The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 14, 1959 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 14, 1959
Page 13
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• M.- 1 - active'i» .both va^al j- ..... „, patfed In yteeBall • duriftg , school days. Will w&rk.- kft^f tinishes sdieel. - Jsiiiie &ie*stedi — . played ketbali' and sottb&H. Aillve ift both , instrumental . ,an.d vocal musicl. Is the Sentral Band Oueen this year at Mason City, Will attend loWa State. . Ma*Uy« BdlUaser ^ Activfe-ln ihsttumerital college*. ' ' . ' Susan Breese — Active In band and vocal music. Has served .as class officer and on Student coun cil. Will attend Mankato busi, hess.eiouege." ^ 'Afayih'Dt^he -*\ Active in -.bahd'and v6tfal>fm'Usici Will at- end : 'nurses (training at Carroll. m. "TM m DIFFERENCE TK<» bitted 'taste' osiocloted with , piperaztne IwormerS has been" eliij- inated •" frCm- NOX LIQUID. HOG WORMER. The nc, ;; encourages oil the hoqs to.df' '...% nicdicated water. AND RESULTS — \cu'll sea omazing results' in your f;rd lot the first time you use NOX LIQUID HOG " • David Dreyer •' *H. *.Ha^ played jaseball all four years in high school. Is vice president of the s'eniof ' class. Undecided. JUdy Eiglet'—. Active in instrumental • and- vocal tnusid', class i, , _ . ' ,..«i , t .. . r. t. ....... , . ...... ' ...... - J1L. FUNERAL CHAPEL * ' Fftnton; Idwo Experienced Embalmers and .Funeral Directors , Ambulahee Service ' Reliable 24 Hour Funerals May Be Referred To;.Us WitK, Gonf idence: FENTOhl '^ \ f 23 RINGSTED 21001 21006 20216 Phon* 1 '-'• DUNCAN ' 5 '" ^ i * S * " '* * ^ * * PRODUCE iFENTpk'.IOWA. '.' /. * : • .\ - ,' > Vf ...•';'• I,?-' '' 202 J ' " '!' - ' * i '• I * - I ''', ^ ; . '/' • 5; '. : • ! l '••> ! . c ' ' '•• ' '• *'? . f ; • • I ". ** . 1 __._ i. 1 ii i» -, - - Q i •— ._ and student council. Plaft 6 attend tiniveiiity 6f l&Wa. Jerty fin§Und •<— Has jiairt pated in basketball, band and nixed, chorus,. College 16 study Tuesday, May 19 *- towtt Country w»man*s Club, Wednesday,-M«y 20 -r _, meftcemeni at Senlirfel School.. Mohday, May 85 — Award Hue at Sentral School. afdttfer — participated in baseball, basketball and mixed chbrUS the first two y6arg,in,high school "and took tfart in Juniot and senior class plays. Debating whether to choose aviatioh or attend college^ Fenton Girl To Wed In June Kay GeUaenaUdif — active in both instrumental And vocal music. Served as girls' basketball nianager one yeah Plans to attend college, James Galena — Active in basketball, baseball and took part ift -'.the \Junior* artd : Senior class, plays. Is serving as Senior class president. Plans to join the Air Force, ' . Mike Gtoss — Has participated in vocal music* baseball, student, council and was president of -the his Junior ;cMss. "Played in both Junior and'Sehio'r class plays. Has made no plans for the future. Charles Hantelman — Active in vocal m*us1e. Was a member of the class plays. Mechanics School. Marilyn Johannesen — Active in both . vocal and instrumental music, basketball ' and soflball. Served pn the student council and has' held class offices., .Will attend Augustana, at Sioux Falls, S. D. ,' ' ' ; Karen