The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1959 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1959
Page 16
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I •c IS THE LIGHT DAWNING? On the eve of negotiation* for a new steel rod, Most steel workert, according to inter* Views, are opposed to having their union press '|6r further wa§e increases. Five^of every six steel workers interviewed » against further wage Increases, or t!e» s for them and a possible strike. Their reasons are Interesting - and sen* THE NiW AMBASSADOR-ESS Before th* following editorial tould gef tnto "k £ I i r i They have no great affection for the steel Companies for whom they work. But they u ore beginning to see that the Workers are fed up ,VMh constantly spiralling prices, They now say Jhat with each wage increase* steel costs go -up, prkes and 4 taxes then also go up, and that prin), Mrs luce r'eslsned hef p$ti> after bilng confirmed by the Senat* despite ob(edfl6ns. If looks a* though "Hobby" did win after all. If the home life of Mr* Clare fedothe, luW is as tempestuous with husband Henry ft. as It is outside the home, It must be interesting indeed. it seems that Mrs Luee tannot enter a public* hearing hall or a meeting or' make a speech wtlhout plunging the dagger Into somebody's back, or calling someone an unkind name by implication. Mrs Luce several years back was our dm* bassaddr to Italy. The Italians after kicking Out ^'everything else goes up dnd we are ho better Mussolini turned to a democratic form of "~t(» ^ ernm«rtt and held elections. Mrs Luce, It off, Qther typical comments! "Wage increases are as useless as fuxz on ernmerit and held elections, Mrs Luce, Italians said, picked her side and tried to get it elected. The resultihg uprodr In Italy "caused Mrs Luce to have'a siege of III health which caused her , 'irhe biggest mistake the union could make resignation. Would be to go after higher Wages; It Wbuld * Her husband publishes Time, Life and For- Jprobably lead to a strike and in the long run tune magazines and is a big Republican cam- Jwe all lose." pat^n contributor'. His Wife's bent for politic* ; If the sample Interviews by one labor re- and political appointments cannot be dismissed jporter are to be termed reliable, It looks as lightly. • jfhough the" rank of labor union, membership Is Husband Henry |ust got through publishing ^beginning to see the economic light; If enough the suggestion in Time that Bolivia in South >;do, inflation and the spiraling cost of living ' America might )ust as well be carved up be"may halt, or even recede a bit. And If that tween her neighbors. What this did In Bolivia, "• ' ' •"' ' and how South American eoUrVtrieS reacted, is history. Mr Luce and Time magazine Irt SdUth America are not very>-p6|5u!dr. Now his Wife has been given the political appointment of ambassador to Bfazil. . . Grilled before a Senate committee which was } to 'act ort coiifirmingi Her ndniinatibn for ^ffitftUHrvW-ttfclsfc'.e*'* c -^Zn4*. i 3£*f~4 , ..,m ., * jt- .1 f* 1HWWW*t SUM. «««ked « «-^.lOT?'^'" -.: / bhifekpd'"vWfius desighit- riti ,\' •">'. ;•':*'\ ": V.JF M.. v Ml J.l^Uf,(»**lfV/^> Q ( ,.0«.MJ5.M>*Crir4 ** *? * HV* winners ; w6u:ncr,; ill?, with, eight washinMbn •happens, everyone, including labor, ,will be 'Considerably better off for ft. I' * * * AT DES MOIHES ' , I Iowa Falls Cliizeri — by an overwhelming vote fthe fqw,a house defe'ate'd liquor by the Xjrink. uouse aeieaiea iiquui vy me vimm.. -.-— •- —- --- — •* -..>--, . , , vote was in process the .secretary to the job,. Mi's Luce proceeded to declare that ... . .. It v_ i '» ri u .^t_l«. M .A b*h**.h4it.Ml4 "|!A«J wie .v%**V CU»I*" tnrtT t>ne of the representatives (and a' dry one7 too) ^observed that 'on a secret ballot the'iSsufe would ^iave been readily approved. t We not only Vote one way and, drink another: !\ve vote one way and think anotherl • President ftoosevelt "lied »s into 1 war", that "Senator" Morse was ktcltla 1 W'-.tft* hefid by a horse"," and a few other similar reniarks. - ' It is qult& evident that Mrs Luce Is in -no position to accomplish the dellcaie, mission re vote one way ana inum aiiuuien r >,-... r .. .