The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 30, 1959 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1959
Page 11
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w 8 ..:-- -'• •• NG THRU * * :« LOCAL FISHERMEN TELL THEIR MOST UNUSUAL FISHING EXPERIENCES WALLEYE Season*Opens MAY 9 The Catfish That Weighed More After It Was Caught RICKLEFS Two years ago, B6b Laing. Kenny,Geilenfeld, Grady Phillipn and myself were up cat-fishing on the Blue Earth river, t wan off by myself a bit and snagged a nice Cat. -Having a small hand ' scales with me I found it weighed _ jusl 2'/2 Ibs. Deciding to have a little fun with the-boys, I step ped into the bushes on the river batik and put about a half pound of lead sinkers down the cat-fish. ~On getting together ,wilh the boys, I said "Say, isn't this a nice 3-lb. cat-fish?" Grady right away up and replied: "Naw, that fish won't go 3 Ibs. I'll bet you a buck on it." So we wenl and weighed tho ,fish up on a scale right there in Blue Earth and sure enough, it went over 3 Ibs. Grady and the boys were sure dumfounded. When we got back home we started cleaning • our fish, and imagine our surprise when we found Vz or more of sinkers in ihis cat. Were we surprised! By the way, I don't think Grady ever j did pay me' that buck. ANGLER HAVEN We Got It All At ( ' -V-. _ i ' * i >- ' Coast - To - Coast v « ' ** "" For Example: ; • . *-• •„' > -, -i • .• 111 "i' • • -.1 i 5 - Foot Glass '; Casting Rod , : 1, 50 Yards Spool CASTING LINE ' ,i 49c Level - Wind CASTING REEL Close Call' Up On The Blue Earth River . By TED LARSON To my knowledge, river fishing is ,iops, especially angling for cat-fish in the Blue Earth River. That is where I learned the real pleasure of fishing, not only from the standpoint of catching fish but the beauty of the river and limber surrdundmg it. This leads me to an incident that happened a couple of year.i ago down below what is known as the" Davis Hole. I was all alone end picking my way along the river, stepping between rocks of. all sizes and trying my luck hare and there when all of a sudden " stepped between 3 fair-sized rocks with one foot and found I was caught; I tried many times to pull my foot out of the boot but the rocks seemed to have closed in and there I, was. NORTHERN Season-Opens MAY 9 DIAMOND'S Complete With Tray TACKLE BOXES Cards of Three LURE ASS'TMENT Eight - Quart MINNOW BUCKET 1ST FISHERMAN: "Hey, Mike, I Got a Strike — Looks Like a Rea Old Lunkor!" ?~ND FISHERMAN: "Easy does, it, Joe . ... You Know You Got That ,Good Cullen Hardware Tackle." YES! WE GOT IT * * * Fishing Tackle Drop in, you folks and fishermen, and look over the many items we got in tackle, camp goods, outdoor needs . ... we'll do right by you • ' • •• • , '••'-'. •"': 'V- CULLEN Hardware We Also Got Axes, Flashlites, Hammers & Nails and All That Stuff. Water in the river at that time was at its low as the dam gales lad been closed. However, I had been told the manager at the dam ntended to open the gales in r a short while and that Would have raised the water level about 3 feet. I was in a deep sweat, and seeing no one within shouting range decided that maybe I wan doomed to drown. I prayed a little and kept trying v to get loose but the more I tried tho tighter the pressure and the more pain. I didn't dare sit down because that would be tha finish. As I stood there end worked away with my foot I did some more praying and lo, and behold, finally got loose. Sweat? IT. say I did. I just goes to show that an old man like me shouldn'J be fishing in those out-of-the-way places alone. It also goes lo show that it pays to pray. FISHERMEN'S BEVERAGE Headquarters ^ Be prepared — don't waste away from thirst on that fishing excursion. Let us supply you before and after. Also — both Iowa and Minnesota fishing licenses here, LARRY'S Recreation Call Us — Phone CY 4-4238 My Fish hlhe Army And That's Just a'Small