The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1959
Page 18
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start Lakota School Next Fall evening, at hfeld it the takftta School, There tee 3£ children »tftftih6 ien nfext yf«• ,. , is a list bt .the kmdtr- s fdf tHe eomtag Add?, Di«ne Andei> < Cindy Ashland, connife Bautnaft, fcebra Berschwart, Col- ken Baettcher, Dofmfc Christ, Hiehawl Coufttryman, Sharon , Crawford, .Michael fcornsbach, .Eiekehbergen Kevin Er &SCPti,lOG ***iA.r».*.»«w^.» e*" * »""-**" 7* lahl, Sharon Gangstee, David Gofeke, Emily Hoeppner, Rodney Janftssen, Robert Jtihnsdn, Debra Junkertacier, Colleen Karels, Jolene Kollaseh^ Carlu Kayser, Janice Kroech, Marcia Paulsen, Edwin Nemann, Paul Peterson, , Thomas Price, Debra Stacker, Dale Thompson, Emma Ukena, Ronald Weringa and Steven Wet' Inga. __ Chosen For Gamp Htbnors Linda Loii Spear, sixteen year old daughter of-John Spear ol Lakota; has been .chosen by the local -American Legion Auxiliary to-atterid Girl's State this summer. Linda is a high school Junior and for the past two years has-been a membef of the-girls Glee Club and bf 'the Mixed Chorus.- The alternate chosen Is Yvonne'Tjaden, daughter of Mr and Mrs Steve Tjaden. Philip Sfchroedef has been chosen for Boy's,State and the alternate selected is Don Coftk, son of 'Mr and Mrs" J. -W. Cook. New Teacher Lineup, tf Supt." J. W,*. Cook j'eports the following teachers have signed w „, tot the laSB-eo, school yeah Those rehSred are: Clayton Helvitk, principal and ,,.sB6ty; Vifill Barrett, band and manual training; Jerry McMullen, tSfoicft *hd nigh school scienc-ej Mrs Betflah Budiong, h6me eeon-" tmticS * high school; Mary Jean Leonard, vocal music. " Miss Leta Turner, English teacher, will not be back high school. Mrs Laura Wickham will >t be back — high school. Teachers In the grades whd have signed contracts for the 1059-80 school year are as fol* lows: Mrs Harriet Magenson of Thompson, 7th grade; Mrs Mable Mattison of Forest City, Remedia Reading; Mrs Frances Deim 0 Swea City, kindergarten. New teachers who have signec in the grades and who win be new to the school system are*. Mrs Charlotte Thai-land of. Thompson fourth grade; Mrs Marjorle Ohs berg of Thompson," sixth grade Miss DeAnn Swanson of Swea City, second gfadef U.P.A. of, the, Presbyterian church met In the -church par* Idrs. Hostesses were Mrs Ann Greise and Mrs AdatrRfppentrop, Irene Rippentrop-gave* the devo* tions. 'Artn Hamilton - spoke oft "Cub Scouts"/ Ella Buckels talked 6rt ."The Library", GeneVieve Hoeppner spoke' on, "4*H Clubs" and Mrs Bflele spoke oh /'Sunday School,'* Lucille Dontje sang a solo.' v ' '" ' The Band Mothers Bake Sate realized, $128.00. ., • ' Mr and Mrs *Y Schroeder wera dinner, .guests, ait the Jay <C,, Blome home, After dinner they atl weni to tfof Atflwe whete the Slides afid the Scltfofedtr* o» ihelt re cent Visit to Califofftia. Ut and Mrs laities Meufer Brace and fan attended the eon- fiitfiAtion servites tot Mrs Metr Stoile 6t New Ulm, MIftft. ew vim, »"""« , 4 - „. , > Aggressive Lads 4-ti dub me-t at the home of Terty Kollatch oft Monday, April 20, Aib^fl Becktef called the meeting to order and David Slepef, thfe secretary, read the roll call. David Sleper .attd Marvin Heidfcekfer demonstrated. August Bautnatt led the 4«H pl Mr and Mrs A, C. Bierstedt and Steven were supper guests with Mrs Helena Jenii and Jud? at 1^1. onu Mrs John —a-,-?