Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 19, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 19, 1894
Page 5
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A MAN'S APPEARANCE Is largely made up of little things. This is why a& Gentleman's Furnishings, Ties, Collars, Cuffs, Shirts and the et ceteras gener- allyv*£are worthy of some thought and attention. Spring and Summer necessitates an entire renewal in these lines. We invite an inspection of our large stock. DEWENTER, THE HATTER AND FURNISHER. COME AND SEE US NOW. You must have a Spring Suit. Come to us; make them from $20 to $60. Tucker & THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Young DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE NATIONAL BANK After fourteen nun of MlentlAoitadr of Nwe lm», Uver, and «ll DJieuea of a Chronic Nature I adopted mi pracent form of tnatment, and Mm conduct*! a iDooeMfnl practice In theabors elan at out*. I cordlail? invite jcu or jow Mends, If a/Hinted with anj Cbronip tt»*aie, to flonfult m« and my method of treatment and It* molts. omo»hours; 10to 12a. m.: 2 to 4. 7 to 8 p.m. Beildenoeatoffloe. All calls promptly »t- •nded # Dowder f # Best PR I CMS ON ALL CANS, TO Bt GENUINE-. DAILY JOURNAL SATURDAY MORNING. MAY 19. Leather belt*, new shapes, at the B«eHlTe. Otto's 25 cent tale for 50 cent overall*, oloies thi* evening. Spring wraps leu than manufaotur- en' cost.—Trade Palace. For ladies' Oxford ties, diamond tip, 69 oent*. Why pay other* 96 cents? —Otto Kraus, ol oourie A Maple of strangers are building a 36 foot steamboat on the Wabash at the feot of Second street. Otto Kraus' constant endeavor 1* to keep himself before the buying public by offering something strikingly cheap; this week It's overalls, worth 60 cents for 25 cents. At the annual convention of the Northern Indiana Ministerial Association of the Christian Church held In Wabash on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Rev. T. 8. Freeman, Pastor of the Ninth Street Christian Church, was elected Secretary of the association. IOUB NAME IN HUNT. IIMIS of • PerMWI Cluuraet«r Con••ruins; locuuiwrMni mm* Their Mrs. M. M. Gordan has returned from a visit to Spencer, Ind. E. B. Phillips, the natural gaa expert engineer, was In the olty yeeter- day. Mrs. A. Larger, of Plqua, Ohio, IB visiting her son, Frauk Larger of the West Side. Jas. Smith, of Topeka, Kansas, is visiting the family of G. W. Cogley on Toledo street. Dr. J. H. Allen is attending a meet- Ing of the State Homeopathic Society at Indianapolis. Mrs. Kehlenbrink who was visiting her daughter Mrs. Henry Heltbrlnk, has returned to her home in Richmond. Delphi Journal: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Davis who have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henderson Duikle, left for Logansport Tuesday. They will leave for Minneapolis in about two weeks. A «••* Morai SHory. One night last week a funnel-shaped storm swept over Tlpton county, and T. J. Hancock, living near the county seat, reports that it dropped two pigs and a goose, which had evidently been carried a long distance, and which, the next morning, were found in his barn yard, where they still remain. Apparently the bird and piga were uninjured by their flight in midair. Th« Tlpton Times, commenting upon this incident, says that Mr. Hancock's story recalls that some years ago a tornado picked up a man's farm in that county and carried it elsewhere. The original owner, after a long search, recognized his property and brought suit against the squatter, recovering judgment because the new owner had secured the farm without a money consideration. World'! Colombian Exposition Will be of valu« o the world by 11. lustrating the improvements in the mechanical arts and eminent physl- o'ans will tell you that the progress In medicinal agents, has been of equal .mportance, and as a strengenlng lax- tlve that Syrup of Figs is far in ad vance of all others. 11 find her smiling night and day, though at times she la not gay. 'nd should you wonder-why you meet This constant smile, regard her teeth. She only laughs those gems to show, Which SOZUDONT makes white as snow. Donft come Monday, but come or enditoday for dollar suit of overalls THE BICYCLE RACES The "Yellow Jacket" ZBIcrcle Clnb'a •TJtace* •* Carndeu Today Fromii* to make an Interesting Event, Today the "Yellow Jacket" bicycle club of tbia city ID conjunction with the bicycle club at Caraden will give an interesting series of races at the fair ground at Camden. Quite a crowd o( riders and others will attend from this city. The following races have been arranged: , Half mile—best two In three—1st prize, set of Morgan & Wright tires; 2d prize, bicycle saddle; 3d prize, box fine cigars—six local entries: Grant, West, Howe, Cloeson, Lyllo and O. Cllne. One mile, two beat in three—following prizes: 1st, gold medal; 3d prize, bicycle pedals; 3d, revolver. Six local entries: R. Cllno, O.Cline, Grant, Weat, Keealing,.Lytle. Five mile, one heat—let prize, gold watch; 2d, bicycle lamp; 3d, bloyole bell. Five