The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1959 · Page 22
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1959
Page 22
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, *s 1*1 ? , April SO, 19S9 ftoge*- (Stitch) ..„..„.» M l&me Rock has Sub* ,,. . kased the pragc m Lone Rock ^ jntm the Kossttth CD. Implement. l&rlge ofettW blrat* attended school In ton and is waftied. The gAragc was formerly nm by Maty Flalg, aftd her sons v 1ms been leaded to thfc Kossuth Co. Implement, , Even when Opportunity knocks a man still ha* to get up off his seat and open the door, — Nug" wtmete fa eojfffcACf das Sealed bids will txs te«*JVed 5:00 o'clock P. M., May 12. 185S, at the tfossulh Coxml*- Cdtirt ttoftse, Algontt, Iowa, at whlcVs time and place the Ko<«titti County Board of Supervisors* for and on fcehatr df urftlnafe l No. 9ft, will tncftt for the put* pose of letting a ContraH for the <»x* of approximate!* 14*298 cu rt pipe. is .May ! — - *•*•*• ydsT'oI' dirt d*nrj "sift ", The" ttvcUntf of spoil banjis. grubbing and disposal of standing Ireds, 88 down trees, res of brush, 289 SWrnp*. bliSBrt and disposal df 10 brush piles, 1 boittdetu, various debris and furnishing and laying 160 ft. IS" Culvert The commencement date is 1959 and completion date 'is Atigunt 22i 1959 ( s ' Bids will be received eti the cntlrg work and each bidder «Hl,be remitted Id deposit-with his bid a certified check on and certified b» a bank Itt Iowa, payable to the Auditor, of Kos» suth County or his order at hla dftlce nt an nmount ec|unJ .to 10% ,of the bid. The right la reserved to^ reject any or Bids, 'specifications, bidding blanks and'other Information may be obtained at the office of the County Drainage Clerk, Algona, Iowa, or contact G, p Hart, Bancroft, Iowa. Engineer In ASK FOR THE ROTARY MADE WITH THE Flexor Blade! KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA By C. S. Pearson, County Orainage Clerk. '(Published Apr. 23 and Apr. 30> 1DS9 in the Algona (Iowa) Upper Dc r Molnes). l A MAN NAMED ARTHUR CAftSftiNS, a University-of ornia labor o>ipert k has seriously advotat^d a year off ttof_ jobs to spend in-advanced study of in just plain resting. He Mlj that such a holiday, to be financed jdintly hy «npldy#l •«.""* slate, would benefit workers. ^ •- (f MR CAftSTENS IS A DREAMER. 1 don't kn.ow .ot WflH) who wouldn't like a nice long loaf as long £s the P&ycheck<kfia right on coming in, and I'm all for advanced study, But thefts.*' tjuite ajtew employers who think they ar6 k already imancinr|ti|f| a,few 368,'day paid vacati&ns and practically all taxpayers^ State is paying f6f 'enough/free loading. However, the thing IBM bother me m'ost in Ihe",un1ikely event the Carstens plan* goOL through. Is the horrible .prospect of having a husbimd around •thf| hotiSfe for, 24 hours .out of tHc, day whether hb is loafing or studyliigf^ !T .IS A WELL KNOWN FACT THAT a woman neve? f etires.^ Met httsbahd may get hiS gold watch from -the company and devtfte? ''- tirfle to gardening and fishing, but she still has about,asi»uch k around the h&use ass .she ever did, If she doesn't she, can fiftd- career .gal might'get a year's leave from her job under ,,tHe sed plan, but I'd ven'ture the-guess that she'd soon become" his work it. A proposed , more engrossed in homemaking than in either study ing, or resting., And if her husband at the same time was taking his years -lea^e, her life would bfe placed in double jeopardy. There is already ,a law against that., * * A YEAR OFF MIGHT- SEEM I T , I ce heaven'to a husbandj. ./ blade with flexible tips that, vk'to absorb shock, prevent costly crankshaftdarnage. Makes ordinary straiEhtblade mowers obsolete! PUBUC N6TICE Notice is hereby given that the City of Algonn, Iowa hns received from Milton'•: Bettman, n proposal to n buy from the City the following described real estate, -to-wh! - That part of Ackley street lirre- , tofore vacated ns n street lying between Lot 1 Blk. 182 nnd Lot 4 Blk. 181. Call's Additloh to Algonn. KoBsuth County, lowa.