-rj were recent guests at the Richard Dieddle home In Fairmont •Mr and Mrs E. S. Fienef of Clear Lake \vere cailfef* at the Dr. H. M. Murray home where they visited with Mrs Fiener*8 sister, Mrs William M. Hattsen of Bremertbn, Wash., who is visit„„. Meyer had the misfortune to-get her left httnt caught in the car door. The dod* slammed down t>n it and she sustained a fracture of, the 2nd finger and . cuts of the fdUrth fil rhe-Bfrthday Club met at th home of Mrs Donald Kollaseh a Buffalo Center. . Mr and Mrs A. C. Bierstedt and Steven spent SatuYday night and Sunday with Mrs Anna Bierstfedt at Burt. They also visited Mrs Bierstedt's mother, Ncmitz. Mrs Berttft . , ^ t Mrs Thomas Thompson and Mrs Gus Koppen spent an afternoon visiting ,lhe letter's daughter, Mrs Eldon Heetland, in Winnebago. Mr and Mrs John Roelfsemft and sons 6f Elmore and Mr and Mrs John Btitton of Swea City spent an afternoon visiting at tho J. Roelfsema home. Sunday eve, callers were Mr and Mrs Justin • f S- -'• ,i - vk ...- 'is 1 - 1 '' l"* •» f ,'-'-\' V*. VvV.'.'.'i! v,nS'' '**•*•> <f'1 -T^if r -^A .'*W>s>\S'y.^'« >j;vi*,<fo:- &&'• /simital*;;* m!m Berhow,! 'Alfred, August, and Willie-Melz. Lucy tw i, cawei, """/OTia.i;*""" ' thtM ^ h «HlfeDN6.|^ ill CBnff*l*1SttSiiot1i«rvipl Utilities ,,....-...—j-uiui^.^ Ahaertoh Har^wdfei Futf «| Jffeu m. ft'. WwiSit&t..... oJfftSmfmg^^ V4W6H Hutchison, Rterrt-*f-W«y Paul's U*Sav6, jvwd -—«• nen^^a.^- er, meeting -Ja*,-. Andrew Roy AIVIH ..-,.... Amy ot*way ..... Frank, flaskhorst, Harvey Buehoer, r , k Carl B. Elaenbait 5r., Paul V.^nWarV* Sf.rWoHt-of- 'Lyrin Forsheir repairs ...i.:.'. , 21,20, Ralph W, Lindhorsth, ,,,. ",- ' i. ftoileage^Se-.expenses _.^..:.. ,168.07 --' meage^ - expenses _.j tion&td..Mt Wbodr mileage , Mr*, Keep »*wit.»—»-«i»-»-uj.»i»<-t-* St, Anthony's Home, care At Home 0? tlie OoOtf iSHcphefS, ,,UdU. Cafe ft.Keto ii*—«.A* -.•,70,00 St. Monica's Mome ( Carfe ,& rvcwp & tt A******J^HI •**-»»•.«•*"--«.««--«State of Iov/a, Emergency He- • lief StQtG v*, *v»*r«»t * dent Children »•—i.'—...-.-. State of Iowa, -Aid t& Blind K & H dooST'olfCfltrFUel'IIl' Mid-West Service Co., Fuel ... Mid-West service Co., Fuel,.. Botsford Lumber CO.', Cpahi-. Robert M. Brenhatt Heating, Coal -—.1—.—J-——-—.-*.Standard Oil Co., Fuel .,— .-*- Famer'SjCOop,'. Society, — •14457 ar. Hancock Co, Auditor, Fuel -.-, Farmers Coop. Society,' Fuel Standard Oil Co., Fuel ,.j-. n . Standard Oil Co-.^uel ----- Btowh's Feed . '^ e i \J I - ~-.*r u • PROTfCT'YOUR CgOP INCOME -AND 'FJRE LOSS * ' A sudden'hail storm, can destroy your crops. Protect your Income \yithyldw>cost; dependable-'Farmers Mutual, frail Insurance. 'Contact your iocal r agent or write'today. Bohannon Insurance Service ALGONA CY 4-4443 HOME.OFFICE! 