The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1959 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1959
Page 18
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4, &ACK TO EARTH INFLATION VS. PATRIOTISM that some folks think we h.ave a "bfcll by ,.,„ tall" »n all of this multi-billion spending on spate exploration Is proved by the fact that one Congressman has been trying to explain "why 1 to his toristft^ents. ' , 'I ';', • Rep. £. Y. Berry of South Dakota devoted a news letter to ^plaining that "it's partly for , the security of the country and partly the search Sam doesn't pay enough for scientitic knowledge/' One of-his constituents, however, studied ,this letter and had a thought-provoking reply- ' • ""\vHy", 'he aske*d, "don't we spent a litfle more time on'Earth trying to learn how to live with each other in peace, as individuals and nations, before we try to explore the great unknown of oij»erjsp r ace, 'OOr troubles ar^e all on forth, qr{d tearing, off into outer, sp6ce isn't jikely to solve them." \ We think the letter writer said a mouthful. " * * , * ' -' * UNIMPORTANT, HE SAYS ... Folks over around Clear Ldke are pretty worried,'and well they might be; They are facing a sttyajlor^similar to that at Storm Lake of several years past, and at Spirit Lake in the p'ast- year or Jw.o. Jr\e,, water level 'Is dropping, and fast. ' ' ' , Storm* Lake is practically gone, although * ---j — . . , - , t - imiuiiun iiouyc, effects .may, now, be made to, restore-jt. Spin - facial'world. k „!! * l_.__ -. — -L- ii. "UjtWjtU" aw*A*tH - n fo\A/ TAUT - > It seems thot even patriotism akjexhtbtfedl by the Daughters of the AmfeHidn Revolutidrt (notional) is subject to the effects of inflation. t * The national convention has authorized the redemption of some' funjds now hejd Jit U Savings Bonds, ana 1 fht tony.Sfsioj} «df ;«m into blue-chip stocks ancl bonds. They say Uncle Sam doesn't pay enough interest, and that the dollars they put into the borjds hove been decreasing In value, they expect the realignment of their'investment to provide flrebtw Income and also protection agajyi|t further inflation, Well, the ladies of the 0; A. R. are only doing what a lot of other folks are doing, rough as it may be on the U.S. Treasury. Those.of us who bought the series E bond! during World War II have'Had the .experience of finding that the dollar we put In then is worth about 52 cents today when we,get it back, and the D. -A. R. is willing to admit if and do something about It. , - '' i„ W e reiae ' about once a ,week a plea from some high administration source, and Often the hlghesl, to i'halt inflation.'! From what >ye have been able to digest, the inflation stems to a considerable extent from the fiscal policies of the government Itself. When even the &• A. R. gives up government bonds for other forms'of investment as an inflation hedge, things are really serious in the nowi and] aiitrlist * A- — ,a treat 1 fill sand' f? ffl ^ r v \ **>?*'* ''* . ' A ' , few «>««» but it wUI get better I" and geese and ducks, eight cents, critical eye for the finer *» •* * j 'of ' ' „„ prop snow. As for us, we never, attractions realized what a shoddy imitation "• be t Three top screen ,-were slated, to appear at the 'Call Theater-in-Algona during <the'week. "Let'-Freedom Ring" 'had a large cast, including Lionel she' desired."'. / Barrymofe, Edward Arnold; Chat- j In his own Words, Fred com- les Butlefwo'rth, Guy' Kibbee,. H. plains, "The styro-foam compound pou^s of cdrrifla^es?. ' " , Lake' has.sedn te 'Jbea'chV extend "a, few feet further' out* each year as the waterline receded. Now it is Clear Lake, where for the past several years residehts*and cottage owners have' become alarmed at 'a similar development. ; An assistant state geologist addressed some 400 Clear Lake residents. 