Part of the Good Fishin' and Campin' Items You'll Find Us Selling . . ., We Are Loaded to Ihe Gills With Outdoor Equipment. -TO- COAST Store ED WOLF Head Fisherman HAy Top Catch Was A W-lb. Northern Pike 'By JOHN BIESER The greatest thrill, J think, ,1 ever had while fishing was when I hauled in a big 19-pound (or was it 18 lb,) Northern up on Big Winnie in Minnesota, Clyde Smith and Bill Becker weye«in the boat with me, and it was in the afternoon, This was 'way back in the days when you caugh> rea} fish. I was "trolling with a Pare devil when I snagged this huge Junker- and af|er boating him all three of us decided *o <?iU U a day. Pan-Fishsng Back In The Good Old Days By SAM TKUHN In spite of the fact I 6ave fished waters all over Cariada, Minnesota, Iowa and other states, I believe the most furi 'I ever had fishing is still the pamfishing a bunch of us used to do on the lakes south of Fairmont about •30 years ago. I used to drive up with Henry Becker, Horace Claosaddle, Gor» don Ogg and a lot of others. We'd slip' into our boots and fly rod fish from shore. I-.used wrapped flies out of bucktajl and feathers that I tied myself. We'd slip up there as much as five or six times a week, and in u half hour or so gat our limits of beautiful bluegills and crappies. Times have changed,' I was up there this ind there were dead fish on:the shore for 3 feet back, We sure need something dene in the centervation field. I'm leaving on June 15 for Le Pas,. QanadB. fojr sqme big-time fj^hing, but i* won't ever thrjU me like that pan-fishing 30 years or so For Our 34th Anniversary SPECIAL TACKLE OUTFIT BUY All For Only By PAUL WATSON The most fun I ever had fishing was when I was in the Sar- vice. We were camped on th« shora of Tesljn Bay in tha Yukon Territory of Canada, and another soldier e.nd 1 lock a boat and rowed across the bay trolling for lake trout. We didn't get any strikes on the way across, and fes'it was. a'-fine sunny 'afternoon 1 "We jusi started floating around,. 1 taking if easy. , There- were lots of big, rocks out from shore, and v ihe' water was so clear you could see down quite a ways.. I was sort of jigging the spoon up and down, letting it flutter around the bigger rocks, when eii immense northern camp out of tho shadows and grabbed it. The fellow that was with me had never been fishing before, and the first time I brought the fish around by the boat he, WES supposed to hit it with art oar, tut h'e just sat there and gawked. I thought for a minute he was going to jum'p right out of the boat. He did better tha second time and we got il in the boat. We had no scales, but this northern measured over 45 inches. Il was no trick to catch fish there, but that's the largest I ever did catch. Caught him on 15-lb. test line and a Scandinavian spoon. I Was On The 'Smelt Run 1 Spring By (3HADY PHILLIPS About 10 days ago, with tf\ group of sporlsmen from Winne* bago, Minn., I was present at the smelt run on Lake Superior. That is how we came home with two tons of fish. There were actually thousands of people there on the banks of Lake Superior at Ashland, Wis., wailing for the smelt to come in. We got there about noon, waited around all the rest of Ihe day, and when the smell run started about 9 p.m. we were sure busy. We used 24 foot seines, two .of them, and when those smelt really started running before midnight it was all two men could •do to haul in a seine. There'd be aboul a tub-full of smelt 6 to 9 inches long in each haul. .';. We iced our catch up from ico right in the lake there, and re- ivirned with cur catch for a benefit smelt feed at Memorial Hall in Winnebago. My, were thosr smelt cJeliciour.I No scales, just clean 'em inside, dip in battei and deep fry. Eat bones and all Wow, what eating! Model No. 33 ZEBCO SPIN REEL Complete With 100 Yds. Lino NAT'L ADV. PRICE $19.50 DIAMOND'S PRICE 10.99 WHILE THEY LAST I RODS -4- REELS — LINES At Wholesale