- _,—,.., - , Incidently, and without -any relation to the quired In South American politics, but she was agents at the local liquor store observe finally "confirmed. steady her hUsbdnd, the publisher, carne up I Jdendes does not go jnents: quite-the contrary! " ' , ,DtD THEY f • ' E^gle Grove Eagle,—, If ^apportionment isn't 'Jdead in the legislature by now it surely is, in the Jrest of'the state, and the Des Moines Register '*and Tribune,have been the cause' of its 'demise. 'Thousands of lowariS' would like to get something •else oh the'front page of their papers for the 90c »a week,we f pay -besides the editorials about reap- Sportionment. r - . ; •* * * ?'• • Gariier Leader: — The greatest wast of time 'His getting'mad. ' Mrs L. is off to Brazil, so hold on to your hais. fc * *' MURROW INTERVIEW HURT When Edward R. Murrow arranged for an hour long broadcast of*an interview with Field' Marshal (Lord Viscount) Bernard Montgomery, week, it Was unfortunate. Much as we have -vtn a coma Slumped ..- —, ,,.. h£lndpnatel^&ph,key. He diedt^ a law crlating a National Lottery. e?«faH'a; 1 fllwrnevei? be-"' i ,.v«. ,•/-.,, ^ ,y C ' "' '« 'neW'-erouO •on>L»Bu. - . > »..Vi .._i._ «.' i >.J. ^-.. 11L4 Vt3* JUJlA v !*»*** v »»»M»«W^ • •»« •-» -— t - -w i * i come from some where-and, that taxc& f6r all but the very weal- somewhere is your "pocketbook thy. No doubt -it could bring in and mine. .Look at it-this" Way: billifans.- But- it 'hasn't got : a An effort was to be,,prophetic title,- It's Mark, Mura Boy. Spout district- phy's first album land'.a real withnV -K6ss'uth".c6unty ' at a swinger., Jn . facti „ Stetfe Allen <J;uit <a note to'.keep' my sub- scrip'tioh''Mid, 1 up*, ks -&e ^woulc( surely -miss the "paper.' 'Never realized before, just how,5"newsy': Algona Upper Des Moinea * .,, u r .We have r certainly enjoyed sion — our laWirthkefss are trying, ganjbling. thougK •time h<s .„ timfe a - majet or in" a bu'sirieis to,;r\ln he 7 ^ gambling just'as, much aS"if good Hope , to' see you ' this authors doing the $72 .._..,.. hower says'ts the country ately, vety - ,_ money will- be approved. But just think, if it did, Mr and Mrs Average American would have to. reach ,dowii ,',ahd ,cbm<j! ^P.; ' Algfaria A'battle, and! to our old friends at'Fenton and A'CtlUil iUUWiJi^»<»« y^***^ T*^ Jr $278.50 mbr4 than they attspl- ready paying in incom^ Adkr,*-. - & NO EXJ?£RIEk6E The lowest paid clerk working for^ Uncle Sam has got td have stnie * ' . hopes of 'those who want to keej? 'ey-. and lale-nibvies of the eve- he became ' Audrey Hepburn's oh living. World health is im- nmg. Among the Rotanans were houseboy during filming of "The VoVing .year by , year but this Gene Murtagh, Dr. F. C. Seanlan , Nun's Story," someone Clipper i E. Call Street—Ph. CY 4-3535—Algona, Iowa '' ' '-' " Entered 'as' Second class matter at the postoffice •at Algona, Iowa; under Act o< Congress of March 3, 1879. . . _„ Thursday ,in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. ,"'• *• ; R'. B,' WALLER, Editor • -- C. S*. ERXANDER, Advertising Director ; .'' DON SMITH, News Editor- FE'RMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman enjoyed, most of Mr Mulrow's previous broadcasting efforts, we are certain, that this time all he did was to drive a Wedge between American and British public opinion, to the advantage of Russia. And just before a conference where Britain, France and the United States will have t6 sit down and cict likes Allies if they hopevta work out' any peaceable solutions with the Russians. ""* Montgomery Is an old man. He is very outspoKen. Combining his age, his position which does not require him to use restraint any long* er, and his quite open criticism of American leadership, he managed to make a great many . Americans mad. If they were, not mad to begin with because Monty was taking ,up so much entertainment time, and if they stopped to listen, then they got mbd at What he had to say. The British themselves were about as abashed at the old Field Marshal as anyone One newspaper said that Monty's remarks were "like a small bay putting his thumb to his nose.' Another said that "when leaders of both countries (Britain and America) are trying to bring all western powers towards the summit in walks the Field Marshal, brandishing his K baton, and makes the task of agreement a hun dred times harder." 