The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 7, 1959 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 7, 1959
Page 13
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Eight Weeks at were; rs Tom Yottftg of Titonka, Ian Bax'ters fihd family of Lone Rock, Mi- and Mrs Andrew Man- sett of Algeng, "Mary Ann Han sen, andjUri of Algo;Aa.«rid Hanseft, At Bowling Top Lone Rock Man ftoek *%>|le Baxter 6f Mr and llm ,l&siie B&xter 6 Lone Rock, .jfclf^ii^ted ift j»af riage to Ida |tu ftffiteti, daugh >ter of Mr aljd.&fe Sftnaft Hah sen of .'-a double ring ' . ceremony, May, 2 at 2 p.m. in' the ^resbytefiart at Algoha, , « with Rev. BrbWer off icialtig, \ The bride 'was given AUlftdMfteiiftg jhternbeta o! P.W, ^tended . spring .meeting orth Central Iowa ftrei Sddety „ Synod of JbWa It t Westminister Presbyterian at Waterfco Aftrii -28. Attending riage -by .her father and wore a '] white ballerina, length dress with A full skirt and lace inset, a «or$age V of pink and white -carnations. * The bride's attendant waY her ( t sister, Maty Ann' 1 Hansen flftd the bridegroom^ attendant' was •. his brother,' Alvin Baxter, </ .» A reception was "held'' in the I State hotel following" the cere- , mony for 15 guests; with Mrs Dave Harig registering' the guests ; Mrs Andrew Hansen poured anc j Mary Ann Hansen served .the • cake. Dale attended high school at ' Graettinger, af\d is npw employed^ Mor-Gro -at Iryington. After a short \weddin_g 'trip the couple , Will Be 'at home in Algona. . Newly weds Honored A shower honoring Mrs Dale Saxter was held in • the Good . • Hope church last Tuesday afternoon. A short program was • given. Hostesses were Mrs Roll' and Baxter, Mrs Bernard Miller Mrs Joe Culbertson, Mrs Clar v Aence Kreutner, Mrs Louis Seege- k ' I barth, Mrs Gerald Radig and Mrs 'Wm. Buss. *, I A shower and' dinner, was held in honor of Mr and Mrs Dalr Baxter, in the home of fylr and -Mrs MUton. Madison, Mrs Roger Jensen,^ Mrs Roy Jenseft, Mrs Willis Cotton, Mrs DelmaT Fischer, Mrs Art Prle^e,' Mfi Dave Wfeber ( Mrs Edward .Blaft* chard, Mrs $*rfed Getirlch, Mrs Walter Thompson and Mrs RicI atd Fox. Mrs Mary Genrlch attended an annual meeting for rural 'lettei carriers at Fort Dodge. .' Mrs Maude Blanchard was guests in the home ,of Donalc Blanchard Sunday. , ' A surprise birthday party waf given to Mary. Fl&ig in her honoi when a grbtip'of' women visited in her home. Those who were present were Mary Genrich, Edit Long, Maude Blanchard, Esthe Flaig, Mae Quin'n, Rose Kraf and Ruth Krueger. : 'Mr and Mrs.Ortwin Tietz visited Sunday in the James Woodwick home near Rake. Mr and , Mrs Jim Thul visited recently in the Jack Quinn home, The couple's son 'Mike is staying with the Quinns while they .went to Waterloo. ,' ,' . • „ ' ' Mr and' Mrs Garryl Householder of Humboldt, Mr and Mrs Ellwyn Householder and Michael of Algona visited Sunday in the Glenn Householder home. 1 Alice Denker and Waldo Denker of Les.ter visited Saturday in the Art' Priebe l home. Bob Flaig was among a group and Charlotte Bald- ap kegling honors at Mat week, Jensen Jtt lAmftftfh .ft 209 line an« Baldwin had a 196 to lead tho . Otnef gals wtrfeieo were Vera fifpelding 18?,; fttta Bonnstettfet Bl, Dorothy .Cogley 175, Safa aney 171, Jetty Briggs 170, Irene Heinli 169. Befnie Hamilton 18?» Darlene Seller 166, Heide Per- fu&Jn. 166, Huth Young wirth 163, LUcile Monicker 161 and Nancs Saltds 161, . , Dick Weiae- wag the only other QVef fepo with 'a '2g8 count. O'f young men who left by char- Jer'edi >huS; from Algona for Des Moihes Monday to take