Ku^ck — Active inivocnl ( i music and band. Cheerleader I and participated in the class plays and was vice president of her • Junior ' class. Will , study, Home Economics 'at Iowa State College. , . . Gerald Langerman — Active in basketball. Plans to farm,. Norma Larsen — Active an instrumental and vocal music, also participated in basketball the •first two' years 'in high school Plans' to' work; - - ' ' Jane Lieb — Active in vocal music. • 'Plans to attend the Beauty, Academy in Fort Dodge.' "Ruth Miller — Active in, band and also participated in ; vocal nusic and basketball ! during freshman' ; and soj>hbmore y.ears. Pla'ns to continue working at ,the telephone office and later attend ' Lone Rock Boy Wins $50 Award Vwmlllibrt. 9. £>*k, — top students in the School of Business at tho University of South Da kola received cash awnrds one trophies at the antiuhl banquet Thursday, April 30. Leon Marlow, a senior general business major frorn LDno Ro^k town, received 'the'Midland Nit titmal Life Insurance) award o $50. His selection .was on UK pasts of an outstanding student fn insurance, Marlow is listed on the Bonn's ttt.-nnr List in the college of Arts and Science?, He is the son of Eldin Mnvlow, Lone Rock. AND HANCOCK COUNTIES, IOWA, Nmjee to hereby Riven th»» fiflltway xprt>*s Aftene>', Inc., We* York, New fort? b«s made application to the toWa mmwp Commission under mtt horM v of Chftptpt 82ft, Code 1958, for n OntiflcBtf of Convenient* nWfl to ttprrate A* A motof cnrrler nf Imvft intrastftlf freight movfnR «i fxprcs* sot-vice on Railway ExprtsBs billing between tlie North line of the Stnto of town, t.«Kt« Mills, Forest City, Thompson, miffnln Center, Uikotfl, Swen City, Armstrong, Bancroft. A1- eona, Httmbotdl, Bnrtger, Fort lJort(te, olM, Uvermoro. t.uVerne, Cor, Mritt, Forest City, tjelnnd. t.nk<» Mills mul the North line of tho Siato lif JOVVB, . , . Commission f)Kr?rt Wcdnc*tlny. Juni- 17. liVSf), ton (10:00) o'clock n.m,. nt the office of the Konsuth County r, Alffon-'t. Iowa, as ttfnt find tat iiubliq bearing on the nbove , May 14, 1939 f'«r«-nn(«1 Thf«t1», Qaiwrfc JHmehife! VtflP, nmtw-f*lrfnt, CocklBbwr. Btitl Thlnlle, 2. "Hint «>ncli owwr «ml *nth p*fKtn in tHfe possewlftn of conttol 6f any tjwflsf (n Kosmith Cotftty minted wtth ftrty noxious vwd* i InelurllnR quncfc Si-flu*, povnrilal sow (hiittlp, Canada HitRii<-, field bthdwfM, ht>f«* nettle, tasty siHit-ge, perennial J>£pper|{r8*8, nufwlnn knapweed, shall adopt a pro- stmn of t».-wl dfntrurtlon, cfa*crib«d ny ihp Weed C'otnmisiiiowf. which th five yenr* rosy b<> pxpfHecl tp dettroy ftwl will tmnwlifitely fcp*»p undor control such infpsstfttltm* Of said noxious 3. Timl if the (iwnt>r» or pfcrwn* Jn possowiiott m control 6f any l.ittd In Kosmitii County fnll to comply with tho la forcgofng iotter fttmil c«us*r the *xp i-osts of ft*wft* it any, fft be the e<wfciy dir*el*d «* the matting and ent&mfX. ..... _,-,going order by one twWreatlfttt m eaen of the official tte*»paf«r» "* "" county. , . _ i CuHln* Date* — June 15 to 3alf are sugwrted date* for mowing oq highway* and October i< WSfri CMM "* AlM-KOLLMCrt Chairman of Boaffl ot Supervisor*. ryington Ideals ..