2323 GRAND AYE, MOIRES, IOWA NEW OLIVER Twme-Tie and! Wire-Tie f ^ v ^ S ^ Turn Shorter, Handle Easier, , md wmie-Meiz. • , Farmer's .coop.-. . Mr,and Mrs Wilbur Aschci &re skeHy oh Co the parents of a daughter born; at T " flrmer 8 CO(Jb ' the Blitt, Community HdspitftL 'The maternal grandparents are Mr and Mrs LammeiM; Hippen of Lakota. ' • Sunday afternoon callers at the Dave Patterson home were ( Mr and Mrs*AlberVWertJ6|3 and fam^ ily/Mr a'nd Mrs Don Wertjes and family, Mrs,Victoria Christ and son, Ray and Mr and Mrs David Christ, the latter two of Wells, Minn. , Mrs John V. Dornbush underwent on emergency appendectomy at the hospital in Buffalo Center recently. Callers at .the Andrew Jansen home were their nephew, -Roger Goodnew of Masori City and thefr daughter and husband, Mr and Mrs Al-noid Karels of Frost, Minn. Thursday evening callers were Mr and Mrs Robert- Rippentrop of Elmore. , Mr and Mrs Raymond Hertzke, Bruce and Nyla spent a day in, Waterloo," where they visited with their daughter, Shelda'. Recent supper guests at the Sophie Ellsworth - Ann Robinson home were their brother 'and wife Mr and Mrs William M. Hansen 2716B ,20.86 " 17.00 .157,73 1 35.00 • 32.00 J8.60 ,10.00 • 10.65 - !" 19,60 ; 32,60 ,,10.00 ' 11,10 Co., 5.00 ow . Feed ----- — — ^*»..i.'.»»-...f.- Kossuth Co. Impl, Co.. Tractor Algona Flour & Feed Co., Feed Hobafton Coop. ElevatotrEeed -195.08 Robinson Produce, & 'Feed, . 4 . ., way t »«>..«i.fc-.»t-»*»i*'"-*' Verrton «. Harriett Hutchison,, Right-of-way '..*....—...— Arne Osterasard, RahJ-of- w . a y Harry W, Linden Raht-of-Way Gurhey R. Farrow, Rlght-pf-Way Mrs. Ultlan Mae Farrow, Rlght- Clalenc^Prathr'RlVhVbf-Way"'- Mamle Dourte, Riaht-Of-Way ^. Irvln Huskamp, Riaht-of-Way . Edwlri 8, Viola Fafland, Rlglhb- of-Way —» — Orvllle Runksmeler, Riaht-of- Arthur Er"Anddrs"bh", ' Cities Service,, Gas -- ---------Council Oak, Food „.. — ^- — Consl. J Creameries, Dairy , Pro- duCtS _________________ • -------Finn's Bakery,-Fqod „_. — -— Des Moines Register, Subscrip- Vmcent; " A. M! y TolTi"elrrl7RT9n"NoF-Way"- Taylor Irrjpl. Co., Parts . Botsford Lumber Co., Coal — AlgoHa Machine Shob, Repa p Arthur A.' Klein, Labor & Mileage —.—. -j—-- FWD Corp., Supplies ... Hall-Strahorn Hdwe., Supplies 476.00 42.00 , 84.00 '166.00 84.00 82.00 84.00 64.00 82.00 v 64.00 84,00 , 15.81111.66 ,10.71 , 11 '.64 42.63 3.60 Ralph w. tiinanor8i,^;'j t •>• •< , -i,_. -boaifd Si lodgfe of pft&mefti .. ,8','.20. Algona. Reminder,-a'd —.'.'I.-<. ,f I u Fidlar &'Chatnber8 Coi, supplies -',28. .Joyce Hayden, mileage- -^ Upper ,Des Moines-> Pub. .C6., , ("t-lJ" Ready-iMfx, supplies '_,—'—I- 111.49,, Bancroft Register, ; , v», I a board 'proceedings , .._.—.'.•-'-' •„ MOrfO .... ,f. , 0 sup |,n e | __ • 147.30 _ _~_ 4^-'^_ . rt4l4 0/i AdVaned-PUbrCo., suppllef _-' W7.30 Advance Pub.* Co..,cproceedftigs 231.60 B." J.'FuWt, ^PlUihbln'g; parth „ .- ,'1^5 i iai»-**ii wi iwi > i • iwi!-— •! •w.j-p...— » *if R. R. Doyle, Equip. .- .- 6.75 K, & H. C6op, Oil CO.; fuel .. ,83.« ,--.«157.78 ).00 !.00 „. U04 ±7 ).00 %9 ).66 Vincent fiisser. naircuis ''ffitn Botsford LUmber, Supplies ._> WAV Grace-Lee ^Products, Supplies - fiOR-VS Elmer M. Langmack, Suppljes io§.l4 Cullen Hardware, Supplies ... J «§-«2 Standard Oil Co,, Diesel Fuel _ >.