theli physical' for, thf armed forces .Lairy Fox./of Senec.a also lefi with thfe group,. Hermah Row'enhorst of Orange City was' a Friday caller in tht Art Priebe home. Mr and .Mrs Art Person wer<* Sunday guests in the home 0 Mrs Person's parents, Mr and Mrs Earl Eichhorn at Elmore. Mr and Mrs A. D. Newbrough visited at Humboldt Sunday in the home of Cora and Julia Ter wfllger. r Visitors 'last weekend .in the Andrew Thompsen home were Mr and Mrs G. H. Doty of Mason City. Friday evening visitors in the Andrew Thompsen home were iSjr ;and Mrs Herman Madsen of Ringstcd. • Mr'and Mrs Howard Bierstedi visited Sunday in the Walter Bierstedt home at LuVerne. Mr and Mrs Ed Kain of Algona were Sunday callers in thr Walter-Dacken home. ' Sunday callers in the Donald Blanchard home were Mr and Mrs Herman Anderson and family 6t Plymouth. * Begin June t The names of 257 littla leaguers, who will perform it} three , baseball ' loops here af tef June 1, were released .this' week by George Duvall, director of the program and Algona high school basketball and baseball coach. There are a total of 19 t6ams in the three leagues, seven in the International League of third and fourth graders, seven in the American League of fifth and sixth graders and five in the National League for seventh and eighth graders. Games will be played at three K. Specht, llicky Slobo, 3nry Naylor, Marlyn Struecker,! Dnvid Discoo, Willie Steinman and Don Beisch. Cards — Wes Hardy, Ed Wittkopf and Dick Lundquist, coach* s; Mike Baker, Wayne Carlson* iarlnn Wittkopf, Greg Hatch, Steve Hardy, Bob Martin, Gerald amp, Bruce McCullough, Clay Mowers, Nate Strayer, Jimmy Abbott, Dennis Christensen, Doug Unrr nnd Ken Egel. Cubs — Wendell FeOster and John Claude, coaches; Tim Clau* de, Jackie Keith, Terry Snyder, David Agena, Gary Pnrrish, harles Scobba, Richard Feasler, Scott Miller, Dennis Ortman, Jerry Pilcher, Greg Arrowood, David Hnnselman, Bill Kern nnd Clyde Bronson, Giants — Don Wood nnd Don Smith, coaches; George Gvahnm Donny Rent?., Richard Apple, David Loguc, Richard Dreyer, Alan Priebe , Ken Gabrielson (Itt.) BUT TRUE? JL-AV/.JL •• JL JL t/v/ Jt-/ • Out. with Rot, Rust, Mold', Mi/daw..» In with the NEW WESTINGHOUSE OEHUM1D1F1ER III with the NSW WESTINGHOUSE 13 Cu. Ft. — CoW ln/«efor — REFRIGERATOR • Glint 10Mb. Separate Horn* .. | Freezer • Frost Frea Autofroit Refrigerator • Cold Inlector System chilli fester —keeps foods better » Extra storage In the door* • Door shelves lift off • Full width Vegetable Crlsper • New, "built-in" styling • ''Drinks up" exc«s» moisture • Portable — moves easily • Economical — coils only pennlai a day • Saves your possessions; from destryctipivby . •xcesi moliture •T" I I I L. Out with the Old In with the NEW Fully Aufpmaflc WESTINGHOUSE 30-inch 'SPEED ELECTRIC RANGE Oufwiffi fhof pokty o/d wq«h0r/ In with ttie NEW WESTINGHOUSE LAtlNDRO ' Pown Pa/menfj f<? fit yswr !i/p0ef onrf Easy 'Term? Tool POWER sites, the Athletic" "Park, Lucia Wallace school and Bertha God frey school Monday througl Thursday almost without miss during the eight week season. Here are the coaches and ros ters by league: International League Bears — Mitch Taylor and Ed Gilmore, coaches; Jeff Pickctt Paul Christiansen, Ricky Klein Ray Chamberlain, Mike Hutchlns Billy Dau, Ken Will, David Nelson, Larry Taylor, Jeff Gilmore, Tim Clark, Tom Arend, Jim Jor- gehson and Dean Teeter, players. Bees — Howard Smith and Carl Ludwig, coaches; Gary Fisher, Darrell Miller, Gary. Eiddlbr,' Duane Hunt, Bobby Estberg, Mike Missal, David Riley, Steve Claude, David Ludwig, Gary Lamuth, Terry Dillon and. Pal Grandgenett. ' Chiefs — Art Olson and Wes Bartlett, coaches; -Robbie Apple. BrUce Bennett, Larry MulleiyJoe Sifert, David Lowman, Deian Lowman, Donny Courtney, Brticc Olson, Richard Simpson, Brett Bartlett, Bill Obrecht, Jim Midler, Jim Utt and Tim Molacek. , Millers .