The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 19, 1940
Page 5
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1 MONDAY, FEBRUARY \ ',0, 1940 BLYTITEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS For Sale or Trade CLASSIFIED AD VJijRUSING \\Onc bedroom adjoining TivnTVTn AT \ rpr/vivi U w -. A& " Cil " *' I5 - W INFORMATION Dally rote per line for consccu- Hvt insertions: l*nc lime per line lOc Uvo times rier line per day..,.(We Jhrce times per line |icr day.. .«ic Kx times per line per toy One Month rate per line iiOc turds of llianks 50o & 75o Minimum charge Site Ads ordered for Uiree or six times and slopped uciure exiinn- tion will be charged for the number of times the add appeared and idjusuiieiii ol bill made. All Ulaisined Advertising copy HBmlitea by persons residing ouv- IMV ot the-city must ue uccom- yamecl by cnsu. Kates may ue cas- uy fompuitd I'rom above luulii, Aavmisuij! orueicd lor ifrejjuiar jiswumuj UIKCS me one time iaie. iso responsibility v.iu be tiiKcu (or mole ilian oitu incorrect UISIT- noi) ol any classineu ud. Business JJirectory FULLER BRUSHES illl Itxu ilH'J.t-Jii, i'liouc J05U __ tioodwln. MULES S*e Floyd Sinipvon Repairing bnth. 1000 Mrs. M. O. 19-ck-tl .... , Will triide for Slules, Cows, Huts, comfortable bedroom, twin : <; a (t| c , Corn, Hay and Lumber. |bcds, 2 dosets, steam heat, men I nplH Imiilctnmift !„„ Deferred. Phone 1. Mrs. J. G. Hud- | ' - Jm|»K.menl.S, Inc. \ry. n-ek-24 j N idem unfurnished iiimrtinent,: ?ownstalis. 1'iivalo bath, utill-j HIM furnished. 1129 W. Asli. |_ _ _1\ n-ch-24; Expert gun repairing. Sec 15. M 2 tit\uiilshedTooiiis an N'TifUi' D!U "°" nl llie Blyllievillc Avm- ». Sect ' '' lli-pk-2l cr>1 on WP(lllC5lili J's and Unji inishcd house, ft rooms, bath. I 1 ,O*1 Mi ;.\ Mnttic Drycans, 124 E. | Chen-y.' Used Passenger Cars and Trucks WITH J' KICKS 1,0\VK'K THAN KVKK II Robin convenient to bath. DOB Wai- 1 mil. lG-pk-23; U-pk-20: Black Oerman Police DOK. Drown feet, throat erd ehcst. Heliiri) lo Wnltcl ' Osccola. REWARfJ 15-ck-22 Steam licated bedroom. All convuu- lences. 818 W. Wnlimt. a-ck-tt PoSiliOll W«UltC(l Room for employed woman. 1028' —— — W. Main. Phone 2S9, 2-ck.-U j You "S liuly '. )lmv "nuloyed. desires rcnm furnished apartment. Private balli. Desirable location. Call MO. i-ck-tr. Unfiirnlslicd apartment In Shane Apartment Building on West "~ ---- ......... i Mnl " slrect " Ca " 511 or 197 - i- j Rooms or apartment, chickasnwba House and lot. old store >tilldipe. near School. Phone 176. 30|7k2-29 813 So. First. lG-pk-2! 10 lilglily bred Jersey heifers with young calves. Sought from Her- sclieli Smart Iierd. Inquire Games Market. Good wood and coal. A. P. Burks Chlckasawba and Ii. R. Plume flS7. 