|6S.78 Culligan- Soft Water,, Water <x i% Service —•.Algona -fcbckers, Rent,-. M.-^J. R, Hakes, Supplies ... "Dr.^ehutter,.-M,D,i Medical — St. Ann Hospital, Medical .... N W. Belt Telephone Co., Telephon^rvice „„.-... Dean G. Parrott, Court Re- Dean G.""Pa"rrottr"Court "Reporter — -— "•Ralph Brown, County Farm — zelba Brown, County Farm __ Irvin E. Harwood, County Farm .---r-r- da May \Harwood; , County (N. Ol II* \^W^* H*l> **w«| i wt — — Thompson Dlst. Co,, Parts —. Root Hdwe., Supplies K. & H. Coop Oil Co.,, Fuel __ Farmer's Coop. Society, Fuel ,_ Baade's, Repair, Repairs ,_ Majon Motor, Co., *Parts : M. T. McGuire Co., Final: Grad. Pro). 74 8, 505 M. T. McGuire Co;, Final; Grad. . , Pro!. 503 & 1135 — 4,455.05 M. T. McGuire Co.,,Final; Grad. . Proj. 502 8. 90 2,317.89 Carpenter & Son, Parts Haelzhoff Motors, Parts Selg-Fort Dodge Co., Parts — John Geerdes Imp., Parts _;_. of Bremerton, Wash, who are taying at the,H. H. Murray home or a couple of weeks. Mrs Rena Dontje'and daughter of Swea City and Mr and Mrs August Dohtje and four-children, also of Swea City spent Friday afternoon at the Henry Olthoff ionic. ' ? . , Mr and Mrs Wilbur Kicwiet and family of Elmore and Miss Margaret Heidecker were recent Sunday dinner guests at the John Furst home. A group -of Lakota ladies attended Guest Day at the Congregational Church in Buffalo Center They were Miss , Louise Thaves, Mrs William Wii'tjes, Mrs Jasper Schmidt, Mrs Frauke Schadendorf. Mrs Mary Telkamp and Mrs Jerry Heetland. Joann McBrlde, Assists Sheriff Elizabeth Galbralth, Registrar Dean G. Parrott, Court, Reporter -—" Ella Dau Pertl, Labor — Burnadene O'Phelm, Labor,— H. K.. Beck, Probation Officer Helen A. Lalng, Assists Relief ohn H.~Rode™~Meetlngs &' Mileage , . r~rr „" Tens M. Sorensen, Meetings & A. A?. 8 KoflaschT'MeetlngS "& Mileage . ,- —-< -—• Charles Plathc, .Meetings & Charles 8 H,*"Neweir^Meetfngs"& Board Proceedings BOARD JPROCEEDWOS Regular January Session 1959 SIXTH PAY March 8, 1059 120.00 120.00 120.03 127.83 9<l'.90 105.00 91.49 41.19 120.00 92.00 70.80 105.95 9.46 60.15 ' .45.79 7.95 3.20 2,722.31 . 36.75 "48.37 257.11 46,08 . ., Panamk Carboh Matt Parrott* & ^, • , * Co.V supplies !Ji.-.-» — La..J-^_ Koch Bros., supplies _'.—-*. , ? 35.34 M -j Il|ii3 '76.72 xvuuii jjiuo., ( OUVH**^P —«—-yi-*^ ,.i .r Klipto Loose'Leaf Cb.; supplies* -,38.67 M/infh r*ntriil Piih. Sprv. ' * i.,i, 'A £ NOrth ,Co., r Jenk'ins-Fergiemann Co., _ . . ' supplles-'-i.^-l. j(—a- u-"—'* ttegartys Plumbing ^'Heating, repairs, on co. home u Vestal Inc., supplies North la. Directory Serv.", supplies' ,^*_^iu-j-;i.i*^-'.-w_-_ ' Upper Des Moines Pub. ,.' Co., • proceedings . • 301.70 1 71.12 18.83 77.69 , 6.7,3 JUMli \jcciuca ii i IK'/ • MI «» «.^-— 1-..JI jZ Peterson Chev. Co.,- PaHs ...'i 20.45 Greenberg Auto Supply, Parts _ Standard Oil Co., • Fuel . Charlson Hdwe., ..Supplies u—--ij Standard Oil Co., Fuel .._' Gambles,, Supplies ... r v—,— 'W. E. Ley; Mdtof Co., .Parts '_., 23.67 Hermah M. Brown Co., Supplies Hawkoye Machinery Co., Parts _ Dukehart-Hughes Tractor & Equip. Co.. Parts Snap-<5n Tools, Tools V—.