The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1959 · Page 15
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1959
Page 15
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est highblHo ' Lynn Kerns J5UNDAY; ' FRIDAY, MAY |9 Hard Times Dance . Come as you are 6rIie:WorMem No Advance 'Booth Retervations Doors Open at 8:30 .and each,resident was basket &Ig6odiM< , ttresented by the Ideal 1-tt glrli by tJieir teatferV Mrs' E*t Sferifer. te. Jdjftfe Mary t Afftd6tf&', fef, Linda SriStow. Sonliie Brfs- ' to'w, Linda 3?roe , ,, lich, Jo&n"Klemfn» Judy JPfled eres, Jane iCarefl Seller, Ellen Siefhei" and- Betty Wiek- wlri*. ' i • ' / ' i v *. , ^ * % >,• * Mr« ' Anna McQuatd, 95, says Mrs MaMda'K&Bfcry who' * - -t Evelyn .....last l week Ifom ftedtfood, MinrL has "stolen Kef thuftdfer." Mrs McQuaid waS the' 'oldest resident here, but Mrs Rbbetts tops Her at 103. She will'06 104 in November.' <She1a a pert little person,- bright as a dollar, Many will rfifnbmbei 1 her daughter, Mrs Mifthft* Jdnes Who died a few years ago. 1 Atiothe'f daughter, Mrs Martha Andrews, 86, with.whom Mi's. Rdberts has bee,n living, has had 'a coronary attack and 1 has Valley. *Wt«; .stork is over the house arid Sue (siting here till he lafida, . f'\, l* * * , v When Mrs Edwin Wltikopf told •me *he and her husband wete .hospitalized. She will be he^ son and daughter-in- law for coftvklfesenee' so Mrs Ro* befts was brought,, here for care. I had a cute liiile caller the; other day Sue Artn DohoVan who Was aecombarjied by her grandmother,, Lydia (Mrs Ralph) ' ' , van'. Sue Ann is 'the daughter of r*ri» • Way 8 Andy Doll And The Ridgeriders Sat,, ^_JU Noyce & Orch._ Thurs,, - May 14 One Of The Greatest Jazz Ariists * ' KAt WINDING And Mis Septet MTr and Mrs fedb Donovan o'| Rock Vegai, Nov., bound br. ten da>«; : wished her luck -at the tablet Sto, that isn't thfe pUrjbose of ,the ten days vacation, they are gdlng lo attend the Gtbide'n' of the Mutual of company -of whJch ta underwriter,* But it -would b4s nice , to come home with some •bacon." * * * When Mrs, Ernst Thlel** nam* was mentioned as a hostess at* ft church j women's meeting, ^ I thought I'd better eheefer arid find out when they g*ot hoiflb from. California. Ernst ans* wered the .call and told mt they gof back in February, So I am a little late On my lodal. They* were in Sacramento, Calif., With Mr and Mrs Ray Rasmussen, son- in-law and daughter of Mrs Thiel t i », * ( *. Phillip Schneider has been If New -York City 'the past seyera months and employed with the National Airlines. The job suited him fine but the city didn't. Too many people, tbo much hustle and bustle, too difficult to places and much 'too cold in tho winter. He grants it is an inter esting place, but some ohe elso can have it. Among the ccle brites he saw at the airport were Ed Sullivan, Patti Page, and Jay ne Mansfield. After a visit heri *fiul Schneider, he will go to *oliet, 111. He also accompanied Charles, to his home for a Visit. * * * Thank you Mrs t)fek Slrayet or your Interesting letter nnd tind remaiiks. ' I* * •'. •. * \ '• I was happily surprised Sunday afternoon by a call from Mr and Mrs CVuirles Lehnus of Rolfe. Mrs Lchnus is a cousin of Vlmiia 3oe Goddtird who married m\f Cousin Itarry Cady Goddard. They live at Wichita, Kan, * * * friends of Myrtle Johannsen (Mrs Hans) of Wavorly Will fe call she Had surgery sqme lime ogo at Rochester," 1 to coifed a hip Condition caused, by arthvltisi The 9ther hip has bcien giving trouble ind it was feared more surgery would be needed. A recent check-up at the University has- pital nrlowa City revealed surgery would not. be necessary at jlhis time. The Johannsons are again at home. .. * -/..* .,-..*- ..... ,' A second May, basket wan brought to me by J6im, ; Rickie and Rex Post. I don't see them as frequently since coming tc <B. S. ns I did when living neighbor to them. It seems to me they arc growing up so fast «-• Joan ^p. Rex but and Rickie botl 'ways. ' ' ' D. 4 • Mrs .Decent Broil Wright has had Jotter' from Mrs Arthur May 7, Nominate Kossuth 4-H Boys, Girls To State Office, Camp • * * § *" 'Schweppe, former resident here, ,&nd n clerk in the Graham' store, in which she says Mr SchWeppo with his , parents, Mr and Mrs is| recovering nicely from injuries suffered in an explosion at Audubon where he is employed with n construction company. With their 1 fine sense of humor, 'they wore able to. laugh at -the picture he presented, his fnce bandaged pretty completely, nnd forlunalr- ly there is no permanent dnmnKo, facial or bodily. #. * » Mrs Inez Wolfe has returned from n two weeks vocation spent in nnd near Son Francisco. At Son Malc'6 she visited hor cousin, Mrs 0. E. McFerrcn nnd at Lncll she visited n nephew, C. J. Welch and family. Lodi is In the grape area and Mr Welch is nssociatqd with the business. A recent severe 'storm ruined the first crops of cherries nnd strawberries, a fact the California Cham bers of ComirTerce would b( loftthe to admit. I nm sure. 1J T» 1> Why didn't we know mother's Me Guffey render would be so popular nnd of value when we gave it away with other books years ngo? * # * Pass the hamburger and buns Lizzie Post has planted 795 little Bermudas in her gnrdon, wliicl will add up lo quite n lot tern* ii eyes when peeling. HoW GAS !i 1 "t I ' ' * ( ' ' gives homemaking •''. a lift .