1 In case you didn't hear Monty, he gave American leadership a goo'd going over. Some time back Montgomery said tha 'soldiers should' stay, out of politics," He'Well "epl. *^ M <* oy,year out mis Gene Murtagh, Dr. F. C. Scanlan , Nun's Story," ~ in , the Belgian uur ^ rro . ,esn'f^make headlines. More and; our editor;' fl. B» Waller, .rjbiigb, 'has"penhed, -a^letter ,;to -.,- >r' he Algona Upper, Des Moines kind of Background* before he'can th^afi 25 percent of the world's while ,the - Kiwanians had s,ueh Miss Hepburn. His missive states erred recei itly when it stated get on the public- payroll. -Yet population now stands to attain stalwarts asJD. ;B.-Laing, Duane thai he plans to come to^Hplly- '£ that the-< Kennedy 0$tVI-case Wad he same is riot trUfe of hine men th e age ',of. 65'.. Norway, has the Dewel and> Dr.. C: C. Shierk'. wo pd to visit Audrey..;»;5f :"f ^Ven.' ^inherited" b*.County At; ivho hold portant he-nine . he U.S, Supreme Court. It may seem strange to some'but any body, yes anybody, ,-can be ;ap The iri 1957; .office. • m_- • "i*' liJ -fa^u^^f r> na c.4- n n Tamiroff and Robert Preston. pointed to the highest court 'in ,he land. ;In"theoi7,*a three--year- , ttortherri^ South" old baby could be appointed. .Ov ; \yest Asia,. India " " ' " ' suuieuut: "not everi a" citizen';o! "a.medicil "fact that the closeiyone this country. This, nas concern; lives to j'the Equator/, the - fewer ed a lot of people whcj believe a x years he can expect-,to live rigid set of standards, should^ : ' -* — = now be " established, For Brie thing, ithe'se jus.tices should t h^ye wide experience. OiiMthfe bench. And they should be selected frorri all over the Nation to give every section equal representation. BROAD —o— ON THE /BEAM — Even tHe experts' can't think .of | everything. Those' new subw,ay trains that will; carry our Senators from the Capitol, building ' Choral Concert Held May 6 A' ,choral .concert,' featuring ' secular\and« sacred^;music, was presented 'by'."the Algona ,high school mixeti chorus, girl's chorus and, syhiphoriettefe' in the high ^chool.auditorium,'at 8 p.m.,May , 6. Willard, Shustad is director -oi the groups, i ,','"•, Vocal .soloists irtcluded ' Kim Jihho Deal \atid Pat .Schneider ONA INSURANCE , * -,;AGENCYI-I.;': • v- J-tUi UU-L.llUl.15 ^M , . ,i.« .< , ^ „ ," . -±~ * ^-...»— — ZJ? ' , » ' ^ ,— their new $30 " million office' ^FROM TUE.FJLES OF THE • and piano '• accompanists,'; wero building are being built widdr "SL&ONA U^IfER.DES MOINES Linda'Smith and 'Pam,Waller.' than the old trains. It seems'our ; ' '' MAY>11, 1939 A brass quartet, Bill Bourse, arid legislators who sit so many long ,- , * ., * * -, Dale MeBride, trumpets^'.and' hours on the job require more 'Ar Mason Cityah was charged Gary Resting >and Ben Herbstj seating room on the subways, with false .pretenses m justice trombones,, m^-nniflafi^rt an • I OCdl>*-M£, 1. \S\Jl 11, W4» V»*W UMW»!M »**" ,,--.» „-, , A — -r-. ^ „But a lot of them have been doing court here during the' week. '„ ', Ji R; (Jim) KOLP 'Surety Bonds ~/All'Lines ,' of "Insurance , T "' • •; <206 East/State St^' - ^ , ' Phone CY 4-3176 ^ J j_ i ( -_ ^ _^ jV ^ ^ A, ,«- % ~j ,BLOSSOM INSURANCE . . . ,, AGENCiY, , ' All/ LinSs of .Insurance --'. Aiitdmobile *- Furhiture Loan^ Dodge PhdHe CY 4-2735 DOCfORS MEXiVIW G> BOURNE, M. D. ' 'v Physician } & Surgeoii » .118 N.-'MoorprStt - ' , Office, phone', CY i, 4-2345 esient hone' CY^ 4-227 It old Rouen church 'melody,^and?'a a lot of walking lately in the seeMs the fellow purchased a new clarinet quar.Vetj.