31-CR-2-29 Land For Sale 3 room furnished avmrlmcnt and bath. Modern and clean. Corner Main and 2nd. p. Simon, phone 25-ck-tt 764. Nice bedroom convenient to bath Steam heal. Plione 2SO. 2lektt belter position. Excellent stenog rn|ihcr~C(ipah!c shorthand and rft|)id typing. Bookkeeping exiifn- cnce. Best ol references from previous employers. Write Box "2(1" Courier News. Notice Welding For sale witji )»s.session (his spring it sold soon: 1(50 acres good land on good road, improved. 80 acres land well improved. 157 acres land extra well imnrov- i ed. 50 acres well Improved. Prices will run from ?(JO to $80 per acre. 250 acres improved. '/, in cultivation. S35 per ncre. 11 uill all grow alfalfa and all are Southern Illinois Alfalfa Farms located on concrete and good gravel rontls and nre close lo schools. TERMS. Hugh Wilson, McChire, Illinois. MtSSOUlU LAND—SO acres cut over on Highway 62, SI per acre cash, Imlarttv over period of s'-V years. Convvay & Houchins Bb())eville, Ark. 12-ck-lt Poultry Baby Chicks Custom Hatching Marilyn Hatchery JJlylheiille Hiivy. fil Nnrlh For Sale or Renl KXI'KRT WELDING ELECTHIC oi ACETYLENi:' Charles Long. lonncrly welder tor niythcville Machine Shop DUAGUNE and UEAVV WELlt- 1NG OUH SPECIALTY D. W. CRANFORD GARAGE Dell, Ark. Plume 8-F-ll Bargains in USED TIRES AND RADIOS Some Repossessed, Good as New. SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. PHONE M Farm Loans Large or Small At Low Interest Kales. We arc cqnirined to |ianille large or small loans on any sized tract i of fHrm land, at low cost, and n( I a low Interest rate. | TERRY ABSTRACT & i REALTY COMPANY 213 Walnut. St. Blytrtcvillc. Ark •lusl hook al Tlit'.so Prices I'J'M l-Vrd (,'iiii|ic—Only .- StllS 7 1'l.v nth C«ii|ii'. Just ...$wri ti I'onl Si'ilan. Only Sld'J <i lluii'k S|icvl;il Coiuli —?2 ;ts 3 Told Deluxe Tudor 5105 1!)37 )'l.viuoill|i Trg. Tuilor . ..J315 1!I37 I'orrt Tiulor 52115 KtS Clu'vrolel Cciach ...' $3911 193!) rnnl 'I'lnlor. Jiut JI9!) 1938 Dodge Only 1(131 Chcvmlrl Si>. T mn . Si'ilati SI15 S3W TJU'CKS Ifl.'iG Turd rit>k-u|i ........... 5 (,•>. llllli; International I'iek-np . ..SUS) 1331 0. M. ('. rick. up ....... ?2C5 11W Chcv. Snliiu Delivery ...S''.15 1937 Kuril I'lck-uj) ........... $05 ISItS slake Ilody r-ick-U|i ................ 5:135 1930 Konl ijii I'D,, Truck Only $435 1031 Clu'.vnilet 1), Ton Truck SSO'i 193G Hodge Iji Tun Stake liuil. SZ-K 50 Others Alt Makes In Vina Condition To Choose From TKK MS— y L . K HJv-a-. Killt- w Vow Our or Truck <ir KM A hi, dish Down Payment \Vilh I In- Halmm- on Terms (li,-i( Will Suil Vint Our Used Car Lot Open I 1 ) very Niyhl Until 9 P. M. llrivo liy or call UK for n PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Mh & \Vahiul His W.vlhevilli-, Arlt. Minim 810-811 Illucjuy Attacks (,'illicus METHUEN. Muss. (UP)~l,owcll- slrect residents t,o»nhl ]<lmvn on vlt'llms, knocktns "If hills • mid dnwlnii sculps. Hilt, Sl'HNl) YOllll DOI.I.AK WISU1.V SAVE !!f ft> .)