local entries: R. Cllne, West, Howe. Closson, Grant. Weddltc Belli. KLEIN-REED. Yesterday afternoon at the home of the bride in Fulton, Mies Flora Reed was united In marriage to Mr. Will Klein, a well-known young Pan Handle brakeman, of this city. Mr. Klein and his bride arrived in the city last evening at 8 o'clock, and were tender, ed a pleasant reception at their home over 816 Broadway, which was attended by quite & party of their friends and relatives. BL1GH-EISERLO. It was learned here yesterday morn, ing through the Cincinnati papers, that Mr. Martin Bligb, the recently divorced wholesale liquor dealer, was married at the Queen City the evening before to Miss Katie Eiserlo, his whilom bookkeeper, daughter of ex- Court Bailiff Paul Eiserlo. The mar. riage was a surprise to their friends here. ilothlng for 60 cents, at Olto Kraus'. at the Bee Hive. ' ' Last evening at 4 o'clock at the par-, sonage of the Broadway M. E. Churoh, Rev. H. J. Norris officiating, Miss Florence V. Flannigan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Fannlgan, of the North Side, was united la marriage to Mr. Will A, Graffla, eon of Deputy County Auditor and Mrs. C. N. Graffis. The wedding was somewhat In the nature of a surprise to their friends who were not generally aware of the near approach of the pleasant nuptial event, but the congratulations a¥d well wishes of their many friends are none the less sincere on that account. The Journal joins In well wishing. The Waraei Gemini. A large and most appreciative audU enoe was present at the Masonic Temple last night to witness the opening performance of the Mr. and Mrs. Wayne company, and all who attended were amply repaid. It is seldom our tbetaer goers are given an opportunity to see such a splendid performance for the price charged. "Forgiven" waa the play presented, and it waa staged in a manner reflecting great credit on thfi company. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne appeared in the leading reles, and proved themselves artlita of unusual ability, and have youth and beauty in their favor. It fo seldom. If ever we have had the pleasure of seeing a batter supporting company, and the excellence of the performance was evidently a snrprloe to every one present.—Fort Wayne Journal. The above attraction comes to Dolan'* opera house all next week, Monday night presenting the great American romance "Forgiven." Change of play nightly. Seat sale opens this morning at Patterson's. Ferments Rapidly Coming In. Gas subscribers who paid yesterday were: D. A. Stough, Sam Peteraon, Leo SoboolDger, George W. Light- hlser, A, L. Moynlhan, W. H. Bring- hurit, Mary J. Steokel, Ed A. Hemphill, James W. Falrman, William Krueger, Morris Cavaa, Thomas Meyer. The new project will give gas practically free to the subscribers after their stock is paid for and they should not be slow In paying up. The office is kept open day and evening. Call and pay your subscription. Are you a poor man? Do you make but a dollar a dayP You owo It to yourself to buy-Otto Kraus 1 special bargains In working clothes thle week; overalls 25 cents, waists 25 cents, solid shoes 98 cents. , Bitter* Sapper. Tho Pythian Sisters will serve, sup. per from 5 o'clock until 8 this evening at their hall. Everybody invited. Come and get an elegant supper for 16 cents. ; . _. • . • " Always notice the show windows Sunday. Today oloees Otto's special overall sale, 60 cents for ll'iujk of overalls. . Celulold. glitand silver hair Jlns, THE 'MIDLAND 1 IN TROUBLE. Since the construction of the Indiana Midland now the Chicago & Southeastern the road baa continually been ID hot water. Strikes Innumerable for non-payment of wages due have taken place and more than once the sheriffs of the different co untied through which tho llnea ruu have attached and claimed all locomotives to the track BO that no wheel waa turned for weeks at a time. Frequently the management had to resort to hand care to got tho mall over the road and all other traffic had to bo stopped'for lack of motive power. A Muncle special to the Indianapolis Journal saye: "This evening Mr. A. J. Yawger filed a Hen against the Chicago & Southeastern railroad Company In the county recorder's office for $10,000. Mr. Yawgor hae the contract for building the Muncio extension of the road, a distance of twenty miles east from Anderson. The contract price is the amount of the lien. The contractor taya that the company was to make him apayment on May 1, but did not do so. He should have received $3,500 at that time for work done. He says the company has the money all rlpht, but he believes it la attempting to put him off and use the cash for other purposes. He has the grading all completed, except about four miles west from Munoie. The ties will soon be distributed along the west end of the route, the bridges built and steel track laid. The work will be pushed forward to completion. TREASURER BIM8BOTT MISSING. The Switchmen's Mutual Aid Association of the United States, Canada Mexico, which has been in biennial convention in Evansvllle