'the other evening and fried. to calm their fears. He gave a number of reasons why the 'water line was receding, and tried to convince them ,that "change was nor- toal." » , «He also dismissed as relatively unimportant the use of lake water by the town of Clear Lake 'ancT'thefresulting loss'jnto the sewer system. ' i From what we have' been told, residents Seem to'hayejhe conviction that the use of lake Water by the* city Is one-, cause of the. lowered 'Iqfce level, and that the constant churning of a jshgljoyy lake for some eight months of the year by \m9tcVs, If another, .There is almost no solid ojitom to. hoty waters • \- wash in;s to n .,'."^'.V v-,i, - 1 , 1 " " .'/Pf *'•'* y '»;>• 7 . highlights * * . r j •tfaia«S»',t»;. .-".«. •. «' '' • les Jtmuerwocin, \jruy xviooee,. iii plains, me suj-iu-iuaui tujiiv"""" A Weekly Report fr^m theiNatton'i Capital by Ray Verndn 3. Warner, Nelson Eddy, Virginia . did not prove satisfactory. It " - •', -.......-. 'j^yf-- "••• *""1H: , ' ' ; -, ' iMJi^Mmlfr ' 'Bruce -and Victor McLaglenJ -, was especially bad in close-ups , ••MMiW. f"**'• —.n-, •. ^^^^»»™•"•'MMI^""^". . -,».E as t' Side of Heaven", hkd Bing -because 6f its watery composition. bojit " It Wasn't so many years ago that the lake ded" well Wfest of Ventura; that is no onger #• 'fay/i js beginning /ing the pattern thqt. has resulted, in almost total ,loss of Storm Lake. Perhaps that is also ".'/idrmal." - • -. .And .somebody better do something about ' "" IliV :-V THE FAKERS Harlon News-Tribune — The coming of spring always bring a rash of itinerant- specialists—roofing experts, nursery salesmen,, house siding experts, "money raising schemes for clubs, etc.-The old policy of being informed, of not signing 1 any contracts? and comparing with your hometown , merchant for the same service will pay off for you. Here is what the Better Business' Bureau , of Des Moines has to.say: /' 1. Deal only with firms whose dependability and- reliability can be established by intelligent , inquiry-.- • , * , •, 2.'Be sure the salesman represents the company he claims to represent. " 3 Don't sign papers before you understand the "terms and cpnditions- of the sale. 4. Before you sign, be sure that'the name and addres$"0f the firm is 'printed on-the-contract. . r ^ .5r--.If promises are made Verbajly; be' sure\that they ate. represented in substance yi' the contract. „', , L •» * . . i is* t .,uk 6. "Retain a copy of the contract. "; Perhaps- the Assistant state geologist vyhb- 7,; when you are satisfied that'the job"is -cdtof* ™p the'C|eqr|,ake -fojlcs tWiT. jg]0Qfle 'V n *W f p i e ted only then should you sign a completion cer- • pi" is correct; he might ha>?e'added 1 that qeoV, t ificate . "iake'is beginning'to'show definite signs of fol- ^ j, ay yQuj , bm by ?he(jk Qr money order made out to the firm. Don't pay cash to a salesman. 9. Compare price quotations with those of other firms. ,- 10. -Beware Of inferences that because a loan is insured by a Government agency the agency guarantees material and workmanship. -.."•-* * * * WHICH ONE IS RIGHT? Exchange — We were interested to note recently that Senator Bourke B. Hickenloope.r and and State GOP chairman L. L. Jurgemcyer, differ quite radically on the status of the Republican party in Iowa. You will probably remember Jurgcmeyer's earlier contention that the GOP is now the minority party in Iowa and that a major overhauling of the Republican organization^ is necessary. Conversely, Senator Hickenlooper contends that since the t GOP cdntrols some 80 percent of the county offices and most of the state offices, that the Republican party is the dominant party. Frankly, we are prone to go along with Jurge- iwycr's later statement that the control of the slate is now "touch and' go" and that unless the GOP settles down and comes out of the current legislature with at least part of the things people arc asking fcr, the Depiocrals are going to make further