The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1959 · Page 19
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 19

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1959
Page 19
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caf accide flf6 miles ..f^Mf 'itdhka a ,_ijv; ana mrs jjtue rcitvci Sickle afid Thomas feffiVed day from Sermawf altet a S ,,-„. tour ef-d«rtyv fnis^il'ltte fttsl meeting With thfe NelSdns and their grandchildren; > -L»t /and Mra Mke|,wlllti56>st^Lloned ,at °sophfli mHtttljtf MSJS& oW, the past week to attend thg fu* fterll lof their" — •«—"*** "H-i SweaV.F.W. ' ' OX tid JfageS fffirlfts r was , t)onald feeiglef, tan .,and Donald guests Was -Mrs yirinii Schfdleder, mother 6| the late Letihd jfchroederv died r. in Nevada, 'Iowa Afcfll visited iheff son, U* »«d Mft.. old fisfche* ta and family Amfis« . . j,.. , ^.Sunday tfuests ef the.Jtfcri t»atterWflg were Mf and Cteof'ife Patterson aiid Mr and Donald Patterson and son Barlt S ma spent the SfflW KfKfftft',.—.—. M* and Mtt SddlC . Sandy and Etifenfc, 0NI < *.. ^ dt . . . .*_ #^Jfc«fl * ' at oj Metvm JohMoh tJoUfciaa and iB afsd MM Gtffft Stt«(r o! Burt were Sunday guetfU* of .the Ben Wibbens 1ft Aigorta. Mf and Mrs A, 0. Pavik «• celved Word last week of a rfrgu* In tit* " ft* Mfi Son Joseph ahd —- . who tot feeffc with h! here to her fatt.. Rnthy and Mrs Bob ficnwn, IK fl patlcnl in Rochester, Met slaying with h«r. lay M their datiimef Masfinfe id . , A f and Mrs 8d City Sunday for Maxlni « ,th SchWedef No, you Know! LM-ir ' and son Mfirk o'i Titonka attend- idhetal Friday, ,> ' Name Ollicers « Swia City L *- *he Swea City V.F.W.- and Auxiliary held their Installation, of officers recently. Elmer Berg was installing of- fi&er, assisted by WillianvMather Jr, r Officers' Installed ar<» Ss follows • John Karels, commfiftder} William WSlsfead/ Ir? vicei RUB* sel Strayefi )f, vi|§| Vern Aftdei-,-; sbn, quiffermastif; ttichar]a S18* vens, advocate j^ Norlne' Danlelson, surgeon: *' \ H. , Thdmas" Sziilltesj chaplain;"' Kert' : Bfdtfes; Le-orttrd Appleqkist ahtt Warren Thomp* Mrs ftetfl Swanson, Mrs ard Swansonj Mrs Daisy Ertfi; Btfdm. Mrs Dlllard Bishop and Mrs Roy -Rohlln attended the'fth ftefal of Mrs .Rohlln's auntMW Relnke, at Blue Eafth ' i vutmmsBiuii in wic WUIVCM inuiiv. ix ates Air fdrce to theif son, 1st i gride 1ft Lt. Junior A. Pavlk, Li and Mrs Mr and Mrs Q . unor . av, a s r an o t»avlk arc stationed al Okinawa and Mrs Perry Totlne* Where he is ftisst^ned »S t pilot m\ Week In Omaha .wit! HVftV 11V id WCnaiflMW* «» *• f**>rwf • un»* vr W*««. -«• -w m* Mr and Mrs mm SWamott UVe» and friends.. .. entertained ieven alssswates ol Mf and Mrs tfolift tonft »pctU their daughter, Robin, 1ft honor of Sunday with felalivfi h»6 |nd her thirteenth birthday, Thbsfe with his 98 yeaf bid iMwhif, Mr* present were Blaha Cawpbelli Rlehftrd tong, ^ - 4i • Carol Franks, Barbara Sffhop, Mr and Mrs HldHafd Menkfr o, r a rs , Dongas, Linda ^Leln, Mf and Mrs J6hn Menke, Mt and Angl'e and Rita tague, Mfa Alli-ed Meflke "spent. ihe April 21. . Saturday afternoon and nignt visitors at the home of Mrs James' son, trasfSeff. . ^ • • , 2 The following 1 dffiterS Werfe ap ierious Disappearance" clause iii ^a theft policy mean . you don't >,ciuaiiy ; WLV* 'io^ Jw^i 1 ' • , a missing' ifeni was stolen • in rder to receive payment for , a , . „ , , *? K , . ;. ANSWER: Yes, ,if ^he '.circumstances point