— Dean Taylor, Dave Smith and C. H. Snyder, coaches; Ricky Snyder, Mark Snyder, John Evans, Bob Stoffel, Tom Black, .Tom Ringsdorf, Steve Hutchison, Craig Taylor, Randy Snyder, Neal Smith, Randy Rie;d- inger, Steve Jleding and Steve Humphrey., ,, Royals — Loren Courtney and Lewis Marshall, coaches; Dan Courtney, Ted Hovey, Mike Kajewski, Joey Barnett, Jim Boudewyns, Jerry Elbert, Ken Marshall, Pat Prothman, Andy Reynolds, Michael Dreyer, John Shillington, Ron Gilbrjde, ( Bill Carlson and Terry Olson. ••Sajnts/;— Ed Skilling and Don Prieskorn, coaches; Ricky Post Greg Fox, Dennis Strayer, Gary Weishaiar, , James Kajewski, ,Gary Grisham, John Muller, Randy a'lhoun, Jim- Bradford, George VIcMahpn, Dale Peterson, Mark Prieskorn, Tim ,Will, Jim Boyd nd David Skilling. goes' — Rex Voyles, Walt Ha- ; en and-Julie Chrischilles, coaches; Billy Larson, Max Laird, Tom Taylor, Billy BUrt, Steve Chris- chilles, Peter Gronbeck, Tim Bo'ekelman, Ben Hagon, Stevo Voyles, Frank Esser, Tom Parsons, Con Camp and Doug Jones: American, League, : Athletics — Ken Renken and Gordon Odor, coaches; Billy Boldridge, Larry Renken, Tom Kain, Gordon Odor, Larry Kearney, Thomas Ristau, George Minard, David Palmer, Kenneth Graham, Bob Bradford, Jon Will and Mike Ulrich.. ' ' • . ;•'. Indians — Lou Nilchals and Bill- Bestenlehnt-r, coaches; Roger Barr* Brocke Laws, Terry Cham berlain,' John. Hamilton, Bob Bes- tenlehner, Don Courtney, David Long, Michael Nitchals, Gary Barr, Larry Scobba, Don 'Owens, Glen Tschetter a t nd Dennis Long Red Sox — Al Brown, A Agena and L. L. Snyder, coaches Dick Balluff, Tom Snyder, David Lawrence, Tom Claude, Don Riedinger, Dennis Miller, Mike Parsons, Robert Nichols, John Snyder, BUI Milder, Tom Brown David Martin and Phil Specht Tigers •— Ldwell : Samp and Jim, Shillington, coaches; Roper Elbert, Buddy Peterson, Russel Shaw, i Wayne Frideres, John Reid,- Richard Muller, Jim Redemske, Michael Estberg, Robert Ev'ej-s, Tom RiokJefs, Michael StiUman, Pat Crawford and Tom Samp, '.". , ; Orioles >— Vince Bernardo and Ted Martin, coaches; Bill Will, Dennis George, Larry Nauholz, Larry. Munger, Allen Higley, Kerry Gottfredsen, Dale 'Teeter, Charles QeUG.n,feJ4, Wayne Chrjs- tiansep, Tom Hutchins, Tim Hutchins, David Walker and D-wight Gilbride. White g9x — Russ Cole, coaph; August Hennings, Vern Cole, JereJ Wittkopf, Brian Bryce' Sampson, Jon Deim,' David Camp, Phil Taylor, Danny Merryman, Davjd Williamson, Danny Gronbec;Hi Brent ^arnpson and Greg Buchanan,, ' YftUlcf eg ^ piU Snodgi'e|s coach; Mickey Ssodgress, Roberl Wesley, Steve Waller, Genjld Hontges, Gyeg" Cook, Clintpr Young, Qana 'inodgr^sSi Dw)» Helmprs- F^t Coyrtney, Jim Si»-i?,s Steve ChurphiU; Robert m'an an4 Tom Barry. Calvin Humphrey, Bruce Sundct Si« Wood, Ken Mills, Dennis Voigt, Doug Davidson, Chuck Jergenson and David Humphrey Pirates — Bill Colwell, coach Larry Evers, Jinl Colwoll, Dnvic iRautli, Ron Burtis, Rod Ricklcfs Bob Crail, Jerald Helmers, Sandy Schenck, Vern Abbas, Kent 1m mcrfall, 'Larry Helmers, Brian Atherton and Ernest Thilgcs. It is possible that more boy will be added to ithe rosters a ome boys failed to get in the! ogistrntion slips before team were lined up. Teams in the International will play nine games, National loop earns will play 12 