- for the sum of Four Hundred seventy- flve Dollars ($178.00) and that said proposal will be acted upon by the City Council nt the council meeting to be held at 7:30 P.M., May 13, 10S9, in- the Council Chambers at the City Hall In Algona, Iowa. ' , , ' This notice Is given by authority ,bf the'City Council and pursuant to Sec- tldn 308,39 of the Code of Iowa 1958. Bated at Algona, Iowa this 22nd day of April. lf>58. , , ". David A, Smith " City Clerk.^ City of, Algona, I&wa .', PLUS-ALL THESE OTHER FABULOUS HOMKO FEATURES! • Revolutionary poweramic styling. • New stand-up, safety starting. • Fingertip thoke, stop and .speed -» -control.• New quick cutting height adjustments Jrom %" to 3V4". ' " • • Powerful Briggs & Stratton engine. • All steel 'constructed and reinforced. • New rugged tubular steel handle. Leaf mulcher available as an accessory' • Won* ASK FOR A DCMOHSTRATIQH TODAY AT CULLEN' HARDWARE i ALGONA, IOWA 'THOUSANDS CHOOSE * for quality/ reputdHoivil.1,, price and financing ' . tit* Morning Star 24'x48' with 6'x24' L Cuilom-BMlll on i *M 'M in A " y° ur ' ol and S ^« UL R U foundation by our T^P'V W, -W union carpenters— - FREIGHT PAID -nywhorol/ 'Any size and style homo you want Most liberal home finance plans in America. Low monthly payments at simple Interest Financing can include plumbing.' heating and kitchen cablffets. SAVE THpUSANDS OF DOLLARS! 100't OF PLANS OR'USE YOURS .FINANCING FOR EVERYONE! Writ* or coll for your local ropr«ic.>nf«,/» CARP-HOMES, 4721 E. 14lh Si, Depl. DM Molnw 13, Iowa tadge, Phone 4-1273. 'V Fundamental Investors iStVf' his 'wife H might smack more of the other -place. Can you imagine having to ask a guy to move his fefet every .time, you Want to vacuum- near his favorite chair? Can you 'feature how hard ft would be to strip the beds of the sheets so you can wash them' when you have a husband still snoring away on them? And a man with a whole year of leisure is bound to want his wife to accompany him on a little outing just when it is absolutely necessary to turn the whole upstairs inside-out for a good housecleaningl HUSBANDS ARE BORN' CRITICS. That would really be - a hazard for the wives if husbands^ were .around, all year.; I know mine would storage spa like scratching PoVs eves out every time,tie attem^ to put' thehi in order. He would undoutedly throw out all those recipes, odds and ends of string, single shoes, hats'and newspaper clippings I have" if'he'were around long enough dnd- the, medicine chest wbuld be minus s6me pi-escfiptions dated'1949. I'w.ould miss them. If I had a husband "around all ihe time, t I'd get«real dumb about what's, Wesley, announce the engagement and approaching marriage M.their -daughter, Joan, pictuted ab6ve, to Michael Vitzthum, -s6n of Mr and Mrs-George Vitzthum, Wesley. The wedding is planned for M6y 27 at St. Joseph's Catholic Church,, W.esley. ,(UDM l ,engraving) « . '," '• • "-_' '-'"^ •' Burt Wins 10 6tfes""" Burt — ,The State Music" Contest held here 1 Friday and Saturday resulted i,n',/10 Firsts .for the Burt School and seven Twos, Firsts went ,to Barabara- Parsons, JoAnne Johnson', ',Hadley -Castor, Sheryl Smith;' Deanna Bernau, Marilyn Hincklev, and Girls Sex- . i i _ 1i *•*_-_ ..i T\*».. ,1-»1 « f\t *m**4-n4- SUNDAY> MAY 17 Charies * r Jasit week,; They, ,w;^re * otion No Malignancy Mi k' Claf enie ^Metetefer !6ha\received "•"""• rjhbne'call^fdrn^hdi^sor , . ;allSsen df *737> Sari 'Miguel Santa" Clara; 'Call? on; Tuesday 'evenjrfg, c Atidt'Sl,' Stating Dance ' . > •> as you are WorkMiati Mrs , Geofjge, t . •• i ^ j ^ >• Shirley's goiter operation was! su'ccess* ahd/,notemalignant ' " is-.a,'p%tient "at^ Reservations laJeltot I'.SO & , Shirley^ has ? mariy friends m tette, Mixed and Double' Quartet, Clarinet Quartet.' 