gains in the next election. We still Hxink that the parly should seriously consider Jurgpmpycr's casing for a major e,ver- hauling and a r£-cr,eatiop of a dynamic Republican parj.y in Iowa. * > * W V HEAPED FX)R B TRPUBLE EJs-loore, £&JifM keajJejvPje&s ^ * 4 Gov.ernr 'ments are no different than'individuals in money matters. If the' individual Jfai)s to practice thrift, if he pontinuaJly spends more, than he earns, he's Beaded for trpuble. So with a government. It may get by longer -than the Individual but there's always a 'day -Qf repkoning. "S,o we ca^n |W) Conger efforcl me^-e talk about WHY .WAIT} TILL -NOW* All thdsfi' nice ^things 'now! fb€ said; about i former Secretary State John" Foster all too , clearly to one kind's, great , weaknesses. v ....... pay tribute to a man after he's cancer. And the cancer toll in dead/or when he's dying. Some the Senate continued — W.herry of-the finest -tributes- being paid of Nebraska ' Vandenberg' of; to Mr Dulles are by those who Michigan, McMahon ,of Connec- attacked, him most viciously; ticut. _ ,^ Mrs John Peterson of Rock Rapids^ has fflgloxinia" -.with 17 blossoms, The 'flowers are a deep The weather in this area dur- Ross Hunter,-told 'Mr Knoth thati There are even some, who accuse QUOTABLE QUOTES — This is one of our favorite from _ lows ranged from 38 to N. - -.KILLED ;' V '• .eior-imuBuouui-^c, a,^ r twelve-ton lor.taole feed degreed and the use ANY materials he considered ^nder^^.ou^p^contro^^. "ing the Week left" little'to-be "he could create .the,''big snow desired. High readings ranged scene for "Imitation of' Life," and 66 /to 80 50 de- to be best,- the Spgcia_l. Effects ^ntl^^on Woodbine ed -this,man,'of bringing the Nation- to 'the brink 1 -(of;-war, jio.w -wondering .out loud whether'Mi-' "I only had. one Dulles' hard-headed policies the time I was haven't/ really kept the Soviet Sunday School, at the Presby.ter- ing He hadn't, arid killed,Don Corwin of Wood- The 80, and 50 marks came chief was delighted. Union from plunging the world ian^ Church and .afterwardsjn jfce into a'new war.-' *""" "" ' "" "' Nil E. JSall Street— Ph. CY 4-353,5— Algona, Iowa Entered as second class matter' at the postoffice at Algona- Iowa. , under Act of Congress of . March '3, ( 1879. .'''-.Issued Thursday in 1959 By THE UPPER DES MOINES PUBLISHING CO. - - - R. B. WALLER, Editor C. S. 3RLANDER, Advertising Director 'DON SMITH,'News Editor FERMAN CHRISTOFFERS, Plant Foreman * • r-r^ •— T-—: ' A, NASTY W.ORD ,— The . American farmer comes in for a new round of critid-. ism everyiime someone men.- iions « the , world, /'surplus.'/ , , The reference, of course, is 16 ' farm 'surpluses. But lets exr, plain, this surplus-' business^;'Right, now • ..warehouses are j I bulgirig with $9 billion wortli', : br surplus croups. ' Bui hoV- much do you hear aJaput surplus -fmiliiary • equipment? JWill, Athat > has readied' 3fo stsggerinsr $60 .billionf ahd/is growing at the rate of $9 fbilT ' ' * lion a year. These military surpluses; however, are being kept off the market and no-? body -talks about them being* ' a threat to normal trade. Too long, it seems, the farmer has been the target of a lot • cf unfair back-biting. j —o— „! * * * No Home-maker ever assembled, fifth grade atthe'Ott school She -A crowd of 'almost 2,000 persons the ingredients' for an entry iij a sat ! behind me l in the sixth; , attended 'a concert at Mahkato, 'Prize Cake Contest -with more seventh-and high school -'grades, Minn. Sunday when-Mrs Hilbert care. Knoth ordered 'a special and,I thought, she-was the most Hantelman, Fenton, appeared as grade of bleached cornflakes; 250 beautiful and the sweetest person featured'violin'soloist. She play- pounds -to be 'exact. -Huge on ear-th — and I am still of .that ed three numbers , during the "snow-shakers" " r °™ ™**t™*t*A opinion. I am' old-fashioned, I program which also featured guess." Harry. Truman said that, £00 voice choir, about his wife Bess". ' 'Sparklers'Of Springfield Met Springfield Sparklers met at ,the hpme; of Sharon Klooster. Mrs were constructed a to his pf ecise" .specii ications , and an assortment of fan's was collected to control drift. Alter carefully picking an experienced "cornflakes corps," - Mr. Knoth was ready for a fine flurry or blinding blizzard, as the occasion demanded.' „ L Tu.