— RdodsburQ 'Hdwe.- 1 Co.. Supplies W. C. Brown Supply.,Co., Supplies .!____.—--— Mid-Iowa Ipdust. Supply, Supplies - _..„._. -1 i— West Iowa Tel. Co., Tel. Serv. _ Arnold Motoi- Supply, Parts _- •• Cullen Hdwe., Supplies Cook's Welders Supply, Supplit-s N. W. Bell Tel.-Co., Tel. Serv, _ Percival Motors, Parts 8. Re- t r. KAUO BIIUIWilMWOieiwifW^",*^*-'"""™ > pans, all .small appliances'near, —---,. IA, Saves^pace^jEllmJnates^OpDg^cajch..,l f" in|;;«nBltn§ cau4d by excessfve — l|i||||i|ilillip -^^^^f- y^Wff-- WWW' ^^^Sm^K^< ' * • ' Whlle?sujipl^la^t^ J [' 24.40 , 24.39157.75 - 5,00 23,99 105.28 115.76 12,59 65,03 31,68 33.3833.45 Co.,', proceedings _• • North Central Pub.\ , • , Serv., gas-1 .— Culleh^HdWe,, supplies ' -~ Algona Reminder, ad- ~-^ —... ( . N. W. Bell Tel. .'Co., tel serv. Gordon L, i\y~inkel, expenses — Kossuth- Co ^Treasurer, •> prepaid freight & bounties _-* 1 - ' RESOLUTION - • BE BT -RESOLVED ,by> the Boards of/ Supervisors- o£; Kossuth County _that the Iowa State ; JHighway Commission ' be hereby, desigftated,' 1 , authorized arid empoWere'd on belialf of the s Board ,,of Supervisors of- said - county ,,to conduct the letting "of all "S","'SN!' or t "SM", "Farm to Market construction projects. Until ftiriher, no'tlce.V '' ' ''L ' , . ' BOARD >OF'SUPERVISORS. . Kossuth Coupty •. ., >, By A: M. Kollaseh, Chairman • ' ' / Charles t-piatlje' "^ , 4 • Jens M. Sorensen Dated at-'Algona';,Iowa This 24th day of FebrUary,',1959. Marc "Moose, . '., , - 1 ,» '" > , Kossuth County Auditor RESOLUTION lAin *j/\i *« w »v«i •»( -»The Board of Supervisors met pur suant to adjournment. Those presen were A. M. Kollaseh, Chairman,- and John Rode, Jens Soretfsen, Charles Newel, .and Charles Flathe. Absent '^Moilon by John Rode and secondec by Jens Sorensen that the Beekeeper Ass'n, be granted $300 for bee inspec tion. Ayes: All. Nays; None. Motion ° a Motfdn by Charles PJathe and-sec-' ended by Jens Sorehsen , that tpe Auditor of Kossuth County, be .given authority to destroy useless'documents such as tax receipts, poll tax recelptt. and hunting licenses which liaVe.been on file in the various offices ,for a period of more than five years and.! to destroy all assessors' • bopks, assessment rolls, county voucher.? and <?an- i. M. Smith, Engineer —. John Fraser, Assists Eng neer Hazel Anliker, Assists Engineer r. W. Burnett. Labor Ed Blanchard, Labor Raymond Baade, Labor ...— Dick Baade, Labor -. ... Harold E, Blancha'd, Labor — ,<Ioble L. Crouch. Labor Vrank Deim, Labor _ .2 M. Downs, Labor Mvin Ewlng, Labor .. t ,- •ir>\vs'--> Essor, L°bor -»John Eller, Jr., Labor «,«m n,aer. Labor -.-. Vourlce Elschen, Laoor , ,. Clifford Holmes, Labor -* W, A. .Hedrick, Labor Clarence Hentges, Labor r Dale Helmers, Labor « ' Arnold Halnzinger, LaBor .... Don Halnzlngor, Labor , ,A, J, Kbllasch, Labor . Anton Kardoos,' Labor _j...v. 407.75 344.42 399.36 96.61 590.20 429.20 195.85 241.43 227,30 223.65 237.40 253.85, - l.20 Gedrge V/,- Kockler, Labor ,__ Garry McDonald, Labor ...