logically to" theft the' insurance .company will pay without insisting on proof; . i - • ,». ,*' if-you'll address your own ihs'Ufince questions *o this office, we'll, try to give, you the correct answers and'there'will be no charge or obligation of any kind. r / >! • i LS.BOHANNON 8 N. Dodge \ CY 4-4443 Are Reported .',' •• •' ' ^ • ^ ' j ^ / Ltidyaxd'«-' Several' properties jia't?6 been"Sold duflfag'ttife past several' Weeks. -Mfs "'-Lbuisa aierzog and 'son Walter have sought the home' ju&t e'abt bf thfe Town hall from Mrs LllliaiL Brack and /will be m&ying itt Sooni , , „ < -' ,Mr and, Mrs George Jabobson haVe S6ld ttleir h'orrife In.the^west part of tOWn to the Danny Jor"- gehso'n family and hEfve'bought the',Harhld"Gftihh6vd home on Slain street. The- Harbld- Gfunhovds wiU move into the,* home owned by Commander illace 'Johnson, legislative of' VlOlvUi a u v viiv. m^*i*%« »**• *•"••» — ^ Marner were Mrs Lily Beaity and daughter, Mrs Viola Slglund and Mrs p Bealtj>'s toA£(h*law, PrestoH Nelson all of Cedar Falls. Mr and Mrs Vernon Jensen Sunday afternoon and night visitors of her mother, Mrs Grant Dourte. ' , Julia Mino, daughter of Mr and Mrs,Glen Mino, spent Thursday aifd ' Friday With Mr and Mra Sflnk Shipler while her motheb Visited in, Mason City. Mrs Lul& Ringsdorf of Burt was a guest u .. -T. . «,.,^,._ home Apr! erj na. riation"srRithai-d Warreh Brones, color bearers; piiblk afid Jessie tlEiniCO iTtllMi^ O-ilUt ****o. **»»*••*»» I ATA-t l» *»*»» vv« «*»N*»f«»'w W *""t"""**V" Also attending were Mr and Mrs wcfekend with relatives in Mlfi Ormand Otterson of Wittnebago, At and Mrs Roy Valvick of Swea 2ity and DecAnn Siwfthson of Forest City. Johnson, aurard; and vannfie^ aS§i a'djtitaftt. Auxiliahr bfflt«er& were Installed' by l^rs^W^llace Johhsoh. They affe: Mrs'Gordon Jones, president; Mrs O'feofMfe ' Eden,, senior vice pftsideht; Mrs fion S'oi-shee, julis. idi» iVicfe 1 president; Mrs Kenneth Bronesj secretary - Mrs • Russel Strayef, , treasurer; Mrs Earl Kvamsdale,' k conductress; M r s Norine-!Dfltlielsorij chaplain; Mrs Otto' Kellyr trustee; Mrs MackafnUlj <guard{ Mrs R. Thpmas Hl\f Y W *** l*VJ fc*l\« >' il^flllW- T^ >v <*«^V4 **J U.VlClUjtVcULl.UXI KUCIJ. *-* ) ATA1. «J AV» JU'*4^'»»»«-»«-' Mrs Florence Y|thnke. These Barnes, Mrs Robert Sigsbdfe, 1 Mrs We now offer ICsioeciler moves-Will bfe-mSde after the first of May. Named Band'Queen Gretchfe"n.Ix>oft, daughter of Mr and.Mrs'^Albert Looft, has been c'hps'eri'as.'the' Queen of the Ledyard Band, when they go to Mason City -to 'participate in the .North IdWa Band Festival. ' Springfield Sparklers 1 ;'' p '' Springfield Sparklers met at the home' of Sharon Klooster. One guest, Mfs John Kramersmeifir, was- present. «, • ^Carol" -Ann ' Ruhksmeier and Seth; Johnson were chosen to go $ ^ist^i^ty, Qa'mp^t. and*? Donna Dhgebritson to go to StaTie Con- XJCtlllCO t 1YJ.L a XdV/h/^A,)!. ^t-fyw.*^} »,*-Elmer Swanson and Mrs Everett Johnsonr color bearers; Mrs Morris JoHnson, patriotic instructor^ Mrs,' . Kenneth Sey.lar, banner bearer! :Mfg 'A. P. Clark, flag ELEVATORS Portables...Cups ^.Augers bearer . . ,V. E-. Hazelhoff, ,. . musician; Mrs Russel Strayer, 'assistant"/ musician; ' Mrs Kenneth Broijes, "historian. Mesdames Earl Kvamsdale, Wallace,, Johnson, Elmer Berg, the Brink Shipler 19 -i * ' "• 1 Mi* and Mrs Roger Linde anc SOris, Mr and Mrs Wm. Thomp son, Edrth and Myrtle Molinde and Mrs Thad Johttsbn and girls were Sunday. guesjts of Mr and 1 Mi's O&car Lihde. Mr afid Mrs Art Claussen, at- tefided a family birthday party Saturday evening for her mother, Mrs Carrie Jensen .of Setieca. Mr and Mi's Gail Johnson rd- ceived word that Mr and Mrs •Mak" treat df NoWOlk, '-Va'. became the, parents of a.