The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1959 · Page 20
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 20

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1959
Page 20
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»—****»««.» ( Wed, April 25, Bancroft MftJtt SUfc»AY <iOMtiS THE DAY thai fof over 40 years has _—ii set aside to honor Mother. The tendency, they tell me, is to get away from over-sentimentalizing Mothers Day. The trend is to make il a day to honor the whole family, especially Mother. This * 3s perfectly allright with me. because I never did know one single 'Mother who cotlld possibly live up to all the fancy thinp they say „ about her on Mother's Day, but I'll be blamed if I'll give up ,, every last little bit of attention. » "l ALREADY HAVE MY Mother's Day gift. It's o framed ,' picture epscribed, "God Could Not Be Everywhere, So He Gave Us Mothers", Mary Ann gave it to me. She went down to the "• dump one day with her Dad, found this perfectly good picture,' and now it hangs on the kitchen wall along with my Valentine and jnv columnist awards. * » * . MOTHER'S PAY HAS LONG been ft favorite subject for Woman's World. I'll not give that up easily if the,day becomes entirely Family Day. For this year, I've written these Ten Commandments For Mother: * * * 1 — THOU SHALT CULTIVATE A sense of .humor. A strong back, steady nerves, good digestion, gentle hands and great patience become ft mother, but the greatest asset is the ability to laugh, at thyself, arid with thy children. 2 — THOU SHALT NOT LOOK DOWN on thy job. "Only a housewife and mbther", Is a well-used -phrase, but Queens have answered to, "YbUr Majesty" and still preferred the title of "Mother"; s heiresses have clipped millions of dollars of slock , coupons, and considered their greatest legacy, their children; ladies of fashion, j with all of Tiffany's stock at their command have referred to their youngsters as their finest jewels. * * * *3 — THOU SHALT LEARN ALL MANNER of new habits. Thou shalt'learn to sleep with one eye and both ears open-for the awakening of thy baby. Thou shalt learn to button tiny garments and at the same time, appy thy own lipstick. Thou shalt learn to eat up leftover oatmeal after the jam and muffins are * all gone. * * * " * 4 — THOU SHALT LEARN TO DEVELOP a discerning eye so thou might see, the beauty in a childish gift of wilted dandelions; the artistic'talent in a kindergarten crayon sketch without asking, "What is it?", and thou'must learn to accept graciously the endless procession, of .pot holders and memo pads preferred as Mother's „' Day gifts, ' . , , i ' *, . "', 5 — THOU,, MUST BECOME A JOINER for,the sake of thy 1 '„ children.'Thou must! volunteer thy services as a Den'Mother, a Girt »Scout,Leader, a"Sunday School teacher and a Room Mother, Thou , «.~must bake-endless^ rows of cookies for the Band,''-the church youth "•'* group, the'4-H, the P.* T. A, balje sales and thou',ituM make'endless i >• ' chiliburgers and act as chaperbne for teen-age parties. Thou must 1 ''<attend meetings and ^speak thy piece in-the interest of school . - vt y policies. Thou must''vote at every election, for our Officials are' the '• ,. *ones who 'shape the world for our children. ' ' * ' * i r ,* * * * ,; ,J s 8 ' — THOU MUST LEARN TO EVALUATE what is most im• ,;, portant. Even though the choice' between a European trip and edu/- " >/ v > cation for thy children never arises, thou shalt many times chodse i J , between sucfi^things ,as wearing thy last year's outfit again and a t , v *new gown', for,'.Sister "for her spring concert. Thou'must learn to ~ £, decide when'to be I'ighteously firm and when to be lovingly lenient. f Thou must become -resigned to. thy daughter's borrowing thy last , J >;, good pair ornylons. - r; 7 _,THOU MUST'HOLD BACK THY SQUEAMISHNESS. -\ l( i Worms, papier mache,- puppies, marbles," orphan cats, chemistry ^ set, 6dors, v bubble-gum, insect collections, rabbits, orange peels, .V^sand-in-Dpckets, giggles, pigeons, 1 hour phone calls, pimples, and •-5 5f. peanut butter r jam-and-banana sandwiches are a part of thy off>, & spring's growing .up*.process. Truly, these too-shall pass away. '• - " >•',%',• & - - ( /"*• • -* , * . ^ ;f . 