••-•' , v - • f f " i •* automatically BABIES WONT WAIT FOR THE SUN TO SHINE They need-changing no matter what the weather is like. Rain or • shine, dozens of diapers and other tiny garments get soiled every day. What a .wife- saver a new automatic gas dryer can be for,mothers with children of any age. Gas is fast, too, and ever so tgehtie—treats even the most ddicate 'fabrics v with tender loving care; and a gas clothes dryer leaves clothes' smelling sunshine fresh. See your local GAS^appliance dealer or your North Central Public Service Company today. Find out how gaa dryers and other, gas appliances can give. hotae- making a lift automatically. What's Cookin' A ftooicmaker fa a bmrheau woman, too. .You manage food budgets, plan mcabt, pay bilk, arrange appointments. Why not set up ITbusiness office in the kitchen? A small desk and a chair by the phopje, is all you accd -Jor keeping menu plan*, wcipes, receipts, Hflpaid-. bills, rnemos/ and appoinlmoutt at fingcrtipo. If your dish towels foanre lint on the dishes, try a weak March on the towels next tfme you wash. Or, better yet, sec a new gas dryer with an automatic Hot remover at North Central Public Service or other gas appliance dealers. Here's a rainy day fdew baog 1 a plastic; shoe bag at your entrance for the family; boots and rubbers and save wiping up tasks. If you have a large household, add name tags oa the shoe bag pockets. With April showers on the way, I can't think of a nicer time to buy a gas dryer. No waking for sunny days to do up blankets. Even scatter rugs come out of your dryer fresh as Spring! Just set the dials and your gas dryer does all the rest—automatically* Gives you more time to do other things, .more time to relax too^ See the gas dryers oa display at North Central Public Service and other gat appliance deafen now. Do you have a problem tripping baby's finger nails? Try it right after feeding when Baby is drowsy and little fingers are relaxed with hands unclenched. Dip fingertips in powder before you start cutting-rfinger nail* will be clearly outlined aod yo*» won't amp top cloee, /$ fastest •autQ{natica//y from N orth Central i "^^^BIP^V^ B^^ T^P ?^Ml ^Hr f ^^flj^^^fff ->^T^(B^^ ^BP W^ ^^^ i(WI ^W^^^^i^W |^^ PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY AL60NA, IOWA If you have ah original household hint you'd like to share with others, send it to Anne Marie, North Central Public . Service, We will pay five dollars fop every item published pjnf credit to ' person responsible. NOiTH SERVICE CO. Lois Lichter Elected Queen Of Burt Bond 2 Councilmen To Washington Gas Hearing Whittemore — Two councilmen Wilbur Roeber of Whittemore and Raymond Wilson of West Bend left Fort Dodge Wednesday by plane for Washington, D. C, where they will appear at. tho Federal Power Comrnissipn in support for a natural gas allocation for their respective towns. Miss Lois Lichler (above) wil represent Hurt, as its queen a the North Iowa Band. Festiva June 0 in Mason City. A senior she was elected by the member of the band. She is also drum major in the band, plnys in the flute trio and flute quarter. She sings in the mixed chorus and girls sextet and is a class officer and on the staffs of 'the newspaper and annual. Miss Lichter \s a daughter of Dr. and Mrs M. I. Lichter, Burl. Her father is, a veterinarian. At Teachers Meeting Mr and Mrs Rueben,-Butzke, Russell 'Klunder and Miss Agnes SchJpporeit, teachers in St.