(• I'er ON {JASOMN'K , Valuable Coupons Will liacli l'nrr)in«<i GAS«l,l,Vi;_MOTOK (111, KK1KISKNK Wholesale * Udull Tit A I) E WITH JOYNER OIL CO. Iiulriiriiilriii Denier TANK (!AU TO YOUH (Ml llUI'U'ur III, North, DlyHievlllo \\'<i Hfllvt'f I'lioiie 183 FOR SALE! OIH> utiod KOOIl Uefrlgcriitov While Meliil Mrat Case wllli IvjijIilnliT Cinnpi 'I'sso! 1 . Dlsplny trout wllli oxeres .sloiage niul cold drink spuco. Mkc new. Oi'lBiiml cost, JH57. Gush ill-toe for <|Utc1< wile $3!I5. Terms nr- rniiKCd lo responsible pfu'lles, One B»in pnper Ui)>e ninchlnc, counter oniipnieiil. nnd eimdy case. Priced (or (julck sale, One used Service -Sin I ion Air Coii)i>i-t>.<i£oi-. Clnod condition. $2fi, One Fuiibnnks-Morse Wiiltr Pump wllliont motor. Trace Chains, n lew Bood mule col- lurs, rattan hoes, 30 bushels Ce- re.snn ti-rnled Dl'L-11-A C'oltan R. E. WRIGHT II. \V. lil. One Slllc TUESDAY SPECIALS 1939 Chevrolet Deluxe Town Sedan ... Only $569.00 1939 For<l Deluxe TuDor— Special ................. $549.00 1939 Plymouth Deluxe Sedan, a Beauty ...... $539.00 1938 Chevrolet Sport Sedan— One Day ...... •,. $429.00 1938 DcSoto Deluxe Coupe, Low Mileage ..... $419.00 1938 Hudson Touring Sedan, Radio & Heater $329.00 1937 Pontiac Coupe—a Steal .......................... $289.00 1936 Dodge Sedan, City Driven ....................... $225.00 Trucks A 11 Makes and Models and Small JVt Ton and y z Ton Kmy (l.ill.A.C. Payment Man Open A' 'if/his and Sundays Tom Little Chevrolet Co. PHONE 633 NHW l.iu'.ili-il h, ulriU'nc llnlitl Hide. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KIMVAIIIIS, l'ri!|irlclin- All i\lukc» iif llfljiilll TyiicivrllcrB, Adding M:ir.|i|nr.s and (.'nlriilnlors—lli'|)alrlnir—1'iiil.s—llihbnns Welding EXl'EIiT ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING Drag- liite find lieavy weMfng- a Room and Board i | Hoom Etna hoard. Ste.i mlieat "fi03 W Asli. Phone D93. I2-ck-3-I2 specialty. Barksdale Mfg, Co. I'lionc 10 or lies. 1018 Ii loom brick house, bath. Just south of Rice-Stix Factory on H.W. 16 nt Railroad. Apply Christian Grocery nt. side. 16-pk-20 Personal Arouse Slugfts!) 1,1 v c r, wnrk off the bile to rid yourself of con oalion, gns pnlns, and thnt sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KIRBVS ACTIVE MVER PILLS 25c at all Kirby Stores 13 III-II Uiidgrt Estimate Rlylhcvflle Sporial Ki.'hoi)! Dlstvirl No. ii | Cieneral control S 1.030 ilnstnictiou 55,350 I Operation 5,240 Maintenance Capital Outlay 875 Fixed Charges 150 Debt Service TOTAL 585.552 19-26-4 15TH CENTURY SAILOR HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured 15th century sailor. 13 Gold quartz. M Sanskrit dialcci. 15 Blue grass. Ansu'Or lo Previous Puzzle IS Drone. ID Place of business. 2 1 To tip. 23 Headgear. 24 North America. 26 Neither. 27 All right. 28 Spain. 