— ferdlnand Meyer, Labor , * Ralph Mark'Si Labor .-.. Roelf Miller, Labor -,—. Ben G. Metzger, Labor ' 236.54 223,65 237.44 264.49 271.34 243*75 254.23 ' 257,66 SPORT SHIRTS, AND MORE SPORT "SHIRTS ^Designed' Especially For,-That^ Male Graduate. Paddle ,and'Saddle or Amber- iy Wash and Wear .Sport Shirts in the latest colors and fabrics as low as' $1.88 — S-M-L-XL. White Long Sleeve Wash and Wear Dress Shirts with con-. v'erlible cuffs at only $2.85. STORE THAT*S-FUN:TO-SHOIf - ' vrnuouo *»*«""»*»» "^fjXT^^v 1 CCome to the Net* Hctd'Maryk- - ,, ~*>here SouthernKoepUatty mooedbtorth.. • , , wireorpKonefarretenHOia*. CO.NWTIOMEO 200 SFAWCUNG TILE BATHS SHIRTS; i ? j .. i w i _.* . Herbert C etzaer, , Nellis .,.. Labor ----- rieroerr *-, INBIIIS, uooor —« Urban Neuroth, Labor "E. C, Ohm, Labor „.......... Edward Rieke. Labor . r . . •Lloyd Srhallcr, Labqr -—.,.i Lem Stbckwell, Labor- *. James W. •Schultz,, Labor John Schuejer. )t,, liabor , —,— Charles Thompson, Labor .... John J, Von tank, l^bor ... r . James E.- Walh,et, Labor „, Orville Welland, Labor , -- Harlari'Wichtendahl, Labor Charles Ptottw . onded by Charles %wel that r Clarence be apointed as coUrtty WWa Welland. Labor r —,. ....,.,,'Wichtendahl, Labor Crlch* -Wlllrett, Labor. . '.., fisprge Weringa, Labor , C, E. Zaugg, Labor ...—-.-. Senry MR-^' •»'«» 'utj. '.?i?m Co.. edicine ... FUND Utilities in Section 22-100-29. Ayes; All. 1 None. Motion carried, Motion by, Claries Newel and onded by Charles PJathe that cqr nlf>e settlement be^nwJe wlt£ oert Fricders in tnj amount of .* State Institution Claltn at Wot... T ,--, Ayes; All- Nays None, Motion carried* y *' DISAU-OWED CLAIMS «urj»y Farms, Pamages ,.j T1 --j7eo»gu Jt wast motioned that payment of pjaims allowed at this meeting of the i$ jwd ?i r »l>s listed immediately s 1 fatifi00, allowed,, Qt " ( .-. .-. 1,1 PaywrtJ pujyl, , T ,. . ,.,-. ''Stv Ann Hospital, Medical - John M. Schutter, Jp^?ph M, RpoflVy.'Fj'p" 100.37 ™I 115,13 , 42.7S ^jgt d|* ^"f r****!* ++* >*W lr>"l «i*T**»' f ' .^MJ^^J.-IJ-J.,Medicine" 9; )?; 5,40 reus pltai, ny e co der fij iqv.^ , ,„ RUSK Drug, -J/-.-T--IT, --,---"Appelquist Grocery, Food ..,-, Standa,ro; Oil Co,, Fuel Luyerni| Pharmacy! Medicine — •lonsbruch Drug, Mbqtclnc .... T, J. Egan, Medical ohn M, Schuttgr, Medical — ^rs, Wm.'FgnH, Rent .,. lapld Thotmo 6asj Fuel . , Ray's Jack Sprat Srore, Food — Mid-West ,5?ry, Co., Fuel ,„„. v*. BS St. Ann's HftsiJ., Medical --.,. 103,50 Suffalo Center Clinic. Medical , «»••"* , ORAINAGE FUND Jppcr Des Mo Ings Pup. Co., Or 90 -t,..«,....- . --, .ASSES5QR FUND Payroll Fund, Assessor Pa»roll , 1,412,29 U. S. PencirOo., SWppltes^ 3,9" Fidlflf & Chamber* Co., Supplies L, J. Immerfall, - Mileage & Expenses .—.^._.„.,.,-,.. North |a. Directory Sery-, Sup- Ribbon <sT'"Cirbon S*upp|y Qo., Supplies ,,,, T- B. FUNG Pr. L. N, SI if e,_ inspection. ' c * ,c n u 1. S. E, A. Library Serv., Bopks I, $. E. A. Library Scry., Books MMt Mbrary^c^Co^oo^ Payroll Fund, Court Pnyroll .. C. H. Ostwlnkle, J. P. Fees „, dt u 'F DAUS GA

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