Prices Our Exciting 'Float Trip 1 On TheRapidmt By BUD MORCK Once, when the waier was wall up, Jim Egli and I dec-'dod tc have n \'loat trip' on tha Blue Envlh river nt Rapldnn. We look up an 8-mnn life reft, inUated it end sot out This, I believe, war tho biggesl single Ihrill of my fishing experience. Wo wont the wholo dislanco from Repidan lo Ihe bridge soul! of Mnnkato, plugging as we won and by Ihis mclhod getting i under cliffs and spots where n olher fisherman ever explores It wasn'l all floating, however, a wo negoiialcd several block-Ion while wator rapids, and that wa really il. We had a nice catch — good bass, sovernl big cats, and a couple of fine walleyes. I recommend this, as wo got all the thrills of good fishing, running rapids, and a cnnoo trip all in one. HUNTING and FISHING by STU MANW , Edllof 01 Mltin*iota Ouldoor* A PLEA FOR THE BASS — Many people are convinced :luil Minnesota is behind the es in the management of the Mnck bass. This sporty member of the sunfish family could play an jrnportant role in the economic life of our state, Did you know that sport fishing in the United States is a two billion dollar a year industry'.:.', and that 80 per cent of all the fishing tackle sold is to the man who! fishes mostly the bass? : We fish the bluegill, pumpkin- soed and crappie the year round in Minnesota ... why qot the basa which is just another member of the some family? Most Thrilling Fishing That 've Ever Done rr Get Your Fishing License Here (We Make No Charge For Wriling It Up) By GAIL TOWNE Talk about fiahing — WOW! I fished out of Cotter, Arkansas, a couple of weeks ago, on th'i While River, and what I mean to say is lhal's fishing. First, 1 took a couple days with a boat and motor to get the lay of the river, end then I wenl in with Waders. This is all fast, foaming water — oo fasl that when the trout goes you just strip line liko mad. I was below the Bull Shoaln dcm, in ice-cold water, when using a fly rod and tiny 16 fly caught a four-pound Rainbow. That fish jumped half a dozen imes, wenl up almost 3 feel each ime. My lacdor was tapered cJow.n lo 3 Ibs., but I finally look him. What a beautiful fish — thai Rainbow — what beautiful coloring as ho made Ihoso jurnpt — and what a thrill lo play him on lhat fine line and liny hook Man, lhat's fishin'! Hi - Ho! Fishermen EXTRA SPECIAL ! REGULARLY $10.95 This COMPLETE OUTFIT (all,for $8.88) includes; .• Casting Rod • Fishing Reel • Tackle Box < • Fishing Line • Fishing Knife • Fishing Lures 14 Pieces of Fishing Gear in ALL! SEE IT-BUY IT The Friendly Store EVERYTHING FOR SPORTSMAN BUYS And Al! Other Outdoor Equipment One of Most Complete Sportsman's Corners In All North Iowa « Rods — Reels— Line • Baits Of All Kinds' • Casting & Spinning • Scales — Nets - Stringers • All Sizes Tackle Boxes • Utensil Sets, Camp Stoves • Ice Chests — Hatchets 9 Boat Seats — Compasses • Lanterns — Flashlites « Camp Lamps — Knixws Get Set For Going At — WESTERN AUTO STORE Ask For HARRY Reel Combination A Regular $4.00 Value I Wo have on hand the NEW 1959 — Ruggod SEA HORSE 5>/ 2 — 10, & 3 Dspondabilty JOHNSON MOTOR'S, SHORT SEASON HURTS — Minnesota's bass season opens on June 6th ... if there was no losed season our .tourist season vould begin in early May-thus ringing more tourist dollars into he stale Biologists have proved hat year around bass fishing is good for a lake, 26 states in the United States now have no closed eason for' the most sought after ish. Years ago before we started fishing the crappie the year iround a two pounder made news. In the past two years I . lave had more than a thousand three, pound crappies reported. The more you take members of the sunfish family ... the better fishing gets. Too little; fishing pressure is far more harmful to the sunfish tribe than heavy fishing pressure. In fact.heavy fbhing pressure is desirable. With DYNAUTICAL DESIGN — Thermostat-Controlled