games and teams in the American league will play -nine games during the eight week season. D*i Molrm-5 M**« * 1o«o , Mtty 7, 1939 ALGONA Now Playing Thru Saturday DRIY E • IN NOW PLAYING THRU SATURDAY Susan Hdyward Kirk Douglttt in "TOP SECRET AFFAIR" Gregory Peek Joan Collins . in "THE BRAVADOS' 1 SUNDAY Thru TUESDAY First Run In Algona PARAMOUNT MtUMtt JAMES STEWART KIMNDVAK IN/1LFRED HITCHCOCK'S Algona Second At Esthervitle Relay Meet Algona high school's trackmen, who have continued to show improvement during the present season, took another large step forward with a second place finish in tho class B division o: the Estherville Relays at Estherville Thursday, April 30. Coach Harold Shugart's Bulldogs wound up only S'/a points behlh'd the winning Cherokee squad. Spencei won the class A championship and Emmetsburg took the class C title. Six teams were entered in each division. Class B Standings Cherokee 66 Algona 62% Sheldon 59 Vis Rock Rapids -.40% Spirit Lake 17Va Sibley 8 Algona took five firsts. The 880 yard relay t team set a new •nark of 1:34.'5 in taking that event. Other winners were Jerry Ostrum, shot put, 42 feet, 10 inches; Jerry Cowan,' high jump, 5'6"; Rebel Johnson, 100 yard dash, 10.6; and 440 yard relay, 40.2. Cowan was second in the 120 yard high hurdles; Gary Peer finished second in the 180 yard low hurdles; Jon Discoe tied for second in the pole vault; Joe) Harris was third in the discus' and the medley relay team also wound up third. The record time by the 880 team was one of only two now marks set during the day by class-B entrants. Johnson's win in tho 100 kept him unbeaten in dash events this year and his time was the 'fastest turned in at the meet. Yul BRYNNER Joanne WOODWARD Margaret LEIGHTON COLOR by DE LUXE ' Stuart Ethel WHITMAN WATERS ALFRED HITCHCOCK CREATES A WHIRLING, SWIRLING VORTEX OF SUSPENSE! PSos This Boetus Hit A GUY... A GAL AND A DOG IN PIPER LAURIE f MARTHA:HYER ALGONA 2 DAYS! SUNDAY MONDAY ! 4 Share Week's Bowling Honors Cliff Benscholer, Bill Johnson, Kay Voigl and Carol Godfredsen swept bowling honors a Hawkeye Lanes this week. Benschoter had' top series, 624, in C'luding a 233 line,' and Johnson had top line, 230, for men, while Mrs Voigt -had a 562 series on ines of 182, 196 and 184 and Miss Qodfredsen had high line, a 205, 'or wpmen. Benseholer also had a 234 line aqd 613 series and Miss 'rodfredsen had lines of 188 and 83. , . Other Vomen over 160 were Donnelle Devere'aux 190, Greta Smidt 167, Martha Johnson 163, Arlene flaHes 183, 1C6, Irene Hanig 177, 160, Wilma Roeber 168, Lillian Nichols 161, Irma ee Cook 172, Bernie Hamilton 165 and Valeria Nelson 178. Men over 210 included Chuck Pavls 216, Bill Geedng 214, Clay Pittrnan 230, 214, John Intcrmill 210, Ken Scott 212, Chan Dailey 214., Don Gross 221, 221, Shrimp Froehlieh 223, Ted Vera 213, Stan Black 215, Hal Long 221, Bill CoJ- w£Jl 212, Ed Adams 211, Harlan Blanchard 221, Art Priebe 216, Red Stecker 233 (617 series), Ernie Lavirenz 220; Bob Williams 225 (623 series), O.llie Johnson {310, Jon Nelson 316, Chuck Jin 210 an4 Al S.ewon 234. ' Braves —-G. W. Nayior, coach Bobby Spencer, Norman Benson John GilmQfe, Powg Neliton. R» ard Johnwn, Jan Revfeti Cliarle . A hereford calf was born re cently on Ih? Jiartey Mpvelgn farm near Tipton and it is com pletely Jiairless. The calf j «Qi'mal iu evory way the lack of hair. Wherever you've been, whatever you've seen you've never run into anything Uke a town called BLAISDEJLL the. . •• Hired KlUey • , MORGAN the Black

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