-The May.meeting of the Irving- vtnn Ideals'wns held-at the homo "of Jane Raney. Talks wore given by Joyce Arndorfcr and Mary Arndorfer and demonstrations' by .In A-nit Klemin and Jane Kancy on Mak- ng a laundry Ing, Linda J ,icn, Ellen Scinler and aiiey played the piano "as t pnlcrLninmJmt. t 'A cautious man is one who refuses to say ho'll ruin , fear interne revenue ;will fox ghtcr of Walter Weg ,... , ton and the late Mrs -Wegonevj will be married Jurtc 12 to ?&?{. , , 1( , t aid Waite, son of J>, nnd^^d'him !1S <v wither forecaster. Jtohn Waite, alsb of FontOt\/-MM 'Mmncnpolq, Tnbuno, Wegerier is attending ?,'"'"' Business 'College "' **' and Mr Waite Stale .University iow» suite Commerce CommlHSlOn "IE. ttu*nb«. Chiiirmttn rtl J, M art l/i, Go.mmlwiloncr W i'i>ompson, Coitimlttslonpr Aitt'St:' t»W). tj. MeCnUttlmn, Secretary UAlt'd nl DPS Molnos. lo\vn, Api'll 23, 1PSO, . . TJ,fci<ot No.-I-H707... .' ,- . . il'ubllshcd Mny 14 hrtrt Mnyal, 105!). h Tho Algonn (lawn) UPP*;' •>» Molncs). HOTtCE nesblullon tot th« Doitructlon oi Noxloul Woedl. To All rrope.i'ty Owners: •< , \\K IT UKSOLVJCD, liy the Iwanl of Supr-rylsorH of KOMUllt Covmly, lovvo: Thnt' inu»unru to llio pi^Vlplons of Chnt'itv 317. Code of lowfl, 11)50, iin »i- menrtod hv Cjinpter 108, Ads 51 G. A,. It Is 'hereby oracrod;- 1, Thnt c-nch owner nnd cnch prrs In tho ixHisosslon or eontriil of iniy Innds in KosKuth County, slinll citt, burn, or otherwises tlc-slroy nil noxious weeds Uiorcon, n» tlf-finod In this Chnn- icr, nt svicli tlmcM In rrirh ycnr «nd ir •mfli nuinncr «s shHll prevent snltl wcf-cls from blooming or tiotnliiR MII malui'U.y, nnd shall keep snlcl InnflM frcn. from such growth of nuy other .wrodM us shnll render tho Btreeta of- hlghwhys udjolnlnn: said Innd unsnfn fnl 1 -public- h-nvfil. Noxious wtjods Rhall be out or otherwise destroyed on or brfctro the rollowlnR Untqs and us often thorcnrter ns Is ncecKsnry to prevent seed prouue- ENDS THURl "1 WANT TO UVfc" ALCONA FRIDAY SATURDAY PI <>'.-« V r •*r» i ;*.--? Parade or Spring Wood Combination Screen & Storm Doors 32" x 81" Reg,'$18.50'Value. Aluminum Combination Doors Full 1" Thick __' 32" x 81'; $35.95 Kansas. rtl Mason attends 1 1£ at (UDM JEngravingX Ed Meyer Wins BafbeqiTe Grill Fertton — Ed Meyer of Ring- stcd was -the lucky winner of the Barbeque grill with electric motor hnd spit. His name v.cis dr,awn Friday evening -at- Femon, An^ other, one will be given' awa# this .'Friday evening. Be sure }.«. be in a Fenton store and i'Qgisldi' between 7 ancf'9 p.m. , * ;":,,' Moiher Day guests in tho Jatik Grou|> 1. .Tune 1-30, 1050 • for Icrify SpurHi', I'l-iTniilol I'l-ppc-r 'gi'ntm, Hour Uock, Smootli Doelc, Sliccp Suvri-l, Oroup 2. June in.,luly 15, IDSI) for CnnnUn Thlstli-, Rufwtnh Knn|)Wootl, UUOK thorn, Wild Mimlnrd. Cirnii)i H. July '-20. Itft!) fhr Kli-ld niiuhvoud. Wild Cm-rot. tiroup •!, July in-HO, Iii5» for Ilorso Outside White Paint ' i ' f $'3;95:pergai.