8 — THOU' SHALT'BIND THY children'close to thee with' t >ties k of loving care all the days of tfieir growing up; yet shall you |fV , ^'release them gladly, to stand on their own when the years are L' f i >. ^ • accomplished,. «' ' - . • " ' I;-**, '• Hi 1 1 ' , »'V ' * * * * 4 V v & '' 9 — i&PV SHALT HAVE ; GREAT expectations of thy, child|>,'V£ V ^ren/Thou shalt expect them to be stronger, smarter, more beautiful,l^; ', l wiser, richer and more-godly than their Barents. Thou shnH also ** - v ' ff expect them to produce for'thee, most wonderful grandchildren. s jt * * * -£ ,- 10 —'THOU MUST SEEK THY GOD.,Without'the O" wlio • M thee. thy children, the task 'of rearing them becomes and bver- ninfr-faeTwine^n;*-., fpu«,, ™.,o* »„„..' O ft en fo r guidance, rejoice for thy 'mistakes and **i* TOT ftf&fflM June I, 1«9, i^iss Aigotw M 'tnuftte ws* rentf *rtd aeei^tt city clerk *wi a k troy voueft«rs th*t were 10 ytart 6td Or. 'Shffrrkf salary «*.*.«,»».*. Smith, salary .».i **** ScbuHfc, jBSIAty, '---i——r—..— Iowa State Bank, wlthholdfng tax *..**^..«..» City Clerk, advance cash t*.A Koch Brother*, frtlffirte boa*, criminal docket & office town EftglttVeMttJii'iwIetytlftdl*! N'westernjBffi T6l«phdn« f service' »»»»..».A««»*.«.»I» Mail ParMtt & Sons Co., Lnshbrttok, salary ..**..*. PefgMde, salary ^ ......„-.. Burtls/ salary v ..^ Metfeen, 3t» Salary t .. i — Prew, salary ....—».—» Skilling, .salary .j. Godden. lattot^ ..* i*ya state v Bank,« & : •^•glUIEfiABP- ytF'**WW. f -*' ^irtti^Ktavil'H'HV /• * - r~. •• •? i ™ ~. •• — . r ( f r. flf , 4 Mr and Mrs Gerald Smith are shown aftet ih*lr wadding, Saiurt day, April 25, jn St. John's Catholic church at Bjmeroft. Mrs Smith is the former Phyllis O'Donnell, daughter of Mr and Mrs<W. >R. O'Donnell, Lone Rock, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr-and Mrs Frank Smith,' W.hittcmore. Msgr. Schult^s • Officiated } at the;9 a.m. cerembfty. The couple will live at. Fort Dodge, The complet6 wedding story was carried last issue.'(Kirkham photo, UDM engraving). L '59 V.F.W. Marble Tourney May 19 It's marble time again.. The Algona V.F.W. post announced plans this week for 'the third annual City Marble Tournament, which will be held Saturday, May 16, at the Athletic Park on East State street, Competition will be open to all ,boys who • had. not reached;,-their' fifteenth birthday prior to April 15 this year, and shooting will start at'»l p.m. > . Committee members Jim Kelley, RogefijfPalmer" and Al Fox have 1 stressed', the fact 'that "knuckles down" style of marble shooting- is ,the only form that will be allowed. ' ' Every boy entered in" competition will win a prize and medals will be given to the first, second and third place finishers in the tourney. The city champion and runner-up • v .wiU compete in the district tournament ( at Emmetsburg May 17, and winners there will advance to ihe state mee: at Waterloo in June. State winners ,will travel -to the "natfona meet at Eaton Rapids, Mich, later t the Rinssted Benefited Fire Dis- rlct and dated ApHl 23rd, 1959, i Forest Christiansen, Trustee. Norman .Stevens, Trusteei Merritt GifUtt, Trustee, , (Published April 30 'and May 7,, 1959 n The Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Molnes). I ' •'''<• Council Minutes' COUNCIL MINUTES >J The City' Council of Algona jnfet April 29, 1659, with/Mayor Shierk and the following named Councilmen! Whittemore, Dreesman, parsons,, Rich* ardson — Absent Muckqy and Elberf, Truck bids for the Street Depart; were opened and read, and Percival Motors having the lowest bid was, accepted. ' 'if Mayor Was authorized to enteri Into contract with Wallburg to obtain, dirt for City use. J : , if.' City Clerk was authorized to pay4he Sewage Treatment Plant Operators ettftin, isiary £5ft> sawry ^ wrt, Mlary . ^~^^ Salary Bertha M U Viola Mel . Oronbach,: salary. " labor -„>.*_».. *.» tabor ^,*.^-.i ItAiTwsinpsbn, labor '*>. * ,J»wa State Bank, Weedtilef JvtOt the~orlginal- AMINO TRIAZOLE sprayed on the leaves, U translocatw to ttw roots..,( kills the entlr* plant " • com, soybeans and other crops can be planted to tag. | sprayed area 3 weeks after treatment > easy to wfx, wsy to dean out of your sprayer SOLD BY BANCROFT FENTON TITONKA <, ' • . Murray Elevator Fenton Coop Elevator'Company Farmers Coop Elevator , , ' (18-19) Right Now Almost Va DeKalb Seed Corn has been Ordered th?$ Season thas was Planted M DeKalb ia 1958. ' , X •'» V r ,^', ,/ • ''* THE BIG SWING IS DEFINITELY TO DEKALB. ...;.....*..^* Get Your DeKalb Com Now From. • • ; , , , ,1,^.1. Eugene Hood — Algona Alphons Berte — Bode \ , Earl Elbert.— Whittemore' " .' US CELEBRATE DURING OUR I- . , r i4C*f whelming- responsibility. .Thou must pray' of te ^. i '^v-. often ' in His blessings, plead for forgiveness -. < ever trv to Point the way of truth and life for thy children. *• • ' ' * «,*,•* •> ; • IN THE j^L THIS EEK WAS A LETTER tr .,, -' . ?_ ~ «~rt "~ * %^^~" i • * --•>» -»* **•— M «.«^*i. A.i, \jm (wfQl f «71HnC vjr&D* f rieison of Seuton, who enjoyed the column on Mrs', Spencer. , I 'was . ' £* a guest at ttie Mother-Daughter banquet of the Methodist church at .,:-. \T Wesley last week, and I saw Mrs Gabrielson there. Although we've 'v.'T corresponded for several years, this is only the second time I've seen *-^U? r , m P erson ' ! thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of my v Wesley readers. . f , YOU GALS WHO^ARE WAITING for the dessert recipe Nelda o „ _i ,. .. ,. ,,, , , . ... more d it— __ j— rrt 1 ~ i * • " "~'~ > ~" " """ •*"-fi" •" fcrf**^. uw*4b> Dy A^Clblllw6rl Evans Tingley and Us for Applesaucp Meat Balls — a good\meat stretcher. e, \ % Ib. ground beef ., " Vi Ib. ground pork • , , „ , , , •" CUP, thick unsweetened applesauce •' ' cup soft bread-crumbs (packed in cup) 1 egg, well beaten % cup minced onion . ',1%'tsp. salt - ' ' '' f H teasp, pepper , Mix together well and form into 12 balls. Roll lightly in flour. """ in small amount of hot skillet, Place in baking dish. - , , •;—. - •—••—- •»* 't ^w «-BMMW and Vi cup water, id bake about IV* hours in a 350 degree oven. ' v ' —GRACE. V , Dodge Lutheran hospital ' jpsp|tal,"Fprt 'Podge, wttere he PIG' s Joe Manternach of Cascade re cently displayed a f 5-legged baby pig born on his farm. ' Actually, the extra hind' leg is a double leg in one, making it 6-leg^ed. The other 7 pigs in the litter were all normal. " Aga,rd,'had surgery at in the home of Mr and Mrs Larry Weriier, Sr,, y and family at Deal aff, Minn.', parents of Mrs Hardcopf They went to attend a wedding. Born to Mr and Mrs Richard Wilc,ox of Eagle Grove, a seven pound son Steven at Fort Dodge, Tuesday, April 21. Mrs Wilcox wa.s formerly Beverly Bl'umer. daughter of Mr and Mis Robert Blumef, Sr. I Born to the Rev. and Mrs How- aj*d Marty, Kaloha, ,in an Iowa City hospital, a son, Friday, April 34. They now have a family of one daughter and three sons. Mrs ftenry Marty, mother * 'of R.ey. Marty is assisting in the hoipe, 3 New Teachers Sign