since last Monday, has had its course blocked for several days on account of the non-appearance of Grand Treasurer and Secretary Slmsrott, whose home is In Chicago. A committee from tho convention was dispatched to Chicago and found on arrival there that Sims, rott had carefully packed all of his papers and records pertaining to the office, preparatory to starting for Evanaville. Falling to return to his home for them, his wife became alarmed and quickly telegraphed to Evana- ville to know if he had arrived there. $|i was answered that he had not. The committee examined his books ahq reports at Chicago and went to the bank to see what he had on deposit and found everything In good shape. He is a sober man, and has filled the position six years, during whloh time It is estimated he bad handled about $6*0,000 of the association's money- there being 25,000 members, who pay in an average of $600 a month,' or $100,000 a year. No discrepancy has ever been found in his dealings with the association, and foul play Is sus» peoted. It is thought that footpads watched bis movements, thinking that he intended to take a lot of money to Evansvllle and waylaid him. Up to date nothing has been heard from him. Supt. C. H. Walton la at Columbus assisting in getting out the new time card. Superintendent Hatch has ordered tkat all seotionmen on the Michigan division be allowed to ride over their sections on locomotives. Engineer L. E. Brown went to Bradford yesterday having in charge en- glues "A" 489 ana 490. They are being taken to the Columbus shops for repairs. The shopmates of W. W. Hilton, of the Pan Handle cat shops are urging him to make the race for county auditor on the Republican ticket. Mr. Hilton, if nominated and elected, would make a good officer. There wore more men at work in the Pan Handle blacksmith shop yes. terday afternoon than have been at any time-since the shop waa reduced to half time. Nine out of the fifteen ores were in full blast all day long. For some time work has been accumulating and the railroad management finds it Impossible to run the ehop strictly on the half time plan. Yesterday's storm waa a very severe one on railroads. On the Pan Handle several wires were blown down and others were rendered almost useless by the heavy wind. Advlcea received at the despatoher's office stating that snow fell in Chicago In the morning. The weather turned so cold that It was considered advisable to re-equip the uoaohea of trains 20 and 21 with steam heaters, the attachments having been removed but a week ago when no further cold weather was expected. B. F. Smith, superintendent of the Voluntary Relief Department of the Pennsylvania linos west of Fittsburg, yesterday, sent out his monthly bulletin lor April 1894, which shows that during the month a total of $13,500 was paid out in death benefits, $4,000 on deaths from accident and $9,500 on deaths from natural causes; In disablement benefits from accident, $5,437.70, and in sickness benefits, $7,328.80, making the amounta of benefits paid out in April, $3C 266.50. During the month 793 employes received benefits. In the fifty-eight months the association has been in operation $1,063,085 24 has been disbursed in benefits to 49,221 members. Since tho Grand Executive Board and Board of Trustees of the B. of L. F. Issued the statement of their in veetlgatlon Into tho action of Chief Sargent relative to hie refusal to sanction a strike on the C. & E. I. road in which the Boards elated they indorsed his action, the expressions of dleap proval and condemnation which were burled at Mr. Sargent have about ceased, and those who at first so loud ly censured him have about arrived at the conclusion that he acted for the pood of the Order and in a manner thoroughly honorable, and that while he might not have acted in strict accordance with these precedences, his course waa wise and altogether proper. Oft to Lafayette. At the caucus meeting of the members of Post F., T. P. A. last evening to prepare for the State convention at Lafayette today, the Post selected Mr. Gaorge D. Custer as delegation chairman. It was discovered that there would be more than a hundred and fifty post members who would depart this morning for Lafayette. The Post •will meet at 7 o'clock sharp, to march to the Wabash station to take the Wabash special from Fort Wayne to Lafayette, the seat of the important convention. Logantport Post F. is one of the most Important posts T. P. A., in the State, and it is expetted that Logansport will carry her full per cent, of State officers at the convention today. The Hammoad •peelal. It has been agreed by the Pennsylvania Company to make a special rate of $2.50 for the round trip to the Congressional Convention next week, provided 100 fares can be assured. It is urged that all who caie to avail themselves of this special rate leave word at Johnston's drug store today, as early as possible. It is believed that the train will be easily secured. Leave word o! your intentions regarding your attendance early today. The Ree«iT*rablp Caw Postponed. Yesterday