*n-r l *and Jo , . ' daVinJ Beh John ' oth's snpw -qUence The FROM THE FILES OF THE ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES * MAY 4, 1939 '* * ' •* , A Whittcmora man, Relph Rei- to' go to StaJ;e Convention. Carol Ann Runksmeier is chairman of the Rally" Day Tag committee with Deanna Brandt and" Fay'e Kramersmeier helping. Pamela Keil is chairman, of the Rally Day Supper .committee with COURTESY OF UNCLE ,SAM More Americans should take mors, was having all kinds of '.Sharon Klooster. 'Judy Ingebrit- troubler He .crushed the bone in. - • ~ ,.,.._, . , . - son, Barbara Farrow and" Linda, . . . .. ., , .. , r • one of his thumbs, last week in 'Pmcf e i -• - •advantage of the wondcrtul fapi- Q Jractol ; plQW and ju3t after hc i m ° el lities wailin" to be visited in flic • 270 Nal'vonal Wildlife Last year, some 9,000.000 did enjoy these facilities but that's only a-drop in the bucket. Drawing the'biggest crowds.— nearly 5> 500,000 visitors — were wildlite observations, picnicking, „„ „— .-- A demonstration" was giver), by road "to Recovery his Jan ; s Gpqt2 ; arid'talks by Donna daughter became ill and required treatment by a doctor. -4t ij* • ^f- ' Th'o bounty to bs paid by Kossuth county for starlings v/as lowered to five cents, effective oDservaucms picnicKing, swim,-. May 15 . The county board of Ma V ft mmg and photography. Fishing -* r ' v t Knrf , too k l.ho action which dy *•' Inpebritjson. and Beth 'Johnson.- Carol,' Ann , Runksnieicr and Sandy ^Johnson gave " a team demonstration. .' , Tho next hireling l v,»ill be at'. the home of ^Faye' Krapersmeier, attracted 3,330,000 persons, 15 per ° supervisors took the action which lowered the amount 'from a dime INSURANCF ALGONA-INSURANCE AGENCY J.'R. (Jim) KOLP< Surety Bonds — All Lines ,of Insurance 206 East Slate St. Phone CY "4-3176 ' cent more than the year before. t t moelin3 . Reason for Hunting brought m 3o2,000 per- SCC med to be that so many sons, including big-game hunters seeking deer. Thousands of peo- were '.turned in financi?! burden that quite a placed on pie, for, example, visited the huge t funds _ and b5sidqs ; lh<! Horion Retuge in Wisconsin ,lo prob i| m O f what to do with them see 'tho tremendous concentration of over 50,000 Canadian geese. YEAR OF THE JINX — Tho P' became qiute a nms'ince. Despite the lower rate of bounty, i*, was expected that many area hunters wouli continue to bag -•• — —£..-„ 4H,tii Ivt a \V »JH i 1 vuil v>j.iii,it; year of 19dO is not the time l,or t htyil i n larger numbers, Ihn siinorslit.ions canrliri.'itr' 1.» » * » AUDIT BUREAU OF ecpnomy. Wf tfeftt our practice it. 'Sound as a dollar' Q nce meant W,e must se,e, Jh&t it me^ns sornetbin| MORE THAN FIVE THOUSANP solid, substantial families subscribe to this newspanpf in «ur «»».. T f ' business, anc} ycnjf sales in |Hf newspaper 4$ an invited that proiuces jresuUs. THI UPPiR DES Uie superstitious candidate run for the Prusidcncy. History shows that since 1840 every mar.- leclcd to the Presidency in n ending in zero died in 6f- ice. I-Jere they are 1840 — Wrll- am H. Harrison; 1800 — Abraam Lincoln; 18t^0 — James A.