^on April 2*7. The lad has ,bcen named Steven: . ', ' (M* r and Mrb 'Louis Stenzel visited the Charles Schroeder family in. Burt Sunday.^ Mrs Eddie Bauer and children visited the Fred Ruhnke hom,e at Whittemore, Mr and Mrs Frank Bauer of Bancroft called at the Eddie Bauer home Sundays Mt and Mrs Walter Heerdt and family of Algona visited'her sister, Mr and Mrs Dale Blair and family on Sunday. Mr and Mrs Dillard Bishop and Schiltz, McGee Wedding Banns At Bancroft tiencroft <— Banns of marriage were published for the first time , Sunday In St. John's Catholic Church for David Schiltz, son of Mr and Mrs Arnold Schiltz, and Diane McGee, daughter of Mr and Mrs Dan McGee. The wedding will take place In -St. John's) Church, May 10. Mr and Mrs Clyde Runsbacki re the parents of a daughter lorn April 23 at E^therville. •Darwin Mctileish is a patient if St. Ann hospital. Mrs W. A. Murray went to 5 Wheel Chairs For Aid Of 111 , The Algofttt V.F.W. post recent" ly purchased five wheel'chairs and miscellaneous other equipment with fund* raised dUflhg a can be anyone in the Court Tfie tws»l also ed its Quota of ANNUAL SPANISH WAR VETERANS BANQUET AND Af tWI AlOONA V,* SATURDAY, 6:30 P.M. MUSIC BY THI RHYTHM ALL FOR $1.50 Tlckcti now available from any V.F.W. or Auxiliary M6mb«r. and We are pleased to announce our appointment as dealer tor the' complete line 1 of time, proven, Farmer's FriendPortable Elevator* • ...Grain Augers.,.Cup Elevator* ...accessories...partt ALGONA IMPLEMENT CO. Algona,'iowe ^ ventibn. ,'*' „. , Carbl Ann Ruriksmeier is Chairman bf the- Rally Day Tag Coirimittee with, Deanna Brahdt and,"B*aye Krafhmersmeifer helping. Pamela Keil is' chairm&n of the rally day "sUppe£ ,cbmmittee with SKarbn<Klooster,'JUdy T "" x ' britson, Barbara Fari'ow Linda Pingel helping. ( ,' Junior-Senior Banquet The annual Junior-Senior banquet was'held.Saturday evening in the school lunch 'r<jiom, which had been (transformed into ah "Oriental Garden". : Serving were Sandra Jbhnson, Pain Keil, Gloria Pingel, Ddnna Ingebritson, Darlene RicHtfe'f, Virgel Wallentine, Marlin John- s8nr ' DSah ' Loge'fhan, , Bernard Lloyd and Dalfe Packeri * - Toastmistress was, Gloria Richter, Junior Class President. Janr ice Edwards gaye-the Welcome to the Seniors with Arno Troff,'Response by Senior President. Jup» idr Mothers served the banquet Coach Resigns William KUhker who has been boys coach and high school principal here; h'sis accepted, a position'in-Newell where he wil teach Manual ,A»ts- and b'e Jun ior High" coach. Mrs" Hazel Carpenter accom panied Mr and Mrs R. J. Brummond of Truman, Minn., to Siouj? Falls on last'.Wednesday. While there -, she visited at the Les Ffake horhe. Mrs I'rake was the former Helen ^fiehaus who worked in-the, bank here previous to her.marriage;-,' ,-'„. . •' s s Mr,arid' Mrs- Harold Warner • -- ' J , daughters and'. Mrs Lena " " 3 L^at.. the Lee ih'Algbna qn .» H J. H.J ^** i»^«A*fV^ ;- y-*'* "•*" ,rj~ ^c,^ xjiceifedfaWaids^for perfect attendance for thfe pdst year. Those 'receiving fivfe year pihs were Mesdames Arlette Seylar, D'elores ^Valsted, Rebecca Mogen^ •son> Lifa Johhsoh, Mary "'Waterbury, IsabeUe BroneS; Helen Ap=- pleqUigt, iVirgiriia StraVei^'Peatl Fischer,-Ellen Forshee,and Sadie Gardner. The ten year pihs were received , by Wilma' Johnson 1 , Fran b'Keefe, .Hattife -Kelly arid Fina ^Montgomery. ^, Mrs • Earl,- Kvamstiale was presented with a past president's pin., DicK Diet!'of Fairmont, Minn, grandson' 'bf Carl Applequi&t i^ Swea 'City, Kas been ' Mred to ,each 3 swimming in Swea City <tfiis lummer.r % - IJ ; ' , ,' rda- djJty'FFA. dhapfer ''The'jurttor'mothers met Apri 2d to make plans* for the Junio? Senior banquet'to be held May 15. Mrs Glenn Clark and Mr Clarence Gardner were named cb-chairmeh. - . • Mrs Lucy Hewitt -assisted ,bi Mrs Harold Jones had Pas Matrons Tuesday evening, Apri JThe Swea church began 'May 3., The morning worshi^ service'will begin at 8:45'. Sunday .callers at the Truman Johnson home were Mr and Mrs Lester Johnson of Algonaj- Mr and Mrs Gaylord Johnson oi Fenton, Mr and Mrs Elmer Jorgenson bf Swfea City and Mr and Mrs Beryl Bromley 'of Fairmont. Gity Methodis s- early service YOU READ IT IN THE UPPER DES MOINES Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain York, N. Y, <«|.*ti«n - For tha ril time iclcnce hn» found A MOW Bubstanca with Iho ntton- nblllty to shMnk hemdr- tholdn, »top ItchlhK, and relieve pain — without iurgory. in enw nfter cane, while gently relieving pain, actual reduction (»hrlni<otte) took place. MoBtamnzlntrof nll-mnulUwor* to thorough that iu(T«rnr« mftri» IHce " have ceased to be a problem!" The »eer6t l« ft ne* healing *nb- itance (Blo-Dyne*)-discovery of a worhl-famoua research institute. Thti substance Is now available In tuppotitorv or t>{ftt««nt form iihtlcr the name Preparation H.* At yoor druggUt. Money back guarantee. , ^ , *Be«. U. 8. P«t OIL >r :r '''L l o"ok <r wliilt's''h6ppehVd' to' '' youi- food dollar in 10 years ! But today VJi \> T fZQ buy» »16.4'O worth today* k^- »«»i»**k.««»Kif«*«'>»»*»- tfc W J 1959 WEST1NGHOUSE APPLIANCES COST LESS THAN THE BEST OF '49! ' >i ; .—"——i, .. ( .•,.-....' • ' , ,1 I , f L . BIG 13 Cu. Ft. 2-Door... Low, Low Price < , . f , ( , WESTINGHOUSE COMBINATION 'PIONEER . , , Mr and I Mrs- L^rencfe P)ngeJ and family' wMre. Sunday- guests. at the honif; d| W- and -Mrs N - Pingel.* -, ^ ' , * '. .• . Fred Duttoji- who.- 'Suffered a heart attack 1 o'tt'la's't week Saturday and,, w|s Jaken to 'the Blue Earth Hospital is somewhat im> proved;? ' . '; r . i : 4,.-,. j. i :' Mr and Mrs George Thompson aterided ^ift M' wit ' PWwtogtf • 'Sheti pWtwmgs" 'ft?"}!?)^,. v 3fceip A ^i.^W.S^ ie-Smirch o^ ThUr^da; ! Hh Mre m#fr& Kh"dhe ardLTho/nnson, wgLl +.ft« -fll-6*f&rk" t asyiMfe Mrs "Wowaro; Charge of tp * by Mrs Everett Thompson Mrs Mayer- Mrs J. J. MePonaW at^ompan e ELECTRIC CO. toe Mary Bashara and Mrs C^ris Anderson, o Bring Be|ter Living To Fl^m Families with exclusive Cold Injector System > " KEEPS All KWCS JttSU IONGEW\ You can even store milk in the door! That's how uniformly cold this Westingbouse stays all oueiv Holds more, too! Saves shopping trips. i. And what extra features! Extra' door storage. Door and egg shelves lift-off. Butter, Cheese Compartment Twin, porcelain Crispers. •ni PiONIER THISv SPRING ,• HIGHER; YIELDS • ^ew*er brpppeld Ears ,f EASIER * tylore Rrpfit Aor|?h Steussy ,„«.„-.;-, Algona . • . . * 4 ' ' t 1 F -t./ l *i ^j^'tta'a^' ^ WNittfm«re ! . «*C' l9cal Pioneer Salesmen ^7'

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