was the day announced by Judge Capron as the day for the appointment of the Receiver for the Eel River Railroad. Several of the local lawyers interested In the caeo went to Rochester yesterday to hear the decision. They returned last evening with the word that owing to Judge's illness the case had been postponed until June 15, at which time the appointment will be announced in the circuit court at Rochester. ADDITIONAL JLOCAIiS. To Doctor and Mrs. W. H. Longenecker a daughter. Today also finishes Otto's 25 cent teok ties, at two for 25 cents. All spring wraps will be sold regardless of cost today—Trade Palace. Notions and small wares at one fourth their regular price, at the Bee Hive. For Sale—A frame store building, to be moved from lot. Apply at 801 Linden avenue. . Ticket No. 21, held by Andy Hubler was awarded the good general purpose horse" lait night. They don't last forever, because if I have a good thing I advertise it and usually find buyers. —Otto Kraus. The newspapers were misinformed concerning the birth to Patrolman Burch and wife of a son. It was all a mistake. An adjourned meeting of the Logansport Driving Association will be held at the office of George B. Forgy this evening. Benj. Hearne, of Washington township died Wednesday noon, aged 30 years. The funeral was held Thurs-i day afternoon at 2 o'clock from to* residence of the deceased'* mother, Mrs. Margaret Bearne. The office of Toot. Jones WM yesterday removed from the foot of Erie/ avenue to the triangular strip- ad^oin- Inp Keeport'e rni.i belonging 1 to the> Canal Company. By a late and very sensible order fifr the county commissioners a telephone) will beplnci-d in the Sheriffs office, A telephone will fill a "long felt want" 1 in ihe court houbt 1 . The infant cbild of Mr. and Mrs- John F, Todd, died Wednesday morning at their residence No. 1517 Mile* street, need 14 dn.vp. The funeral w«* held at 11 o'clock Thursday morning;. The Marie Burroughs Portfolio is> now complete in 1-1 numbers. Those> wishing the sf t complete can get Jt at .this office. Those within? to complete* the set xhould d ( > fo at once, as no» more numbers will lie ordered. At the laet meeting of the State- Board o! Education Mr. Al J. Marti*. of Washington township, this- county,. was granted a professional State- license to teach. This is the third timo euch an honor has been oosu. ferred in this county. W. T. GifTe and A. J. Robinson were the viotlms of a change of bats at the Brloghuret reception th« other night and they respectfully- request that the gentlemen holding their hate seek a proper restoration of head. gear. Yesterday J. J. Bingaraan, living? on Broadway, down town, learned! that his was the horse that was overdriven and left up on the BooM-tMra*. ship pike the other night. Mrc HKr aman had his horse In a pastw»tta . Boone township. Wednesday night someBoone townihip boys got the* animal out of pasture and Ukiig ths> buggy and harness from Mrs. Powten a Boone township widow, drove the* horse until it wai well nigh, exhausted. u'* Opinion. There is nothing I have ever us*d for muscular rheumatism that give* me as much relief as Chaimberkin's* Pain Balm does. I fcave been «!•£• It for about two years — four bottles in all — as occasion required, and always- keep a bottle of it in my hotM. I believe I know a good thing when X get hold of It, and Pain Balm i» tht> best liniment I have ever net with* — W. B. Denny, dairyman, New Lexington, Ohio. 50 oent bottles tor sal* by B. F. Keesllng, Druggist. A Popular ««BMtfr. The promptness and certainty of Its cure have made Chamberialn'st Cough Remedy famous. It is intended especially for coughs, colds, croup and whooping cough, and is the most effectual remedy known for these diseases. Mr. C. B. Main, of Union City. Pa., says: "I have a great sale on Chaimberlam's Cough Remedy, t- warrant every bottle and have never heard of one falling to give entire saU isfactlon." 50 cent bottles for sale» by B. F. Keeslinp. Druggist. To lDdi*n*p«lU. Special excursion tickets to Indk. anapolls will be sold from ticket sta. tlons on the Pennsylvania lines IB. Indiana at reduced round trip rates,, as follows: May 21 and 22. account Grind Lodg* F. & A. M.. of Indiana; good to return until May 24, Inclusive. May 22 and 23, account People'* Party Convention; good to- ratura until May 25, Inclusive. For particulars and time of trains,. apply to nearest Pennsylvania liast ticket agent. •••tk Home Seekers' KxenrcMB west, neamwoc, ••* •via F«u«yiT»l May 29th, special excursion ticket* to points in Northwest, West, Southwest and South, will be sold at prlacl- pal ticket stations on the Pennsylvania. ines. Tickets will be good returning thirty days. For details please appljr to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent or address F. Van Dusen, Chief Assistant General Passenger Agent. Pittsburg, Pa. Dr. Hollo way's office in the Progress block, corner 4th and Market streets- OflLL, ON CARL t KELLER - - FOR • Fine Tailoring. 311 MftRKBT

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