- ,,R;g. $5.29 Rich Red Barn se'auty City. culture school at Mason r and Mrs.W. R, Wolfe nnd . Mrs' John,, Tienian of Fenton, Mr"' and Mrs Fnnlc' D'rovov and t» WOTICTl TO CONTRACTORS ->F FURNISHING AND LAVING TILE ^ ': •• ' •' Mr'- 1 "-111 b<> received until B:00 o'clock P.M., Mriy 2fi, 105!), at (lie Kossiitli Countv Court House. AU;omi, Iowa, ;it which time and phifc the .viis.suth County Oonrd of Supervisors, •idlot for aiul on hehfill' of Dralnnge District No. Ill, will meet for the purpose; of IcIUilK u eontrnel for the 1'urn- iHhhm, InylnR nnd hneltftlllnt; 1BOU' — 12" tile and 1320' - ft" tile. Tho c'OJnmr-m-cmenl. dalu Is June 3, K'.fl!) and' completion date Is July 17, ,11!*)!). • . -,••..'.. B'-ls vlll h^ ropi'lvod on-the.- ohtlro work nnd cnch bidder will he rcqulrt-cl •to' deposit wllh his bid a certified M'-I-K on f-Ml cortiilcd bv n b.'ink In •Iowa, pn'yablc to I ho .^Auditor of Kos- sulh County or his ardtir. In an iimolint oqunl to l'0'.v oi the Uid. The rtKht. Is rosorvod to rujeel any or all bids. Blds.j.gpf-cllicnlioris. bidding blanks ,., . mpy be oblulnud •\t-the Otlloe of the .-County Prflliiiigtr Hcrk, Algona, lows, or oontri'cl G,'J3. ' " .. - . j n ily of Lone per 'gal. Step Ltsdders 4' 5' 6' 8' 436' ___*• ________ ___. $6.84 ________________ $8.95 We give free Estimates for Lumber and Labor on your Building and Remodeling Plans. See Us Today. ; "The Best oi Everything To Build'Anything" • "• • \ -f / • * >, Fcn?bn f , ,. , • ''Phonic 8' . ,. Iowa 'Margaret Nielsfen — Active",iri' yoqal, ipusic also' played basket- tjaH^'durin'g -ttte- fresriman , aM, sophomore years. Plans'to attend college.' "..; Janice Osborn — Active in vocal music. Served as basketball manager onevyear. Plans to attend Mankato Commercial College. Dorothy Peterson — Participated in instrumental and vocal music. Served as cheerleader at Seneca. Plans to attend Forl Dodge Beauty Academy^ Judy Marlow — Participated m poi'ts, vocal and instrumental music, class plays and served as lass president. .Was a Band Queen at Algona. ' Rcdney Priebe — Active in baseball, has participated in ins- No plans for art Tictz of Lalcota, • -The 1 Fent'pn Legion held' Its """ Mr .end -Mr^ ^ " - ' v * M *AuxUi4^1 'f'Wo'df day 'of Ithi? week iri'*ijie' home of Mraju.-^hpld Hansslt ,It was; 'nec^sa'r'y to change from the- i'egular meeting date, on Friday, due to \he Mqihers Day Program at School.' ' ' , v , The Fenton Prpgtesso'rs' 4-H Club met in .the ..home of James Hartman on .May 4. A woodworking demonstration W^B fiiven by Philip Rugei% L'inn?^^ Laaije^ and Jim Hartman. Plans for club tour and i pot luck picnic were made* /for June., Danx-l Bcrldand wns^'choos^n ns short course delegate at Ames. John Ruger and Jpn Jr-ntz will go t« Camp ai Clr-jr Lake. Si. John Lutheran Lad*?;: AW 'met Wednesday. May Pth; 'with hostesses Mrs W. II. T BOARD OF SUPERVISORS KO33UTI1 COUNTY/IOWA By C. S. Pearson. County Drnlnogo Clorlt ' May 14 & MB?'-aii 1859 In down) TIpp'.T Des Molni'h), ALGONA SPECIAL CHILDREN'S MATINEE SATURDAY! (Pet Parade Day) ''~' • COLOR B"3;-"bH-l THE ^OWA 8TA' ' COMMERCE COMMISSION TO THE'CITIZENS OF! W1NNKBAGO, KOSSUTH, EMMET, HUMBOLDT, —-plus — WESTERN THRILLS ii SATURDAY! CHAS./BRON5ON . '".frc: "WHEN^HELL BROKE LOOSE" GARY COOPER in "MAN OF THE WEST" 1-umen.tal music, the future. - ... Marilyn Rath — Has participated in vocal music and band and served as cheerleader. Will attend Hamilton