29 Diplomatic agreement. SI Flower I Dal. 33 Distinctive theory. 34 Self. ' .15 Sweetmeat. 3!> To guide. 41 Printer's measure. •12 To vaccinate. •16 Southeast. •17 Crafty. 48 Constellation •i!) To yelp. 51 Money drawer. 53 Swelling. S!>To tail to hit. !i7Sun'go<(. 58 Believing'. CO Toward. .61 He was a who crossed the Atlantic Ocean. G2 His native land. 17 Deer track. 19 Store. 20 He was a gi'cat of his lime (pi.) 22 Essay. 25Mnlicious burn ing. 28 Wise men. 30 Moolcr iipple. 32 Colt device. 3G Respiratory organ ot a fish. 37 Some. 38 Up to. 39 Eye tumor. •10 Baseball nine. 43 Military school student •H Keltic rash. 45 More tripplctl. VEKTICAI- 2 Ralite bird. 3 Formerly. *1 Part of eye. 5 To depart, (i E,ve. 7 To contend. 8 Organ nf sight '17 Slovak. !) South America 50 Century plant 10 Upcast. liber. H Trine. 52 God of war. J2 Aulo. 53 Period of time 16 The American M Form ol "a." was 56 Sun. named after 58 Centigram. ' !iim. 59 Musical note. I J. L. GUARD Qotrmietrist Only Graduate Orilomc- icist in tUydicvillc. Glasses Fitted Correctly - PRESCRIPTIONS— Sitfc - - Accurate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main First Tlionc 141 Our Service IS YOUR Assurance OK Safe Driving! Safe motoring Is the aim of every driver. Then, why not, assure yourself o( this satety as far as your automobile is concerned. Drive in and let our mechanics put. your car In shape for any driving. The cost is reasonable and the work guaranteed. f EXPERT MECHANICS MODERN EQUIPMENT ALL WORK GUARANTEED PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Walnut I'lionc 8ll» l.v Uie bird wus Itppud oil, for when aganst ti misty-tempered hied Into view Hi bltioja.v. The bird would REDltYDKU " 11|) lli.s Sleeve f IUM\ PUP ) HAS Lr_0 OS TO J uus-ruER.5' HIDEOUT? BLACK DOG, 1RA1/JS.D AMD ID ROW OFF HORSES FROM THE V EAR The rCiul of (he Hirciis' Spell I!Y V. 'r. MAfllMN FUWW. MOVJ IT'S \ 1 WOKJDER. .STOPPED ) WHAT'S TH' ACTOGETHER. / NWTTER imm .f<\i BOOTS AND HEK HUDDIKS HY KDOAtt MAKTIN '. \_OO\<\T 1 CAO6W ~- •< MISS ICE, i^C. T" M BIG. U. &- FAT. OFF WASH TUIJI5S Them Worried r?Y ROY CRANK •». FlH-\L OE Vi.-U PiE... VISTEU, A COUf-U ~r >UU 6UVS GO TO TUP FS.CMTAUJ) . KEEP A SHARP LOOK- EXPECTW OUT. HE'S TOO PANSED \ HEtP. DO HOT SO \HH_L YOU KEEP USTEV! SURE Of W- (ti& FOR, AWWWf VOLJ MA'.' HAVE A ClflARETTE COOL FOR COWFORT I''IU';CKL1-;S AND TI!S One Thinir Aflor Another HY MKKRIU, HLOSSEK h'OUQHT MAYOP YOU ™ wcf.-r ONLY STAYIMQ To KEEP GUE FFOM HAVING THE PART , BUI SUES NOT ANY I^ORE WHi' I OOMT KNOW WHY YOU EVER WORRIED ABOUT MB LeAVI,S6' f:^^a:^^es.' l T&LO YOU i'Cl STAY AMD BE IN YOUR MOVIE ' ' SUE HAD NOTHIN6 To oo WITH ir / i TO HELP YOU---AMD i STILL WANT TO' SO £LL RE " IF YOU Triwx OUR. STUDiO BURNED, UP. VOU SHOULD SEE THE? wno OWWED ir.' HES •" NOW/

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