1-5 .NO'MATTER HOW^MUCH A wife^loyes'"her husband there are some things she has to have absolute privacy to accomplish. Do you want a man around when you are doing your one-two- stretch-three-bend exercises to trim your waistline? Do you want hinvpopping into the bathroom when you are using a depiliatory fbr the hafr on your legs? Wouldn't you have your husband think that'Upsweep in your lashes came naturally rather than from pressing with an eyelash curler? could we ever''get the latesl dirt on the telephone if our husbands were listening as we trade juicy morsels With our girl friends? ' * 1 ' LOTS OF AUTHORITIES CLAIM that one of the causes of juvenile delinquency is that children are too much with their mothers, .Father sees 'the children so little that he really doesn' 'have much influence on them. -This may well be, but I have founc thaCFather's 'absence has some poundage, too. Because he isn't around tixyap'at them as, much as I am, wHen he says, "Jump they twitch* a little.' ,> , » , * ,- • • ' :> v,,- v* * * \ IF POP WERE AROUND ALL THE TIME, he might lose some of his Value as a'bogey-man/If Dad was around for a whole year I might lose one of. my, favorite strategies against the kids com- pletely'taking over the household — the ( delayed permission maneuver. "Ask. your father when he comes home", is a favored gimmick. Jn between the times the kids make'their requests and the actual arrival of their father, lots of things can transpire. If they've asked to go some place}'if he isn't around, I have time to make up my mind >so that we *can present a united parental front; if it's money they are after,' the kids have time to decide they don't need it quite so bad after all for that particular thing. Of course, this latter can backfire.'Many times they think up. additional reasons foiv extortion, ' ' * * , * MRS ADDA PRICE SENT me a'newsoaper clipping she found Vour representative • is J. H. I when she was sorting out some things. It's about a farm sale ad Sweet, 1728 2nd Ave. So.. 'Ft. printed in 1849, The owner was leaving for Oregon 'territory and Madrigjl „__. . . Seconds were received by Judy/ Voleritine, Judy Wefske, Kichard/ Johnson, Eugene Bahllng, .Margaret Keith, and 'Boys 'Double Quartet i^and Girls' Quartet. ,-, , 'And have you heard'*about the, professor ' who' 'invented frozen band-aids'— for cold cuts?—Van- coUvei 1 (B. C.) "-Province^ ^ ' r ,. ©VErl -TEACH DAn- &<ywiia.»&is </ •isAH'.U"''; '••$$ > ' - An 'ORDER enjoying ikodern'cpnvemence! , " ' J ^~ , time and trouble with' handy extension phones! ItVa big bargain in' modern living to have' convenient 'phones in the kitchen, basement, bedroom. Choose from wall-type or regular • phoriesv; . in aiwide range-of decorator colors! Get full details today (including low installation cost). Just , call the telephone business office. i i '.•'*, Northwestern~Bell Telephone Pp ' THE'MTIONAL OPEN CHAMPIONS FOR 1959 investment Securities and Mutual Funds WE OFFER AS AN EXAMPLE: ^Affiliated Fund 'jcBjroad Street Investing Corp. ^'Chemical Fund j$Electronics Investment, Corp. .•4'iM^li*:*.. Fund Incorporated Investors Massachusetts Inv. Tiust Minnesota Fund, Inc. National Investors' Keystone Custodian Funds Wellington Fund f /'5S^«fHANDLING 100 MUTUAL FUNDS £V.'^«^:%^ _ All Offerings By Prospectus LESLIE C. LARSON Ringsted, Iowa Volunteer 6< •' The'Galaxie Sky finer ... ''".,,,;, world'* only retractable hardtopl , j Ford Thunderbird . . • the luxury convertible ' everyone would love to own! r some of the things offered for sale included all ox teams except Buck and Ben and Tom and Jerry, one 60 gallon soap kettle, 85 sugar troughs, 2 spinning wheels, 'a large loom, 1, 32 gal. -barrel of Johnson-Miller whisky, seven years old, one 40 gallon still, 6 negro slaves —• 2 men, 2 boys and 2 mulatto wenches, 40 and 30 years old. ALSO IN THE MAIL WAS the newest edition of Happiness Unlimited, published by A.