- arfield; 1900 — v "William -Me- Kinley; 1930 — Warren C. Hai-d- i)g; 1940 — Franklin D. Roosevelt. » . —o— - ' A BIG QUESTION MARK '-• ?idel Castro's whirlwind tour''of the United States reached hero- worshipping , proportions, The Cuban revolutionary failed ,'to give straight answers to a pertinent questions and worrying a lot of responsible o|«- ficials. So it might be wise fpr the U-S. ' to use caution bpf^L-'p going overboard on AJF Castro. For one thing, Castro" wouldn't pin himself down on when he " allow his people to vote in a _ erpl election. It's always d4w- gerous to say people are not ready for democracy, which is the way Castro put it. Also, he was not to definite in response to this question: would he side with tho U.S. or Russia in event of war? . rv Tl-n-rn fj 11....Lj t ' W«AT #£ICE PflLAY 4 The •tragic way 'in -w^|pl| Jqhp Poster Dulles, was f^lfcd 'by jpaucpr at s time when his country jfeedod him the most makes one wonder when this dread disease will -bq conquered. Some scientists be* Ueve that an pll-out attack — backed b.y an unlimited of money -— could solve ri,ddle pi' cancer. A Congressional grant launched the National Cancer Institute in 1937. But it didn't have erioufh money to operate. Nine years later Sen. Ma'tt'£te4jl of«Wei,t Virginia sponsored a bill To /^pve Buildings, I.cne. JFlp^lc V Kej.;r-Haromei'- strom Legion Post o,f'Lojie Rpck. has-preliminary v/ork under way to got things lined up for the moving of two schools houses recently purchased from the S?n- tral schnorl district. These two school houses arc to bo movo'l to land owned at the c?st end of Lnno Rock an~l will b'2 jninod to- ftcthcr with a .new addition of 1-3 in i)y fcot, t and will lio tlk 1 ivnv Legion contest hall. Tho buildings were pur- BLOSSOM JNSURANCE "AGENCY >' 'All Lines ,of Insurance. Automobile - FurnitvJre Loan ?'N. Dodge Phone CY 4-273S BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE N. Dodge St. Ph. CY 4-4443 Home - Automobile - Farm Polio Insurance There were po enlriss track event guesting which appeared in this column ch^se-l at a cost of $750. & KAL * * * Presented by RUSK DRUG "Say, Kal, how much 'does it cost to get married and set up in housekeeping?"-j". "That's way beyond me, Ken, , fcut I do know Rusk. Prug is swell place to pick out, a MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!" below .for Answer CHARLES D. PAXSpN Dwelling, Auto. Luihility Life, General Phone CY 4-4512 ' KOSSUTH MUTUAL ' INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $74,000,000, wp'rth of in surance in force.'A home company. Safe, secure. Phone CY 4-3756 Lola ScuffKkm- Sec'y HERBST INS. AGENCY For Auto, House, Household 11 ods, an4 Many - Other Forms Phone CY 4-3733 ' Ted S. Herbst DOCTORS G. BOURNEr M. D. Physician ' & Surgeon ' ". 118 #> Moore St. " Office phone CY 4-2345 ~ Resident phone CY 4-2277 . J. N. KENEFICK, 'M. D. .Physician & Surgeou 218 W. State St're^ '' Office phone CY'412353 Resident p'hone'CY 4-2614', JOSEPH M. ROONEY ", Physician & Surgeon 114 N. Moore Office phone CY 4-2224 ". Resident phone CY 4-2232 ~ JOHN M. SCHUTTER, M.D. Physician & Surgeon 220 No, Dodge, Algona Office phont CY 4-4490 - phono CY 4-233« Chiropractor Dr. D. D. Arnold Chiropractor , Over Penney's. Office Phone — CY 4-3373 " .Hours; 9:00 — 5:00 Open Friday Night #NDY CRAWFORD * General Agent Iowa Farm Mutual Ins. Co. Affiliated ' with -Farm Bureau Auto (with $10 Deductible) Life - Hail -, Tractor Phone CY 4-3351 HAROLD, el I SUNPET -, Representing i State Farm, Ins, Co. 706 So. Phillips 'St. Phone QY DENTISTS DR. PATRICK I, DR, KARL H, HOFFMAN -pffice in Home Federal B phong p? 4.4341 PR. J, B. HARRIS, JR. DeniifiJt New Location On Dr. R. J. Thissen Chiropractor 17V,j ^. State St., Algona Phone CY 4-3621 ' OPTOMETRISTS Drs. SAWYER and ERICKSQ» . Eyes; Examined h , Contact Lenses Hearing Aid Glasses 9 East State Street " Algona, Iowa Phone CYpress 4-2196 Hours: 0:00 a.m. to 5:00 p;m;' Closed Saturday Afternoons PB. C. M, O'CONNOR Optometrist Visual Analysis & Visual Trainir . 108 South Hflrlan St. „ '(Home Federal Bldg.) ,* PHONE CY 4-3743, : Farm ManaqernQr Palo Alto & Kos?uth Countie

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