-f R'osemary^Me- absence of transportation • and suit of clothes in a .local store, din, ,Sandra ^Hqkes^ Joyce, Rieb- the pounds are melting away, then told the salesman he had hofffind Glennda (GabrielBon, With a little more exercise'the the. money to pay >for*it at home, performed during one,-of the"' old trains- wouM-have dOnft 'just -.He;failed io' return,]According to swing tunes^on'jthe* program.^'.. ijf^jit* f „ ( i ^yxytxyjiz&zdikz&wMMK!^^ x bOHANNON INSURANCE y; _ \ . , SERVICE • . . Home ': l<- <• Polio Insipance might have taken his own advice. MEMBER AUDIT BUREAU OF fiEPRESENTATlVE Representatives*. Inc. WJIWIJ gan, Chicagb The bid plum at »he pre-game ralloy was disparaging the skjH £f moflerh fodtball pilayersy "When I was in collpge/ He bggsted, " I helped Iowa: beal Minnesota fb'r three ye'ars straight." v "Is so, Sir?" queries' the q\jurter>e?j<, v politely. "Ana Which team vVerjs y&u 9ri?" peitent tif American jfiJhilles live ' beyond their means* Loo who's talkng * Ifejssiii |? dti» plan #Ho is loo b^f tc worry in' ttie ^ytiiiife and too \v& to lie, awake at a U ( $, f osj Ovsr §,30Q IT'S IN THE BOOK mdans business 'justjce wherij it ays it \vill cvaok down' on "ITrt^, jusinessnien , of critne — tnQ acketeers. Every one of they94 J.S. district attorneys around he country have been ordered, to. nove in on the racketeers, Tih.ey are now • studying a little book- called "Handbook for Prosecution of Rocketeers." This hem in the clearest' lahguage low to go after the racket bossed," build up a good case and sencl hem to prison. Justjce Dept, is anxious to trap the 100 'top over- ords of crimp. No names have jeen revealed to, .the publijj ;- ! but this muclt Is ki^own — the ria^fes read like a ''Who's Who'S-^-bf jangsterdom. Their greedy rake in millions of dollars until now. — '• with little ence from the jaw. . " END Cir A"li'6JJEYMOON .4- After last Fall'^ 'election or4e n ' > ized labor was wearing the pi|' gost smile of all. An overwhelm*, ing number of candidates backed by labor was electpd to Qqni gress. But labor is no^r grumb> jug that some of its winners are N not delivevying as promised. Th9 hot fight-lift'the Senate ovel-itta labor bill-is a case in point. W|ieit s some of labor's friends had ,?*" say wasn't what labor wanted- hear. ' What's wpnying now ;s that the rank-and union member^ may not b( generous with contributions the 1960 presidential ele£ year. They want 'thejr candidate^ to vote righ^ and §peak rifltt after they get to Washington ^ NOT IN TH~I CARPS — Con^ is* again being asked to paa& A Wopderful Menu To ,> * '• "'• On Her Day •, ^. Delicious .Food Graciously Served FROM llfcf ••w., t\',' 5HQP And PININO D. PAXSON Dwelling, AUto, Liability, . Life; Gene'ral • •Phone CY 4-4512 .; ,: KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000 worth of in• surance in force. 'A home,* cotnpanyi'Safe, ^ecure^ Phone, CY i3758- , , ' , Lola Scuff ham- Sec'y , HERBST INS>, AQENC Y - . • For Auto, House, 1 Household ' fl*x>d,s, -an'd Many Other Fprros .' ' Phone CY -4-8733 .', . ^ > Ted S. f pybst ** :' ; : ; „. , ANDV dRAWFOBPi * ; Agent- VL^ ' & ft^-'iPo. s *m 'Bwmu Auto- (with * t $10 Dbdiictible) , Life -. .Hail ..'Tractor «•>' ' ResjiUent f phone' t CY^ 4-2277 . «- J.' N. KENEFICK, M. D. . Physician '& Surgeon 1 ;218-W. State Street -. Office phone CY 4-2353 _ .Resident phone, GY 1 4 : 2614 JOSEPH M. ROONEY Physician & l Surgeon 114 'N.. Moore , Office phone CY 4-2224 •' Resident phone CY 4-2232 , SCHUTTER, M. .Physician '5r, Surgeon 220 No. Dodge, Algona ' . Office phone CY 4-4490 Resident phone CY .4-2338 Chiropractor ,. Dr.^D. D. Arnold Chiropractor Over Penney'S' Office Phone --;CY- 4-3373 - -Hours; 9:00 — 5;00 Open Friday Night Dr..R. J. Thissen "., ; f >Gh}rppractor 17,% E. State St., r v Phpn e fa 4-3621 ERICSSON Drs, ":• Cpntact ->L.enses • Hearing' Aid Glasses r 9 East State Street " Algpha, Iowa 'Rhone 'QYpress 4-219Q Hours; 9500'|,m, to 5;00 p.m,t >MTH§ti Office in " Qptprnejrisi ' ' Visual Analyljs' & yjfsual Tr&inipg . , 108 £puth Jfirtan fit : . Pho»t CY <433« ^»*4 - Serving H»BCOck, Hymboldt Palo Alto & Kowuth Counties

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