coolin syslom & quiet — ity. Now is the Time lo TRADE in your Old Johnson, we have the IOWA & MINNESOTA FISHIN LICENSES, Dew drop inn, BECKER SPORTING GOODS Algona FISHERMEN BASS SPAWNING HABITS — Like the bluegill and crappie, tho male bass makes the nest, and a tier its completion he drives a ripe female onto it. She takes no more than "twenty minutes i to drop her spawn, and,never feeds in the process. So when someone tells you he caught a female off a nest,'it just isn't so. After dropping her spawn, the lemale departs and the male takes charge guarding the nest. Unlike tha bluegill and crappie, the bass is the only member of the sunfish who is a cannibal. He will devour some of the fry after the atching. Taking the male bass luring the spawning season is jreat sport... and does not hurt he bass population. And it would mean many thousands qf dollars in' the tourist trade to. Minnesota if it was permitted. BOTH Rod & Reel Included — Orie Price! 5-ft. solid fiberglas rod, detachable chuck foregrip. Level wind reel. Hu£ry, hurry! SEE OUR Boat Trailers (Made In Algona) Choice of 4 Models Special Assortment Artificial Baits VALUES TO $1.25 Your Choice CASTING LINE 50 yards quality braided nylon line, 20-lb. lest, comouflage color. 59c FREDERICK HARDWARE (Formerly HsU'S*rehorn Larger Preferred 12 Inch Wheels (8-Inch Wheels Optional) Complete with all accessories — winch, lights, hub caps, etc. — ready to go. SEE ON DISPLAY HERE Believe If Or Mo!, Two Fish Caught At Once By DR. A. J, EASON This is probably hard to believo — but it's absolutely true — and Mike Rentz and Kermit Forbes, who were along, will back up this story. In fact, this was actually Kermil's fish. GIVE BIOLOGISTS A CHANCE All we need to do in Minnesota is to give our fine biologists a chance to prove what is right n bass management. In order to do this some lakes and streams must be provided to experimental purposes. Their hands are tied jntil the legislature gives them the necessary authority. One day we will have year around bass fishing in Minnesota and our increase in tourists as a result of it will bring many thousands ofi dollars here ... dollars which are being spent in states ahead of us in the management of the bass. AND I, FOR ONE, BELIEVE WE HAVE ONE OF THE BEST BASS FISHING STATES IN THE UNION. Fibre Glass Boats (Span-American Make) 15-Foot Length — Different Models, Varied As- to Depth and Width, etc. REINDERS Mfg. & Supply Factory and Showroom North of Milwaukee Depot We were up on Big Winnie in 1948, the three of us, fishing walleyes from a launch, and having good luck around 3*5 Ibs. Forbes got a strike and started reeling in, and when the walleye got nearly bostsjde it looked about 2 l /2 Ibs. Suddenly, a giani northern flashed in, struck, and swallowed the walleye, bait and all, and took off. It took all three of us to handle > this new fish, and when wo finally go1 him in and I gaffed him had a huge 2§ lb. northern; 4 Bowlers Share Hawkeyelanes Weekly Honors Four bowlers shared honors at Hawkeye Lanes this week. Carol Godfredsen and Heide Ferguson topped the women with a 204 line apiece, while Marv Calhoun had top single line, 253, and Red Sleeker top series total, 629, for men. Mrs Ferguson also had a 201 and Miss Godfredsen 177, while Calhoun's hot line helped him get a 609 series. Stecker had lines of 242 and 210 in his series total. Other women over 160 were Jackie Laing 173, 168, 178, Dianna Altman 167, Kay Voigt 182, 199, June Winkel 167, 183 and * Dee Cook 201. Men over 210 included ,, Johannsen 223. Al Loebjg 818,; Chuck Davis 223, Ha.nK Jurat $2j£" 215. Don Cook 2U, Mac'McT nell 215, Bill Nayjcn* 244,' series), Dou.Winkel 215, He also had the 2Vi lb. wslleye, which was found intec* the northern .,. 69 ibis is geWing "iwo fish fa ford Rpod 223 (§Q4 Hakes 234 (§08 Jor aUL.-P«i Smith Hasse 215,Ernie Layrpnz Swede

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