-Paul's Lutheran school, Mr and -Mrs KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL THAT PROTECTS "Can You Tell Me What This Prescription Is For?" You may ask us this question, but we won't guess. Today's amazing Pharmaceuticals aid in the healing and recovery of more lhan one sympiom or ailment. Your doctor knows; he examined yo'u with care, and prescribed for you. But bring us that prescription, we'll fill it accurately and promptly. THUENTE PHARMACY CY. 4-2528 INTEGRITY • SERVICE -SAFETY Herman Bclinke, Mr and Mrs Victor Dau, Mrs Louis Greinert, Mrs Elmer Maahs and Miss Elaine- Maahs attended a Sunday School teachers meeting in the Trinity Lutheran church in Algona Sunday afternoon. Plan Midget Baseball At the Community dub meeting- Thursday^ evening" it was again, decided thai they would sponsor^ Midgets' basehaU^again this year. League schedules arid details are being worked out now. Last year Whittemore's all- league, team won the slate tournament and played in the national tournament at Hershey, Pa. Mrs Ralph Sebers of Waverly underwent surgery in St. Ann hospital in Algona last week Monday morning. Mr and MIT Sebers returned to Waverly on Tuesday afternoon after spending the weekend here at the parental home of Mr and Mrs Edwarc Maahs, George Schuller suffered n slight heart attack Tuesday and at last report is improving and able to be up. Mr and Mrs Dennis Weber'took their son Douglas to Mason •City Friday to consult a specialist in regard to the youngster's eye 1 . H was advised for bim to wear spectacles for -at least a month, Mr and Mrs Gordon Jensori look their son Randy to Iowa City, to consult with specialists in regard to his ailments. After tests and X-rays were taken they reported that he would out-grow his present condition and he was prescribed some medicine and it was noticed that he was feeling a lot better. • , Mr and Mrs Leonard Elbert took their .son Glenn to St. Ann hospital in Algona Monday for observation. Mrs Rosa Zabel and her son 1 Arthur Zabel and his daughter Jean of West Allis, Wis. arrived Judy O'Brien, daughter ot Mt nd Mrs Loyola O'Brien from Alona, and member of the Hurt s 31ue Birds, Sr, dub, was nominai* d as the candidate from Kossuth ounty to enter the State 4 j ft of* icer candidate contest. All couft- ies can submit entrants from which eight girls will be selected , o run for a state office. Judy 5 , is at present, the Kossulh County ' president and has held many ' cadcrship positions in the county » 4-H program. Other honors we're bestowed to t-H'ers as determined' by the ounty club committee at ,their recent meeting. ' Victoria Rakow. Buffalo Boosters club, was flamed as the Kossuth County delegate to Stato . Conservation Camp, Mrs Ralph Tjadert, a past club leader and 4-1! mother, was given the county 4-H alumni achievement nomination. Her- name was submitted to the 4-H club office where it will be cdrt* aidtn-cd for a state or national award. Mrs Tjadcn was a 4-H, club member and was on one ot the first demonstration teams to , go to State Fair from the county. She has since been a club ' leader and has had three daughters in.the 4-H club program, all of which makes her ^worthy o£ , this nomination. Eight girls were, selected to take part in the county officer election which will be held at .he 4-H girl's Rally Day, June 6. These girls were nominated from their club and their longtime record .books and total 4-H records were considered 1 for this lonor. The eight girls chosen, nclude — Marilyn Hinckley, 3urt Blue Birds, Sr., Ruth Wise, Prairie Pals; Doris Kohlhaas f Riverdale 'Rustlers I; Sylvia ' Eden, Buffalo Boosters; Grace McKim, Union Alethean; Ann. Smith, Cresco Chums; Carol Hanisch, Seneca Stars; and Gwon Baker, Greenwood Girls. These/girls will select campaign, speakers from their clubs and the clubs will carry on a campaign for them during Rally Day festi^ vities at Swea pity, -. ^ Three Kossutri 4-H members" • have 'been nominated lor' State 4-H Camp to be held aUMadrid •" in July. • - . . *, v '-, • i .^,v, Philip Fisher, Jr., West Bend,'' is a candidate for State Leadership Camp August 2-8. Philip is the boy's county 4-H president, has held most of the offices'in' his local club. ' •' Pat Vaske of Bancroft is' an- alternate to State Leadership Camp. He is the boy's county, 4-H reporter and has an excellent 4-H record of leadership in his club. . . , Ronald Linde of Swea City js' a candidate for State. Conservation Camp at Madrid. Ronald has an outstanding 4-H project- program, has had one of the top ' record books in the county for the past three years and is presi- • dent of his local club. here Friday morning and are • visiting at the home of the"-former's Brother and Mr arid Mrs Louis Braatz and also,at the, home of Mr and Mrs Arthur • Heidenwith. Heine Zimmermann, • who has been employed with his brother Martin, accepted a job with the Everds Construction Co. in AV «gona. He started his, new job Tast week Monday morning. Mr and Mrs Ralph Sebers ol Waverly were Sunday dinner guest at the home of Mr and Mra Arthur Heidenwith. Mrs Bert Seely and daughter Karon, accompanied by Mrs Donald Hurlburt drove to Iowa City, Monday, for a checkup for Karon at the University hospital. 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