At LokotQ .' i'-i ^ **" I A. . v '. « f > ! teachers NOTICE OF SALE OF BONDS . Senled> bjds< will be received until 8:00 o'clock P. M., May 18, 1959, at the office o'f the Trustees of the Rlng- ste_d' Benefited Fire District , in the Counties of Emmet, Palo Alto and Kossuth, State of Iowa in the Town Library in Ringsted, Iowa for the purchase of Benefited Fire District Bonds of the Ringsted Benefited Fire District, In the' principal amount of $20,000.00, at which time such bids will bo referred to the Trustees of the Ringsted Benefited Fire District -at its meeting to be then held at the Town Library in Jhe Town of Ringsted, Emmet Countv, Iowa and in said Ringsted Benefited, Fire, District and after the receipt and the consideration of open bids the bonds will be sold to the highest bidder for cash, Said bonds will be dated, June 1, 1959, bearing interest payable December, l, 1959. and scmi-annually thereafter and maturing $4,000.00 on June 1, if pach of the years 1980 to 1964 in- "luslvp, with" the right reserved to the Ringsted Benefited Fire District 'o call and redeem said bonds prior *o maturity in whole or fiom time 1o 'tme in part in numerical order on "my interest payment date on or after T>pc<?m,be»* i. 1959 on terms of par and accrued interest. Bidders should specr tfv the interest rate or rates for the bonds an<l all other circumstances being equal, preference will be given to the bid of par , and accrued interest or better which specifies the lowest interest rate or rates, • . ' The Ringsted Benefited Fire 'District wtu furnish the approving opinion ol Fitagibbons and Fitzgibljons, Attorneys at Law, Estherville. Idwa-.'the 1 pur- r'hnse'' to furnish the printed' bonds, and all bids should be so conditioned, Certified check drawn on a solvent state or national bank payable to the order of the Ringsted Benefited Fire District for two per cent (2%) of the amount of the bonds must be. furnished by bidders as a guarantee of good 'alth, this amount to be forfeited 'to 'he Ringsted Benefited 'Fire District by the successful bidder upon failure to take up and pay for the bonds whe.n teady, The right is reserved to reject ..nv or all'bids. ' Published by order of the Trustees SALES ARE UP ON tHEko0NOMY,CAfcOF THE YEAR-.BIG TRADE-INS. SPECIAL '^UYS-TOR VALUES^.Mi^^^ii'n ; .NEXT 10 DAYS ONLY! THOUSANDS CHOOSE CAPP-HOME5 for quality, reputation, price mnd financing , 'Men! Signed for the ;They are Mrs /Charlotte Thoo Thompson,- fourth gr^de; -Mrs, p<|nnoifi»xji|J, are two era not returning next fall. 8AV? THOUSANDS OF DOUARS! 100'* O? PIAN5 OB y$e YOURS rWANQhW FOfi B*W flp 598 fHf fQ&t IftfijP wprM 1738 2nd ^ Aye. So., Dodge, Phone 4-1273, Now selling thousands of cars a month_Edsel sales leap 28% over last year. Today, thousands of happy Americans realize that the4959 Edsel Is the real economy buy of the year. More and mors , they are becoming convinced,that Edsel's big-car "fwl" ^nd luxury, plus all the extras* lat-no extra cost, maKe it the^rnost sensible ear to own* During the next ten days, we are offering bigger trade-in sjlowaneei than ever, "OfMhe-floor" specials ' ere priced for quick sales, See them now. See Edsel and "save. The economy-ear o^f the year that runs on regular gas. Stops for gas are seldom in the Edsel. And when yoq do puli, into '4 filling station, you pay only for regular gas. Thrift Is n jglfi with Edsel, It begins with the Ipw initial cost arid confinus* for^he many miles yow'ILwant tp drive It. Count thf extrat t you get as. standard equipment, like wall-to-wall Qarpe^lng»an^ self-adjusting brakes. Then count the money you THE KI.NCMHZB V^tUE^NOW IN THE * TAYLOR ~ MERCURY 109 SOUTH PHIUIPS STREET IOWA

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