOURNE, M. D. Physician & Surgeon 118 N. Moore St. Office phone CY 4-2343 Resident phone CY 4-2277 J. N. KENEFICK. M. D. Physician & Surgeon ' 218 W. State Street Offiqe phone CY 4-2353 Resident phone CY 4-2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician < '& Surgeon 1 114 N. Moore Office phone .CY 4-2224 Resident- phone 1 CY 4-2232 oHN~WrSC;HUTTER, M.bT Physician" ,& Surgeon 220 No. .Dodge,: 'Algpria Office'-phon?, CY" 4r4490 Resident 'phone -CY 4-2335 •-,1 . ... f/v .«> '.'l, Chiropractor Dr.-D.;p. Chiropractor''" ,t\ Over Penriey's Office Phone — CY 4-3373 Hours': .9:00'— 5:00 Open Friday Night ( ANDY CRAWFORD , General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual.Ins.-Co. Affiliated with;Farm Bureau Auto (wit-h $1Q "Deductible; V-V^(|»V+ *V*» V«*hA* V«»WVV<-» *W »«•%• *V^^«BV| —— draws false conclusions, and mis- '^2^?. informs your readers, a§ does your recent article about the &---- • * .- , - , ,,- •, ^^ -,—r -- — .--.- ,.----,,„.. ^, . ., low water level of Clear Lake - s^wer period followed, E^ery drmk, rushing ahead- to open the * •-. . • '.f- berUaent question was efActive* door, doing the housework and Your implication that we heard *"- '' : — J 1 — — - r 11 -- ' iu —"• '•--'-- • » an,- "address" by an "assistan|.-, Phone : l;4ftcr the presentation, of Dr. _. T .. , .., , . _ . „. .ftershey's paper, a question and day from,the office,,jpixing;evCTy »Answered by one of tj^e 'thlree " ' mentioned ab°v,e, Q, SUNPET Representing at the last minute for Dr. H. of Clear Lake and surrounding said Juari, f'will not demean him prepare^ for th| pwasion. fhf 8re being pap^ - was acppn;pai)iiB^ by DurftM f form and erou? graphs ' and 'charts. --. f fli%iU8tribuU n as shown m the paper,* We'U see fully cQncui're4 in Kv * htt » ' •«»«»« DENTISTS PR, PATRICK J, MULLIGAN Director of .the Iowa Natural" weU»mforme4' scientists havC to when meii rode mul^s and wQnien ''' Resources Board, and the District say about Clear Lake, its wat?r walked behind them. But the Survey^'both of wi\oni<- evaporation, tiie true Jon§*r9ft§*^ -ctx^^n'^o ll'^ft'WJiuSly' wiflvJWJfi> tiie platfoiiii with Dr, ettcx:t of the uty U;>« oi lulie She feliuuld not e^pfcct mid- , JR, Dr. R. J.'Thissen Chiropractor 17% E. State St., Algona Phone CY 4-3621 ' OPTOMETRISTS Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSON Eyes Examined Contact 'Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East Stale Street ' • Algona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours: f):00 a.m. to 5:00 p,m. Closed Saturday Afternoons ~3DB, q. M, 0'CpNN.OR . . Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Training 108 South Harjan Si (Home -Federal Bldg.) CY 4^743 Farm Management Phons GT Carlson Farm Management Company N, Ph. CY Palo Alto & Kossuth Counties

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