business college. Elmer Rigger! — Worked with School paper "The Beep." Plans to farm, . . . Marvin Root — Participated in band,- baseball, Junior class play Will study Auto mechanics at a Trade School. Jene Ruger — Active in vocal and instrumental music, Junior and Senior class plays. Will attend college. Evalon Schlei — Active m vocal music. Served as vice- president of her freshman clas Take a course in Home Economics at Iowa Slate. Dennis Schmidt — Participated in baseball, vocal and instrumental music during freshman and sophomore years. Served QF sophomore class pres-ident. Plans to join the armed service. Fre?i Schneider —r Took part in baseball-basketball during fresh- \ man and sophomore years. Future [ plans undecided. Rareh Schwar^enbsch — Participated in vocal musip. Plans to work and later attend Beauty Culture, la Weisbrod — Active in both vocal and instrumental music, Took pfcrt in Junior class play. Will .attend Mornjngside College. . . Wanda Wetzel — Active in instrumental music. Participated in Junior class play. Plans to take nurses training. _ i,ois Wilbsrg — Active m both instrumental and vocal musjc. Played basketball and softball, WU1 study Home Economics at St. Olaf College. Charlotte Wichtendah} — Ac- live in vocal and instrumental music. Plans to''work. Mrs Norman Finnr-slad 8hd Mrs TCrnesl FHnor. Guesls were Mrs John Geitxcnauer, Mrs , Wayne Boettcher and Mrs Orvilje Kressin. THRU WEDNESDAY FENTON Co-Op Elevator 'YOU WERE SUCH AN EXCITING LOVER ... but now you are col ft and indifferent!" Coming fvenfs Thursday," May 14 — Pepew Circle; Friendly Neighbor CJwb. Sunday, May 17 — Baccalaureate Service* at Sentral School, Monday, May 18 —* Fenton Community Ciub; Final meeting of thu Seulral P.T.A. Fenlon —- Gary Zumach sponl a 12 houi-leave vvilh his parents Mv and Mrs Alvin Zumach thit- past weekend. He-has'returned to Fort Benjamin Harrison, Jncl.: where he .will complete {inoVhtn week of schoolmg ind the.n'jgo tcs Fort Dix, New Jersey to complete the final three weeks of basic training. He leaves about Juno 1st for 24 months duty in Europe, H.e will serve in an Army Post Office.' (UDM Engraving) Fri, ( . Mey 15 No. i Weetern Dance Band And His Pioneers Sal., • May 16 Charlie Trussell W -7 to 10 P.M. en Pajwe Tues.« • May 21 xst*"" TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' BOtD.'LUSTY, SCORCHING PULITZER PRIZE PtAY COMES TO TtlE SCREEN WITH ALL OF ITS EMOTION ,'..ALL OF ITS VITALITY! Cat on a Hat Tin Roof BIG DADDY He kne* what he wanted t ELIZABETH TAYLOR PAUL NEWMAN Jack CARSON PUJ$ CO-HIT; "ANDY HARDY COMiS HOME" . With MICKiYROONiY qnM MICKEY, JR, HE KIUED MY BRpTHER^ANO PUT^ ' "'v<',v - : HIS DIRTY mm i:(jwwift.i..AirtUSS i»«rfli.5, MOBSTER! MHUONS Will RtAt) 1HC BOOK MILLIONS MORE YfillStETHEPIttURtl STEVECCCHR^-LITAMILAN IlilBERT StRAUSS • CELIft IOVSKY ' : ULl ST, Wl Co-Ptoducers ROGER CORMAH • GENE CORMAN Sorenplay by STEVE FISHER • OitetUd by ROGER CORMAN Music by GERALD FRIED aM EDWARD L AlFERSON. Jf. Released by TWENTIETH CENTURY-FOX FILM CORPORATION © PLUS THSS CO-HIT P Tlie word spread like gunfire "HE'S BACk IN LAREDO!" - TUESDAY

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