- Lucile Talley, Peoria, 111. who called on me last summer. And there was a letter from Kathleen Evans Tingley of Sioux Falls, S. Dakota. Kathleen got my first name right but she addressed the letter to my sister,. She writes that her father, Dr. R. M. Evans, well-known here has been living with them most of the time since the death of her mother two years .ago. Mr Tingley teaches history and politica science at Sioux Falls College. This Waffle recipe of the Lewis and Clark Expedition came in with one of his student's term papers 3 cups of muddy Missouri water 1/3 peck of sawdust 1 T. finely strained sand 1 thimble of poppy seed ' 1 dash of Joltin' Jack Apple Jack 1" pinch salt. Stir all this together thoroughly with a' clean rifle butt. Burn thoroughly over a lighted fire and save the leftovers for tomorrow or the next meal! This recipe sometimes takes some practice to bring out the full flavor of the ingredients. P. S. add can of soda or baking powder. Kathleen also included this Rhubarb Bread Pudding recipe. You might prefer it: 3 cups of Va" soft bread crumbs 1 quart diced rhubarb • * 3/4 cup sugar V4 cup chopped nut meats l /4 cup melted butter % teasp. nutmeg v Ms teasp. cinnamon Toss crumbs and all together. Place in greased baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes. Serve hot or cold with cream or whipped cream. —GRACE. REPRESENTING .Minneapolis Associates. Inc. 607 Mwrque|ie Ave, Minneapolis'2, Minn. j " . \ pil!e,AT!QN TO $E I WOUI-D MKE TO v " ' fNVBTMENT OPPORTUNITIES \ Whittemore 1 By 'Art Heidenwith Roger L, Dreye,r, student at Iowa State College at Ames, was a dinner guest rat the home of Mr and Mrs Ralph Walker. In the afternoon Mr Dreyer and the Ralph Walker family and Mr and Mrs Rajph E. Walker Jr. visited at the Bessie Walker home in Algona,' ..."Mr and Mrs Ralph Sebers ol Waverty spent the weekend h e):B at the parental home of Mr and S4wafd Maahs and with the ler'js' mother, Mrs -Dorothy Rosendahl at the Arthur fieiden with h>me, <- . . ' ' v. - ' • » i evening .visitors at" the o? Mr and Mrs Joseph Bed" were Mr and Mrs Lawrence of here and Mr and Mrs lames Kerns and daughters of ollins, Iowa. All attended tho Presentation recital. Mr and Mrs Joseph Loebnch pad as dinner guests" o.i their nome last week Monday evening: Mrs Mary Kain, mother of Mrs Loebaeh, Mr and Mrs Edward Kajn and family, Mr and Mrs George Kain and family, John Kain, Mr and Mrs Robert Kain, and Mr and Mrs John Kain and family qf Algona, Mr and Mrs C. L, Young of Burt and Mr and Mrs Fern Drone and family of here, Following the dinner all attended the Presentation recital ir» the Academy hall. Mi" and Mrs DelHert Qstwald and daughter Beth, spent the weekend in pubuque, with Mrs 'Mathilda Whittman, mother of Mrs Qstwald, who has been ill, and Mrs Ernie Meyer spJi E,ldpn ,Ray were Sunday eve- n,ing k callers at the home of Mr arid Hrs Arthur Heidenwith. Mr 'and. -Mrs Francis Bjustrom visited at the home of Mr and Mrs Ttte Oataxle Sunllnw,.. glamour convertible of the year! (look to America's Convertible Specialists , ; for sunshine living at its best I ' - flf yam taste runs tq top-downers (and whos? doesnt) JuSl consider for a moment the glamorous Cajaxie Sunliner, You'll marvel at its Thunderbird styling, you/11 thrill to its Thupde)r- bird sizzle and you'll lovp its kving ways. Glistening Diamond, I'tvstre Finish »ever need? w$& Mufflers are alumtofczed for Double life, Standard Si* and Thunderbird V-8 engines gq 4QQO miles between oft granges agd thrive on lower-cost yeg» 1 t _ _ «% . . J» . *• ' •!. „ 13Vk»Vl f*~* *~ * _!• . ^- jJ- — 1— -i—1. I V 't KENT MOTOR CO.-^tSQNA, K>yA ' • * "' • " '•- f ' * J , • • n F«TI WYOT? RBEW

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